John Wyma testimony, Blagojevich hearing, December 2, 2011, Wyma Chicago corruption ties, Media and Justice department protect Obama

John Wyma testimony, Blagojevich hearing, December 2, 2011, Wyma Chicago corruption ties, Media and Justice department protect Obama

“Why did the Illinois Senate Health & Human Services Committee, with Obama as chairman, create and push Bill 1332, “Illinois Health Facilities Planning Act,” early in 2003, which reduced the number of members on the Board from 15 to 9, just prior to rigging by Tony Rezko and Rod Blagojevich?”…Citizen Wells

“Why did Patrick Fitzgerald and the US Justice Department wait until December 2008 to arrest Rod Blagojevich?”…Citizen Wells

“I believe I’m more pristine on Rezko than him.”…Rod Blagojevich

A hearing is scheduled today, Friday, December 2, 2011, in the courtroom of Judge James Zagel for Rod Blagojevich.

Daily Calendar

Friday, December 2, 2011  (As of 12/02/11 at 08:46:51 AM

Honorable James B. Zagel                    Courtroom 2503 (JBZ)

1:08-cr-00888   USA v. Blagojevich    11:30   Motion Hearing

Most of what we are fed from the media about Blagojevich is in regard to the alleged selling of Obama’s senate seat. As I have stated repeatedly, that was a cleverly crafted diversion. The Justice Department has added to this charade by dropping counts 1,2 and 4 against Blagojevich which contain references to much of the earlier corruption tied to Obama, specifically the rigging of the IL Health Planning Board. Today’s hearing is in regard to a motion about the testimony of John Wyma. I was pleased to find that 2 reports out of Chicago did not limit references to just the alleged selling of the senate seat.

From the Chicago Tribune November 29, 2011.

“With one week to go before former Gov. Rod Blagojevich is sentenced for widespread public corruption, his attorneys have asked a federal judge to consider what they say is new evidence regarding a key government witness.”

“In the filing, Blagojevich’s defense team referenced the recent sentencing of Blagojevich fundraiser Antoin “Tony” Rezko. Rezko was sentenced to 10 1/2 years in prison last week.

In their filing, Blagojevich’s attorneys say prosecutors failed to tell the judge who approved wiretaps for the Blagojevich investigation that then-staffer John Wyma, who was a confidential informant for the government, had cut a deal to avoid being investigated.

But Wyma’s attorney denied his client had any agreement with the government in 2008 when he agreed to be a confidential informant.

“There was never any understanding he would not be investigated,” attorney Zach Fardon said. “He cooperated truthfully with no preconditions.”

Wyma later received immunity from the government when he was subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury.

The defense also questioned whether the government fully investigated Rezko’s allegations — which were the subject of recent court filings — that Wyma was involved in a specific bribery scheme at the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board.”

Read more:,0,3280336.story

From the Chicago SunTimes November 28, 2011.

“Blago’s lawyers want hearing based on new John Wyma information

Rod Blagojevich’s lawyers are asking for a special hearing to discuss what they say is new information regarding a key witness at the former governor’s trial.

They are asking U.S. District Judge James Zagel for an evidentiary hearing regarding the testimony of onetime Blagojevich friend and lobbyist John Wyma, arguing they weren’t allowed to properly cross examine him at trial. It was Wyma’s cooperation in 2008 that led to FBI wiretaps against the now-convicted ex-governor.

In a weekend filing, lawyers questioned whether the government properly vetted information against Wyma that was provided by a cooperating Tony Rezko. Rezko, a onetime fund-raiser to Blagojevich convicted on 16 counts of corruption, was sentenced to 10 ½ years last week.

In filings regarding Rezko’s sentencing, Wyma’s cooperation with the government is discussed, including that Rezko told prosecutors that he tried to extract a campaign contribution through Wyma from Provena Health, whom Wyma represented as a lobbyist at the time.

Lawyers question whether bribery was involved when Provena was granted a certificate of need from an Illinois hospital board. Rezko told prosecutors in private sessions that Provena had a dispute with someone on the hospital board and resolved it by paying the board member, according to the Blagojevich defense filing. Prosecutors say the charge was unsubstantiated.”

Read more:

Perhaps the effort to throw Obama under the bus is underway.

More on John Wyma corruption ties forthcoming.


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  1. Good Morning All!!! I knew when John Wyma first testified that he went to the feds of his own free will out a sense of morality he was full of $hit, if he were so moral why would he need an immunity agreement before testifying??? Now the feds got caught in another lie, maybe he’ll fess up to tipping off John Chase as well…with permission from the feds of course…


    This is fantastic!!! Could it be that people are finally getting the message??? Obama has a fire sale in the blue state of New York and still can’t fill a room….

  3. This motion today was a good move by Blago. This motion brings a guy who gave Obama 10k front and center, Dr. Michel Malek.
    I wonder if this is Carolyn Gurland’s idea ?

    Where are the Malek,Provena,Wyma 302’s ?

  4. “Praise from former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin could be just what Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum needs. And he got some of that Thursday night.

    Palin lavished praise on Santorum during a televised interview, suggesting conservatives should give him a second look for being a consistent conservative.

    The former Pennsylvania senator has campaigned hard in Iowa and New Hampshire, but has not gained much traction.

    “If voters start kind of shifting gears and deciding they want ideological consistency, then they’re going to start paying attention to say Rick Santorum,” Palin told Sean Hannity on Fox News.

    Palin, who opted against a run of her own for the White House, went on to say that Santorum has been “consistent on being a hardliner against Iran to help protect Israel; he’s been consistent in wanting to protect the most vulnerable and the sanctity of life, he’s been consistent in saying we need to slash the federal income tax.”

    “People will start paying attention to some of these other messages from some of the other messengers like Rick Santorum,” Palin predicted. “You’re going to see that happen in the next 32 days.”

    Palin has not endorsed any candidate yet in the race. Pressed by Hannity whether she will eventually throw her support behind someone, Palin downplayed the significance of it.

    “I think today, my personal endorsement probably doesn’t amount to a hill of beans, today at this point in the race,” she said.

    Hannity responded: “I’m not so sure about that.”

    “Maybe as the weeks progress, it would become a little bit more significant, but right now, I don’t really cast any vote based upon anyone else’s endorsement of a candidate,” she said. “I have great respect for the wisdom of the people.”

    Read more:

  5. observer | December 2, 2011 at 1:27 pm |

    It’s funny how Sarah Palin thinks like me :). I grew up 40 miles south of her and am about two years younger. I probably partied with her in highschool … Santorum could be the one.

  6. Trump to Moderate Republican Debate

    Ought to be interesting….give a new slant to the usual!

  7. Updates from Blagojevich courtroom from Natasha Korecki of SunTimes:

    “Blagojevich judge reading exceptionally long statement as he rejects Blago’s last-ditch bid to vacate verdict.

    Blagojevich judge says he still believes Blago’s best chance at acquittal was to testify.

    Blagojevich lawyer saying ex-Gov wants to play “snippets of tapes” at sentencing. Tapes wld be of witnesses at trial.

    Judge Zagel taking Blagojevich lawyer to task for asking to play “snippets of tapes” at sentencing. Says it’s a near “abuse of process.”

    Blagojevich lawyers haven’t spelled out which tapes he wants played. And recordings are new. But govnt finding compromise.

    Breaking: Blagojevich judge says he’ll listen to arguments on Tuesday but he will NOT sentence the ex-gov on Tuesday.”

  8. o/t

    I went yesterday to do my weekly shopping and to tried to buy only things that were made in the USA. This turned out to be so frustrating. I would say that most of the things that Walmart supplies is made in the China. I know this is not news to anyone but, I believe if everyone would try to get others to only purchase things that are made in the USA or very few things from China. Maybe we could start a trend to turn some things around in this nation. I know that many people do not have the time to do this without having to shop at other places and if you are working convenience plays a huge part in what is purchased. We have got to start somewhere. Needless to say my buggy was pretty empty. This was a first.

    I went to the Christmas aisle. Only one type of Christmas ornament was made in the USA. It was not one of the pretty stylish shiny sparkly kind but a simple one with an image of God’s Greatest Gift with the baby Jesus on it. Every kind of wrapping paper, every Christmas card even the ones that have Hallmark on them were made in China.

    I ended of buying some drinking glasses that were made in the USA and some chewing gum. I left there and went to the $1 tree store. Same story except some of their wrapping paper was made in the USA. Something to think about.

    I would also add that if even athletic shoes are made in other countries. New Balance athletic shoes are made in the USA and I love them.

    We have been “nudged” into buying other countries goods and services. We can control some of this if we just would.

    I am through ranting for now……

  9. Whistleblower


    Do you know if the Judge addressed the Wyma/Provena/Malek motion ?

  10. WB.
    Not yet.

  11. Re: citizenwells | December 2, 2011 at 2:24 pm |

    Amazing information!! Thank you for posting this Citizen Wells!!

  12. Ethics panel extends Jackson probe

    But in a report from the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) released for the first time Friday, the secretive panel, which makes recommendations to the House Ethics Committee, said there is “probable cause” that Jackson either “directed a third party … to offer to raise money for Governor Blagojevich in exchange for appointing Representative Jackson to the Senate seat” or “had knowledge” that an offer would be extended on his behalf.

  13. Lawrence Sellin, ©2011:

    “Republican Leaders Are Protecting Obama and Subverting the Constitution”

    “Republican leaders and elected officials maintain a protective shield of silence and disinformation about Obama’s personal history, his Constitutionally illegal Presidency, his crimes, and his anti-American and reprehensible behavior, to hide their own complicity in the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people

    All of the above is part of the Republican Big Con, Big Stall strategy for 2012, a scheme to bury forever Obama’s fraud and disguising their role in his illegal Presidency, for the purpose of maintaining the status quo; permanent political corruption in Washington, D.C.
    They believe and hope that, once Obama is removed from office, the controversy will be overtaken by events, all will be forgotten, and they can resume, together with their Democratic colleagues, the abrogation of our Constitutional rights and the looting of our national wealth.”
    Alan Keyes, ©2011:

    “On Congress’ ‘battlefield’ American liberty dies”

    “The two parties in control of Congress wear different labels, but they now appear to work openly together, in arrogant defiance of right and the explicitly contrary provisions of the U.S. Constitution, to fashion instruments of legalistic intimidation, intended for no purpose but to repress the assumption of liberty in America, and the respect for unalienable rights associated with it. …

    It is especially telling that John McCain (the GOP’s last nominee for president) and the GOP leadership in Congress are co-conspirators in this climactic bipartisan assault on American liberty. …”

  14. Gabriel J. Chin:

    “Why Senator John McCain Cannot be President: Eleven Months and a Hundred Yards Short of Citizenship”


    Posted by: The Publisher
    September 25 2010
    In: Kingdom of Heaven


    “Can a Christian be an anarchist? Before that question is investigated is it fair to ask if a Christian should support a government and political system that violates the laws that have been written to contain it?

    After all, the U.S. Constitution places very strict limits on the powers of the federal government and empowers the legislatures of its member states to keep the federal government within that constitutional framework. That system has clearly been abandoned for one in which two political parties dominate the elected offices of government and use those offices to usurp power for the benefit of very narrow causes. Supporting the current political system holding the access to elected office is, in this opinion, supporting lies and megalomania.


    Can Paul’s details of the “Fruits of the Spirit” from Galatians 5:22 (“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.”) allow a Christian to pursue a life without unconstitutional government coercion or avoid involvement in a political system based on lies and illegitimate power with a clear conscience? How are we going to most affect the world around us; by living out Paul’s model, or through giving support or criticism to whatever political official or idea of what is conservative or liberal that is presented for public consumption? One is a call to action to use our lives to serve our neighbors, the other is too frequently dogma that demands us to wait for the power of government to be exercised by the “right” people.”


    “The position here is that as Christians we have the freedom to abandon the political and electoral system that has done so much to corrupt the government and abandon the constitutional law restricting the usurpation of freedom and individual sovereignty. We have the power to use our intellectual ability and talents to investigate the perils facing all of us and how the American political system has brought us to this place. Finally we have the privilege of showing those around us the way of leaving that system of politics and government behind for lives that are based upon the [Christian principles] that Paul so aptly articulated so long ago.”

    Read The Full Article Here:

    Read Other Articles Here:

    * * * *

  16. Bessie | December 2, 2011 at 10:39 am |

    This is a MUST read…

    * * * *

    Yes, that truly was a MUST READ Article! Thank you for calling our attention to read it.




    By Jeffrey Folks
    December 2, 2011


    “Yesterday, in a lengthy op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, Andy Stern laid out his vision of America’s future in remarkably unambiguous, and chilling, terms. That vision hinges on state planning and government control of a kind practically indistinguishable from that practiced in communist China. The fact that Stern, former president of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), holds such opinions is not really surprising. But the fact that he has been and remains a close confidant of President Obama should sound warning bells.

    Stern makes it abundantly clear that in his view, the capitalist economic model that fostered American prosperity over the last two centuries is now obsolete. The “free-market fundamentalist, shareholder-only model,” as he calls it, “is being thrown onto the trash heap of history.” […]

    Stern seems to have swallowed the Chinese communist hype hook, line, and sinker. Not since Edgar Snow’s The Long Revolution has there appeared such an unabashedly fawning report on the Red Star rising in the East. Not content to laud the achievements of the state-run economy, Stern seems to go out of his way to diminish the recent accomplishments of American capitalism. He sneeringly refers to “Team USA’s results” of high unemployment, stagnant wage growth, trade deficits, and income inequality. All of this, he believes, is the consequence of America’s inability to emulate China and other state-planned economies.

    It is clear that Stern’s thinking has had a profound influence on President Obama. No outside adviser has visited the White House more often than Stern during Obama’s presidency, and no one has had freer access to the Oval Office. Every major policy decision coming out of the Obama administration has had to be cleared with Big Labor, and Stern has been Big Labor’s point man in this regard. It is no accident that Obama’s massive stimulus spending contained such largesse for states and municipalities to reward their public-sector employees. Nor is it accidental that ObamaCare, Dodd-Frank, and other administration initiatives are designed to extend state control over major sectors of the economy. Obama and Stern must sit around at night thinking up ways to subject more and more of the private sector to state control.


    As Michael Novak writes in The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism, “[w]hat censorship is to free speech, the command economy is to the free market” (p. 112). The freedom to engage in business, to earn and retain profits, and to decide how and where to invest capital are inextricably bound up with basic human liberties of freedom of speech and assembly, religious freedom, the free conduct of marriage and family life, and other essential liberties. The fact that neither Andy Stern nor President Obama recognizes this fact is incredibly alarming.”

    Jeffrey Folks is the author of many books and articles on American culture, most recently Heartland of the Imagination (2011).

    Read The Full Article Here:


    Posted by: The Publisher
    On November 22, 2011



    “Peter Schweizer, in his superb book “Throw Them All Out,” wrote:

    “In short, the Permanent Political Class has clearly figured out how to extract wealth from the rest of us based solely on their position and proximity to power. If you have a seat at the table, you are in for the feast. If you don’t have a seat at the table, you are probably on the menu.”

    For example, fabulously wealthy Senator John Kerry (D-MA) purchased shares of Citigroup (up to $550,000) and Bank of America ($350,000) right before the government bailed out the banking industry. Coincidence or is it insider trading, the legal graft Congress reserves for itself?

    Clarice Feldman clearly and succinctly described how an entrenched oligarchy exploits the American people to increase their own power and wealth:

    1. The media and the Democrats are joined at the hip and have created a “hereditary celebrity class.”

    One of the fastest ways to celebrity is to be the child of a politician or a well connected political operative e.g. Meghan McCain, Mika Brzezinski, or Chelsea Clinton.

    2. The political class views the taxpayers as cash cows to be milked for their own benefit and the benefit of their friends, children and contributors.

    The Department of Energy blew even more money, a $1.4 billion loan guarantee, on a Robert Kennedy Jr. project Bright Source than it did on the already well-known Solyndra fiasco.

    3. The Supreme Court action on the three ObamaCare Cases on which it granted certiori might well encapsulate the principle that we citizens are, in fact cash cows there for the federal government to milk.”


    “There is also something fishy going on in the state of New Hampshire.

    The Obama’s trampling of the Constitution, endorsed by Congress, appears to reach all the way down to the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s office and the Ballot Law Commission.

    In October 2007, Obama was not required to affirm that he met the Constitutional requirements outlined in Article II, Section I, Clause 5 of the Constitution and, at least now, New Hampshire RSA 655:47, Declaration of Candidacy, stating:” […]


    “Ordinary Americans are feeling disenfranchised and helpless by politicians practicing elective despotism.

    By its actions, the corrupt permanent political class is leaving the American people no other option than outright rebellion to take back our government.”

    Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is a retired colonel with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. He receives hate mail at
    © 2011, The Post & Email.

    Written by Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. and published on the The Post Mail, November 22, 2011

    Continue To Read The Full Article Above Here:

    * * * *

  19. MF Global Epic Rant from Ann Barnhardt of Barnhardt Capital urgent must listen

    Guys this is really a huge deal. It is not just big guys like Gerald Celente that got wiped out. It is also others as well.
    My mother is building a house and the head man over the pouring of the concrete lost his money as well. This is in Tennessee.

    Money has been STOLEN as in GONE with NO TRACE… This is
    symptomatic of a collapsed unlawful system. Take 15 minutes and
    listen to this. It might help you wake up some of your friends and neighbors to the perils we face.

  20. cynkoding………. Dec 2, 2011 2:27 am

    If you have a “Big Lots” in your area you can buy things that are made in Israel. I really like their plastic seal containers.


    By Jeffrey Folks
    November 29, 2011


    “From the beginning, the administration’s goals have been unclear. Or, more precisely, the administration has no goal other than power. In fact, I do not believe that this president has any principles other than a childish and naïve faith in socialism. More important than any ideological commitment — and the key to understanding this president — is Obama’s arrogant self-regard. What distinguishes Obama from all recent presidents, even Bill Clinton, is his haughty egotism. This is a president who is driven by narcissistic conceit unhinged from all reality.

    That conceit is expressed in Obama’s relations with Congress and with the public at large. Obama is not one who feels he must work with Congress, and certainly not with the opposition. He believes that he has the right to govern by dictate. It is revealing that Congress has paid so little attention to Obama’s annual budgets: his FY2012 budget was DOA. And, remarkably, when Congress brushed aside his latest jobs plan, Obama made no effort to obtain its passage. It’s as if he is simply going through the motions of governing rather than making a sustained effort.

    Perhaps that’s because the president is more concerned about re-election than about the well-being of the country. In the midst of a lingering economic crisis, this president has shown very little empathy for the 30 million Americans who are unemployed, underemployed, or out of the job market altogether. As millions of Americans struggle to survive, Obama does nothing on the jobs front. What he has done is deliver grandiose, self-admiring speeches designed to provide political cover for his re-election effort. This is not the sign of a determined, self-sacrificing leader; it is the sign of a seriously deluded narcissist who thinks he can talk his way out of any difficulty.”

    Read More Here:



    Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. © 2011
    © 2011, The Post & Email.
    October 5, 2011

    “Has the U.S. Congress become complicit in the downfall of our Constitutional Republic?”


    “(Oct. 5, 2011) — Only the truth will save the United States.

    There are anti-democratic and anti-American forces working aggressively inside the country to reduce American global influence, control that influence or simply bring down our republic.

    These forces are promoting the interests of nations hostile to the United States, global financiers and radical Islam.

    The work of these forces is primarily facilitated by corrupt or cowardly politicians, radical leftists and by useful idiots, who are oblivious to the fact that they are aiding and abetting American enemies, who will ultimately eradicate freedom.

    The United States no longer has a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

    The government has been hijacked by an oligarchy composed of a self-serving permanent political class, supported by an obsequious press and financed by and beholden to wealthy special interests.


    The survival of our nation is now at stake.”


    “Nancy Pelosi, for example, side-stepped the Constitution and cleared the path for Obama’s illegal nomination for the Presidency by issuing two different Certifications of Nomination prior to the 2008 election.

    Pelosi then helped steer Obamacare and the stimulus package through Congress, which were comprised largely of kickback schemes to Obama supporters as a means of maintaining left-wing Democratic control of the US Government through vote-buying.

    Such insatiable lust for power and total disregard for the well-being of the country have brought the United States to the precipice of economic collapse, have polarized our society and made us vulnerable to exploitation by anti-democratic and anti-American forces.

    Washington, D.C. oozes corruption, weakness and political correctness.

    Truth and justice demand that the illegal and criminal Obama Administration be immediately removed from office.

    We will not allow a corrupt government that has subverted our Constitution and flouted the rule of law to make America defenseless against our enemies.

    The survival of our nation is now at stake.

    If Congress members are too corrupt or too cowardly to adhere to the Constitution and defend their country, then patriotic Americans will have to take matters into their own hands.

    Which side of history will you be on?”


    © 2011 Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D.

    Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D.
    © 2011, The Post & Email.

    Read The Full Article Here:

    * * * *


    By Donald R. Laster Jr., ©2011

    * * * *



    By Sharon Rondeau
    April 13, 2010


    (Apr. 13, 2010) Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, who has been informed that he will face “serious charges” for refusing orders from his Army chain of command based on Obama’s refusal to prove that he is a “natural born Citizen”

    “(Apr. 13, 2010) — The American Patriot Foundation is reporting that Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, the Army flight surgeon who has refused to follow any orders until Barack Obama produces proof of eligibility to serve as President and Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. military, has been read his Miranda rights and informed that he would soon be “charged with serious crimes.”

    On Monday, April 12, Lakin was ordered to report to Ft. Campbell, KY in preparation for what would have been his second deployment to Afghanistan. The report states that “Lakin refused to obey these orders and instead came to work yesterday morning at the Pentagon. Late yesterday afternoon he was confronted by his brigade commander.”

    On March 30, 2010, Lakin had released a letter to Obama explaining his decision and why Obama needed to release proof of his eligibility to serve as President.

    Lakin, in his 18th year of uniformed service in the Army, also released a video message which stated that the burden of proof as to whether or not Obama is a “natural born Citizen” should be placed on Obama himself, not members of the military.”

    Read More Here:

    * * * *

    THIS ISSUE: Gingrich amnesty would not give citizenship but would give U.S. jobs to 3.5 million illegal aliens, says Pew Hispanic Center

    The most recent polling finds that Republican voters have elevated Newt Gingrich to presidential frontrunner status. But it is difficult to believe that those supporting him agree with his amnesty plan, or are even aware that his proposal sounds like it would give U.S. jobs and residency to around 3.5 million illegal aliens (according to a new Pew Hispanic Center study). Unless Gingrich supporters push him to back off, he is promising a bigger amnesty than the giant blanket amnesty of 1986 that was supposed to be the first and last one ever.

    (Watch the recording of our webcast yesterday that focused on the details of Gingrich’s official immigration platform.)

    Former House Speaker Gingrich agrees with Presidents Bush and Obama that the only major options for illegal aliens are deporting them or legalizing them (choices that nearly all mainstream media also insist on). His official immigration platform gives no hint of recognizing that there is a third option — Attrition Through Enforcement — that eliminates the jobs and benefits magnets for illegal aliens so that they will self-deport back to their home countries. Thus, Gingrich is at odds with most of the other GOP candidates and most GOP Members of Congress who favor the Attrition option.

    Since boldly advocating his legalization plan in a debate last week, he has responded to critics by telling us to read his official 10 Steps to a Legal Nation and his 7-Point Plan. Weve read and studied both and are more frightened than ever.

  25. Judge Andrew Napolitano: Revolution is Duty of the People

  26. * * * *

    Ron Paul – Obama Moving Us Toward One World Government.

    * * * *

    The Constitution in Exile ~ Judge Andrew Napolitano

    * * * *

  27. Judge Napolitano: Obama’s Offenses are Impeachable!

    * * * *

    Ron Paul: The American Empire Can’t Afford Another War!

    * * * *

    New Financial Reform Bill is Unconstitutional

    * * * *

  28. Arizona Tea Party and Conservatives to Protest McCain’s Military Detention on Home Turf.

    These guys make me proud to be an American. I’ll be trying to coordinate something in my own state in support.

    “Tea Party Patriots and Conservatives Protest Senator John McCain’s National Defense Authorization Act in His Home Turf, Tucson, Arizona”

    “Tucson, AZ, December 02, 2011 –(– “Tea Party patriots, conservatives, and Republicans in Senator John McCain’s district take a stand for liberty,” says Jeff Bales, organizer of a Tea Party inspired protest scheduled for Monday in Tucson, Arizona. The protest addresses Senator John McCain, co-author of the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act. Similar protests are scheduled to be held by conservatives in various locations in the United States.

    Organized at:

    Date & location: Monday, December 5, 2011; 4:00 – 6:00pm; SW corner of Speedway and Campbell, Tucson, Arizona.

    The National Defense Authorization Act allows for any U.S. citizen to be held by U.S. military for an indefinite period of time, with no Constitutional due process. The Senate Armed Services Committee, led by Senators Carl Levin (D-Michigan) and John McCain (R-Arizona), approved the bill with provisions for military detention of any suspect. That includes citizens in the United States, accused of involvement (no proof needed) in terror-related offenses. In Mr. Bales’ opinion, military detention could include citizens accused of simply lying to a federal agent, unrelated to actual terrorism but classified as related to terrorism.

    “Many protesters scheduled to participate in Monday’s Arizona-based event are Republicans and conservatives that refuse to accept the progressive, big-government agenda established by their Republican Senator, John McCain. When it comes to personal liberty and violation of every citizen’s Constitutional rights, Republicans are willing to take a stand against one of their own if a major mistake has been made,” says the protest’s host, Jeff Bales, a Member-at-Large of the Pima County GOP Executive Committee.”


    18 states have public official recall laws, some do not limit whom, and a few, like Rhode Island, specifically exclude federal officials. AZ has laws where you can recall anybody. Laws governing recall are defined in Article 8 of the Arizona Constitution (from the linked page):

    “The authority to conduct a recall election in Arizona applies to “Every public officer in the state of Arizona, holding an elective office, either by election or appointment.” A recall can be filed against any public officer on any grounds.”

    Here is a ready made petition for AZ that I found online (drafter unknown, should be checked by a legal beagle):

    More generally, recall of federal officials is a relatively untested area of law, with only a few vulnerable test cases so far, like Idaho. The ultimate basis for recall of senators and congressmen is the Tenth Amendment. Although recall of federal elected officials is not provided for in the Constitution, the Tenth states:

    “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

    A legislative history is here:

  29. Yoo hoo! Please get me out of moderation….10:07 comment. Thanks beforehand.

  30. Uh oh! Newty is becoming a bit flakey….a god unto himself and his own intellect??

    Dec 2, 2011 8:09amGingrich Breaks from Some in Anti-Abortion Community on When Life Begins

    WEST DES MOINES, IOWA — It may seem a technical point to some, but to those focused on abortion as an issue, it isn’t.

    Breaking from groups that believe human life begins at the moment an egg is fertilized — also the position of the Catholic Church, of which he is a member — former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told ABC News he believes life begins at implantation.

    But he expressed confidence that he can win the vote of anti-abortion activists despite this difference.


  31. Observer, this is why Newt can’t go after Romney’s ever evolving positions. Romney is chomping at the bit waiting for Newt to go after him. Newt is almost as bad as Romney when it comes to pacifying the crowd that he is standing in front of at any given moment. Also, Newt’s “lobbyist” explanations are very flimsy. Why he doesn’t just come out and say that yes, he did lobby and that he needed to earn a living like anyone else is beyond me. I’m tired of politicians parsing their words thinking that we are stupid.

  32. There is an amazing amount of momentum building around the country dedicated to challenging, state by state, the eligibility of Obama to enter presidential primary contests. In Alabama, for example, an average citizen can contest the results of a primary election. For all the crap Orly Taitz has taken, she seems to have been the trailblazer in this area with her relentless efforts. For a good summary of recent activity, and the excellent comments from a number of people, see the linked WND article below.


    International Governments W/ Ron Paul : New World Order VS The Constitution


    Judge Andrew Napolitano
    WorldNetDaily Commentary
    © 2011
    November 23, 2011


    “What if the whole purpose of the Constitution was to limit the government? What if Congress’ enumerated powers in the Constitution no longer limited Congress, but were actually used as justification to extend Congress’ authority over every realm of human life? What if the president, meant to be an equal to Congress, has become a democratically elected, term-limited monarch? What if the president assumed everything he did was legal, just because he’s the president? […].”

    Read More Here:

    * * * *


    Judge Andrew Napolitano
    WorldNetDaily Commentary
    © 2011
    November 30, 2011


    “Can the president use the military to arrest anyone he wants, keep that person away from a judge and jury, and lock him up for as long as he wants? In the Senate’s dark and terrifying vision of the Constitution, he can.

    Congress is supposed to work in public. That requirement is in the Constitution. It is there because the folks who wrote the Constitution had suffered long and hard under the British Privy Council, a secret group that advised the king and ran his government. We know from the now-defunct supercommittee, and other times when Congress has locked its doors, that government loves secrecy and hates transparency. Transparency forces the government to answer to us. Secrecy lets it steal our liberty and our property behind our backs.”

    Read More Here:

    * * * *


    Judge Andrew Napolitano
    WorldNetDaily Commentary
    © 2011
    November 16, 2011


    “Congress, which is charged and authorized by the Constitution to write the federal laws and to decide how to spend the people’s money and to keep public records of all its deliberations, has simply declined to do so. In establishing the debt supercommittee – which consists of six representatives and six senators – Congress is violating the Constitution by keeping its work and deliberations from you. Every hour at Fox News, our intrepid Capitol Hill producers inform us of who is meeting with whom to discuss what – not among members of the House or Senate, but among members of the supercommittee. Try to find that in the Constitution, and you won’t succeed.

    This is what has become of the world’s greatest deliberative body. It is hiding from you. Its members are supposed to be working for you. The government is the servant of the people. As revolutionary as that sounds, it is the principle underlying both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.”

    Read More Here:

    Judge Andrew Napolitano’s Archive:

    * * * *

  35. Hi CW!! Can you please release my humble comments from moderation?

    Thank you!!

  36. When I send in my comments – sometimes they go into moderation…Can you please release my humble comments that are Christian videos and educational Constitutional videos?!! Thank you!!

    Here is another:

    Stimulus Bill Voted In Fascist Style! 1000 Pages To Be Read In Less Than 24 Hours! Part 1 of 4

    * * * *

  37. Did Rep. Grayson (D-FL) Read The Stimulus Bill?

    * * * *

    Dr. Ron Paul On The New 100% UNCONSTITUTIONAL Stimulus Package

    * * * *

    Thomas Lifson
    November 30, 2011

    “Holder has dissembled — either through incompetence or perjury, he denied knowing about Fast & Furious despite receiving [many, many detailed personal memo’s] on the subject — […] is stonewalling on demands for full records on the scandal, which has cost the lives of two federal agents and hundreds of Mexicans. It has also enraged our next door neighbor, Mexico, which for some reason doesn’t appreciate America funneling impressive weapons into the hands of narco-terrorists threatening its political stability.

    On Planet Holder, nobody would be upset about this lethal program, for which Holder bears ultimate responsibility, unless the media were whipping opposition. That is simply delusional.

    Ed Lasky points out that this echoes his boss Obama, who complained that “they [the media] treat me like a dog,” despite the most positive press coverage of any president in my lifetime.

    I take this as a sign of desperation. Fast and Fuirous should have already driven Holder out of office. He has blood on his hands.”

    * * * *


    Is this true? I’m not familiar with source but I would not be surprised. Has anyone seen this an a more respected source?

    Oh – Good Morining!

  40. Good Morning to All!

    This is what makes Newt obnoxious at times:
    Newt: I Will be the Nominee
    We can say this about our friend Newt Gingrich: He has never suffered from public self-doubt.

    On the strength of a string of polls showing the GOP conservative base has fallen in love with him Newt told ABC News’ Jake Tapper:
    “I’m going to be the nominee. It’s very hard not to look at the recent polls and think that the odds are very high I’m going to be the nominee.”
    ……keep in mind that under Republican National Committee rules any caucus or primary held before April:
    “… shall provide for the allocation of delegates on a proportional basis.”

    Whoa! Really? So the bulk of primaries and caucuses will be decided on a proportional basis instead of the traditional winner-take-all.

    That’s sort of the way the Dems have done it and it is what led to Hillary and Obama duking it out through June four years ago.

    Proportional awarding of delegates means that as long as a candidate doesn’t get skunked in a big state, he or she will be able to stay in the game for a long time – so long as the money keeps coming in.

    What it also means is that someone like Gingrich will probably not be able to claim victory even if he outright wins Iowa, South Carolina and Florida because he is unlikely to win any of those with 100 percent of the votes.


  41. Looked at site and it looks like satire. Oh well. It would not suprise me.

  42. Good morning Zach, et al.

  43. Exactly what we predicted would happen.

    Fundamentalists’ win confirms worst fears of Egypt’s secularists

    THE TRIUMPH of Muslim fundamentalists in the first round of Egypt’s first genuine multiparty parliamentary election has confirmed the worst fears of secular and Christian Egyptians dreaming of democracy and raised the hopes of devout conservatives for a regime reflecting religious values.

    Although expected to give final results yesterday, Egypt’s election commissioner Abdel-Mooaez Ibrahim proclaimed only that the turnout was an unprecedented 62 per cent and announced results of contests among individual candidates. However, figures leaked from the commission revealed the positions of key parties and blocs.

    The Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party, is projected to have won 40 per cent of the 168 seats in the nine governorates participating in this round; the ultra-orthodox Salafi Noor Party 30 per cent; and the liberal Egyptian Bloc 20 per cent. This last, composed of the leftist Tagammu Party, the Socialist Democratic Party and the Free Egyptians founded by Coptic Christian telecom magnate Naguib Sawiris, topped Egypt’s oldest party, the secular Wafd.

    Secular revolutionaries who mounted the uprising early this year were eliminated altogether….

  44. Black Friday Sales report indicates something!
    Dec 2, 2011 1:18pm
    Black Friday Best-Seller: Guns

    Americans were big spenders on Black Friday–especially on guns.

    Numbers from the Federal Bureau of Investigation show an all-time one-day high for background check requests from gun buyers last Friday. There were 129,166 requests to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS)–a third more than the previous record of 97,848 on Black Friday 2008, FBI spokesman Stephen Fischer said. On Black Friday last year, there were 87,061 requests.

    The numbers, first reported in USA Today, reflect the experience of gun-sellers on the ground. “It was the biggest rush we ever had. Some of the people at the gate sent their kid running to the gun counter to get in line,” said Tom Ritzer, store manager at MC Sports in Springfield, Mo., which opened its doors at 5 a.m. on Black Friday. Gun buyers had to wait until NICS opened at 7 before they could leave with their purchases, he said.

  45. Keep fighting the good fight. I read an article, secret govt. made up of Marxist, Communist, Muslims ect…. but Sheriff’s, Militia’s, local govt. are onto them, soon folks will have to pick a side. The Media is not on the Republic side. Stay safe all, God Bless America.

  46. zachjonesishome – Dec. 3, 2011 at 9:23 am
    This is an interesting article that we may want to consider.
    Very good article and one that needs to be taken to heart! Personally I much favor Newt over Mitt, but that’s just me.

    What concerns me is the change in the primary outcomes for Repubs this year. For primaries held before April there will no longer be “winner takes all”, but after March it will be the latter. How aware are we of that and what effect will it have?

  47. Seems to me all it could do is keep weaker candidates in longer. That might be a good thing for Santorum and Bachman. Both Beck and Palin are probably going to boast the Santorum/Bachman campaigns. The longer the process the greater the possibility that Newt might slip and open the door again. I too prefer Newt to Romney. Unfortunately, I think the media attacks on Cain have planted too many doubts for him to continue. I would suspect that the supporters Cain has now would likely go to either Santorum or Bachman.

    Regardless or the outcome, I will send money to the winner (including Ron Paul). The country cannot take 4 more years of Obama.

  48. Ron Paul Campaign Rejects Trump Iowa Debate

    Trump’s participation will contribute to circus-like
    atmosphere and is odd considering his slight to RPI

    ANKENY, Iowa – The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign released the following statement concerning the selection of Donald Trump as moderator for the December 27th Republican debate to be held in Iowa. Below please find comments from Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton

    “The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee rejects the selection of Donald Trump as moderator for the Republican presidential debate to be held on December 27th

    “We have conferred with our Iowa campaign chairman Drew Ivers and vice-chairmen David Fischer and A.J. Spiker who are all RPI State Central Committee Members, and they concur with this decision.

    “The selection of a reality television personality to host a presidential debate that voters nationwide will be watching is beneath the office of the Presidency and flies in the face of that office’s history and dignity. Mr. Trump’s participation as moderator will distract from questions and answers concerning important issues such as the national economy, crushing federal government debt, the role of the federal government, foreign policy, and the like. To be sure, Mr. Trump’s participation will contribute to an unwanted circus-like atmosphere.

    “Mr. Trump’s selection is also wildly inappropriate because of his record of toying with the serious decision of whether to compete for our nation’s highest office, a decision he appeared to make frivolously. The short-lived elevation of Mr. Trump’s stature as a candidate put him on the radar of many organizations and we recall that last spring he was invited to keynote the Republican Party of Iowa’s annual Reagan Dinner, yet at the last minute he left RPI holding the bag by canceling. In turn, RPI canceled its biggest fundraising gala of the year and suffered embarrassment and in addition RPI was required to engage in refunding measures. Our candidate will not even consider participating in the late-December debate until Mr. Trump publicly apologizes to Iowa party leaders and rectifies in full the situation.

    “Therefore our candidate Ron Paul, the champion of the Constitution, has advised he will not attend.”

  49. I think Trump’s debate should be interesting. Without Huntsman and Paul, the others should greater opportunities to go in depth in issues.

    The ‘debate’ Huckabee is holding today should be interesting. I think it more like an interview process with one candidate following the other. Less gotcha and in-fighting.

  50. Cynkading…………………….
    I know it sounds like BS,but I can attest to the fact that there ARE a few products that are made by China that are of better quality than the same item produced in the US. I am speaking mainly about iron brake rotors rotors for cars,and lite trucks. US made rotors are the worst of all. They warp crack, and wear out quickly. The mechanic who services my vehicle agrees with me. He says that as soon as you torque a wheel up to specifications an American made rotor will warp. Many front wheel drive vehicles have torqueing specs that exceed 90 foot lbs. Under that level of torque combined with the first time the rotors get really hot, they American made units will almost ALWAYS warp……after which the braking of your vehicle will be eneven,and somewhat jerky. Then you are faced with either having then cleaned up on a brake rotor lathe,or replacing them. For some unknown reason the Chinese made iron rotors are not given to this problem. Canadian made rotors are also better than those made in the US.

  51. This is an awesome video…hope is goes viral!

    Decision 2012

  52. Afternoon Oldsalt79 – Sorry to go but I need. Have a great day!

    I agree with your assessment of products made in China. It all depends on who’s doing the quality control.

  53. It would appear that part of the Liberal “SCIENCE” of badmouthing candidates is for the purpose of driving voters to a candidate who is more readily defeatable by Soetoro. We need to keep this in mind. That is certainly one reason why the DNC has PAID A NUMBER of their SLIME GOONS ( female) to tender charges against Cain. They will repeat this process over and over until they have successfully steered the public to the person who is the easiest to beat by Soetoro.

  54. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Be sure to mark down Thursday December 8th as the day that John Corzine, former Gov. and Senator from N.J. is called before Congress to explain the disappearance of all the money from MF Global. The USURPER had initially wanted him to be Secretary of the Treasury.

  55. Herman Cain is out of the race. Where will his supporters go now?
    Iowa will be interesting.

  56. So why haven’t the media given any attention whatsoever to the allegations that Barrack Obama did cocaine and had sexual encounters with a gay man? Are they incompetent, lazy or fearful of repercussions?

    “Is Barack Obama Gay?” Larry Sinclair Interview –

    Read more

  57. The saddest thing

    The saddest thing for me personally in 44 Obama is the reality that he has turned America into an old Soviet joke in his regime is the Kremlin and the puppy press is Pravda.

    Not since Al Gore claimed invention of the internet has such a lying scoundrel been propped up by the press in B. Hussein Obama. The reality is you do not matter any more as Obama and his lap dog press simply manufacture propaganda to suit the regime’s rose colored dogma.

  58. hrmfc | December 3, 2011 at 1:57 pm | Herman Cain is out of the race. Where will his supporters go now?
    Iowa will be interesting.

    Your talking 3 or 4 votes.The rest were Democrats.


    The wishy washy crowd is now for Liberal Newt. Big suprise.
    Gotta love the ingenuity of the BHO propoganda machine at AT.

  60. Plaintiffs in Obama Class Action Lawsuit to Meet with Sheriff Joe Arpaio on December 5

  61. Pat 1789 | December 3, 2011 at 2:40 pm |
    Your talking 3 or 4 votes.The rest were Democrats.
    I resent this remark. Herman Cain is a good American and a Republican. Much more so than Mitt Romney, whom you support.

  62. Pat 1789 | December 3, 2011 at 2:48 pm |

    The wishy washy crowd is now for Liberal Newt. Big suprise.
    Gotta love the ingenuity of the BHO propoganda machine at AT.
    I’m not necessarily a Gingrich guy, but it’s rich of you to call him liberal when you support Romney. Why can’t you just be one of us, without the insults and rubbing people raw?

  63. Sorry Pat…but when you make comments like that about Cain you are directly insulting me and those that supported him. You know that and yet you still do it. Cain was not a Democrat dupe.

  64. Republican Leaders Are Protecting Obama and Subverting the Constitution


    by Lawrence Sellin, ©2011

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