Linda Lingle, Obama birth certificate, December 20, 2008, Lingle interview, Hawaii Health Department, Dr Chiyome Fukino, Governor Lingle April 2010 interview

Linda Lingle, Obama birth certificate, December 20, 2008, Lingle interview

“Why has Obama employed a legion of private and Government attorneys to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells and millions of Americans


The question above, combined with the litany of lies Obama has spoken about his past and his past associations, especially his associations with a multitude of Chicago, IL corruption figures such as Tony Rezko, supercedes all arguments regarding Obama eligibility and fitness for the job of President of the United States. And of course, let’s not forget that Obama is not a natural born citizen. I will revist that later.

Let’s revisit some of the lies, ignorance and misstatements of the past associated with officials in the State of Hawaii.

Here is the Press release from Hawaii Health Director Dr. Chiyome Fukino on October 31, 2008

Here is the text:

“For Immediate Release: October 31, 2008 08-93
“There have been numerous requests for Sen. Barack Hussein Obama’s official birth certificate. State law (Hawai‘i Revised Statutes §338-18) prohibits the release of a certified birth certificate to persons who do not have a tangible interest in the vital record.
“Therefore, I as Director of Health for the State of Hawai‘i, along with the Registrar of Vital Statistics who has statutory authority to oversee and maintain these type of vital records, have personally seen and verified that the Hawai‘i State Department of Health has Sen. Obama’s original birth certificate on record in accordance with state policies and procedures.
“No state official, including Governor Linda Lingle, has ever instructed that this vital record be handled in a manner different from any other vital record in the possession of the State of Hawai‘i.””

Governor Linda Lingle was interviewed by Rusty Humphries on December 20, 2008.

Lou Dobbs “hits the nail on the head” with these statements.

As Dobbs so adroitly states, the COLB presented by the Obama camp is nothing more than a piece of paper that refers to another piece of paper. It is not a legitimate birth certificate and we have no proof that it originated with the Hawaii Health Department. The HI Health Dept. apparently has a birth certificate for Obama, but we have not seen it and Obama has gone to great lengths to keep it and his college records hidden.

World Net Daily has presented another interview of Governor Linda Lingle and controversy surrounding Obama’s birth certificate and the state of Hawaii.

“More than a year and half after Barack Obama was elected commander in chief, the governor of Hawaii is now publicly voicing the alleged exact location of Obama’s birth, saying “the president was, in fact, born at Kapi’olani Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii.”

The disclosure is believed to be the first time a state government official has declared the precise place where Obama was born, despite numerous other published claims, including some for a different hospital in Honolulu.

The remark came Sunday night when Gov. Linda Lingle, a Republican, was interviewed on New York’s WABC Radio by host Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. (The subject was addressed at the 77-minute mark.)”

Read more:

Obama and the State of Hawaii have no credibility.

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  1. truthbetold11

    And the lies keep on coming

  2. Citizen Don in California

    Having a birth certificate on file and stating that she has seen it, but does not state the info in the birth certificate. Does the BC state who his parents were and were they citizens of the USA at the time of his birth? Was the information called in, was the information hand delivered by another person, or was the BC based on Hospital records?

    We don’t know. We only know that it is on file… period.

  3. When Democrats move to the right of Ann Coulter-now that is change you can believe in.
    Great Merciful Zeus: Ann Coulter might just turn us straight.
    Sometimes, we think we’ve actually moved to the right of Ann Coulter
    This has always been about the fact that the Democrat Party changed — not us. We’re still the same guys we always were, except that our eyes opened to the lies the DNC always sold us about Republicans and conservatives in general.
    The current Socialist-Democrat party has no moderates. It is 100% lefty, baby. And its PC-policies towards Muslims — those misunderstood murdering Care Bears — are going to get an awful lot of people killed, once the Religion of Peace stops sending its B-team to blow things up and dispatches operatives who know how to work clocks and who can successfully light their underoos and diapers on fire.

    The DNC has no idea the damage it has done to itself.

    We bet a lot of you, especially the conservatives who found us through Rush, Dennis Miller, Lucianne, or others, also don’t appreciate what’s happening here.

    If the DNC has permanently alienated guys like us — who never in their lives thought they’d be reading and agreeing with Ann Coulter — then the Democrat Party is as good as Whig already.

  4. Leo Patrick Haffey

    “Why has Obama employed a legion of private and Government attorneys to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells and millions of Americans

    “The question above, combined with the litany of lies Obama has spoken about his past and his past associations, especially his associations with a multitude of Chicago, IL corruption figures such as Tony Rezko, supercedes all arguments regarding Obama eligibility and fitness for the job of President of the United States. And of course, let’s not forget that Obama is not a natural born citizen. I will revist that later.”

    Well stated, Citizen Wells!

    As in Watergate, it is the totality of the crimes and the coverup that will eventually convict all the “president’s” men.

    So, Patriots form your Citizen Grand Juries in your Local Counties and Indict, Prosecute and Convict the “president” and all his men in your Local County. That, Patriots is the best you can do for your Country.

  5. CA Patriot

    And the conspiracy continues to grow!

    These people who sign on to and assist with the coverup are only hurting themselves, because when barry is found out EVERYONE will go down and go down hard.

    It’s times like these that make me believe our great country is on the verge of total collapse.

  6. I’m so sick of the obamalamaliki born in Hawai’i crap. Produce the birth certificate already. I’ve often wondered what pot of money he’s dipping into to pay legal fees? Certainly not personal money. Heck, how would mooselle pay for those tye dye moo moos she thinks are dresses.

  7. Citizen Don in California

    Navy Seal McCabe found “NOT GUILTY”

  8. Citizen Don in California // May 6, 2010 at 6:04 pm

    Navy Seal McCabe found “NOT GUILTY”



  9. Citizen Don in California // May 6, 2010 at 6:04 pm

    Navy Seal McCabe found “NOT GUILTY”

    Citizen Don,

    Thanks for the great announcement! God bless America! Amen

  10. When all this is said and done, when the first Kenyan is outed…and he WILL be outed, there is going to be a lot of traitors to deal with. I look forward to paying taxes to keep these “people” in prison for the rest of their lives…Just as they would like to do to me for defying ObotOne.

  11. If Governor Lingle now admits that someone viewed Obama’s original birth certificate and verifies that he was born in Hawaii then Obama should give the Hawaii Department of Health consent to verify that they did issue the “Certificate of Live Birth” that Obama posted on the internet.

    There are indications that the document is a fake
    See an expert’s analysis……..

    and also at Post & Email…….

    Obama’s refusal to allow verification of the COLB by the DOH is very telling, don’t ya think???


  12. Leo Patrick Haffey

    One BHO Cohort Former Nashville Police Chief Serpas is GONE to New Orleans.

    Please help Nashville get rid of the rest of these BHO Cohorts.

    The Night before the WORST FLOODING BHO Supporter Mayor Dean was on Television laughing about the FLOOD and saying, “The worst is over. You’ll wake up tomorrow and see the Sun shining.” (TN Governor-D)
    BHO Supporter) (TN 1st Lady D)
    BHO Supporter) (Davidson County Sheriff)
    (BHO Supporter) (D)
    (BHO Supporter)

    Rep. Jim Cooper (D-TN Chairman BHO TN Campaign)
    605 Church Street
    Nashville, Tennessee 37219
    (615) 736-5295 Phone
    (615) 736-7479 Fax

    If you can be in Nashville on May 17th , please be there for your Family, your Country, to prevent what was done to my Family from being done to your Family by the Criminally Corrupt BHO regime.

    With the DEVASTATING FLOOD, it may be difficult to get to Nashville on May 17th unless you are already in Nashville. If you can be in Nashville at the Birch Courthouse, please be there.


    If you can not be there in person, send emails to the “legal” authorities in Nashville that the Criminal Acts of Criminally Corrupt BHO supporters in Nashville will STOP in Nashville and will NOT be permitted in your Hometown.


  13. … and Lingle has no creditility, either …

  14. Citizen Don in California // May 6, 2010 at 6:04 pm
    Navy Seal McCabe found “NOT GUILTY”


    Do you have a link to the source of the information?

  15. when the next terrorist act or financial crisis happens, and it’s only a matter of time, one of the ways the obama people will “not let it go to waste” is to try to make the nbc status of obama go away by telling us there are “more important” things to take care of.

    Obama is probably turning towards mecca three times a day and praying for just such a thing to happen

  16. Here ya go, Jonah

    Navy SEAL Found Not Guilty of Assaulting a Suspected Terrorist

  17. CW,

    The proof that Obama doesn’t have the goods is quite simple. I promise you, that if he had a true Birth Certificate, with the name of the US hospital and his American Citizen parents on it, he would have waved it under every single Americans nose. You can’t flaunt what you don’t have, therein lies the reality.


  18. Citizen Don in California

    Jonah // May 6, 2010 at 6:23 pm
    I heard it on Fox (sometimes) News that he was found NOT GUILTY of “all” charges.

  19. Let’s hope LTC Larkin gets the same FAIR and BALANCED treatment this navy court martial has given to Petty Officer McCabe!

    Someone in the Department of Defense had to have given the “go ahead” to try and court martial PO McCabe on bogus charges.

    That person would be the Secretary of Defense, ( Robert Gates) who takes his march orders directly from the “Eared One”. There is no doubt in my mind the Eared One had a direct say in pushing Gates who in turn pushed PO McCabe’s commander to move this bogus CM.

    After all, obummer has to demonstrate to his Islamic cousins that he is on their side.

    Sorry Obummer it didn’t work this time!

    Thank God there are still honorable men serving in our United States Navy!

    I only hope there are still honorable men serving in our United States Army when LTC Larkin stand at the bar for his CM. If it goes that far.

    God bless our military on this National Prayer Day and God Bless the United States of America, and to hell with the traitors in Washington who are selling our country out!

  20. Attn: Governor Lingle:

    Show me. Don’t tell me.

  21. oldsalt78,

    I believe you live in Indiana.

    Indiana State code says;

    IC 3-8-1-6
    President or Vice President
    Sec. 6. (a) A candidate for the office of President or Vice President of the United States must have the qualifications provided in Article 2, Section 1, clause 4 of the Constitution of the United States.
    (b) A candidate for the office of elector for President and Vice President of the United States must have the qualifications provided in Article 2, Section 1, clause 2 of the Constitution of the United States and Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

    Here is the Indiana DNC Certification of Nomination for President and Vice President.

    Indiana DNC Certification of Nomination courtesy of

    Do you know why the Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party, Daniel J. Parker, signed this document as well as Nancy Pelosi and Alice Travis Germond?

  22. Leo Patrick Haffey

    Form your Grand Jury in your County of 23 to 25 Patriots and INDICT, PROSECUTE & CONVICT!

    These 12 Simple Steps are the way Patriots can use our Bill of Rights to keep control of the Government and to Clean up Corruption in government:

    1) Advertise and Promote the Fact that you are forming a Grand Jury in Blogs, Local Newspapers and Community Organizations.

    2) Form the Grand Jury and select a Foreman.

    3) Select a Private Attorney General to make Presentments to Grand Jury, if local DA refuses to make presentments.

    4) Select a convenient Meeting Place.

    5) Communicate with all Citizens who have criminal information to present.
    6) Schedule presentments by said Citizens.

    7) Subpoena documents from Government Offices and Officials.

    8. Schedule presentment of said Documents to Grand Jury by Grand Jury Attorney General.

    9) Have Grand Jury Attorney General present said Documents to Grand Jury.

    10) After investigation and deliberation is completed, vote and issue a True Bill (Indictment) or No True Bill.

    11) Announce all Indictments to the Press and schedule News Conferences in front of your local Court House.

    12) Serve the Indictment on the Judiciary at Court House News Conferences for the Issuance of Arrest Warrants.

  23. Citizen Don in California // May 6, 2010 at 6:54 pm

    Thanks. I found a link on CNN and Lurker sent the FOX link. I wanted to email the good news to a friend.

    I have two brothers who served in the military. One brother served in the Navy during WWII in the Pacific and other brother was in Germany in 50s when the Berlin wall went up. I was too young to realize the the seriousness of the situation at the time. He told me years later that it was very tense and were prepared for outbreak of another war.

    Four nephews served, a great nephew in Marines now. My husband was in USAF during Viet Nam. His father served in WWII and his grandfather served in Army in WWI and Navy in WWII. Most of the deceased family members are buried in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery. So I was very concerned about the Seals.

  24. azgo,

    i live in indiana, too, and i can tell you why they signed them.

    because they thought they could get away with it

  25. has anyone listen to the tim turner show last night? The Recording is not posted from yesterday.
    Thank you

  26. Linda from NY

    Here’s the official word, Don in CA…Thanks!

    BREAKING: Navy SEAL McCabe Found Not Guilty ^ | 5-6-10 | Michelle Oddis

    Posted on Thursday, May 06, 2010 6:05:23 PM by Anti-Bubba182
    Edited on Thursday, May 06, 2010 6:11:47 PM by Admin Moderator. [history]

    “NORFOLK, Va. – Navy SEAL Officer 2nd Class Matthew McCabe was found not guilty Thursday evening on charges of assaulting detained terrorist Ahmed Hashim Abed, dereliction of duty, and impeding an investigation based on a false statement.

    A seven member military jury deliberated for an hour and forty minutes before reaching a verdict. For McCabe to be found not guilty, two-thirds of the jury had to agree on each charge.

    Upon hearing the verdict, McCabe’s mother gasped in jubilation, covering her mouth with her hands, while his father and sister smiled. McCabe and his counsel shared a few hugs and pats on the back………………”

  27. Linda from NY

    What? Thought they were broke!

    Illinois lawmakers back Chicago-to-St. Louis high-speed train

    The Quad-City Times ^ | Thursday, May 6, 2010 | Chris Essig

    Posted on Thursday, May 06, 2010 7:54:16 PM by Willie Green

    “SPRINGFIELD — Illinois lawmakers signaled their support for a 220-mph high-speed passenger train that could someday connect Chicago and St. Louis.

    On Thursday, the Senate unanimously approved a resolution creating the Illinois and Midwest High-Speed Rail Commission, which will recommend ways to design, build and maintain the train route. Members of the commission will be appointed by the governor and lawmakers.

    Proponents hope high-speed rail will bring thousands of jobs to the state, as well as cut down travel time between stops in Illinois.

    Earlier in the week, mayors from across the state circulated a letter to lawmakers showing their support for high-speed rail. Michael McElroy, of Decatur, was among a handful of mayors who signed the letter.

    The mayors also are asking Gov. Pat Quinn to allocate $10 million in capital construction funds to cover “engineering and environmental studies” to help get the project up and running.

    In January, Illinois was awarded $1.2 billion from the federal government for a high-speed rail project that would cut travel times on the route by about 90 minutes. The resolution seeks to build on that program by pushing for even faster trains.

    Rather than following the current route that roughly parallels Interstate 55, the proposed 220-mph route would go from St. Louis to Springfield, over to Decatur, then to Champaign and up to Chicago.

    The legislation is Senate Resolution 806.”

  28. Dr. Kate’s radio show in 45 mins!

    Revolution Radio–Walls in our Minds

    Length: 2 hrs

    Ilo Jones, Director of the Fully Informed Jury Association “FIJA” will be our guest tonight. Special weekly segment focusing on identifying and eliminating the walls in our minds so as to bring forth the Second American Revolution. Join Terry Dodd, Red Beckman, drkate, and others for a lively discussion and some real life strategy. 9 EDT, 8 Central, 7 Mountain, 6 Pacific Walls in Our Minds~~Renewing the Foundations
    of Freedom Call in # 347-838-9176 Chat is open during the show for discussion.

  29. Linda from NY


    safeguardourconstitution ^ | 5/6/2010 | safeguardourconstitution

    Posted on Thursday, May 06, 2010 7:36:00 PM by rxsid

    ‘Date Change!’


  30. Linda from NY


    (AP) via Google ^ | May 6, 2010 | n/a

    Posted on Thursday, May 06, 2010 7:29:02 PM by Cindy

    “SNIPPET – quote: Standoff in NH city after bus bomb threat By KATHY McCORMACK (AP) – 45 minutes ago

    PORTSMOUTH, N.H. — Authorities remained in a standoff with a man on a Maine-to-New York Greyhound bus Thursday, hours after a passenger called 911 to report an explosive device on board. The other 16 passengers and the driver safely got off the bus, which was parked in downtown Portsmouth, surrounded by a bomb squad and sharpshooters, including one in an armored vehicle.

    (Excerpt) Read more at …”

  31. Linda from NY

    Stock Market Panic Dow Crash 1000 Points Before Fed Steps in to Buy

    The Market Oracle ^ | 5-6-2010 | Nadeem Walayat

    Posted on Thursday, May 06, 2010 7:23:24 PM by blam

    “Stock Market Panic Dow Crash 1000 Points Before Fed Steps in to Buy

    Stock-Markets / Financial Crash
    May 06, 2010 – 02:56 PM
    By: Nadeem Walayat

    The sovereign debt crisis shock waves emanating out of Greece triggered a stock market Free fall crash today as the Dow sliced through support after support to all the way below Dow 10k, hitting a low of 9,872 before the Fed as part of the Plunge Protection Team (PPT) stepped in to halt the panic selling and triggering an equally phenomenal a 700 point reversal less than half an hour from today’s close.”

  32. azgo, they don’t ‘get it.’ How many times have I asked citizens to look up the laws in their own states? JS did this; anyone else here could have, too. “yo” has no idea what you are talking about. And now, you have researched the laws in two states, AL and IN, and obtained documents required for a citizen complaint of election fraud; but the citizens of those states are still no more educated as to how our government works; or what laws THEY passed in their own states.

    How long ago did you come up with that information about AL, 2 months? Hundreds of people read that post. Yet no Alabamans have come forth with a request for a complaint (at which point I would send them back to request documents, first, anyway).

    I could have researched the laws in each state; and drafted a preliminary complaint for applicable states, pending the results of a request for records from a citizen of that state to the appropriate person associated with the Certification in that state. If my motive was merely to become a cult leader with blind followers. But this conduct got us in this trouble in the first place. That is, we took for granted, some benevolent politician who knew more than us was minding the country on our behalf.

    Michelle had to read my posts more than once – she listened to my radio shows, too – before she fully understood the body of work, which is extensive. But now, she is able to summarize that work in just a few lines, which she tirelessly posts throughout the blogosphere. You ‘got’ my work and, got hooked, too, conducting your own research and sharing this with me. But what about everyone else?

    Know what I began doing yesterday? Looking up contact information for all of the media people on the Board of Directors of the FOIFT (Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas). I posted a list of these people, way back on Texas Two-Step. But as far as I know, no one else has looked up their contact information and sent the materials to them.

    azgo, you know who reads my blog, and digests every syllable: left wing blogs. (For anyone with doubts, read IDIOMS!) They know if my work catches on…

  33. Linda from NY

    What is going on?

    Texas School Suspends Student for Removing MEXICAN Flag

    Radio AM 740 – Houston ^ | 5/6/2010 | Michael Berry

    Posted on Thursday, May 06, 2010 7:17:32 PM by Nobel_1

    “Local School Suspends Student for Removing MEXICAN Flag

    Yesterday, a listener’s son was offended that his school, Klein Collins High School, displayed the Mexican flag prominently. His mother called to complain, and the school wouldn’t return her call. The student took the sign down.

    The school pitched a fit, reviewed the surveillance tapes, found the student, and suspended him for 3 days. AND he has to pay for the flag. In light of the SF story of students sent home for wearing the AMERICAN flag because it offended the Hispanic students, I thought you’d like to know about a story closer to home.

    Right here in our community. Feel free to let the school know what you think. You pay their salaries.

    * * *

    You realize, I assume, that if a student removed – or even burned – the AMERICAN flag, they wouldn’t do anything about it, I’ll bet.”

  34. Another video Posted on American Thinker that has Michelle Obama stating that her husband Barrack is a Kenyan. Just like the LGBT one where she states that Mombasa Kenya, Africa is Barrack’s “Home Country” Both Videos are in the Link. The statement is 2 minutes into the video.

  35. Linda from NY

    May 06, 2010

    US Navy Seal Matthew McCabe On His Acquittal

    “US Navy Seal Matthew McCabe reacts his acquittal of all charges in a court-martial for supposedly abusing a terrorist detainee. He is the third and final person involved in the matter to be acquitted.”

    To his supporters: “Thank them for all their support. It’s been great.”

  36. I Love the title of the Article. “Is Michelle Obama a Birther?” Great Title. It seems they have removed comments and commenting though.

  37. Linda from NY

    Serious Allegation: Obama Administration Covering Up a “Volcano”-Magnitude BP Oil Leak

    ZeroHedge ^

    Posted on Thursday, May 06, 2010 6:37:57 PM by quesney

    “We have been informed by sources in the US Army Corps of Engineers, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and Florida Department of Environmental Protection that the Obama White House and British Petroleum (BP), which pumped $71,000 into Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign — more than John McCain or Hillary Clinton, are covering up the magnitude of the volcanic-level oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and working together to limit BP’s liability for damage caused by what can be called a “mega-disaster.”

    Obama and his senior White House staff, as well as Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, are working with BP’s chief executive officer Tony Hayward on legislation that would raise the cap on liability for damage claims from those affected by the oil disaster from $75 million to $10 billion. However, WMR’s federal and Gulf state sources are reporting the disaster has the real potential cost of at least $1 trillion. Critics of the deal being worked out between Obama and Hayward point out that $10 billion is a mere drop in the bucket for a trillion dollar disaster but also note that BP, if its assets were nationalized, could fetch almost a trillion dollars for compensation purposes. There is talk in some government circles, including FEMA, of the need to nationalize BP in order to compensate those who will ultimately be affected by the worst oil disaster in the history of the world.

    Plans by BP to sink a 4-story containment dome over the oil gushing from a gaping chasm one kilometer below the surface of the Gulf, where the oil rig Deepwater Horizon exploded and killed 11 workers on April 20, and reports that one of the leaks has been contained is pure public relations disinformation designed to avoid panic and demands for greater action by the Obama administration, according to FEMA and Corps of Engineers sources. Sources within these agencies say the White House has been resisting releasing any “damaging information” about the oil disaster. They add that if the ocean oil geyser is not stopped within 90 days, there will be irreversible damage to the marine eco-systems of the Gulf of Mexico, north Atlantic Ocean, and beyond. At best, some Corps of Engineers experts say it could take two years to cement the chasm on the floor of the Gulf.”

    Read on…

  38. Michelle-you tell the truth on one hand, but our husband is a just a common ordinary South Side hood, slum landlord. 20 years as a Community Organizer (thief) if he was so bedazzling word would have gotten out a lot sooner. I’m a former Chicagoan believe me nothing special about this guy, just your average Cook County Crook, with friends in low places, which part of the cesspool of corruption did Obama crawl/slither out of?
    “the hope that people saw just in the sheer presence of somebody like Barack Obama – a Kenyan, a black man, a man of great statesmanship who they believe could change the fate of the world.”

  39. Linda from NY @ 8:36 pm
    Linda, how does Obama nationalize a British company?
    BP plc is a British global energy company that is also the third largest global energy company and the 4th largest company in the world. As a multinational oil company (“oil major”) BP is the UK’s largest corporation, with its headquarters in St James’s, City of Westminster, London.[2][3][4] BP America’s headquarters is in the Two Westlake Park in the Energy Corridor area of Houston. The company is among the largest private sector energy corporations in the world, and one of the six “supermajors” (vertically integrated private sector oil exploration, natural gas, and petroleum product marketing companies).[5] The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index.

  40. DamnGringo

    That news is going to fly like the Hindenburg. Good luck Mr. Soetoro. America eradicated Hitler and his goons and We the People can eradicate any other usurping dictator just the same. It’s actually what the U.S. has been known for all along.

  41. Linda from NY

    Times Square Bomber Linked With CIA-Controlled Terror Group

    by Paul Joseph Watson

    May 6, 2010

    “A man arrested in Pakistan in connection with the Times Square car bombing attempt who had traveled with accused bomber Faisal Shahzad is a member of a terrorist organization that is controlled by British MI6 and the CIA.

    Sheik Mohammed Rehan, who was arrested on Tuesday in Karachi, “Allegedly drove with Shahzad from Karachi to Peshawar on July 7, 2009, in a pickup truck, authorities said. They returned to Karachi July 22. It is not known why they went to Peshawar and whether they met with anyone there,” reports the L.A. Times.

    Rehan is a member of the militant group Jaish-e-Muhammad, a terrorist organization that came to prominence in the mid-1990’s and has been involved in attacks in the disputed Kashmir border region between India and Pakistan. The group also helped carry out the December 2001 attack on the Indian Parliament which brought India and Pakistan to the brink of nuclear war, tensions that proved very lucrative for British and American arms manufacturers who sold weapons to both sides.”

    Read on…

  42. jbjd,

    I haven’t looked up why the Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party, Daniel J. Parker, signed the DNC document, but I know there is a reason as many state DNC Certifications of Nomination don’t have the signature of the state party chairman.

    Once I found the Indiana DNC Certification of Nomination with the signature of the state chairman, I know there must be a law or requirement from the state as to the signature being on the form …otherwise the signature would not be there!

    I also wanted to be sure that the state law requires the candidate to be eligible for the job, so I did look up that law as I listed just to be sure, which took only a few minutes.

    It’s actually easy to look up any aspects of state election law or any other state laws once a person gets use to their format and use of language.

    yo, …at 7:51 pm

    I like your answer but they are getting away with it!!!

    Please consider filing a complaint.

  43. Been gone a while and am not caught up. Interjecting here for some help. I have a friend who’s in terrible sciatic nerve pain…has been for weeks with no relief. I should know how to help her as I’ve been thru it recently. But nothing is helping.

    Please if anyone has natural remedies…especially for pain…she’s at her wits end. What ever advice you give I’ll pass on to her. Thanks.

  44. Linda from NY

    Don’t Tread On Me

    “From the Tea Party Movement to State Legislators, the American people are drawing a line in the sand. On what side of it will you stand? Has the government our Founders created been forgotten by Washington DC? Is a Patriot Uprising ready to capture the spirit of 1776? “Don’t Tread On Me: Rise of the Republic” gives the viewer a look into the movements, mindset, and legislation that will catapult the “Great Restoration” into households across America.

    What is the choke-collar the Federal Government uses to reign in the States? Are the States sovereign or subjects of Washington DC? What did the Founders foresee and how did they seek to protect us from a tyrannical government?

    “Don’t Tread On Me: Rise of the Republic” exposes the commerce clause, defines Sovereignty, the proper role of government, a Constitutional Militia and much more. “Don’t Tread On Me: Rise of the Republic” offers sound solutions to take back rights stolen by our out-of-control, despotic federal government. “Don’t Tread On Me: Rise of the Republic” will educate, inspire, and activate a nation desperately seeking direction.”

    Watch The Trailer…

  45. Linda from NY // May 6, 2010 at 9:01 pm
    Mr. Gibbs seems to be losing it more and more every day. Guilty conscience?

  46. azgo // May 6, 2010 at 8:57 pm


    I haven’t looked up why the Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party, Daniel J. Parker, signed the DNC document, but I know there is a reason as many state DNC Certifications of Nomination don’t have the signature of the state party chairman.
    Yes; that’s why people in TX contacted BR, who signed those Certifications as Chair of the TDP. But this is the point: given the name of the state party chair, someone in the state needs to contact that person to ask for the documentary basis for that Certification. And, of course, there will be no response. But we need that exchange on record, so that it goes in the citizen complaint. (And in a state like TX, with the Open Records law, these refusals to provide documentation mean to my 9th graders, ‘People checked to see whether BO is a NBC; and he’s not!’)

  47. ticktock, Omega III capsules are a natural inflammatory and don’t cost a whole hell a lot. Take three or four at a time. Wait a half hour…

  48. Greg – and some brands work better than others, right? 😉 (We’re in the same family!)

    ticktock – Greg is correct. I personally know two people who got relief with a good Omega III product.

  49. jbjd @ 9:13 pm
    jbjd is right, you always want a record of an activity. The citizen files the complaint by law TX is supposed to react, there will be a record of something, complaint filed nothing done, something done, denied etc. Traceability. We tried to get X person to do their job, but they did not and broke the law of their own state. Much like submitting an insurance claim, you file, they can deny, then you can dispute.

    GOP a ‘Natural Fit for Blacks’
    Actor and author Joseph C. Phillips believes the Republican Party has always been a natural fit for the black community. Conservative principles, he points out, were the foundation of the Civil Rights Movement.
    “Who is a more idealistic people, American people, than black people in America?” Phillips asked. “We truly, truly believe in the ideas articulated in the Declaration of Independence: equality under the law and a limited government that secures equal rights to life, liberty and property.”
    However, life as a black conservative can be lonely. Candidates still face pockets of racism among whites and those who associate with the Tea Party movement face criticism from liberals.
    Lollar has even been called a racist.
    “It’s actually kind of funny when you think about it,” Lollar said. “I use the one liner in my speeches, ‘How can I be a racist? My wife is black.'”
    “We are the party of job creation and opportunity and we believe in a meritorious society where individuals deserve a place at the starting line with no guarantees of how they’re going to finish the race,” he said.
    Lollar predicts Americans will notice more black conservatives running for public offices on all levels in the coming years.
    “It’s time for us to reach across aisles,” he said. “Be uncomfortable and reach across race lines. It’s time for us to rebuild our country from the inside back out.”

  51. Citizen Carlyle (FUBO)

    Is it possible the Gov Lingle is smarter and more patriotic than we think? She had no immediate reason to say what she did. Perhaps her statement was made on purpose to specifically make it easier to formulate a lawsuit that has some legs???

    Gallup Poll: 9 Out of 10 Americans Say Secure the Border This Year
    Wednesday, May 05, 2010
    By Terence P. Jeffrey, Editor-in-Chief
    CNSNews. ^
    Border Patrol agents monitor the U.S. border with Mexico in Nogales, Ariz., on Thursday, April 22, 2010. (AP Photo/Matt York)( – A USA Today/Gallup poll conducted May 1-2 shows that 9 out of 10 Americans say it is moderately to extremely important to them for the federal government to take steps this year to secure the border against illegal immigration.
    Similarly, 61 percent of Americans say they are very concerned that illegal immigrants are putting an unfair burden on U.S. schools, hospitals, and government services.

  53. Thank you Greg and Katie, Will pass this info along immediately. I appreciate it so much.

  54. Linda from NY


    Obama, Satan’s Prime Minister Of Marxism Pushing Forbidden Fruit Upon America.

    Posted on Thursday, May 06, 2010 9:14:13 PM by Armaggedon

    “Marxism is Satan’s religion promising something for nothing. Satan always seeks those who will swallow his lies and sell their integrity by serving the desires of their heart and not God. Satan set up a fruit stand beside the forbidden tree, which deals in the fruits of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

    Satan tempts you and extends credit for the first few bites and after that the narcotic effect kicks in and you are his slave. The problem is, this is not Satan’s tree. Satan is giving you stolen goods and what you take will blow up in your face like an empty bubble.

    Barak Obama, the Marxist minister of Satan is trying to convince us that we cannot live without the forbidden fruit. Obama’s plan is to get so many people addicted to Satan’s way, that Obama and his cronies will win every election from now until doomsday.”

    …”The Way of the LORD is Love, Truth and Life. This is the tree of life and we eat of it and live. Leave the forbidden fruit alone. Obama’s background is the unholy trinity of Islam, Marxism and the Chicago Mob. They have their fruit. You know them by their fruit.”

  55. Oh a question on omega III. Would fish oil fit the bill?

  56. bob strauss

    Watching Senators and Representatives “retire”, slither away, rather than face the wrath of the voters in November, reminds me of the unconstitutional laws they passed just before they decided to quit. What a bunch of worthless bastards.

    These idiots give us an illegal POTUS, give Obama a pass on any verification what so ever, pass a bunch of laws 75% of Americans don’t want and then they disappear into the sunset with a big fat pension and health care for the rest of their lives while the American people get the shaft.

    Every one of these liars needs a lesson in Constitutional law, and what it means when you disobey your oath defend the Constitution. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, it is their responsibility to know the law, and the Constitution. Our Representatives are sent to Washington DC to pass laws based on our Constitution, and protect their constituents from unlawful legislation, and penalties, and defend the Constitution as the peoples voice. What we have now is pass the bill, tax the hell out of the people, and let the courts decide years down the road whether or not the bill is Constitutional.

    Does anybody think they will get their tax money back after years of lawsuits? I don’t.

  57. ticktock // May 6, 2010 at 9:55 pm

    Hi ticktock,

    That’s where we usually get Omega 3 is from fish oil.

    I take 4 tablets of Nature’s Bounty double strength odorless fish oil. The capsules are large, but they’re not a problem to swallow.

    ‘Fish burps’ (pardon me) are horrible, so that’s why an ‘odorless’ product is best. There’s a coating on the capsule to prevent the burps and it works.

    Omega 3 is usually combined with Omega 6. Whatever your friend buys, make sure that the 3 far outweighs the 6; it’s the 3 you want.

    If this doesn’t work, tell your friend to find a good local Chiropractor; Sciatica does respond to chiropractic care.

    Good luck!

  58. Linda from NY

    Thursday, May 6, 2010

    Gorelick Protocls

    “Senator Susan Collins: “A key question for me is why this suspect was allowed to board the plane in the first place. There appears to be a troubling gap between the time they had his name and the time he got on the plane.”

    Faisal Shahzad, “I was expecting you. Are you NYPD or FBI?”

    As the Lame Cherry will explain, both Faisal Shahzad and Sen. Susan Collins are correct, because Eric Holder was playing cute with B. Hussein Obama in endangering Americans even more as they Jamie Gorelick’d this and played Shahzad as they were played by him.

    To quote one of my favorite lines from the Lion in Winter, “Henry knows that I know, and he knows that I know. I know that Henry knows and he knows that I know. We are a very knowledgeable family”.

    This blog profiled correctly that Faisal Shahzad was auditioning from this in the beginning to be al Qaeda Pakistan’s poster boy. His statement in expecting the Police reveals he waited around for the feds to pick up his trail, make this a several day manhunt commanding propaganda attention, and then deliberately phoned in which he knew would be picked up on Escheleon, used his name so he would be red flagged, and then calmly boarded his UAE flight waiting for his appearance on Eric Holder’s American Idol.”

    Read on…

  59. One more question. What’s the limit on how many omega III a person can take in one day?

  60. Thanks SueK. 🙂

  61. Linda from NY:

    Did Yahushua the messiah (aka Jesus) argue with the CHIEF satan when he took him into the wilderness and say this:

    Look at what is being said:

    Mat 4:1 Then Yahushua was led up into the wilderness by the Spirit, to be tempted by the Devil.
    Mat 4:2 And having fasted forty days and forty nights, afterwards He hungered.
    Mat 4:3 And coming near to Him, the Tempter said, If You are the Son of Yahweh, speak that these stones may become loaves.
    Mat 4:4 But answering, He said, It has been written: “Man shall not live by bread alone, but on every Word going out of the mouth of Yahweh.” Deut. 8:3

    Did Yahushua ever argue with him and say, No, you can’t do that? So did Yahushua say that?

    When the term “Devil” is used in the Greek, it usually means the chief, the ruler of, because in the Hebrew, we see the ‘ha-satan’ which is his body. BTW, they’re not cast out of the third heaven yet either as some think. Father Yahweh still has them there, and they are our adversaries.

    Note this:

    Eph 2:1 and you being dead in deviations and sins,
    Eph 2:2 in which you formerly walked according to the course of this world, according to the ruler of the authority of the air, the spirit now working in the sons of disobedience, Eph 2:1 and you being dead in deviations and sins,
    Eph 2:2 in which you formerly walked according to the course of this world, according to the ruler of the authority of the air, the spirit now working in the sons of disobedience,

    So what if I told you that the chief satan has rulership now in the world? Yahushua didn’t dispute that he couldn’t do what he said that he could do. Who did our first parents choose in their government? Was it the “Tree of Life” government or the other?

    You can find out that the trees in the Garden stand for governments or individuals.

  62. Citizen Don in California

    ……………Ginsberg is clearly familiar with the Law of Nations, as were the Founding Fathers of the United States, and the birthright of children based upon the father’s bloodline, a matter of “natural law” recognized the world over.

    She would also be familiar with the respected writings of Vattel in his 1758 book on the topic of “sovereign citizenship” from which the U.S. Founders borrowed the term “natural-born citizen” as a requirement for the offices of President and Vice President.
    ……………..On this basis, at the very best, Barack Hussein Obama II could be a “14th Amendment Citizen”—a naturalized “dual” citizen with “divided” national loyalties. He cannot hold the office of president or vice president.

    This means that Barack Hussein Obama is NOT eligible for the office of president, and is therefore, an imposter, a fraud and a usurper of the U.S. Constitution. It also means that everyone in Washington DC is aware…and complicit in the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on U.S. citizens and the world.

    Obama’s Department of Justice will never allow a single case over Obama’s eligibility to enter a courtroom, rushing DOJ lawyers around the country to file dismissals for Obama, based on “a lack of standing” on the part of U.S. citizens.

  63. Citizen Don in California // May 6, 2010 at 6:04 pm

    Navy Seal McCabe found “NOT GUILTY”

    The truth prevails!!

  64. And don’t leave out the strange letter the hospital received:

    “As a beneficiary of the excellence of Kapi’olani Medical Center – the place of my birth – I am pleased to add my voice to your chorus of supporters,” Obama purportedly wrote.

    The White House has still not confirmed if the letter or its contents are authentic.

  65. Fernley Girl

    I hate to advertise for a store, but Walmart carries wild caught salmon fillets in the frozen fish department at an insanely low price. Each piece is individually sealed. Your friend should incorporate an oily fish meal into their diet 3 or 4 times a week. Still have the supplements, but best to get nutrients from the source as micronutrients may sometimes be left behind during processing.

  66. Linda from NY // May 6, 2010 at 7:56 pm

    ” impeding an investigation based on a false statement.”

    The entire investigation was based on a false statement by the terrorist. I want to see consequences for those who falsely charged the SEALS.

  67. truthbetold11

    trish no tim t last nite he’s running for the hills

  68. CA Patriot // May 6, 2010 at 5:52 pm

    And the conspiracy continues to grow!

    These people who sign on to and assist with the coverup are only hurting themselves, because when barry is found out EVERYONE will go down and go down hard.
    And just think of all those emails…….that info can’t possibly be hidden.

  69. Lakin on CNN?!!

    Now how is Anderson Cooper going to interview Lakin without using the “i” word?

    Come on, Cooper. You can; you can. Say it very slowly: i n e l i g i b i l i t y. Obama is
    i n e l i g i b l e to be president. That’s right, Cooper.

    I’m laughing already.

  70. bob strauss

    JJ @ 10:50, Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves.

  71. Thank you Fernley girl, Walmart’s all she can afford so thank you very very much!

  72. Linda from NY

    kittycat // May 6, 2010 at 10:18 pm

    Hi, kitty! The article I referenced is one person’s opinion; not mine; not yours.

    Understanding comes to those who study the scriptures through the heart, mind, and soul; the references in this article I believe are to the “tree of life” and the “forbidden fruit;”not to the temptation of Yashushua [Jesus].

    Satan [the Chief] is very active in the world at present IMHO and has purchased many souls through greed and avarice. It is his revenge upon the world for rejecting him from the Heavenly Kingdom.

    Yahweh [God] gave us “free will” to choose righteousness or depravity. Those who chose Satan [the Chief] will dwell with him for all eternity. Those who chose Yahweh [God] will dwell with Him in the Heavenly Kingdom in eternal happiness.

    We reap what we sow. Those who sow disparity and repugnance, will reap eternal damnation. Our country suffers at the hands of the depraved right now but the few will save the many, and good will triumph over evil.

    Peace Be With You, Kitty…Linda

  73. CNN is going to Crucify Lakin like all the other MSN Media. Cooper will shake the COLB in Lakin’s Face along with the Hawaiian News Paper Birth Announcements. If I were Lakin, I would avoid the Liberal Media altogether. He already had FOX NEWS (Bill O’Reily and Megan Kelly) try to make a fool him.

  74. Linda from NY @ 11:03 pm
    Due to all the concerns in the Ocean re: oil spill I looked up fish farming, done correctly it is fine, some take too many short cuts (profits) not good. After reading that yesterday and seeing Wal-Mart Salmon I got curious and looked them up.
    I’ve seen this many times and have thought about buying it, but always decided next time I’ll get it. Well, today I finally read the packaging and, although it says “the wild-caught salmon and frozen fish for the North American market are only from fisheries that are certified as “sustainable” by the non-profit Marine Stewardship Council”….. I also found “Product of China” on the side.
    With issues of tainted products coming out of China recently, I was uneasy about buying the fish. I would appreciate knowing what ya’ll think and if any have bought and liked the salmon?

  75. ticktock // May 6, 2010 at 11:02 pm

    Hi ticktock,

    Good suggestion from Fernley Girl!

    Some folks just aren’t ‘fish people’ but if your friend likes it, that’s a huge plus-nothing like *natural* fish oil.

    Also, if there’s a Rite Aid pharmacy in her area, that’s a good place to get the fish oil supplements because each week, they usually have a buy one, get one free sale. They’re not expensive, so she can load up!

  76. “Hawaii Gov. Lingle answers the birthers, who remain surprisingly unconvinced”

  77. TickTock – for sciatic pain I would try to ice the sore parts at least several times a day for 30-60 minutes and then take as much Prozac as she can get from a physician. If she doesn’t want to take Prozac try St. John’s Wort. Do this for 1-2 months along with daily aspirin and she might get some relief.

  78. FED is a Ponzi Scheme. It is communist monopoly serving predators and gangsters.

    They should be arrested for crimes today.

    Terminate the FED.

    The following FED responsibilities were not met.

    “Conducting the nation’s monetary policy by influencing monetary and credit conditions in the economy in pursuit of maximum employment, stable prices, and moderate long-term interest rates.”

    – Did not meet. Exterminated employment, capitalism, competitive forces and collapsed whole economy to great depression, even bigger than previous one. Millions of people lost jobs, homes, saving and the future.

    “Supervising and regulating banking institutions to ensure the safety and soundness of the nation’s banking and financial system, and protect the credit rights of consumers.”

    -Did not meet. Provided fraudulent rating and speculative mortgages. Mainly Greenspan fraudulent job. Redistributed money in the form of bail-outs to predators and communists. Created Trojan Horses: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, General Motors, AIG, banks…..

    “Maintaining stability of the financial system and containing systemic risk that may arise in financial markets.”

    – Did not meet. Created more systemic risk and violated laws. Collapsed whole financial system. Drove small banks to bankruptcies while made larger banks even larger, posing the largest systemic risk. Banks did not spin-off companies after mergers to become smaller. Bigger banks, bigger systemic risk. All banks must be broken into smaller ones.
    ht james bond

  79. ticktock // May 6, 2010 at 8:59 pm

    I had that actually in my hip and couldn’t walk up any incline…….straight stretches I could handle, but no embankments or hills??

    So, after two weeks, I had to see my doc…….he gave me some pills, I took one and (I swear this) in 30 minutes, I was pain free, could walk up hills, etc.

    I can call and find the name if necessary…….I am not one to go to doc unless absolutely necessary, so trust me when I say it worked.


  80. Kim // May 6, 2010 at 11:35 pm

    Are you calling the Federal Reserve the “FED” in your post?

  81. Andy Martin is on the move in Hawaii….

    Andy finds Lingle has deceived the American people.

    “Lingle secretly ordered Dr. Fukino to issue a false press release on the eve of the 2008 election supporting Obama.”

    Andy keep the ball rolling…..

  82. Crystal, Thanks for the tips. How does prozac work on pain? Never heard of that one.

    JJ, Thanks. It would be interesting to know what that was!

  83. Citizen Don in California

    hapnHal // May 6, 2010 at 11:51 pm

    Andy Martin is on the move in Hawaii….
    Link doesn’t work. “Page not found”

  84. Lakin is a man of honor. Imo, he won’t even have to say a word to show up Anderson Cooper and all the shallow, phony arguments that will not hold up in court.

  85. Signs of the times . . . .

    “But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of stress.
    For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money,
    proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents,
    ungrateful, unholy, inhuman, implacable, slanderers, profligates, fierce, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding the form of religion but denying the power of it.” 2 Timothy 3:1-5

    And most of our government “leaders” and media mouths are prime examples.

  86. Citizen Don in California

    hapnHal // May 6, 2010 at 11:51 pm
    Is this the same story??

    Andy Martin says KITV-TV News’ story on April 30th, that he was preparing to sue Gov Linda Lingle, forced her hand and made her confess to suborning election fraud.

  87. Starla, yes! End the FED!

  88. Citizen Don



  89. The level of serotonin in the nervous system “gates” the pain threshold. For example, a person with low serotonin will find exercise to be painful where a person of the same fitness level and ability but with normal serotonin will not find a normal level of exercise to be painful. Your friend might also benefit from levoxyl (prescription thyroid hormone), B complex “100” in the morning, N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC), 200 mg magnesium, and possibly injections of vitamin B12 (if she has a large fiber neuropathy, tested by a neurologist using a 128 hz tuning fork to test her sense of vibration). You can go to PubMed and type in pain and serotonin and read all about the most current research findings.

  90. Thanks again, Crystal.

  91. Citizen Carlyle (FUBO)

    Gov. Lingle did NOT help settle the issue. In fact she more like rubbed salt in the wound. I still think maybe she threw this grenade in the punch bowl on purpose – – –

  92. Gov. Lingle should see the story in American Thinker about Michelle Obama stating that her husband is Kenyan and that Kenya is his “Home Country”. Like a Phillipino has the Phillipines as their “Home Country”.

  93. Citizen Don in California

    Good night amd may God Bless us all!

  94. Fair enough, somebody needs to ask Lingle the question…”is the Certification of Live Birth that Barack Obama displayed on his ‘Fight the Smears Website’ and was verified by a valid Hawaiian COLB? And did you issue that COLB. Not “it appears to be”… Is that the COLB that was supposedly requested?’

    I have always been of the frame of thought that the fraud of the COLB will be bigger than the facts in the Hawiian records…………..

  95. Somebody ask the question. “Governor Lingle, recently you mentioned that this issue about Barack Obama’s birth in your state is a non-issue. Certainly you have seen the Certification of Live Birth that he posted on his website? No?, that surprises me. Or, yes. Given the fact that you are intimately familiar with the questions surrounding Barack Obama’s birth in the State of Hawaii and recently mentioned the hospital of his birth… Certainly you must know when the COLB, that was displayed to the public, was released to whomever requested it. Is that COLB that was posted on the “Fight the Smears” website a valid Hawiian document?” You won’t answer that question? Why not? How could you not know the answer to this question? You are intimately familiar with this subject. You just named the hospital that he was born in, but you won’t vouch for the document that he posted on his website? Why not?”

  96. “Governor Lingle, you have take the extraordinary statements to name the hospital that Barack Obama was born in. Thank you for clearing this up for us all. Given the fact that you have taken this step, please tell us when the COLB that was displayed on Barack Obama’s website was release. Is that document an exact, certified document from the State of Hawaii? Why are there descrepancies from the year that it was released with respect to the security borders on the document?”

    Lingle has taken a big step. Somebody needs to ask her about the COLB. As governor of the state, given the fact that she has elaborated on the place of Barack Obama’s birth, it should be no problem for her to say that the COLB is a valid document and she should be able to tell us that the information on the document is correct in addition to when it was relased.

  97. “Governor Lingle, you took the extraordinary step to name the hospital that Barack Obama was born. Thank you very much for that. There should be no issues with you, as governor, verbally certifying the COLB that Barack Obama had on his “Fight the Smears” website as an exact copy. You obviously have been intimately involved in this issue since it first came up in 2008. Can you explain to us why the security border doesn’t match the year that it was supposedly released? why not?> You are governor of the state and just told us that this was a non=issue and took the liberty to name the hospital that Barack Obama was born. But you won’t answer these questions?” Why not?

  98. Fernley Girl

  99. Linda from NY // May 6, 2010 at 7:56 pm
    ……. impeding an investigation based on a false statement………
    “The entire investigation was based on a false statement by the terrorist. I want to see consequences for those who falsely charged the SEALS”

    The SEALS trial was nothing but a circus event. Those poor guys, and families, had to endure months of garbage for nothing. Nobody was ever going to convict these guys, not in a fair hearing. Now that the circus tent has come down, the initiators of this action need to point fingers on “false statements”. This is political posturing and BS, and I for one can smell it. Corruption on a grand scale, even in to the people who risk it all to protect this country, my god what have we come to?


  100. ticktock // May 6, 2010 at 11:55 pm

    Crystal, Thanks for the tips. How does prozac work on pain? Never heard of that one.

    JJ, Thanks. It would be interesting to know what that was!
    Muscle relaxer….any kind……I remembered because my husband said …I told you so!!
    Don’t ya just lovem??

  101. Jacqlyn Smith

    Please listen….we all know this but good information to pass on to those in the dark!!!

  102. Jacqlyn Smith



    Global Settlement Corporation, Protector
    The Global Settlement Foundation (GSF) is an independent, international non-profit organization that provides finality of settlement for global trade.
    The Global Standard™ gives material shape to the principle of lawful money that men must deal with each other by lawful voluntary trade and give value for value. To trade by means of lawful money and lawful voluntary contract is the code of civilized men of good will.
    NEW! Our founders and trustees have released the Finality of Settlement Part II. It lays out the facts of law, crimes against humanity, and extreme fraud. It will be served upon key de-facto world leaders as well as to those who are in charge of producing wealth. It is now on the public record worldwide.

    Events are moving quickly worldwide. The American Republics are awakening – grand juries are being convened across the republics of America. In England, John Harris has proved that the Magna Carta is no longer in force. The fraud of private corporations masquerading as government in the USA is being challenged in court in the Rod Class & Dave Buess case. The post Bretton Woods world order is coming to an end – the evidence is all around you from failed countries such as Portugal, Ireland, Iceland, Greece, Spain, &c., and failed corporations such as General Motors, the great bailout of Wall Street &c. If you think that your country / bank accounts and working capital are immune, you are putting your business, life, and future in jeopardy.
    Our founding partner SWANsat, the originator of the AUric has guaranteed the secure internet of the future. The SWANsat Magna Carta for the information age has been served upon world leaders.
    Our Swiss infrastructure is ready, the Global Mint is open for business and we are releasing our Finality of Settlement – Part I document on our website ahead of schedule. Learn about how legal plunder has been perpetrated on the common people, how courts of law have been replaced by sham courts. Learn how bank liabilities are not legal tender and how it is mathematically impossible for everyone to get legal tender cash from the banks. Dramatic evidence is available regarding the stalled international economy.
    We have a worldwide remedy for lawful trade, including a lawful electronic trading platform already in operation. Anyone who has assets to protect, please take notice. We have plans to save those of the People of the Global Isles who are awake and aware.
    It is time to take the steps to avert WWIII.
    Worldwide military, and Heads of State please take notice – we know of how you are pitted against each other, of the weapons in use, of the plans for false flag attacks, of the stolen and secreted gold, and of the use of legal plunder and blackmail to make men fight. We at the GSF – unarmed – are not afraid. We are coming to rescue you from becoming gladiators at the pleasure of your Roman masters.

  103. Fernley Girl

    The following headline looks pretty good. Or maybe not. We actually need 500,000 jobs PER MONTH for the next 2-3 years, just to replace the jobs that have been lost before we will actually be adding jobs to the economy. So when Obozo is standing in the Rose Garden saying the numbers are a true measure of success, he’s not telling you the whole truth.
    But all of us here all know truth-telling is above his pay grade.

    From the WSJ:

    U.S. Adds 290,000 Jobs

    U.S. payrolls rose by 290,000 in April, the largest gain since March 2006. The unemployment rate rose to 9.9% in a sign that more Americans are looking for jobs.

  104. so, what they’re really saying is that it took them a year and a half to get all their forgeries in order?

    Okay, let’s take her statement at face value. Then the people who do have “an interest” would be the House/Senate in order to validate his Constitutional requirement.

    Fine. Now let’s ask the House/Senate to release the document they have and where it was obtained from. Something this sensative will be well documented in order to uphold our Constitution, you would think.

    Certainly the House/Senate would not have allowed something like a forgery off of a website be their guide, so let’s see what they saw.

    Bring it!

  105. Obama will NEVER meet the Constitutional requirements for natural born citizenship.

    By his own admission his father was not a U.S. citizen at the time of his birth and even if he had been born on the White Lawn on the Fourth of July, he can never meet the criteria of being the child of TWO U.S. citizen parents.

    It’s time to get over the place of his birth and move on to GETTING this FRAUD OUT OF OFFICE!!

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