NC voter fraud, October 29, 2010, iVotronic voting machines, North Carolina counties, Machines straight ticket Democratic overrides Republican, Hanover, Craven, Cumberland, Rutherford, Lenoir, Mecklenburg

NC voter fraud, October 29, 2010,  iVotronic voting machines, North Carolina counties, Machines straight ticket Democratic overrides Republican, Hanover, Craven, Cumberland, Rutherford, Lenoir, Mecklenburg

From the NC Republican Party October 29, 2010.
“Voting Irregularities
The North Carolina Republican Party has been diligently investigating problems associated with voting machines, in particular iVotronic touch-screen voting machines in our state. These types of machines are in use in 35 of North Carolina’s 100 counties.
Reports began to surface last week of voter’s intentions not being properly registered by these machines.   The specific incidents that first came to our attention were those who were attempting to cast a straight-ticket Republican vote but the machine was verifying that a straight-ticket Democratic vote had been registered. Fortunately, these initial voters were diligent in the verification process and after repeated attempts, called the problem to the attention of poll workers who assisted in making sure that the voter’s intentions were properly tallied.
Reports of similar problems began to come in from other parts of the state and at the time of this correspondence, (5pm October 28) we now have complaints from the counties New Hanover, Craven, Cumberland, Rutherford, Lenoir and Mecklenburg.   I want to stress that there may indeed be similar issues in other counties using these same machines. To date, all documented voter issues involve attempts to cast votes for Republicans and at least one voter was a registered Democrat who was attempting to vote a straight-ticket Republican ballot.
Attorneys working on behalf of the NCGOP have been in contact with the State Board of Elections as early as last week in hopes of rectifying this issue and clarifying the causes of these problems. To date, it is our opinion that sufficient effort or progress has not been made by the State Board of Elections to ensure the integrity of the voting process. 
For example, on Wednesday, October 27 the State Board of Elections conducted a informational session to instill voter confidence in Craven County, one of the first to report these problems.   Concerned citizens came to hear information on the documented reports of machines engaging in what is known as “vote flipping”, registering for the opposite party or candidate than the voters intention. Instead they were given a remedial demonstration as to the operation of the touch-screen machine.
When one citizen expressed frustration about the lack of answers to the obvious concerns of the majority in the room, he was told by the State Board of Elections official that she was only there to demonstrate the machine and if he didn’t like that, he could leave.
Just today in Craven County, two republican poll workers were fired for talking to the media about the voting irregularities and what they claim was elections officials failure to properly address the issue.
Additional skepticism surrounds this situation due to the fact that the company responsible for the sale, distribution and maintenance of these machines has made headlines recently for questionable dealings in obtaining state contracts. Knowing that the ownership of the company in question, Printelect, has strong ties to the North Carolina Democratic Party and that the company itself holds a virtual monopoly on ballot printing and equipment maintenance for the state has only fueled suspicions. 
This morning, NCGOP attorneys delivered a letter to the State Board of Elections demanding corrective action be taken immediately.  (a copy of that letter can be viewed here.)
Appearing that the State Board of Elections has no intentions of taking corrective action, the NCGOP is contemplating proceeding to Federal Court on Friday to seek appropriate action to ensure the validity of the voting process in North Carolina. A total of 65 counties in our state use paper ballots tabulated by optical scanners; universally considered to be highly accurate and efficient. It is not equitable that those voters leave the polling place with a higher level of confidence that the votes have been accurately recorded than those using touch-screen machines.
Make no mistake; the NCGOP will not stand idly by and watch one of the most important rights we hold as Americans become subject to at best, a random game of electronic chance and at worst, an effort to subvert the political process.
Letter to SBOE Requesting Immediate Action”

45 responses to “NC voter fraud, October 29, 2010, iVotronic voting machines, North Carolina counties, Machines straight ticket Democratic overrides Republican, Hanover, Craven, Cumberland, Rutherford, Lenoir, Mecklenburg

  1. Please inform your readers of Fitzpatrick beating and imprisonment in Tennessee. See The Post & E Mail for information.

  2. Those voting machines should be seized, just like they did with Zelaya in Honduras. They found machines with votes preloaded for Zelaya. The machines were seized prior to the election. Obama protested Zelaya’s removal from office.

  3. ihv… this is exactly why i believe we need to stick with or return to paper ballots PRINTED IN ENGLISH ONLY..

    there are to many people who wants to control our elections and we know that electronics can be programmed to do what they want
    as to the machines i think that if one is found to be defective they should void all votes and notify the voters…

    actually i think we need to get back to the ONE DAY voting as originally defined… this having 2 weeks voting bull i think it was started to make voting easier to cheat upon..

    if we lose this election to democraps after all we have heard it may be time to do some serious house cleaning

  4. We Americans like to be first at everything. Sometimes we succeed only too well. We are the very first country on Earth to have ESP voting machines which can feel the voters intent. For instance say you would want to vote for the Republican candidate, these machines sense, feel that you really want to vote for the Democrat candidate. Sensitive these machines just not too great if accuracy, fairness and true voter intent is the objective.

  5. ch | October 29, 2010 at 5:09 pm | Please inform your readers of Fitzpatrick beating and imprisonment in Tennessee.
    I have been posting about this for the past 3 days. Fitzpatrick is in a very difficult spot facing trial in jail without bond and without legal representation.

    As some of you may recall, Helen made a big deal about Atty Pidgeon “getting” LCMR Walt Fitzpatrick’s case. Now Pidgeon is trying to withdraw from Fitzpatrick’s case now. This puts Fitzpatrick is a very difficult spot with a trial set for Dec. 1 and a lawyer in Washington State who wants out of the case.

    From the Knoxville Sentinel:

    “Special Circuit Judge Jon K. Blackwood of Knoxville ordered the retired Navy lieutenant commander arrested and held without bond after he failed to attend an Oct. 22 hearing. A trial is set Dec. 1. The judge refused a long-distance, verbal request by Fitzpatrick’s Everett, Wash., attorney to withdraw from the case.”

  6. Once more radical Muslims target the Jews in terrorist threats proving that it’s the Muslims who are the murderers and thugs 99% of the time in today’s terrorist world. Why are they doing it now? I believe because they think OB is weak or one of them.

  7. Tina,

    This “toner-cartridge-terror” BS is a bo SCAM.

    Over the last few months, on four separate occasions, we warned that the Obama White House would pull a terror stunt on the eve of the election in an effort to corral an increasingly resentful and angry electorate into acquiescence.As we reported back in July, former Clinton advisor Robert Shapiro wrote that Obama was relying on an October surprise in the form of a terror scare to rescue his presidency.

  8. bob strauss | October 29, 2010 at 5:38 pm | Those voting machines should be seized, just like they did with Zelaya in Honduras. They found machines with votes preloaded for Zelaya. The machines were seized prior to the election. Obama protested Zelaya’s removal from office.


    I agree.


    UPDATE: As this contrived scare unravels, Obama has given a press conference reversing earlier announcements that there were no explosives in the packages found on the planes. Obama claimed that the packages “did apparently contain explosive material,” completely contradicting earlier reports which quoted authorities as saying that both the package found in the UK and the two found in the U.S. were all duds and contained no explosive material.

    A few hours ago CNN reported, “Investigators examined two UPS planes that landed at Philadelphia International Airport and another at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, said Mike Mangeot, a UPS spokesman. Authorities later gave the “all-clear” at the airport in Newark, U.S. and U.K. officials said,” and yet now CNN is running with the headline, Suspicious packages ‘contain explosive material,’ Obama says. This stinks to high heaven. Obama is directly contradicting the announcements of his own federal security apparatus.

  10. Once a voting machine has shown it’s ability to error it needs to be taken off line, immediately.

  11. CBS national news is on. The way they are reporting the latest “attempt” the reporters sound like they are asleep, that’s how shook up they are acting. For anyone not familiar with O’Hare-cargo has always been physically far, far away from passenger terminals.

  12. To say the least it got very nutty, very fast down here in FL. What Obama and Dems don’t understand none of these slime ball tactics are working anymore WE THE PEOPLE are on to them, they are actually making things worse for their stupid, selfish little selves.
    As was pointed out last night the Obama Dimocrats look desperate and pathetic and slimy.
    Today the news is all atwitter with purported terror bombs in planes. Today there is also a supposed terror attack on a Marine base.
    But the real terror today comes from Barack Obama who sees Marco Rubio from the White House. The real terror today is Patrick Kennedy’s Rhode Island district going to a Republican, just like Teddy’s.
    The terror and fear is mounting. Last night we got a taste of the desperation from Florida. The electoral terror will mount for a few more days. Then the full terror will be unleashed November 2 when Obama will see the pitchforks from his window, moving rapidly, towards him.

  13. Bob Strauss………………………………
    Now all we have to do is get the FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSION involved. We all know how they responded to formal complaints regarding the Soetoro campaign receiving huge sums from out of the US which was broken down into very small (less than $200.00 contributions,assigned a name from a chicago telephone book,and placed in the SMALL contributions fund, by TWO PAKISTANI NATIONALS who were friends of Soetoro,and were managing the fund for him. Huge sums were received electronically from Nadhmi Auchi who is a IRAQI billionaire.
    To summarise all of this I would simply say……….don’t hold your breath, it is doubtful that any body will do anything. People need to PHOTOGRAPH the erroneous results of their vote,and the machine involved, and if possible a serial number, or identification of the machine. then PUBLICISE THE HELL out of it NATIONALLY.

  14. oldsalt79 @ 6:50 pm | Good suggestions, but it is important to document all material and report it as quickly as possible.
    FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSION is in a contest with the current DOJ to look like incompetent corrupt imbeciles, but nothing lasts forever so keep documenting.

  15. Do any of you who are 70 or over remember problems like what is going on now in the 40s,or 50s? While I am sure there was attempts even then to alter votes the old style machines could not be altered to do what is happening now without EXTENSIVE MECHANICAL ALTERATIONS. THAT IS ONE REASON WHY I AM SAYING THAT WE NEED TO RETURN TO THE OLD MACHINES.

  16. OldSalt79, I hope Rush Limbaugh is right. He says the tsunami of voters voting against the Obama regime would overwhelm the ability of the fraudsters to cheat.

  17. bob strauss @ 7:05 pm |
    Guys don’t forget half or more will be former Dems. voting against Obama crime machine.

  18. Bob Strauss………………………………………
    If all conservative voters decide to vote a straight republican ticket the results will turn into a TSUNAMI against the Democratic party,of such a magnitude that little will remain of the Democratic party. I agree with Rush 100 %. This logic is the reason why I have posted comments that hopefully will help people decide how to defeat the the LIBERAL SICKOS. As I said previously that I personally think that everyone should vote a straight ticket. Not necessarily for the REPUBLICAN PARTY,BUT as a vote against the LIBERAL MORONS. Again it would produce a HUGE LANDSLIDE against the LIBS.

  19. Bob Strauss…………………………….
    In addition ,when people who vote a straight ticket, it makes the detection of vote cheating much easier. Knowing this it makes it easier for the forensics to count actual number of votes for each party. When the actual vote tally doesn’t match the alleged final vote the machine has been tampered with, or is defective. Please don’t ask me how I know this.

  20. All Muslims Are Terrorists

  21. Ohio Attorney General: Banks Operating On A Business Model Built On Fraud!

  22. Report voter fraud to –

  23. Bob Strauss………………………………..
    I used an absentee ballot. My wife hand delivered it to our County election board, and they signed for it’s reception. In addition I photrographed the ballot after I completed it. After Nov.2nd it is my intention to ask for a election referree to examine my vote and see if it matches my photograph. We will see. We have a very sneaky County Commissioner. He is a DEM-LIB, who strikes me as the sort of person who would do anything to see Soetoro’s goons re elected.

  24. Please alert whomever you can that the Republican Party has set up a Hotline for election day, 1-888-775-8117, which will be staffed by attorneys, to handle polling issues and possible voter fraud or intimidation. If folks even guess that it might be taking place, they should call for free advice.

  25. By the way,I also photographed the initials that are put on the ballot before it was sent to me. If anything is changed it will have been illegally altered, after it was received by the election board.

  26. bob strauss | October 29, 2010 at 6:28 pm |

    Once a voting machine has shown it’s ability to error it needs to be taken off line, immediately.
    Smashed to smithereens.

  27. Michelle | October 29, 2010 at 7:07 pm |

    bob strauss @ 7:05 pm |
    Guys don’t forget half or more will be former Dems. voting against Obama crime machine.

    Hi Michelle……I think when they say the % of Dem voters they do not know that half or more who are registered as Dems will actually be voting as Repubs…..that is why I strongly believe these polls are not accurate….God help us if we don’t rid our system of these crooks…..DEMS and RINOs alike!!

  28. FYI…….
    Below is the link to the archived files of Bruce and Marianne Curtis…..the Oct. 29 th show of today is the one with VK Durham…..very interesting indeed and towards the end she says not to follow certain folks who are telling you that they have a load of money to fund a new government yet they aren’t telling people where it is coming from…..I have a feeling she was talking about TT although she didn’t name him! She says she is too old to fight the fight and that she wants people to get involved with Bruce…..she says to work with Mr. Curtis to get the trust out to the states correctly and demand that there is NO bailing out of the banksters…..she says “we the people” are the creditors and the banksters are the debtors……a must listen for all…..she even names the people in both Dem and Repubs that are deep into the corruption!!

  29. For more information on V.K. Durham go to her well researched and documented information……including the murder of her husband at the hands of the Bush/Clinton cabal…….

  30. Jacqlyn Smith @ 11:11 pm |
    Hi Jacqlyn-I was so upset after the criminal election frauds of 08, I think I was in shock for a month-hard to think straight-then as I started reading about all the researched frauds I was really amazed at what a bunch of crooks Obama/Pelosi/Reid/DNC really are, plus I was a FL voter, I’m determined this time that maybe, just maybe my vote will count. I kept the DNC registration just to skew their numbers, plus with all this messing around with voters/ballots/and other invented stuff I’m too paranoid to change, we lost it, can’t find it etc. The only downside is I get the robo Dem “come vote for us” calls. Well DNC you were so obnoxious to all the Hillary people 18+ million, we didn’t count, didn’t exist then, you didn’t listen in the 08 cycle when we told you Obama was a loser and a hood and now you want our vote. In addition to those insults to us by our own party (former now we are Tea Party) when folks-Reps-Inds-and us went to town hall meetings-you locked out WE THE PEOPLE, insulted all of us. Exactly who needs you? There is not one government function that the Obama admin handles well-incompetent on every issue facing the American people. Obama go get elected in Kenya if you can.

  31. Michelle…..I am with you girl or your frame of mind and thinking…..keep up the spirit and hang tough….only a few more days of the robo calls….thank God! 🙂

    P.S…..make sure you listen and read the V.K Durham stuff I posted if you have time…..quite informing and information everyone needs to know!


    It has come to notice that President Barack Obama and his administration has created a fake terror scare just before the mid-term elections in order to reverse the anti-incumbency wave that has slowly emerged against his administration.

    CNN reported that two planes had landed – one at Philadelphia International Airport and another one at Newark Liberty International Airport, in New Jersey. Both the planes were inspected by the federal authorities for suspected explosive packages and later cleared. The events were scare tactics designed to shake up Americans before the elections as reportedly said by President Obama. Apparently he forgot to mention that his own administration was behind unleashing these scare tactics over petty political gains. Even after authorities gave all-clear at Newark Airport, CNN continued to run the headline that Obama sniffed out explosives in places they were not there. This incident will surely show Obama administration in poor light, and this political stunt won’t do any good to his falling approval ratings.

  33. MI-It’s not a rock concert it’s the Tea Party Express.
    With less than four days before midterm elections, the conservative movement made its voice heard in Metro Detroit Friday with a rally in Waterford.

  34. Free Speech @ 11:55 pm |
    We used to get this daily at O’Hare with the terrorist group before this latest bunch.

  35. This is the cargo side of O’Hare, we were on the DuPage County side. Most of this happened before I was born, but legend has it that the farmers in Bensenville where most of O’Hare is physically located could have annexed O’Hare after the War, but they didn’t. Not being stupid Cook County, Chicago did-hence a heck of a lot of tax revenue from gosh must be tons of sources-hotels, motels, bars, restaurants etc. My grandmother was a Rosie the Riveter there.
    Free Speech @ 11:55 pm |'Hare_International_Airport
    Most of O’Hare Airport is in Cook County, but a section of the southwest part of the airport is in DuPage County.
    The airport was constructed between 1942 and 1943, as a manufacturing plant for Douglas C-54s during World War II. The site was chosen for its proximity to the city and transportation. The two million square-foot (180,000 m²) factory needed easy access to the workforce of the nation’s then-second-largest city, as well as its extensive railroad infrastructure. Orchard Place was a small pre-existing community in the area and the airport was known during the war as Orchard Place Airport/Douglas Field (hence the location identifier ORD).

  36. Tyranny in Tenn
    Posted on October 29, 2010 by nobarack08

    Notice the injuries in his mug shot? I’m surprised his left ear is stll there.
    Consistantly despicable reporting (if you can call that reporting)
    New number to try:
    TN Veterans Affairs Office
    Director John Keyes
    615-741-4790 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 615-741-4790 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    Asst. Director Don Samuels

    Oct. 27 report:
    Can anyone in TN visit Lt. Cmdr. Fitzpatrick with a camera and document his injuries?TN FBI Phone: (865) 544-0751 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (865) 544-0751 end_of_the_skype_highlighting. Fax: (865) 544-3590.

    Here’s something everyone can do right now. Call this number plus the ones below and demand a resolution to this criminal activity before LC Fitzpatrick suffers the same fate as the Monroe County elections official, Jim Miller (found shot to death, in the trunk of his car, by a MC Deputy). Start with the Knoxville FBI–

    The powers that be are completely out of control and it will only get worse unless and until you say “NO MORE”.
    The time is now to take your stand. Take it in Monroe County, TN. Yes you can wait till after Nov. 2nd but after that it is time for all of us, from all over the country, to
    Bogus arrest, Bogus justice with evil intentI need a thousand people a day to be there until Lt. Cmdr. Fitzpatrick is released and his original complaint of treason against the usurper addressed. Who among you will put fear and your own self interest aside to fight in this noble cause?
    This will be your legacy to your children and your childrens children

  37. Court allows use of fake Social Security Number

    We no longer are a nation based on the rule of law…instead we are a nation based on the whims of progressive judges who rewrite law to protect criminals.

  38. Free Speech @ 12:10 am |
    OMG-Obama screws up the fake terror story after appearing on the with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, which is fake newscasts.
    “The bottom line here is that Americans don’t believe in President Obama’s leadership,” said Shapiro, adding, “He has to find some way between now and November of demonstrating that he is a leader who can command confidence and, short of a 9/11 event or an Oklahoma City bombing, I can’t think of how he could do that.”

  39. Nicely put together by devvy kidd, info explaining natural born Citizen for those wanting to know what all the fuss is about.

  40. To Everyone,
    If you have any friends or family in Ohio,please get the word out for Robert Owens for Ohio Attorney General!Please pass on his site,this man loves this country and the constitution!Many people love him,he has a lot of endorsements.The media is playing the same game only getting 2 sides out but alot of people are backing him.

  41. This could get very interesting, very fast.
    primary 2008 |
    Here’s something strange: political operatives have suddenly gained massive renewed interest in the 2008 South Carolina Democrat primary.
    We’re starting to coordinate the anti-Rahm Emanuel campaign here in Chicago starting November 3rd…that is where we thought all eyes in Chicago would be on Wednesday of next week.
    We’re also going to be working on a campaign against the Cocktail Party GOP establishment…to stop their plan to attack Governor Palin. The 2012 GOP nomination fight essentially begins Wednesday too. We are all-in for Palin.
    But we’ve been talking to everyone political we know here in the Midwest to see what they are going to do after November 2nd…and a lot of people are planning on focusing on SOUTH CAROLINA.
    “Big things are going to be happening there…things that will take this White House down”.
    We have a suspicion of what’s up.
    It has something to do with things Obama did in the leadup to the 2008 Democrat primary in South Carolina.
    It is the big mystery on the radar.
    It’s going to be very busy here for the next several days, but start helping us fill in articles written about the South Carolina Democrat Primary in 2008 and how Obama made up a 20-point deficit to Hillary Clinton to end up winning that contest on Super Tuesday.
    SOMETHING overlooked at the time keeps Obama up at night today.
    This connects to what Ulstermann and his Democrat insider were saying about something bigger than Watergate that could bring Obama down.
    Stay tuned.
    Start digging through old South Carolina reporting.
    Let’s team up to bring down the worst president in history and burn the Democrat Party to the ground.

  42. Michelle, I hope this bares fruit….something is very fishy about South Carolina! This Alvin Greene guy is just amazing!

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