Unemployment rate lies exagerations, Obama lies, 315000 Americans left the labor force, Worst jobless figures since Great Depression in NC

Unemployment rate lies exagerations, Obama lies, 315000 Americans left the labor force, Worst jobless figures since Great Depression in NC

“Guilford (Large NC County) appears on it’s way to a third consecutive year with annual jobless rates in double digits. Economists say that likely hasn’t happened since the Great Depression.”…Greensboro News Record December 2, 2011

“the Times of the nineteenth of December had published the official forecasts of the output of various classes of consumption goods in the fourth quarter of 1983, which was also the sixth quarter of the Ninth Three-Year Plan. Today’s issue contained a statement of the actual output, from which it appeared that the forecasts were in every instance grossly wrong. Winston’s job was to rectify the original figures by making them agree with the later ones.”…George Orwell, “1984”

From Gallup November 17, 2011.

“U.S. Unemployment Ticks Up in Mid-November

Underemployment is at 18.2%, with 9.7% working part time but seeking full-time jobs
by Dennis Jacobe, Chief EconomistPRINCETON, NJ — Unemployment, as measured by Gallup without seasonal adjustment, is 8.5% in mid-November — up from 8.3% in mid-October, but down significantly from 9.2% in mid-November 2010. Gallup’s mid-month unemployment measure suggests the government is likely to report no change in its seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for November 2011.
An additional 9.7% of U.S. employees work part time but want full-time work, up from 9.2% in mid-October. The current reading is significantly higher than the 8.5% of mid-November 2010.
Underemployment, a measure that combines the percentage of workers who are unemployed with the percentage working part time but wanting full-time work, is 18.2% — up from 17.5% a month ago. Underemployment stood at 17.7% in mid-November 2010.

Gallup’s analysis suggests that the deterioration in November unemployment is essentially the result of seasonal factors. In turn, this implies the government is likely to report on the first Friday in December that there was no change in the U.S. unemployment rate for November.”


From the US Labor Department December 2, 2011.

“The unemployment rate fell by 0.4 percentage point to 8.6 percent in November, and nonfarm payroll employment rose by 120,000, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Employment continued to trend up in retail trade, leisure and hospitality, professional and business services, and health care. Government employment continued to trend down.”

“Household Survey Data

In November, the unemployment rate declined by 0.4 percentage point to 8.6 percent. From April through October, the rate held in a narrow range from 9.0 to 9.2 percent. The number of unemployed persons, at 13.3 million, was down by 594,000 in November. The labor force, which is the sum of the unemployed and employed, was down by a little more than half that amount.”


From Bloomberg December 3, 2011.

“Household Survey
The unemployment rate, derived from a separate survey of households, was forecast to hold at 9 percent. The decrease in the jobless rate reflected a 278,000 gain in employment at the same time 315,000 Americans left the labor force.

“While the rate is certainly a very favorable rate, I would highlight that a lot of it is because people pulled out of the workforce,” Eric Rosengren, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, said in a speech yesterday.”


From Rush Limbaugh December 2, 2011.

“Regime Manipulates Numbers to Get Unemployment Headline Under 9%”


RUSH: I don’t want to be an I told you so, but I told you so, and I told you so five weeks ago.  Gallup, every week, puts out their own unemployment numbers and Gallup has been signaling that this day unemployment below 9% was coming.  They’ve been blatantly saying so, based on their own unemployment data, which is not related to the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports.  It’s their own surveys; and in the last five weeks, occasionally they will say that their numbers that they come out with on a Wednesday or Thursday indicate that we’re getting very close to a Bureau of Labor Statistics unemployment number of under 9%.  I said, “The regime needs this, and when we finally get to under 9%, it will be eight-point-something, but the point-what won’t matter.  The only number that’s going to matter is the eight.

“It could be 8.9; it won’t be 8.9, it will be ‘8.’”  Well, it’s 8.6, but it doesn’t matter, it’s eight; and predictably, the media’s all over it, and that’s the headline.  You know, I got up this morning and I did the show prep routine and one of the first places I always go is Drudge and I saw it right there in red, and it’s 8.6, and that’s all it said, and I knew what it was. It’s Friday, and I didn’t need to know anything else.  I knew that was the unemployment number, 8.6, and that’s all anybody else is gonna hear. They’re not gonna dig deep and find out how it happened.  Some people have, some people are. There’s a slight bit of reservation in certain sectors of the Drive-By Media.  But most of the Drive-By Media is doing hosannas and hallelujah and merry…

Well, Happy Holidays. They don’t do Merry Christmas in the media.  But we’re back, it’s done, they got the headline: “Unemployment, 8.6%!” Now, the truth of the matter is — and Bloomberg News even points out that the only way — it’s a corrupt number.  It is a corrupt number. Folks, the number of people who have quit looking for work in the last few weeks is 315,000.  Those are the people have thrown up their hands after 99 weeks or more of being unemployed; and they’ve said, “I’m quitting.  I’m not looking.”  So they’re not counted.  Therefore, the universe of jobs available in the country is down by 315,000.  That is the labor force participation rate.  The labor force participation rate is a meager 64%.  It fell to 64% from 64.2%.  So the 0.2% drop equals 315,000 people leaving the workforce.

That means there are 315,000 fewer jobs to have, so the universe of jobs has been steadily shrinking.  What was the number of jobs created?  It’s 120,000 jobs.  It’s 120, 126,000, whatever. That’s in the ballpark.  That number of jobs created can lower unemployment rate 0.4%, almost one half of a percent? Creating 120,000 new jobs can do that?  That alone tells us how small the labor force participation rate is.  That tells us how small the universe of available jobs in the country is, when creating 120,000 — and we still have, don’t forget, over 400,000 applications for unemployment compensation reported yesterday.  So just 120,000 new jobs can lower the unemployment rate almost a half a point.  That’s not possible without that 315,000 figure, the 315,000 people who have just walked away.

Bloomberg News is even reporting this means that more people left the workforce than got jobs.  Now, stop and think of this.  More people left the workforce than got jobs, and the unemployment rate goes down?  We’re dealing here with a serious form of corruption, manipulation of data; but, we all knew it was coming.  After all, we’re talking about the regime.  We knew this was coming.  We know the fact, we know the histoire, that no president’s been reelected with an unemployment rate higher than 8%.  So here we are 11 months away from the next election, voila! Heading into the Christmas, slash, holiday season, and we’re at 8.6%, the 0.6 doesn’t matter, we’re at 8%.  And the media is having orgasms out there, O-gasms.

But everybody in the country knows the economy is not growing, that new jobs are not being created a massive, robust way that signals, or feels like economic growth.  But the sad thing is that all these details that I have provided — probably, sadly — won’t even matter because the regime has gotten the headline that it wanted.  It got 8.6.  The regime got unemployment 8.6%.  That’s what they wanted; that’s what they got.  All these other details are irrelevant.  Now, this is the U3 unemployment rate.  The U6 unemployment rate counts the 315,000.  The U3 is a government marker.  U3 is what is reported.  The U6 unemployment number counts the 315,000 who have given up looking for a gig.  The U6 unemployment number is around 16, 17% — and that’s real unemployment.

The job universe from January 2009 when Obama was immaculated to the present is down about 2.5 million jobs.  There are 2.5 million fewer jobs in our country in the two and a half, almost three years now that Obama has been in orifice — and that’s the dirty little secret.  You shrink the workforce by two, 2.5 million people is the only way you can report the unemployment rate going down.  More people leave the workforce than found jobs, and the unemployment rate went down a half a point.  So again we are being massaged, we are being spun, we are being inundated with corrupt numbers, but it was all predictable, all understandable.  Again, so small has the employment universe become — so small, so many people having dropped out of the system altogether…

No longer counted, is what that means, as being unemployed. No longer counted as being alive in terms of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. When you quit looking for a job, you’re only counted in that U6 number, which is not the one that’s reported.  The U3 number is.  So you drop out of the system altogether, you’re no longer counted by the Obama regime.  A mere 126,000 job increase drops unemployment rate almost one half of a percentage point.  This is nothing more than the government manipulating the real work situation that exists in the country.  It’s all calculated to create a false impression of economic recovery and a healthier job market.  It’s truly outrageous — and watch how the Obama media cronies regurgitate this propaganda for the most part.  Watch how they’ll all fall in line. You’ve probably heard it already this morning.  I have examples of it here in the sound bite roster, but I don’t… Ah, I’ll probably play a couple of them just for the fun of it.”

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40 responses to “Unemployment rate lies exagerations, Obama lies, 315000 Americans left the labor force, Worst jobless figures since Great Depression in NC

  1. Queries:
    1) Will ANYONE in authority call the administration on this fuzzy math – this distortion and misrepresentation of these labor figures?

    2) If some did point out this corruption would we have the same denials that we have come to expect from Zero?

    3) How many folks really care whether these numbers are manipulated and phony baloney?

    After hearing of Zero’s “pat on the back” about how much this administration has done, above all previous presidents, to aid and help the security of Israel, I have come to expect that there is no evil that he will not perpetrate if it suits his reelection.

  2. The corruption is incredible, and involves everyone in government. If Obama wins in November, I am buying a bunch of guns and ammo, moving to a remote rural area and working on a plan to leave the County, if I can get out without being arrested by his storm troopers. Merry Christmas!

  3. Huckabee, tonight at 8. Could be interesting as (3) Distict Attorneys question the candidates over Obamacare and the candidates understanding of the Constitution. http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=373753

  4. CW..can you release that youtube? Thanks..

  5. From a Ron Paul supporter. Hmmm

    [Newt Gingrich’s record is anti-gun. He believes gun owners should be forced to submit themselves to thumbprint scans of a biometric federal gun owner database… just to buy a firearm. I don‘t want Eric Holder’s Justice Department to have a list of gun owners complete with biometric data like thumbprints, and I‘m sure you don’t either.

    Please call Newt Gingrich right now at (678) 973-2306.
    Demand he retract his support for a national thumbprint database and apologize to gun owners.]

  6. The caption which says 315.000 have left the labor force is in my own mind probably nto the TOTAL. There is also those who are NOT ACCOUNTED for. I strongly believe that the number is actually a LOT higher. People are still swallowing the UP is DOWN BS coming from the WH. What is it going to take to make people realise what sort of BEAST we are dealing with. I tend to think that as they stand in the soup lines they will still think that everything is OK. In my lifetime I cannot remember Americans being so terribly stupid. While about 40%of Americans KNOW better, 60% are still swallowing the LIBERAL BS. The same applies to their political beliefs as well. In spite of all that these people have witnessed,and felt as a result of the USURPER MORON PRETENDER in the WH they still think that HOPEY CHANGEY is just around the corner.

  7. Anyone who thinks the unemployment figure in the US is a SHORT TERM ANOMALY had better rethink their position. The depression lasted clear up until the beginning of WW2,and it is likely that our present situation will be of longer term as well. Perhaps even ten years or more. Also it is time that the US housing market was cut free of the STILL ONGOING phoney government manipulation,and allowed to correct itself. This by itself would be a real help. The entire housing market has been for a very long time a PHONEY, and otherwise manipulated market. Housing was deliberately overpriced by realtors,and it was seconded by the lending agencies. Now they are paying the fiddler,and this will continue. Our problems are not over by a long shot, and are just beginning in other areas.

  8. I tend to look upon Newt Gingrich as potentially our last chance to win the election against Soetoro. I also tend to think that now that Cain hes withdrawn, Bachmann would be an excellent choice for VP. She would probably capture a very large percentage of the female voters in the US. In addition she has strong positions on about everything on the table. She has stood her ground as well. We must respect that. People like Santorum are percieved as children, and at this juncture the last thing we need in office are children. Ron Paul is far too controversial. I doubt that he will get much further. If we don’t get the correct candidate this time around then we WILL HAVE another term of Soetoro. If that is what everybody wants then go get him folks he is there for the taking. He will smile happily as he spins more lies and increases your taxes, for a THANK YOU.

  9. Is he wrong?


    ‘Not a limited government conservative president’ AG says of frontrunner

    Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli made it clear Saturday night that he was not the biggest fan of Newt Gingrich.

    The former Speaker, who is now surging in the polls and widely considered the frontrunner in the race for the Republican nomination for president, did not convince the man who announced this week he is running for Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2013.

    Cuccinelli made it clear on another program after the Fox News forum that Mr. Gingrich did not past the muster after asking him questions on federalism and reducing the size of the federal government.

    “My benchmark was ‘I want to leave with comfort that each of these six candidates is going to be a limited government conservative president and, despite pressing Newt Gingrich several times, I didn’t get that,” said Cuccinelli.


    “I did not get that. I got we could have another ‘compassionate conservative’ on our hands. I did not get that commitment.”

    Cuccinelli’s panel-mates did not exactly concur with Oklahoma AG Scott Pruitt saying the former Speaker was more of an ‘idea person’ and that Gingrich’s difficulty was “limiting himself and trying to know when the federal government should implement the ideas he comes up with and versus not implementing the ideas that he comes up with.”

    Pam Bondi of Florida concurred saying Gingrich has “so many ideas, he is very thoughtful and he is very sincere in he wants to accomplish.”

    The three attorneys general were part of a unique presidential forum panel hosted by former Arkasansa governor Mike Huckabee on the Fox News Channel Saturday night.

    Continue reading on Examiner.com Cuccinelli doesn’t ‘get’ Newt – Richmond Republican | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/republican-in-richmond/cuccinelli-doesn-t-get-newt#ixzz1fZoA422F

  10. Newt Gingrich has accepted a debate at ION scheduled for Dec.27,which will be moderated by Donald Trump. Interesting person for moderator. I will be watching on the 27th.

  11. Pat 1789………………..
    I too have a number of apprehensions about Newt Gingrich,but at the same time I am not convinced that he is a person who would take the US into a Socialist Government. At least not knowingly. He has to realise that for anyone to attempt that, it would be the beginning of some really serious stuff relating to the PEOPLE of the US. There is in fact a side to this argument that to date has not been brought out. That is whether or not over 50%of the population will TOLERATE an attempt by a US leader to drag the US into the Socialist swamp. I personally believe based upon a great deal of research into veterans organisations,and militia web sites that many of these organisations have already discussed parameters for action. This also extends to local and state police forces as well.

  12. Paxson…………………
    Neat little video.

  13. http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Politics/monitor_breakfast/2011/1202/Fast-and-Furious-chief-investigator-not-ready-to-call-for-Eric-Holder-resignation-VIDEO

    “The fact is it is not about any one person. It is not about Eric Holder, it is not about [Assistant Attorney General] Lanny Breuer,” whose office signed off on the wiretaps for the operation, Issa said.

    Instead, “it is about a failure that seems to be pervasive within [the Department of] Justice that investigations play fast and loose with the expectations of what is right or wrong when it comes to … collateral damage. This isn’t the first time the FBI and other agencies have been involved in investigations in which bad people are allowed to continue doing bad things in the name of going after bad people,” Issa said.”

    This was taken from “the Chrisitain Science Monitor”…Could it be that we got through to Darrell Issa???

  14. Good Morning All!!!

  15. Polarik interview:

    “DR. RON POLLAND, author of ALIAS BARACK OBAMA “A lie is Born”, the man who has forged Obama’s short-form birth certificate and has computer-generated an EXACT copy of the April 27th, 2011 long-form birth certificate. He has helped Dr. Jerome Corsi immensely in debunking the fraudulent purported identity of Barack Obama and has filled in many of the question gaps. Please check out his website to purchase one of the greatest online e-books to date, the mainstream media will NEVER speak of.”


  16. Good morning Bessie, et al.

  17. Good morning to all!
    Bessie, when I read what Rep. Issa has said about AG Holder, I felt like you do. Having said that, he may – just may – be keeping a lower profile on the Holder resignation in order to complete the investigation without the appearance that he is “rushing to conclusions.” I hope that is the case, but somehow I greatly fear it may not be. There is such disgusting timidity among Repubs lest they cross Zero.

  18. oldsalt79 | December 4, 2011 at 10:09 am |
    Pat 1789………………..
    I too have a number of apprehensions about Newt Gingrich,but at the same time I am not convinced that he is a person who would take the US into a Socialist Government. At least not knowingly.
    Old Salt, did you happen to read the link posted by jachjonesishome on the prior thread? It is very good, imho, and something we should consider about Newt.

    Here is just a short quote, but you have to read the article to get the setting. I believe you would appreciate it.
    “There are eras that call for competent managers and eras that call for warriors.  Newt seems to understand the true significance of the coming election, and if he sometimes comes across as both a grandiose self-promoter and as someone who can have the attention span of a grasshopper, his consistent affirmation of American virtues and his very obvious relish at the prospects of facing Obama one-on-one make him highly attractive to Republican primary voters.”

    Please read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/12/newt_the_civil_warrior.html#ixzz1faN053A5

  19. need more people to give thumbs up and get the righteous truth seekers and constitutionalist’s comments to the top of the list


  20. Cabby – AZ @ 11:47 am:

    “… There is such disgusting timidity among Repubs lest they cross Zero.”
    Comment at “The Post & Email”:


    “BobSR says:
    Friday, December 2, 2011 at 10:13 PM
    Just one more piece of evidence proving no one is going to do anything about the usurper or any of the other criminals in his regime.
    They all fear the Barry regime and the possible exposure of their part in the biggest fraud/charade in history.
    Obama is untouchable.”

  21. As the biggest criminal fraud in the history of the world continues to occupy the white house, liberals are hell bent to have George Bush arrested for war crimes every time he steps out of the country, if only they could find a compliant country to do it for them. Zambia is the latest to turn them down. GWB has had to cancel plans to travel to other countries due to the threat.

  22. As i’ve stated before, when criminals go free, it’s only a matter of time before the innocent are jailed.

    You’ve seen how criminals are getting by with crimes in this dem admin.
    When there is another repub admin, there will be innocents from within that admin going to jail and rotting.

    I wouldn’t take a job in the next repub admin for any amount of money.

  23. Gov’t controlled GM. Car companies book sales when they ship cars to dealers, not when the cars are sold.

    GM is shipping trucks and cars like crazy to dealers to show profit. Dealers have about twice as many trucks on their lots as they should according to history.

    GM is pumping up profits to make gov’t run motors (obama) look good.
    It will come back to bit them in the butt when the cars don’t sell on the dealer’s lots.

    Of course, they won’t expose this until after the 2012 elections.

  24. better link, give thumbs up please

  25. oldsalt79 | December 4, 2011 at 6:59 am |

    Old Salt, I’m not going to question your opinions as they are yours but why do you feel that Bachman has more “gravitas” than Santorum?

  26. For the better part of five years, the public has been chasing it’s tail running in circles trying to figure out where Obama was born and if Obama is a “natural-born” citizen. To date, all these efforts have been in vain.

    Everyone wants to know who this man-child called Obama is.

    Has it ever occurred to anyone that perhaps the man-child who calls himself Obama isn’t named Obama after all !

    Could it be his handlers have devised this “tall-tail” story about a young under aged white girl from the mid-west meeting and marrying an exotic African from Kenya just to throw off the scent of the real name of our current pResident?

    If that’s the case, it sure has worked well. All we seem to be doing is chasing around trying to prove he has a forged birth certificate and has been using a false social security number(s). These are proven felonies which we know he has committed, but we still don’t who this mystery man-child is. Then we have to ask, why don’t we know?

    The answer is simple. HIS REAL NAME IS NOT OBAMA….it’s something else.

    If his REAL name was Obama, he would have released records proving that a long long time ago. But every piece of paper he has released to the public so far, connected with that name, has proven to be FALSE.

    So, a thinking person will sooner, or later, start to believe a “snow job” has been pulled over them. I am thinking that way right now, as I’m sure many of you are too..

    I remember when Ltc Larkin was seeking discovery records from Obama as part of his defense. The military judge refused Larkin’s request for Obama’s records stating “it would be an embaressment to the president”. Did she know something the general public didn’t? I think so.

    I remember shortly after Obama was elected, the old drunk, blubber-mouth Joe Biden came out with a statement that said, and I paraphrase; “Within six months something big will come out concerning Obama that when it’s made public, will shock some people”. Now what was that all about?

    Well, people can and will, continue chasing after that illusive “created Obama”, but as for me, there is no doubt in my mind that his name is not Obama.

    I don’t know what his name is, but I do know who he looks like and it sure isn’t the black African, Barrack Obama senior that probably stood 5′ 6″.

    When the smoke finally clears and the truth is really known, my money will have been on Malcome Little who stood 6’2″, better know as Malcome X, as his real father.

    There are just too many indicators pointing in that direction.

    There’s an old saying that holds true almost 100% of the time; “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck….then it’s a damn duck.”…don’t try to make it look or act like a chicken, or something else.

    Well, Obama looks like Malcome X, walks like Malcome X, thinks like Malcome X, and talks like Malcome X….sooooooooo, go figure.

    Some swift investigator needs to start some serious investigating from a Malcome X point of view.

    When this happens, the ” THE CHICKENS WILL COME HOME TO ROOST” and our mystery man-child will no longer be a mystery, and you will understand why he is hell-bent on the destruction of America.

  27. Rminnc – Excellent! I agree with you about this “mystery” man. In fact, it may be possible that there is more than one!?!? I know, I know, how could THAT be pulled off? Well, there is an awful lot of pictorial evidence out there showing different facial characteristics, including teeth, ears, mole, scars, shape of chin, jaw, etc., and all within a limited time span.

    If the truth ever comes out fully, it could be enough to send the country spinning.

  28. That’s true Cabby….Hitler had a double…..Churchill had a double….

    But the basic looks are so much like Malcome X….hard to make him look like anyone else.

  29. Full interview:
    “DR. RON POLLAND, author of ALIAS BARACK OBAMA “A lie is Born”, the man who has forged Obama’s short-form birth certificate.”

    “Long Live America, KCEO Radio, 12-01-2011”



    [audio src="http://longliveamerica.com/downloads/shows/LLA_120111.mp3" /]

    [begins at 9:50 mark]

  30. More Jew bashing by Team Obama

    [ Israeli ministers reacted angrily on Sunday after local media quoted U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as saying she feared for the future of Israel’s democracy and the rights of women in the Jewish state.]


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  32. CabbyAZ……………Ref 10:09AM
    Your comment pretty much sums up why I feel as I do where Newt is concerned. I would also add that this has been pretty much my feeling from the outset. Again just my personal opinion.
    Santorum comes across with far to many UMMs,AAHS,and PERHAP’S, ……which to me suggests UNSURENESS. I watch,and listen for such lingual devices as UMMs and AHHs. While Newt does have his share of UMs and AHS, it is what he IMPLIES, and says in between the UMS and AHS which tend to get my attention. At least he doesn’t need a teleprompter to say something. I also tend to put a little more credence in what is said by people who have BEEN THERE, and done it, but I also keep in mind that like many professional politicians they sometimes have ulterior motives in what they do,and say.

  33. “I am betting Ayers will admit to writing BHO’s book before long.”

    Ayers admitted this several times. One of the ones well documented was at a talk he gave at Montclair (NJ) State Teachers College. Anyone who doubts his authorship is misguided. This is the whole house of cards on which the Obama myth is built.

  34. An email I received:



    “Respected Christian scholar offers
    stunning guide to ‘Spiritual Warfare’

    While there are many books out there on “spiritual warfare,” this one is different.

    Not only is it the most popular book on the subject, it’s written by a distinguished pastor and academic and has been getting rave reviews from reader-reviewers across the U.S., with virtually every Amazon reader awarding the book a glowing five-star review.

    Best of all, today only, WND readers can get an autographed copy of Dr. Karl Payne’s “Spiritual Warfare: Christians, Demonization and Deliverance” for just $4.95, an $11 discount off the regular price.

    Payne’s approach to demonization doesn’t come from book learning. It is based on working with hundreds of people tormented by spiritual oppression. He believes he has developed, working with others with even more experience in the area, some key techniques that all-too-few clergy and lay people understand.

    “I personally believe that demonic deception is increasing, even within the Christian church, and that the worst of this deception is still to come,” Payne asserts. “If God allows demonic activity to increase until His return, I believe He will also train up and equip a growing number of His children to faithfully and effectively contend with the powers of darkness who oppose His plans and people. Too many North American churches are well on their way to becoming the same spiritually dead museums as Western European churches.”

    Not only has he worked in the area of demonization for the last 25 years, but Payne serves as pastor of leadership development at Antioch Bible College, is the founder of Transferrable Cross Training Foundation and is the chaplain for the Seattle Seahawks pro football team. He received his Masters of Divinity and Doctorate of Ministry from Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon.

    Here’s what readers are saying about “Spiritual Warfare”:

    • “Dr. Payne’s ‘Spiritual Warfare: Christians, Demonization and Deliverance’ will help anybody who doubts that they are under a spiritual attack. I always knew there was spiritual warfare but did not understand it. He put it all in perspective and helped me defeat it!”

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    Recent issues include “SHADOW GOVERNMENT: Inside the mad, mad, mad, mad world of Obama’s czars,” “MEDICAL MURDER: Why Obamacare could result in the early deaths of millions of baby boomers,” “THE GREAT AWAKENING: How tea partiers are setting a new course for America,” “NARCISSIST IN CHIEF: Experts explain what makes Barack Obama tick” and “BLACK HOLE: The shocking truth about the U.S. economy – and what you can and must do.”

    So, for $4.95 you get a copy of Karl Payne’s “Spiritual Warfare,” plus you get three sample issues of Whistleblower – in hopes, of course, that you will do what most people do, which is to become a long-term Whistleblower subscriber.”


    * * * *

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