Howard Coble Congress and media, Obama use of taxpayer dollars to hide records, Coble and Judiciary committee must investigate

Howard Coble Congress and media, Obama use of taxpayer dollars to hide records, Coble and  Judiciary committee must investigate

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells and millions of concerned Americans

“Why did the Illinois Senate Health & Human Services Committee, with Obama as chairman, create and push Bill 1332, “Illinois Health Facilities Planning Act,” early in 2003, which reduced the number of members on the Board from 15 to 9, just prior to rigging by Tony Rezko and Rod Blagojevich?”…Citizen Wells

“I believe I’m more pristine on Rezko than him.”…Rod Blagojevich

I like Glenn Beck and I like Howard Coble, who is a US House Representative from NC and a member of the Judiciary Committee. That does not give them a free pass or immunity from scrutiny. I would not want to be confused with the mainstream media in their protection of Obama.

Whether one believes that Obama has presented a legitimate birth certificate or that he is eligible to be president under the natural born citizen provision of the US Constitution or not, serious questions remain about Obama using taxpayer dollars to hide his records.

From Citizen News June 7, 2011.

“Why has Obama used taxpayer dollars and resources to assist him in keeping his birth certificate, college records and other records hidden since he took control of the White House?

Why did Obama make Robert F. Bauer, an attorney with Perkins Coie, who helped Obama keep his records hidden before taking control of the White House, part of his administration as White House Counsel?

From the Citizen Wells blog May 19, 2011.

“One of the attorneys, Robert Bauer, who helped Obama in 2008 and early 2009 keep his records hidden, worked for the firm of Perkins Coie. Bauer, since early 2009, has assisted Obama as White House Counsel.

Robert Bauer’s salary is $ 172,000.

Here is a list of some of the US Justice Department attorneys who have assisted Obama in keeping his records hidden. Their representation of Obama is a matter of public record. This list does not include the support staffs.

Eric Fleisig-Greene

Elizabeth A. Pascal

Neal Kumar Katyal Acting Solicitor General

R. CraiG Lawrence

Mark B. Stern

Andre Birotte Jr.

Leon W. Weidman

David A. Dejute

Roger E. West

George S. Cardona

Tony West

Paul J. Fishman”

“Several months ago I made a series of at least 3 visits to one of Congressman Howard Coble’s NC offices. I shared my concerns about the Blagojevich trial, Obama’s corruption ties and the facts behind Obama’s birth certificate controversies. I prepared a summary and I was told it was forwarded to Coble’s DC office. I have received no response.”

“I would prefer redressing grievances through channels such as yours and I am fully prepared to confront the entirety of Congress if necessary. I am also prepared to obtain signatures on a petition or to use other vehicles as prescribed in the First Amendment. The cooperation of you and your fellow congressmen is much anticipated and needed.

The Orwellian spin meisters try to discredit any information coming from the internet as internet rumors. I can assure that everything I have written above is based on well documented facts, much of it coming from court documents and the USDOJ.”

People like Glenn Beck have attacked “birthers” yet they have not asked the  simple question above. Where are our watchdogs? Where are our checks and balances?  Where is Howard Coble and Congress?

I let John Boehner have it when he misquoted the US Constitution. No one, including Howard Coble, a long time favorite of mine, is immune from scrutiny.”

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18 responses to “Howard Coble Congress and media, Obama use of taxpayer dollars to hide records, Coble and Judiciary committee must investigate

  1. I pray everyone stays safe from the wildfires in Arizona. Terrible what is happening there.

  2. Thanks CW, for all you do. I do not understand why the USA became a Country of SHEEP. Keep fighting for truth and justice, stay safe, God Bless.

  3. citizenwells

    Thanks Margie.
    God bless.

  4. “I appreciate it. That’s all I am going to say. I don’t want to go, you and I shouldn’t go farther.”

    This quote is of Rahm Emanuel from the “Blago Blog” coverage of the trial….IS there any doubt Obama and his staff were tipped off about the federal wire taps on Rod??? Really? Have the press ever confronted Wyma? Ever ask if he tipped off Obama and John Chase?????

  5. Truthbetold11

    Trying to return to the john dillinger days were cops turn there heads and ingnore the real criminals. Obama and his cronies usurp the presidency. And hollywood was compliant. Look at all the movies in the last 8 years. Many movies were about a black man becoming presdient. These were no accident. And many related type movies as well. Always look at the agenda of a movievand you will see more clearly

  6. “A Tangled Web: Tales of Obama’s LFCOLB, Part One”
    © Miri WTPOTUS 2011

    “Why is Savannah Guthrie the only journalist to see the original, certified Obama birth certificate in three dimensions, up close and personal?

    Back to the roll out of the LFCOLB: For those who have followed the birth certificate saga from the beginning, this is an old familiar plot. Well-connected reporter Savannah Guthrie, alone, was allowed to visit the purported real certified LFCOLB. She alone, so far as we know as of this writing, was allowed to photograph it. She says.

    Same song, second verse. Well-connected FactCheck blog representatives, alone, visited the SFCOLB in Chicago and photographed it. They said. The visitation took place in August 2008, yet the exif data on the photographs say otherwise.”

  7. bob strauss

    Motion for Default judgment in Taitz v Astrue

    Posted on | June 7, 2011 | 2 Comments

    Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ

    29839 Santa Margarita Parkway, STE 100

    Rancho Santa Margarita CA 92688

    Tel: (949) 683-5411; Fax (949) 766-7603





    Plaintiff, § Freedom of information violation

    § 5USC §552

    v. § CASE # 1:11-cv-00402

    § Assigned to Chief Judge

    Michael Astrue, Commissioner of the §

    Social Security Administration, § Hon. Royce C. Lamberth

    § Designation: FOIA/Privacy Act


    § Motion for Default judgment


    Respondent §


    Plaintiff Dr. Orly Taitz ESQ, hereinafter “Taitz” submits this motion for DEFAULT JUDGMENT to be decided based on the memorandum of points and authorities provided below and oral argument, if the court deems oral argument to be necessary.


    1. Docket of this case reflects, that the answer from the respondent was due on May 5, 2011.

    2. Defendant did not furnish his answer on May 5, 2011.

    3. Plaintiff submitted two requests for default.

    4. Defendant submitted his answer 18 days late on May 23, 2011

    5. Plaintiff respectfully requests this court to grant default judgment as the answer was significantly late, and in the interest of the national security of the United States of America, it is crucial to obtain the application for the SSN 042-68-4425.

    6. Current FOIA request was made due to the fact that Mr. Barack Obama’s Selective service certificate shows him using SSN 042-68-4425, however SS verification system shows this number to be invalid, never issued to Barack Obama. Exhibits 3, 4

    7. For three years Mr. Obama engaged in stonewalling and refused to release his long form birth certificate. Only 5 days prior to the oral argument in Barnett, Keyes et al v Obama 10-55084 in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Mr. Obama suddenly released his long form birth certificate, which is widely considered to be an attempt to influence the panel of the Ninth Circuit and make the case moot. Taitz, Plaintiff in this case, is also an attorney for 40 plaintiffs in Barnett v Obama, which includes complaint by the former UN Ambassador Alan Keyes, 10 state representatives and nearly 30 members of the military. While releasing this birth certificate Mr. Obama attacked ones, who challenged his legitimacy due to lack of valid vital records and due to lack of the Constitutional eligibility, calling them “carnival barkers”. He unleashed a verbal and psychological pogrom on everyone who dared to speak up the truth and challenge his eligibility and legitimacy to the US presidency.

    8. May 1 at 10 pm, only a few hours prior to May 2, 9 am hearing Mr. Obama announced capture, assassination and throwing overboard of the body of Osama Bin Laden, which temporarily drowned the eligibility issue.

    9. Shortly thereafter Taitz received statements from experts Douglas Vogt Exhibit 1and Chito Papa Exhibit 2, attesting to the fact, that the long form birth certificate, released by Barack Obama, is a forgery.

    10. Forged birth certificate is a motif for one to seek a social security number of a deceased individual.

    11. Evidence, provided in the complaint, first amended complaint and this motion show, that we have and individual with a forged birth certificate and an invalid Social Security number usurping the position of the President of the United States and the Commander-in-Chief by virtue of use of forged and fraudulently obtained vital records. This is the most serious breach of the U.S. national security since the creation of this nation. The interest of protection of the public require urgent resolution of the case at hand.

    12. There will be no detriment to the defendant Commissioner of the Social Security administration, Michael Astrue, or Mr. Obama if the default judgment is entered and the required application is released, as one cannot be harmed by release of the application to an invalid Social Security number.

    13. There is a high likelihood of further stone walling and aiding and abetting Mr. Obama by the US attorneys’ office and Department of Justice, led by Obama appointee Attorney General Eric Holder, representing the Defendant, as prior criminal complaints on the matter by the Plaintiff and thousands of U.S. citizens went unanswered.

    14. There is no other remedy, that would provide the information and the document in question.

    15. Privacy interests do not attach to release of invalid document.

    16. Balancing the hardships will unquestionably tip the scale in favor of granting this motion for default judgment and ordering the Social Security administration to provide to the Plaintiff the original application to the social security number 042-68-4425.


    I, Orly Taitz, am over 18 years old, do not suffer from any mental impairment , have personal knowledge of facts described below and will be able to competently testify to the following:

    1. Affidavit of expert Douglas Vogt is a true and correct copy of such affidavit , provided to me by Douglas Vogt.

    2. Affidavit of expert Chito Papa is a true and correct copy of the affidavit, provided to me by Chito Papa.

    I declare under penalty of perjury and laws of the state of California and the United States , that that all the facts stated and circumstances described above are true and correct statements.

    Further, Affiant saith naught.



    /s/ Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ

    29839 Santa Margarita Pkwy, ste 100

    Rancho Santa Margarita CA 92688

    ph 949-683-5411 fax 949-766-7603

  8. Bob, For us non-lawyers, what does this motion above do?

  9. bob strauss

    I am not a lawyer, but as I read on Orly”s site, the court will order discovery, and the SS will have to give her validation for the SS number Obama uses.

  10. Thanks, Bob, but wasn’t the FOIA like discovery too? This must just be one more item that could be used I guess to help advance Orly’s case.

  11. Obie’s dad’s immigration file is at the link below.. pretty interesting..

    on page 27, Obie Sr. claims only one child, Roy.. the date of the document was Aug 17, 1962. Did he forget about his son with the same name? was he lying? Was Jr someone else’s son?

  12. GORDO | June 8, 2011 at 8:36 am |

    “A Tangled Web: Tales of Obama’s LFCOLB, Part One”
    © Miri WTPOTUS 2011
    “Why is Savannah Guthrie the only journalist to see the original, certified Obama birth certificate in three dimensions, up close and personal?
    Sadly those pictures Guthrie posted online prove that all the analysis of the PDF on the WH website are USELESS because that PDF is a poorly done scan of the Document she held in her hand and photographed.

    If you load those pictures that Savannah Guthrie took of the BC into photoshop, one thing you can see right off is that NONE of the white banding or artifacts around the text from the PDF are there. The green texture of the paper goes right up to the text. Which means that, most likely, that was the original document sent from Hawaii and the PDF published on the White House website was scanned off of it. Thus Making a lot of the analysis of the PDF a waste of time. The real question is WHY was such a horrible scan done and published? A two year old could have done a better job. Was it to keep it from being studied too closely or was it done to keep the controversy going? In the long run the BC she held and took pictures of was still a computer print out and the only way to determine if there is an original is to have experts examine the real paper document in Hawaii.

  13. FBI Director Mueller will have served ten years this summer. Obama wants the Judiciary Committee to approve an extension of Mueller’s leadership for another two years. Perhaps, this is being considered because of imminent terrorist threats. Should civil unrest prevail due to economic collapse, civil revolt or other breaking scandal, we will need strong leadership at our law enforcement agencies. Since I will never trust BHO due to what he said in 1971, or Geithner due to his revelations in 1970, I have no further comment on the motivation for this extension of Mueller’s term. When an egotistical, amoral sociopath like Charlie Party in Any Port Available Crist can become Attorney General of FL and then Govenor, it serves to reinforce the old maxim that in the sewer of life sh*t always rises to the top. Where was law enforcement in 2008? Here is the Cspan link to the matter of Mueller’s extension:

    For the record, I want you to know what I know about a certain law enforcement matter in the event that something happens. I want authorities to know that the perpetrator of sexual abuse (mentioned in my post on another thread on this site) came back to town to locate his victim and introduce him to even more dangerous drugs eventually resulting in the death of the boy. This removed a threat which was hanging over the perpetrator’s head because it closed an active investigation. There was also the mysterious death of G. Allyn Kent, former band leader and teacher at LHS, who was found murdered in his home in Peoria (where he had relocated from Decatur Public Schools) as reported in the Peoria Journal Star in the late 80’s, iirc. Kent had taught music and performance band at LHS for a number of years and would have been able to identify C.C. Curiously enough, Jacque C., younger sister of C.C., took performance band classes with Mr. Kent throughout high school. Once, I overheard Mr. K. ask J.C. if she had heard from her brother, C.C. He seemed most interested in C.C.‘s whereabouts. Jacque didn’t offer any information and tried to avoid further questions by stating that she hadn’t heard anything from C in awhile.
    The reason I am posting this information is because I had the misfortune to be in the foyer of the Crist home when C.C. and his father were having a heated argument over the fact that police had just been to the house earlier in search of C.C. Crist, Sr. said that the matter was very serious and that C.C. would not be able to just explain his way out of things this time. I overheard C.C. admit to his father that he had done something and asked his father if his father thought he was “crazy enough to turn that down.“ C.C. kept saying that the boy had said it was okay. Crist, Sr. kept repeating that it didn’t matter what the boy said. C.C. admitted that he had wanted to ‘party,‘ and that he went in search of some of the neighborhood regulars and couldn’t find anybody because they were all busy. The father told C.C. to get out of town and stay out of town. I didn’t understand what I had overheard at the time and innocently asked J.C. if I should leave because her father was upset. Sometime later, Mrs. C. was contacted by C.C. and he told her that he had the perfect cover story that nobody would ever be able to figure out. One day when I was at the C. home after school (not expecting to ever meet C.C.), and Mrs. C. called C.C. out into the foyer to meet me in person. His hand was sweaty and clammy and his searching eyes and supercilious manner were distasteful. I would identify the person I met that day as a certain formerly prominent state leader.
    In late 1992 or early 1993, I had a telephone conversation with Dinah W. (maiden initial) who was close friends with Jacque C. at LHS. Dinah W. told me that C.C. was in politics and that the whole family was so proud of him. She also told me that Jacque and her mother had made a pact that if and when C.C. ever got married (she might have said ‘again’), the two women were going to attend Charlie’s wedding in person. During the same time, I ran into another former classmate at LHS, Freda B. (maiden initial) and told her about what our mutual high school classmate had told me. Freda B. asked me if I had seen any pictures of C.C. since I had lived in FL. I told her I really hadn’t because I wasn’t following the news very closely then. She encouraged me to take a good look at a picture of C.C. She told me that she and her older sister, Paula, and other people in town thought he was the same C.C. who had fled town years ago. Everybody was convinced it was the same person as a certain politician. Since I was taking care of a family member suffering from Alzheimer’s at the time, I was too busy to spend time on this curious information.
    Not until 2010 did I conduct an internet search and locate an article at about the wedding of a certain politician. When I saw the pictures of two unidentified women at the wedding, I was struck by their resemblance to Jacque C. and her mother. The caption on the photo stated that these two women only left their limo a few minutes before the wedding took place and the politician’s office did not offer their names to the photographer/press at the time of press.

  14. What does an individual with the initials C.C. have in common with another individual who styles himself BHO? A birth certificate. How does one hide their identity when it incriminates them in a crime or the truth conflicts with a carefully constructed narrative? Well, one can claim they were either born before or after their actual date of birth to throw people off their trail. A man who claims he was born in 1956 or 1961, when he was actually born earlier could easily pass as several years younger. In fact, someone who claims to have been born in 1956 might have selected that date because he had a sister born in 1956 and wanted to go back to school to hang out again with young boys and party, or eventually clean up his act and play football or attend law school. Just get yourself adopted by someone skillful enough to cover all the evidence and block access to the proof of a coverup. How easy would it have been in 1969 to have gotten one’s typewritten birth certificate and then changed the date. The adoption of an eighteen year old male by another adult male would raise red flags in any court or county registrar’s office, but the adoption of a boy several years younger would be seen as an act of charity and goodwill. A boy claiming to be 14 could get his hair cut for 40 years by the same barber and nobody would ever suspect that his infantile, narcissitic, regressive self-obsession was the sign of a serious mental illness which inclined him to prey on much younger boys, it would be mistaken for extreme immaturity and precociousness. Realizing that their son could either hide his true identity or go to prison, the parents of such a sociopath would naturally be inclined to protect their favorite son from the consequences of his actions. A flower child who wasn’t bound by laws or conventions wouldn’t see anything wrong with registering her son as one born in HI if the state government provided such a lawful accomodation and no court of law could ignore the full faith and credit of Hawaiian state documents. And if that child weren’t born on American soil who could prove it if HDOH claimed otherwise and was under no obligation to provide the original registration. Or, if the son was adopted to cover up his original birth name and parentage who would have standing in a court of law to unseal the original birth certificate? There are various and sundry ways that the law is subverted by protections of private information. How curious that this administration wants to control the internet because people talk. You see, the internet is a sword and a shield. It It can be used to attack, but it can also defend the public from those inclined to abuse their power. Why is it that the liberals and progressives don’t want police in their online porn, obscene tweets and bedrooms, but they want to control the flow of information on the internet when people are discussing political matters?
    Everything I have told you happened or was said by the persons in question. I would testify under oath that it is the whole truth as I know it. Those in power have abused their power by allowing the most unfit, the most corrupt, the most vile and debauched of narcissists to ascend to the public trust. Our only check on this corruption is the internet because we no longer have a Fourth Estate.

  15. TruthSeeker


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