Lon Monk testifies Rezko gave him $70,000 to $90,000, Blagojevich trial testimony, May of 2004, Health Planning Board Rigging with Obama help

Lon Monk testifies Rezko gave him $70,000 to $90,000, Blagojevich trial testimony, May of 2004, Health Planning Board Rigging with Obama help

“Why did the Illinois Senate Health & Human Services Committee, with Obama as chairman, create and push Bill 1332, “Illinois Health Facilities Planning Act,” early in 2003, which reduced the number of members on the Board from 15 to 9, just prior to rigging by Tony Rezko and Rod Blagojevich?”…Citizen Wells

“I believe I’m more pristine on Rezko than him.”…Rod Blagojevich

“The last thing Sen. Barack Obama and Gov. Rod Blagojevich needed was that letter written by convicted Illinois influence peddler Tony Rezko promising he’d never rat out his pals.”…John Kass, Chicago tribune

From the Chicago SunTimes May 17, 2011.

“Rod Blagojevich’s running buddy, onetime law school roommate and former chief of staff Lon Monk testified that he took $70,000 to $90,000 in cash payments from fundraiser Tony Rezko.

Monk said he took the money while he worked as chief of staff for Blagojevich and Rezko was a major fund-raiser.

Before his 2008 conviction, Rezko was a major political donor, forging ties with numerous politicos, including one Barack Obama.

The cash payments from Rezko started in May of 2004, according to Monk.

“I’d gone to him to recommend a car dealership where I could buy a particular car,” Monk said of Rezko. “He gave me that recommendation and at that time told me he wanted to help me buy the car.”

Rezko then helped him buy his car. He continued paying Monk about $10,000 in cash on different occasions. Monk did not deposit it because he didn’t want anyone seeing large cash deposits in his bank account.

Jurors heard the disclosure after Monk described how he, Blagojevich, fund-raiser Chris Kelly and Rezko were close and had met on occasion to discuss ways to make money off of state business. Monk’s testimony was not as detailed as it was in last summer’s trial, when he described Rezko at a drawing board describing ways to divvy up potential state deals. ”

Read more:


This may be as close as we come in this trial to linking Obama to the Chicago corruption due to the efforts of Patrick Fitzgerald and the US Justice Department to dilute the prosecution and protect Obama.

Look at the period of time from March – May 2004 and examine what Monk, Rezko, Levine and Obama were up to.


48 responses to “Lon Monk testifies Rezko gave him $70,000 to $90,000, Blagojevich trial testimony, May of 2004, Health Planning Board Rigging with Obama help

  1. Patrick Fitzgerald has been a real disappointment.

  2. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Jerome Corsi to be interviewed live on Steve Mahlsburg Show NOW –


  3. Free Speech

    bo has destabilized Pakistan so that his musbro Terrorists Pals can get control of Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons to use in Terrorist Attacks against the US.


  4. If Obama worked at Baskin-Robbins has Baskin-Robbins ever say they have records showing he did work at B-R? And if so how come B-R has not named a ice cream flavor after Obama? A good name for a ice cream flavor for Obama would be “The Hidden Secrets Swirl”…lol

  5. Got Mr. Corsi’s book today! Glad it is out.

  6. Jerome Corsi maintains that Barack H. Obama, II was born in Kenya, in Mombasa, and reports that his Kenyan grandmother has been telling this story for YEARS!

    He also reports that the Kenyan Government has concluded that Stanley Ann Dunham’s hospital records in Kenya have been ‘criminally tampered with.’

    He maintains that Ann Dunham went to Kenya alone, without Barack, Sr., where she was rejected by the family. When she returned to the U.S., she was rejected Barack, Sr., as well, and moved to Seattle 3 weeks later.

  7. Did Jerome Corsi appear on Sean Hannity today or not?

    I tried to listen to alot of it, but it’s a 3 hour show, and I
    didn’t catch it.

    Sean promised to do this interview…..?

  8. “The Steve Malzberg Show- May 17, 2011- Hour 3”

    “In another first interview, Jerome Corsi, author of “Where’s The Birth Certificate?,” discusses, via extensive research, the Obama birth certificate.”



  9. bob strauss

    Border security?

  10. “The dead infant and the birth-certificate mystery”

    “The researcher found documentation for Virginia Sunahara’s birth on the morning of Aug. 4, 1961, at Wahiawa General Hospital in Wahiawa, Oahu. She was the daughter of Hawaii-born Tomio Sunahara, a postal clerk of Japanese ancestry who fought for the U.S. in World War II, and his wife, Clara.

    The infant developed complications and most likely was transferred to Kapi’olani Women and Children’s Medical Center in Honolulu, although the hospital could have been Queens Medical Center. She died on Aug. 5, 1961.

    WND contacted Virginia’s mother Clara, 83, who is living in Wahiawa on Oahu.

    Clara told WND by telephone she did not have Virginia’s birth certificate and she was not interested in applying to the Hawaii Department of Health to see what birth records might be on file regarding her daughter.

    Is it possible that if Obama’s birth records were forged, the perpetrator used Virginia Sunahara’s birth certificate number, knowing the girl was long dead and the family was unlikely to know or complain?”


  11. From Bill Ayers’ Fugitive Dreams, as submitted by Investigator Ms. Susan Daniels to the Editor of the Post and Email —

    Editor’s Note: The following two paragraphs are the information which Ms. Daniels sent us quoted from Ayers’s Fugitive Dreams:
    After the Baltimore fiasco, stealing ID was forbidden. Instead we began to build ID sets around documents as flimsy as a fishing license or a laminated card available in a Times Square novelty shop called “Official ID.” We soon figured out that the deepest and most foolproof ID had a government-issued Social Security card at its heart, and the best source of those were dead-baby birth certificates. I spent impious days over the next several months tramping through rural cemeteries in Iowa and Wisconsin, Illinois and North Dakota,searching for those sad little markers of people born between 1940 and 1950 who had died between 1945 and 1955. The numbers were surprising: two in one graveyard, a cluster of fourteen in another. Those poor souls had typically been issued birth certificates—available to us at any county courthouse for a couple of bucks and a simple form with information I could copy from the death announcement at the archive of the local paper—but they had never applied for a Social Security card.
    Collecting those birth certificates became a small industry, and within a year we had over a hundred. For years I was a paper-made Joseph Brown, and then an Anthony Lee, remarkably durable identities. My on-paper official residences: a transient hotel in San Francisco and a warehouse in New York.’

  12. Looks like we may have a ‘paper-made’ President!

  13. And the birth certificate BS just goes round and round an round.

  14. Pat1789, regardless of what you believe the BC issue is in relation to importance, the poor forgery, Hawaii’s clammed up stance and the bogus mainstream media shills regarding the issue is completely disgusting and is a major indicator of how sad that our country has become.

  15. I guess that I’m just sick and tired of being lied to by the press, politicians and powers that be. It’s getting old not being able to trust anyone. This Blagojevich trial, Patrick Fitzgerald, the judiciary. ..it’s really disgusting.

  16. Four days and counting…..

    Starting at 6 pm Saturday 21 May 2011 massive earthquakes to occur around the world for 24 hours. At the end of 24 hours the whole world will have been destroyed!


    Interesting read!

  17. “Two New Wash Times Ads: Obama Long Form Birth Certificate is a Forgery! Obama Draft Registration Forged and Back Dated! Obama Using a Stolen SSN! When Will the Congress and FBI Investigate? Not a Natural Born Citizen! 16 May 2011 Issue Wash Times Natl Wkly Edition Pgs 5 & 9. Plus: Expert Report – No Doubt Obama Long Form Birth Certificate is a Fake!”


  18. “Whistling… (Birth Certificate Is A Forgery)”


  19. hapnhal —

    While Harold Camping knows Greek wods, he does not know Greek syntax —
    Part of his calculations are based on

    2 Peter 3:8 ‘But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing: that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.’

    He interprets the ‘as’ to mean ‘exactly’ (which is okay in Greek, except with numbers, when it means ‘about’), but he needs it to mean ‘exact.’

    Why is this a problem? Because if ‘as’ means ‘exactly,’ then when the Bible says about Christ, as in Rev. 16: 15 “Behold, I come as a thief.’ then it means that ‘Christ is exactly a thief!’ and the phrase is not a metaphor for arriving unexpectedly.

    That is the problem with knowing only a little Greek, like Harold Camping.

    However, Brother Camping is solidly convinced that he is correct, and that his proofs are ‘infallible,’ — except he’s wrong. So I guess you pay your money, and take your pick.

    His rocket is counting down to nowhere.

  20. http://obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com/2011/05/news-realease-legal-proof-that.html

    News Release: Legal Proof That pResident Obama’s Certificate Of Live Birth Is A Forgery.

    Good summary from another expert.

  21. “Corsi Book An Important One”
    By Jack Cashill

    “As I have come to learn firsthand, the anti-journalist does not seek to report the news. The anti-journalist attacks the people who do report the news or, just as likely, ignores them completely. When in attack mode, the anti-journalist disregards the facts and dismisses the fact finder as partisan, whacko, reckless, and inevitably, in regard to Obama, racist. No reporter in America knows this form of abuse better than Harvard Ph.D. Jerome Corsi.

    Of all the records, however, none is important as the birth certificate, the ultimate symbol of Obama’s cryptic origins. Until the release of the birth certificate on April 27, I had assumed that Obama was born in, if not Hawaii, at least in the United States, the State of Washington, where he was first sighted as a three-week-old by his mother’s friends.

    A series of events has made me question my assumptions. One is the release a week after the birth certificate of A Singular Woman, the book about Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham. I had expected the book’s author, New York Times reporter Janny Scott, to clarify any remaining questions about Obama’s birth given her two-plus years of research. In fact, however, she does the opposite.”


  22. truthbetold11

    It gets even better:

    An investigation has revealed the identity of the man whose Social Security number (SSN) has been illegally used by Obama: Jean Paul Ludwig, who was born in France in 1890, immigrated to the United States in 1924, and was assigned SSN 042-68-4425 in or about March 1977. Ludwig lived most of his adult life in Connecticut. His SSN begins with the digits 042, which are among several reserved for Connecticut residents. Obama never lived or worked in that state, so there is no reason for his SSN to start with the digits 042.

    Now comes the best part. Ludwig spent the final months of his life in Hawaii, where he died. Conveniently, Obama’s grandmother, Madelyn Payne Dunham, worked part-time in the Probate Office in the Honolulu Hawaii Courthouse, and therefore had access to the SSN’s of deceased individuals. The Social Security Administration was never informed of Ludwig’s death, and because he never received Social Security benefits there were no benefits to stop and no questions were raised. The suspicion, of course, is that Dunham, knowing her grandson was not a U.S. citizen—either because he was born in Kenya or became a citizen of Indonesia upon his adoption by Lolo Soetoro—merely scoured the probate records until she found someone who died who was not receiving Social Security benefits, and “selected” that SSN for Obama.

    Just wait until Trump gets past the birth certificate and onto the issue of Barry O’s use of a stolen SSN. You will see leftist heads exploding, because they will have no way of defending Obama. Although many Americans do not understand the meaning of the term “natural born citizen,” there are few who do not understand that if you are using someone else’s SSN it is a clear indication of fraud.


  23. “Just wait until Trump gets past the birth certificate and onto the issue of Barry O’s use of a stolen SSN.”

    Not going to happen, Trump is done.
    His motives are suspect, and that’s not just me saying that. J Corsi has said the same thing.

  24. The other thing in Corsi’s book, is he has multiple examples of how the MSM relentlessly challenged John McCain’s eligibility. They asked for records, they wanted to know what hospital he was born at, etc. For those who have blogs, you should put this on your blog, and remind the world that those who challenged McCain’s eligibility were not called names. They wanted answers. McCain showed his long and short form birth certificate.

  25. “Meet McCain ‘birthers’: ABC, CBS, NBC, FactCheck, N.Y. Times, more”

    “Eligibility issue was huge in 2008 when Obama opponent was focus of attention”

    “Many of the same news organizations and research groups today dismissing concerns about Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility were far more eager to cover the issue when Republican presidential candidate John McCain was the subject.

    An archive search shows the question of McCain’s birth certificate and his eligibility to be president was actively pursued by Democratic Party activists and the mainstream media in the run-up to the 2008 presidential election, despite the ridicule now heaped upon those questioning Obama’s qualifications under Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution.”

    “JOURNOLIST attacked McCain’s citizenship in 2008”

    “The JOURNOLIST, a group comprised of 400+ mainstream media reporters, left-wing activists, and other liberal elitists who committed criminal fraud to ensure Obama’s election. In 2008, the JOURNOLIST relentlessly attacked John Mc’Cain’s citizenship …”

  26. I am not sure why so many people in the establishment and in the press are afraid to remove Obama from power. What are we afraid of, riots in the streets? I lived through Watergate and Vietnam. We had riots in the streets after King was shot. We survived. We all lived. After Nixon resigned, Ford took over and then Carter was elected. Not that I liked Carter, but the point is the US Constitution has a method for dealing with these things. We followed it then, and we should follow it now. That’s what it is for. We have plenty of minority, hispanic and female candidates in both parties who could run and be wonderful leaders. People should not feel wedded to Obama. We should be loyal to our country and the truth. That’s what is important.

  27. Impeach Obama. Clinton didn’t resign after he was impeached. I doubt Obama will, because he’s an egomaniac, and he will challenge everything in the courts, but he will be gravely wounded for the elections. People think they should not challenge him because they don’t want to hand the nomination to Hillary, but Obama will fight till the bitter end, and if he’s not challenged, he will get a second term.

  28. @Tina | May 18, 2011 at 9:35 am |

    Well said Tina, I was a Nixon supporter and watched most of the hearings. My family turned on him when we found out he was a crook. That’s what conservative Americans do.
    Now look at B. Clinton, BHO, Rangle and Pelosi , all shameless criminals. The Left just circles the wagons and makes excuses. We are dealing with enemies of Freedom.

  29. Exactly, Pat 1789. I agree with you. I doubt anything will be bigger than the huge antiwar riots of the 1960’s. If we got through that with flying colors after Vietnam and Watergate, we will get through anything stirred up if Obama is impeached. We can’t be wimps. We need to fight for the truth and freedom. If Karl Rove is advising the GOP to lay low and be quiet, I fear he is making a huge mistake.

  30. People have to remember.
    BHO and company had a plan all along just like George Romney did in the 60’s, get elected and fight eligibility in the courts.
    Who would have known that the R’s would just lie down for BHO.
    This is not conspiracy just fact, they adopted Romney’s 1968 plan and it worked.

  31. “If Karl Rove is advising the GOP to lay low and be quiet, I fear he is making a huge mistake.”

    We have yet to determine what team Karl is playing for, I suspect the Ruling Class, whatever party they reside in.

  32. Obama will not resign. Rove’s strategy to lay low is based on his assumption that Obma will resign and give the nomination to Hillary. That won’t happen. Obama will fight to the bitter end. He’s in love with himself, in my opinion. Instead Rove is making fools out of everyone, and making the America public furious at all politicians. We should vote all of them out completely. Tell them all that if they don’t tell the truth, we will not give them a dime for their campaigns and we will vote them all out, GOP and Dems. And what could be better for the press, than non-stop coverage of impeachment hearings? They should love it!

  33. Note to Newt Ginrich , your done .

  34. Tina | May 18, 2011 at 10:01 am |

  35. National mag publishes fabricated report attacking Corsi book
    Esquire claims best-seller being disavowed by publisher, ‘pulled from shelves’

    Read more: National mag publishes fabricated report attacking Corsi book http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=300301#ixzz1MioxHk5n

  36. Could you imagine the Fraud / BHO holding up to questions by the pre lap dog Press Corps? They would have laughed him out of the room.

  37. http://obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com/2011/05/jerome-corsi-obama-birth-certificate.html

    Jerome Corsi: Obama Birth Certificate 100% Forged; Sources Say Hawaii Forged Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth Placed It In DOH Book

    Video: Dr. Jerome Corsi: Obama’s birth certificate is 100% forged; Inside sources say Hawaii made Obama’s forged Certificate of Live Birth and placed it in the Hawaii DOH book. The interview was on the Peter Boyles show and aired on 5/18/11.

    … and a smiley face too??

  38. Obama put out phony bc.

    His backers write phony story in esquire.

    After suing them, I suggest changing those ‘where’s the birth certificate?” signs to “it’s a phony birth certificate” signs.

    Dare anyone to sue.

  39. truthbetold11

    obama knows to much to resign and still has millions blinded cause of the free pulpit hes allowed to have. we are stuck with him till election only thing obots can understand

  40. Obama Campaign Hawks Birth Certificate T-Shirt, Campaign Claims Its A “Mobile Version” of Truth Squad to Refute Birther Book

    President Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign today started selling “Made in the USA” t-shirts featuring images of both President Obama and the long-form birth certificate he released copies of last month.

    “Wear your support for this campaign with an official Made in the USA T-shirt,” his website advertises. Donate $25 or more today and we’ll send you your limited-edition shirt.

    Coffee-mugs are also available.


    So get out the counter t-shirts that show the phony bc and say “why is this different from all legitimate birth certificates?” and put on a website by one of the experts that explains all of the forged info.

  41. Citizen to Hawaii Health Director: “Release the Information!”
    Share 0diggsdigg


  42. @observer | May 18, 2011 at 2:45 pm |

    Ok, sounds nutty. I could not even finish.

  43. Pat 1789 | May 18, 2011 at 3:06 pm |
    @observer | May 18, 2011 at 2:45 pm |

    Ok, sounds nutty. I could not even finish.
    Too bad!

  44. “Obama campaign targets Corsi book
    ‘Fight the Smears’ 2.0 launched, mocks No. 1 best-seller as delusional ‘joke'”

    “Why is the White House in full defense mode against a book by a small publisher contending Barack Obama is not legally eligible to be president?

    So, why the Obama organization’s attack against this particular book, when there are so many other hot-selling books that are also very critical of Obama?

    “If what Barack Obama released is really a valid birth certificate that answers all the questions about this controversy, why is the Obama campaign in attack mode on Jerome Corsi’s bestselling book?” asks Joseph Farah, CEO of WND.com and WND Books, publisher of “Where’s the Birth Certificate?”

    “Because he fears it is his undoing. Do you really think the $1 billion Obama campaign cares about selling a few coffee mugs? Give me a break. This is an effort to derail media attention from a successful book and media tour that is focusing renewed attention on his ineligibility for office.”


  45. “Made in the USA” – why not born in the USA?

  46. Pingback: Alonzo Monk sentencing April 3, 2012, Rezko Blagojevich Obama crony, Chicago pay to play politics, Obama ghost of Christmas Past | Citizen WElls

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