Blagojevich appeal process begins, Court filing December 20, 2011, Blagojevich prison sentence begins March 15

Blagojevich appeal process begins, Court filing December 20, 2011, Blagojevich prison sentence begins March 15

From the Chicago Tribune December 20, 2011.

“Blagojevich attorneys begin appeals process”

“Attorneys for Rod Blagojevich have formally begun the process of appealing the former Illinois governor’s conviction and prison sentence.

They did so in a court filing late Tuesday, notifying the U.S. District Court in Chicago that they intended to appeal to a higher court.

Blagojevich has been ordered to report to prison on March 15. The 55-year-old was convicted earlier this year of corruption charges that included allegations that he tried to sell or trade an appointment to President Barack Obama’s vacated Senate seat for campaign cash or a top job.

Attorneys had said they planned to appeal.

However, the process of filing a full appeal is likely to drag on for several weeks or even months. After notification, transcripts and other documents are typically transferred to the higher court.”,0,2339978.story

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  1. Good Morning CW, et. al.!

  2. Good morning Zach, et al.

  3. Merry Christmas everyone!

    Taitz v Astrue Court of Appeals initial filing

  4. “Obama History” Mystery Buffs: Sniff Here
    by Martha Trowbridge

    “Obama moved to Southeast Asia at age 2″.

  5. Orly Taitz: Phone Call from Obama’s Attorney,
    She (Taitz), has an active ballot challenge to Obama’s eligibility filed in the state of Georgia, where recently Judge Michael Malihi consolidated several cases on the same issue. Taitz reported that a “signed court subpoena” was sent to the Hawaii Department of Health Director Loretta Fuddy and was received as evidenced by the certified-mail receipt. Taitz stated that on December 19, Obama’s attorney called her and Taitz said to him, “I want to depose your client,” and the attorney responded, “I’m opposing that. No need for depositions and subpoenas.” Taitz stated that “They find all kinds of things for dismissal on procedural grounds instead of arguing on the merits.”

  6. The New and Improved Birther Movement 2008-2012


    by Lori Grider, Western Regional Campaign Director, The Cody Robert Judy for President U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign

    Cody Robert Judy is a Democrat Presidential Candidate challenging Obama’s constitutional eligibility to run for President in 2012

    (Dec. 19, 2011) — Before the New Hampshire Supreme Court is a case that could shake the political world clear through the Washington Monument. Delving into Taitz v. Garner one sees a deck stacked against Obama in ways that are innovative and original from 2008 showing the Birther Movement has shape shifted into a much more intelligent force than it was in 2008, something Obama and co-conspiratorial Democrats of course were not hoping for when the Obama 2012 theme song was picked out, “I fought the law but the law won”. Read more.

  7. Article II Super PAC Full-Page Ad in Washington Times National Weekly: Natural Born Citizen

  8. From The Steady Drip.

    Tuesday, December 20, 2011
    “President Obama Just Stated That He Can Have ANY American Citizen Killed!” Jonathon Turley . Constitutional law expert on CSPAN
    @ 16 minutes if you don’t watch the entire video……

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