AOL buys Huffington Post, Citizen Wells to AOL, Clean up the act or close down business

AOL buys Huffington Post, Citizen Wells to AOL, Clean up the act or close down business

“Why has Obama, for over 2 years, employed numerous private and government attorneys to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells and millions of concerned Americans

“Why has Obama endorsed the Huffington Post?”…Citizen Wells

From the NY Times February 7, 2011.

“The Huffington Post, which began in 2005 with a meager $1 million investment and has grown into one of the most heavily visited news Web sites in the country, is being acquired by AOL in a deal that creates an unlikely pairing of two online media giants.
The two companies completed the sale Sunday evening and announced the deal just after midnight on Monday. AOL will pay $315 million, $300 million of it in cash and the rest in stock. It will be the company’s largest acquisition since it was separated from Time Warner in 2009.

The deal will allow AOL to greatly expand its news gathering and original content creation, areas that its chief executive, Tim Armstrong, views as vital to reversing a decade-long decline.

Arianna Huffington, the cable talk show pundit, author and doyenne of the political left, will take control of all of AOL’s editorial content as president and editor in chief of a newly created Huffington Post Media Group. The arrangement will give her oversight not only of AOL’s national, local and financial news operations, but also of the company’s other media enterprises like MapQuest and Moviefone.

By handing so much control over to Ms. Huffington and making her a public face of the company, AOL, which has been seen as apolitical, risks losing its nonpartisan image. Ms. Huffington said her politics would have no bearing on how she ran the new business.

The deal has the potential to create an enterprise that could reach more than 100 million visitors in the United States each month. For The Huffington Post, which began as a liberal blog with a small staff but now draws some 25 million visitors every month, the sale represents an opportunity to reach new audiences. For AOL, which has been looking for ways to bring in new revenue as its dial-up Internet access business declines, the millions of Huffington Post readers represent millions in potential advertising dollars.

“This is a statement that the company is making investments, and in this case a bold investment, that fits right into our strategy,” Mr. Armstrong said in an interview Sunday. “I think this is going to be a situation where 1 plus 1 equals 11.”

Ms. Huffington and Mr. Armstrong began discussing the possibility of a sale only last month. They came to know each other well after they both attended a media conference in November and quickly discovered, as Ms. Huffington put it, “we were practically finishing each other’s sentences.” She added: “It was really amazing how aligned our visions were.”

One of The Huffington Post’s strengths has been creating an online community of readers with tens of millions of people. Their ability to leave comments on Huffington Post news articles and blog posts and to share them on Twitter and Facebook has been a major reason the site attracts so many readers. It is routine for articles to draw thousands of comments each and be cross-linked across multiple social networks.

Mr. Armstrong and Ms. Huffington say that AOL’s local news initiative, Patch, and its citizen journalist venture, Seed, stand to thrive when paired with the reader engagement tools of The Huffington Post.

AOL’s own news Web sites like Politics Daily and Daily Finance are likely to disappear when the deal is completed, and many of the writers who work for those sites will become Huffington Post writers, according to people with knowledge of the deal, who asked not to be identified discussing plans that are still being worked out.”

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I can assure you that AOL was not seen as apolitical by me.

From Citizen Wells to AOL. Either get rid of Arianna Huffington and clean up the Huffington Post  or we will shut you down.

Consider these “apolitical” examples from the Huffington Post.

Citizen Wells September 19, 2010.

“The Huffington Post, a mouthpiece and recipient of money from the Obama camp, came in first in the search  and reported the following:

“NBC News reports that the Army will court martial Lt. Col. Terry Lakin because of his refusal to deploy to Afghanistan. Lakin is part of the discredited “birther” movement, and as such believes that orders from President Obama are “illegal.”””

Read more:

From Citizen Wells June 3, 2010.

“Here are some exerpts from the Huffington Post article. read the entire article and let me know what you think.”

“The information in this case is overwhelming — that is why I am shocked that Blagojevich is required to begin trial just a year and a half after his arrest. Keep in mind, his attorneys’ (led by the fabulous father-son team, both named Sam Adam) last big victory was the case of R & B singer, R. Kelly. In that case, the Adams had six, I repeat six, years to prepare for trial in a criminal case that hinged mainly on a single piece of evidence: a videotape.

Let me make this short and sweet: I am truly baffled that the defense was barred from so much and that the trial is going today. Here are some key points to keep in mind during the biggest circus in the nation…”

“At first, with much incredulity, I thought this had to be satire. I read it again. The author is apparently serious!

Correct me if I am wrong, but this appears to be an effort to discredit the prosecution of Rod Blagojevich and consequently Barack Obama.”

Read more:

From Citizen Wells May 25, 2010.

“In 2008, the Obama Campaign used a great deal of money from undocumented donors, a legion of paid bloggers, internet thugs and a complicit press to spin their Orwellian lies. The Obama Campaign paid The Huffington Post $ 55,354 in 2008. That of course is what was reported to the FEC and  is the tip of the iceberg. I have heard Obama refer to The Huffington Post on several occasions. The last time was the last straw. The Citizen Wells blog has written about The Huffington Post acting as an arm of the Obama camp to smear opposition to Obama. You can expect more.

Listen to the following Obama speech, if you can stomach it. He mentions The Huffington Post at around 1 minute 57 seconds. The speech is cleverly (in the wicked sense) written. It mixes truths, half truths and lies.”

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  1. Filed today in the District of Columbia

    Posted on | February 6, 2011 | 14 Comments

    Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ

    29839 Santa Margarita Parkway, STE 100

    Rancho Santa Margarita CA 92688

    Tel: (949) 683-5411; Fax (949) 766-7603





    Plaintiff, § Freedom of information violation

    § 5USC §552

    v. §


    Michael Astrue, Commissioner of the §

    Social Security Administration, §



    Does 1-100 §


    Respondents §


    JURISDICTION and venue

    Current complaint filed under federal statute 5USC § 552 (a)(4)(B) and the respondents are officers of the U.S. government


    Plaintiff herein is Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ, President of “Defend Our Freedoms foundation”, filing pro se


    Michael Astrue, Commissioner of the Social Security Administration

    1. Plaintiff brings this action pursuant to the provisions of USC §552 known as the “Freedom of Information Act” (FOIA) and in particular 5 U.S.C. §552(a)(4)(B)


    1. Plaintiff, Dr. Orly Taitz, esq, is the “President of the Defend Our Freedoms foundation” (hereinafter Foundation) and an attorney, who represented this foundation.
    2. Both the Plaintiff and the foundation are dedicated to the preservation of the Constitutional rights and Freedoms of the U.S. citizens.
    3. Plaintiff works closely with a number of licensed investigators.
    4. Plaintiff received a report and an affidavit from a licensed investigator and former Elite Anti Communist proliferation and Anti Organized Crime unit Scotland Yard officer Neil Sankey. (Exhibit 2 A and B)Mr. Sankey’s report and an affidavit, showed that Barack Hussein Obama, the President of the United States (hereinafter “Obama”) is linked in the National databases to some 39 Social Security numbers and multiple addresses. The number he used most often since around 1980 is 042-68-4425. According to Lexis Nexis and Choice Point this number originally was assigned to an elderly individual born in 1890, who resided in CT, but was assumed by Obama from around 1980-1981.
    5. The first three digits of the Social Security number signify the state. 042 signifies the state of Connecticut.
    6. Obama was never a resident of Connecticut.
    7. At the time Obama obtained such Social Security number he was a student, residing in Hawaii.
    8. To confirm such findings Taitz obtained an opinion of yet another licensed investigator, Susan Daniels, who attested to the fact that national databases show multiple social security numbers associated with the name Barack Obama, among them CT Social Security number 042-68-4425 used most often. She, also, found that this number was assigned originally to an individual born in 1890. Later, the same number was associated with the birth date 04.08.1961 and 08.04.1961. Dates of 04.08.1961 and 08.04.1961 suggest existence of some documents, created using an European system of dating: Day, Month, Year, versus the American system of Month, day, Year. Exhibit 1
    9. In and around 1976-1977 due to new Social Security requirements multiple elderly individuals, particularly women, who were housewives and never worked before, applied for Social Security numbers in order to obtain Social Security Benefits, therefore date of birth of 1890 originally connected to 042-68-4425 was consistent with many other examples of elderly individuals, born between 1890-1915, applying for Social Security cards for the first time between 1976-1977.
    10. National Databases such as Lexis-Nexis and Choice Point show another Social Security number, originally assigned to an elderly individual, being connected to the name Barack Obama.
    11. This social security 485-40-5154 is noteworthy, as it was assigned to Lucille I Ballantyne, born 12.22.1912, deceased 09.13.1998
    12. Ms. Ballantyne was the mother of Harry C. Ballantyne, Chief Actuary of the Social Security administration, who had access to all Social Security databases and death indices.
    13. Obama’s selective service certificate verification, readily available on the world wide web, shows a complete match with the number 042-68-4425, therefore verification of Obama’s use of this number since 1980. Exhibit 4
    14. Taitz verified this data with the third investigator, retired Senior Investigator with the Department of Homeland Security John Sampson.
    15. Mr. Sampson provided Taitz with an affidavit, stating that according to his investigation, the number Obama is using most of his life, is indeed a CT Social Security number. Mr. Sampson provided an expert opinion, that there is no reasonable explanation for one residing in HI to get a CT social security number. Exhibit 3.
    16. At the same time Taitz found that the National Databases show different dates of birth for Obama: 08.01.1961 and 08.04.1961.
    17. Recently released passport records for Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, show that Obama was listed in her passport under a name Soebarkah. (Exhibit 5)
    18. AP report from Indonesia, where Obama resided, show Obama’s Elementary school record, showing him using last name of his adopted father Soetoro, citizenship Indonesian, religion Islam. Obama denies all three facts.
    19. Recently Neil Abercrombie, Governor of HI, in an interview to Honolulu Star Advertiser admitted that he was not able to locate the original birth certificate for Obama, only a notation by someone in archives, that some record exist, though no actual original certified long form U.S. birth certificate was ever found for Obama.
    20. Obama provided the public only a short form Certification of live birth created in 2007, right before the election, which does not contain any essential information, which typically would be found in the original long form birth certificate, such as the name of the hospital, the name of the attending physician and signatures, The state of HI statute 338-17 allows a foreign born child of HI resident to obtain HI birth certificate.
    21. The state of HI statute 338-5 allows one to obtain a birth certificate based on a statement of one relative only without any corroborating evidence from any hospital.
    22. The state of HI statute 338-6 allows one to get a late birth certificate, obtained as a result of adoption or loss of an original birth certificate
    23. Numerous reports, claiming that prior Governor of HI Linda Lingle examined Obama’s birth certificate were false as well. Lingle’s interview reveals that she relied on a statement of former Director of HI Health Department Chiyome Fukino, but Lingle never personally saw a birth certificate for Obama.
    24. Chiyome Fukino made a statement that there is a record in Hawaii, however she never provided any information, what record exists there. A record created pursuant to statute 338-5, 338-6 or 338-17 would not be sufficient to establish one’s birth in HI.
    25. There were reports of newspaper articles, announcing Obama’s birth in HI. Follow up research did not uncover any such article anywhere. Nobody ever found any actual newspapers, announcing Obama’s birth. Only a microfiche image was found. There is no evidence, verifying when this image was created. Even if one were to believe that such news paper announcement actually existed, it still did not verify Obama’s birth in HI, as a newspaper article is not a prima facie evidence of birth and it could have been created based on a birth certificate, created under statute 338-5 and statute 338-17.
    26. As above information showed that Obama does not possess either a long form birth certificate or a Social Security number of his own, Taitz filed a FOIA request for the Social Security number application for CT social security number 042-68-4425, which was issued in CT around 1977 to an elderly individual born in 1890 and later assumed by Obama.
    27. Taitz agreed to accept a redacted application, which was denied.
    28. In March of 2010 Taitz filed an appeal and obtained a final determination on May 18, 2010, when her SSA FOIA appeal was denied by Jonathan R Canthor, Executive Director, Office of Privacy and Disclosure of the Social security Administration. Exhibit 6.
    29. Taitz appealed to the U.S. District Court, District of Columbia 1:2010-cv-00151, Chief Judge of the DC Circuit, Judge Royce Lamberth
    30. Court denied the appeal, citing that the court appeal was filed prior to the final disposition by the agency and the privacy considerations.
    31. In and around September 2010, Senior Deportation officer of the Department of Homeland Security (Ret) John Sampson provided an affidavit, where he stated that in situations, where there is a release of the FOIA request for the SS-5 application for the Social Security number, which is suspected to be illegally used by one, who is not the original applicant, routinely government agencies request partial information in order to ascertain, whether indeed the number is fraudulently used. Such information includes: gender of the applicant, zip code, where the Social Security card was sent, race of the applicant. Such information is general enough as not to reveal the identity of the applicant, but on the other hand, it is helpful in identifying fraudulent use of the Social Security number.
    32. On October 4, 2010 Taitz filed yet another FOIA request with the Social Security Administration. Exhibit 7. This request was received by the Social Security Administration on October 8, 2010. Six certified mail receipts of the Certified Mail requests are attached (Exhibit 8, 9).
    33. In her FOIA request Taitz asked for the following information on several SSA-5 forms: (a) Request for clarification, why SSA-5 form for Stanley Ann Dunham, deceased mother of Barack Hussein Obama, which was filled out in 1959, shows form revision date 7/65. (b) Taitz asked for the dates of the SSA-5 form revision dates (c) Limited information regarding SSA-5 042-68-4425, such as zip code to which the original form was mailed, gender of the applicant and date of the application. (d) SS-5 application for Margaret Bossing 042-68-4437 born January 7 1896, death 1982, SS card issued in 1977 (e) SS-5 application for Antoinette Demo born May 30 1890, died April 1979, Social Security card issued between 1977-1979 in Danbury Connecticut. (f) requested information whether another individual assisted those elderly individuals: Margaret Bossing and Antoinette Demo in processing of the Social Security SS-5 applications, Taitz requested the name of the individual, who filled out the cards and the name of the individual, who processed them (g) Taitz provided a sworn affidavit of a licensed investigator Susan Daniels, showing that in national databases the name of Barack Obama is linked to SSN 485-40-5154, which is traced to Lucille T Ballantyne born 12.22.1912, deceased 09.13.1998, the mother of the Chief Actuary of the Social Security administration Harry C Ballantyne. In light of this fact Taitz requested information whether Harry C Ballantyne, Chief Actuary of the Social Security Administration, made any changes or alterations or additions to the Social Security records 485-40-5154 and/or 042-68-4425, 042-68-4426 and/or 042-68-4427. In a separate letter Taitz requested for the SSA application for deceased Thomas Wood, SS number 042-68-4424. SSA acknowledged Taitz requests, however no information was ever provided and no denial of the request was ever received in 120 days.
    34. In December of 2010 and January 2011 Taitz sent two follow up certified mail letters, where she stated that she treated lack of requested information as a denial and she demanded that SSA grant her FOIA request or officially deny it. None was received. As such SSA is in violation of the 5 U.S. §552 and Taitz requests an order and adjudication from this Honorable Court, directing Mr. Michael Astrue, Commissioner of the Social Security Administration to provide Taitz the information requested.
    35. Plaintiff alleges on information and belief that:

    Pursuant to the Freedom and Information Act, 5 U.S.C.§552(a)(3), Plaintiff has a right of access to the documents requested, and Defendant has no legal basis for their actions in withholding the right of access to such documents.

    Plaintiff has exhausted its administrative remedies as provided in the Freedom of Information Act and Agency regulations.

    Wherefore, Plaintiff Prays this court:

    1. To take jurisdiction over this case;
    2. To order Defendants to release the requested documents to Plaintiff;
    3. To grant such other and further relief as the court may deem proper and just


    /s/ Dr. Orly Taitz ESQ

    Certificate of service

    Plaintiff certifies that a true and correct copy of the above pleadings was served on the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia


    Alan Burch, Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Columbia

    555 4th str.,N.W.

    Washington D.C. 20530 VIA MAIL and ELECTRONIC FILING

    /s/Orly Taitz

    Dr. Orly Taitz Esq

    29839 Santa Margarita PKWY

    Rancho Santa Margarita CA 92688

    cc Congressman Darrell Issa


    House Oversight Committee

    2347 Rayburn House Building

    Washington DC, 20515

    cc Congressman Mike Rogers


    House Intelligence Committee

    133 Cannon House Office building

    Washington DC 20515

    cc Congressman Sam Johnson


    House Subcommittee on Social Security

    House Ways and Means Committee

    2929 N Central Expy, 240

    Richardson, TX 75080

    cc Congressman Dana Rohrbacher


    House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations’

    House Committee on Foreign Affairs

    2300 Rayburn House Building

    Washington DC

  2. Bob Strauss
    Can you put some articles from this site that America needs to know

  3. MUST SEE & MUST READ!!!!!


    By Drew Zahn
    © 2011 WorldNetDaily
    Posted: February 05, 2011


    “Is this the “pale rider” from Revelation?”

    “A mysterious, pale green figure seen in televised news coverage of the Egyptian riots has prompted some viewers to ask, “Could this be the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse?”

    Read More & See The Video Here :

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

  4. Texas Secretary of State Addresses Question about Presidential Eligibility
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    by Sharon Rondeau

    In 1836, Texas gained independence from Mexico, declaring itself a Republic. It sided with the Confederacy during the Civil War.

    (Feb. 4, 2011) — A citizen contacted the Texas Secretary of State, Hope Andrade, whose responsibility it is to oversee the Elections Division. According to its website, the Secretary of State “provides assistance and advice to election officials on the proper conduct of elections.”

    From: Redacted
    Sent: Thursday, January 20, 2011 12:54 PM
    To: Elections Internet
    Subject: Qualification to run for Office of The Presidency of The United States

    Texas Board of Elections,

    What are the qualifications to be President of The United States. It is not displayed on the Texas Board of Elections webpage.

    My Request is that all Candidacy qualification remain throughout the year for educational purposes.

    And the Elections Office responded:

    From: Elizabeth Winn
    Subject: FW: Qualification to run for Office of The Presidency of The United States – Maroney (EHW)
    To: Redacted
    Cc: “Kim Beal”
    Date: Thursday, February 3, 2011, 3:48 PM

    As you may know, the President of the United States is up for election every 4 years. The next general election for this office will be in November 2012. The requirements to run for President of the United States are outlined in Article 2, Section 1 of the United States Constitution. A candidate for this office must be:

    1. A natural born Citizen of the United States ;

    2. At least 35 years old; and

    3. A resident within the United States for at least 14 years.

    The Texas Legislature is currently in session, which is why there is an absence of information on our website. Additionally, because of the federal MOVE Act (to help military and overseas voters vote), Texas has a challenge of revisiting it primary dates and filing deadlines to accommodate the 45 day deadline for mailing ballots to this group. Therefore, we will likely see some changes in the candidate filing process before the session ends late May of 2011..

    We hope that this information answers your questions. If you need additional assistance, please e-mail or contact the elections division toll-free at 1-800-252-8683 (VOTE).

    Elections Division Staff

    Texas Secretary of State


    Full contact information for Texas Elections Division personnel can be located here. A Texas state representative, Leo Berman, introduced a bill in the legislature which would amend the state’s election code such that candidates for president and vice president would be required to submit their original birth certificates in order to have their names placed on the ballot. If adopted, HB 295 would take effect on September 1, 2011.

    Berman’s represents the 6th District which is detailed here. In regard to Barack Hussein Obama, who has failed to reveal his original, long-form birth certificate as well as other documentation about his history, Berman stated:

    This bill is necessary because we have a president whom the American people don’t know whether he was born in Kenya or some other place.” If you are running for president or vice president, you’ve got to show here in Texas that you were born in the United States and the birth certificate is your proof.

    A retired Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army, Berman won re-election in his district in 2010 by garnering 86.86% of the vote. He is originally from New York City.

    A follow-up letter was sent by the same citizen to the Texas Elections Office:


    To: Texas Election Division,Texas Secretary of State,

    I was hoping that your response letter would answer my question for the qualification of the United States Presidency, however it did only in part.

    I do understand the qualifications for the Presidency of Article 2 Section 1 when stated ” at least 35 years of age”.

    I do understand the qualifications for the Presidency of Article 2 Section 1 when stated ” A resident within the United States for at least 14 years. “

    But when it comes to the qualification of the President in Article 2 Section 1 when stated ” No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President “; Your answer is still not clear and since you are in charge of the Elections in Texas you most certainly understand the qualifications to run for Office within Texas.

    The Architect’s of the United States Constitution showed a distinct difference between a ” Citizen “ and a ” natural born Citizen ” that is stipulated in Article 2 Section 1.

    To only be a Citizen and become President of the United States you would of had to of been ” alive at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution ” and still alive today. Since all those Citizens at the time of the Adoption of the Constitution are not alive today, now one must be a natural born Citizen.

    The 14 Amendment defines ” citizen “ as born or naturalized in the United States. So what is the meaning of Article 2 Section 1 natural born Citizen since a Citizen and a natural born Citizen are not one and the same as you can see in Article 2?

    Can a child of two Illegal Aliens that is born in Texas run for the Presidency of the United States since that child is a 14 Amendment citizen?

    I might run for The Presidency of The United States of America and I need to know if I qualify. I need to know if I am an Article 2 natural born Citizen as intended by the founding fathers of this Great Country.


    Creg Maroney

    The Post & Email will be reporting on any response which Mr. Maroney receives from the Texas Elections Office which might attempt to define the term “natural born Citizen.”

  5. Truth Now, this video explains Obama’s deciet well.

  6. I hope Dr Taitz’s action will be the first major crack in the dam that will burst and bring down barry and his minions. I am truly sick and tired of the pleas for sanity and patience. Veiled threats of rioting in the streets and civil war.

    Come What May. If this creature stays in power in our White House, we will not see another free election. barry will ensure that our great nation and our freedom and liberty will be reduced to ruins. If this is what it takes, so be it. We were few during the First Revolutionary War (only 30% of the masses), and we prevailed. We The People can do it again.

    My prayers are with Dr Taitz that she be kept safe and strong during this time of conflict and uncertainty.

  7. Bob Yager states:

    Submitted on 2011/02/07 at 5:11 pm

    ““From Citizen Wells to AOL. Either get rid of Arianna Huffington and clean up the Huffington Post or we will shut you down.”

    Actually xxxxxxx, we will shut *YOU* down you son of a bitch.

    mark my words you are going down.”

    Why don’t you say it to my face you little creep.

  8. According to Fox News the alleged interview between Oreilly,and Soetoro, was a HUGE hit with the viewers. Where the hell does Fox get their information. Must be out of their little imaginations. Fox seems to be an entity steeped in internal CONFLICT. On one hand we are told that Soetoro,and Oreilly was a big hit, then we see Glenn Beck trying to expose the Muslim Brotherhood for what it really is. I can only imagine how many arguments must take place every minute of the day between OBOT supporters at FOX.and devout conservatives. It must be a real MADHOUSE. I would think that Murdoch has a real TIGER BY THE TAIL by having controlling interest in FOXNEWS.

  9. obots would not be bashing the O’Reilly interview if the obots thought bo did well in the interview.

    I am not a fan of O’Reilly, but I thought he did a reasonably good job considering that he had to clear all questions with the White House. He only had 15 minutes and if he asked any unapproved questions, the White House would shut the interview down and Fox put enormous pressure on BOR not to get the interview shut down.

  10. citizenwells | February 7, 2011 at 6:40 pm |

    Bob Yager states:

    Submitted on 2011/02/07 at 5:11 pm

    ““From Citizen Wells to AOL. Either get rid of Arianna Huffington and clean up the Huffington Post or we will shut you down.”

    Actually xxxxxxx, we will shut *YOU* down you son of a bitch.

    mark my words you are going down.”

    Why don’t you say it to my face you little creep.
    CW, no stinking obots are going to get anywhere against American patriots on your blog. They are exposed for what they are, traitors.

  11. bo bombed at the Chamber of Commerce today, very little applause for his dishonest speech.

  12. “Actually xxxxxxx, we will shut *YOU* down you son of a bitch.”

    Such rage and anger displayed by Bob Yager 🙂

  13. Are you kidding?

    AOL bought PuffHo for HER. They are not going to get rid of her. They consider her so “successful” and “in tune with the times”, they are putting her in charge of ALL online content for AOL!

    It’s just one thing after another. It is not at all clear how Patriots are going to win – or even survive. All of those wishing to harm America have multiple widely read and “credible” soapboxes. Patriots have been denied all. Relegated (on purpose!) to the back corners of the Internet swamp with “all the other fringe lunatics”.

    Lord come quickly – – –


    Bill O’Reilly scored a big interview with President Obama before the Super Bowl. The economy, Egypt and health care came up. Though, Obama had a hard time getting a word in. O’Reilly interrupted the President about 40 times (we counted), which that feat in itself is quite impressive.

    Most memorable question of the night? O’Reilly asked, “does it bother you that so many people hate you?” O’Reilly later called his interview style “suitably confrontational in a friendly way.”

  15. Free Speech | February 7, 2011 at 8:01 pm |

    bo bombed at the Chamber of Commerce today, very little applause for his dishonest speech.
    Must be tough to give a speech to a room full of business people staring at you, knowing they all know you’re a usurper, and everything you say is BS.

  16. bo critics have a FAR LARGER audience on Fox News, Rush, Breitbart-TV etc. than huffpo. AOL wasted their money.

  17. 9% Unemployment Rate is a Statistical Lie

  18. bob strauss | February 7, 2011 at 8:13 pm | Free Speech | February 7, 2011 at 8:01 pm |

    bo bombed at the Chamber of Commerce today, very little applause for his dishonest speech.
    Must be tough to give a speech to a room full of business people staring at you, knowing they all know you’re a usurper, and everything you say is BS.


    bo is DELUSIONAL. The regime would not be desperately scheduling interviews with O’Reilly and speeches at the Chamber of Commerce, if they did not know that his occupying our White House days are numbered.

  19. misstickly, did you see Orly Taitz’s filing I posted. This sounds similar to what Hawaii is doing to you. Refusing to give you information you are entitled to.

    This is pure tyranny when government is no longer responsive to the Citizens, and the law.

    This is not what the framers of the Constitution had in mind when they created the federal government, to serve, and defend, the Citizens.

  20. >>oldsalt79 | February 7, 2011 at 5:06 pm | Pete & CW………………….
    There is one stark fact that you can rely upon regarding the little pieces of slime who write their little toilet wall type of lunacies, that is the fact that if ANY of them are put in a life threatening situation they fill their pants with excrement,and CRY FOR THEIR MOMMIES. They are worst garbage,on EARTH. They are lower than DIRT. These are the scum who helped put Soetoro in office,and it is they who we are now up against.<<<

    As you know, you never really know how your going to act when things get ugly, I mean real ugly. I have seen things I don't want to remember, but are burned into my memory. I have never served in the capacity you have, but my eyes are open, and like you can sense those that can't act when the time comes. Your service is remembered, and as I have had the relatively unique experience of having veterans tell me thier past, in detail. Believe me when I tell you I can relate. Fear is a human reaction that cannot be changed. The ability to work and perform your duties when your afraid is VIRTUE, and the failure to do so and blaming others is COWARDLY. To you old salt, I say that the Japanese had one thing right, we all die. I prefer to live and die with honor. To many have sacrificed for freedom, I will not let that service, or yours, be for not. We both know that CW has stuck out his neck along way for this blog, don't go away just yet. I ask all patriots, stay close and keep your eyes and ears open, post what you see and hear for the rest. I don't trust the media or my government anymore. The obots can kiss my behind.


  21. Notice how BO uses tactics of classic abusers? They are so insecure about their own identities that they project their own failures on to others.. It’s always the other person’s fault … they need to get on his “team”. They’re not cooperating. They’re the ones who need to change. Did it again with the Chamber of Commerce. They’re trained and glib talkers but their actions are always narcissistic and abusive because it’s always other’s fault that they are not fulfilled and so others must pay. They’re going to get even for their own feelings of inadequacy. He doesn’t realize that the ones he really wants to get even with are his own mother and father? and substitute mothers and fathers in his formative years, continuing to today. It must eventually get to you when you wake up each day and know that the only way you can make it through is by conning others and using them since they are the creators and you can only destroy and shake down the creators to try and bring them down to your own level of inadequacy. Too bad that there doesn’t seem to be one good role model in his past.

  22. It is amusing to see the obots continue to create new alias and bash CW after the MISERABLE week that their messiah had. His muslim Brotherhood was beaten in Egypt. bo’s connections to the muslim brotherhood, code pink and the weathermen Terrorist Ayers were exposed in major publications and National TV and the obots think Patriots are losing the battle against bo?

    obots are DELUSIONAL!

  23. Wikileaks: VP Sulieman is Israel’s choice for President of Egypt and has been for years. So bo and the muslim bros lost that battle too.

  24. bo & musBros LOSE again.

    2008 cable quotes senior Defense Ministry official as telling US that in the event of Egyptian president’s death, “There is no question that Israel is most comfortable with the prospect of Suleiman.”

  25. Observer | February 7, 2011 at 8:48 pm | Notice how BO uses tactics of classic abusers? They are so insecure about their own identities that they project their own failures on to others.. It’s always the other person’s fault … they need to get on his “team”. They’re not cooperating. They’re the ones who need to change. Did it again with the Chamber of Commerce. They’re trained and glib talkers but their actions are always narcissistic and abusive because it’s always other’s fault that they are not fulfilled and so others must pay. They’re going to get even for their own feelings of inadequacy. He doesn’t realize that the ones he really wants to get even with are his own mother and father?

    Exactly. Can you imagine the self-loathing that bo must feel after being abandoned by his mom and dad and then abused by his grandpa and Frank Marshall Davis.

    In terms of his mental disorder bo is the same as Charles Manson. I wonder if Ayers, Jodie Evans and Dohrn were sexually abused by their parents? They are all INSANE!

  26. GBAmerica | February 7, 2011 at 8:27 pm |
    I hope this is for real.

  27. Please share with everyone!

  28. bob strauss,
    I do not know???Just follow the links!I hope so too!!!!!!

  29. Pass this far and wide!!!

  30. bo made a big mistake when he and the musBros threatened the Saudi Royal Family and the Israeli with his failed Egyptian revolt. Beck exposes bo & muslim brotherhood Pt. 1

    Beck exposes bo & muslim brotherhood Pt. 2

  31. I will boycott anything AOL /spread the word

  32. Ohio Government Worker Who Smeared Joe the Plumber gets New Government Job

    So what do you think the proper punishment should be for a government worker who invades the privacy of a citizen to help a political campaign? How about a brand new government job?!

    According to the Columbus Dispatch:

    A county agency has hired Ohio’s former social services director, who quit over a records check on the campaign figure known as “Joe the Plumber.”

    Helen Jones-Kelley resigned in December 2008 as director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. That was after an investigation found she improperly used state computers to find personal information on Samuel J. Wurzelbacher of the Toledo area.

    Jones-Kelley was hired yesterday to lead the Montgomery County Drug Addiction & Mental Health Services Board.

    Board Vice Chairman Stan Eichenaur tells the Dayton Daily News that Jones-Kelley has acknowledged that mistakes were made.

    Let’s take a quick look at those “mistakes” made by Jones-Kelly.

    full story link

  33. Congressman Allen West Reacts To The Firing Of Keith Olbermann By MSNBC


    WASHINGTON/NEW YORK (Reuters) – AOL Inc will buy Arianna Huffington’s influential website for $315 million, looking to the high-profile liberal pundit to rescue it from the dustbin of Internet history.

    The move, announced Monday, comes at a hefty premium. AOL is estimated to be paying 32 times earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization for The Huffington Post, said Benchmark Co analyst Clayton Moran.

    Similar content deals, such as Hellman & Friedman’s acquisition of Internet Brands in September 2010, typically go for eight to 12 times earnings, said Moran.

    “AOL just spent 40 percent of their cash for very little near-term return,” said Moran.

    The Internet company’s name is still a proxy for expensive mergers gone wrong following the unraveling of its $350 billion merger with Time Warner Inc in 2000. Once worth $163 billion, today AOL has a market capitalization of around $2.3 billion. Shares fell 3.4 percent to close at $21.19 on Monday.

  35. “Gibbs brushes off state eligibility requirements
    Department press secretary skips answering question”

  36. Terrorists Ayers, Dohrn and Medea Benjamin confronted.

  37. Did Ayers, Dohrn, Jodie Evans and Medea Benjamin escape from Egypt?

  38. Spread it far and wide folks….something is in the making….I certainly hope they all get caught with their pants down….not a pretty sight though!

    Monday, February 7, 2011
    White Hat Report #10 – February 7, 2011
    February 7, 2011 – The White Hat Report #10 – The United States Supreme Court – Upholders of the Constitution or Just another Political Player?

    Democrats, Republicans, the Supreme Court and the Slow Death of the United States of America.

    “We the People are the rightful master of both congress and the courts – not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.” Abraham Lincoln

    This will be the fourth month the White Hats have reported information about the status of the massive corruption in our government and our beloved country. We have delivered numerous reports with information that America is watching … and there are 308 Million Americans. The same reports have been read by world leaders … Presidents, Prime Ministers, Finance Ministers, Bankers, Lawyers, and our good and honorable government officials.

    Many of the above mentioned leaders questioned the White Hats about what is actually happening in America and how this could be happening especially with the evidentiary materials in hand. It has allowed many of those foreign leaders to check their countries’ banks to see if this corruption has made a path to their lands. It is interesting to note the extensive methods our corrupt former and current leaders have used to hide their spoils, i.e. Sovereign accounts, Vatican accounts, corporate accounts, Trusts, Foundations, off-balance sheet accounts and in the names of others at U.S. and offshore banks. Many members of our Senate and Congress have either met personally with us or have received extensive packages with this personal follow up from the aggrieved parties and are being fully apprised of the magnitude of this problem.

    This single story has grown international legs and the struggle is full blown with the domestic media unwilling to report the news, the domestic authorities unwilling to take action on the evidence, our Supreme Court unwilling to take the actions required by law to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, our Justice Department unwilling to investigate and prosecute the perpetrators of the criminal acts against the United States of America, our domestic and International security agencies unwilling to investigate and make serious, hard hitting recommendations and the Department of State unwilling to explain to the International community the problems the United States is experiencing with our former and current Heads of State. What is the result?

    Nobody in an official capacity has the guts to do the deed … even with the unadulterated truth and the evidentiary materials. In every corner, we have viewed people who recognize and have firsthand knowledge of the recruitment techniques and results if you do not play their game. We have seen the extent of the pay-offs, the bribes in the billions of dollars, the political favors, the usurping of the freedoms we Americans have fought for and the blackmail. Bush’s little black book is deep with details of each person needed to corrupt the system including Obama, Biden, Hillary Clinton, Geithner and many others. Once the door is open just a little bit and the example is set from the highest level available in government, all bets are off. In this case, the Bushes, the Clintons and the Obamas are all at the cashier’s window with an alternative agenda and the agenda is not just money. If it was then it would be easy to detect the corruption. But we have the details, we have the documents, we have the evidence that will bring down the house of corruption but you have to have the guts to play on our side of the table.

    This letter is specifically directed to the members of the United States Supreme Court. Do the right thing and do it now. You are the last bastion of truth and authority in the United States and are watched not only by all Americans but are watched by each and every person in the world? Do you plan on upholding the credibility and integrity of the United States Supreme Court or are you going to allow certain members of the Honorable Court to subvert that integrity? What happens to the unquestionable integrity of the Court if certain members are deemed to be compromised or outright dirty? Are the senior members of the Honorable Court going to stand for the United States of America or are you joining in on the demise of the United States like the rest? As we do not have one ounce of leadership in the White House, we now need you, right now and you know it. We pray that you speak out individually and through the actions you take. We know those actions will be the most difficult actions ever in the history of the United States Supreme Court but you members have been singularly chosen to act for the sanctity of our Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the laws of this great Country, 308 million Americans and the watchful eye of the World.

    Over the course of the last four months, there have been numerous reports regarding the illicit acts of our Executive branch starting at the very top and moving down … receiving payola, attempting to cover up their mistakes, taking instruction from Bush, Sr., receiving favors from the Bush, Sr. people, and subverting the intent of the law and the 308 million Americans that believe in life, liberty and justice for all. They have begun to take away our freedoms. The very people that are supposed to represent the interests of the American people are stealing the America people blind and are subverting every shred of the United States for their own reckless personal interests.

    The vast majority of the White Hats has served or is serving their Country currently. We have or are serving in various forms and capacities and refuse to allow this to continue, and we are willing to put our lives on the line to preserve the integrity of the greatest country in the world. Unfortunately, the further we probe the bigger the problems have migrated throughout the system like there is a new rule of law that states a politician … a government employee … a person elected or appointed to an official capacity … is allowed to steal from the people, and further, if you share with the “members of the club” then you enjoy the” protection” of their club.

    The White Hats have the attention of the world. The world agrees that America is the single dirtiest place to do business with our political leaders. It is very unfortunate that we live in a pay to play world. It is a very sorrowful day that our National Security Agency, our Justice Department, our Federal Bureau of Investigation, our Central Intelligence Agency, our Department of Defense which includes the Joints Chiefs of Staff, and our Supreme Court are running scared from the truth and do not have the compunction to deal with the problems in a formidable forthright fashion.

    Our United States of America is being robbed blind by these people and nobody has the heart, the soul, and the guts to do anything about it. The White Hats remember a time not long ago when men were men and stood up for what was right. Apparently, people are scared … we are not. We are willing to take a very direct approach to stop the destruction. Why? We care about what our Forefathers have left to us. We care about the stewardship of this Country. And we care about what kind of world we will leave to our children.

    The media, one of the last bastions of free voice is also running scared. It has been amazing to watch the intimidation towards the Press …after all, is telling America the truth less important than making sure the members have that White House Press Pass? When did Walter Cronkite ever turn away from a fight when the truth was on the line? This is the same media that knows the absolute truth about Obama’s citizenship issue, have received the same information as everyone else and is scared to death to publish the bad news … all due to intimidation and running scared.

    Now we are at the front door of the United States Supreme Court. It should be interesting to see how the various Administrations have intimidated, paid off or blackmailed the Honorable Justices. Perhaps someone in the current Administration, like Ms. Jarrett as it is reported from White House sources, reported that Obama is manic and only concerned about being reelected in 2012. Perhaps, Ms. Jarrett, you can express why the Global Settlements have been illegally held up … do you need to tell Obama to stop illegally interfering with the Global Settlements? So that you are clearly informed, this is the only money that will save the United States of America, our America, and the land of the free, from its current state of bankruptcy. Is it you that is willing to step to the plate and say “Enough is enough!”? Are you willing to tell the boss to expose the truth of the payoffs, the thefts, the true status of the United States of America, and the world that surrounds us? If Obama does have even the most minor of cognitive issues, are you the person that now holds the code for the football? We know Obama, Biden, both the Clintons and the Bushes, Timothy Geithner, Mitt Romney, to name a few, are fully compromised and could not possibly tell the truth due to the cover-ups.

    Who is going to answer the call of duty and the laws they promised to uphold? Is there anyone in the Supreme Court, the Senate, the Congress, the Justice Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, or the Department of Defense … or how about a wild thought … the Provost Marshal … to do their job at the risk and peril of their own life for the benefit of the 308 million people they represent? If none of you can provide the duties of the office, then retire, resign, or just leave and allow someone who cares to move into the chair.

    Since November of last year, all the information we have reported has been delivered directly to the Supreme Court. We were informed a few weeks ago that letters would be delivered to each Supreme Court Justice that contained information which would tumble the very foundation of America. This has occurred. Out of respect for the Constitutional authority of the Supreme Court, we have given time for the Court to investigate and make the correct ruling on Obama’s citizenship issue, but the Court continues to allow George Bush Sr. to use blackmail to prevent release of the global financial settlements. We just received copies of the two letters delivered to each Supreme Court Justice, which follows below. Signed receipts of delivery exist for each Supreme Court Justice. Sit down and take a deep breath of air before you read the following. This is historically America’s saddest time, when corruption has poisoned the very roots of our Constitution. In fact, several of America’s closest allies have suggested the current Administration looks like it is purposely attempting to totally ruin the United States for their own purpose and ultimate gain …..and we wholeheartedly agree. The letters reveal how much money President Obama received in his conspiracy to block the release of the settlement funds. We will explain the significances of this information after you have read the letters.

    We have submitted for your review two (2) letters dated January 19, 2011 and January 21, 2011, you may view the original document supplied to us located on the right hand side of this site.

    As stated in the January 21 letter, the following is a partial chart of Government Officials sent to the Supreme Court that have benefited in the blocking of Falcone’s Funds.

    President Obama

    Vatican Bank

    President Obama

    Bank of Santander

    Vice President Joseph Biden

    Vatican Bank

    $100 Million
    Tim Geithner

    Vatican Bank

    $700 Million
    George Bush, Sr.

    Vatican Bank

    $700 Million
    George Bush, Jr.

    Vatican Bank

    $200 Million
    Alan Greenspan

    Vatican Bank

    $500 Million
    Mitt Romney

    Vatican Bank

    $400 Million
    Michael Herzog

    Vatican Bank

    $500 Million
    Bill & Hillary Clinton

    Vatican Bank

    $400 Million
    Paul Guennette (associate of Bush, Sr.)

    Vatican Bank

    $700 Million

    Note 1: The chart of stolen funds supplied to the Supreme Court focused mainly on the Vatican Bank. We listed the account data exactly as it was delivered to the Supreme Court. Why are all these corrupt Politicians using the Vatican Bank?

    Note 2: As we have reported previously, we have tracked several other large bank accounts around the world associated with the above conspirators.

    Note 3: As noted in letter #2 above, there is a list of several other government officials who have received illegal payments that are deposited at the Vatican Bank.

    Note 4: Since the delivery of this information to the Supreme Court, several of the above conspirators have been moving their funds out of the Vatican Bank. The detail of each action is continually monitored and further proves their guilt.

    This is the first time we have received information to report the amount of two billion ($2,000,000,000) dollars that President Obama has been paid for cooperating in preventing the distribution of the financial settlements. This is the most critical information we have reported to date in reference to Obama and adds significantly to the investigative authority of the Supreme Court’s decision in reference to his citizenship issue. Here is our understanding of the facts:

    * The Supreme Court has already heard arguments and continues to deliberate privately on making a final ruling on Obama’s Birth Certificate issue.

    * The Court has also received evidence that Obama has been blackmailed using a certified copy of his original Kenya Birth Certificate and paid money for his cooperation in preventing financial settlements.

    * Obama’s Birth Certificate issue, bribery of the same by George Bush, Sr. and money received is all interwoven. The Court has the responsibility to investigate and address all these issues, before they can make a legitimate decision.

    As previously reported, we understand the Supreme Court trying to make a national security issue of Obama’s citizenship, considering to postpone this issue two years in the future, or even rule in favor of Obama, but we cannot accept the fact that the highest government officials have stolen funds from American citizens and then bribed other government Officials to look the other way. The actions of these officials are treasonous and criminal at the very least. The Court should immediately demand the resignation of Obama and other listed government officials, with subsequent investigations taking place. No other option exists. If the Supreme Court ignores their Constitutional duty to investigate, then we can only conclude that some of the Justices may be involved with the above conspirators. The Supreme Court Justices must know that once they are appointed, “We the People” demand that they look beyond any political party and do their job in upholding the Constitution of the United States of America. The truth will always surface out and we will hold anyone, even the highest government officials including the Supreme Court, accountable for their activities of corruption and treason.


    If President Obama has any shred of honor and respect for “We the People” of America, the Founding Fathers, every American soldier past and present, and the Constitution of the United States, he will lead by example: resign, come clean and correct his cooperation in fraud, and finally take his own advice and leave a legacy behind in which America is able to recover from its lowest point in its history.

    We didn’t think we needed Abe Lincoln to remind us of this………. but we obviously DO.

    Clink on the link to view Ed Falcone’s Letter 1 and Letter 2 to The Supreme Court:

  39. Judging by the way the obots try to divert attention from bo’s muslim brotherhood, code pink and ayers/dohrn connections, the regime must be very afraid that indictments are about to be issued that will lead directly to bo.

  40. Does anyone know if Ayers, Dohrn, Jodie Evans and Medea Benjamin escaped from Egypt?

  41. There has not been a code pink update since 2/4/11.

  42. Mubarak Calls on Obama To Step Down as President

  43. Obama and Holder taking on Arizona’s SB1070


    IF the TV has not been already set for the Super bowl, the ratings would have been lower, I bet they muted and went to eat during that 15 minutes, LOL!

    A Pre-Game Interview Prediction Falls Short
    The half-hour when that 15-minute interview appeared pulled in 21.9 million viewers.(To be fair to Mr. O’Reilly, the NBC interview appeared slightly closer to game time, by about 15 minutes, and more viewers come to the set as the kick-off approaches.)

    To be exact, what Mr. O’Reilly said, when he phoned in to the Fox News show “Happening Now” last Friday, was, “More people will see this interview than any other interview that’s ever been done in the history of mankind.”
    Free Speech…This is not an OBOT tactic. It was started by PATRIOTS and you can email CW to verify I am telling you the truth. It was meant to show Obama that no one is buying his lies anymore and to make O’Reilly eat his words when he said that this show with Obama would be his highest rated. As you can see in the article, not even close to his or anyone’s highest rated. Please verify with CW before you continue to us OBOTS. Do not overuse that word, it loses it’s meaning. Thank you, CW for allowing me to post this information on your blog!

  45. Having watched some of the replay of O’Reilly’s interview, I felt that much of it was simply a charade. O’R was his usual pompous self and Obummer was arrogant and self-righteous, and he is nobody’s fool, regardless of what some here think.

    He knew exactly what he was doing and is the master deceiver. The unwitting masses like him personally because they don’t have a clue as to what he really stands for nor do they see through his lying ways. He is playing the media like a fiddle and has convinced multitudes of folks that he is really a nice guy and is moving toward the center.

    To those of us who understand the issues and who have discerning minds, nothing could be more distant from the real truth. Any appearance otherwise is only a facade, which the fools will embrace and never question.

  46. Iowa Republican Focus Group: Obama Is a Muslim (Video)
    Posted by Jim Hoft on Monday, February 7, 2011, 10:37 PM

    An Iowa Republican focus group ripped Obama over his handling of the Egyptian crisis. Nearly half of the focus group members believed that Obama was acting against the interests of the United States because he was a Muslim. The other half believed he was a committed liberal.

    They all agreed he was a disaster.

  47. Iowa Republican Focus Group: Obama Is a Muslim (Video)
    Posted by Jim Hoft on Monday, February 7, 2011, 10:37 PM
    Wow, I listened to this on the radio while driving last night, Luntz was shocked. Kudo’s to theses folks for telling the truth.

  48. It is obvious from the Beck videos exposing bo’s involvement with the muslim brotherhood TERRORISTS and the code pink marxist TERRORISTS that the Powers that Be (PTBs) have turned against bo.

    bo’s failed plot to overthrow all of our allies in the Middle East has been so thoroughly exposed that now even the Saudi Royal Family is against bo.

    With all the PTBs against him now, bo’s days of illegally occupying our White House are numbered.

  49. Free Speech | February 8, 2011 at 7:44 am |
    It is obvious from the Beck videos exposing bo’s involvement with the muslim brotherhood TERRORISTS and the code pink marxist TERRORISTS that the Powers that Be (PTBs) have turned against bo.
    I’m no fan of Beck, but he’s really onpoint with this series.

  50. Bill Cutting | February 8, 2011 at 9:52 am | Free Speech | February 8, 2011 at 7:44 am |
    It is obvious from the Beck videos exposing bo’s involvement with the muslim brotherhood TERRORISTS and the code pink marxist TERRORISTS that the Powers that Be (PTBs) have turned against bo.
    I’m no fan of Beck, but he’s really onpoint with this series.


    I disagree with Beck, Hannity and O’Reilly on the eligibility issue, but Beck is doing excellent work exposing bo’s ties to the muslim brotherhood.

    obots must be terrified on Beck’s reports on bo and the muslim brotherhood because they are frantically trying to silence him.

  51. Jacqlyn Smith | February 7, 2011 at 11:56 pm |

    This kind of posting is utterly ridiculous and it is made up garbage.
    Do research on Vatican Bank because no one, especially politicians can deposit money with the “Vatican Bank”. In fact there is no such banking institution. The Vatican Bank is used by parish priests to send money to the Vatican for the purposes of distribution for charitable purposes.

    Whoever is behind these rumours is commiting slander and libel. Truly, the people that you have libelled by making this post should sue you for your last possession.

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