Scott Brown wins MA senate seat, January 19, 2010, Republican Brown defeats Democrat Martha Coakley, Defeat for Obama, Health care bill

Based on our analysis of the numbers and the pattern in which they were reported, the Citizen Wells blog announces.

Republican Scott Brown has defeated Democrat Martha Coakley to win the MA senate seat held by Ted Kennedy.

The Democrat Health Care Bill and Democrat controlled House and Senate are now in jeopardy.

135 responses to “Scott Brown wins MA senate seat, January 19, 2010, Republican Brown defeats Democrat Martha Coakley, Defeat for Obama, Health care bill

  1. Hottie McAwesome is up by 6 w/30% of vote in…
    Dems calling it…

  2. Hottie McAwesome is up by 6 w/30% of vote in…
    Dems calling it

  3. The Dems are going to need a whole fleet of rental cars packed with forgotten absentee ballots, no make that 50 fleets, to cheatify this landslide.

  4. John in Illinois

    8pm Brown 53% Cloakley 46%

  5. I made this call early based on the numbers.

  6. NBC WHDH Channel 7

    Scott Brown Rep 715,962 53%
    Martha Coakley Dem 630,859 46%
    Joseph Kennedy Ind 13,693 1%


  8. Now up by 7
    American Revolution II, Massachusetts does fine again!

  9. God Bless Massachusetts voters and God Bless the USA!
    Fly your flags tomorrow!

  10. Where’s the champagne?

  11. Channel 7

    Scott Brown Rep 745,361 53%
    Martha Coakley Dem 654,070 46%
    Joseph Kennedy Ind 14,174 1%
    65% of precincts

  12. I’m going to go shoot off some fireworks!

  13. All those flies on the wall watching for cheating and intimidation thug tactics seem to be working!

    Never Again will Dems find hapless little old ladies with deer-in-headlights looks on their faces as they steal elections. We’re ON to you!

  14. Obama – “We cannot continue to rely on …[FREE & FAIR ELECTIONS] in order to achieve the …[COMMUNIST/MARXIST] objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force… [to intimidate and oppress the opposition into not voting…].”

  15. ok slice and bake cookies in celebration. 🙂 God Blesses us !!

  16. Venice….some left in my glass…..
    Most in my tummy

  17. OMG- Howard Dean just stated “this is really not anyone’s fault, well, maybe George Bush’s fault, unemployment is at 10%.”

    I’m off to make a cup of TEA.

  18. To whoever posted the WRKO link: THANK YOU! Based on the polls I explained on my blog; I could look at the margins of victory for MC in Boston, a D stronghold and see that, she wasn’t winning these precincts with a large enough majority to offset SB’s advantage in Unenrolled’s!

  19. Channel 7

    Scott Brown Rep 791,972 53%
    Martha Coakley Dem 696,751 46%
    Joseph Kennedy Ind 15,150 1%
    1494 of 2168 precincts reporting
    Quick Links

  20. twe-they are asking at Hillbuzz did Boston come in, it’s being reported that Martha carried Boston?

  21. Who do we help next? My check book is ready!

  22. CW – you are spot on! 62% of the precincts reporting show:

    Scott at 53%
    Coakley at 46%

    This is beautiful. Truly beautiful. The message this win sends is huge. Especially IF 20% or more D’s voted for Brown. Unbelievable!!!

  23. #

    Kim // January 19, 2010 at 9:13 pm

    I’m going to go shoot off some fireworks!

    We here in MA already did.

  24. Scott has won my town, 70%!!!

    This isn’t surprising, since Mrs. Palin won it in 2008.

    I need a few more precincts reporting before I have a happy conniption.

    Scott is on WRKO right now.



  25. Excellent News. Congrats everyone in Massachusetts! I’m going to watch a little TV! Good Night. Zach

  26. Guess who the White House is blaming for their loss?

    BUSH!!! (he caused the sour mood of the country)

  27. Sandy,

    Savour the moment, the evening, and maybe the rest of the year, because a new year has just begun!

  28. But remember…even Alan Combs though dealt a blow, warned conservatives…
    do not let your guards down because November is the real game changer

  29. Cheers!!

    Cheers my fellow Patriots and GOD BLESS MASSACHUSETTS

  30. Ted I hope you can look up and see what’s happening.

  31. Just heard on NECN: AP has called the race for Brown

  32. d21@ 9:17
    “Especially IF 20% or more D’s voted for Brown” I’ll bet there were more. Don’t forget us Hillary supporters were the first ones victimized by the fraud-it took us awhile but we became aware of the tactics. That is why we tried so hard to tell the nation, we didn’t want everyone to get punished. May Justice meet and greet Obama and DNC.

  33. Alya Brown has just announced Coakley has conceded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. terminu @ 9:18 pm
    Say you’re kidding, they can’t still be blaming Bush. 2 year olds act better.

  35. Channel 7

    Scott Brown Rep 822,901 53%
    Martha Coakley Dem 720,460 46%
    Joseph Kennedy Ind 15,727 1%

  36. Croakley croaked

  37. As Aaron Russo said, the powers that be need the cooperation of the people to continue with their power grab. The people tonight have spoken. Congratulations everyone!

  38. WorldPolitics: vicious uncensored political blogging, majority lefties but some conservatives there too…
    check out the mood

  39. Coakely has conceded in a call to Scott

  40. We should reflect at what this means. I believe it means the following:

    People are now angry at the DEMS, and they are holding the current adminstration responsible. That means unemployement and the deficit, cap and trade, poor record on terrorism, the economy, and lies about global warming.

    Obama should have ‘fixed’ the economy and unemployement first. Obama should have stimulated small business and working people. Obama should have ‘saved’ peoples homes and business by concentrating on that. Obama spent the future (enlarged the deficit) on political payoffs, and not on America and Americans.

    The country is connecting the policy with the politicians. That is a good thing.

  41. Sue K – what’s a good feed for his speech?

  42. She conceded at 9:18 pm

  43. Thank you Lord soooo much. We love our country and do not want those evil people and a fraud of a president shoving socialism on us!!!!!

  44. What a difference a day made!

    Yo, Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!!!

    Shall we dance…………………………….


  46. watching chat on American Liberty and an expat from Israel chimed in to they are behind Sen. Brown.

  47. The SCOTT heard around the world!!!

    Doin’ the happy dance!

    Thank you Scott – Thank you MA – Thank you CW – Thank you Patriots across this great land!

    Finally, one night of restful sleep 🙂

  48. Thanks MA. Thanks to God for hearing our prayers.
    This is totally AWESOME

  49. After two years of a nightmare, there are no words to describe this exalted state.

  50. Just need to be philosophical for a minute.

    Usually, everyone ignores us as a moonbat state however, there is a lot of history, here. Yes, the ‘shot heard ’round the world’ happened here. We are a crusty bunch who will give you a good fight any time at all.

    Now, we’ve experienced the ‘second shot heard ’round the world.’

    I’ve rarely been proud of Massachusetts, but I sure am tonight (in between the tears).

    Everyone: If it can happen here, it can happen anywhere. Let’s use Scott’s victory as a springboard for the rest of the country to change what we know is wrong!

    Personal thanks to twe, TBT, and Peter for their great on-the-scene reporting, Magna for her wonderful phone bank work from TX, and to all the great CWers and CW himself for supporting this effort!

    Let’s all congratulate U.S. SENATOR SCOTT BROWN!!!!


  52. Pete @ 9:25 pm
    For Obama it’s all about Obama. WE THE PEOPLE his own personal astroturf.

  53. Oh, thank you, Yahweh for all of America who you personally chose to do your work!

  54. NECN will carry Brown victory speech, Coakley concession live – coverage and analysis continues while we wait…

  55. Stay mad people do not give up! Stay aware! Keep fightng November will be here before we know it! I can’t wait for us to take that gavel away from Pelosi!!!

  56. Teddy Kennedy is rolling over in his grave.

    I love it!

    God Bless America !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Michelle // January 19, 2010 at 9:22 pm

    d21@ 9:17
    “Especially IF 20% or more D’s voted for Brown” I’ll bet there were more. Don’t forget us Hillary supporters were the first ones victimized by the fraud-it took us awhile but we became aware of the tactics. That is why we tried so hard to tell the nation, we didn’t want everyone to get punished. May Justice meet and greet Obama and DNC

    And we’ve been relentless since. I am a very proud and ecstatic Indy tonight. Mass voters got it. They understood what was at stake. My hat’s off to all these patriotic voters. They really got/get it.

  58. Linda from NY


    Thank You, Lord! Yahweh! God of All!

    We’ll get to that BBQ at Greg’s yet, eh SueK, Michelle,

    Peace and Congrats to all in MA…Linda

  59. The South 934: This is Teddy’s purgatory–to make right the wrongs that he had a hand in. Now, on the other side of things, he is happy to help pray for this correction.

  60. The South,

    That passed my mind, probably has for every person in the country.

  61. Sue K, Tbt1776, jbjd, and Portuguese… thank you for all of your hard work. You have a nation that is so grateful. Soak it up and take it in. Cheers!

  62. John Charlton

    The MA is amazing…the bluest of states, where Kennedy would win re-election with a 30% margin every time, at least….

    If Kennedy’s seat can flip to a relatively unknown Republican…Obama’s downfall is near…

    The Dem support in both Houses will now scatter from the Political Albatross which is Obama…

  63. More thanks for the legion of commenters and CW himself for sticking with this nail-biter…..Will now say a prayer of thanksgiving for the “Swimmer” doing his thing in a most timely fashion……. it truly improved our great country immensely not too mention the Dem party……Thanks all you of the CW community for your service!!! Thanks too to and for CW…..


  64. Watch out for O’s backlash! It might get worse before it gets better!

  65. Ginger, have you change yet?
    Happy Night! And days and nights to come!

  66. It still blows my mind….how can the NEWS not mention… No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall………….

  67. NECN: Latest numbers – 87% in – Brown 999,316 – 52%, Coakley – 889,775 – 47%

  68. SueK @ 9:32 pm
    Let’s all congratulate U.S. SENATOR SCOTT BROWN!!!!
    has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it. 1776 (2) citizens of MA we’re with you and we will carry on your leadership role in other states. I’m Florida-Lt Col Allen West.
    SueK-wait until the ladies in other states see your Scott Brown they will be eating their hearts out. Saw him twice on the national news. Pretty skimpy I’d say.

  69. Kim,

    Obama et al. have been preparing for this for at least the past week. Expect a bad backlash and be prepared.

  70. Gotta force defeted Dems to

    Get off Oil addictions that Oil Republicans

    Are too corrupt to do

    First of all Pray for our Nation

  71. Looks like Coakley’s concession speech shortly on NECN….probably followed by SCOTT’s speech

  72. Thank you Senator Scott Brown for being just who you are! Thank you MA for helping that truck to head in the direction of Washington, D.C. We are in safer hands now. I am so happy.

  73. The ole’ Blue Democrat State is bleeding with Red!

    Red = NO OBAMA AGENDA !!!

  74. d2i // January 19, 2010 at 9:26 pm


    Try twe’s link for the live feed from NECN (New England Cable News):

    The victory party is at the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston, and I’m sure they’ll be jumping to that when they’re ready.

  75. Nancy Peacock

    Brought over from last post:

    Larry Sinclair is a true patriot. He has pledged his life and all that he owns to the cause, and in the face of losing it all, he still holds firmly to the truth. I pray for Larry’s safety. His video will show the lengths to which the Obots will go to destroy him.

  76. I Know I haven’t chimed in in a while, but I did donate to Scott Brown and am very HAPPY that Coakley Bailed at 75% with Scott Brown ahead by 7 points. God Bless the USA. I See a Light at the end of the Dark Ages Tunnel. Since Martha Coakley Conceided, there is NO WAY the Dems can say Brown Cheated. GOD BLESS THE USA.

  77. Brought over from last thread:

    Praise to God in the Highest!! Massachusetts I salute you! Now for the rest in 2010! Take Our Country Back! In my state Evan Bayh, you’re outta here!!!!!! God Bless us!

  78. Emudude: Good point. Concession gets rid of any questions. Her staff crunched the numbers before she conceded.

    Looks like concession speech will happen very soon.

  79. I’d just love to be in the MSNBC studios right now….

  80. Whitehouse 9:30 pm EST

    Axelrod and Rahm in background putting their Resumes on

    Robert Giblet, ” Dave, how good is”

    Moochelle looking up real estate in Mombassa muttering, “Glad we did NOT donate the $1.4 million from the Nobel”.

    Queenie pouting, “Now I know I won’t have a WH wedding”.

    Sloven “Daddy, I told you I should have crawled on the Oval Office floor again so everyone would love us”.

    Bo, the Kennedy dog gift, peeing on Obama’s leg…

    Phone rings….”Sir, Messiah, The One, it is for you. Trinity Church on the line”.

    Obama, “Yo, this you, Rev?”

    Trinity Church, “Pres. Messiah, we are calling to congratulate on the Raffle. You WON the first Prize ! (drumroll)….A PICKUP TRUCK ! “

  81. Still wondering how Obama will observe his one year in office tomorrow (since inauguration).

  82. Thank you, patriots of Mass. for being brave and doing the “right” thing. And thank you CWers for virtually holding my lurking hand throughout this wondrous election! Ritabootoo in NJ salutes you! God has Blessed us all!

  83. Pat Smith: Pah rum pumh!

  84. The real Patriots tonight are all of you here that worked so hard to get Brown elected.

    God Bless ALL of YOU !

  85. Nancy Peacock

    Concession speech. Chris Matthews is sooooooo sad. Poor Chris, can’t get a tingle up his leg tonight.

  86. We’ve only just begun……

    Thank you MA

  87. Thanks Sue K.

    Folks are really revved up over this win tonight. Senator Brown has a lot to aspire too. I have all of the confidence in the world that he will serve his constituents rather than the corporation. If he veers we must be ready to hold him accountable.

    And yes, a very special shout out to CW for keeping the faith and keeping us informed. I salute you and thank you mightily for creating such an intelligent and passionate community of bloggers. May good health always be yours.

  88. Marcia is on for her concession speech

  89. Sen. Brown is live streaming here

    Coakley is speaking now.

  90. May Justice meet and greet Obama and DNC.
    And Michelle, if not in this world, then the next.

  91. d2i // January 19, 2010 at 9:52 pm

    Thanks, D2i.

    And yes, what you see with Scott is exactly what you get. He’s one of us; not one of ‘them,’ and he’ll remain that way. I look for great things from this man with the backing of his wonderful family.

    I think we all pulled together for this one, not only the CWers from MA, but from around the entire country, as well. I’ve never seen anything like this.

    I shall continue to strive for better health!

  92. twe // January 19, 2010 at 9:52 pm

    Whoever created that, twe, was a genius!

  93. Petition to sign: Seat Senator Brown

  94. Text of Seat Senator Brown Petition:

    The people of Massachusetts spoke loud and clear on January 19th, 2010 electing Scott Brown as a US Senator. But some Washington politicians are threatening to play political games to keep Senator Brown from voting on the health care bill. When the people speak – their voice should not be ignored.

    Senator Ted Kennedy was seated one day after his special election on November 6th, 1962. And Senator Brown should be seated immediately. Now is not the time for politicians to play games and cut back room deals. Listen to the voters of Massachusetts and Seat Senator Brown.

  95. twe // January 19, 2010 at 9:56 pm

    Love it, twe….Patches Kennedy kept referring to her as Marcia!

    It don’t get no bettah than that :).

  96. This song happened to pop into my head and found this version at YT Oh Happy Days sung by
    a gospel choir. One of my favs. Enjoy!

  97. ahhh geez. it’s not showing up. third try…

  98. oh well, here’s the link. it won’t embed.

  99. Change… can believe in…….

    Psalms 109:8 …….Let his days be few; and let another take his office.


    \/\/ (~_~) \/\/ S (*_*)/\/\ E

    Go BROWN while they yellow their undies.
    This is the start to get them on the RUN.


    DO YOU HEAR US NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. WELL I’ll be the first one to mention THE BAD NEWS of this WIN:

    We in Massachusetts still get stuck with MARTH COAKLEY as Attorney General.

  102. JJ: Amen, amen

  103. Peter,

    Maatha’s up for reelection…we may be able to ditch her yet!

    After this pathetic attempt at a campaign, it wouldn’t surprise me if she was defeated in her reelection bid.

  104. John Charlton // January 19, 2010 at 9:36 pm

    The MA is amazing…the bluest of states, where Kennedy would win re-election with a 30% margin every time, at least….

    If Kennedy’s seat can flip to a relatively unknown Republican…Obama’s downfall is near…

    The Dem support in both Houses will now scatter from the Political Albatross which is Obama…
    Expect more retiring Democrats????

  105. Cactus Cuties sing The National Anthen.

  106. A friend of mine just realized she met Scott a few years ago when Ayla was entertaining for the prom…and Scott was setting up for her. Small world.

  107. United States Senator McAwesome!

  108. Sarah Palin writes a few minutes ago:

    Mr. Brown Goes to Washington… In a Pick-up Truck, No Less!
    Today at 6:35pm
    Congratulations to the new Senator-elect from Massachusetts! Scott Brown’s victory proves that the desire for real solutions transcends notions of “blue state” and “red state”. Americans agree that we need to hold our politicians accountable and bring common sense to D.C.

    Recent elections have taught us that when a party in power loses its way, the American people will hold them accountable at the ballot box. Today under the Democrats, government spending is up nearly 23 percent and unemployment is higher than it’s been in a quarter of a century. For the past year they’ve built a record of broken promises, fat cat bailouts, closed-door meetings with lobbyists, sweetheart deals for corporate cronies, and midnight votes on weekends for major legislation that wasn’t even read. The good citizens of Massachusetts reminded Democrats not to take them for granted.

    Americans cheered for Scott Brown’s underdog campaign because they viewed his candidacy as a vote against the Democrats’ health care bill. You know that there’s something wrong with this legislation when opposition to it inspired a Republican victory in a state that currently has no Republicans in Congress and last sent a Republican to the Senate nearly 40 years ago.

    Clearly this victory is a bellwether for the big election night ten months from now. In the spirit of bipartisanship, let me offer some advice to the Democrats on how to stem this populist tide. Scrap your current health care bill and start from scratch. We all want true reform, but government mandated insurance is not it. Scott Brown campaigned against this top-down bureaucratic mess. We need common sense solutions like reforming malpractice laws, allowing people to purchase insurance across state lines, giving individual purchasers the same tax benefits as those who get coverage through their employers, and letting small businesses pool together to provide insurance for their employees. Focus your efforts on jobs, not on job-killing legislation. Such a change in approach would show Americans that you’re listening.

    My best wishes to Senator-Elect Brown. When you go to Washington, may you never forget the ordinary citizens you met while driving that truck through the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

    – Sarah Palin



  110. Scott about to speak…being introduced by Mitt Romney

  111. I can’t understand the chants.

  112. Ginger: Yes, we can. Gas the truck.

  113. Ginger: USA, USA, USA

  114. Holy cow what a game changer this is!


  116. I have been away from the internet all day – but am totally elated! After this is posted, I shall
    open champagne!

    This is totally awesome!!!!

  117. The good people of Massachusetts told pollster after pollster that they wanted to send a message to Washington. My! My! That message has been received loud and clear:


    Congratulations, Massachusetts!

    Tom Degan
    Goshen, NY

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