Jesus face, Shroud of Turin, History Channel, 3 D image of Jesus face

The History Channel is presenting a special on a 3 D analysis of the face image captured on the Shroud of Turin. To believers, it does not matter. To skeptics, I suggest that you pay attention.

Is this the face of Jesus?

I began reading about and studying the image on the Shroud of Turin over 30 years ago. There has been much misinformation propagated about the shroud and the image. I believed that the image on the shroud was Jesus many years ago. The recent analysis and image are compelling.

More to follow.

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  1. Jacqlyn Smith

    He has risen……Hallelujah!!!!

    One Solitary Life

  2. God keep you in his loving care
    Through every passing day.
    His presence brings new strength to you
    and guides you on your way.

    – The late Elmore “Pop” Cornwell,
    from his book, “POEMS” that Bless, and Inspire

  3. Jacqlyn Smith

    Please listen tonight is you have time….
    More from one of the Guardians….Sam Kennedy…

    Restore America Plan – Sam Kennedy 3/3/10 Status
    To the blessed listeners of TAKE NO PRISONERS worldwide,

    Well, I guess we got their attention this time.

    As you probably know, The Restore America Plan has made the mainstream media including the lead story on the Fox News Network’s 6 o clock news (Special Report with Bret Baier), CNN MSN, NBC and ABC. Reporters around the country are angling for information, and the worst they can say is: The FBI and Department of Homeland Security are not aware of any immediate or credible threats of violence as part of this group’s plan. Big story there. The FBI has been in the field most courteously around the country and we have opened many new channels of communication. I made a surprise drop-in visit yesterday to a local FBI interview of a grand juror and had the pleasure of sharing information from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, and furthering our lines of communication. All in a day’s work for those of us who are committed to freeing our children before the world degrades into economic and political Armageddon.

    I have a big surprise for our listeners tomorrow night (Sunday, April 3) on TAKE NO PRISONERS (8 PM ET, Republic Broadcasting Network). It’s not something I can just summarize here, but I can promise an immensely enjoyable and satisfying experience especially for members of the Guardians of the Free Republics, our enormous global audience, and the many new listeners we expect to be tuning in across the country. I invite everyone to join me.

    I will also have the pleasure of sharing some of the more substantive elements of my interview of the FBI agent and State officer yesterday. I consider every opportunity to commune with an attorney, judge, prosecutor, law enforcement or bureaucrat a blessing from the Lord.

    And finally, I will share some of the truth of the world around us of which new listeners may not be aware. For instance, I will have the pleasure of showing you the actual source of the 700B “bailout” funds.

    TAKE NO PRISONERS can be heard on FM and shortwave stations around the world, and on the internet via Shoutcast or directly through the network website at:

    every Sunday night on the unique voice of freedom, the Republic Broadcasting Network at 8 PM ET, 7 PM CT, 6 PM MT and 5 PM PT. Hope to see you then.

    Thank you for reading and would you kindly consider CIRCULATING THIS EMAIL FAR AND WIDE?

    Peace and Grace to all,

    Sam Kennedy

  4. Jacqlyn Smith

    Sorry….should be “if” you have time!

  5. Funny, He doesn’t look Jewish.

  6. On this 4th day of Passover and 5th day of counting the Omer, I wish all my Christian friends and associates a Happy Easter!

  7. Happy Easter to you and yours Citizen WElls! May God Bless and be with YOU in all you do for America!!!

  8. Dean M………………………..

    YOU TOO!

  9. Linda from NY

    CW: Thank you for this post! Pertinent to this day!

    Beautiful picture!

    Happy Easter…Linda

  10. SUEK—
    Will you post the “card”for everyone to see? It seems like it would be appropriate today.

  11. Linda from NY

    Risen Christ opens for a us a completely new future says the Pope at Easter Mass

    CNA/EWTN ^ | 4/4/2010

    Posted on Sunday, April 04, 2010 12:09:36 PM by markomalley

  12. oldsalt78 // April 4, 2010 at 11:11 am

    Hi OldSalt, and Happy Easter!

    The only way I can do this is to post the link; these cards need an e-mail addy to send, so maybe just the ‘preview’ will work.

    Here’s the link:

    It’s the featured card; on the right, click ‘preview this card’ and it should come up. Be sure to turn up your speakers!

  13. I saw this program and it is truely amazing. The people who worked on this project were transformed due to the implications of how the image was formed. To this day, after ~200,000 hrs of research, they cannot definitively say how the image was made. They inferred that the image most likely was imprinted on the shroud by a light emmited during the resurection. This is truly shocking as this is a non-religious investigation. The image has 3D information coded on the shroud meaning it was actually wrapped around the figure. Therefore it could not be a crude photo as was previously thought. Also, they suspect the carbon dating which was estimated at ~1200 AD could be suspect due to contamination at the location where the sample was taken. It is a must see program and record it because you will want to watch it over and over.

  14. Linda from NY // April 4, 2010 at 11:31 am

    Happy Easter, Linda,

    Yes, thanks…I’ve subscribed to Jacquie Lawson for several years and friends have loved her cards so much that they’ve subscribed, too.

    I received this card 8 times thus far since Thursday. Hmmm…wonder why? :).

  15. Linda from NY


    The Joshua Chronicles , Bible ^ | EASTER | Jedediah

    Posted on Sunday, April 04, 2010 12:38:56 PM by Jedediah

  16. Portuguese Rev War Hero Peter Fancisco

    Happy Easter everyone to you and yours.

  17. Portuguese Rev War Hero Peter Fancisco

    Congressman in Trouble After Health Care Vote|htmlws-sb-n|dl1|link5|

    Andrew Breitbart socks it to the Race Industry but good
    Posted by hillbuzz
    “You just have to read this — it’s an excellent piece by Andrew Breitbart socking it to both the Socialist-Democrat Party and the Race Industry itself.
    In it, Breitbart illustrates the DNC’s strategy of using Alinksy Methods to call anyone who opposes their agenda a RAAACIST!, and destroy America by using false, Duke lacrosse-style accusations to split the country along lines of racial and cultural warfare.
    John Lewis, as Breitbart argues, should especially be ashamed of himself. He’s claimed he was called a n***** “15 times” the day he held Steny Hoyer’s hand and the two of them walked across the Capitol grounds en route to vote on the abominable Obamacare bill. Yet, despite thousands of cameras recording the Hoyer-Lewis (Hoyis?) waltz, not a single frame of footage has been found recording anyone calling Lewis, or any other black member of Congress, a “n*****” as he claimed.
    When the Race Industry channels Crystal Mangum (and other race-baiting liars, like Henry Gates, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Eric Holder), and is called out for it, and can’t produce any evidence to support their wild allegations, then liars like John Lewis should resign their seats in Congress in disgrace.
    He won’t, of course. But he should.
    And he should be mighty ashamed of himself as well.
    Just as we are, at this point, to have supported the Democrat Party for as long as we did.”
    At the rate Obama is going there won’t be many Dems remaining in the former Democratic Party, since Obama and minions ruined it for any decent and honorable people

  19. Peter: re healthcare law. Something I read about and that had ocurred to me also is:

    If we have, under Roe v Wade, the right to choose to kill another human being,( a defenseless human being), under the guise of our right to control our own bodies, then why do we not have the right to refuse a mandate to what our personal healthcare choices (controlling what happens to our own body)might be including no healthcare coverage at all??

    Hopefully this will be addressed by the SC when some of these legal cases charging unconstitutionality of this awful healthcare law, are heard..

  20. Our time on earth is extremely short, and it is imperative that we say the things that need to be said to those who we love before we can no longer say them. Otherwise we will be forever damned by our own inaction to living a very painful life thereafter.

  21. Portuguese Rev War Hero Peter Fancisco

    Tone it Down “Mr. Obama”.

    Obama’s 17-minute, 2,500-word response to woman’s claim of being ‘over-taxed’
    by Anne E. Kornblut

    CHARLOTTE – Even by President Obama’s loquacious standards, an answer he gave here on health care Friday was a doozy.

    Toward the end of a question-and-answer session with workers at an advanced battery technology manufacturer, a woman named Doris stood to ask the president whether it was a “wise decision to add more taxes to us with the health care” package.

    “We are over-taxed as it is,” Doris said bluntly.

    Obama started out feisty. “Well, let’s talk about that, because this is an area where there’s been just a whole lot of misinformation, and I’m going to have to work hard over the next several months to clean up a lot of the misapprehensions that people have,” the president said.

    He then spent the next 17 minutes and 12 seconds lulling the crowd into a daze. His discursive answer – more than 2,500 words long — wandered from topic to topic, including commentary on the deficit, pay-as-you-go rules passed by Congress, Congressional Budget Office reports on Medicare waste, COBRA coverage, the Recovery Act and Federal Medical Assistance Percentages (he referred to this last item by its inside-the-Beltway name, “F-Map”). He talked about the notion of eliminating foreign aid (not worth it, he said). He invoked Warren Buffett, earmarks and the payroll tax that funds Medicare (referring to it, in fluent Washington lingo, as “FICA”).

    Always fond of lists, Obama ticked off his approach to health care — twice. “Number one is that we are the only — we have been, up until last week, the only advanced country that allows 50 million of its citizens to not have any health insurance,” he said.

    A few minutes later he got to the next point, which seemed awfully similar to the first. “Number two, you don’t know who might end up being in that situation,” he said, then carried on explaining further still.

    “Point number three is that the way …

  22. Portuguese Rev War Hero Peter Fancisco

    CJ // April 4, 2010 at 12:23 pm

    Peter: re healthcare law. Something I read about and that had ocurred to me also is:

    If we have, under Roe v Wade, the right to choose to kill another human being,( a defenseless human being), under the guise of our right to control our own bodies, then why do we not have the right to refuse a mandate to what our personal healthcare choices (controlling what happens to our own body)might be including no healthcare coverage at all??

    Hopefully this will be addressed by the SC when some of these legal cases charging unconstitutionality of this awful healthcare law, are heard..

    EXCEPT the Constitution has be Concealed and no longer applies to CORPORATIONS of Fictitious People and Gov’t.

  23. Linda from NY

    Obama Removes Jesus from Easter Message

    Vince Haley

    “President Obama literally edited Christ out of his “holiday greeting” today when he excerpted a sermon given by a military chaplain on Iwo Jima on Easter Sunday 1945.”

    Well…then how can he call himself a Christian?

  24. Look what I found,1 0f 13 go into you tube

  25. CJ……………………
    That is exactly the GIST of a posting that I made recently,and is to me the only way it can be looked upon rationally. Roe vs Wade is the precedent if you will.

  26. Happy Easter….off to have Kielbasa, Ham, potato salad ect…. stay safe.. God Bless America !!!

  27. I suspect that an Islamic MUSLIM would excise the word JESUS from anything that he said………oops I mean, COPIED. It is doubtful that he would be able to verbally craft anything as meaningful as that which was stated by the Chaplin.

    STUNNING: NASA admits its climate data is “garbage”
    NASA admits its data is garbage, NASA climate fraud |
    NASA, under pressure from numerous Freedom of Information Requests, has at last admitted its climate data is largely garbage.
    The space agency cops to “not having a clue in Hell what it’s been doing” and describes its climatology hobby as “inferior to the work done at East Anglia”.
    It’s ludicrous to watch Socialist-Democrats in Washington insist we need a Cap & Tax Economy Killing bill to de-industrialize the West, when all of their madness is based on the lies told at East Anglia and, apparently, the incompetence at NASA.

  29. Andrea Shea King is on the bus, reporting from the road all of their Tea Party activities. They are being very welcomingly received. An informal poll done by people honking.

  30. Linda from NY // April 4, 2010 at 12:32 pm

    Ya, Linda, and he’s pretty much cancelled the National Day of Prayer.

    I have to laugh at one of the quotes Goober Gibbs uttered: “Prayer is something that the president does everyday.”

    Ya, to Allah.

    The Communist News Network’s headline is comical: ‘Obama tones down National Day of Prayer observance.’ ‘Tones down?’ How about ‘eliminates?’

    How much more proof do we need?

  31. Portuguese Rev War Hero Peter Fancisco

    Roe vs Wade


  32. This is a very good video to take in. Compelling music and subject matter. From a link at blessedistruth blog:

  33. Margie // April 4, 2010 at 12:42 pm

    Margie, Happy Easter.

    I just ate all that. Bring some Pepcid Complete or Tums with you.

    Trust me.

  34. Portuguese Rev War Hero Peter Fancisco

    If an island can CAPSIZE and SINK by the mere act of humans populating it, imagine what can happen to the Constitution….

  35. Michelle…………………………
    The one thing that really stands out about all of the LIARS who try to incite racial aspects to everything that they allege. Most of the time they havn’t one word of PROOF of their allegations. This is the sort of notoriety that will be remembered by the voters,in 2010, and again in 2012. They think that everybody is totally stupid, and they can tell everybody that UP is down, and left is right,and it will be believed. TOTAL horses a$$es!

  36. He has Risen!He loves us all so very much!!

  37. Portuguese Rev War Hero Peter Fancisco

    Jacqlyn Smith // April 4, 2010 at 12:17 am

    One brave woman….this is stunning….she has a lot more patience than I would of had…..more reason to pray the Guardians are successful…..

    Cops Raid Home Without Warrant

    ELDER ABUSE and TERRORISM not to mention threats, and many other violations.

    She needs to call the Media and show this tape and also call her local politician, etc.

  38. For a new day.


    Capitalism and Republics:
    A Patriot’s Perspective
    by Richard K. Moore


    And then came the traitors
    … the agents of international bankers who were eager to sink their vampire fangs into the neck of the growing republic. More than once they dipped their fangs, when by intrigue they succeeded in getting a central bank established in America. But each time the republic proved stronger, and the bank was disbanded by a later courageous President. Then in 1913 the traitors JP Morgan and Woodrow Wilson, by deceit and manipulation, managed to create the Federal Reserve Bank, on behalf of the vampires. Ever since that time there’s been a great sucking sound in the land, of fangs at work; we call that sound the national debt.

    For the next five decades the interests of the vampires and their republican host coincided, as had happened so often before in Europe. America grew to world dominance, economically and militarily. Meanwhile the vampires were kept well fed, and the grip of their fangs sank ever deeper; we call that grip systemic corruption.

    In the early 1960s a final valiant attempt was made to restore the sovereignty of the republic, by the courageous patriot John F. Kennedy. He had taken steps to undermine the currency-making power of the Federal Reserve, and he was on the verge of ending the arms race and the adventurism that were sinking the republic into ever-deeper debt. But it was not to be. JFK had proceeded in spite of the warning Woodrow Wilson had given us about the vampires: “Some of the biggest men in the United States are afraid of something. They know there is a power somewhere, so organised, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”

    JFK’s assassination was a coup d’etat of the republic itself. Ever since, through ever-tightened control over the media and the political process, every President, major Congressperson, and Supreme Court Justice, has been carefully selected and prepared for their role in carrying forward the vampires’ agendas, agendas that have increasingly deviated from the national interests of the republic.

    I won’t elevate these latter-day collaborators by calling them traitors, because they have been simply cogs in a political process that as a whole has become treasonous. The very culture in Washington has become one of subservience to financial and corporate elites. Our leaders’ mouths speak words of patriotism, or reflect popular concerns, but their souls, as in a horror film, are possessed by vampires

    Puppets they were, and puppets they be,
    surrounded always by grand pageantry.
    Great words they told us, and sometimes were witty,
    as they danced to the tune of this little ditty.

    Lyndon Baines Johnson, bless his poor soul,
    drove the economy into a deep hole.
    While Vietnam made the treasury bereft,
    a weapons-economy is what we were left.

    Nixon went on with the dogs of war,
    racking up body-counts to his score.
    He tossed out gold to vampires’ delight,
    but he had to go as his ratings were slight.

    In Vietnam’s wake dreaded peaceniks abounded,
    so Carter stepped in, and the hawks rebounded.
    He plays the bungler while hostages cower,
    and thus the humbled right was swept back to power.

    Reagan the salesman plied well his trade,
    of economic destruction he was not afraid.
    He talked loud of freedom and lies to us fed,
    while looting ran rampant and capital fled.

    Bush the Elder the deserts did storm,
    new weapons were tested and showed deadly form.
    For full-spectrum dominance no cost was spared,
    and a New World Order was proudly declared.

    Clinton brought liberals back to the fold,
    while setting the stage for treason most bold.
    He split up the Balkans to get at their wealth,
    but his main job was NAFTA, subversion by stealth.

    Bush the Junior, from a family of Nazis,
    blew up the Trade Center and blamed it on proxies.
    Constitution and economy he put to the axe,
    preparing for treason’s final contracts.

    Obama the silver-tongued devil did say,
    big changes for us he would bring in his day.
    To the clutching vampires he wrote out blank checks,
    now in debt forever, we’re up to our necks.

    The republican vision has thus had its day,
    the American dream has just passed away.
    The vampires now have the world in their fangs,
    delivered by our leaders in traitorous gangs.

    A New World Order they’re bringing to thee,
    Ein Bank! Ein Führer! Eine Welt! is to be.
    Perhaps it is time, my good friends to think,
    of what brave people do, when they stand on the brink.

    We played junior partner in the republican dream,
    the dream turned to nightmare, but no use to scream.
    It’s all up to us now, the whole world to save,
    from the vampires’ clutches, lest we all be slave.

    Only together do we stand a chance,
    so neither with party nor creed take a stance.
    On theory and religion, we’ll never agree,
    just try it, and sooner or later you’ll see.

    What binds us together is our brotherhood,
    you’d think that by now it was well understood.
    Take the hands of your neighbors and all who surround you,
    and help build the world that you want around you.

    The path of big scale has shown us its ways,
    with resources squandered, while poverty stays.
    The small scale local is where we can start,
    and mutual-sufficiency must be our art.

    Sounds boring and humble I can only agree,
    but who said that life was to be just a spree?
    Yet when we together find community,
    I think our rewards will be ample to see.

    The big system’s broken, it never was sound,
    we need to start over, right from the ground.
    It won’t be easy and problems abound,
    But others have scouted and answers were found.

    As for the vampires, in their penthouse lairs,
    their power lies not in their notes and their shares.
    It’s only because all of us do their bidding,
    that they still upon their grand thrones are sitting.

    When we get our community voices together,
    they’ll be brought down like a falling feather.
    The global strike is our peaceful weapon,
    their minions don’t show, when their buttons they press on.


    © 2009 Richard K. Moore
    This article and poem originally appeared
    on Richard K. Moore’s mailing list, March 7, 2009.

    To subscribe to this mailing list send a message to:


  39. Have a Blessed Easter today!!

  40. INDIANA has joined with the other AG’s to oppose this Deathcare Bill!!! Let’s keep on rolling there STATES! Get on board!

  41. Steve King and Michele Bachmann: Defenders of Freedom

  42. Happy Passover and Joyous Easter

    I celebrate this holiday with the saddest heart I ever had in my life time. My heart is sad because our beloved country is in such chaos. I hope next Easter may be different.

    I was well aware of the plans to the Guardians of the Republic to send the governors of fifty states those letters at least two weeks before it became public. I am as familiar with the plans they have revealed to date as anyone who follows these actions and am far more knowledgeable than lame stream media about them. Like many who post on this site it just seems too good to be true.

    Isn’t taking back America and restoring it to the Republic under the magnificent constitutional rule exactly what we want?

    Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have our mortgage debts forgiven and receive a clear title to our property? Wouldn’t that return prosperity to our country in a hurry as well as restore our peace of mind?

    While working on a painting I heard an in depth discussion on Fox News Sunday regarding them.
    Pardon me–as in depth as the biased alleged excerpt’s opinion could go–about as deep as a bird bath. Nevertheless–as I listened a few thoughts came forward.

    It makes no difference at this stage what the media says about them. . . as long as they are talking about them. This will give necessary attention to the movement and eventually real facts will come forward.

    When the majority discover what the Guradians of the Republic plan–they too, will get behind them. After all forgiving mortgage debt and eliminating the IRS by 2011 sounds like a mighty good plan. It is is sure a lot better than the stinkin health care plan that has just been forced upon us.

    Like most of you, I am skeptical. It just sounds too wonderful to be true. With a year and half trackrecord of being defeated in the courts, ignored by Congress, and demeaned by the left I have been pretty downhearted.

    The Guardians of the Republic have given me more hope than I have had in the last six months. It seems to me it would be a great idea if each and every one of us could get behind them and support them in every way. Unless we get information to the contrary–we should use every method available to us to tell the world about them. Shout about them, write about them, support them, join them and do whatever is in the power of each of us to help them.

    Remove the looter from office. Failure is not an option. We just can’t do nothing. Yes we can! Yes we will!

  43. bob strauss

    Does anyone know? In the Guardians of the Republic plan, didn’t it include Arnold Schwarzkopf and the military coming to the rescue? What is going on with that angle? The governors were served apparently.

  44. Linda from NY

    Kittycat // April 4, 2010 at 1:39 pm

    I listened to the video on that website you referenced, and I found this comment to be pertinent to our situation today…

    ” Submitted by GA BullDog67 on Sun Apr. 4, 2010 7:09 AM PDT.

    The establishment is desperately trying to prevent the truth from being heard as they systematically dismantle any and every resemblance of a free Republic.

    Any time a voice speaks out they are labeled as a terrorist or crack pot. The main stream media demonizes anyone who objects to having their “unalienable rights” liquidated. The gov is passing laws that would enable the U.S. military to capture, torture and imprison anyone who has an opinion that is contrary to their propaganda. See McCain’s latest bill. (McCain’s S3081 strips American’s of their 5th and 6th Amendment).

    Indeed “they” see the truth as a threat to their reign of terror. Our Constitution is being swept under the rug and anyone who speaks out in it’s defense is suddenly deemed a threat to public safety.

    As for this article, I can assure you that the public outrage is not limited too a few “right-wing extremist”. Since when is protecting and defending the U.S. Constitution an act of extremism?

    The bought and paid for traitors in Washington know that they do not have the truth on their side and will do and say anything to keep public opinion misinformed and off guard. This pathetic article is an excellent example of just that.”


  45. Linda from NY

    US tycoon Wilbur Ross ready to back Richard Branson’s bid for Royal Bank of Scotland’s assets with £500m

    “Virgin Money is in talks with other potential backers but getting Wilbur Ross on side will help the firm boost its financial firepower.”

    Sunday, 04 April 2010

    “Even if Branson is unsuccessful in his attempt to snap up the RBS assets, Ross has agreed to back Virgin’s move into high street banking. His £100m investment will be used by Virgin Money to open 70 branches over the next half-decade. He is putting his second in command, James Lockhart, on the Virgin Money board as a non-executive director.

    Lockhart is vice chairman of WL Ross & Co, Ross’s investment business. The company specialises in corporate turnarounds and was founded by Ross a decade ago after he had spent almost a quarter of a century with Rothschild. One of his biggest successes was turning around Ohio-based International Steel Group, which he sold to Mittal Steel in 2004 for $4.5bn (£2.9bn). That deal helped create the world’s largest steel company and Ross still has a seat on the board of Arcelor Mittal, the international empire built by Britain’s richest man Lakshmi Mittal.

    Ross has advised governments on their investment strategy, most notably working for Bill Clinton on his approach to the Russian economy, and advised former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani. During his time at Rothschild, Ross became known as one of America’s foremost bankruptcy advisers. His work included unpicking the mess left by Wall Street’s “junk bond king” Michael Milken, who came to epitomise the greed of 1980s Wall Street by helping businesses raise huge amounts of capital in the bond markets.”

  46. Bingo !!!!!!!!!!!

    Note: “payment of debt” is now against Congressional and “public policy” and henceforth, “Every obligation . . . Shall be discharged.”

    As a result of HJR 192, and from that day forward (June 5, 1933), no one in this nation has been able to lawfully pay a debt or lawfully own anything. The only thing one can do, is tender in transfer of debts, with the debt being perpetual. The suspension of the gold standard, and prohibition against paying debts, removed the substance for our common law to operate on, and created a void as far as the law is concerned. This substance was replaced with a “PUBLIC NATIONAL CREDIT SYSTEM” where debt is “LEGAL TENDER” money.

    HJR 192 was implemented immediately. The day after President Roosevelt signed the resolution, the treasury offered the public new government securities, minus the traditional “payable in gold” clause.

  47. Linda from NY

    German Bishop Attacked at Easter Mass

    Sunday, April 4, 2010, 3:02 PM
    Jim Hoft

    “The German Bishop of Muenster was attacked by a man with a broom handle during Easter mass today. The bishop defended himself with the incense bowl.”

  48. The South,
    Are you saying all we are doing is playing with IOU’s issued by the corporation?

  49. Linda from NY

    Sunday, April 4, 2010

    Sen. Arlen SpecterTells Chris Wallace He is Ready with a Supreme Court Nominee Suggestion “For the President Instead of Fox News” – Video 4/4/10

    I hope Stevens lasts until the “New Congress” is installed. Otherwise, the SCOTUS will be lop-sided in the Liberals favor.

  50. Has anyone seen the article on billboards against Obama? Excellent endeavor by businessmen who are stirred enough to do something about O’s terrible policies……..

    Check out this website:

    This campaign is catching like wildfire….

  51. South,
    Yep!I’m learning as I read and study this!Unbelievable!People need to start reading on this,it will take awhile but you will understand.I’ve been just listening to this for awhile now hoping something will come of this,looks like its happening.
    God Bless!

  52. Linda from NY

    Detroit: If Need be Schools can be Changed to Accommodate Islam

    Logans Warning ^ | April 4Th, 2010 | Christopher Logan

    Posted on Sunday, April 04, 2010 3:27:27 PM by Islaminaction

  53. P.S. to my 4:40 comment:

    The original article on the Obama billboards was at:

    This gives more background. Check it out.

  54. Linda from NY

    Cabby – AZ // April 4, 2010 at 4:40 pm

    “This campaign is catching like wildfire….”

    Gee…I wonder why…pp is so popular! And…everyone is so excited about the “New and Improved Free Health Care Plan…LOL

    Thanks for sharing…Happy Easter…Linda

  55. “The German Bishop of Muenster was attacked by a man with a broom handle during Easter mass today. The bishop defended himself with the incense bowl.”

    hee hee hee

  56. sorry, that just struck me as funny…

  57. Thanks to whoever posted the free online book. WOW. I sent it out…needs to be read by every person in America! We are free people living as slaves!

  58. Prairie, I’m saying that we have not been able to pay off a debt since 1933 legally. We have to discharge the debt, or yes, we’re just passing out and receiving IOU’s.

    I’m still learning this, so don’ t expect too much info from me just yet. This is deep, tangled web of deception, but it looks like there’s a way out.

    It’s just going to take more studying from all of us.

    GBAmerica …… agreed: this is very interesting.

  59. Linda from NY:

    I only posted it to show another side. However, I found another writeup about it from the Daily Paul that was interesting. Looks like that Clive person is honest about what he is pursuing and is in that GOFR too.

    Well, and I don’t know who that Mother Jones place is, but they were talking in the article that they did the GOFR bad about what they were about.

    There’s a good new post at Nesara about this.

  60. Prairie, the dollar is a federal reserve promissory debt note.

    The amount of FRN’s (Federal Reserve Notes)printed is based upon the corporate government’s borrowing or appetite for debt. For example: If the corporate government prints $100 billion in interest-bearing U.S. bonds and takes them to the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve places the $100 billion in a checking account and the government writes checks or prints debt currency against the balance. In other words, this private banking system creates so-called money out of thin air and the bankers get interest on it forever. In addition, new debt and debt currency has to be created just to cover the compounding interest. An ideal “Ponzi scheme.”

    “Keep in mind that bonds are IOU’s and are to be paid back by the people through their future labor or the labor of their posterity. That is why wars are created and perpetuated, government bureaucracy and empire building increases, and superfluous spending continues. They create an ongoing and ever increasing debt to enslave the people and their posterity. Debt must be continually created to feed the debt-credit economy system.

    The so-called expanding economy always needs new debt notes (FRN’s) and therefore more debt must be created. Budgets can never be balanced in this type of system. If the budget is balanced, the economy will collapse because no new FRN’s can be printed and no new debt credit created.”

  61. oldsalt78 @ 1:09 pm
    Thanks old salt, no one has claimed Andrew Breitbart’s $100,000.00 reward for a video of someone using the now extremely boring N
    word. Tea Party people are not stupid-videos, cell phones for the defense. Guess those insults in the beginning were a good learning experience. Had no idea that they would lie as much as they do, they have gone way over top.

  62. Obama didn’t care what was in the “stimulus” bill, he just cared how much it was going to cost the American people.

  63. Kim,
    Thank you for the information. I am trying to wrap my mind around all of this. Is this correct: The banks are raking in money from us as we pay the interest on debt they keep creating by printing paper bills. As the debt and interest grow, we get taxed more and more. The banks, of course, are the corporation.

    In terms of chocolate and Easter candy: the banks are stuffing their face with chocolate bunnies and marshmellow peeps chained to the treadmill we can’t burn a damn calorie because they eat faster than we can run.

  64. Kim,
    He was also trying to use the Health Care bill as collateral to obtain a foreign loan- this money is then dumped back into the system to create another bubble the elites cash in on before they pop it. This is how I understand the financial corruption of Bush, Clinton, and o. Is this your take as well?

  65. Linda from NY

    What to do about Obamacare. (Part 1)

    Submitted by Mark K on Sun, 04/04/2010 – 11:53

  66. Kim // April 4, 2010 at 4:51 pm

    I agree, Kim…it made me snort, too.

    Talk about the ‘battle of the giants,’ huh? Must’ve been a pretty formidible incense bowl…

  67. Linda from NY

    Kittycat // April 4, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    I was not attacking you or correcting you; we all share information here to help us discern the truth from falsity. What we present to read is not our opinion [even though we might agree with it], but information we found that we need to discuss, dissect, and discern.

    Thank you for your diligence in trying to present material to help us “sort it all out.” We cannot just blindly accept everything that is written; we see, all to painfully, where that has led us.

    Happy Easter…May Yahweh Bless You abundantly for all you do to help all here…Linda

  68. Prairie, I like your Easter analogy! You’ve got it right.

    The whole system is meant to keep us enslaved by debt. And the federal reserve creates the recessions and the depressions so they can cause inflation, which is the biggest tax of all.

    The more debt we have to pay, the more we monetize wealth for the banks. And when we can’t pay, they gobble up our property. If we don’t stop them, we will all be homeless in our own country.

  69. Patriot Dreamer

    Earthquake in California. Not sure how big.

  70. The more debt we have to pay, the more we monetize wealth for the banks. And when we can’t pay, they gobble up our property. If we don’t stop them, we will all be homeless in our own country.
    This explains why a main goal of the RAP is to stop forclosure.

  71. “Eligibility challenger: Don’t touch my brain”

    “A U.S. Army flight surgeon who posted a video indicating his complete rejection of all orders from the military unless Barack Obama documents his eligibility to occupy the Oval Office is now refusing an “unofficial” suggestion from the Army for a medical evaluation.”

  72. Citizen Don in California

    6.9 earthquake just south of me in Mexcico, just now.

  73. Eligibility challenger: Don’t touch my brain”

    maybe the slogan should be “i’ll scan mine if you scan yours”

    i mean what does a brain scan prove? is this serious or some obot controled release of information?

  74. Linda from NY

    The Resurrection of our Nation


    by Sharon Rondeau

  75. Citizen Don, did you feel it?

  76. Citizen Don in California

    Kim // April 4, 2010 at 6:08 pm
    Oh YES!!
    Car was rocking back and forth and it was hard to stand up. Thank the Lord, no damage here. My neighbors blood pressure went up and they called emergency. Ok as far as I know though.

    Thanks for your concern. God is with me and I am ok.

  77. A ‘spokeswoman’ involved with the developing case said the recommendation was delivered to Lakin by an unnamed officer who implied those higher up the chain of command thought it was a good idea.

    Does anyone know who the spokeswoman is?

  78. Patriot Dreamer // April 4, 2010 at 5:46 pm

    Happy Easter, PD,

    Quake was in northern CA. It was a 4.0, 2 miles WSW of Cobb, CA; 26 miles north of Santa Rosa, just before 6:00PM Eastern time.

    The depth was only 1 kilometer, so there was indeed some surface shaking with this one.

  79. Citizen Don in California // April 4, 2010 at 6:11 pm


    Another one at 4:09PM, your time. A 4.5 magnitude with a depth of 2 kilometers (very shallow focus) centered 21 miles south of Ocotillo, CA.

    Hang on to your toupee. Glad you’re OK. Expect more aftershocks tonight.

  80. Citizen Don in California

    Date-Time Sunday, April 04, 2010 at 23:15:20 UTC
    Sunday, April 04, 2010 at 04:15:20 PM at epicenter

    Location 32.839°N, 115.585°W
    Depth 16.9 km (10.5 miles)
    Distances 1 km (1 miles) WSW (250°) from Imperial, CA
    6 km (4 miles) NNW (336°) from El Centro, CA

    El Centro is 20 miles South of me.

  81. There have been 3 earthquakes today in the CA area, so far; the one Don reported, a 4.0 in northern CA, and a 4.5 in southern CA near Mexico.

    Hope everyone’s OK out there.

  82. Let me try that again:

  83. Hi,

    We felt a strong jolt from the earth quake. My dog started barking with the first tremor and a special vase and old clock fell and broke.

    Remember–an earth quake is an act of God. Is this a sign on Easter Sunday the tides will change?

  84. 6:20 pm —-

    “Does anyone know who the spokeswoman is?”
    “The suggestion was described to WND by spokeswoman Margaret Calhoun Hemenway, a veteran Washington appointee and now volunteer spokeswoman, as being presented in a “solicitous” manner.”
    Family Security Matters-Contributing Editor

    “Margaret Calhoun Hemenway is a 15-year veteran of Capitol Hill and a former White House appointee, serving at both DoD and NASA.”

  85. Citizen Don in California

    We are still feeling jolts. Guess they are not big enough to report on USGS site. Enough to make us get up and run though. lol After the 64 Alaska quake, I get nervous easy. But, I trust the Lord to take care of me, I just intend to help as much as I can by running.

  86. Citizen Don in California

    Kim // April 4, 2010 at 5:18 pm

    Obama didn’t care what was in the “stimulus” bill, he just cared how much it was going to cost the American people
    A slight mistake on your part. He doesn’t care how much it will cost the American people, he only cares about how much he and his friends can get out of it.

  87. usapatriots-shout // April 4, 2010 at 6:34 pm


    We felt a strong jolt from the earth quake. My dog started barking with the first tremor and a special vase and old clock fell and broke.

    Remember–an earth quake is an act of God. Is this a sign on Easter Sunday the tides will change?

    Also, closest spot was “Guadalupe Victoria” – Pro-life Patroness of course, Our Lady of Guadalupe plus “victory”!!

    Just heard it was upgraded to 7.2!!

  88. Jacqlyn Smith

    Hope you are all listening….

    TAKE NO PRISONERS can be heard on FM and shortwave stations around the world, and on the internet via Shoutcast or directly through the network website at:

    every Sunday night on the unique voice of freedom, the Republic Broadcasting Network at 8 PM ET, 7 PM CT, 6 PM MT and 5 PM PT. Hope to see you then.

  89. Linda from NY

    Orthodox Music, Divna Ljubojevic – ♫ Hristos Anesti ♫

  90. Citizen Don in California

    Within the last hour, we have had 13 quakes 3.0 or above. In our general area.

  91. Citizen Don @ 5:18
    That is true, but I made my comment because I remember hearing him say it in a speech that the $ amount was right.

  92. Linda from NY

    Sarah Palin, Subversion, and Resurrection

    April 4, 2010 | techno

    Posted on Sunday, April 04, 2010 2:28:04 PM by techno

  93. Ticktock

    RE: Free on line book.

    Where can we find it. Please post address. Thx

  94. Citizen Don in California

    Kim // April 4, 2010 at 7:17 pm
    Sorry, I never listen to his lies, so I didn’t know about his comment.

  95. Citizen Don in California

    FYI, it’s been a while since I have felt any tremors. My heart beat has slowed down. Guess I will survive, ha!

  96. I kown it’s Easter, but in the famous words of ‘Elvis’ I think,
    ‘God has left our Country’
    the wicked one’s have taken over……..and by the way, what’s up with Dr. Taitz’s site??

  97. Linda from NY

    Woah… 4 in 10 Tea Party Protesters Are Either Democrats or Independents

    Sunday, April 4, 2010, 5:16 PM
    Jim Hoft

  98. Linda from NY @ 7:20, I liked the comment that said something like the Constitution and our cause is bigger than any one person.
    Personally, I don’t want anyone for President that has a show on Fox.

  99. That was a nice little Quake here in LA. Not as bad as the Northridge Quake in 94. I rode that one in a waterbed. Ha ha…

    Just more proof the country is moving to the right!!!

  100. Linda from NY

    Ariz. sheriff makes inmates pedal for television

    Arizona Daily Star ^ | 4/4/10 | KNXV-TV

    Posted on Sunday, April 04, 2010 7:49:05 PM by Nachum

  101. TruthSeeker

    I’ve mentioned this late in a posting so many may have missed it.

    On the Jesse Jsckson race/baiting matter.

    The saddest part of that whole deal is Jackson was THERE on the Lorraine Hotel balcony the day we lost Dr. King. He was THERE watching helplessly as his mentor breathed his last. And yet here he is, forty years later to the day, April 4, 1968, of his death, profiting off the very evil Dr. King preached against and died for towards his dream of a color blind society.

    “Not by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character.”

    Jackson, Sharpton and the rest of their race baiting cronies should be ashamed of themselves.

  102. TruthSeeker

    Forty Two Years later,

    Accuracy is key.

  103. Citizen Don, I try not to watch or listen to the obamanation either, but I saw a clip and remember thinking it odd that it seemed as though the cost of the “stimulus” bill was the most important part of it.
    Could this have been because he was trying to get a loan against it (like with the deathcare bill) to use for something else?
    How the heck did we ever get such a scam artist posing as president????
    I reject him with all my being. He is completely repulsive to me.

  104. Citizen Don in California

    Kim // April 4, 2010 at 7:43 pm
    I’m not very good with economics, but I can just feel something is wrong with all the money o is spending and none of it is his, it’s ours.

    When did a President or president get the authority to spend our money like it is water?? I want my country back!!!

  105. Citizen Carlyle

    Kim // April 4, 2010 at 7:43 pm

    and Citizen Don

    Yes, he said exactly that. He never did know what was in there nor did he care. Somebody was questioning him in the context of his promise to go line by line through every bill and try to streamline them. He said in this case the point was for it to be a lot of money.

    None of us know exactly what game he is up to. But I guarantee you, he is up to NO GOOD!

  106. Citizen Carlyle

    PS – One of the worst parts is that there is a great deal of it left unspent. I wish we could get it back. However, it is sitting there waiting for Zero to “release it”. It is in essence a personal bank account of his so he will be able to buy as many votes as he needs in 2010 and 2012.

  107. Linda from NY

    Pardon me, but…YAY!

    69% in New York Say State Better Off If Most Legislators Not Reelected

    Rasmussen Reports ^ | April 02, 2010 | NA

    Posted on Sunday, April 04, 2010 7:16:25 PM by neverdem

  108. Jacqlyn Smith // April 4, 2010 at 7:16 pm

    Hope you are all listening….

    TAKE NO PRISONERS can be heard on FM and shortwave stations around the world, and on the internet via Shoutcast or directly through the network website at:


  109. Citizen Don, weather channel says your earthquake was upgraded to 7.2 centered south of the US/Mexico border

  110. Citizen Don in California @ 6:43 pm
    “But, I trust the Lord to take care of me, I just intend to help as much as I can by running”
    Really good plan Don. Citizeness Michelle
    I can’t help it I’m part French and we are always up for a revolution, and Obama is revolting in so many ways.
    I hope everybody is ok, looks like some messes to clean up, the NorthEast God love them, they really have a mess to clean up if those waters ever go down.

  111. Jacqlyn Smith

    Prairie // April 4, 2010 at 8:02 pm

    Jacqlyn Smith // April 4, 2010 at 7:16 pm

    Hope you are all listening….


    Prairie….. A lot to take in….I will have to look up all this stuff he is talking about….have you read any of this stuff before…..the books he suggested earlier I hadn’t heard of!!

  112. JS,
    I am hoping their is a re-broadcast so I can pause and get all my notes correct. This is amazing and maddening at the same time.

  113. Citizen Don in California

    Michelle // April 4, 2010 at 8:08 pm
    My forefathers also came from France. We changed the spelling, just to confuse the hangman in France. lol

  114. Jacqlyn Smith

    Prairie…..I know what you mean…..I believe they record it and then you can listen at your leisure….I can’t keep it all straight either!

  115. JS, I hope you jotted that stuff down. I missed the first half hour.

  116. Jacqlyn Smith

    Greg….I am listening but there’s a lot to jot down!

  117. I googled the two US codes he gave but I didn’t hear the book titles

  118. PS, this guy, Sam Kennedy, puts all other Kennedy’s to shame!

  119. Jacqlyn Smith

    Greg…I didn’t get the authors…one is Secret of the Feds….another is Miracle on Mainstreet and the other I believe is in DVD..Moneymasters!!!

  120. Jacqlyn Smith

    I’m sure this is being recorded so we will be able to go back if necessary!

  121. Linda from NY

    From the April 2001 Idaho Observer:

    by Bob Nicholson

    “The “Act to Provide a Government for the District of Columbia,” Section 34 of the Forty-First Congress of the United States, Session III, Chapter 61 and 62, enacted February 21, 1871, states that the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a corporation, whose jurisdiction is applicable only in the ten-mile-square parcel of land known as the District of Columbia and to whatever properties are legally titled to the UNITED STATES, by its registration in the corporate County, State, and Federal governments that are under military power of the UNITED STATES and its creditors. Under this provision, the military Congress of the UNITED STATES has the power to pass private international law for application within the federal District of Columbia.

    The Act provides that the UNITED STATES, the corporation, has jurisdiction only within the confines of the ten-mile-square parcel of land, known as the District of Columbia, and its legal property; and that the corporation Congress has power to pass Private International Law, applicable only in the District of Columbia.

    The Act specifically defines the jurisdiction and the venue of the corporation.

    UNITED STATES CODE, Title 28, 3002(15)(A), basically reiterates that the UNITED STATES is a corporation.

    What was not said in 1871, but was implicit, was what is plainly stated at Title 28, 3002(15)(3): That all departments of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION are part of the corporation.

    Title 28, UNITED STATES CODE, is Copyrighted Private International Law. Indeed, the UNITED STATES CODE, in its entirety, is Copyrighted Private International Law, and applicable only in the District of Columbia. ”

  122. Jacqlyn Smith

    Kennedy sure is covering a lot of details!

  123. TruthSeeker // April 4, 2010 at 7:38 pm

    I read the account……Jackson, King, and others had just finished a private meeting at the motel……they were heading out to the traitor of this group’s house for dinner…….Jackson wasn’t listed as one in on the deceitful Judas murder, but it’s suggested in the material; or at least that’s the idea I got.

  124. Income tax pays interest to private investors of Federal Resv. Bank.

  125. Obama may be trying to pass himself off as an American, but he will never be a YANK-they’re special.

  126. Linda from NY

    HARRY REID Cancels Speech At Mormon Church After Protesters Threaten to Show Up

    Sunday, April 4, 2010, 6:50 PM
    Jim Hoft

  127. Linda from NY // April 4, 2010 at 7:30 pm
    4/10 Dems or Ind confirms my thinking, the loonier Obama, Pelosi and Reid get more will come to the Tea Party. I know they are loony now but really knowing them, odds are they will get crazier.

  128. Linda from NY

    Paladino to Cuomo: Stop Obamacare Now ^ | 3/21/10 | Carl Paladino

    Posted on Sunday, April 04, 2010 9:35:54 PM by seton89

  129. Portuguese Rev War Hero Peter Fancisco

    Sam Kennedy is a Statesman.

    America and its soreigns Thank You

  130. Portuguese Rev War Hero Peter Fancisco

    *sovereigns also thank you

  131. Jacqlyn Smith

    Sounds like if you emailed the RAP to sign on to be a member of the sovereign people it is going to take a while to be put in the databank…..He says he has gotten thousands and thousands of emails!

  132. Linda from NY

    Michelle // April 4, 2010 at 8:50 pm

    Yes, Chelley…what you have been saying all along!

    Are you listening to Sam Kennedy? Amazing…what knowledge he has…what great faith!

    Happy Easter, Chelley…Linda

  133. I am speechless, or typeless…lol

  134. Jacqlyn Smith

    okay…Sam is done…..lots to digest!!

  135. Linda from NY @ 8:55 pm
    Happy Easter to you too. I was so glad to see those stats. Most Democrats (classic) are horrified by Obama and minions they are the Anti-Democrats. Dems used to be for the working man and women our large middle class and they didn’t much care if you top, middle or bottom. This group is beyond corrupt and inept.
    I’m proud to be Tea Party-me and my astroturf friends-
    Linda I was so offended when she said that to the folks-she assumed Republicans but they were just asking the same questions I would have asked. Reminder to Madame Pelosi-WE THE PEOPLE are the folks who pay you-let Madame go eat cake.

  136. Portuguese Rev War Hero Peter Fancisco

    how will they TWIST and DEFLECT?

  137. Citizen Don in California

    Forgive me if I don’t comment much. We are still getting little tremors. I read while standing up. lol

  138. Jacqlyn Smith

    Woah….Bush family secrets…..let’s hear those revelations!!

  139. Portuguese Rev War Hero Peter Fancisco

    They felt the earthquake in Arizona.

    I wonder when the Obamalair earthquake in Hawaii will happen??? Maybe he jumped the gun on that one and forgot that it hadn’t been activated yet

  140. Portuguese Rev War Hero Peter Fancisco

    Obama’s Home Country is Kenya according to someone that knows and is very close to him.
    No wonder he talks so badly of America.

  141. truthbetold

    I’m sure many judges are relieved becasue they want to uphold the law but have been taken hostage by bribes and payoffs let the cleansing begin

  142. If your computer is not capable of recording streaming audio, you might want to get a Cassette Voice Recorder like this one at RadioShack.

  143. For those who listened to Kennedy check this out:

  144. Portuguese Rev War Hero Peter Fancisco

    Wrong Michelle video

  145. Jacqlyn Smith

    Prairie….this part is especially important as it pertains to what Kennedy talked about…

    How can the President delegate to un-elected officials power that he was elected to have, and declare that it cannot be taken away, by the voters or the courts or Congress. I tell you how, under martial law, under the War Powers Act. The American public is asleep and is unaware nor do they care about what is going on, because it may interfere with their making money. I guess Thomas Jefferson was right again:

    “…And to preserve their independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our election between economy and liberty or profusion and servitude. If we run into such debts as that we must be taxed in our meat and in our drink, in our necessaries and our comforts, in our labors and our amusements, for our callings and our creeds, as the people of England are, our people, like them, must come to labor sixteen hours in the twenty-four, and give the earnings of fifteen of these to the government for their debts and daily expenses; and the sixteenth being insufficient to afford us bread, we must live, as they now do, on oatmeal and potatoes; have not time to think, no means of calling the mismanager’s to account; but be glad to obtain subsistence by hiring ourselves to rivet their chains on the necks of our fellow sufferers…” — (Thomas Jefferson) THE MAKING OF AMERICA, p. 395

  146. Jacqlyn Smith // April 4, 2010 at 9:02 pm

    Woah….Bush family secrets…..let’s hear those revelations!!

    What are you refering to? I believe there is simething there that they are protecting. I think it is part of the reason why bo in in with no questions asked.

  147. Jacqlyn Smith


    nj native // April 4, 2010 at 9:33 pm

    Jacqlyn Smith // April 4, 2010 at 9:02 pm

    Woah….Bush family secrets…..let’s hear those revelations!!

    What are you refering to? I believe there is simething there that they are protecting. I think it is part of the reason why bo in in with no questions asked.

    I’m still listening to the radio show….they are going to discuss Bush43 tonight….last time I guess they discussed Bush 41!

  148. JS,
    Please fill us in when you finish, I am afraid I had ignored the kids too long listening to Kennedy. Moms can only lock themselves in a quiet room for so long before they are found.

  149. Prairie @ 9:17, good site.

  150. Jacqlyn Smith

    Prairie….Sorry I got distracted and haven’t been able to follow the Bush talk that well… family is after me too……they rented a movie and want me to watch….I have to stop now….I will be back to this later!

  151. JS, I have to listen later. Is this plan going forward?! Are they at a standstill? Why are some governors saying they’re going to implement the healthcare plan if they’re gonna take the oath or step down? So many questions.

  152. Beating of the tale tell heart grows stronger. . .

  153. Jacqlyn Smith

    I’m back….they got tired of waiting on me….here is a comment from…about the RAP….I think FTC has explained our situation pretty well…..


    # Follow the Constitution Says:
    April 4th, 2010 at 11:14 pm

    What they have done is ARRESTED all the bonds on those governors. After 72 hours of having your bond arrested you are basically done! ALL public officials have to be bonded. When they screw up you can take their bonds. They took their bonds!

    This process works better than you kniw. Tim Turner has done this to Judges and they HAD to be removed from the bench because their bond was taken and once that happens you can not just obtain another bond. Those Judges are done! They can never be a Judge again! This is the same thing they just did to the governors. They are now under a bond by the People and they have to governern under the constitution now. If they don’t then they will be arrested. That is where the military will step in and remove them.

    This is a process like anything else. The main thing is they want this done peacefully and behind the scenes so not to upset the masses of People. Can you imagine if the fraud he was exposing got out to the masses? There would be a major uprising from the people wanting to lynch these politicians! That is the last thing they want to see happen. Think of all the thousands of people that have been victims of their fraud and prosecuted under their fraud and the number of lives destroyed over the years. The last thing they want is to have this get out to the public on a grand scale and create an uprising.

    Give it time. If this will work you will start to notice changes within the next 30 days. This is a 8 – 10 year process before everything is completely restored. But a lot of major things are suppose to happen over the next 30 days. We will see if any governors decide to step down in the next 30 days or if they all comply or whatever. In 30 days from now we will know whether this is really working or not.

  154. Jacqlyn Smith


    ticktock // April 4, 2010 at 10:07 pm

    JS, I have to listen later. Is this plan going forward?! Are they at a standstill? Why are some governors saying they’re going to implement the healthcare plan if they’re gonna take the oath or step down? So many questions.

    ticktock…Maybe some of them are still in denial and don’t understand what is going on……seems we have many ignorant politicians all around us….doesn’t it seem that way to you??? How will they implement a unlawful bill that the people rejected and there is NO money to fund it!!! I am not even concerned with this bill…..I wouldn’t follow their CRAP and they can’t make me!!

  155. Citizen Don in California

    I know this is not important to some, but I am concerned. We are still having small quakes:

    Magnitude 4.1
    Date-Time Monday, April 05, 2010 at 03:13:13 UTC
    Sunday, April 04, 2010 at 08:13:13 PM at epicenter

    Location 33.016°N, 115.511°W
    Depth 13.7 km (8.5 miles)
    Distances 5 km (3 miles) NNE (28°) from Brawley, CA
    11 km (7 miles) ESE (104°) from Westmorland, CA
    12 km (8 miles) S (180°) from Calipatria, CA

    That’s 8 miles from me.

  156. Jacqlyn Smith

    No truer words were ever spoken……

    “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their currencies, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their prosperity until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” – Thomas Jefferson

  157. Jacqlyn Smith
    Thank you for your updates on the Restore America Plan…I tried to connect earlier, with no luck. So I am grateful to you for relaying the information, as you understand it.

  158. Don,
    Of course it is important. You will be in my thoughts and prayers tonight.

  159. Citizen Don in California

    Thanks to all of you for your updates. I can’t seem to concentrate on researching tonight. I’m depending on all of you to keep me informed tonight.

    God Bless!

  160. Jacqlyn Smith

    Maybe this will help easy some minds here too….this is from Just Dave…..He is the Texas Coordinator working with the Guardian Elders…

    Unfortunately your understanding of RAP is not correct. Every person (myself included) that signed the original signature page that accompanied the Declaration is a dejure grand juror in their respective republic. WE are the people who have decided to join together with over 1300 others throughout the country to bring the republic form of governance back. WE have LEADERSHIP by the Elders. Any group of people no matter what they are doing needs to have some kind of leadership structure or there would be chaos. WE have decided that we are willing to work with four men who have said they will take a leadership position to further what WE are trying to do. WE couldn’t do that individually. WE have NOT given up our right to speak. We have meetings to exchange information BOTH ways. It is NOT a one way street but we do rely on the guidance of the Elders. We TRUST them. They are working closely WITH others such as the military to accomplish the goals of taking America out of the clutches of the Corporation. For those who want to know all the details of the “plan” I would ask you a simple question. If you were in a battle with an enemy would you lay our your entire battle plan out at the start so all could see what your plans were to defeat your enemy? The answer is obvious. Use that same simple logic to understand why the whole Restore America Plan has not been laid out for all to see here…. including the enemy. Give it time to unfold and produce the desired results.

    We understand there are differences of opinion between the people involved in RAP and the assemblies and others. There will never be full agreement in anything that could possibly move this country forward in a beneficial manner and take us out of the clutches of the Corporation. A lack of absolute consensus cannot and should not keep a plan from moving forward, for if it did, we would all be doomed to slavery without a doubt. We cannot and will not allow that to happen.

    The difference is this: One group HAS been able to organize in ALL 5O STATES and put a plan into action where others have not. That plan has the backing of the military for enforcement to accomplish the stated goals of freedom for ALL the people where no other plan has that backing. There are those who would attempt to thwart the efforts of RAP to succeed in its mission only for their own benefit. I, and all of the others that are part of RAP, only ask that those who disagree with us do not intentionally try to derail our plan which is already in progress but would allow us to take this effort forth to produce a better America for all of us. To continually use an improper derogatory acronym, TRAP, when the REAL name of this ongoing effort is Restore America Plan does nothing to benefit the people as a whole and only serves to disrupt an effort meant to benefit all. I believe I speak for all of us involved in RAP, that we stand tall in our resolution for success in our mission for change for the benefit of every single person in this country whether they agree with us or not.

    Just Dave

  161. Jacqlyn Smith


    Carol // April 4, 2010 at 10:29 pm

    Jacqlyn Smith
    Thank you for your updates on the Restore America Plan…I tried to connect earlier, with no luck. So I am grateful to you for relaying the information, as you understand it.

    Carol……No problem….I am happy to help!! 🙂

  162. Citizen Don in California @10:26 pm
    Don-every citizen and state in our country is important to us. I’m sure everyone in CA is on pins and needles-are you going to sleep in your house tonight? or get a tent and sleep under the stars or sleep at all? Please tell everyone in CA we do care about them.

  163. Speaking of our fellow citizens how is everyone in the NorthEast, they showed Rhode Island on our news this am and it did not look good? MA ?, other states affected?

  164. Ok , all we need now is for one more high ranking military officer to refuse orders from Soetoro and it’s over.

    LTC Lakin should have been behind bars by now and everyone in the military knows this .

    Like the others he will not be prosecuted , it’s just a matter of time before all this starts to snowball.

  165. jj @ 8:33 p.m.

    Jackson’s present actions alone are enough to convince me he is the worst kind of traitor to Dr. King’s legacy.

    Belated thanks for the response.

  166. Citizen Don in California

    Michelle // April 4, 2010 at 10:36 pm
    I think we will sleep in the living room near a door.

    Thanks for your concern

  167. #

    Michelle // April 4, 2010 at 10:39 pm

    Speaking of our fellow citizens how is everyone in the NorthEast, they showed Rhode Island on our news this am and it did not look good? MA ?, other states affected?

    We in MA and NH are in pretty good shape. A ton of flooded basements but we don’t have the road closures they have in RI and we didn’t lose power. But definitely soggy…..

  168. Citizen Don in California // April 4, 2010 at 10:31 pm
    …That’s 8 miles from me.
    Don, too close to comfort, sure you couldn’t concentrate.
    God be with you, your family and residents in affected areas!

  169. Citizen Don in California // April 4, 2010 at 10:31 pm

    Hey Don,

    I’m checking the maps (I’m a Geologist by trade).

    The quakes in CA proper occurred in heavily faulted areas; we have some good data as to where the faults are in your state but new ones are being mapped every day. I don’t yet have the data as to whether these were faults acting up, or the quakes were located at the tectonic plate boundaries.

    We may never know that!

    I also checked the maps near the 7.2 in Mexico and nothing is mapped. Not surprising. That quake looks like it was in mountainous terrain, but I don’t have any further data from Mexico.

    You’ve been around enough to know that with a decent-sized quake, you can expect aftershocks; this is what you’re getting now. The Earth is adjusting after the quakes, and may continue to do so for the next few days.

    I’m watching the USGS for further updates. Sit tight…you know things will be calming down.

    Prayers going out to the Left coast from the Right coast tonight.

  170. Michelle // April 4, 2010 at 10:39 pm

    Hi Michelle,

    We’re drying out.

    It was 75 degrees yesterday and 73 today. MA rivers are returning to their banks. RI is still a mess.

    The problems will come this week when people return to their homes to see the damage; it will be extensive. This is where the mold and air quality issues will start kicking in as folks try to salvage anything they can. Mold will take hold within 24-48 hours if things aren’t dried out.

    Thanks for checking. I’m gonna shoot John Feeny an e-mail on Monday-he’s in RI, so he’ll be our eyes and ears on the ground.

  171. Citizen Don in California

    I’m beginning to wish I was back in DC. All we had to worry about was the hot air from congress.

  172. Citizen Don in California

    SueK // April 4, 2010 at 10:55 pm
    We are near an off shoot fault line that goes up into the Salton Sea.

  173. Jacqlyn Smith

    Russ Baker was the guest talking about the Bush secrets….his book is called…” Family of Secrets”…go here to see a video where he talks about it….

  174. Citizen Don in California // April 4, 2010 at 10:26 pm
    We had one in Ky last year…I just fixed the nails coming out of the walls…….my door actually shook…….scary!!

  175. Thanks for the many celebratory posts. You have enriched my day with multiple blessings.

    Jonah: Just tooooooo great!!

    ms helga: We sang Jesus Loves Me at my mom’s service. Here’s my very favorite, favorite verse from that song.

    Jesus loves me! He who died
    Heaven’s gate to open wide;
    He will wash away my sin,
    Let His little child come in
    “But we will bless the Lord from this time forth and for evermore. Praise the Lord.” Psalms 115

  176. Citizen Don in California

    JJ // April 4, 2010 at 11:19 pm
    Remember, there is a fault running up by the Miss River. Created the Reel Foot lake back in the 1800’s.

    I still have family in KY and I worry about them too.

  177. Jacqlyn Smith

    I don’t know this person but she commented over at AGJ concerning the RAP….she has already done her due diligence and is free….

    # Paula Jones Says:
    April 5th, 2010 at 12:27 am

    For the benefit of those who were doubting: I just got an e-mail from the FBI director, who confirms that everything is legit. Am not sure how he got my name, but I had already enrolled some time ago, so that may be how they found out. I was worried too, having spent quite a few thousands that I did not have for the seminars.

    This is really great! For the first time in my Life I have NO car payment. NO house payment. All credit card debt and taxes go down the tub, and if they try to hassle me, I just show my new driver license and the US military will make them go away!

    This is the taste of F.R.E.E.D.O.M.

  178. Don, Keeping you in my prayers…hold on to your hat and stay safe!

    Thanks to everyone for the RAP updates. Does anyone have a link to this evenings audio?

  179. Jacqlyn Smith

    Round this entry at RAP….this might help with understanding more about what is going on…

    Being chosen and appointed a “State Coordinator,” I received my first email with a Coordinator’s Packet on February 5, 2010. In it were instructions to carry out the endeavor of getting 27 signatures for a De jure Grand Jury on 8 duplicates of a specific bond paper, and each person’s autograph and thumbprint, plus the same from 2 witnesses, on 2 copies of a Covenant which the De jure Grand Jury person reads outloud, hand on a Bible, for affirmation.

    On Friday, March 19th, the last De jure Grand Jury person autographed in New Hampshire and all 50 states had 27-member De jure Grand Juries on paper. By Monday, March 22nd, the Guardian Elders (there are 4: Tim, Tom, Regan, & Sam) had already received 2 of New Hampshire’s 4 packets, plus most from all the other finishing states (Delaware, Maine, North Dakota, Wyoming).

    By the end of the week, all 50 governor and the military packets had been processed for delivery this coming week, March 29th – 31st.

    Now we’ll wait until Friday, and keep our ears open to see if any current governor just happens to announce that he/she has realized that he/she needs more family time and is stepping down (quitting is more accurate) from his job. By Friday, April 2nd, we’ll see how many seated governors we have. And if any are BAR-card-carrying lawyers, I don’t know when the original 13th Amendment will kick in. The BAR card (British Accredited Regency or Registry) is a private club membership under the Crown (Queen of England). It falls into the original 13th Amendment category of title or honour, or office from the king or foreign power.

    “If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.”


    What an amazing time to be alive and be a part of this movement!! Do you know I’ve dreamed of this for 14 years, never in my wildest dreams thought it could actually become a reality. It’s the same as when we were living in Germany in 1989 and I turned on the T.V. one day to see the Berlin Wall just covered with people and they were chiseling away at the concrete (which we had been at 2 weeks before – – had to drive through the “corridor” to go from West to East Germany; went through all the Checkpoint Charlie / Russian Guard business to get into the communist, eastern segment of Berlin; drove through the “all grey” land/city; “shopped” in eerie settings, etc. I’ll write about it someday . . . an amazing experience . . .).

    Anyway, the tears just rolled down my cheeks, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, because on T.V. I saw the wall go up in 1961 and through the years had read every book I could get, written about people’s lives during all that time. In some ways I felt as if even I was being released after having read about so much heartache. So I know that one of these days the tears will again flow down my cheeks with the realization that our own struggle in this country has finally come to an end with the IRS having taken 10s and 10s and 10s of 1000s of dollars from both my husband and myself. (The IRS is a private corporation and not a part of government. I have the corporate papers out of Delaware and testimony by the IRS Commissioner in a Supreme Court decision.).

  180. Jacqlyn Smith

    Round should be found….typo above!!!

  181. Fernley Girl

    Thx. Will check it out.

  182. Jacqlyn Smith

    ticktock…I haven’t found a link yet….have you tried the original one I posted at the beginning of this thread??

  183. Obama’s Czars: The Hidden Government
    You Must Know About

  184. Jacqlyn Smith

    A great patriotic boost even if you understand that Obama is president of a corporation and not the Constitutional Republic for the united States of America.

    Now are you ready to sign on with 10s of 1000s of others as a Guardian of the Free Republics? Send an email to (sorry, for a while I goofed & the “pro” was missing . . . try again) and put “Want to Sign — YOUR STATE NAME” in the subject line. Include first-last name, city, state, phone number, email address. Someone will get in touch with you when the Declaration Papers (27 autographs per page, 8 copies; 2 Covenants) will be in your area. If you’d like to be a Declaration/Covenant Coordinator for your town/city/area, to be responsible for a 27-signature Declaration, say so in the email.

  185. Jacqlyn Smith // April 4, 2010 at 11:38 pm

    ….she has already done her due diligence and is free….
    In your studying of this, do you happen to know if the way to freedom is to attend the seminars that are held? The money that this woman spent (thousands!!!???) was this spent to the people who held the seminar or to the agencies to free herself? If you must spend thousands to set yourself free, (I agree free would be better!) how could this be possible if you live paycheck to paycheck or if you are a (1) income family? Or is this what the RAP is supposed to do for everyone? I’m so confused!!!!???!!

  186. While I am elated about the Guardians of the Republic and what they have begun, I am worried about TPTB. They were/are so close to achieving their goals…

    Here is a comment I saw that echoes my apprehensions:

    Will there be a false flag? They have killed presidents, caused millions of deaths in their wars just in the last 100 years! Of course there will be false flag operations, and they will continue to plan them until they achieve their agenda. People who claim their relatives or they themselves have fought for our freedom are truly ignorant. The only people to ever fight in wars as Americans against tyranny was during the American Revolution and the southerners defending themselves against a war of northern/federal government agression. Until you understand who the real enemy is you have only the traitors that follow their orders to point the finger at. Most will continue to fight a ghost! Do you not understand that the reason the mass-media quotes organizations like the ADL and SPLC is because they all have the same agenda and are at war against Constitutional Americans, and especially the true followers of Christ! The reason history repeats itself is because you have had the same people throughout history whose agenda to control all other people has never changed.

    h/t theredpill

  187. Jacqlyn Smith

    L J…I just asked her that and this is what she said….I am waiting to for her reply to my next question…

    To JS:

    I don’t think there is a hard and fast rule for that. They told me I had special abilities so that I would benefit from something over and above the usual path. I think once you get the biometric driver licence that you are home free pretty much.


    I asked her how to get one of those licenses!!

  188. Jacqlyn Smith // April 5, 2010 at 12:23 am

    Well definitely share that! I’m just really wondering how you can be free when you have to pay thousands to do it. The government does it to us, too, except with them, it is a revolving door with no way out, and if you don’t have the thousands to spend, you pretty much are in the same situation.

  189. Jacqlyn Smith

    L J….when I hear back I will be sure to post it….I don’t have thousands to spend either!!

  190. “New strategy unveiled to force Obama on eligibility”

    “Petition calls on state election officials to verify qualifications in 2012”

    “WASHINGTON – There’s a new strategy unfolding today in the effort to establish whether Barack Obama is constitutionally eligible to serve as president, Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND says.”

    “Obama may be able to continue showing contempt for the Constitution and the rule of law for the next two years, as he has demonstrated his willingness to do in his first year in office,” he says in his column. “However, a day of reckoning is coming. Even if only one significant state, with a sizable Electoral College count, decides a candidate for election or re-election has failed to prove his or her eligibility, that makes it nearly impossible for the candidate to win. It doesn’t take all 50 states complying with the law to be effective.”
    “Upping the ante on eligibility”

  191. Something I think I’ve skipped over not understanding is the “arrested bonds” part of the plan. Sounds like this is where the real “teeth” are. It must be a bigger deal than I thought. From what FTC said, the bonds have been arrested…done deal. Still don’t really understand it..if someone could explain how this works at like…eh…kindergarten level for me? LOL. I really think I’ve missed the importance of this part of the plan because I just didn’t understand. This is a big deal right?

  192. I’m under the impression that you have to pay to listen to the archives at the radio site? Anyone know if that’s correct?

  193. Night all! Take Care! ♥

  194. Following the progression of the RAP via different comments, I now can fit the pieces together in a better way. “Follow the money” is not a bad rule to follow. It seems that Dr. Sam Kennedy has done this type of thing before – i.e., encouraging people to “set themselves free”, by having seminars, etc. It would be a most unusually benevolent person who would hold seminars at no cost to the attendees. The problem is that some who have followed his advice went to jail. That is the reason he bills his meetings as “for entertainment purposes only”.

    It seems strange that folks can’t see behind this entire plan, which is really to get people to pay money – thousands? – to attend these seminars, which are enticing people who want to be free?!?

    IMHO it’s as clear as an open book. Wait, if you will for something good to happen, but……… be
    prepared for a letdown. Dr. Sam K. and associates are in this to make money. Lots of it!
    And it will be at the expense of good, well-meaning patriots.

  195. Jacqlyn Smith, Puala Jones didn’t answer your question about the seminar over at americangrandjury. Is there a way you can find out about the seminars and fees direct from the horses’ mouths.

    I recalled the hosts and callers on all the audios of restore american plan mentioned that they couldn’t wait for all the good things TO happen. Did they said that they have got their new driver licenses? How could all those things happened to this Puala jones as she claimed when the Governors haven’t have their 72 hours yet? Besides, did they deliver the Declaration to the Supreme Court and Millitary yet?

    Hmmm… who is Puala Jones?

  196. “Via the Honolulu Star Bulletin; – Support dwindles for bill limiting access to records”

    “A move to limit access to public information for people who repeatedly ask for the same documents is moving to a joint House-Senate conference, but support appears to be waning.

    Conservative fringe groups on the mainland have bombarded the Health Department with requests for Obama’s birth certificate, and when they are told that the document is private and not a public document, many attempt to sue, causing the state to repeatedly defend its position.”

  197. ConstantWhiteHeatLightningInspirationStriking



    Author: Bill Turner

    Dear Leader is a liar. B. Hussein Obama is a fraud. His lies are coming undone and the wheels are falling off of his shiny, Chinese made wagon. We all know Obama lies, we have seen him, heard him and read his lies, as reported fact, by the state run media. But, now the stories are unraveling and the truth is being told. It is just being told online, because the state run media made him into a messiah and they will not let him come undone, not yet, not while America is still standing and hasn’t been completely destroyed. On the other hand, I will rip away at the cover and expose the man-child as the fraud he is.

    The anointed one, the ‘smartest president ever’ is a mere cardboard cut out, caricature of a man. We all know Obama won’t release his birth certificate. So what? We know he won’t release his transcripts, big deal (Even John Kerry released his “D“ laden transcripts). We know he was not a professor or Constitutional scholar. Well, we know it now. B. Hussein Obama was an instructor, a lecturer, not a professor. The professors, the real professors disliked the man-child and did not want him around. Chicago law school faculty have described Obama as ‘lazy, unqualified, never attending meetings and using his politically appointed position as a mere stepping stone’. Barry applied for a position as adjunct professor and was never considered for it. However, a few weeks later the Board of Trustees called the law school and told them ‘find him an office, put him on the payroll and find a class for him to teach’. Professor(s) described him as having ‘the lowest intellect’ in the building. It is doubted that Obama was the editor of the Harvard Law Review. Obama’s fraudulent past exposed:

    Was he the editor of the Harvard Law Review: If so, he was the first editor of an Ivy League Law Review to never publish an article in the journal he allegedly edited.

    B. Hussein Obama, the alleged former editor of the Harvard Law Review: Has not been an attorney since 2008 when he surrendered his law license to escape fraud charges. [ My Notes: READ this Again….”to escape fraud charges….]

    Charges against B. Hussein Obama: Knowingly making a misstatement of material fact in applying for his license. Committing a criminal act that reflects poorly upon his fitness to practice law. Conduct involving dishonesty, deceit, fraud and misrepresentation. Engaging in prejudicial activity. Engaging in activity that brings the courts into disrepute.

    Constitutional Law Professor: Not exactly. The Chicago Sun Times reports that Obama wasn’t even a professor, he was an occasional lecturer.

    University of Chicago Law School: In 2008 they released a statement calling Obama a law professor, then a spokesman confirmed he was a part time lecturer.

    Former Lecturer: Obama, the former lecturer, during his State of the Union Address quoted from the Constitution he professes to have taught, except the quote was from the Declaration of Independence.

    State of the Union Address: The Liar in Chief scolded the Supreme Court for a case, giving an example of how they blew it, except the example was “not true”. He also managed to call our “unalienable rights” ‘notions’ and ‘promises’.

    When you are a fraud, it is hard to keep the facts straight.

    Obama, the most “transparent” president ever (just ask him, he will tell you), ordered his bar records redacted, [Read this Again … Barack Hussein Obama “ordered his bar records REDACTED] leaving a mere trace record of him. The Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission has been wiped clean as well.

    First Lady, Michelle Obama “voluntarily surrendered” her law license in 1993. Voluntarily surrendering ones license is something that is typically done in exchange for whatever wrong doing you are about to be found guilty of, being dropped. Bill Clinton “voluntarily surrendered” his law license too, right before it was taken from him.

    So, we have a president who LIED about his being editor, LIED about his being a professor and Constitutional professor, LIED during the State of the Union Address, and [READ THIS CAREFULLY:] surrendered his law license after being charged with serious offenses and major character flaws.”

    Bill Turner’s Article ends at the bottom.

    [My Notes (Constant) here: SOETORO/OBAMA has made certain his law license records are REDACTED AND SEALED!! Bill Turner states that Obama was charged with serious legal offenses and major character flaws against his law license,…. and to avoid disbarment, and to hide this information from the public, Barack Hussein Obama surrendered his law license, EXACTLY like his wife Michelle did, who surrendered her law license under threats of being disbarred!! Barack Obama’s law license records….you guessed it… are REDACTED, and like everything else of Barack Obama, his Law License records are SEALED & REDACTED from the general public. Why would anyone have to redact their law license records and seal them?]

    [My Notes: Americans, ALL of “Barack Hussein Obama’s Personal I. D. Citizenship Records and Documents that LITERALLY CONTAIN ANY Mention of the COUNTRY of his, Barack Obama’s Birth – ARE LITERALLY ALL SEALED!! THESE ARE THE FACTS!! THERE IS NO CONSPIRACY HERE ! I am just commenting on the facts of Barack Husein Obama’s activites!! Another activity of Obama: Obama even wrote and signed as his FIRST Executive Order on Jan. 2009 in the White House, albeit, Illegally as a Serial Criminal Usurper…. to attempt to keep all of his personal and defacto presidential records ALL sealed, -While Barack Hussein Obama set out in a blaze of DETERMINED Satanic Fury Constant Lies and Deceit to DESTROY the entire country of the USA Republic with ALL Americans!! Illegally, as a Foreign And Domestic Enemy of the USA, the Muslim Communist Serial Criminal Usurper Plant Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetoro]

    [My Notes Continued: Let’s not forget Barack Hussein Obama’s Selective Service Registration is a 100% Factual 100% forgery & that Obama’s Federal Selectice Service Registration that is a forgery, by Barack Hussein Obama’s Activities Barck Obama IS committing in crimes – also uses the Stolen Social Security number #042-68-4425 that Barack Obama stole from the state of Connecticut, that Barack Obama stole from a dead man who was born in 1890. Barack Obama is using this Stolen Connecticut Social Security Number # 042-68-4425 Barack Obama stole from a deceased man today as he sits ILLEGALLY & UNCONSTITUTIONALLY in the White House as a fraud and a 100% Factual Foreign and Domestic Enemy and a 100% Illegal Alien Serial Liar, and a Serial Criminal. Barack Hussein Obama is an Extremely Dangerous Foreign & Domestic Enemy Usurper 100% Illegal Alien and Traitor to the USA. In fact, the name Barack Hussein Obama II is an alias he is s using, and his legal name is: Barry Soetoro. What a 100% sick & thoroughly despicable Deliberate Liar, the Muslim Communist Traitor – Illegal Alien Plant Barry Soetoro/Barack Obama is who was groomed to usurp the USA Office of President, and Commander-In-Chief positions, TO DESTORY THE USA, and to work to overthrow the USA government, and to bring in the One World Government – New World Order -North American Union, and that is what Barry Soetoro/Barack Hussein Obama II is doing in America, folks, as Barack Obama doesn’t belong legally in the USA, he is an Illegal Alien!! and this is why ALL of Obama’s policies are meant to DESTROY the USA, and ALL of Obama’s policies are completely Disasterous to the USA…for a planned reason….to End the Sovereignty of the USA, so Insane Barack Obama, the Sociopath Psychopath Serial Criminal and Serial Constant Liar can bring “change- to transform the USA” and completely DESTROY & CHANGE THE FOUNDATION OF THE USA – of America – into a Communist/Marxist Totalitarian Dictatorship One World Government – New World Order – North American Union…. Like Hell you will Succeed in transforming and changing America into a Communist/Marxist Totalitarian Dictatorship despicable Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetoro!! Americans are being told what you are doing… Barack Hussein Obama… and you will NOT succeed. Barry Soetoro/Obama, you, seriously and honestly will be SOON ARRESTED & INDICTED for your Serial Crimes you are committing in the USA, a few are mentioned here.. you have committed thousands of crimes…you are going down Barry Soetoro/Serial Criminal – Serial Liar Barack Obama!!]

    [My Notes: PLEASE SPREAD THIS FAR AND WIDE to every person in the USA and in the universe: Barack Hussein Obama II is today using while residing in the White House a Stolen Social Security Number #042-68-4425 from Connecticut that belonged to a person who was born in 1890, who is deceased. The Stolen Social Security # 042-68-4425 from Connecticut that Barack H. Obama stole and is currently using makes Barack Hussein Obama NOW GUILTY of committing Social Security Fraud, and Identity Thefts and Social Security Frauds of 39 Social Security Numbers, while at the same time today, Barack Hussein Obama II is stealing the USA Treasury in a USA Treasury Heist from the USA taxpayers, as Insane Barack Obama is sitting in the White House using the 100% Stolen Social Security # 042-68-4425, that the Sociopath Psychopath & Insane Serial Liar Barack Obama stole from the state of Connecticut from a deceased person!! Obama NEVER lived in the state of Connecticut!! No wonder the 100% Illegal Alien Usurper Barack Hussein Obama Sealed and Redacted his law license records…
    to COVER-UP and avoid showing the American people, he was being threatened with disbarment….and Barack Obama is trying to COVER-UP his threat of disbarment, AND the fact that Barack Obama is using a Stolen Social Security Number #042-68-4425 from the state of Connecticut, and to COVER-UP the fact that Barack Hussein Obama II is a 100% Foreign Born Illegal Alien Serial Criminal Usurper!!, who was 100% born in Kenya Africa, and who is today NOT a legal USA President, but, Barack Obama is only a despicable and sick 100% Illegal Alien Muslim Communist Plant Usurper hell-bent on DESTROYING THE USA – to set up the One World Government – New World Order -North American Union, where the Sovereign and Free America stands today!!]

    [My Notes: Seriously, Americans, the Insane Sociopath Psychopath and Serial Criminal Usurper Barack Hussein Obama’s Serial Crimes make the Serial Criminal Bernie Madoff look like an angel… IMMEDIATELY UNDERSTAND AMERICANS: Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetoro is 100% in the Same EXACT Class as the nation’s and people destroying Serial Criminals Joseph Stalin or Adolf Hitler were in…. This is WHO American is dealing with… with Barack Hussein Obama, so….Quickly Wake the HELL UP AMERICANS…. before the Serial Criminal Sociopath and the Despicable Serial Liar, drum roll please…. the Insane Sociopath Psychopath Barack Obama gets us ALL killed in Nuclear World War III! ARREST IMMEDIATLEY the Serial Criminal Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetoro IMMEDIATELY!!]

    [ My Notes: I have only mentioned a few of the seriously, non-stop Serial Crimes Barack Hussein Obama is committing agaist 310 + Million USA Americans today!! Barack H. Obama has committed LITERALLY thousands of crimes. QUICKLY…. WAKE THE HELL UP AMERICANS!! ARREST BARACK OBAMA IMMEDIATELY!!! I have been collecting Barack Hussein Obama’s Documented Serial Crimes and Deliberate Serial Lies he speaks and writes…. Barack Obama/Barry Soetoro is the Most Extremely Dangerous Serial Criminal, America, or any country, ever has had unleashed on them… We Must have the Sociopath Psychopath Insane Barack Hussein Obama, the Most Despicable Serial Criminal, and the Deliberate Serial Liar – ARRESTED IMMEDIATELY … SERIOUSLY To SAVE THE USA FROM CERTAIN DESTRUCTION!! End of My Notes.]

    The article of Bill Turner continues… Author Bill Turner writes, “Combine this with his [Obama’s] unwillingness to release his transcripts, despite John Kerry releasing his transcripts, filled with “D’s” and Obama’s campaign website, which contained his ‘resume’ for the position of president, which only listed five dates of notoriety, one of which is his birth date and a portrait of a serial liar, fraud and unethical person emerges.

    B. Hussein Obama has violated the law, the Constitution and his oath of office in incidents too many to list. He has lied to Congress, the Supreme Court, and the American people. Dear Leader has appointed people to positions of power within the White House, without having them approved by the Senate. What laws he has not broken, he has circumvented, up to and including the health care bill. The legislative and executive branch of the government are to remain separate.”

    “The president is not to hold “Health Care Summits” and try to influence the legislative process. The president is to approve or veto legislation as it comes out of Congress. Impeach Obama now. Do not wait. Every day that passes and articles of impeachment are not filed against B. Hussein Obama is a day each member of the House of Representatives is in violation of their oath of office.




  198. Geithner Delays Currency Report, Urges Flexible Yuan for China


  200. Hope all had a Happy Easter, Go Red Sox!! lol

    I listened to Sam Kennedy Sunday night. He was terrific. It reminded me of a blog post I wrote in July of ’08. (Back in my active blogging days…)

    I can’t take complete credit for starting the Tea Party movement nor the RAP, but all of us can credit for becoming active participants.

    A paragraph

    So is it time to take back our country? Do we need a tea party to end all tea parties? Do we need to listen to the words of the “Pledge of Allegiance” and take them seriously? My fear is that we may have to take back our country and therefore a re-birth would take place. My hope is that we recognize what has happened over the last half century and fix it.

    The whole post is here Re-Independence Day

  201. Jacqlyn Smith

    ticktock……I have listened to all of the recorded audios and didn’t pay for them….here is what FTC says to do to listen to the call last night with Dr. Kennedy…….hope this helps……

    # Follow the Constitution Says:
    April 5th, 2010 at 2:02 am

    You can download it in two parts.

    Click on the folder that says 2010

    Then click folder that says 04-April

    Two links for MP3 will be there. Click on one, it will pop up where you have to save it to your computer. Then click the second one and do the same.

    It should play in windows media, etc.

  202. Jacqlyn Smith

    Yay Greg…..keep up the great work!!!!

  203. Jacqlyn Smith

    Good for Lt. Col Lakin…..

    Eligibility challenger: Don’t touch my brain!
    Flight surgeon questioning Obama rejects Army’s suggestion of ‘help’

  204. Jacqlyn Smith

    More RAP and Tim Turners seminar at AGJ….


    # Gumply Says:
    April 5th, 2010 at 9:20 am This is Tim Turner’s site where he advertises his seminars. The next one is this month in Garden Grove, California. He just had two in Florida this month.

    I will have to drive all day to get to Seattle but that is a small price to pay to be free.

    I am thinking that one of the dejoure members from each of our states might be able to help with the process but we don’t know there names and I don’t know how we can get them.

    Today I am going to go down to the court house and get a marriage application just so I have it is my possession and I want to see for myself that little clip that states, “any product of this union is owned by the corporation.”

  205. I have a question for anyone that has bugged me for awhile. re the SS number that Obama is currently using. How do we know what SS he is using? Is it on some form he has made public? I think this is a big deal if it can be proven and why isn’t some lawyer going after this as they are his nbc issue? I would think this would be easier to prove. Just been wondering about that. Thanks.

  206. CJ,

    Every Lawyer, Judge, DOJ, Congressman, Senator, Elected Official, CIA, FBI, NSA, any other GVT branch you can think of are Part of all of this. The are all members or friends of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). Even John McCain. They ALL Work for George Soros who put Obama in the white house. Why do you think even John McCain is weak on Illegal Immigration? Every last one of them want to see this country slipping into the New World Order. Michelle Bachmann and a few others don’t seem to be part of it, but they are very few. No Matter how many law suites there are, they will all have NO STANDING in the courts. We will have to ride this out and pray for a peaceful solution.

  207. Officially, the shroud in which it is assumed that Jesus was wrapped after the crucifixion appears immediately on the scene in 1357, year in which Jeanne de Vergy, the widow Knight Geoffroi de Charny (killed at the Battle of Poitiers in September 13, 1356), finds among goods deceased husband and expose him in the abbey of Lirey, France

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