Obama arrest after Eric Holder removal?, US Justice Department corrupt, Holder protects Obama, Rezko Levine Cellini Frawley et al

Obama arrest after Eric Holder removal?, US Justice Department corrupt, Holder protects Obama, Rezko Levine Cellini Frawley et al

“Now, I don’t get upset when foreign and national journalists fail to mention Tony Rezko, or the Daley boys, or how the Chicago machine plans to staff the Department of Justice, and the new Department of Homeland Casinos.”…John Kass, Chicago Tribune July 30, 2008

“Why did the Illinois Senate Health & Human Services Committee, with Obama as chairman, create and push Bill 1332, “Illinois Health Facilities Planning Act,” early in 2003, which reduced the number of members on the Board from 15 to 9, just prior to rigging by Tony Rezko and Rod Blagojevich?”…Citizen Wells

“I believe I’m more pristine on Rezko than him.”…Rod Blagojevich

Those of you following this blog since 2008 know that I have covered the Chicago corruption connections to Obama, starting with Tony Rezko, but including many more cronies who have been indicted or are now dead. I stated in 2008 that Obama had to get elected to avoid prosecution himself. After taking the White House, Obama appointed another crony, Eric Holder as Attorney General and reassigned federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald.

I have also concluded that the fix was in in 2006. Rod Blagojevich, the presumptive presidential candidate was exposed and Barack Obama, who was just as tainted by Chicago corruption, was annointed and protected.

Is there a White House insider who is leaking credible information? I am not certain. However, what I am certain about is that the information being “leaked”  is based on reality.

From Citizen Wells March 9, 2011.

“Is there a White House insider leaking information about Obama? I do not know. However the information being presented as coming from an insider rings true.

From News Flavor March 9, 2011.

“But what about a big scandal?  What about the big scandal?  The one you hinted at several times before?

(Sighs)  Yeah…what about it then?  You tell me.  What about it…

That doesn’t sound too encouraging.  So the scandal – it doesn’t exist?

Oh, it exists.  It’s out there.  Parts here and there you know?  Pieces of the puzzle.  Look, I was led to believe it was evolving and would break out either right before or soon after the November elections.  That didn’t happen.  I think I shared some of this with you before, right? I shared it with you – maybe someone else. Some others.  Getting hard to keep track of all of this…anyways, when Pelosi didn’t leave, she stayed on…that shook us up pretty bad.  Something went down that we did not see coming, we didn’t know what, or who, or why, or how…the shit just hit the fan and we were caught flat footed.  Not a good thing in this business.  Not when you’re dealing with these kinds of forces.  I’m not too proud to say I was scared at that moment.  Really shook up.  And I’ve been in a few political  shit-storms in my day.”

“Follow through with what?  You said it would start with the DOJ and then head back to Chicago.  What was it?  Do you even know?

Specifically, no.  Actually, yes – but not any one thing for certain…it’s so many things – such a deep dark pit.  It was more a generalized “this is what is coming down the pike and it could lead all the way to the White House”. That was told to me directly by someone well in the know on such things, at the time anyways. They weren’t comfortable sharing it – but they weren’t exactly upset it existed either.  Now they’re gone…(pauses) And Pelosi was livid against this White House – at least at the time.  It got back to her the White House wanted her gone, that she was considered a big liability to the administration… she was very upset, and ready to go to war. She was even throwing out birther threats – you remember that? Then all of  it just…vanished.  Gone. Done. The information coming out of her office went silent.  So after the elections we turned to Issa’s potential, as well as hoping for an assist from someone at the Post.  There were assurances Issa had what was needed and was going to move the scandal forward.  Then soon after I was told his office was meeting with Obama people more and more often – and more recently we get Holder just closing down the NBP  investigation and not a word on it from Issa or other Republican leaders.  So can we count on Issa?  I don’t think so – and without that, then this thing goes from tough to impossible, right?

The Black Panther thing though…that doesn’t seem to have been enough of a scandal to impact the Obama White House.  That wasn’t it was it?

First, I disagree with you there.  It had potential to be big – not so much in the actual crime, but as is always the case – it’s the cover-up.  That’s why I kept telling you to follow it.  Our Justice Department is being run by racism.  It is an extension of the racism that permeates the Obama White House.  The First Lady, Valerie Jarrett, and yes, President Obama – all of them are consumed by the politics of race, division, retribution…and the NBP case ties directly to all of that.

But racism isn’t a crime.

No it isn’t – but government initiated discrimination is a crime.  And that is what the NBP case represents.  Did you hear the testimony of Holder?  The “my people” thing?  That is stunning stuff right there.  Are you kidding me?  “My people”?  Tell me this country ain’t being run by racists after that!  Tell me!

I still don’t see the Black Panther case as a scandal big enough to do much harm to Obama.  What—

(Interrupts) No-no…you right on that.  That was to be the catalyst…(pauses) sayin’ too much here maybe.  This thing could still unfold – don’t wanna to say too much.  The NBP situation was going to lead to further investigations into the Obama Justice Department.  You see, it’s the Justice Department that is the firewall for the administration.  For EVERTHING – and the stuff that could destroy the Obama White House…it starts at Justice, and then leads to Chicago.  Now the evidence of that fact is already there.  For Eric Holder to so visibly shut down the NBP case was actually a desperate move.  That would not have happened without some panic having set in.  He could be burned for that and maybe that’s the plan.  Allow himself to be the fall guy, line up somebody else that will do just as good a job – perhaps better, at continuing to protect Obama – keep a lid on the information, the garbage, all the crap that surrounds who he is and where he came from. Probably be a white guy to minimize the charges of racism in the department.   You’ve actually commented on some of that stuff more than you realize already.  And I’ll say this – the numbers of Obama operatives running around Chicago these days is off the charts.  This White House is spooked about that.  Bank on it.  No pun intended there.

You said earlier that Obama was more confident these days though…

He is.  Pelosi backed off.  Issa appears to have done the same.  Holder is holding the line.  Information coming out of Chicago is still being limited – clamped down upon.  That doesn’t mean they aren’t nervous.  They are.  Watch the Blagojevich thing – the trial.  The deal to be made.  Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.  And what happened to Rezko?  That’s part of the same deal.  A company called Companion Security…Blago, Rezko, the Feds.  It’s all brewing – maybe boiling over?  Of course the national media is burying all of this.  Most of it – that’s partly why we gotta back off.  The risk, the exposure, it’s too great.  We need help – help that I thought was coming but never fully materialized.

Rezko?  That could still be a problem for Obama?

(Laughs)  Yeah – do you think?  Hell yeah it could be a problem.  The guy has been holed up in jail waiting for sentencing.  Why?  Why so long?  Holder’s people are all over that thing – just like Blago.  Obama is in the mix of that mess for sure.  Does anybody really dispute that?  But you see, it’s the Justice Department’s complicity in protecting Obama during the ongoing investigations – talking current crimes here now… that is what can really sink them.  Not that there is just bank fraud, RICO  laws that were broken, payoffs, intimidations, – that’s all basic Chicago business as usual, right?  But now add the White House’s handling of all of that since Obama became President  – now you got a presidential scandal.  Now you got an investigation that leads to uncovering all of that mess.  Now you got grounds to legally go after Holder, Jarrett, and even the President of the United States.  Hell, through in the First Lady too…

So you think President Obama should be impeached?

Impeached?  -Expletive- no.  That’s too good for him.  President Obama should be arrested. What’s that word you used a while back – sedition?  Well there you go – that pretty much sums up this whole stinking cesspool of a White House right there.   Look, I was suspicious of this guy before – but based on what I was told these past few months…the man, those around him (pauses) …this president is the most corrupt thing to have sat in the White House in our lifetimes.  Being part of that campaign in 2008…it makes me sick.  Do you understand what I’m saying?  Sick.  To have played any part in getting him elected…Obama isn’t just incompetent…he’s something else. Something worse.  I’ve been around a lot of asshole-arrogant politicians.  Plenty of those.  Even a few outright criminals.  This is different.  This is a whole other level of corrupt.””

From News Flavor August 12, 2011.

“Author’s Note:  This interview is the first face to face sit down in
months with our longtime D.C. political operative we have come to
simply call “Insider”.  They offer up a unique perspective and insight
based upon their decades-long experience as a D.C. insider working
within the highest levels of government – including helping to elect
Barack Obama in 2008.  Here now are the words of Insider, unedited and
published in their entirety per their request.  This is part one of
the interview.  WARNING:  Adult Content”

“Ulsterman:  How so?  Eric Holder remains at the DOJ.  Barack Obama
remains president.

Insider:  Really?  That’s how you put it to me?  Holder is at the DOJ
– for now.  For now, right?  Open your eyes.  Holder is getting
absolutely slammed at every turn.  We got people in Congress calling
for full investigations now.  Calling for Holder to step down.
Calling for fucking justice!  You didn’t see that last year.  You
didn’t see that before we started all of this.  Something like that
doesn’t happen in days or weeks, or even a month or two.  It takes
fucking time.  Who else pointed to the DOJ and said THERE IS THE
SCANDAL.  Who else?  Nobody but me.  I gave you that.  On a fucking
platter I gave you that.  So don’t come here now on my invite and
point at me and say there hasn’t been any progress.  ERIC HOLDER IS
GOING DOWN.  Ok?  It’s happening.  Right before our fucking eyes.  And
like I’ve always told you, Holder is the Obama firewall.  Holder is
the stop-gap to everything.  Every fucking thing.  You head up the DOJ
you can pretty much stamp out 99% of anything coming at a president.
Do you understand that?  I know—

Ulsterman:(Interrupts) …I understand what you’ve told me.  You were
right on about the DOJ.  I’ll give you that, deservedly so.  And
you’re also right, at least from what I can recall, that nobody was
honing in on a DOJ scandal before you were.  And that’s where we are
at now – a significant DOJ scandal.  But after months of the scandal
first breaking, Eric Holder remains the Attorney General.  And the
Gunrunner story seems stalled.  And I worry it’s gonna go away.  Just
like the New Black Panther case did.”

“Ulsterman(interrupts) —Staying with Congressman Issa.  Can you just
say straight on if you believe he will follow through on bringing a
special prosecutor to investigate Gunrunner?  Just a simple yes or no
on that please…

Insider:  That kind of thing will take more than just Darrell Issa.
Good news is, it’s forming right now.  I’ve told you that already and
you have no reason to doubt it.  The negotiations are currently
underway for a special prosecutor and the signs are looking very-very
good on that, which is a huge development for all of this – for what
we have been working toward.  But let’s not get into more details on
that just yet – I don’t intend to help fuck this one up.  Just rest
assured it’s moving along, and at a much faster pace than I would have
thought possible just a month ago.

Ulsterman:  Let’s say Holder resigns and what you keep referring to as
“Obama’s firewall” is removed. What then?

Insider:  (Smiles) What then?  Oh…I think you would be satisfied with
the result.

Ulsterman:  That’s too vague.  What then?  It makes sense to me that
Eric Holder in his position as Attorney General has significant powers
– almost unlimited powers it would seem, to protect Barack Obama,
Valerie Jarrett, and anyone else needed in order to keep President
Obama in power.  Even if Holder goes though, couldn’t they simply
install someone else in his place to continue that protection?

Insider:  Finally you are asking the right questions!  And that is
EXACTLY what the Obama machine is already attempting to prepare for –
Holder’s replacement.  Issa and others are watching this stuff right
now, with a strong assist from a certain Democrat senator.  The
problem is, there will be a gap between the protection Eric Holder
provides now, and the protection his replacement could provide.
Information can then be uncovered that is currently tucked away behind
the cloak of the Obama Department of Justice.  When Holder is on his
way out, the truth is gonna move in.  We just need that window of
opportunity to make it happen.  It’s gonna happen.  Just give it a bit
more time.

Ulsterman:  And then back to Chicago?

Insider:  Yes…Chicago.  Maybe Hawaii too.  (winks)”

“Ulsterman:  You keep stringing me along on this thing.  You once
didn’t want to hear anything related to questions about Obama’s birth
record and now you seem more willing to entertain the possibility.
Why the change?  What do you know?

Insider:  Hell – I think I…I think I more than entertain the
possibility.  I have read some of the stuff you sent me.  How much is
true or not I can’t say.  I really can’t.  I have access to what-what
some people are saying, or what they are worried about, or what they
might be planning. And I have years of experience that helps me put
one and two together to try and figure out what is coming down the
political pike.  And I have associates with access to their own
information who agree with me that Barack Obama was a huge fucking
mistake for the party and for America.  But  I don’t have some super
secret Obama file.  If I did I would most likely already be dead.  I
don’t know if it’s about his place of birth or if it’s something else
that those records could reveal, but what I do know is that Barack
Obama is covering something up related to that stuff.  The guy is
hiding something there.  I am sure of that. Everything points to that
being the case. The stuff you send me…look, a lot of it I just trash.
I admit that.  I’ve looked over some of it though, and some of it
sounds…possible.  Maybe even probable.  But I don’t have a hand in any
of that.  Getting Eric Holder out of the DOJ, defeating Barack Obama
in 2012 – that’s my thing.  If somebody else wants to prove Obama
isn’t who he says he is – more power to them…and join the fucking

“None of this is beyond the norm though.  Where it gets different for
the Obama campaign is what I’ll just call the Obama Plan.  They are
going way beyond simply working up your typical campaign scenarios
against potential opponents.  The president – I was told of this about
a week ago, maybe two weeks ago…(pause)… the president actually
considered quitting.  He really did.  But now he’s going on the
attack.  He wants to give a big F-You to White America – that’s
actually one of his primary motivations.  You think the race card has
been played up before?  Just wait.  2012 is gonna be the most brutal
political cycle we have ever witnessed.  Ever.”

Read more:


Tony Rezko, Stuart Levine, Rod Blagojevich, Daniel Frawley are awaiting sentencing.

William Cellini is awaiting trial.


68 responses to “Obama arrest after Eric Holder removal?, US Justice Department corrupt, Holder protects Obama, Rezko Levine Cellini Frawley et al

  1. Hotlanta Mike

    Looking forward to seeing Eric Holder and BHO II sharing a prison cell together. Michele Bachmann, being the former IRS tax attorney that she is, certainly would instruct her new Attorney General to arrest those 2 criminals.

    Obama is always calling for fairness, so let’s not race be the issue in NOT arresting these 2 evil conspiators.

  2. I have been convinced for a very long time that Eric Holder is indeed an integral part of the DOJ corruption. He is the CATCHER of errant,and other foul balls. He takes the lead with his signals from behind home plate to the pitcher. I personally believe that Holder plays a much larger role in the ongoing stageplay. I believe that he is the go between regarding the sale of weapons to Mexican hooligans via BATF.
    I also believe that Eric Holder is part and parcel to the BC coverup. However we need to keep in mind that Holder,nor Soetoro are PERFECT,……..sooner,or later one or both of them will make a serious mistake hopefully while going into 2012. We all need to be on our toes so that we can pounce on the evidence before the GOON SQUAD can arrive
    and sterilise it all.

  3. Hotlanta………………………
    Do you suppose that the long arm of the law might just catch up with Soetoro in the same way it did with Al Capone. Massive income tax evasion. What the hell…..it is better than nothing!

  4. Good morning Greg, been wondering what you are up to;………….you hit the same nail that I was about to hit on. Obviously you are doing an admirable job on it. Keep it up,…….the country NEEDS you.

  5. Pawlenty quits race. Thank goodness. I’ve been saying for six months that he’s too boring to beat Obama. Pawlenty must have a massive ego not to have seen this himself. After the sexist performance at the debate on Thursday when he personally attacked Bachmann, it’s high time he get out of the race. We have better choices.

  6. Perhaps it is time to get Bachmann into the Chicago chicanery. She is in a position to be of immense help,while at the same time hedging her own bets. I personally think that every scrap of info that she can tuck away will indeed turn into 500 lb bombs as time passes,and the real beauty in getting her on board,…….would provide the FUSES for the bombs.

  7. Greg…………….
    If you can do it this would be an ideal time to meet with Bachmann, and give her all you have, and try to seek an affiliation to refine what you already have.

  8. Bachmann would be an excellent choice to reform the tax code, and I agree that she could clean up some of the messes in Chicago too. Just hope she has that tucked away somewhere.

  9. Greg………………….
    Just one more thought! Keep your powder dry,and never stop watching your flanks,and your rear. Political enemies ALWAYS try to attack from the rear. They are far too cowardly to attack from any other direction.

  10. It will be very hard for Dems to say that the GOP is not the party for women after Bachmann’s win yesterday.

  11. Tina, Tim Pawlenty’s attack on Bachmann were not sexist at the debate. He attacked her record, not her as a person. I’ll bet you anything that they are good friends.

  12. The first time I saw M. Bachmann I was very, very impressed. I have tried to follow her in congress ever since. She was fighting the climate bill in Congress (2008) and was the loudest voice in congress. She came prepared, documented her arguments and never backed down. She has also been a huge opponent of Obamacare, pointing out all the major flaws and she has been very outspoken against the massive “pigford” scandal. She is definitely a woman of extreme fortitude and will not sway from her convictions. I admire her tenacity and call to service. All that being said, I just don’t think she can get the votes to be the nominee. Although she has led a very successful life in business and in family, I think her lack of any real executive experience (other than a small business owner) will hurt her.

  13. If Ron Paul goes from Straw Poll to Straw Poll busing in people who vote for him, isn’t he just as bad as Obama who buses in his union cronies? Everyone says Ron Paul almost won the Ames straw poll, but it’s easy to just bus people everywhere. Ron Paul hates the Iraq war, or any war for that matter, thinks Iran is not so bad with nukes and hates Israel. I just don’t see the difference between him and Obama. People think of Ron Paul as a messiah just as they do about Obama. It’s weird and scary. Far left=far right=far wrong.

  14. Hotlanta Mike

    oldsalt79 | August 14, 2011 at 11:09 am |

    Do you suppose that the long arm of the law might just catch up with Soetoro in the same way it did with Al Capone. Massive income tax evasion. What the hell…..it is better than nothing!

    It will be what brings him down and expose the entire cesspool that is Chicago politics. In that sense he will be historic, the first former black POTUS indicted and convicted for real estate and tax fraud.

    The eligibility issue will come out in that process. And the DNC will look as folls for never having vetted their own candidate and allowing that punk to steal the nomination from Billary.

  15. Paxson: As a woman, my feeling is that Pawlenty’s attack was sexist. The attacks against women, whether they be against Palin, Bachmann, Christine O’Donnel, Sharon Angle or Hillary Clinton are always more pointed and intense. Women candidates have been portrayed over the last three years as liars, pigs with lipstick, crazy or as witches. Pawlenty said Bachmann was not a leader and she is killing us. He did not say that anyone else in the GOP field is killing us. He looked right at her when he said it, but was afraid to look Romney in the eye. It’s the intensity and degree at which women are attacked and the meaness that we don’t see with male candidates. Pawlenty is not the only one, but he’s the latest one, and it’s highly offensive. That’s just my view of it.

  16. Hotlanta Mike

    Unlike the “manufactured” degrees that Obama obtained (Occidental, COlumbia, Harvard) as well as his “manufactured” career, Michele Bachmann has advanced degress in tax law and was an IRS tax attorney.

    Trump needs to start blowing his horn again about this Rezko land deal so that it starts piquing the American consciousness. At that point Michele Bachmann could start addressing the need for full criminal investigation into Obama’s sordid affairs including the multiple and fraudulently obtained SSNs.

    It’s just the kind of thing that could bring down a presidency…

  17. First of all, I like all of those women that you mention. Pawlenty didn’t say that she wasn’t a good leader, only that she didn’t have much of a success record with the battles that she chooses to fight. Second, Bachman handled the FAIR criticism more than capably and hit Pawlenty back twice as hard with some very harsh words of her own. The exchange gave her some more gravitas.

  18. Also, for the record, I did not see Hillary Clinton on your list of women. I’m not a big fan of hers.

  19. I thought, for example, that Santorum debated Bachmann very effectively in a way that came across as very professional. He was effective without being mean.

  20. The is reposted from a June post:


    With the elections just around the corner, the illegal incumbent is getting ready to attempt to snooker America into making the same mistake twice. I wrote in a past commentary “Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” This time America better make certain Steve Dunham is eligible before allowing him to run in any state.

    I sincerely hope, Obama will be indicted, arrested and tried. Nevertheless the Communist/Progressives are fighting violently to keep this fraud in office. They will commit any crime, tell any lie or spend any amount of money to perpetuate this fraud. They are already putting up the big bucks while Sotoero is already campaigning on your and my tax dollars.
    The blarney spinners are already attempting to mind fluck the American public with the idea Obama is so great he is unbeatable. The only people who think the bungler is unbeatable are the people being paid to spin the lie. The only way he got elected in 2008 was by cheating. Won’t America be so proud to keep a CHEATER IN THE WH. If any state lets him run again without strict and proper vetting—then, the only way he could win is by cheating. Honestly, the majority of Americans in all colors do not want 4-more Obama years. In spite of all the kings horses and all the kings’ men and all the stolen tax payer money to pay for his illegal campaign—HE WILL BE VERY BEATABLE!

    Read the polls—most people say they would vote for anybody but Oblabla. That means if a Donald Duck or Elmer Fudd ran, either one could get elected. Timing seemed to be on Barry Sotoero’s side in 2008 when little was known about him while people were upset with Bush over the Iraq war. This time it is different. Though the forger in chief has still failed to produce all his documents at a $2,000,000 expense to the taxpayers, we now have a real clear insight to who and what Soebarkah is. It is real clear George Soros, NWO, the Rothchilds are using Barry in trying to take down America. Except for a few die hard Obama junkies—most of America doesn’t want to go where Obama wants to take us.

    Let’s take a look at Barry Sotoero aka Barack Hussein Obama’s unbeatable American leadership qualities, his long track record of failures, and the global destruction he has caused. Isn’t a lawless, arrogant, apologizing/bowing Marxist war mongering teleprompter only reader everything Americans want in a leader? Don’t Americans just love his race card baiting, denigrating any one who disagrees with him, dividing of America,100% jihad Muslims support, his support of murderers of innocent Americans like Nidal Hassan of Fort Hood, his support for a mosque at ground zero, plans for trials in New York for Sheik Mohamed Khalid, while LTC Terrence Lakin is court martialed for honoring his oath to protect the Constitution from within and with out.

    Isn’t America grateful for Michele Evita telling children what they can’t eat and what they must eat, making a war on McDonalds, changing the food pyramid while she stuffs her face with lobster, Kobe beef and pastries made by the 5 star WH chefs. My how Americans loved doting on Michele’s vacations in Spainwhere a large portion of the beach had to be shut down so she and daughter could dip in the ocean.

    While Americans have lost their jobs, homes, and their families the Pharaoh and his queen of the Nile spend $200,000,000 per day vacationing in India visiting the Taj Mahal. Were not Americans impressed that no pharaoh, emperor, Shaw, king, prime minister nor leader of any country in all of history has traveled in that much lavish. We know the American tax payers were so glad to foot the bill. Of course Americans were so pleased that in the face of the highest national debt in all of America’s history, the President and the first lady showed no concern for the “sacrifice Americans had to make” to pay for all their UNNECESARY lavish trips.

    The people are especially proud most of the trillions of national debt were accumulated under Obama’s watch, the historical first black usurper. It was so easy for Barry to get the stimulus approved, then the bail outs, then the BILLIONS and Billions of aid sent to all the Middle East countries that are burning churches, synagogs while murdering Christians and Jews daily. America can’t wait to enjoy another four years of hardship so Palestine can get fat on pastries while America’s homeless increase, employment decreases, gas and food prices soar, the thousands of tornado, flood, and hurricane victims are still in need of assistance. Barry had no problem to send several million to Haiti.

    We the people love being told by Soebarkah to make sacrifices while he jets around on air force one at a cost of $181,757 per flight hour (not to mention the additional travel costs of Marine One, Secret Service, logistics and local police overtime), that’s a lot of frequent flier dollars going into Obama’s carbon footprint.

    Under the above-the-law-usurper, we so love watching the miscarriage of justice as one bought off judge after another threw out cases challenging Obama’s eligibility based upon standing and not merit. We truly appreciate our constitutional rights violated by having our bodies scanned and genitals groped at airports in the name of “security”. We feel our rights are so very well protected when witnessing the DOJ ignore our rights by refusing to investigate the Black Panther voter intimidation case.
    Wasn’t all of America really impressed seeing the smooth criminals operation of Obama, Pelosi, & Reid bribe, intimidate and lie to ram rod the worst alleged health care plan down the throat of America in spite of the millions of citizens who protested, spoke up at rallies, called, wrote, and faxed their political representatives. America looks forward to the continued high cost of the major effort it is taking to repeal this malevolent Plan. Yes, Hussein is so desirable, America could not bare being without him for another four years which is all it will takes to keep him in office for another 40 years.

    This regime hasn’t even got a clue. The one lesson I learned after the 2010 election is Soebarkah didn’t learn a thing. He simply made a little speech and has continued doing exactly as he was told to do by his freedom-destroying-constitution-shredding puppet masters. What non-hopey-changey platform are they going to use this campaign? “Obama hasn’t finished his work and needs another for years to destroy what little is left of America after he so seriously devastated our country in just less than three years”

    No candidate is MORE BEATABLE THAN SOEBARKAH. If Mickey Mouse is the voting choice over Barack Insane Soetoro, America will vote for Mickey Mouse. WE know Mickey is a NATURAL BORN CTIZEN AND HAS ALWLAYS REMAINED A TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT.

    ©2011 Therese Daniels

  21. Tina, its all about imagery. Pawlenty needed to come off tough. Santorum can’t because he is lesser known to Iowans. I bet you anything that they talked about the exchange after the fact ans are good buddies. I actually think that it helped Bachman in that her critics better think twice, because she punches back hard.

    Why would Mr and Mrs. Obama’s purchase a house at 5046 Greenwood Ave in Chicago in 2006 and put the title in the name of The Northern Trust Company?

    Because Mr. Obama did not have a VALID Social Security number, and could not provide any truthful information proving EXACTLY who he was, or where he came from in 2006.
    But he had enough Chicago street smarts to be elected a State Senator in ILL, which apparently requires no positive identification for the job.

    Remember this was 2006 and long before the rich and powerful behind him started scrubbing his records like a cat with the runs . If the property located at 5046 Greenwood Ave. at that time had been put in his name, someone would have jumped on that immediately.
    Also remember Joe Biden right after the election said that within six months of Obama’s presidency, a bombshell might drop causing Obama problems….now what in the hell was that all about?.

    Now, Mr. Obama has really stepped on his ding dong. On his 2009 Income tax return (and probably on his 2010 returns too), he claimed exemptions for taxes paid on the property located at 5046 Greenwood Ave, although the property is in the name of Northern Trust Company. This is a PURE and simple case of income tax fraud as I see it.



  23. Paxson | August 14, 2011 at 12:50 pm |

    Tina, its all about imagery. Pawlenty needed to come off tough. Santorum can’t because he is lesser known to Iowans. I bet you anything that they talked about the exchange after the fact ans are good buddies. I actually think that it helped Bachman in that her critics better think twice, because she punches back hard.


    Hillary was on the list. I won’t beat a dead horse, but my thoughts are that any male candidate who comes off as Pawlenty did against Bachmann could immediately lose their appeal with women. But of course, Obama is the worst offender with how he treated Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. Now the story is out that he will destroy Romney’s and Perry’s reputations and will call them every shade of being racist. No surprise. Guess OB can’t run on his record. Both men are incredibly more qualified to be POTUS than Obama is.


    by Chuck Baldwin
    Constitution Party 2008 Presidential Candidate


  25. Evidently the muslim communist pervert is very worried about the Honorable Successful Governor of the Great State of Texas.


    (This was back in 2008)

  27. Tina, fair enough. My point is that it is the type of criticism that makes it sexist. Byron York’s question asking about being a submissive wife, for instance, was sexist. Accusing her of being an ineffective leader is fair game in a debate. But I respect your opinion.

  28. It has been forbidden to identify the race of rioting looters who beat up people of the opposite race if the perpetrators are black. We saw that evidenced in Wisconsin just has we’ve seen it many times in the past. You are not supposed to imply that blacks are guilty of what they’ve been accusing whites of. Period. As walter russell mead states:

    ” The old liberal position — that it was racist to raise this possibility — seems to be morphing into a new conventional wisdom that the existence of this possibility shows how racist America really is. The conceptual leap that turned the unspeakable into the inevitable appears to be the connection of violence with austerity: once responsibility for any inner city riots can be laid at the Tea Party’s door, the subject can safely be discussed. Indeed, it must be discussed.”

  29. CW,
    You have had your eye on the ball the whole time if the white house insider is for real. I am certain you know what I’m saying. The Birther thing is a problem for both parties, they want it to just go away. The issue of the cover-up from Hawaii won’t become national unless the other forces are not strong enough to remove Obama. Unless………I just had a very strange thought….a sort of epiphany while I was typing.

    Consider the following, if the white house insider is the real deal. The Obama past and NBC thing will come up, it will be the final thing that takes down Obama. The damaged democratic party is going to expose the old school republicans who went along with it. The democrats are going to go nuclear, in total destruction there is a possibility to purge themselves of the communists, and the republicans of the old guard, in an attempt to level the playing field at ground zero. The ultimate choas, removes the race card from the table and lays blame for looting the treasury and multiple wars. Both parties are damaged, to be sure, but the Tea Party looses steam because of the ‘clean up’ and people go back to small seperation based upon ideological lines. I would be waiting to see the republican POTUS hopeful landscape for the particulars, but move before the democratic primaries are completed. So, if the White House insider is for real, we are looking at some major turmoil before say March/April of 2012.


  30. citizenwells

    Pete, et al.
    I just added the following quote. meant to include this AM.

    “Now, I don’t get upset when foreign and national journalists fail to mention Tony Rezko, or the Daley boys, or how the Chicago machine plans to staff the Department of Justice, and the new Department of Homeland Casinos.”…John Kass, Chicago Tribune July 30, 2008

  31. Free Speech | August 14, 2011 at 1:41 pm |

    Perry attended the Bilderberg meeting in 2007. I e-mailed his office and asked about that.


    That means only one thing: He’s one of them.

    Scratch Perry from the scorecard; not even under consideration.

  32. Ginger | August 14, 2011 at 4:47 pm |

    Hey Ginger,

    I tried to post a comment over at PuffHo, but it didn’t work.

    I wanted to ask if all the **illegal foreign** campaign contributions Barky got in 2007-08 was OK, then?

  33. SueK, but then again a potted plant would be better than Barkey. So, while I do not now support Perry, we may be forced to later on. I still like Herman Cain.

  34. Second US military officer refuses to serve until there is a professional examination of Obama’s “alleged” vital records. Staff sargeant Daryn J. Moran calls on every American to to execute citizens’ arrest of Obama for crimes committed

    Posted on | August 14, 2011
    WE NEED TO GET THIS STORY OUT!Here is the email from Air Force Staff Sergeant Moran,

    My name is Daryn J. Moran. I am a SSgt in the USAF stationed in Germany.

    I called Pastor Manning of the Manning Report just recently (Youtube video posted below) to share my concern for our country. Boils down that I have not gone in to work last Thurs. and Fri. First time I was AWOL in nearly 13 years. Until B. Obama provides a birth certificate which stands up to professional examination, not even mentioning the seriousness of the fact that his father was never an American, I no longer serve the Armed Forces or take orders.
    Second US military officer refuses to serve until there is a professional examination of Obama’s “alleged” vital records. Staff sargeant Daryn J. Moran calls on every American to to execute citizens’ arrest of Obama for crimes committed


  35. SueK
    I stay away from those brain dead people. 🙂

  36. …..great interview from Michelle Bachman with Chris Wallace on FOX.

  37. Paxson | August 14, 2011 at 5:56 pm |

    I won’t fill in the oval for him in the primaries Paxson however, if he is the nominee I’ll hold my nose, click my heels three times, invoke Toto and maybe vote for him, unless the Constitution party can come up with a viable candidate who might have a chance. Not sure if splitting the vote with a 3rd party is the way to go; that may assure Barky of 4 more years. We’ll see.
    Ginger | August 14, 2011 at 6:11 pm |

    Ya, Ginger, they’re pretty disgusting over there, but I just wanted the chance to zing ’em. Maybe I’m banned there. Boo hoo :).

  38. Tim Adam’s Master Thesis, “There is No Birth Certificate for Obama”
    Posted on August 14, 2011 by Bridgette| Leave a comment

    © Bridgette WTPOTUS 2011

    In the Words of Tim Adams; His Master’s Thesis states,
    “There is No Birth Certificate for Obama!”
    “There Isn’t One!”

    “He’s Lied About Being Born in a Hospital in Hawaii.”

    Tim Adams. He has male patterned baldness but accused of being a skinhead.

    Tim Adams was the Senior Elections Clerk for the city and county of Honolulu during the 2008 presidential election. Tim was the person who told the media that there was no long form birth certificate for Barack Obama in Hawaii, and that it was common knowledge by all of the officials there. In his position , he had a staff of about fifty people who were in charge of verifying voter eligibility. He stated in his thesis that he had access to all the usual government databases to verify voter identities. They had access to databases such as NCIS, Social Security, and others. He does not say that he looked up information for Barack Obama, just that the group had access to information.

    Continue reading →

  39. Pete | August 14, 2011 at 3:13 pm |
    It is obvious that the Repubs want to have the muslim communist pervert to run against in 2012. They won’t make the move to have him indicted until the demRats nominate the pervert again.

  40. The Dream ticket is Perry/Bachman. Not even the comb-over fraud can screw that up assuming the fraud has any following left.

  41. Hotlanta Mike

    Tax fraud suspected in Obama land deal
    ‘My professional background causes me to be suspicious’


  42. Christian my a$$, he’s a lying Muslim, practicing taquia on the American people. Arrest this phony bastard.

    Obama’s Ramadan Dinner Guest List Hides Attendance of Stealth Jihadists Tied to Hamas and Muslim Br

    Posted by Randy on August 14, 2011 at 8:46am
    View Blog

    Obama’s Ramadan Dinner Guest List Hides Attendance of Stealth Jihadists Tied to Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood

    Obama’s seditious Ramadan dinner is the consummate achievement of the stealth jihad. Allahu FUBAR!

    First, I blogged that Obama honored the sacrifices that Muslim Americans made on 911 and “the sacrifices that Muslim Americans have made for the country,” while not pointing out their true contribution to America.

    If that wasn’t subversive enough, we discover that the Obama White House is covering up the Muslim Brotherhood proxies and stealth jihadists at the Ramadan celebration bombathon.

    Why are they hiding? Because they know. And they know that we know.
    Obama’s Iftar guest list omitted attendees with links to Hamas and … Jihad Watch

    But they were there. ISNA has admitted ties to both Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. “Obama’s Iftar guest list omits controversial attendees,” by Neil Munro in the Daily Caller, August 11:

    Read More Here

  43. If that article at wtpotus doesn’t convince you that every one of em in the media knows for a fact that obama’s a fraud, then nothing will.

  44. GBAmerica | August 14, 2011 at 1:43 pm |

    “Ron Paul: The Most Pro-Israel Candidate” (hahahaha, good one!)

    Nice to see Alan West is speaking out:


  45. I found this on the web. Nothing new for us at CW, but nice little package to send off to your email contacts.

    The secret scrapbook of barry soetoro/ barack obama


  46. charlesmountain

  47. charlesmountain

    Air Force Staff Sergeant Refusing Orders Until Obama’s Eligibility Dealt With
    BirtherReport.com Exclusive

  48. Ron Paul Will Allow Israel to Blossom

    Like it or not, Ron Paul is the most pro-Israel candidate out there. His wise policies – not by design, but by pure logical consequence – will permit Israel to blossom as a truly free, independent and powerful state.

    A Must Read… Great article, thanks for Posting.
    Ron Paul: The Most Pro-Israel Candidate

  49. Ron Paul, a pro-Israel candidate? Hahahah. You crack me up!!! (No matter which nic you use, hahah).

  50. For what it is worth, Rick Perry has best odds at nomination from Intrade.


  51. For the Perry fans:
    Better take a look at a couple of things:
    Perry helped run Gores ’89 campaign
    Perry has resurrected and continues to back the NAFTA Supper Hwy to carry China’s junk from Mexican ports to US and Canada. 1200′ wide through Texas and North. Mexican trucks on our roads not subject to DOT.
    He will do nothing about Immigration. Or trade balance.
    In TEA Party rally he mentioned Texas could seceed from US if they wanted to. Now says he thought they were discussing Texas could succeed.

    It is late so please my spelling.

  52. Hotlanta Mike | August 14, 2011 at 7:31 pm |
    Tax fraud suspected in Obama land deal
    ‘My professional background causes me to be suspicious’

    Wow! Are the Obots ever swarming over this one. Go and read the comments to see how they are coming out of the woodwork – Must be touching a raw nerve.

  53. Cabby. So funny you mention that. I thought the very same thing earlier. Must be getting warmer …..

  54. Remember how the FBI initiated and investigation into NewsCorp (fox) based on nothing more than liberal accusations that NewsCorp had hacked into 9-11 victims phones? Well, now comes word from the WSJ that the FBI hasn’t been able to find any hard evidence that it happened, but they (the FBI) have decided to “broaden the scope:” of the investigation to look at whether there are any other “indescretions” the the company may have committed in the US.
    So, Obama’s thugs have put the FBI on a witchhunt of their political enemies. Beautiful. And the defenders of liberty in the MSM will no doubt chear it on.
    As a side note, I couldn’t care less of Fox News is completely destroyed. They are the enemy of the truth about the greatest crime in history.

    In other news, the Guardian out of London, the UK’s leading liberal newspaper, is attempting set the stage and encourage a bailout for the profligate spending countries in the EU while at the same time begging for those countries to remain autonomous so they can continue to pay exhorbitant salaries to their union workers. For instance, in Greece, workers get thirteen and sometimes fourteen monthly paychecks. Makes perfect sense to them.

    Let me set the stage. German citizens were promised when they joined the EU that they would never bail out another EU country. They are now bailing out other EU countries. When they began bailing out other EU countries, they expected the other EU countries to get their finances in order. Now, the Germans are being told that they are expected to bail out other EU countries but the other EU countries shouldn’t be expected to do anything to fix their budget deficits. Because the only way to fix their budget deficits is to cut the pay of union workers, and we can’t have that can we?

    Can you see how the entire world is a basket case and it’s only getting worse?

    There is a very hard fall dead ahead.

  55. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Hotlanta Mike | August 14, 2011 at 12:27 pm |

    Trump needs to start blowing his horn again about this Rezko land deal so that it starts piquing the American consciousness. At that point Michele Bachmann could start addressing the need for full criminal investigation into Obama’s sordid affairs including the multiple and fraudulently obtained SSNs.

    Trump is the “Trump Card”

  56. Hotlanta Mike

    Cabby – AZ | August 15, 2011 at 1:52 am |

    Wow! Are the Obots ever swarming over this one. Go and read the comments to see how they are coming out of the woodwork – Must be touching a raw nerve.


    What do you expect from indoctrinated commies that rationalize the election on a non natural born citizen to POTUS? Obama/Dunhams/Robinsons will be exposed to be nothing more than a bunch of grifters/felons.

    Burying Obama


  57. I remember when communism was a dirty word and now American unions and politicians support the Communist Party USA………

    SHOCKER!?: Proof of AFL-CIO, SEIU and Democratic PAC Funds Going to the Communist Party USA

    Ever wonder how the Communist Party USA (CPUSA), an organization that was initially started, run and funded by the U.S.S.R up until the fall of the Berlin Wall, is still able to get funding for a Newspaper, an HQ and even computers that allows them to do phone banks to recruit for the Communist Party?

    That’s easy…

    From Unions and Democratic Political Action Committees (PAC)…


  58. Remove SOETORO! The 25th amendment was written to remove a sitting president~USE IT.

    Reinstate the GLASS-STEAGALL Act H.R.1489 Wipe out ALL the fake debt that OBAMA/SOETORO and the banks claim that AMERICANS owe!
    Barney Frank is stopping it.


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