Stuart Levine status hearing April 12, 2012, Levine corruption buddy of Rezko and Obama, Why hasn’t Levine been sentenced?, USDOJ protecting Obama?

Stuart Levine status hearing April 12, 2012, Levine corruption buddy of Rezko and Obama, Why hasn’t Levine been sentenced?, USDOJ protecting Obama?

“Why did the Illinois Senate Health & Human Services Committee, with Obama as chairman, create and push Bill 1332, “Illinois Health Facilities Planning Act,” early in 2003, which reduced the number of members on the Board from 15 to 9, just prior to rigging by Tony Rezko and Rod Blagojevich?”…Citizen Wells

“Why did Patrick Fitzgerald and the US Justice Department wait until December 2008 to arrest Rod Blagojevich?”…Citizen Wells

“I believe I’m more pristine on Rezko than him.”…Rod Blagojevich

Stuart Levine was just as enmeshed in corruption in Chicago, if not more, as Tony Rezko. However, I consider Rezko to be the “brains”, the chief schemer. Stuart Levine has been awaiting sentencing for many years and has not been called as a witness since the Rezko trial in early 2008. This obviously smells like the rest of the prosecution and handling of the other corruption figures tied to Obama. Is Levine being kept out of prison and away from court testimony to protect Obama?

Stuart Levine is scheduled for another status hearing on Thursday, April 12, 2012 in the courtroom of Amy J. St. Eve.

Daily Calendar

Thursday, April 12, 2012(As of 04/05/12 at 06:48:28 AM )

Honorable Amy J. St. Eve                    Courtroom 1241 (ASE

1:05-cr-00691   USA v. Levine                          08:45   Status Hearing

Stuart Levine Docket Entry:

“For the reasons stated in the attached minute order, the Court finds that the government’s proffer has established by a preponderance of the evidence that a conspiracy existed, and that Defendant participated in that conspiracy. Regarding certain specific statements identified in the order below, the government has further established that they were made in furtherance of the conspiracy. The Court will address any other statements at trial to the extent Defendant objects to their admissibility.”


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  1. bob strauss

    Usurper, and co-conspirator, of Tony Rezko, Obama, is to give his response, today at 1:00 pm, to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, for shooting his mouth off, about the role of unelected Justices overturning his unconstitutional Obamacare.

    It’s about time somebody pushed back against this usurper, and his regime.

  2. Obama’s new “springtime” Egypt:

    Rocket fired from Egypt hits Israeli city of Eilat

  3. citizenwells

    From Prior thread:


    Submitted on 2012/04/05 at 12:12 am

    CW, please check your facts on the claims of the rationale for high oil prices. Two factors are driving oil prices higher:
    1) World demand is at an all time high, with countries such as China and India seeing dramatic increases in their “middle” class citizens buying and operating autos, driving up the demand for oil.
    2) The current politics of the Middle East, specifically concerns with Iran and their nuclear programs have traders nervous. This case of “nerves” is artificially driving up the price of oil as providers worry about the potential loss of supply.
    In addition, be sure to tell the full story on taxes. While corporate tax rates may be high, so to are the subsidies industry (oil and agricultural being two of the highest) continues to receive from the American taxpayer. Both parties – liberal and conservative – continue to support these cash cows for big business while we (the over taxed and declining middle class) bear the financial burden of these outdated policies and have to listen to the complaints of the wealthy about high taxes. The facts show that the wealthiest citizens in the USA are paying some of the lowest taxes since Ronald Reagan – yes Ronald Reagan – increased the capital gains tax rates.

    Submitted on 2012/04/05 at 8:12 am | In reply to Shirley.


    My facts are solid.
    Did you know for example that we have been exporting oil.
    We have plenty of oil.
    Did you actually read and ponder what I read!
    The Middle class is not over taxed in the classical sense.
    The middle class & poor are over taxed in the products and services
    they pay for. That is what my articles revealed.
    All companies pass along the cost of taxation to consumers.
    High gas prices impact those who can least afford it.
    The poor & working folks who have been clobbered by high gas prices,
    high food prices, etc. Not to mention the impact on jobs!
    I am well qualified to make these statements & am not trying to sell you

    PS-The increased world demand for oil is one of the reasons the Canadian pipeline should have been approved as well as drilling in the gulf and in Alaska!

  4. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    “Obama signs STOCK Act, banning insider trading by members of Congress (+video)”

    BREAKING NEWS – El Presidente????? just signed the Stock Act live on MSNBC. This makes it illegal for insider trading by members of the Senate and Congress.
    Now the big question – Since his eligibility is questionable does this mean
    the Stock Act is questionable, thereby making it legal for the congress members to keep on BEING ILLEGAL??
    OH NO – NOW WHAT??
    “Another fine mess you have got us into Stanley” – and I don’t mean Laurel & Hardy!
    P.S. – They probably planned it that way!

  5. How does FOX news add to their attempt to be seen as “fair and balanced” when their liberal hires are “unbalanced”???

    Fox hires Jesse Jackson’s daughter’s-daughter/444871

  6. When radicals take over most of our formerly respected places of power:

    Holder: Obama’s statement shows ‘respect’ for court decisions

    Speaking at the same Chicago press conference during a meeting on health care fraud prevention, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said her department is continuing to implement the health care law without contingency plans for a Supreme Court ruling against it.

    Obama isn’t just dissing the Court for personal gain but like he’s done and continues to do with Republicans in Congress, he’s attempting to lessen the respect of the public for this equal part of our governing bodies.–Justice-Department-will-respond-to-judge

    (p.s. I’m typing this blind because the sign in info is once again in the middle blocking what I type as I type…Wordpress has some quirks ever since forcing us to sign in each original time to comment. Please excuse any errors due to typing “blind”)

  7. jacqlynsmith

    Some are still in denial but this must be seen by anyone who loves this country…..WAKE UP SHEEPLE……it is way past time for the truth……

    Truth behind 9/11- a Mossad Operation. Video

    Posted by truther on April 3, 2012 // 12 Comments
    “I have had long conversations over the past two weeks with contacts at the Army War College, at the Headquarters Marine Corps, and I have made it absolutely clear in both cases that it is 100 percent certain that 9/11 was a Mossad operation. Period,” Alan Sabrosky, writer and consultant specializing in national and international security affairs, said in a clip appearing on the public video-sharing website You Tube.
    Sabrosky said his colleagues who are still serving in uniform initially react with incredulity to his assertions but upon his explanations regarding the controlled demolition of the buildings their disbelief gives way to rage.
    “First is disbelief, and what I show them immediately afterwards is an interview with a Danish demolitions expert named Danny Jowenko, and it shows the third building at the World Trade Center going down – WTC7.”
    “The thing that’s necessary is to tell people: three buildings went down; the third was not hit by a plane, it was wired for controlled demolition, therefore, all of them were wired for controlled demolition. And at that point the reaction is rage. First disbelief, and then rage,” he added.
    Sabrosky said if the Americans were apprised of the truth behind the attacks, they would not hesitate to eliminate Israel without any consideration for the costs involved.
    “If Americans ever know that Israel did this, they are going to scrub them off the earth,” he said.
    On September 11, 2001, a series of coordinated attacks were carried out in the United States, reportedly leaving nearly 3,000 people dead.
    The US government claimed that 19 terrorists, allegedly affiliated with the shadowy, Afghanistan-based al-Qaeda group, had hijacked four commercial passenger jet airliners to carry out the attacks.
    The official US account of the September 11 events has, however, been widely challenged by various quarters in the US and worldwide.
    The US, under the administration of former President Bush,
    invaded Afghanistan in 2001 after claiming that the 9/11 attacks were carried out by the members of al-Qaeda harbored by the then Taliban regime in Afghanistan.
    The US also attacked Iraq in 2003, insisting that the oil-rich country was in possession of weapons of mass destruction (WMD).
    In his September 22, 2011 address to the UN General Assembly, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called for an independent international probe into the 9/11 incident, saying the attacks provided the US with a convenient excuse to wage wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
    “The Zionists are playing this as truly an all-or-nothing exercise, because if they lose this one, if the American people ever realize what happened, they’re done,” Sabrosky concluded.
    Video Here:

  8. Fox has become about as liberal oriented as MSNBC. I rarely watch FOX anymore for ANY reason. Now that Beckel, and Colmes are back makes Fox that much more unattractive. They both are mentally impotent. In addition they both are like two UNION ORGANISERS. They make me sick.

  9. CW, when first reading Shirley’s post on the prior thread, I was appalled and rather numb.
    You gave an excellent response.
    No one could have done it better.
    Thanks for doing the heavy lifting!

  10. citizenwells

    My pleasure.
    We all need to do a job of educating the public.

    Somehow that rubs me the wrong way. I believe most here at CW’s are in the upper echelons of awareness, but we also have discernment to exercise according to our own preferences. Furthermore, we don’t fit into the category of “sheeple”.

    Here is the Urban Dictionary of “sheeple” – Those with no cognitive ablilities of their own.
    I would say we here are pretty smart.
    It is a derogatory and demeaning name.

  12. It’s “GO” time for Holder’s letter. If anyone hears about it, can you post? Thanks!.

  13. Rush is talking about the “GO” time (homework assignment) now….it arrived on time!

  14. Holder says that “laws passed by Congress are presumatively Constitutional!”

  15. It doesn’t take a rocket expert to figure this out:

    INS records show 1 alien child from Kenya requesting a certificate of citizenship in August of 1961

    INS records of arriving passengers missing for the week Obama was born in August of 1961

    No marriage records for Stanly Ann Dunham ever produced showing she was married to Barack Obama Sr..

    Stanley Ann Dunham’s passport records prior to 1965 destroyed

    Obama’s passport records breached in 2008

    Mary and Thomas Ayers pay for the education of a black foreign student. Obama shows up in Chicago to personally thank them.

    US postal worker confirms Barack was a friend of Tom and Mary Ayers long before he moved into the neighbor hood.

    Numerous newspapers around the world report Obama is Kenyan born

    Kenyan grandma proudly proclaims Barack born in Costal Provience hospital in Kenya.

    The Kenyan birth records were tampered with according to Kenyan government officials.

    Tim Adams affirms that both hospitals in HI have no records for Barack Obama’e birth.

    Obama’s electronic images of birth certificates have been tampered with.

    Michelle Obama said on national television that Barack was from Africa.

    Hawaii cannot or will not produce a valid birth certificate for Barack Hussain Obama.

    Barack Hussain Obama spends over 2 million dollars of taxpayers money to hide all records that would reflect on his birth and life experience.


  16. “campaign statement” “that’s all it is..”

  17. Dear Verg

    Thank you for contacting me regarding the validity of the current Obama Administration. I appreciate hearing from you about the important events of our day.

    On November 4th , 2008, Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States. While a divided Congress and a partisan divide between the Administration and the House of Representatives presents unique challenges to effective government, I remain committed to my constituents and to Republican ideals and conservatism in America. Although I differ with the Obama Administration on many policy issues, I believe that President Obama is our valid, legitimate President, head of state, head of government, and commander-in-chief.

    In the 112th Congress I will continue to work with…….. Veterans and all of America’s military men and women, especially those currently fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, must be supported with adequate resources. Additionally, I strongly believe in the right to life, the strength of the American family, and the value of the American worker. America is the greatest nation on earth, and I will fight for the principles that make it extraordinary.

    Once again, thank you for contacting me. I encourage you to stay up to date with my activity in Washington, D.C., and in California’s 19th District on my website, , and on my social media sites: @ RepJeffDenham on Twitter and Representative Jeff Denham on Facebook.


    United States Representative

    ….blah blah blah

  18. William Stanley

    If Holder really thought laws passed by Congress are presumed to be Constitutional, then the DOJ would not be selectively filing lawsuits against laws passed by states such as photo ID and immigration enforcement laws that even mimic and work with federal law.

    He’s lying under the color of authority and we are paying for it with more than just taxpayer funds.

  19. jacqlynsmith: Mossad was not behind 911. That is absolutely insane. It is as crazy as the other conspiracy trouble makers saying it was an inside job that President Bush orchestrated. In this case it is anti-Jewish propaganda of the worst sort. Please don’t discredit this website by posting such untrue assertions.

    There is a lot of anti-Jewish propaganda going around right now as the worldwide Muslim jihad intensifies. That is because we have a pro-Muslim in the White House and he knows he will not be re-elected. The jihadist’s first object is to destroy Israel and kill all Jews. Then force Western Christian civilization to submit to Islam. Any Christians who resist must also be killed. So when you see this kind of anti-Jewish thing, figure out where it is coming from. Just because some military people have been seduced gives it no credence whatsoever.

  20. ERROR;

    After reading Da Verg blog….please change in my last post:

    change citizen to read: POLITICIAN

  21. Dean M. | April 5, 2012 at 1:31 pm |

    Dean M, excellent, thoughtful post, as always.

  22. jacqlynsmith: I can see how you might be confused because of this fellow, Alan Sabrosky. He pawns himself off as having insider information due to work with the war college. But that is not a credential. He was a minor employee who is exaggerating his qualifications. He is also part Jewish and has a major hang-up over it. Our worst enemies as Jews, are turn-coat Jews, like George Soros. Anyway, Sabrosky is an anti-Semitic, self-hating Jew who has a major grudge against the Jewish side of himself. You can’t believe a word he says.

  23. Thank you cabbyaz. I know jacqlynsmith must be well intentioned. I hadn’t heard this one before, so I’m glad to be alerted to it. This Sabrosky fellow is way off the chart. He probably has family problems and is taking it out on the whole Jewish community. He probably thought, “I know what I’ll do! I’ll blame Mossad for 911–use my connection to the war college to make it stick. That will fix ’em!” What a jerk! You know the expression: With friends like that, who needs enemies?

  24. Dean M. | April 5, 2012 at 1:55 pm

    And thank you for the research you have done to expose this guy for his background and for who he really is.

  25. Citizenwells,
    Need to contact Sheriff Joe with all your knowledge,asap!!!!!!

    Think it is a crime against American Citizens to hide the Truth.
    Maybe Citizens should sue for Stress,Diress,Coverup,FRAUD,AND Treason?????

  26. Does anyone but me have these feelings about the month of April? I mean… gee… it’s usually the month when we celebrate the resurrection of our dear Lord. And on top of that, our country is emerging from winter with signs of beauty everywhere… yet… we have to face the tax man and explain in detail everything we’ve done for the past year, with a huge threat hanging over our heads if we fail to fully comply. I am cynical enough to believe that its on purpose. That some how the government wants to remind us that “we have no god but Caesar”. After all, wasn’t it on the eve of Easter 2 years ago that the Democrats passed Obamacare? It’s an “in your face” thing, I’m convinced.

  27. On another Note Out Of Mormanism by Robertson,TRUE Story

    Everyone one needs to Wake up about this issue. Robertson spoke in an article that said Do you want the next President to think he will be a God one day??? That got my attention!!!!

  28. Amazing to me that in the entire discussion of gas prices that nobody has mentioned the real cause of high gas prices which is the concerted actions of the global banking cartel to debase national currencies including the US dollar. The world demand is not up. In fact, if you look at gasoline and diesel usage just in the US, we’re back to usage levels of the 1980s.

  29. coldwarvet2

    Truth Now
    Do you want the next President to think he will be a God one day???
    This is what we mean when we say that Romney is only slightly better than Obama….Obama thinks he is a god now…

  30. citizenwells

    Truth Now.
    I am at Sheriff Joe’s service.
    Always available.
    My job is to continue putting up real news that counteracts the orwellian lies of the MSM.

  31. If Romney is the nominee and he picks a decent person such as Rep. West, Gov. Palin, Gov. Martinez, Rep. Blackburn, Rep. Ryan, Rep. Paul, Condi Rice, Rep. Tim Scott, Rep. Noem, Sen. Ayotte, Sen. Demint, or Sen. Mike Lee. I would prefer Sen. Lee stay in the Senate because he is a real good legislator with his head on straight.

    I am not worried at all about Romney being a Morman. I have several Mormans in my family and the are fine people. Every faith has things/doctrines in their past that can be twisted for whatever purposes. As a gator, two words, Tim Tebow. Good guy.

    If Romney picks a fiscal conservative (which I think is key), the Tea Party will regroup and rise to new heights. I will donate to a Romney/Great Conservative ticket. My brother, who has never contributed to a campaign says he will too.

    We have to stop a second Obama term or there will be no second chance to put things back together.

  32. I revisited my healthcare ideas and have another that I would love opinions on. If you like them, contact your representative.

    In the spirit of the 10th Amendment, if Obamacare is overturned it would be interesting to see the effect of a few states tackling the rise in healthcare rates by setting up a special 1% sales tax dedicated to encouraging health saving accounts and reimbursing uninsured emergency room visits to hospitals. Given that hospitals are required by law to treat everyone, a little help in covering such mandated expenses might be in order, especially in light of the fact that the insured ultimately pay these expenses through increased rates. Instead of spreading the wealth, let’s spread the responsibility. I don’t like the idea of raising taxes, but at least the taxpayers might get something out of it and it is appropriate for states to do the taxing.

    At the end of each tax-year, the sales tax paid could be recovered (or some percentage thereof, say 90%) by payer from the state, if bank documentation indicates sufficient deposits during the same tax-year in the special healthcare bank account. Given the state of technology, maybe each bank would/could provide some sort of card that would be swiped at a point of purchase that would register the amount of health sales tax paid in each tax year, eliminating the need to keep all the receipts. I’m sure details for ease of use could be worked out between bank and end providers of healthcare services.

    The Account could be used only for medical or dental purposes for the family; it would pass at death to designated beneficiaries tax free if received into the same type of healthcare account. The remaining 10% (if 90% is refundable to tax payer), plus those taxes which were not timely claimed by persons paying the sales tax, could be used by the state to reimburse emergency rooms that have been documented to be unsuccessful in being paid by their uninsured sick and injured (with jail time penalties for abuse of the system by providers). Hospitals would sign over delinquent claims that are paid by the state for collection, confiscating regular tax refunds, lotto winnings, etc. If hospital claims exceed the amount in the general health tax fund, hospitals would receive a pro-rata share.

    It might create a certain stigma for being a freeloader if one does not pay emergency room bills – given that everyone would know that they are paying part of the delinquent bill (even the uninsured and tourists are paying). At least, everyone would be paying something and health insurance costs could come down in these states since hospitals would not have to charge insurance companies so much to cover the uninsured in the ER.

    However, everyone would still receive access to health care like they do now, but hospitals would need to collect sufficient information for collection efforts by the hospital and ultimately the state.

    Those with health care accounts would be aided in negotiating with the doctor for services and they might not go to the doctor for every little thing.

    Such a program would raise a lot of money for emergency room reimbursement and would thus put downward pressure on health care cost. Many people, I suspect, would not make claims for return of small amounts of sale taxes paid in. The claims of many would go in the ‘oh well’ drawer.

    This kind of program would not encourage the federal government to grow bigger vis-à-vis their health care excuse. If a state felt inclined to increase the amount of this tax, people would still be able to vote with their feet and flee such states. There could be fifty little lab experiments for fiscal responsibility for healthcare.

    These programs could be paired with specific lotto games (state or national). One which might be used for paying hospitals uninsured claims/expenses, one for Veterans healthcare, one for science/math/engineering student/medical loan forgiveness.

    Other ideas/possibilities –

    · A low cost standardized $1,000 – 5,000 deductible, catastrophic coverage should be made available. (Agreed to by major Insurance Companies, given they were almost put out of business they might be eager to cooperate.) Negotiating for services by insured would help put downward pressure on fees for office visits.
    · Standardized insurance forms (companies should help given they were almost made extinct) to lower medical office costs.
    · Barter for medical services should not be a taxable event. It would encourage providers to accept services for Doctor’s fees. House cleaning, lawn mowing, car washing, baby-sitting, etc. One needs to worry about appearance of indentured servants. This was common when I was a kid.
    · Tort reform is a must.
    · Allow insurance companies to sell insurance across state lines.
    · Put in place protections to help doctors resist practicing defensive medicine (against tort claims).
    · Have a high deductible, nationwide medical malpractice insurance plan for doctors, etc (agreed to by major providers).
    · Focus on allowing capable family members to do tasks (waiver form necessary) that a nurse would normally do (changing bandages, sending digital photos of condition to doctor/nurse from home, etc.).
    · Have a .gov Internet site that provides medical information, how to guide for people that might minimize trips to emergency room. Similar to book “Where There’s No Doctor”
    · If the government could be trusted, there could be a check box on tax form to allow taxpayers to add amounts to go towards healthcare.
    · Urge all insurance providers to set up a standardized nationwide high-risk pool. Maybe national lottery idea or check box on tax forms could be used to get premiums down to normal risk rates. Voluntary encouragement for Americans to aid down on luck Americans.
    · Allow doctors, dentists, hospitals, providers, insurance companies, etc. to deduct from taxes the fair value of services provided to low-income clients.
    · Have a lower tax bracket for insurance companies and providers who give a certain percentage of care to low-income folks.
    · Have more health screenings at schools for students and families. Give providers incentives as stated above.
    · Secure the border.

  33. Spiritual Angel of God


    Abby W. Schachter
    Abby 5, 2012

    “Attorney General Eric Holder, while agreeing to do some homework he got assigned by an appellate judge, tried to defend his boss. He should have stuck to the homework.

    Holder was trying to smooth over a mess made by President Obama when he basically threatened the “unelected” Supreme Court if it overturned Obamacare. That threat bothered a couple of judges, especially Judge Jerry Smith, who was hearing a separate matter related to the new healthcare law. He demanded that Holder’s outfit explain the president’s comments.

    “I would like to have from you by noon on Thursday — that’s about 48 hours from now — a letter stating what is the position of the Attorney General and the Department of Justice, in regard to the recent statements by the president,” Smith said. “What is the authority is of the federal courts in this regard in terms of judicial review?”

    Holder responded that he’d certainly provide the homework but he tried to defend Obama as well.

    “What the president said a couple days ago was appropriate,” Holder told reporters in a Chicago press conference. “He indicated that we obviously respect decisions that – that courts make under our system of government… But courts are also fairly deferential when it comes to overturning statutes that the duly elected representatives of the people – Congress – pass.”

    Nice try, but that’s exactly not what Obama said.

    Obama said on Monday that he was “confident” the court would not “take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress” with regard to Obamacare.

    Except that the “majority” was razor thin and the Supreme Court has overturned laws for more than 100 years.

    Eric Holder has been under pressure to resign because of the gun-walking scandal called ‘Fast and Furious’ and the radical racial politicization of his Department of Justice. Now he just seems equally incompetent at cleaning up his boss’ mess.”

  34. If a VAT tax were ever started by the Feds, it would never go away and would with 125% certainty increase.

  35. Gotta go. Thank you for all your work CW. Zach

  36. citizenwells

    Zach, thank you.

  37. USDA Orders 326,000 Rounds of Ammunition As Homeland Security Stays Quiet Over 450 Million Round Order

    In the last few weeks the fact that the Department of Homeland Security recently ordered 450 million rounds of hollow point ammunition (which was on top of the 2 million ordered in 2009) has been heavily discussed by numerous alternative media outlets.

    For their part, the corporate controlled media and the DHS itself have chosen to stay quiet, refusing to answer inquiries as to why they need millions of hollow point bullets at a time when they are largely focusing on domestic operations.

    A recent report by RT highlighted this fact:

    The DHS has signed off on an “indefinite delivery” from defense contractors ATK that will include, for some reason, nearly 500 million high-power ammunition for .40 caliber firearms.

    The department has yet to discuss why they are ordering such a massive bevy of bullets for an agency that has limited need domestically for doing harm, but they say they expect to continue receiving shipments from the manufacturer for the next five years, during which they plan to blow through enough ammunition to execute more people than there are in the entire United States.

  38. Zach,
    You are much too logical for your own good. Answers? Solutions? Hell no! Off with your head!

  39. Dabigragu | April 5, 2012 at 4:50 pm |

    USDA Orders 326,000 Rounds of Ammunition As Homeland Security Stays Quiet Over 450 Million Round Order
    Future headline:
    Woman shot dead in altercation with USDA over homegrown tomatoes. (No sarc. These people are nuts.) Hope I’m wrong.

  40. HELP! Sorry to bother people here but have no one to turn to.

    Need some help on the name of the supplemental health insurance to go with my Medicare that I will be receiving in a couple of months. I know I have to pick the plan that fits my medical needs on medicare but I hear I need to pick a insurer that will help pay what Medicare won’t. Some names I have recieved in the mail is….Athem….Humana…..Sterling.
    Thanks for any advice.

  41. “Both Tea Party favorite Allen West and moderate Republican Tom Rooney are noticeable by their inaction on the findings of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s definitive six month long investigation into possible “fraud and forgery” of key Obama documents.

    When asked if they were worried about a man having control of America’s nuclear arsenal when his social security number was not passing an E verify check, press talkers of both sitting U.S. House of Representative members either said nothing or said this isn’t as important as putting Americans back to work or doing something about high gas prices. Besides, as Allen West’s person said, “There’s not enough time for Congress to do something (hold hearings).””

  42. “Obama Birth Certificate: Anthony Bucco, New Jersey Legislator, Says Issue Unresolved”

    “A Republican lawmaker in New Jersey said that a speech he attended Tuesday night left him doubting President Barack Obama’s citizenship and he believes that “a higher authority” needs to determine the issue.

    Assemblyman Anthony Bucco (R-Boonton) said a speech Tuesday by birther advocate Jerome Corsi in Morristown — coordinated by Tea Party activists and endorsed by the Morris County Republican Party — left him in doubt over whether Obama is currently a citizen and the authenticity of the birth certificate the White House released last year. Bucco said the information presented came from Corsi’s new book, “Where’s the Birth Certificate?”

    “I haven’t really dug down deep, there was some important points raised,” Bucco said of the birth certificate issue and Corsi’s speech.”

  43. Corsi in Morristown – full video

    “Dr. Jerome Corsi explains the evidence that proves Obama’s birth certificate and his selective service registration are both forgeries. The identity of our illegitimate president is unknown. He is most likely an illegal alien.”

  44. Ginger | April 5, 2012 at 6:42 pm |
    I think there are like 10 basic plans to choose from for a “medigap” or supplemental plan. I think all companies offer the same basic plans. If I am not misstaken plan “f” (not plan f with high deductible) is the most popular plan. Again, I think they all offer the same plans, so maybe you can shop for better premiums

    Go here and put in your zip code for more info

  45. Ginger……………….
    I use Anthem, but there are a number of others available that are just as good,and perhaps in some areas even better. Medicare is to an extent being contracted out via what is referred to as Advantage plans. I don’t know what state you are in so I can only guess but there are a number of companies that service the Advantage plans. These are free at present,but your supplemental will NOT BE FREE. My supplemental is Anthem and it runs me about $100.00 or so per month. But I do have a copay with doctor visits etc. This ranges from $10.00 to $30.00. My wife has Humana,and pretty much similar plan to mine. You need to find out which supplemental providers service your state, and make your inquiries to them. But listen closely DO NOT JUMP INTO THE FIRST COMPANY who you talk with,and above all try to have somebody who has supplemental coverage close by so that you can get their input. Then you can always contact a Senior Citizens Advocate in your area. They could also provide you with input. But ultimately you will probably end up with an Advantage plan, with a paid supplemental provider. DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

  46. Ginger | April 5, 2012 at 6:42 pm |

    Hi Ginger,

    When my Mom was ready to make her choice, she consulted with her trusted Primary Care Physician, who steered her in the right direction.

    HonorFirst’s link is great, too!

    It’s all very confusing so I would try to have a one-on-one with your doc; they know all the ins and outs of these plans and will be able to help you sort it all out.

    Good luck!

  47. Ginger……………
    Watch out for AARP? They talk out of both sides of their mouths. I once belonged to AARP. That was in the days of Horace Deets. He turned out to be representing only Horace Deets. He was the alleged CEO

  48. “Hidden Camera: Arizona Rep. Jeff Flake Supports Obama’s Felony Identity Document Fraud”

    “Western Journalism contributor Tom Ballantyne Jr., author of “Oh Really, O’Reilly?“, went to a meeting of the Red Mountain Tea Party in Arizona on Tuesday, April 3, 2012. Although cameras were not allowed into the meeting, Tom was able to sneak in a recording device. In the video Ballantyne asks Arizona Republican Congressman (and Senate hopeful) Jeff Flake about his views on ForgeryGate, the controversy revolving around Barack Obama’s forged birth certificate and selective service card that the mainstream media on both sides seeks to hide. The results aren’t pretty…”

    [video at link]

  49. GORDO | April 5, 2012 at 9:34 pm |

    Hi GORDO,

    That clip was disgusting, but it shows us what our ‘elected representatives’ really are: spineless ignorant jackasses.

    All I can say is that Flake is appropriately named…

  50. zach jones i think your idea needs to be flushed, it’s not about insurance….it never was. it’s about health COSTS.

    i would propose that insurance companies add the “uninsured drivers” option, that is coverage for the “uninsured”, then let liberals put their money where their mouth is. The rest of us can still have our charities, to encourage people to take the option, make it fully deductable on your income tax return. No mandate, no order……..then set up a fund with the money for each state based upon the amount of money for each contributor and the overhead of each state that an overflow goes into. Get the federal government out of managing health care, let them just be the distributor of funds based upon Congressional formula.

    In addition, your idea is not novel. If Congress really thought that health care costs was an emergency they could move round money away from their pet programs easily, if they really wanted to.

  51. mazing to me that in the entire discussion of gas prices that nobody has mentioned the real cause of high gas prices which is the concerted actions of the global banking cartel to debase national currencies including the US dollar. The world demand is not up. In fact, if you look at gasoline and diesel usage just in the US, we’re back to usage levels of the 1980s.

    >>>spot on TC
    not to mention the fact that USA has not built a new refinery in over 40 years……..due to gov regulations

  52. “More Obama Censorship At Conservative”

    ” … She has the distinction of being one of the latest conservative websites to censor information about the investigation of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the Forgerygate scandal.

    Like Horatio on the bridge, conservative pundits that early on dismissed the eligibility issue continue do everything they can to keep a vast army of activists from even discussing the fraudulent documents released by Barack Obama. In this case Lucianne or someone working for her hit the big delete button and removed a post about ForgeryGate, after nearly 500 of her readers eager to learn the truth followed the link.

    We learned about the censorship from one these activists who pulled up the proof of the deletion using google cache. …”

  53. Every one….THANK YOU so much! I am going to run with each and every one of your ideas. And as far as AARP they can go suck an egg they have been on my sh$t list for a long time.

    Thank You

    And also look for the link at the end of the list to see the poll results so far………

    The 2012 TIME 100 Poll

    Cast your votes for the leaders, artists, innovators, icons and heroes you think are the most influential people in the world. Official voting ends on Friday, April 6, and the poll winner will be included in the TIME 100 issue. The complete TIME 100 list will be chosen by our editors and revealed on on Tuesday, April 17.

    Read more:,29569,2107952,00.html#ixzz1rEFhlgpB

  55. Not to sure if anyone saw this story..–more-proof-obamas-birth-certificate-is-fake-1

    Tom Harrison – More Proof Obama’s Birth Certificate Is Fake!–CqTY-GOWZj4

    Photo Comparison Proves
    Obama Committed Forgery
    (Based On The Work of Tom Harrison)

  56. I like Santorum. I admire his values, but I also want to beat Obama. I am worried Santorum is beating up on Romney too much, and I am nervous about it. I am worried we are losing women voters, as well as others, afraid of Paul Ryan’s budget.

    Karl Rove and others want to ignore Obama’s eligibility issues because they feel they can beat Obama with Romney. If they continue that strategy, they better be right. Thank goodness for patriots like Sheriff Joe who are looking into Obama’s potential crimes. The media and politicians are failing us.

  57. This is 100% wonderful information!! Please share this GREAT SPIRITUAL INFORMATION with friends, family, & everyone who has children:

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  59. At

    “The Rebirth of Birthers?
    American Thinker, by William Sullivan

    Original Article

    Posted By:magnante, 4/6/2012 8:17:40 AM

    Two years, three months, and seven days after his inauguration, Barack Obama finally offered evidence to prove his eligibility for the presidency. On the White House website, officials posted an electronic document purported to be a scan of Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate. It was a grand “I told you so” moment for the media and the left, which had worked feverishly to marginalize “birthers” as the radical counterpart of the zany “truther.” Of course, there was never really any parity”
    Will the above also be removed?

    “Lucianne or someone working for her hit the big delete button and removed a post about ForgeryGate, after nearly 500 of her readers eager to learn the truth followed the link.”

  60. Coulter On Obama’s Law Bona Fides: Show Us Your College Records

    “I used to think some of these right-wingers were kind of nutty demanding to see Obama’s college and law school transcripts. I want to see them now,” Ann Coulter said on Thursday’s broadcast of “Hannity” on the FOX News Channel.

  61. citizenwells

    Good morning Zach, et al.

  62. I’d love to see many ‘religious liberty’ measures started. It would get out the vote.

  63. Good morning CW , all, I was thinking about the USA corporate tax rate being the highest on the planet. Guess who pays those taxes? we do! in addition to all of the other taxes collected from all other sources. Add them all together and it’s easy to see that our government is putting a damper on the economy, and burdening every Citizen with debt. Our government is out of control, and without leadership, sort of like the Italian cruise ship that sunk.

  64. Christian bible teacher, bible scholar, and Christian evangelist, Perry Stone’s website:


    * * * * * * *


    By Perry Stone


    “I realize there is not a particular verse to explain what is occurring, except when we compare Scripture with Scripture. We know that Satan’s kingdom has a hosts of principalities and powers (spirits) that rule over nations and governments (Eph. 6:12). Also, Satan is identified as the “prince of the power of the air” (Eph. 2:2), thus his rule or domain is in the upper atmosphere. Daniel 10 also reveals that there are hindering spirits (prince of Persia and Greece) that dwell in the cosmic atmosphere and do battle with the angels of the Lord.

    Why would the spiritual atmosphere be so intense at this particular time? First, spirits are attracted to negative people who are filled with hate and negative hate-filled words, and there is more negative filth spewed on a major election year – from both sides – than at any other time of the year in the nation. Second, the United States is the leading gentile power in the world and has been the leading nation to preach and promote the gospel. The adversary would love to put a stop to this important activity, thus bringing into position someone who would change the laws to work against the freedom to teach the truth of the Word [of God – The Holy Bible – Scriptures], especially truth that is connected to shedding innocent blood and the covenant of a man and woman in marriage.”

    See The Entire Article Here:

    * * * * * * *




    Jeff Knox
    April 5, 2012


    “In 1972 a group of over-zealous Nixon supporters played cloak-and-dagger spy games against their Democrat rivals and a foolish President Nixon tried to sweep the matter under a rug. No one died. The president resigned and numerous people went to prison.

    In 2010 agents operating on behalf of the U.S. government illegally funneled thousands of guns into the hands of brutal Mexican drug gangs. Those guns were subsequently used in hundreds of violent crimes (so far), including the murders of at least two U.S. law enforcement officers. The president and attorney general have been diligently working to cover up this fiasco and protect their friends, subordinates and each other from any consequences in this matter. The OIG investigation is obviously nothing more than a smokescreen, and Eric Holder and the White House have clearly hunkered down in their bunkers while actively stonewalling congressional investigators.”

    See The Entire Article Here:

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