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We already knew there were election night irregularities in the New York District 23 congressional race between Doug Hoffman and Bill Owens and that Nancy Pelosi prematurely certified Owens as the winner. Now we find out that some of the voting machines had computer viruses.

From The Gouverneur Times, November 19, 2009.

“VIRUS in the VOTING MACHINES: Tainted Results in NY-23”

“GOUVERNEUR, NY – The computerized voting machines used by many voters in the 23rd district had a computer virus – tainting the results, not just from those machines known to have been infected, but casting doubt on the accuracy of counts retrieved from any of the machines.

Cathleen Rogers, the Democratic Elections Commissioner in Hamilton County stated that they discovered a problem with their voting machines the week prior to the election and that the “virus” was fixed by a Technical Support representative from Dominion, the manufacturer.  The Dominion/Sequoia Voting Systems representative “reprogrammed” their machines in time for them to use in the Nov. 3rd Special Election. None of the machines (from the same manufacturer) used in the other counties within the 23rd district were looked at nor were they recertified after the “reprogramming” that occurred in Hamilton County.

Republican Commissioner Judith Peck refused to speculate on whether the code that governs the counts could have been tampered with.  She indicated that “as far as I know, the machine in question was not functioning properly and was repaired” by the technician.

Commissioners in other counties have stated that they were not made aware of the virus issue in Hamilton County.  In Jefferson County, inspectors from four districts claim that “human error” resulted in their “mistakenly” entering 0 votes for Hoffman in several districts, resulting in Owens leading Jefferson County on election night though the recanvas of the computer counts now show that Hoffman is leading.  Jefferson County has not conducted a manual paper ballot recount. 



 St. Lawrence County, machines in Louisville, Waddington, Claire, and Rossie “broke” early in the voting process on election day.  Republican Commissioner Deborah Pahler said that the machines kept “freezing up… like Windows does all the time,” and that they experienced several paper jams as well.  The voted ballots that could not be scanned were placed in an Emergency Lock Box and re-scanned later at the St. Lawrence County Board of Elections.  Election officials in St. Lawrence County were given no advance knowledge of a potential virus in the system.

At least one County official thus far has raised concern that it’s possible that ALL of the machines used in the NY-23 election had the ‘virus’ but only a few malfunctioned as a result.  The counts from any district that used the ImageCast machines are suspect due to “the virus” discovered in Hamilton County, last-minute “reprogramming” by Dominion workers, and security flaws in the systems themselves.  A manual paper-ballot recount of the vote could resolve computer vote accuracy questions.”

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Thanks to commenter Greg Goss.

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  1. It is stated that Smartmatic owns the voting machines. Interesting note: Greta interviewed a congresswoman last night- complaining about the 18 million it cost to “update” the stimulus tracking site. The congress women wanted to know about the “original cost” as well. The contract she was given was 75% redacted, the companies name was Smartmatic.

  2. You guys are FAST! I was just getting ready to post the same link.

  3. Maybe they “have” to use the machines because government schools no longer teach reading and writing. I really feel sorry for this country now.

  4. I also commented on the FReeP thread this video.

  5. Yeah right! Maybe they can fool some ignorant people, but not me. How is it possible to get a voting machine infected by a virus? HOW????

    Oh wait… unless you want to cheat the votes, that’s perfectly possible.

  6. Katie // November 19, 2009 at 4:21 pm

    Hey Katie,

    Yup, gotta be pretty quick on the trigger around here :).

  7. The Criminal charges of “Conspiracy and Fraud” are served against Nancy Pelosi in US District Court, Nashville, Tennessee

  8. Someone should post this company’s name on Alan Grayson’s site. He has a place on his website set up to report government fraud. I think this should top the list!

    Yeah, I know he’s a bit crazy, but gotta use ’em when you can.

  9. The South,

    haven’t been able to watch the Cont. Congress today – domestic things got in the way. Drat! I hate when that happens. Anything you could kindly share with us thus far (or later) about today’s session?

    Thanks in advance!

  10. He seems to care for pinic tables and not the American People.


    Obama to Taxpayers: America Needs More Picnic Tables

    Because it wasn’t painful enough to know that the “stimulus” money is heavily used to pay for the union-inflated salaries of thousands of bureaucrats in the states, or paying for jobs in phantom districts, or even better, going to recipients who happily spent it without creating any jobs, now we can see how much of the “stimulus” money is going to pay for picnic tables or to replace the motor of a government-owned boat.

  11. We probably need more picnic tables because we’ll be living in tents soon.

  12. Just Me: Thanks for your links on the previous thread. They are shutting down blogs in Ukraine? What is the reason they are giving? It’s hard to find info. about the situation there. So much to stay on top of, so little time. Sigh….

  13. Nancy // November 19, 2009 at 5:14 pm

    We probably need more picnic tables because we’ll be living in tents soon.
    I already have my tent, rations and ammo. I saw this coming a while back.

  14. Hopefully we can use all the picnic tables at Greg’s celebratory BBQ!

  15. Must I say this again??
    Get back to paper ballots, with receipts of each vote, verified proof of citizenship and photo i.d. from each voter, with law enforcement overseeing the count of ballots.

  16. I’m going to stand on the picnic table at Greg’s BBQ and shout, “I AM SPARTICUS!”

  17. (He might not invite me back…) 🙂

  18. Nancy,

    you can just google it. A number of entries will come up saying some of the blogs have been shut down. I don’t know why that’s the case there.

    However, that same possibility exists here through DHS, I believe? It could have something to do with WHO, as well. I’d have to look it up to be sure. But I recall reading this very recently. This move would allow the govt – in an emergency/pandemic – to open up the band width (for lack of a better term) for important and necessary communique.

    You can read between the lines on this one. They want to assure only their propaganda is able to get out to the people.

  19. Greg Goss, @4:58

    what do you make of those DHS appointments?

  20. Evening All

    Well it certainly has been an interesting day now hasn’t it! Been bummed all day! There is just soooo much corruption and with our $$$$$.
    I’ve been hitting Weezer all day!

    But, that exchange between Brady and Geitner made my day. Brady, calm and collective, reading him the riot and Timmy about to squrill out of his pants and trying to blame Bush again – got a good laugh. Wonder how the girly men will take this and the horrible poll numbers. Probably snort another line! They sure are quick to anger – another sign of line use.

  21. In our country I cannot think of anything worse than a fraudelent/corrupt election (such as it is). In Florida after 2000 we wondered how it was accomplished, now we know. It is wrong-criminally whether the Democrats or Republicans do the crime.
    Murder, Spies, Voting Lies: The Clint Curtis Story

  22. Prairie // November 19, 2009 at 6:25 pm

    As I was reading the article something started to sound very familair. Hasan background and story sounds exactly like O’s, does it not.? We don’t know really who these men are.

  23. Linda, Love the idea of sending the ACLU Christmas cards…LOL. And as someone mentioned a few days ago…if you want to wish them happy holidays…happy holydays, which is really what holiday means, is a great way to go. Be ready tho, for “holiday” to be attacked also in the future…that’s the slippery slope the ACLU so loves…so while we’re making their heads spin, we need to stay strong in taking the country back at the same time!

  24. American Minute with Bill Federer
    November 19

    NOVEMBER 19, 1863, Abraham Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg Address where 50,000 soldiers were killed or wounded in a 3 day battle:

    “Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

    Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure.”

    Lincoln went on:

    “We are met on a great battlefield…to dedicate a portion of that field as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live…

    But…we cannot dedicate…this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it.”

    Lincoln continued:

    “It is for us, the living, rather to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced…

    That from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure.”

    Lincoln ended:

    “That we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain-that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom-and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

    Sign up to receive the American Minute at

  25. Just Me – Re: Continental Congress. Chalice has been ‘tweeting’ during the proceedings, and I was able to see a bit today. Unfortunately I missed the fireworks. But what I did see matched very closely to what Chalice is posting. This will give you a quick overview:

  26. Katie,

    thank you!

  27. The LA Story, Part IV: Program for Torture Victims

    South Central Los Angeles, Lavelle Stewart talks about Larry Flynt, international sex businesses, and ways she can do independent research in order to help us.

  28. Conyers: ‘I’m Getting Tired Of Saving Obama’s Can’

    Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) says Obama is “bowing down” to Republicans. He said he is “getting tired of saving Obama’s can in the White House.”

  29. Regarding Prairie’s post @6:25pm….Sheesh, way too much stuff there for my feeble mind. Sounds a bit far fetched, but it did bring to mind that story several months ago. Remember when those 2 or 3 Oriental men dressed in business suits were stopped at the Italian border with all those US treasury notes. It was valued at several billion dollars if I remember correctly. I think our gov’t said they were counterfeit but not sure if that was ever resolved. The story just disappeared.

    Did anyone ever hear a follow-up on that?

    Lots of money leaving this country one way or another.

  30. Michelle and Linda, Not caught up yet, but read the posts about the “approval” ratings. My theory about his “personal approval” rating is that they can make that number as high as they want it and there’s no way to prove they are lying. If they lie “too largely” about job approval ratings then they’ll be proven a liar in the elections…but they can basically give any “personal approval” rating(under 100%)they want cuz there’s no way to prove it.

    That’s just my theory.

  31. zachjonesishome

    ….The bank said the current crisis displays “compelling similarities” with Japan during its Lost Decade (or two), with a big difference: Japan was able to stay afloat by exporting into a robust global economy and by letting the yen fall. It is not possible for half the world to pursue this strategy at the same time.

    SocGen advises bears to sell the dollar and to “short” cyclical equities such as technology, auto, and travel to avoid being caught in the “inherent deflationary spiral”. Emerging markets would not be spared. Paradoxically, they are more leveraged to the US growth than Wall Street itself. Farm commodities would hold up well, led by sugar.

    Mr Fermon said junk bonds would lose 31pc of their value in 2010 alone. However, sovereign bonds would “generate turbo-charged returns” mimicking the secular slide in yields seen in Japan as the slump ground on. At one point Japan’s 10-year yield dropped to 0.40pc. The Fed would hold down yields by purchasing more bonds. The European Central Bank would do less, for political reasons…

  32. Everyone, tune in to my appearance tonight on drkate’s Revolution Radio. We will be discussing next steps in addressing election fraud, and answering listeners’ questions.

  33. c.n.d.e. ville II

    Portugese Revolutionary War Hero —

    RE: Your comments about Voting Reform – from the other thread
    You got that right! I don’t even have to show ID to vote.

    We are spinning our wheels if we don’t clear out the corruption surrounding the vote counts.

    At last, in the Hoffman case, we are seeing the fraud come to light. I pray citizens don’t back down until Hoffman is declared the winner and those responsible for the fraud are indicted.

  34. Wasn’t Sean suppose to reveal this Acorn video? Here it is on Big Government.

  35. Patriot Dreamer

    Senate, Help Your President — Deep-Six ObamaCare!
    by Larry Elder,_help_your_president_–_deep-six_obamacare!?page=1

  36. Patriot Dreamer

    Sorry, but the link doesn’t work. If you are interested in reading that article, look for Larry Elder, the article was posted today.

  37. c.n.d.e. ville II


    I empathize with you in your family trials and tribulations. I am glad to see you getting so much support and wisdom from people here.

    Re: S.P. You’re right. Deciding to publicly pursue the truth about o. on behalf of the American people would increase her support tremendously, and sure make her a super star in the eyes of many. She has opposition no matter what she does. At least, with this issue, the rejoicing crowds would drown out her detractors.

    For me, a leader who is not calling for measured steps to bring o., the DNC, and the other culprits in this on-going fraud to justice, does not really get what is happening in America right now. In fact, such a leader is merely part of the underlying problem – the attempted complete disregard for our Constitution and for the American people.

    I, as a voter, cannot choose to entrust the leadership of my beloved country to the hands of leaders who totally ignore the magnitude of the lawlessness of the behavior of o. and his crew. O’.s eligibility is a pivotal issue in the battle for our Constitution.

    I want leaders, and ONLY those leaders, who will publicly, aggressively, and unapologetically uphold Constitutional authority on every issue for every person in our land, and strive mightily to bring criminals to justice. No free passes, period.

  38. I just came back from seeing Santa :), he was too busy to talk. I think he is disgusted with the Politicans.

  39. Evening, Maddie,

    Well, I checked with the ‘experts’ in Family Services today and they agree it’s a sticky situation with your parents.

    They did say that the time for trying to persuade them is over, and that either you, a family member, doctor, or clergyperson must tell them that A.L. is the way it must be for their own health and well-being.

    I then got some horror stories about parents who insisted on staying in their homes with sometimes tragic results; it’s a personal safety issue at this point.

    So, the suggestion is to elect one to be the spokesperson for the family; there is no more room for negotiation as to whether or not they want to go. The dementia is an added problem however, with round the clock monitoring the family can have some peace of mind.

    One of my coworkers wanted to remind you that no matter which person you choose to represent the family, he/she will be the bad guy, BUT, your parents took care of you when you were a child and now, you must take care of them. This is the only way to do it…a little ‘tough love.’

    Hope this helps a bit.

  40. Maddie-SueK
    Maddie I agree with Sue God forbid they should have an accident, you would never forgive yourself. It could be a fire, like burning themselves or the whole house down, a bad fall, a bad cut-just many different scenarios. Tough Love is correct, it really is for their own SAFETY and your SANITY. I’ll just never forget my mother’s girlfriend who had alzheimer’s pretty advanced who would put pots of water on the stove to boil for tea and forget. The lady had a droll sense of humor, I haven’t even got to the bad part yet. Ma Tipples, she also forgot how much she drank. Picture some elderly lady with alzheimer’s who was bombed out of her mind. She did need Assisted Living, she was dangerous.

  41. Cw/Greg Goss:

    Thank you so much for helping everyone here keep on top of the NY-23 special election.

    Have been under the weather lately…no nothing serious…just burning the candle at both ends.

    Happy Night…Linda

  42. Sue K/Michelle:

    You two ladies are so sweet and caring…helping Maddie with her parent problem is so heartwarming…and hopefully, fruitful.

    Maddie is probably at her wits end trying…and yet, she comes here to lend her voice to all we are trying to accomplish and learn.

    Thanks CW for providing a forum for us to help each other even if it was not your initial intent. People here care about each other and try to help one another whenever they can.

    Bless you all…Linda

  43. Michelle // November 19, 2009 at 8:35 pm

    Hi Michelle and Maddie,

    Michelle, you’re spot on. Those were some of the stories I was getting today…falls, the stove, wandering around in sub-zero temps outside and becoming lost, trying to drive (that one really scared me).

    Not only is it a worry, it’s now become a safety issue.

    I’m afraid, Maddie, that you’re gonna have to insist!

  44. SueK,
    You have no idea how much this helps. You and my fellow bloggers have the BEST suggestions of all.
    When it comes to who gets to be the bad guy, it has been me in the past, but I don’t last at it. Tonight I had another family member “volunteer” to deliver the news. I am going down that route now, plus the doctor making the house call this coming week. And, a lady from A.L. called just to say she was going to take over a basket of homemade goodies and visiting them. So, I thought maybe a few days after the dr. visits. Does that sound right? This whole thing is totally new to me, and I was glad Venice last night reminded me that it isn’t just that they don’t listen to me (which I thought and was letting this really upset me and raising my b.p. ).
    For example, today my mom said she always wanted my husband and me to be close, etc.
    Sometimes I just live on pins and needles not knowing what to expect from day to day.
    Sue, my prob. is I am no good at “tough love.”
    I cave. But, if the “other” family rep. will do it, it may work. Today I wrote down exact sentences to say to them from the A.L. lady (that’s how pathetic I am!)

  45. Linda from NY // November 19, 2009 at 8:48 pm

    Evening, Linda,

    I can’t speak for Michelle, but I’m sending Maddie the bill for a consult :).

    I went through this with both my parents, as many other kids have. It ain’t easy; the decisions are tough to make, but it’s for the good of the people you love.

    And yes, CW, we’re off topic but when someone needs help, we try to provide it.

    (Hope you’re feeling a bit better…I’m working on something myself. Hope it’s just a cold).

  46. Maddie, I am also so glad for the support and ideas the gals here have been giving you. I’m sorry, I really should be more helpful as I just lost my dad two years ago to Alzheimers. It’s still very painful so I’m not always the help to others that I should be. Please do know that my heart goes out to you! I’m so glad you have a place here where you can talk things out.

  47. Maddie:

    Stop it right now! You are not pathetic; you are stressed out…and it is taking its toll.

    Thank God you were “together enough” to realize you need to “write things down!’

    Please give yourself some credit; you have been dealing with this problem for a long time now; your patience is running thin, but there is nothing wrong with your heart…it’s in the right place!

    Peace be with you…Linda

  48. LindaNY–
    Thank you for seeing this blog for everything
    that it sometimes becomes in accommodating
    even the personal needs that we bring along when we come here. When we share of ourselves to help others then the light of hope to rebuild our country and its Constitution is not extinguished as well.
    Thank you, Linda, for your understanding.
    Everyone here is the best and that’s a fact.

  49. Fact-Check This, Associated Press!

    When will they ever learn?

  50. Just got word from drkate; tonight’s show on Revolution Radio postponed until 9:30.

  51. Ticktock,
    So sorry to hear that your dad had this dreaded
    disease. You have experienced the hardships that a family goes through when a parent literally becomes someone else right before your eyes. I’m glad you told me; it helps to know we are not alone. It really does!

  52. Maddie // November 19, 2009 at 8:49 pm

    Hi Maddie,

    You have an e-mail waiting.

    OK, if you’re not good at being the bad guy, delegate it to someone who can.

    By all means, bring all the professionals in that you can-attack this from all fronts! A few day in between sounds like a good plan.

    Venice gave some great advice, I think!

    Each day is totally new with this situation, so you take it as it comes. Please don’t worry that you’re not good at the tough love-many of us aren’t-but there’s always someone who is.

    You know where I am….

  53. LindaNY—
    Thank you for your support, and kind words.
    I will try to keep thinking positively since you
    think I can.
    Thank you
    and the Peace of the Lord be with you.

  54. Maddie-SueK
    WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — A 79-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s who arrived at the Palm Beach International Airport on Thursday is missing, officials said.
    This is not to scare you, just to let you know you are not alone.
    “trying to drive (that one really scared me).” that is very scary in more ways than one.
    Maddie-you do not have inner toughness, nor do I-maybe you could borrow a girlfriend to do it. I was thinking about my aunts-great big beautiful blondes (my German father’s sisters) they were tough. In one week they would have the budget balanced, any representative or senator gets in the way, they would deck them, years of beating holy he** out of my father and his brothers. They never took any garbage from anybody. Scared the daylights out of me. Talk about conservative, there would be no waste, no fraud and no perks in their budget. Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches talk about needing tough love for the relief of WE THE PEOPLE.

  55. jbjd-Thanks I’m getting ready. I’m all excited, you two are so interesting.

  56. venice:

    Did not mean to leave you out of the “loop,” but Maddie did not forget your helpful advice.


    venice is ubra-smart; she has the uncanny ability to take gobs of information and summarize it into one succinct point.

    You have many friends here…you are so blessed; hope you know it.

    May God be close to you as you complete this difficult transition…and you will with His help!


  57. In Columbus, OH they are predicting long waiting lines at the B&N and the word is that
    Sarah will “sign” her book but time contraints
    will not allow for written personal messages. This makes sense since the period is just a few hrs. at that location.
    Also, I stopped into CML (Columbus Metropolitan Library) to ask them how many copies of SP’s book were available. Answer:
    none! It is on “order.” I told them this is ridiculous—you can buy copies even at Meijer
    grocery store and of course at B&N at several
    locations throughout the city.
    Then, I asked if they had ordered Larry Sinclair’s book—answer: no. I asked them if the CML believes in censorship or what? Of course they said they weren’t censoring. Money is tight in OH for libraries. Well, I still think they have “selectively” avoided Larry’s book, just
    my opinion.

  58. No Political Purge

    Talk about control…unbelievable!

  59. Regarding the voting machines, is there a possibility of a do-over election or would a recount suffice?

    I ask, because after the election, Owens immediately broke several of his campaign promises. I don’t think that the voters of NY-23 are taking too kindly to that.

  60. Linda from NY // November 19, 2009 at 9:03 pm

    Fact-Check This, Associated Press!

    What a great article (except, that is, for the fact, this means I have to update my research and write a follow-up article for my blog)!

  61. Maddie–I just came back on from many days off. Hang in there. Pray, pray and pray some more. God does listen. I agree with the above. Safety is paramount. Do whatever you and your family can to get your parents into a safe living situation, hopefully so that you don’t have to petition the court to become their legal guardian. That is a step you really don’t want to have to take because you will then be responsible to the state. It’s also possible that anyone else could step in to petition the state so that the state would become the ward of your parents. A family member needs to push them into the Assisted Living before someone else takes legal action to do so. This is serious stuff. Anyone could bring this to the attention of social services and then the family would really be in a pickle.

    Please get your family to do all it can to resolve this for the best. I am praying for you.

  62. Sue K:

    I do not think they can have a do-over. If so, wouldn’t the Franken mess in Minnesota have been settled that way…oh yes, their machines were working just fine…lol

    A re-count is going to create problems IMHO, and it may end up in court.

    What a mess! But, ya know, I am glad Hoffmann “unconceded.” I think he is growing a backbone…and he is beginning to speak with more authority lately.

    He may have come into this election as a novice, but he is leaving as a “pro” IMHO.

    Good question…waiting for others to weight in.

    Happy Night…Linda

    PS I’ll be okay…just need some rest. You take care, too, dear lady…please…thanks.

  63. Thank you, Linda, I believe it.

  64. jbjd:

    Am looking forward to the update…lol

    Also…to your appearance tonight.

    Gotta get there…


  65. Linda from NY // November 19, 2009 at 9:28 pm

    Ya, Linda, Franken…I forgot about him (maybe because he’s so forgettable!).

    Perhaps the only thing to do (now that it’s been well publicized that there was a problem with the machines) is a recount. While Owens may object, Hoffman won’t and he’s become a lot more up front since this ‘irregularity’ was discovered.

    Again, we wait to see how it all shakes out.

    Please get some rest; I think I’ll be taking the day off tomorrow to do the same.

  66. Hi twe,
    Thank you for the information. We are at the decision point like Sue was saying. And, my husband has just said he would be the one to speak up and be the “heavy” so this won’t fall on any other family member. He knows I’m not as strong as needed for this. I agree with what you said. I know you’ll understand this… loosing weight issue in this case because of just not wanting to eat—very bad sign in my book, especially when the weight is 90 lbs. fully dressed with shoes. At least in A.L. they promise to encourage eating in this case. Both parents are too thin now, even when eating fattening, fattening food (why?)
    How is your mom? I pray for her at night.
    How are things going? Someone told me
    HagenDaz (sp??) ice cream is very fattening and good for patients trying to gain weight.

  67. SueK & LindaNY—

    Blog/Dr. Order: Get some rest and take care of yourselves! Take two aspirins and report back

    Inotherwords, ladies, take care and feel better!

  68. Michelle,
    Think that’s what we need—tough, beautiful German Aunties—perfect! They’d have me lined up in no time. I’d say this country needs
    your aunties to stand up for our Constitution and
    restore our government to the recognizable Republican that we used to know.

  69. Maddie // November 19, 2009 at 9:44 pm

    Yes, ma’am, General Maddie..will do!

    Prayers for your entire family.

    twe // November 19, 2009 at 9:25 pm

    Hey twe,

    Hope everything is stable on your end and that Mom’s eating a bit better.

    Prayers, as always.

  70. Maddie,

    Please don’t feel you are “caving”in. These are your parents. You cannot apologize for your love for these people, nor can you apologize for your sensitive spirit. Without both those things we cease to be alive. These are also the people who allowed you to have these abilities flourish.

    Delegate and know that you’ve done the best, and delegate again if nec’y. It is painful enough, without feeling somehow that you’ve mismanaged, bc you haven’t.

  71. Maddie, SueK, Linda from NY,

    Thank you for your kind words but I am more than happy to do what I can.

  72. Kidmon // November 19, 2009 at 6:37 pm

    Prairie // November 19, 2009 at 6:25 pm

    As I was reading the article something started to sound very familair. Hasan background and story sounds exactly like O’s, does it not.? We don’t know really who these men are

    This is a disturbing thought.
    Interesting observation, Kidmon.

  73. jbjd-thank you I did not know this.
    Type: Private – Not-for-Profit
    On the web:
    From Thomas Jefferson to William Jefferson Clinton, the Democratic Party has been an integral part of the US political landscape. The DNC Services Corporation (better known as the Democratic National Committee, or DNC) is the organizational and fundraising power behind the party. It plans the presidential nominating convention, promotes candidates from the local to the national level, and sets the party platform. It also encourages citizens to write letters to the editors of local newspapers, register to vote, contribute funds to the cause, and volunteer for Democratic campaigns. The DNC was formed in 1848; it is the longest running political organization in the world.
    Chairman: Howard Dean

  74. Venice,
    You have completely understood—I have thought that I’m not the best at handling this or
    don’t have the right management. But, you are saying that I am doing the best I can and not to apologize for “who” I am inside, right? If you’re not the tough no-nonsense type, then that’s o.k. except who you are and do the best. Am I getting it right, now?

  75. How did the virus “really” get in the voting machine/s? This just seems like another
    strange “Acorn” type scenario some how.
    I’m not sure I’d trust a recount. A do-over
    with completely new machines, all checked by a reputable tech service, maybe?? What does anyone think is best?

  76. Maddie,

    Yes, but it’s deeper than that. Tough love is misunderstood. There really is no such thing. Doing what helps the other (for them) is really all that’s called for. Caring for them is what guides you through that. This is what you are doing and so it’s fine and so are you.

  77. Did anyone see this? Ron Pauls HR-1207 bill to audit the Federal Reserve is moving forward!!!!!

    Scroll down and watch these few videos, history is in the making!!!

  78. venice // November 19, 2009 at 10:07 pm

    Evening, Venice,

    Believe me, you do more than your share!

  79. Maddie // November 19, 2009 at 10:25 pm

    Maddie, I vote for a do-over with *paper* ballots. May take a bit longer to count them, but at least there’d be no ‘machinery’ involved!

  80. Maddie:

    Yes Maa’m, Yes Maa’m! Received orders; will comply.

    Prayers for all of your family, especially for your “hubby!” He will be your “saving grace.”

    Agree with venice…don’t ever apologize for who you are…your parents raised you to be a loving, caring person and true to form, you are following their example.

    Peace be with you…Happy Night…Linda

    PS We all like you just the way you are; please don’t change…thanks.

  81. venice:

    I agree with Sue K; you do more than your fair share! We need a petition to make you an “honorary” American!

    Sue K: I agree with you; I would support a do-over, but I am not sure what has to happen or not happen to have a do-over.

    Anybody know? If so, please chime in…thanks.

    Happy Night…Linda

    PS Time for bed for both of us, Sue K!

  82. The South:

    Wow! Oh, Wow!

    Thanks for the link to the Ron Paul’s HR-1207!

    He’s really fighting for this initiative…this is pleasantly surprising!

    Read some people were disappointed in him, especially since he did not speak up during the electoral vote.

    Maybe, he is getting a second wind or maybe, he is just concentrating on what he can get done rather than on something he cannot.

    Happy Night…Linda

  83. [audio src="" /]

    The above link was offered by JustMe. If you have a chance please listen. I will try to offer a summary for those who don’t have time.

    Alex Jones interviewed Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant Secretary of Treasury under President. As I understand he is a world reknown economist. He is soft spoken, eloquent but to the point. When he speaks you can hear his subdued spirit, sometimes punctuated by a nervous laughter, bc he knows the black cloud that America is under and what lies in store for her. It’s rather hard to listen to at times. But here goes.

    1. The IMF wants establish a new world currency. The yuan appears to be in favor.

    2. The gap between the budget and trade deficit can’t be closed, hence the American dollar is losing its value.

    3. The rest of the world can’t see any way of restoring the value of the American dollar, even though countries like China and Japan are working hard by buying debt to prop it up.

    4. One possible outcome, when the dollar loses its reserve status, is that there will be no reserve currency period.

    5.Obama has essentially no power. He is controlled by 3 elements:

    a. the investment bankers (that control the Treasury and Reserve).

    b. the military security lobby (that controls the Pentagon and State Dep’t)

    c. OPEC- this is the strength of the American-Israeli Public Affairs committe, but is an extremely powerful lobby group.

    6. Alex Jones claims these 3 lobby groups are currently taking Obama down, even though they were the ones to put him in office. Tarpley would say Obama at this point is their patsy.

    7. Most economists are in serious denial. The budget today is 4 times what it was only 1 year ago.

    8. When the double dip occurs, the real collapse will have arrived.

    9. Roberts characterizes this period (that could take place anywhere from one to 5 years) in this way.

    10. It will be a third world state like Mexico.

    11. Because of America’s dependency on energy imports, the first will be loss of transportation.

    12. As a result there will be food shortages. Gasoline will be reserved for the police force. Cheap items like at Walmart will be expensive.

    13. The rest of the worl might try to prop the U.S. up , but that won’t be sustainable in the long run.

    14.There will be water, gas, fuel shortages, in short a “science-fiction” tryanny will take hold.

    15. Because of America’s nuclear weapons, it may have an international presence that it can excercise.

    16. He ended by giving his audience an idea of how America is viewed by the world.

    17. The world views America as Alex Jones put it: a psycho/decadent/killing machine.

    18. He states “most Americans think of themselves as salt of the earth, good people, but they have been completely brainwashed”, because the gov’t wants a deindustrialized America, where the police will be militarized. It has all been arranged by design.

  84. former assistant Sec’ty of Treasury to Reagan.

  85. LindaNY–
    Just checking on you and SueK to make sure
    you two are going to get some rest.
    Sweet dreams for the sweet ladies
    Luv ‘ya,

  86. Virus???

    That was the excuse to get into the machine and “flip” the programing.

    Access to the machines before the crisis just like acess to World Trade Center by Magic Plumbing (by a Muslim) the day before the 9/11 attack. That explains why when those buildings came down with all teh water piping in a huge building like that and sprinklers we only see dry dust and no water squirting anywhere. Why? When pipes break water squirts out everywhere but not in WTC. WHY? Was the water and sprinkler shut off by Magic Plumbing the night before??? With the size of piping serving those two building there should be water running and flooding down the streets in NYC. but no nothing not even a little squirt of where anywhere. IMPOSSIBLE.

    A great country with the best technology schools and great programmers and we can’t come up with a voting machine that maybe scans your iris or take a finger print of a DNA sample or something to AVOID all this ACORN FRAUD and other fraud.


  87. Maddie // November 19, 2009 at 11:10 pm

    Yup, Maddie, and taking tomorrow off to make sure that rest gets in there.


  88. jbjd-drkate-Great, both so informative. jbjd-I loved how you were explaining how our election process works with your students, sounds like you have wonderful students sharp too. Your son Josh sounds like my nephew, the kids have a way of asking questions that go straight to the bone, keeps us adults sharp and honest. I wonder what the children think of the morals, ethics and integrity of the so-called officials they have seen at work???
    I think your emphasis on common sense is very good especially for the easily intimidated, but you have great instincts (gut feelings). For whatever reason as you were working through all of this fraudelent material, I could just see you at night waking up with your eyes wide open going OMG, I just thought of something else. Well now I don’t think Nancy Pelosi and Bob Bauer among others are sleeping so well these days. I’m so glad you figured out this enigma wrapped in a mystery. Many days I thought I was losing my marbles trying to put it all together. I’m originally from Chicago, so we are all familiar with that cesspool of corruption South Side, Cook County nothing good has ever come out of there, politically speaking. In justice I hope that the poor people they used in such a cavalier fashion, Jarrett the Slumlord especially receive decent representation not the usual rip-offs.
    Boy does this ever show pattern of fraud. Forget Hope and Change, I think Honor will become a very important word.

  89. Venice,
    Read your interview summary—very scary and thought provoking to say the least.
    Ques: the IMF wants a new world currency…
    then the yuan is in favor—does this mean that the Chinese are in favor of a new world currency or that their yuan would be the new world currency or both?

    The last point….”It has all been arranged by design.” means exactly what?

    Thanks a lot, Venice.

  90. SueK and Maddie–thank you for your prayers and concern. My mother has not been doing too well these last few days. She has been awake mostly for about three days straight. She got some Haagen Daz ice cream tonight and seems to be sleeping now. I hope she wakes up tomorrow as my sister and family are flying in from Colorado tonight. They will only be here for a few days. Sometimes my mother sleeps for days at a time as well.

    Thank you again.

  91. Maddie,

    To your first question. I suspect that the Chinese would strongly want that, and so the answer would be both.

    I can only guess at this, but it means that this process to deindustrialize and impoverish America has been a process that has been in place for probably years. It’s ultimate intent of course would be to serve the creation of a global government.

  92. twe— I am sorry to hear your mother is
    not doing so well recently. It’s sad to hear that
    she’s been awake for three days–that must be
    exhausting. I’m glad to hear the Haagen Daz
    ice cream was good–I’m going for that, too, over here. Nice to hear that your sister and family are flying in. Hope your mom is awake to see them and the visit goes well. Take care and will pray for the whole family as well
    God bless you all, twe.

  93. twe-I’m glad you got your Mom to eat something, I thought you might be having a problem.
    Venice-Maddie-that is the correct word Delegate. Maddie no way can you do it all. It’s called burn-out.
    Peter Francisco-Magic Plumbing this is the part that is so weird, Michelle Robinson Obama’s brother was involved with that company.
    Those voting machines should be banned in every state of the Union.

  94. Michelle,

    Your comments were so kind; forwarded these to drkate as well. Yes, I woke up at all hours with several of those ‘just thought of something else’ ideas. Or, facts I had accumulated suddenly meant something.

    I am so glad that more people seem to be catching on. drkate said the shows have been downloaded more than 2,000 times. Let’s see what happens after tonight’s show is archived. (I post links on my blog.)

  95. Venice,
    I have been waiting for the Chinese to call in
    the bonds. So would the new world currency
    be still called the yuan? just wondering.
    Is China in the position to come over here and
    buy everything up?
    I have no idea how this works, but I believe
    China is in the driver’s seat as regards US debt owed them—-am I correct?

  96. Sorry if this was already posted………

    Are Venezuela yet ?…………….

    Army fears anti-Obama politics at Palin event.

    RALEIGH, N.C. – The U.S. Army plans to prevent media from covering Sarah Palin’s appearance at Fort Bragg, fearing the event will turn into political grandstanding against President Barack Obama, officials said Thursday.;_ylt=AnRa9yf70SSFagC6tHmcE8bqChkF;_ylu=X3oDMTM4bzc1dDc2BGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMDkxMTE5L3VzX3BhbGluX2ZvcnRfYnJhZ2cEY2NvZGUDbW9zdHBvcHVsYXIEY3BvcwM3BHBvcwM3BHNlYwN5bl90b3Bfc3RvcmllcwRzbGsDYXJteWZlYXJzYW50

  97. Maddie,

    It’s actually called the Chinese yuan renminbi. I have been focusing my posts a fair amount on the ties with China, bc I do believe they are in the driver’s seat. They more or less said that to Obama, when they said (and I’m paraphrasing)
    “we do not have to be constrained by the wishes of other nations, we must establish what is right for us first”. That’s a pretty clear statement of where they think they stand.

    But I don’t think anything is going to happen soon. They will exert their influence over time. After all they too have been establishing their base internationally over several decades. But while they are accumulating trillions in savings, the States and Europe has been accumulating debt. Other Asian nations are also debt free.

  98. jbjd-It’s, like at least it was for me, I was reading all this information-Phil Berg, Texas Darlin, you, in Aug 08 trying to make some sense of it,
    sometimes I got more confused as I went along. I did not vote for Obama in addition to I disagreed with most of his stands on issues, I thought no American citizen should have one second of doubt as to a candidates credentials. After I saw the abuse of Hillary’s supporters, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The DNC with Gestapo tactics, sickening in the United States of America. In Florida our votes for Hillary were write-ins, we’re back to paper ballots for obvious reasons. I hope any/all involved with fraud in this election all go to jail, then we can start cleaning up all the other messes. I know that you must have been working like a fiend since summer 08, it must be a great feeling, finally to have this all gel into a meaningful dialogue. So much more makes sense now, and I think talking it out with dr kate helps too, because I think all of us see a different bit of nuance. Thank you for all of your hard work, Josh and students thank you for great questions and insights. Bob Bauer couldn’t fool little kids, I love it.

  99. We have blacks and Jihadis co-operating little do they know that Muslims ensalved blacks for over 14 centuries and continue today.

  100. c.n.d.e. ville II

    Linda from NY // November 19, 2009 at 8:51 pm

    A failed presidency is now unavoidable
    Thanks for the link. I love reading these words.

    “We have a failed presidency that cannot be retrieved. The dream cannot be rebuilt because there was never a foundation to begin with. It was all show and no substance”

    Ain’t this the truth?

    “Ultimately, I believe they will abandon ship. Politicians of both parties are like rats; they are survivors. All politicians will take that course which they believe gives them the best chance for individual survival. Loyalty be damned”

  101. Bob Bauer couldn’t fool little kids, I love it.

    Michelle, I love that line; but remember, the students gasped when I said, (former) DNC General Counsel Joseph Sandler told voters, the DNC is not a government agency and, therefore, is not subject to the FOIA. (He told them that but he would not tell them on what basis Alice Germond, DNC Secretary, signed those Certifications of Nomination swearing BO is Constitutionally qualified for the job.) They said, that means, he checked; and BO was not qualified.

  102. Michelle–thanks for your kind words.

  103. c.n.d.e. ville II

    Maddie –

    My heart goes out to you. I pray for God’s wisdom and strength everyday.

    Your parents are blessed to have someone like you (and your husband, too) who cares so much about their welfare. Your heart is in figuring out what is best for them and in arranging for what they need.

    You feel so much, because you care so much. Your concern is really a blessings to see, especially the way the world is today.

  104. c.n.d.e. ville II

    Maddie =

    Make that, I pray for God’s wisdom and strength for you everyday. Forgot the “for you” part.

    “He daily bears us up.” What would we ever do without His help and our friends and family?

  105. All 40 Senate Republicans will filibuster ObamaCare at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday

  106. Did anyone watch Glenn Beck? How many people realize that if the Health Care vote in the Senate on Saturday authorizes the debate on the floor that Harry Reid can use a 51 vote to get the bill passed?

    Is there nothing that can be done?

  107. Michelle,
    Thankyou for that link. I really wish it were true. However the author misses some very important differences that lie at the base of its productivity capabilities.

    Japan has a population of 127 million; China’s population has 1.3 billion. Then there is the small matter of land mass. I find it hard to believe this author ignored such obvious facts.

  108. c.n.d.e. ville II

    twe —

    My same heartfelt sentiments for you and your mother. With all the stresses there in caring for your mother, the love shines through. That love is precious, strong, and beautiful.

  109. 2010 New York Senate: Gillibrand 45%, Pataki 42%

    Neither one should be a Senator…they need to come up with a better opponent…IMHO.

  110. Hi Linda,

    I’m glad for the Repubs, but did you catch my previous link on this. From Drudge:

    It only takes one vote. As I said before, they will get only that which is nec’y to get what they want, no more and no less.

  111. Venice,

    “Alex Jones” is an informant. Do you know what that means?

    Do you remember that radio guy who arrested because he encouraged his listeners to do physical harm to judges? He confessed to being an informant, because he was a bad one and they set him up. He’s sitting in a prison cell.

    “Alex Jones” job is to create “Timothy McVeighs”. That’s his only purpose in life. “Alex Jones” has been in this business for many many years. Saying the same things over and over.

  112. venice:

    Thank you for reminding me…one needs only to look what they did in NY-23 for that “one” vote.

    Too many are easily persuaded to vote with a little incentive…sad, but true.

    However, they did get Snowe to side with the Republicans…after she got her fifteen minutes of fame.

    We can only hope and pray more Dems will jump ship…

    Thanks…Good Night…Linda

  113. Ace,

    You may very well be right. I have no way ov validating your statement. But it was not Alex Jones I was listening to, it was Dr. Roberts.

    If you listen to the interview, he speaks plainly, and there is nothing in his text that is incompatible with other information available.

    What I didn’t mention is that Dr. Roberts believed that Bush was bad news. What he has subsequently discovered, like millions of others, is that Obama has been worse.

    He may be an informant, but the only way to evaluate that is to ask what his motivation is. Drawing an association to someone else doesn’t really answer that question, does it?

  114. c.n.d.e. ville II

    Ace // November 20, 2009 at 12:24 am

    “Alex Jones” is an informant. Do you know what that means?
    I don’t know what that means. And I don’t quite understand what you said.

    Do you mean “Alex Jones” is paid by someone, the government? to incite people to take actions like Timothy McVeigh?

  115. Linda,

    Yes, they did get Snowe back on side and that brings me to my next post. Tarpley’s interview today. I won’t go into detail, as with my last lengthy summary. Suffice it to say, that he ended by saying that America’s corporate system is in trouble and that big gov’t is not invincible. The Fed is under tremendous pressure (think of the 2 Congressman wanting Geitner to quit, and Ron Paul’s request for an audit of the Federal Reserve) and we know that the pushback is having an effect. It was encouraging.

  116. I always assume that if someone wants to make an important point, that answering someone’s question is part of that process. I guess maybe not, but it is curious.

  117. Venice@ 11:04 Thanks for the easy to understand post. It’s too time consuming to watch and listen to all the videos etc., so I really appreciated your summary. I like Paul Craing Roberts as I heard him speak on many talk shows (local too) and read some articles of his in America Free Press.

  118. c.n.d.e. ville II

    I believe the same kind of vote fraud that has happened to Hoffman happened to McCain and Palin in the presidential election. I believe, just as the announced vote counts were way off the mark in the Hoffman race, so, too the recorded presidential vote counts for each state were way off the mark.

    I think that’s one reason the o. administration has been failing steadily since the first few weeks. O. is not governing by the consent of the people.

    He pulled off the illusion and got himself into the WH, but without the substance of a majority vote behind him. Now the reality of what “a government truly of the people, by the people and for the people” actually means is catching him up and biting him hard.

  119. c.n.d.e. ville II

    SueK // November 19, 2009 at 10:59 am

    c.n.d.e. ville II // November 19, 2009 at 1:26 am

    Hi, c.n.d.e. ville II,

    A reply to your post from two threads ago!
    Hi, Sue K.

    I was catching up on all the articles and just saw your post. Cheery, entertaining and informative as usual.

    Cannons away! lol

    I’m so glad about your bunny — that went through 9/11 with you. Glad the treatments are helping. I’m still thinking about the “lullaby treatment. ” God works things out in the most amazing ways.

    I think our government is part of a huge money laundering crime ring, myself. lol The criminals have worked themselves into positions where they can rip the people off with impunity.

    Like Reid. He is a criminal if I ever saw one. The Senate should just throw him out. He can’t decide that we can’t read the bill, for goodness sake.

    Me, too. I hope you are back in your job soon. Hope o. is gone soon, too. But, if not, seems the longer he stays, the more patriotism abounds, so it’s good for us either way.

    Hope you feel better soon. I take garlic when I feel a bug coming on. Works really good.

  120. Here is a thought that might make your wig slip a little. Have you ever wondered what Hillary really GAVE to the Chinese? Was it really the right of “eminent domain” with respect to land ownership within the US? Does China now own half of the US? If this is what the bastard politicians have done there is a strong possibility that everybody West of the Mississippi might soon receive an eviction notice from the new Chinese owner of your PAID FOR property. If you refuse to vacate your property you will be imprisoned.
    It is a well known fact that China holds a MOUNTAIN of US debt. Perhaps they demanded collateral from Soetoro, and Hillary delivered it….”EMINENT DOMAIN” rights over the entire United States,or at least over the oil,and mineral producing regions of the US. This would essentially be all of the territory West of the Mississippi River, to the Pacific Coast, and from the Mexican border, to the Canadian Border. If such a give away was perpetrated then those who were the principles of it should be prosecuted for treason immediately.

  121. If you live West of the Mississippi River, you could wake up one morning,and find yourself facing a horde of Chinese military who have come to escort you to the East bank of the Mississippi, or to prison. They will advise you that you are in a Chinese owned country illegally, and must leave immediately. Who then has EMINENT DOMAIN rights over the Eastern half of the US?

  122. China will give the new province a Chinese name. Maybe YUANCHOW Province. Think about it it is well within the realm of possibility.

  123. What will happen if the Chinese army is sent to occipy the new province?

  124. TYPO occipy=occupy

  125. Ever wonder how Germany was able to extricate itself ftom the post WW1 hyper inflation, and again after WW2? what would they use for collateral?They BORROWED AND USED LAND,AND EMINENT DOMAIN RIGHTS AS COLLATERAL.

  126. I would guess that there was NOTHING wrong with the computerised voting machines early on. For anyone to be able to touch them after they had been certified would require an official to allege that there was SOMETHING WRONG ,and they were not working right. That would allow the particular OFFICIAL to call in alleged technicians who THEN saw to it that the machines received A VIRUS that would screw up the count in a known manner. All they had to do then is see to it that the virus effected only the Republican vote. After adding the virus they would claim thet the machines are now ok, and recertify them. All paid in advance….of course. In actuality the machines should have immediately been impounded, and taken to some computer professionals for analysis which could have nailed it for sure. These slimes will stop at nothing.

  127. oldsalt77 // November 20, 2009 at 4:37 am

    China will give the new province a Chinese name. Maybe YUANCHOW Province. Think about it it is well within the realm of possibility.


    It is very possible. I still can’t get over the celebration of 60 years of communist China that took place near the White House last September. The Commie Chinese Flag was raised next to ours also at this event. The Commie flag being raised was probably a sign of things to come for America.

  128. Old Salt, et al

    you bring up a very important issue with respect to what Hillary has promised to China and other nations as collateral. I guess only time will tell us exactly what she promised. Her cohort, Bill, already allowed a land grab here with the U.N.

    Don’t know if you saw my post a few threads back on the U.N. Biosphere Reserves. You are probably familiar with it already, but it bears repeating for those that aren’t.

    This government land grab (eminent domain) is a big part of Agenda 21, U.N. Biosphere Project & the World Heritage program, as mentioned in a previous thread. Bill Clinton worked diligently to translate Agenda 21 into domestic policy. The effects of which we see happening to us right now, under the auspices of “saving the environment.”

    Here’s a link for a quick overview of Biosphere project.

    Agenda 21 information

  129. Reverend Manning interview with Alex yesterday, for those who missed it.

    The interview begins about 20 mins into the podcast.

    [audio src="" /]

  130. Nov. 16-17 Fox Polls:

    46% approval

    46% disapproval

    That of course means that 8% percent are sitting on the fence, but at least 5% were prior approval ratings. The direction is heading fast to disapproval.

  131. Health Care ‘Holy War’

    Greta’s interview with Senator Orrin Hatch.

    Senator Hatch expects a fever-pitched health care debate in Congress.

  132. zachjonesishome

    Good morning! I suppose you all have seen this but just in case –

  133. Andrew Breitbart Says They Have More Tapes and “It’s Not Just ACORN” – Video 11/19/09

  134. zachjonesishome

    RasmussenPoll McCain in trouble? 2010 Arizona Primary Poll shows McCain 45% Hayworth 43%…

  135. Venice,

    Krauthammer – always an excellent read. I didn’t realize “O” had blocked the trial of KSM. This really makes no sense now.

  136. CA Attorney General Tells ACORN Not to Worry (VIDEOS)

  137. zachjonesishome

    ….Hayworth, a conservative former U.S. congressman who now is a popular radio talk show host in Phoenix, is reportedly interested in the race but has not formally declared for it. He captures 59% of the male GOP vote, while McCain wins 58% of female voters. …

  138. Health care by fines (& jail time – elected officials STILL exempt from both)

  139. Reid greenlights senate version of health care reform

  140. Video: Democrat Announces: Growing Liberal Consensus to Dump Treasury Secretary

    Rep. DeFazio: Fire ‘Timmy’ Geithner

  141. Americans are messaging each other with . . . _ _ _ . . .

  142. SueK // November 19, 2009 at 10:49 pm

    Maddie // November 19, 2009 at 10:25 pm

    Maddie, I vote for a do-over with *paper* ballots. May take a bit longer to count them, but at least there’d be no ‘machinery’ involved!
    paper ballots, receipt of each vote, photo I.D and citizenship verification, and law enforcement present at counting.

    Did I cover it all??

  143. GBAmerica:

    Guess Rudy better think twice about running for US Senate and possibly, Governor.

    What a farce! This should be spread far and wide throughout NYS!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Day…Linda

  144. Just Me…………………………………….
    The ramifications of 21 are far more serious than many people want to believe. This also extends into a proposition of the control of people which equates with about one step from incarceration. History tells us about captive groups which extended well into our late 1800s in our South,and even a few places North of the alleged Mason Dixon line. If you own all of the land then you have at least 50% control over the (slaves). Then deny them food, and you gain another 25%. Disallow them any rights at all and you now have 100% control over them. Our Constitution is NOW under attack, as is the Bill of Rights. When both become useless pieces of paper we will have lost ALL of our rights as well. At which point we will be under the control of the NWO. Before I will submit to the loss of my freedom,and rights I will end my life. At least the NWO will not gain anything from imprisoning me.
    I have compiled an extensive, and comprehensive file pertaining to the progression of our eventual imprisonment, You do not need to be a rocket scientist to see where we are being taken. This will be the complete control of society, which will become the NWO common labor force, who will receive no monetary compensation for our forced labor. In addition we will be lucky if we receive even 1 cup of alleged soup, or rice per day. I personally believe that our younger people will live to see this happen. The only way that we will have to escape being totally controlled will be to join the NWO world police force. Of course this will require that you kill your parents to demonstrate your loyalty to the “GANG”. This also guarantees the NWO that older people are being “ADMINISTERED”. While most of what I have written hasn’t yet happened, the foundations are CLEARLY visible. Education is the only entity that can overcome all of this. Our young people MUST gain an insight as to what is being perpetrated against our country. If they don’t they too are doomed.

  145. 17. The world views America as Alex Jones put it: a psycho/decadent/killing machine.

    18. He states “most Americans think of themselves as salt of the earth, good people, but they have been completely brainwashed”, because the gov’t wants a deindustrialized America, where the police will be militarized. It has all been arranged by design.
    However, with recent events I think many are leaving the cocoon and seeing what other nations think of us…….if we are repulsed lately by discovering our lethal damage, we can now see how we’re viewed.
    Wars suck.
    Defending our freedoms is one thing; stealing natural gas, oil, and tapping into an ongoing drug supply is another.

  146. JJ:

    Yup…that about covers it!

    Happy Day…Linda

  147. Wow, Old Salt, you must have been working on this for some time. Your knowledge and grasp on the foundation of what’s to come must be unbelievable.

    Please continue to share what you know with us here. We’re all here to learn. I am upset with myself that I wasn’t tuned in sooner.

    Thanks you!

  148. oldsalt77: This one’s for you!

    Procedure to Court Martial Barack Hussein Obama

  149. A great country with the best technology schools and great programmers and we can’t come up with a voting machine that maybe scans your iris or take a finger print of a DNA sample or something to AVOID all this ACORN FRAUD and other fraud.
    Wrong, we can, but TPTB won’t.

  150. GB America,

    thanks for posting this video. It’s very sobbering.

    I knew the firefighters and police had been gagged after 9/11 and were not allowed to speak about the fact there witnessed multiple explosions going off before the collapse of the towers & building 7.


    Belgian Premier Herman Van Rompuy to be first European Union President – Baroness Ashton to be first ‘foreign policy chief’

    Article here:

    Some allege this is a very strong, though little known, team with plans to remake the EU into a super-state at the expense of the nation-states of Europe.

    Van Rompuy wants to end National Anthems and national flags! (sounds familiar)

    It can be said this is major win for the Rothschilds and other global banking families.

    Of course, “O” and Hillary are VERY supportive, albeit ecstatic, over this election outcome.

    Next stop, North American Union…

  152. Good Morning All

    A little off topic but let’s all buy American products this Christmas Season

    Received this – says alot doesn’t it? Especially the last one!

    John Smith started the day early having set his alarm clock
    (MADE IN JAPAN ) for 6 am.
    While his coffeepot
    was perking, he shaved with his
    electric razor
    He put on a
    dress shirt
    designer jeans
    tennis shoes
    After cooking his breakfast in his new
    electric skillet
    he sat down with his
    to see how much he could spend today. After setting his
    to the radio
    he got in his car
    filled it with GAS
    (from Saudi Arabia )
    and continued his search
    for a good paying AMERICAN JOB.
    At the end of yet another discouraging
    and fruitless day
    checking his
    (made in MALAYSIA ),
    John decided to relax for a while.
    He put on his sandals
    poured himself a glass of
    and turned on his
    and then wondered why he can’t
    find a good paying job
    in AMERICA
    Y’all gotta Keep this one circulating, please!

  153. ********NEW POST******

  154. *** Senate releases 2,074-page health care legislation ***

    Read the bill HERE. Check back at AR for details later!

  155. oldsalt77 // November 20, 2009 at 4:17 am

    Along these lines, did you ever consider that the reason we’re not tapping into our oil at the mountains and other places is that they’ve been turned over to China as collateral or payment to appease;thus, the talk of China drilling, etc.

  156. TO:
    JustMe // November 20, 2009 at 9:34 am

    GB America,

    thanks for posting this video. It’s very sobbering.

    I knew the firefighters and police had been gagged after 9/11 and were not allowed to speak about the fact there witnessed multiple explosions going off before the collapse of the towers & building 7.

    What bothered me on teh 9/11 WTC site is all the dry dust and NO WATER anywhere. The water had to be shutoff prior. The sprinklers had to be off. There is no way bldgs collapse and water piper break and water doesn’t squirt out everywhere in gushers bigger than a watre main break on a street.

    The FIX was IN possibly by Magic Plumbing and their Jihadist worker caught out of state…with possible ties to Obamateur’s family Robinson?

  157. Linda from Ny and Justme,
    Your welcome,I’m just trying to understand all of this.I fell upon this video looking through.
    These firefighters and policeman have my deepest sympathy.
    God Bless America!!!

  158. Pingback: Scott Brown election certification delayed for Health Care Bill vote?, Nancy Pelosi swore in Bill Owens early, Niki Tsongas precedent, William Francis Galvin, MA Secretary of the Commonwealth, State Ethics Committee, MA Election statutes « Citizen W

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