Blagojevich trial June 6, 2011, Where is Rezko?, Blagojevich taking stand should lead to Rezko as Witness, Senate seat diversion

Blagojevich trial June 6, 2011, Where is Rezko?, Blagojevich taking stand should lead to Rezko as Witness, Senate seat diversion

“Why did the Illinois Senate Health & Human Services Committee, with Obama as chairman, create and push Bill 1332, “Illinois Health Facilities Planning Act,” early in 2003, which reduced the number of members on the Board from 15 to 9, just prior to rigging by Tony Rezko and Rod Blagojevich?”…Citizen Wells

“I believe I’m more pristine on Rezko than him.”…Rod Blagojevich

“Why were Stuart Levine and Tony Rezko not called as witnesses in the Blagojevich trials? FBI agent Daniel Cain testified in the Rezko trial. Why was agent Cain not questioned more in the Blagojevich trial?…Citizen Wells

“If the prosecution insists on going forward, I have two words for them: Rezko and Levine,” Cavise said. “They know where all the bodies are buried.””…Leonard Cavise,  DePaul University professor

Where is Tony Rezko?

Tony Rezko, the mastermind of much of the corruption that Rod Blagojevich was involved in and long time supporter and associate of Barack Obama, has not been called by the prosecution as a witness in the first Blagojevich trial and so far not in the second. Blagojevich will return to the witness stand today, June 6, 2011. If there is any justice left in the Justice Department, Rezko will be called to witness. I doubt that will happen. The selling of the senate seat diversion has worked so far. The AP has certainly done it’s part to protect Obama. The AP story today was picked up and regurgitated by news media throughout the country. No mention of Tony Rezko.

From Fox Carolina in Greenville, SC June 6, 2011.

“Rod Blagojevich’s corruption retrial heads into a critical stage, with the prosecution set to begin cross-examining the ousted Illinois governor in depth on Monday.

Reid Schar, the lead government attorney, began a blistering cross-examination at the end of last week with a brief by highly combative hour of questions and answers. Schar is expected to walk through the impeached governor’s testimony point by point as the cross-examination resumes Monday.

The next few days could be decisive, legal expert said, as prosecutors try to reverse whatever gains Blagojevich may have made with the jury while fielding comparatively soft questions from his own attorney last week. Monday will be Blagojevich’s sixth day on the stand.

“The next few days are it,” said Jeff Cramer, a former federal prosecutor in Chicago. “The first deadlocked trial, the motions, everything that’s happened in the retrial so far – it all comes down to this.”

Blagojevich’s first trial last year ended with jurors deadlocked on all but one count. He was found guilty of lying to the FBI.

What landed Blagojevich in court was his talk – captured on FBI wiretaps – that prosecutors say shows he tried to leverage his power to name someone to President Barack Obama’s old Senate U.S. seat and secure campaign donations, a Cabinet post, an ambassadorship or some other top job in the process.

Now, he’s been trying to talk himself out of this legal mess.

Some legal observers say Blagojevich’s sometimes rambling, repetitive testimony is only digging him in deeper, making it more likely he will be convicted of some or all of the 20 corruption counts he faces at this trial, including attempted extortion and fraud.

Others say he’s done well, at the very least muddying the waters after prosecutors presented a strong three-week case. They allege Blagojevich tried to sell or trade the Senate seat and tried to squeeze executives for campaign cash by threatening state decisions that would hurt their businesses

“I think he has done a nice job and has helped his cause a lot,” said Terry Sullivan, a former state’s attorney who helped prosecute serial killer John Wayne Gacy and who has sat through much of Blagojevich’s testimony.

Blagojevich didn’t flinch from engaging Schar in the verbal brawl when the prosecutor confronted the twice-elected governor as cross-examination began.

“Mr. Blagojevich, you are a convicted liar, correct?” Schar asked, his voice raised in anger.

After the judge overruled objections from defense attorneys, Blagojevich said calmly, “Yes.””

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  1. I was listening to Fox news on the radio the other day. The news reader mentioned that only a few blogs were following the Obama /Rezko corruption connection. I assume he meant this blog as being one of them.

    Congratulations CW. At least someone is reporting this stuff.
    On another note, I detect a lot of disinformation lately with all things BHO eligbility. That’s a good thing, the rat bastards are worried.

  2. Fight Obamaitis ! Symptoms are no Jobs collecting Food Stamps and spending more then you have

    The only medicine that will work is below.

    By voting this moron out in 2012, or better yet lets hope for a Impeachment.

  3. Pat1789. I have been thinking about all of the rehashed disinformation going around out there as well. Funny you say that. They are flooding the information markets because we are getting to close to the bone.

  4. Too. Damn android.

  5. Mr. Clean….I agree with you that Obama must go …but

    He should never get t0 the 2012 election…he must be exposed for the USURPER he is now…and

    IMPEACHMENT is reserved for a president who was legally elected and has met all constitutional requirements for the office in the first place. Obama was NEVER legally elected to the office. How can you impeach a false squatter of the White House?

    No, no my friend…jail is the only solution for Mr Soetoro.

  6. Suggestion………..

    Call for a congressional investigation!

  7. Bauer quit to be Obama’s personal attorneyt and to run the re-election campaign. He said a week ago that Obama’s running and he’s already spoken to all of the secretary of states and none of them have a problem with obama being on the ballot. So, he’s in, like it or not!!

  8. bob strauss

    hapnHal | June 6, 2011 at 11:55 am |


    Call for a congressional investigation!
    Long overdue! There should have been a congressional investigation a long time ago.

  9. OT – From the previous thread:
    Lillibet | June 6, 2011 at 8:29 am |
    So, for purposes of assigning an origin to the One, let us say that he could have been hatched by C.C. at the Green Iguana Lounge in Tampa.

    Are you from the Tampa area? I haven’t thought of the Green Iguana in ages!!!

  10. God Bless all the old WWII vets and all other vets on this special day….. freedom isn’t free.

    Lest we forget, lest we forget.

  11. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    I wish you all would get logical and realize NOTHING IS GOING TO STOP THE URSURPER. There is only ONE WAY. There must be a CONSTITUTIONAL PARTY formed and it must become powerful enough so that it attracts enough voters from both parties so that in the 2012 election NO ONE GETS THE MAGIC 270 Electoral College votes to win the election. THEN THE REPUBLICAN CONGRESS DECIDES WHO IS TO BE PRESIDENT!!!

    Karl Rove – Call Your Office

  12. Mr. Bill(ms. helga) | June 6, 2011 at 2:06 pm |
    I wish you all would get logical and realize NOTHING IS GOING TO STOP THE URSURPER. There is only ONE WAY. There must be a CONSTITUTIONAL PARTY formed and it must become powerful enough so that it attracts enough voters from both parties so that in the 2012 election NO ONE GETS THE MAGIC 270 Electoral College votes to win the election. THEN THE REPUBLICAN CONGRESS DECIDES WHO IS TO BE PRESIDENT!!!

    Karl Rove – Call Your Office
    All that will do is split the Republican vote and Guarantee Jimmy Carter’s third term!

  13. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Jerome | June 6, 2011 at 2:12 pm |

    No – I think the Repubs have reached the stage that they would pick the USURPER AGAIN.


    6/06/2011 | Updated: 2:50 PM 06/06/2011


    “It is going to be very difficult,” Carville said. “But the country, if that is what we are doing, this is gruesome on people. This unemployment rate for this long is a humanitarian crisis of the first magnitude. This financial crisis, people have studied this by the way, they know that the things take this long to work their way through. The aftermath of these things — kind of an academic book that is dry entitled ‘This Time is Different.’ What it concluded is that it is not different this time. They studied it, the aftermath of the financial crisis. What we are going through is imminently predictable. But this is a terrible thing that has happened to people’s lives. I think the president at one level understands that, you know. But he is limited in what he can do. So we’ll just have to see. But it’s going to be hard. If 54,000 jobs is the new norm — this is going to be very, very tough. Some people say it just might be one more thing. We don’t know.” (snip).

    “But Carville said the consequences aren’t limited to politics alone. He warned of heightened risk of civil unrest with the bleak economic picture.

    “You know, look — this is a humanitarian — you know, you’re smart enough to see this,” Carville said. “People, you know, if it continues, we’re going to start to see civil unrest in this country. I hate to say that, but I think it’s imminently possible.”

    Read More Here:

  15. Ida | June 6, 2011 at 1:25 pm |

    Bauer quit to be Obama’s personal attorneyt and to run the re-election campaign. He said a week ago that Obama’s running and he’s already spoken to all of the secretary of states and none of them have a problem with obama being on the ballot. So, he’s in, like it or not!!

    Ida, do you have a link or source for Bauer’s statement?


    “American-born al Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn calls on Muslims living in America to carry out deadly one-man terrorist acts.”

    By Matthew Cole
    June 3, 2011


    “In a new video message released on the internet Friday, American-born al Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn calls on Muslims living in America to carry out deadly one-man terrorist acts using fully automatic weapons purchased at gun shows, and to target major institutions and public figures.

    “What are you waiting for?” asks Gadahn in English, and then adds that jihadis shouldn’t worry about getting caught, since so many have been released. “Over these past few years, I’ve seen the release of many, many Mujahideen whom I had never even dreamed would regain their freedom.”

    Called “Do Not Rely on Others, Take the Task Upon Yourself” and produced by al Qaeda’s media arm, as Sahab, the tape mixes Gadahn’s new message with clips from old videos of Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri and other al Qaeda leaders praising one-man attacks. They call on jihadis in the West to carry out lone wolf operations.”

    More Here:

  17. RMinNC | June 6, 2011 at 2:01 pm |
    God Bless all the old WWII vets and all other vets on this special day….. freedom isn’t free.
    Lest we forget, lest we forget.
    Our European Arrogance in Alphabetical Order


    By Stephen Dinan
    June 4, 2011


    “Crossing party lines to deliver a stunning rebuke to the commander in chief, the vast majority of the House voted Friday for resolutions telling President Obama he has broken the constitutional chain of authority by committing U.S. troops to the international military mission in Libya.

    In two votes — on competing resolutions that amounted to legislative lectures of Mr. Obama — Congress escalated the brewing constitutional clash over whether he ignored the founding document’s grant of war powers by sending U.S. troops to aid in enforcing a no-fly zone and naval blockade of Libya.

    The resolutions were non-binding, and only one of them passed, but taken together, roughly three-quarters of the House voted to put Mr. Obama on notice that he must explain himself or else face future consequences, possibly including having funds for the war cut off.

    “He has a chance to get this right. If he doesn’t, Congress will exercise its constitutional authority and make it right,” said House Speaker John A. Boehner, the Ohio Republican who wrote the resolution that passed, 268-145, and sets a two-week deadline for the president to deliver the information the House is seeking.

    Minutes after approving Mr. Boehner’s measure, the House defeated an even more strongly-worded resolution offered by Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Ohio Democrat, that would have insisted the president begin a withdrawal of troops.”

    Read More Here:

  19. “You know, look — this is a humanitarian — you know, you’re smart enough to see this,” Carville said. “People, you know, if it continues, we’re going to start to see civil unrest in this country. I hate to say that, but I think it’s imminently possible.”

    Through the efforts of shills like Carville, who are enemies of freedom, along with a few false flag events organized by SEIU and ACORN, the current administration will justify extending our current marshal law. Just watch.




    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

  21. Re: Bill G | June 6, 2011 at 3:12 pm

    Through the efforts of shills like Carville, who are enemies of freedom, along with a few false flag events organized by SEIU and ACORN, the current administration will justify extending our current marshal law. Just watch

    * * * * * * * *

    Exactly Bill. That is why I posted this. Soebarkah is definitely planning on calling on Martial Law in the future. The liberal Democrat shill Carville
    knows and sees this as well. We The People have to get Soebarkah Immediately Arrested for his many, many High Crimes he is committing in the USA to try to heal the country.

  22. Having served in the Army on 2 different tours in Europe…I had the opporunity to visit many of the military cemeteries noted in “Our European Arrogance”.

    They have always been a place of reverance to me and always will be…standing over looking those white crosses brings forth, to even the dumbest 0f liberals, the true price of freedom. Nevertheless though, the resting places of those brave soldiers are all well cared for.

    George Patton is buried at the US military cemetery at Luxemburg .

    But the title of the blog was “Our European Arrogance”. To that I can only say the Europeans have a short memory, a very short memory. I was serving in Europe in 1957 when the French kicked the Americans out of that country. That happened only 12 years after the end of WWII. But then again, that was the arrogance of the French….

    I can’t help but wonder who will come to the aid of those “arrogent European’s” when the Islamic horde takes over their countries? By then, I expect America will have all the trouble we can handle protecting our own shores.

  23. truthbetold11

    i think corsi had to come out with his book because pidegeon has a ton of credibility and he is on the money with this. the reason congress wont touch this cuase they have been black mailed and if they reveal his identity. he will release the muslim brotherhood on people. this is well thought out hijack of america. obama is the most dangerous man on the planet.

    From: Dr. Orly’s Website:


    Posted on: June 4, 2011

    “I got a number of e-mails regarding an interview by Stephen Pidgeon and his claim, that there was a change of name to Barack Obama in British Columbia.

    I e-mailed Mr. Pidgeon and asked for a certified copy of this document. So far I did not get it. I have to say, that I consider Mr. Pidgeon a friend. We went together to lobby state representatives and state senators in his home state of WA. Mr. Pidgeon had one case on eligibility as well.

    With all that being said and done, we have to be very careful. Obots are constantly pushing forged documents in order to discredit us and place a shadow of a doubt on all of our work. At this point we have very strong evidence, provided by Barack Obama himself:

    a. forged long form birth certificate

    b. invalid social security number

    c. invalid selective service certificate, created based on invalid social security number

    d. invalid tax returns based on invalid social security number and so on.

    All of this is not only sufficient to remove Obama from office, but also to put him in prison for a long time.

    I don’t want to lose focus on documents or claims, that may or may not be true. I have all the evidence I need, I got him. At this time I just need integrity in the judiciary and Congress to finish the job.”

    3 Responses to “Regarding Stephen Pidgeon’s interview”

    “1. ann
    June 4th, 2011 @ 9:44 pm

    Dr. Taitz, I found those documents regarding the name change and Canadian BC, and I posted them on your wall a day or so ago. I found them on a German website by accident when I was experimenting with Google translate.

    I don’t know when they were posted, or anything else about them. But I am not an ” Obot”, and I was in no way perpetrating any kind of hoax. Mr. Pigeon says he found the documents, but I think he probably just saw them on the same website that I did, actually, they were on more than one German site as I recall, or he saw what I posted on your wall and on Dr. Corsi’s wall. Since no one has researched them it is too soon to call them a ‘hoax’.

    I admire your courage and believe in the justness of your cause. Good luck with all of your cases. – Ann”

    1. “
    June 4th, 2011 @ 10:02 pm

    until I see the certified copy and verify with the British Columbia authorities, I don’t consider those to be evidence. Incidently, Stephen did not have any eligibility cases since one case, that he had 2 and a half years ago. If he believes, that he has valid evidence, he should file a legal action.”

    1. “Ro
    June 5th, 2011 @ 1:44 pm

    I believe Obama was born in Kenya. I wonder why Pidgeon did not come out with his information sooner. In any case, it is moot. Obama has already stood before the world and shown that Obama senior is his father or claimed anyway. If he disputes that now he will surly show he is a fool besides being a fraud so he can’t dispute it. I don’t think Pidgeon theory is going to go anywhere.”

    * * * * * * * * * * *


    1. “Ro
    June 4th, 2011 @ 2:49 pm

    So what is your point. Obama declared the WH copy is his truthful certification of birth. The important point is that he admits Barack Hussein Obama is his father who is a British subject. that makes Obama unqualified to be our president because IT PROVES Obama II is NOT NATURAL BORN. Further he has committed a felony further disqualifying him. It is not just the birth cert. He has committed other felonies and broken the law. He violated the Logan Act 3 times by campainging in Kenya with his cousin Raila assisting in genocide of christian blacks, took campaign money from foreign countries, stole a social security number (more than one indicating his could have or is involved in racketeering and has caused the death of numerous people to cover it up.

    Russia and China have already declared he is a war criminal for what he did in Libya.

    He has to go!”

    1. “GT
    June 4th, 2011 @ 8:49 pm

    Putting pressure on the perps who created the forgery, AND on the people in Hawaii DOH who helped cover it up would be a wise strategy to flush out the players.”

    1. “MRR
    June 5th, 2011 @ 1:18 pm

    Excellent post, RO. I wish more people would remind us of what you said after the sentence; “It is not just the birth certificate.” Especially, “has caused the death of numerous people to cover it up.”

    I hope more people will remember this. It is not just the birth certificate.”

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

  26. truthbetold11

    take away any knowledge of obama fraud history. line up these people in a row in like a police lineup barack obama senor, frank marshall davis, louis farakkan, malcolm x. Then have obama walk up to each of them and stand next to his daddy. like father like son. X marks the spot.


    * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


    This yet to be released documentary from the Foundation for a Free Society and the Tenth Amendment Center features Thomas Woods, Michael Boldin, Debra Medina, Stewart Rhodes, Sheriff Richard Mack, Charles Goyette, Kevin Gutzman, Robert Scott Bell, Mike Adams, Jason Rink, John Bush, Bryce Shonka, Mike Maharrey, and others.



    * * * * * * * * *



  32. Too bad it isn’t his Main BO-SS being investigated

    POLITICO Breaking News

    Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi will call for an ethics investigation into embattled Rep. Anthony Weiner in wake of his admission that he sent inappropriate photos to a half dozen women over the past three years.

    For more information…

  33. Andrew Breitbart: WeinerGate & EligibilityGate
    “Andrew Breitbart takes over Anthony Weiner news conference”

    “In a bizarre spectacle, Andrew Breitbart temporarily took over the press conference in New York that was supposed to feature Rep. Anthony Weiner Monday, declaring that everything he’s posted on his conservative Web site has proven to be true.”

    [videos at link]
    “Breitbart: Obama story has ‘Swiss cheese holes'”

    “Affirming his stance that questions about the president’s eligibility to occupy the Oval Office will not make a winning strategy and should not be pursued by opponents, he told radio host Hugh Hewitt that the president has “invited” the controversy over his qualifications by refusing to provide basic information.

    Hewitt said he rejects “birtherism” completely.

    Breitbart responds, “I have not looked at the facts because I’ve said even it were true, it would be a losing battle. It would split the country. When we for the first time ever – as fiscal conservatives and constitutional-minded citizens – have a winning argument for what we stand for. And I do not want to divide the country. So I honestly haven’t read the information.”
    “… constitutional-minded citizens …”

    Andrew Breitbart is a constitutional-minded citizen ?

  34. Paxson | June 6, 2011 at 9:40 am |

  35. Truthbetold11

    Obama back in 06. In a youtube video. House divided against its self will not stand. We in usa are hanging on to our unity by a thin thread. He knows how to divide us

    Posted by Ann Barnhardt – May 29, AD 2011 8:06 PM MST

    “Even if you aren’t Catholic, heck even if you are an atheist, you should still read this because these concepts are transcendent and EVERYONE needs to be able to rebut Marxist propaganda, because Marxism is an equal-opportunity killer.

    A reader sent me a link to an essay penned on May 25th by the Archbishop of New York, Timothy Dolan. Archbishop Dolan was also recently elected the President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. (I’m close to severing my own tongue right now because I’m biting it so hard.) Dolan’s essay is titled “Subsidiarity and Solidarity”. If you have watched my Boston speech, you know what the concept of subsidiarity is. It has been suggested that Dolan may have penned this essay as a direct response to me – I seriously doubt this. There have only been 3700 views of the entire Boston speech. But, Dolan’s argument needs to be rebutted because it is wrong. Please click over and read his essay now. It is very brief, and very shallow.

    Click HERE to read Dolan’s essay.

    First, I just had to chuckle as Dolan emphasized repeatedly that he and his brother bishops are NOT politicians . . . and then proceeded to name drop (Cuomo, Ryan) and talk about various committee chairs within the USCCB. Uh, yeah. With sincerest apologies to Shakespeare, “the Archbishop doth protest too much, methinks.” Or for my rednecks out there, “He who smelt it, dealt it.”

    The entire gist of Dolan’s piece is politicking. He is trying to take it right down the middle, bee-essing BOTH SIDES, and thus trying to ingratiate himself to everyone. This is Dolan’s modus operandi. He wants to be “the cool guy”. He wants to be “everyone’s buddy”. You know the type. He’s the kind of guy that no matter what you would say to him, he would stroke his chin and nod understandingly, and then start in on a spiel probably involving the words, “I think we can both agree that . . . ” coupled with slaps on the back and the old reliable forearm grasp, and by the time he was done he would have convinced you that you were both in total agreement the whole time. You know, just like the phony politicking gladhanding doubletalk Jesus would engage in during His earthly ministry – oh, wait. Nevermind.

    Dolan is trying to paint the concepts of subsidiarity and solidarity as antipodes, or polar opposites. In doing this, he is trying to specifically isolate subsidiarity as a trait or quality exclusive the political “right” and solidarity as a trait exclusive to the political “left”, which we all know is the Marxist contingent. This allows him to argue that there is “good on both sides”, and thus try to ride the middle and be everyone’s buddy.

    That would be great, except that his foundational premise is pure pullusfimus. Solidarity is NOT in opposition to subsidiarity, and there is no such thing as true solidarity in the Marxist-leftist milieu.

    Solidarity is the uniting of one’s self to other human beings through charity (which means love) and a striving for the common good. What I would remind the illustrious President of the USCCB is that the ONLY legitimate source of solidarity is a freely chosen movement or action by a sovereign individual. Solidarity is a movement of LOVE (aka charity), and the only true, authentic love is love that is FREELY GIVEN. The INSTANT coercion enters the picture in even the smallest way, charity/love makes an immediate exit stage right. Coercion and charity are MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE.

    Thus, the concept of a Marxist-Socialist state imposing “charity” on the people in the form of socialized medicine, the government welfare state, and “international aid” is EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE. Not only am I in NO WAY performing an act of charity in paying taxes which subsidize these activities, I actively, bitterly resent them. And no, that is NOT an inappropriate response because I am being COERCED against my will to fund these programs by threat of imprisonment by the IRS if I do not comply which is an inherently dehumanizing dynamic. Further, these programs are massively corrupt and immoral. Socialized medicine uses my tax dollars to pay for abortions and euthanasia, the welfare state subsidizes dehumanizing sloth and has destroyed the family unit by incentivizing sexual immorality, and “international aid” money is going to support satanic totalitarian governments who are in a state of active, declared war with me and my country. You’re damn right I’m resentful. That is the ONLY appropriate response to being coerced to financially subsidize evil.

    Solidarity is the act of free, sovereign individuals coming together in physical effort or financial support purely by their own choosing in a response to genuine love for their fellow man. Dolan, however, isn’t smart enough to see the obvious contradiction that the Marxist left presents, and is happy to jump on the top-down statist bandwagon in order to stay all buddy-buddy with everyone so that he can be the “cool guy” and get invited to important meetings and fancy dinners – because that is how these guys roll.

    Some might criticize me for presuming to know Dolan’s motivations and questioning his sincerity. Here is how I know that Dolan is insincere. If Archbishop Dolan REALLY cared about Andrew Cuomo and REALLY wanted to be his buddy, he would publicly demand that Cuomo either sacramentally confess his open life of mortal sin in engaging in an adulterous affair and cohabiting with his girlfriend and correct his living situation immediately, or be excommunicated, which means no longer able to receive Our Lord in Holy Communion. THAT would be an act of TRUE COMPASSION, friendship and shepherding on Dolan’s part. But no. Dolan will never, ever do that, because he is a politicking pullusfimus. Feel free to quote me on that.

    Here is one last bit of proof. This is Dolan presiding over the reconsecration of a church in New York, which has devolved into a cesspool of the glorification of homosexual sex. This parish encourages and ratifies same-sex sexual activity, which is a mortal sin without any exception. Lowlights of this clip include pagan dance rituals being performed by a woman on the altar beginning at the 1:26 mark, and Dolan doing his super-nice-buddy routine (love the ponderously chewing on the eyeglasses move) while a ministry dedicated to ENCOURAGING AND RATIFYING MORTAL SIN is introduced to him during the liturgy at the 5:30 mark. It is absolutely HEARTBREAKING to watch. It is really, really hard for a lost sheep to find its way home when the shepherd is in cahoots with the wolves.

    Don’t pray for me, y’all. Pray for these people. They need it – badly.”

    From: (See the video of the wolves in sheeps clothing in the clergy)

  37. Scarolina @ 1:57 P.M.:
    I used to have relatives in Tampa and spent some time there. I have never been to the Green Iguana, but understand from newspaper reports from the Tampa area newspapers that the predatory antics of a certain politician were well known by the locals. Great city, great food, great beaches, great fishing, beautiful sunsets.

  38. bob strauss

    kaks | June 6, 2011 at 5:35 pm |
    Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi will call for an ethics investigation….
    An investigation like the one they had for Charley Rangle? That was meaningful.

  39. Starks, no offense, but there appears to be quite a bit of anti-Catholic stuff going around these sites these days. I have to ask myself what this stuff has to do with our immediate problems as a nation. I am a Christian first and a Catholic second. Much of this stuff is rehashed from the days of the KKK (who also hated Catholicism ). I don’t go to mass for the Pope AND I understand that there are socialists and even Communists as Priests/Bishops etc. But most are not.

    I just ask why all of the religious division lately on these sites against us Catholics here who are also Christian and who are trying to be on your side?

    I’m speaking out about this because there are those who are trying to divide our WILL to fight against the true enemies within our society and world. The Catholic Church is not that enemy.

  40. Let’s see…Clinton had an affair and stayed in office. Many liberals supported Polanski, even though, he raped an underage girl. Kennedy killed a woman, but got re-elected multiple times. The tragedy of this is even though it was clear to most sensible people that Weiner was not telling the truth, many liberal bloggers, and some in the lame stream media, were trying to cover for him and blame Now that the truth is out, they will probably not even call for him to leave, but I hope that changes soon, or the Dems will look like fools.

  41. Cabby - AZ

    Tina | June 6, 2011 at 9:43 pm |
    Now that the truth is out, they will probably not even call for him to leave, but I hope that changes soon, or the Dems will look like fools.
    It appears there may be far more, deeper reaching aspects to this story than most of us know. Check out the following by “Coach” Collins:
    BTW, did anyone know that Weiner’s wife is a Muslim? Strange.

  42. Starla……………………..
    If there was no petition for name change ever filed anywhere in the US it is my belief that any action as such in a foreign country may not be looked upon in the US as a valid US name change action. If Soetoro was an Indonesian Citizen, then it is immaterial whether or not his name was ever cahnged back to his present name. As such he holds dual nationality. This by itself disqualifies him from holding the office of POTUS. Any name change action still needs to be legally executed in the US, as well. Once again the OBOTS would have us believe that “UP” is “DOWN”. There is more to it than just producing alleged documentation of anything. We also now know that one of Soetoro’s favorite pastimes is in producing PHONEY DOCUMENTS, and he obviously doesn’t care what country’s name he applies to it, as having been done in.

  43. Paxson…………………..
    You don’t have to look very far to determine where much of the ANTI CATHOLIC smell is coming from. It is the stench of decay that emanates from the bodies,minds, and souls of ANTI CHRISTIANS. It is these people who think that doing perverted and homosexual acts is really great. It is these people who think MURDER is GREAT, it is these people who think LYING is great, it is these people who think that raping of women,and children is GREAT. There is much more but perhaps I have made my point.

  44. I have to say that I personally think that WEINER bears the PERFECT surname.!!!!!!!!. In the German language one might refer to him as a”KNACHWORST”. In American slang it could refer to a number of things; among them….. certain human male BODY parts.

  45. Gordo……………………..
    He is WRONG………….this country is already divided ……… such an extent that any re unification might be very difficult to accomplish. Hopefully this will change before 2012. If we remain divided then it is probable that Soetoro will win in 2012. He would probably win with less than 50% of the popular vote. Wasn’t it about 49% in 2008? That tells me that damn few people even CARE who leads the country. They are too busy chasing the alleged American dream,doing their DRUGS, or living in their own little FANTASY worlds. On the TOMBSTONE of the US will appear the words HERE LIES THE AMERICAN FANTASY.

  46. Private Investigator Susan Daniels has pinned down the week
    that Obama received his Conneticutt ss # as March 16-21, 1977.

    He was only 15!

    See full article at

    This site and seem to have the latest breaking
    coverage on these issues.

  47. madeleine7

    Paxson – Thank you so much for what you have said about Catholics. I noticed exactly the same, took people to task , and, was told off for “objecting to free speech.” After that , I desisted , and, just prayed for all those people ( by name) who are voicing anti-Catholic venom. Yes , the “enemy” is certainly NOT the Catholic Church….! Starla – I really enjoy your posts and links! God bless both of you!

  48. TruthSeeker

    Associated Press via reporting Zero has absolutely no intention of answering questions on the legality of the attack on Libya.

    Who wants to bet congress will kiss the b*****d’s ass one more time and do absolutely nothing about it.

  49. Truthbetold11

    There all in on thebgame. Like the. Firm. I watched the story of john dillinger last nite. People and cops were. Cheeering for the villian and this was a true story. Thatsvwhy they wont touch the. Issue

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