Health Care Bill DOA in Senate, November 9, 2009, Joseph Lieberman, Lindsey Graham, Harry Reid, Obama socialist bill, Moderate Democrats oppose, Government health insurance unacceptable

From Fox News, November 9, 2009.

“House Health Bill Has Nowhere to Go in Senate

Government health insurance plan included in the House bill is unacceptable to some Democratic moderates who hold the balance of power in the Senate . If a government health plan is part of the deal “as a matter of conscience, I will not allow this bill to come to a final vote,” Sen. Joseph Lieberman, I-Conn, said.”

“The glow from a health care triumph faded quickly for President Barack Obama on Sunday as Democrats realized the bill they fought so hard to pass in the House has nowhere to go in the Senate.

Speaking from the Rose Garden about 14 hours after the late Saturday vote, Obama urged senators to be like runners on a relay team and “take the baton and bring this effort to the finish line on behalf of the American people.”

The problem is that the Senate won’t run with it. The government health insurance plan included in the House bill is unacceptable to a few Democratic moderates who hold the balance of power in the Senate.

If a government plan is part of the deal, “as a matter of conscience, I will not allow this bill to come to a final vote,” said Sen. Joe Lieberman, the Connecticut independent whose vote Democrats need to overcome GOP filibusters.

“The House bill is dead on arrival in the Senate,” Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said dismissively.

Democrats did not line up to challenge him. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., has yet to schedule floor debate and hinted last week that senators may not be able to finish health care this year.

Nonetheless, the House vote provided an important lesson in how to succeed with less-than-perfect party unity, and one that Senate Democrats may be able to adapt. House Democrats overcame their own divisions and broke an impasse that threatened the bill after liberals grudgingly accepted tougher restrictions on abortion funding, as abortion opponents demanded.

In Senate, the stumbling block is the idea of the government competing with private insurers. Liberals may have to swallow hard and accept a deal without a public plan in order to keep the legislation alive. As in the House, the compromise appears to be to the right of the political spectrum.

Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine, who voted for a version of the Senate bill in committee, has given the Democrats a possible way out. She’s proposing to allow a government plan as a last resort, if after a few years premiums keep escalating and local health insurance markets remain in the grip of a few big companies. This is the “trigger” option.

That approach appeals to moderates such as Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La. “If the private market fails to reform, there would be a fallback position,” Landrieu said last week. “It should be triggered by choice and affordability, not by political whim.”

Lieberman said he opposes the public plan because it could become a huge and costly entitlement program. “I believe the debt can break America and send us into a recession that’s worse than the one we’re fighting our way out of today,” he said.

For now, Reid is trying to find the votes for a different approach: a government plan that states could opt out of.

The Senate is not likely to jump ahead this week on health care. Reid will keep meeting with senators to see if he can work out a political formula that will give him not only the 60 votes needed to begin debate, but the 60 needed to shut off discussion and bring the bill to a final vote.”

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  1. Watch out Barry will make a house call and bend some arms and or bribe.

  2. Woops! I meant a senate call. haha

  3. 83% of Americans have health insurance which leaves 17% uninsured. Health care should be made available, at low or no cost, to those uninsured AMERICANS.

    However, reforming the entire health care system to accommodate 17% of the population is like taking your car to the mechanic to overhaul the engine when it only needs a tune-up and an oil change.

    We don’t need 2000 pages of more regulations. How about just expanding Medicaid eligibility and then Congress can place a moratorium on ALL earmarks and pet projects in order to help pay for this health care.

  4. Nancy,
    We need this woman Anita to be screaming her story, getting her on Rush, Beck, and Fox. Even an obot can see the meaning of this.

  5. Jonah.

  6. Linda from NY

    Good Morning all:

    YOU DECIDE: Health Reform Bill Passes

  7. Linda from NY

    Nancy: Think this is a good idea? I do.

    Lieberman Announces Senate Investigation Into Fort Hood Shooting

  8. Linda from NY

    What? Janet might be happy about this story…

    Alleged Fort Hood Shooter Frequented Local Strip Club,2933,573052,00.html

  9. Good morning all you freedom lovers! The last time I called Nathan Deal’s office they asked for my zip code; if there is anyone who wants to call you can call 202-224-3121 zip code 30741…

  10. Perhaps the Lord will go before us and part the Red Sea…….I am very optomistic this morning and am believing for great things, we first have to believe to recieve. God bless

  11. I feel like I have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. I have had it since Ovomit got elected and had a flashback when this healthcare manure passed.

    Disability here I come

  12. #

    Kidmon // November 8, 2009 at 10:35 pm


    Love it! Yell Suwee Akbar

    yes we have to laugh every now and again or life would truly be miserable.
    SUWEE AKBAR – That’s a real roll on the floor.

    You made my day.

  13. LINDA: I sure do think it warrants an investigation, but Lieberman already knows it’s terrorism. Glad he has the gall to call it what it is.

    PRAIRIE: I was thinking the same thing about that Patriot, Anita getting her story out everywhere. It really says it all about b.o.

  14. It seems like kids know EVERYTHING these days! My 9 yr. old grandson started choir practice for Christmas carols, he asked me this question. The song was Deck the halls, He said, Why do they want us to dress up like gay people?” I said dress up like gay people, what do you mean?” He said,” Don we now our gay appearal falala…lalala… ………

  15. Carmen: I know what you mean. The other day John Boehner was talking & my husband mispronounced his name (something like “boner’). My 12 year old grandson cracked up.

  16. • Jonah // November 9, 2009 at 7:13 am
    83% of Americans have health insurance which leaves 17% uninsured. Health care should be made available, at low or no cost, to those uninsured AMERICANS


    The problem with the 17% number you cited is Highly Inflated….. For example, out of that 17% which equates to approximately 46 million Americans, is that 33% of that number “Includes” Illegal Aliens…. If you remove that from the equation, then you now have roughly 31 million Americans.. However, out of that number, 36% do qualify for insurance but “Opt” out, mostly because they are young, single, want extra cash, ect.. Hence the True number of “Uninsured” is 19 million Americans. It is worthy to note two things with this 19 million uninsured.. First is that many do in fact qualify for some kind of insurance and simply are unaware of it. Secondly, 19 million Americans is only 6% of the U.S. Population. Having said that, the Government needs to Grab 1/6th of the Entire U.S. Economy to pay for this nonsense.

    Rather than fixing the problems that they themselves created, they simply must make it worse. Of course, there is no Guarantee once they control 1/6th of the Entire U.S. money, that they will responsibly apply it as they promise.

    Everyone should remember when the U.S. Government sued the Tobacco Companies, with each State claiming that the Money would go into the State and Federal Health care accounts. When all said and done, less than 15% was applied to health care, the rest went into giving State employee raises, Union programs and benefits, Roads, Schools, and so on.

  17. Linda from NY

    Prairie: Seems to me the Army had many “signs” this guy might go “off the deep end” and yet, they did nothing to protect our soldiers.

    Don’t really care what Janet says, I would think our soldiers will be suspicious of the motivations of those who follow Islamic Ideology and rightfully so. They cannot be trusted!

    One cannot serve two Masters!

    One need only look at the video posted here wherein pp promotes his love of Islam’s tenets to know to which Master he gives his allegiance.

    Anita’s story is very telling as well. He continues to show us his “true colors.” [as if we did not already know them] Pray her story will spread far and wide.

    Thanks for sharing!


  18. This “trigger” option first publicized in summer, is another gimmick, like the Stupak amendment that was only allowed to move the process to the Senate floor.

    I hope Snowe has learned her lesson, that there is no negotiating with these thugs. Let’s see just how smart she is, and for that matter the Dems. This is just more spin.

  19. LMAO!!! The Pumpkin Queen, in case you missed it:

  20. WARNED – by cap MarineTet68 over at Lucianne

    “Warned” ? We were “warned” in 732 when Charles “The Hammer” Martel defeated the Muslims in Poitiers, France. We were “warned” before, during, and after the Crusades, when Christians were ultimately unsuccessful in dislodging the Muslim from Jerusalem. We were “warned” at Constantinople (1453) and at Vienna (1529, 1683). We were “warned” in 1492 when Ferdinand and Isabella kicked the Muslims out of Andalucia and back to Mauritania. From that region, they were referred to as “Moros,” and thus the Muslims in the Philippines who had migrated up from Borneo in the 11th century were dubbed “Moros” when Legazpi’s people encountered them in 1532. We were “warned” during WWII when the muslims (Grand Mufti, Haj Muhammed Amin al-Husseini, uncle to Yasser Arafat) collaborated with the Nazis to eliminate the Jews. We were “warned” in 1948 when the muslims fought so hard to resist the re-establishment of the native homeland for Jews. (OK, speaking of “homeland,” we were “warned” in Genesis 16 and following when God said the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael, would forever be at war. Please note the names of muslim boys and Jewish boys today.
    (cont’d) Israel was the son of Promise, the son of one conceived according to God’s plan: of a husband and wife. Ishmael was the son of perfidy, the son of Sarah’s not trusting God, and suggesting her husband father a child with her handmaiden, Hagar).
    We were “warned” in 1802. Thomas Jefferson sent USMC Lt. Presley O’Bannon and his seven Marines (seven!) to Tripoli to stop the Barbary pirates; Thus the line in the Marine Hymn, “From the halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli.” Every Marine is taught that story in boot camp. We believe in knowing who the enemy is.
    We were “warned” by, the spineless Democrat example of how to deal with Muslims. Jimmy Carter allowed the US Embassy hostages in Iran to rot for 444 days. That stupid non-response has been propagated ever since: Marine barracks Lebanon (1983), first Twin Towers incident, the USS Cole, the Khobar Towers, the various American embassies in Africa and the Middle East, and, last, but certainly not least, was the pièce de résistance for Osama bin Laden; Mogadishu. It was the utter spinelessness of Bent Willie Beelzebubba which convinced Osama bin Laden to do 9/11.

  21. Patriot Dreamer

    Nancy // November 9, 2009 at 9:03 am

    LMAO!!! The Pumpkin Queen, in case you missed it:
    That is hideous! LMAO!

  22. Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., plans to investigate how the Army missed numerous warning signs about Hasan’s radical views.

    “The murders of these 13 people was a terrorist act and, in fact, it was the most destructive terrorist act to be committed on American soil since 9/11,” remarked Lieberman, who heads the Senate’s Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee.

  23. Patriot Dreamer

    Congressman Tom Poe (Repub., Texas) on Glenn Beck’s radio show and how the health care bill in unconstitutional. On now.

  24. Video: Flashback: Pelosi Says Not Giving Members Three Days to Read Bill Is ‘Absolute Outrage’

  25. Patriot Dreamer

    Correction: Ted Poe.

    Congressman Poe is a former judge. He is saying that the mandates for individuals and businesses to buy something (health insurance) in unconstitutional. Nothing in the Constitution gives Congress that authority.

    Also, even if you “stretch” the Commerce Clause of the Constitution, it does not give Congress the authority to do what these bills do.

  26. Patriot Dreamer

    Congressman says several of the “Blue Dog” Democrats were “called to the principal’s office” – Nancy Pelosi’s office, and their arms were twisted.

  27. STILL WAITING ON THE GENE SEQUENCES….MEAN WHILE Russia, Belarus And Bulgaria On The Verge Of A Flu Epidemic As Cases In Ukraine Near 1 Million

    It is the BIGGEST STORY on the planet and the lamestream media outlets are not reporting the severity of it.

    snipped from:

    At this point, 969,247 people are reported to be sick with flu-like symptoms, 48,972 people have been hospitalized, and 155 people have died.

    Disturbing reports are even beginning to surface in western Europe. In Austria, special army units based in Korneuburg, the exact same place where Baxter has its facilities, have been conducting pandemic emergency exercises and quarantining patients in hospitals. Are they expecting something to happen?

    Last week, samples from patients who had died were sent by the WHO to facilities in the U.K. for analysis. The delay of the release of these results is raising concerns that either the H1N1 swine flu has mutated or that the epidemic in Ukraine is being caused by something else entirely.

    But now many of Ukraine’s neighbors are reporting that they are on the verge of a “flu epidemic” themselves….

    Of interest:
    One website’s author speculated as to the reason why the WHO is withholding the gene sequences and allowing air travel to continue is to enable this to spread like wildfire.

    He also speculates when the gene sequences are released the lab of origin for this viral bioweapon will be known IMMEDIATELY, as will the method of release.

  28. Patriot Dreamer, is Glenn Beck back on the radio? I was wondering how he was doing.

  29. How about a Lieberman presidential run, eh??

  30. JustMe,

    See comment to you on previous thread.

  31. Nancy // November 9, 2009 at 9:03 am

    LMAO!!! The Pumpkin Queen, in case you missed it:
    Does anyone get the idea she’s trying to be a ‘Princess Di’ with a ghetto look????

    Well, she’s mastered the ‘ghetto’ look.
    Princess Di??? Never in a million years!!

  32. riggler // November 9, 2009 at 9:47 am

    How about a Lieberman presidential run, eh??


    Democrat ticket, yes………

  33. Patriot Dreamer

    Kim // November 9, 2009 at 9:47 am

    Patriot Dreamer, is Glenn Beck back on the radio? I was wondering how he was doing.
    Hi Kim,

    No he has a fill-in today (I forget the fill-in’s name). Says Glenn is recovering well, though.

  34. Venice,

    okay…will go have a look.

    I wanted to post an update on the Ukraine pandemic first, while having my first cup of coffee. Then I plan to summarize Dr. Parker’s podcast. May take me a while, as there were many interesting points he covered.

    One quick comment from his podcast on the healthcare bill that passed is he firmly believes this will be challenged in the Supreme Court and he cites a couple of cases as it relates to commerce clause.

    This program exceeds congressional power in the first place and Congress can’t control or regulate activities that are quintessentially economic.

    This was the justification Baucus used to remove a phrase out of the bill or amendment or ??? that it’s up to the Justice Dept. and some other bogus line about some judicial review that revealed there is no amendment to control or make possible the purchase of insurance in other states.

    I wasn’t exactly clear on the last thing.

    Be back later.

  35. Just Me: This is unconscionable! For what have these people been targeted? Is this part of the NWO depopulation plan? The fact that the MSM is not covering this story is very telling.

    What is frightening, too, is that this could happen here to a very unsuspecting, media-trusting populace!

    Thanks for all you do to provide us with up-to-date information about this troubling outbreak.


  36. From:

    What is it with these “soldiers of god?’ Just like the 9/11 terrorists, Hasan got ready for his jihad by frequenting a strip club and getting lap dances.

    Alleged Fort Hood Shooter Frequented Local Strip Club,2933,573052,00.html

  37. venice: Who is Dr. Parker? Please advise…thanks.

  38. Maddie: Left you an article about SOS Clinton on the previous thread. Hope you enjoy it!


  39. we are in the process of adopting a child from the Ukraine. At this point our agency is saying they are not hearing anything about this pandemic. They have had people traveling there recently and people planning to travel soon. Our case manager told us the media there tends to blow things out of proportion. We are monitoring this situation closely….

  40. Linda from NY,

    JustMe is a boundless source of pertinent info. I think we are greatful to her. She has been posting links to Dr. Parker’s radio broadcasting.

    Here’s a link for a very brief bio.

  41. “we are all grateful to her”

  42. JBJD

    do you know whether anyone has checked about the election laws in North Carolina? If not, where would I find that information?

  43. This is the price we pay for road-to-hell-good-intentions-language of “political correctness”. The concept of political correctness is an attempt to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. It has been invented as another form of control on the mind’s of people and wreaks of political lies and sophistry. Lies under any name are lies. As Gertrude Stein once said–“a lie is a lies. by another name is a lie.” (Okay, she said a rose.)

    There is nothing more enpowering than to boldy speak the truth and clearly identify facts, actions, and the ethnic and religious backgrounds of those involved in whatever the event be it good or bad. This is niether racial profiling nor discrimination of any kind. It is merely information to help the public learn what to do in making wise decisions in other situations that may show a similarity or pattern that is or is not desirable. If one human being or group of them have done so, then others can or may do so. In the highest and best interest of society, we must understand such human behavior so as to avoid or protect from it.

    I cannot understand why I had to change the words “Merry Christmas” on a Christmas cake at a party one year to “Happy Holidays” because the word “Christmas” might offend some non Christian. How come this “possibilty of offending some unknown person who might or might not attend the party” is more important than my feelings and the others who joyfully celebrate Christmas?

    They–(Obama gang & Muslims) are using the laguage of political correctness to control, disguise, convolute, obfuscate, intimidate, and in any way make the public look mean spirited, racist, or just plain stupid for telling the truth.
    The greatest proof of this is the “lame stream media” covering of the Fort Hood Shooting trying to make a clearly obvious act of terrorism by a committed Muslim who should have been removed from the army years ago an act of an over stressed and harrased good guy who simply had a melt down!

    Barf, barf, barf!

  44. Observer says:

    What is it with these “soldiers of god?’ Just like the 9/11 terrorists, Hasan got ready for his jihad by frequenting a strip club and getting lap dances.

    They need to get all worked up to handle those 72 virgins…. 😉

  45. Observer,

    Don’t know how much it has to do with God, but sexuality and aggression are clearly linked for this clan. What foments one, foments the other.

  46. When will I read good news? Keep fighting for America. Stay safe, God Bless.

  47. Morning, All,

    I’m ‘all porked out’ from last night….

    JustMe, thanks for keeping an eye on the Ukraine situation. I’ll see if we have any news on my end yet.

    Don’t know if anyone read this (sorry, can’t provide a link) but while Prez. and Mrs. Bush were at Ft. Hood this weekend, Barky and Mrs. Ed went to…Camp David for a nice, relaxing weekend; he probably played 18 holes, too.

    I’m so disgusted with the resident and the horse, I could spit.

  48. Nancy-thank you for the article re: Atlas Shrugs
    “clueless bureaucrats who mostly despise our military”
    Without our military they would not have a country to go prancing around in doing their strange acts of “governance”.
    Despise our military-that is like saying they despise our country. We are them, they are us. Parents, children, relatives and friends. WE THE PEOPLE can never thank every person in the military enough for their sacrifices. Idiotic bureaucrats we can live without, probably a lot better, the military I would not want to take my chances would you?

  49. Greg Goss // November 9, 2009 at 10:47 am
    Observer says:

    What is it with these “soldiers of god?’ Just like the 9/11 terrorists, Hasan got ready for his jihad by frequenting a strip club and getting lap dances.

    They need to get all worked up to handle those 72 virgins…. 😉
    These “virgins” where is it written they are female?

  50. Patriot Dreamer

    Dr. Mercola’s opinion on the health care bills (scroll down about 1/3 for Dr. Mercola’s comments):

  51. Patriot Dreamer

    Fox News is reporting that Nidal Hasan is awake and speaking to medical staff:,2933,573205,00.html

  52. LM-I’m shocked Pelosi on an ethics committee?
    This from the person who sent (2) different forms of certification of nomination to all 50 states. One with proper language, one without. If Pelosi is so ethical, I’m sure she will show her supporting documentation gladly and willingly.

  53. PD,

    Correct if I’m wrong, but wasn’t ABC a fierce Obama supporter not too long ago?

  54. Patriot Dreamer

    venice // November 9, 2009 at 11:26 am

    venice, yes. Every now and then ABC’s Jake Tapper comes out with something to question/challenge BO’s administration, but, for the most part, ABC is “in the tank” for BO & pals.

  55. PD,

    Thanks, I thought so.

  56. Sue K: Mornin’ You and some other enthusiasts were “porky” last night.

    Linda from NY, if you’re here tonight, ‘I’m in a New Pork State of Mind.’

    Good Grief!

    Hey…did you read the story about Mooooshel’s latest fashion statement at Lame Cherry? It’s a hoot and a half!

    Happy Day…Linda

  57. venice: Thanks for the ‘bio’ for Dr. Parker. Suffering from information overload…sorry!


  58. Georgia’s Republican gubernatorial candidate and U.S. Rep. Nathan Deal says he wants Obama to prove he is an American citizen.

    Can any Georgia resident contact Rep. Deal and convince him to file Quo Warranto?

    It is becoming plain that he will not be removed through civil or criminal court actions and the only way to stop him is to remove him. We need not present any evidence. Quo Warranto will produce the necessary proof that he is ineligible. This requires immediate action.

  59. Doctors and Nurses need to stage a
    ONE DAY STRIKE and walk out of
    their hospitals and clinics.

    Many health professionals are going
    to quit anyway once this Draconian
    legislation passes, so we might as well
    get a preview now of things to come.

    The time is now to network and stage
    this strike before the Senate votes!

  60. Linda from NY // November 9, 2009 at 11:51 am

    Hi Linda,

    Ya, silly last night with the bacon…

    I saw Lame Cherry’s rendition of The Great Pumpkin. Dinner (not pork) had a hard time staying put after seeing that. And what’s with the chef with no pants on?

    I don’t wanna know….

  61. cheryl,

    Look in NC election laws; have trouble, call your SoS and ask.


    We have asked NP on what basis she Certified BO was Constitutionally qualified for the job of POTUS so state election officials would print his name on the ballot. She refused to respond.

    MAKE NOISE ABOUT THIS. (You can get cites from the complaints for election fraud.)

  62. Michelle: How rude!

    Obama’s ‘conditions’ to talk to Prime Minister Netanyahu

  63. Speaking of Tapper, he is taking questions from the public to ask o today.

  64. DenisetheMenace

    The two guys standing beside Michelle O in the lamecherry blog were from the Food Network (not Niles Crane) – one is Chef Batalli (the bare leggs guy) and the other is Alton Brown.

    My girls love watching the shows these guys do (it is much better than watching regular network TV, IMHO)

  65. Prairie // November 9, 2009 at 12:06 pm

    Aftanoon, Prairie,

    OK, I asked THE question!

  66. Sue K: Obviously, the Chef wanted to be “free and easy” so his “creativity” could rise to the occasion! Sorry…couldn’t resist.

    How ya feelin’ taday? Was thinkin’ about the “foam” idea…maybe, you need protective gear. Be cheaper to “outfit” you than the house, no?

    Some advice: Was crippled in a car accident; could have spent the rest of my life in a wheelchair…however, my brain was not injured so I was able to heal and control my body because my brain worked. Your brain function is strong; use it to your advantage…I know to what you might be looking forward…all I am saying is fight it with your brain!

    The brain can reverse the body’s response. It can send messages to your muscles to strengthen them and force them to act contrary to normal reaction. It is not easy, but doable.
    Just suggesting…

    Peace and healing be with you…Linda

  67. Read the 1st paragraph of this Oct 11, 2009 copy of The Standard:

  68. DenisetheMenace

    Just throwing this out there.
    Earlier (like on Fri.) people were using the word
    This stuff begin fed to us – both the PTSD AND the terriorist connections feel false to me. Don’t get me wrong I’m just saying we are being played either way.

  69. It is time to let the Military know we are 100 percent behind them and that we know they are being demeaned by this USURPER. I’m sure many of them feel we have lost faith in them. Their hands have been tied with Obummers hand picked appointments and Gates has sunk to the lowest of the low. Our only hope is for the military to rise up against this Communist Reign in the White Hose. As for the PC toward Muslims, Congress needs to be notified that this is our Country and if the Muslims can’t live under our rules they must be deported. Our borders must be secured and All Illegals thrown out The disgrace of the White House having to be FORCED to fly the Flag at Half Mast in HONOR of the troops MUDERED at Fort Hood is unforgivable!!!!! God Bless Our Troops and may they soon rise up and take our Country back.

  70. Patriot Dreamer

    Prairie // November 9, 2009 at 12:06 pm

    Folks, read the questions people are asking over there. Will Tapper have the guts to ask any of them?

  71. PD,

    One of my favorites:
    Who’s your Daddy?

  72. Patriot Dreamer: Nah! He’s a paid hack!

    They are interesting, though. Quite a few refer to his “missing records” and eligibility in a roundabout way.

    Thanks for drawing attention to the “comments” second of Prairie’s link.

  73. Patriot Dreamer

    Prairie, LOL! I liked the one that asked if “Dreams from My Father” should really be called “Dreams from Bill Ayer’s Father”!

  74. The ultimate question:

    If you, yourself, claim dual citizenship at birth, how does that make you a NBS.

  75. Patriot Dreamer

    Linda from NY // November 9, 2009 at 12:34 pm

    Patriot Dreamer: Nah! He’s a paid hack!
    That’s why I said “every now and then”. 😉

  76. Patriot Dreamer

    Here’s another good one:

    “You’ve talked at length about your health care plan. May I please see a copy of it?”

    Posted by: Rob | Nov 9, 2009 11:07:49 AM

  77. American Medicine Through the Looking Glass

    Could this happen to us?

  78. Al,

    I suggested that about a week ago. It is the only thing that will get the attention of everybody. I’m glad somebody else thinks so too.

  79. SueK // November 9, 2009 at 12:02 pm

    Linda from NY // November 9, 2009 at 11:51 am

    Hi Linda,

    Ya, silly last night with the bacon…

    I saw Lame Cherry’s rendition of The Great Pumpkin. Dinner (not pork) had a hard time staying put after seeing that. And what’s with the chef with no pants on?

    I don’t wanna know….

    The guy with no pants was in a hurry for the photoshoot – He had been churning something with The One and forgot his pants!!!!!!! GROSS
    Do you really want to eat anything he’s made?
    i think the Niles guy leans that way too! Explanation for the clothing

    Joy // November 9, 2009 at 12:23 pm

    I’m hoping for a Military Coup Soon!!!!!

  80. jbjd-Thank you re: Pelosi-I was just surprised she was on an Ethics Committee, maybe she has a different definition than normal people.

  81. However the strike should only include services covering nonemergent care ie, routine clinic/office visits. You cannot compromise the urgent care of those in need.

  82. Patriot Dreamer

    venice // November 9, 2009 at 12:41 pm

    Hi venice, I fear that they would be “Alinsky’d” – that is, spun as being “greedy” or whatever.

  83. Prairie-I wonder if other countries are saying to themselves, America has no clue as to who Obama is or what he represents-could he be potentially dangerous to our country too? Err on the safe side, do not invite him to your country.

  84. Michelle,
    I am pretty sure they are all laughing at us. But why should the governments reveal him, when they can blackmail us for 4 years?

  85. #

    Prairie // November 9, 2009 at 12:06 pm

    Speaking of Tapper, he is taking questions from the public to ask o today.
    I guarantee we will never see this interview after the USURPER hears or sees these questions.

  86. Prairie-Blackmail-nice game. Americans will remember this, best be careful with the blackmail game.

  87. PD,

    You have a very valid point. One would have to bank on the fact that more than 50% still oppose health care reform and that would need to carry it. That is why I underscored withholding only nonemergent care for one day. No patient would suffer, but they certainly would complain.

  88. Prairie: Obviously, the Canadian Prime Minister did not read pp’s books. After all, the books were written because that’s all we “needed to know.”

    Dumb…just dumb!

  89. Linda from NY

    Well…that’s the end of that!

    Senior Democrat is ‘confident’ Stupak amendment will be stripped

  90. Linda from NY-I was not kidding re: the pigs. It could be a very good tactical weapon. No violence, no one gets hurt-well maybe the pigs might get their feelings hurt for awhile but they will get over it. There are so many uses for animals today. Companion animals, dog sniffing everything (bombs, drugs, disaster victims, etc)
    chimpanzees to help crippled people, just thinking about this list it is extensive already. I’m sure the pigs would like to donate their skills for their best highest use, might be bored sniffing out truffles. I mean they want to contribute. Only patriotic American pigs need apply.

  91. Patriot Dreamer

    Our media “lapdogs” (skip to about 2:05):

  92. Linda from NY,

    Having the Stupak amendment would eliminate the whole point of health care reform. As we all know this is not about health care reform, it has nothing to do with medical care. Medical care will perish. This is social engineering controlled from the top.

  93. c.n.d.e. ville II

    “Bill DOA” — CW nails it again.
    We are WIN/WIN and good to go.
    A yes vote on the DOA bill is political hari-kari for that voter. — A big win for our Democratic Republic.
    A no vote — Also a big win for Wethepeople.

    Looks like numbers of citizens have been getting the KO. OL(BO) A(ok)I(c)D (Lite) Vaccine, and are now in recovery. That OL(BO) elixir may feel good going down, but, wow!; it’s a killer. Bad trip, dude, way bad trip.

    For instance, OL(BO) elixir sure did not work on Saturday. He did not get the votes. Why else would voting on the amendment have been allowed?

    We’ve got ’em on the run, folks. Major rout in progress.

  94. Patriot Dreamer

    Linda from NY // November 9, 2009 at 1:02 pm

    Well…that’s the end of that!

    Senior Democrat is ‘confident’ Stupak amendment will be stripped
    That was all part of Pelosi’s plan. Include it in the initial House vote to provide pro-life Democrats with some cover, then strip it out later in conference.

  95. Linda from NY

    Barf Alert!

    For Those Who REALLY Love Obama: The Head O State (Possibly offensive)

  96. Linda from NY


    Sunday, November 8, 2009

    End Muslim Immigration Mondays

  97. c.n.d.e. ville II

    venice // November 9, 2009 at 1:06 pm

    Linda from NY,

    Having the Stupak amendment would eliminate the whole point of health care reform.

    I, too, am getting a HUGE laugh out of that fact. The purpose of the bill, which is not health care (again I agree with you) is in large part thwarted by the prohibition of PUBLIC funding for abortion.

  98. The future of Social Security! Does anyone remember who it was who was responsible for the SS Trust Funds being made part of the General Fund? I keep thinking it was either Kennedy, LBJ. or Tricky Dick. They said “There is no reason to be concerned,because the SS Funds contains BILLIONS. So here we are about 40 years later with SS now bankrupt. This is with special thanks to our slimey Congress who chose to RAPE the SS money whenever they felt like doing so which they then blew. The trust funds were placed in the general fund specifically for their pleasures. Congress needs to be held accountable. All of us have PAID into the original funds, and we have been injured by Congress. By 2012 there is a strong likelyhood that SS earnings will no longer be coming each month. Instead we will be given a European type welfare of about $100.00 a month to live on. You need to demand that they return every penny that you paid in over the years. This was an ANNUITY, and it was illegally transferred to the general fund. All who paid into it were to be recipients at 65 years of age, and the amount that each of us recieves is to be determined by our 10 best years of income. Today SS is issuing bogus checks, and soon no bank will touch them, or allow a ss check to be deposited. The Fed has stolen the SSmoney from the TRUST FUNDS. This was done ILLEGALLY. Get ready if you can because DEFAULT OF SOCIAL SECURITY is coming soon. How are you going to feed your selves? How are you going to pay your heating,or other bills? Better yet how are you going to pay the MANDATORY Healthcare INS premium to the government? Remember if you can’t pay you will be fined, or put in jail. If you own any property, it will be consficated by IRS, and sold to pay the health care premium. NICE thought, huh.

  99. Fox Go vote, we are winning by 95% right now. Was congress right to pass health care?

  100. Between the passing of the health care bill in the house–I am still in too much shock to process it all–and the Fort Hood shooting, I am as usual in a state of upset instead of a state of peace. All of this since Obama was elected. I wonder if I could sue him for interfering my rights to quiet enjoyment of my country.

    This was written last January–it applies today.

    Muslims Be Damned

    I don’t know and don’t care about the-road-to-hell-is-paved-with-good-intentions save the planet people who deem it a priority to be POLITICALLY CORRECT. This is what I do know. Muslims are the creators of terrorists. They not only have harassed and threatened Israel, they have intimidated the rest of the world. Doing the most civilized activities like boarding planes has become a hassle because of Muslim terrorists. Consequently, after repeatedly trying many ideas that have failed to achieve a peaceful and civil relationship with these Barbarians, it is time to do what will work once and for all. I could care less if the sorry POLITCALLY CORRECT air heads approve of me or not. I for one am fed up with the grief caused upon Israel and the entire world by a people whose only contribution to the world is hate and terrorism.

    Israel has been America’s civilized ally in the Middle East since the 1950’s. Israel is one of the few civilized free country’s that supports free trade and free enterprise (a moral and just system of self support). Israeli’s are a cultured well educated people who succeed at any field of their endeavor. They bring skill and ability with them where ever they go. The proof of this statement is a simple look at what they accomplished with Israel in the face of monumental adversity. The Museum of Tolerance, created by the survivors of the Holocaust Jews is one of the finest efforts to keep the memory of humanity’s crimes against humanity. The work of the Museum of Tolerance against bigotry and senseless hate has made the Museum the world’s leaders on the subject of genocide and prejudice. I was so inspired by the Museum of Tolerance; I founded the Museum of Innocence to fight child abuse through art and enlightenment.

    The accomplishments of the Jews all over the world since World War II are almost miraculous. Jews are a constructive people compared with Muslims, who seem to be a destructive, non achieving collection of primitive tribal people. Remember the only people who created Terrorists in the last thirty or so years are the Muslims. The Muslims are the only people whose religion promotes violence against non believers. The Koran is the only Holy Book I know exists that encourages men to beat, maim, behead, or stone to death their own women and children for a mere infraction of the rules of the Koran. Is it any wonder Muslims are so filled with insane rage, they have no problems killing innocent people including their own women and children if it means they can retaliate against a real or imagined enemy. Muslims take great pride in using women, young girls and little children as living bombs. Every major terrorist attacks upon civilians in the last twenty years has been by Muslims. Remember, it was not the Jews who destroyed The World Trade Center. It was the Muslims.

    When the cease fire agreement ended in the Gaza strip, it wasn’t Israel who refused to extend the peace agreement and bombard Palestine with missiles. It was the Muslims led by the Hamas (A Muslim Terrorist Group). What was the Hamas hoping to accomplish by sending missiles with the intent to destroy Israeli property and kill Israeli citizens? Were they thinking Israel would joyously welcome the barrage of missiles and offer the Muslims of the Hamas a cornucopia of benefits. Did the Hamas think maybe they would intimidate the Israelis so profoundly, Israel would pack up its suitcase and leave? Maybe they were hoping that the Israelis would simply commit mass suicide and leave Israel for the Muslims to have?

    Israel responded as any healthy country should respond when threatened and attacked. Israel properly and accurately and lethathly defended itself. Palestine is getting a brutal awakening at the price of civilians, women and children. No humane citizen enjoys seeing anybody get maimed, or killed. It is very disturbing to see the bodies of little children being paraded by the violently protesting Muslims. Now they are screaming they are the innocent victims of an overly aggressive neighbor. They are totally ignoring the reason—AND THE ONLY REASON—this is happening to them is by their own choices and actions. THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO ARE THE CAUSE OF MUSLIM DEATHS IN COMBAT ARE THE MUSLIM WHO DREW FIRST BLOOD. Now they are protesting, rioting and destroying the property of innocent civilians in every country they have amassed significant numbers to make a political impact upon the governments in the countries in which they are living. What is worse is MSM that is actually favoring the Muslims against Israel. MSM is convoluting the facts that led to the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Since when did Muslims become so popular that journalists are so biased they have buried the truth? MSM is now crusading the Muslims who are the creators of terrorists? Is this the result of the sick and puny minded political correct freaks? Has the world already forgotten the genocide of 6,000,000 Jews in Germany? Has the world closed its eyes to the many subtle and not so subtle events that led to this horror? Do I see a repeat of anti-Semitism in the American media?

    Well, get ready for the opinions of a person who is not intimidated by those who will want to place their stupid labels on me. I am a non practicing Catholic who has spent a life time following that which is true, just, and actual in history and society. Any group of people who attempt to make the world believe another group of people are unfit to share this planet needs to be backed and kept locked in their own country.

    Israel will not agree with this answer, but I do think it is one that will work. Israel is our loyal and intelligent ally. As an American and human being, I will do all in my power to assist Israel in its war against Muslims. Enough is enough. This—if I had the power to do so– is how I would handle this entire affair.

    1. Israel should continue attacking Palestine until it is totally crushed. Then incorporate the Gaza strip into Israel. Every citizen of Palestine who insists upon adhering to the Muslim religion must leave Palestine and never return.

    2. England must bring back the teaching of the holocaust in its history books and classes. It must eliminate the laws of Sharia on any level or place in its government. Then England and every country that now has a large Muslim population must make the following very clear to their Muslim residents:

    a. Muslims are permitted to practice their religion. They are not allowed to break the laws of the country in which they live. In situations where the Muslim laws of Sharia are in conflict with the laws of the country they reside, they must obey the laws of the country.

    b. If conflicts between Muslims with whomever they antagonized break out any where in the world that is not a Muslims country, the Muslims are not allowed to protest in the country they are residing.

    c. If the Muslims riot or cause riots and damage property and injure people, then they will be arrested and taken to jail. There they will stay until they and their entire family are deported to whence they came. They will lose all their property, bank accounts, and money they acquired from the benefits of living in that country.

    d. Muslims who are born in the country they reside will be exiled if they riot on behalf of Muslim causes. These Muslims will never be permitted to return.

    The rest of the world must not be gullible and believe the convolution of the facts by the Muslims about Muslim innocence and Jewish aggression. The rest of the non Jewish and Muslim world must acknowledge the ancient conflicts between Muslims and Jews is also not a popularity contest. This is about the survival of the Israeli people and their right to live in their own country without fear of being murdered by Muslims. Don’t be fooled by the claim “Not all Muslims are extreme or are terrorists.” All practicing Muslims live under the rule of the Koran. The Koran encourages all Muslims to be violent against all infidels. Therefore in the eyes of the Koran either a person is a Muslim or an infidel. If you are an infidel the ultimate goal of every Muslim is to convert you to Allah or behead you. Hamas and any other Muslim or non Muslim terrorist groups must be destroyed once and for all. They must never again rise to murder another innocent infidel on the basis of being and infidel. As an infidel, I don’t like having to secretly fear for my life in my own country every time I see Muslim.

    Regarding whether my suggested solutions to the Muslim problems wins Muslim approval, tough! If Israel claimed the Gaza Strip, and every civilized country burdened with a large Muslim population followed the above suggestions, the worst that would happen is the Hamas won’t like it. There will be nothing they can do about it. This way both Muslims and infidels will live. Muslims will either learn to respect and live with infidels or give up their Muslim beliefs. The rest of the world will finally be living free of the constant and senseless intimidation of Muslim violence. The price of being unpopular with the Middle East and rest of the world is very small compared with the benefits the rest of the non Muslim world receive. The peace of mind, stability from non intimidation, self validation, and the freedom of expression that will return to the rest of the infidel population will create a “new attitude.” This will begin the path to world peace. Maybe, in another thousand years even the Muslims might give up their Muslim beliefs and become civilized. Then the rest of the civilized world would welcome them.


    This was written in response the Israel/Mulsim conflict over the Gaza strip.

    Australia is deporting its Muslim population.

  101. Anybody know what happened to TerriK? AKA MissTickly? Her blogsite was totally erased and she is nowhere to be found. I hope she was not harmed or threatened.

  102. Linda from NY // November 9, 2009 at 12:19 pm

    Hi Linda,

    Good one! I still don’t want that guy cookin’ my dinnah….

    Awww, sorry to read about your accident; I agree with you as far as brain power is concerned, but that’s my problem…the pending MS. My nerve impulses aren’t getting where they need to go thus, ‘shooting stars,’ electrical impulses, dizziness, choking, and foot drag. The foot drag + fatigue (a classic symptom) was what caused me to fall. Cognitive ability OK, so far. Trying to remain employed as long as I can and *get a diagnosis!*

    Glad you’re better! I’ll keep fighting. Thanks for the pep talk :).

  103. I like kangaroos….and Christmas in summer.

  104. MMMMSSSS. PUOSSEY alteary has her fingers on your billfold. Unfortunately she won’t find any money inside it. So it would appear that at this point we will be incarcerated at a FEMA CAMP, and put into forced labor. If you are an OBOT then you shall receive exactly what you have asked for………..Have a good DAY!

  105. Much more at drkates
    The President’s Disability under the 25th Amendment-Update
    Published November 8, 2009 Constitutional Radio , Kerchner , congress , constitution , elected cowards 39 Comments
    (Posted on Texasdarlin Blog August 12, 2009)
    ©2009 drkate/drkate4justice
    Update: I am reposting this article in response to the following activities of Barack Hussein Obama, which reveal not only what I consider to be profound disloyalty to the United States, but disability by reason of mental defect:
    Failure to exhibit any empathy at all with soldiers killed in the worst terrorist event since 911 inside the United States;
    Evidence that the accused killer was a member of Barack Hussein Obama’s transition team and that special privilege may have led to the inability of base Commanders to remove Hasan;
    Apparent evidence of sickness;
    Continued failure to prove his citizenship and eligibility for the office of the Presidency.
    Of course I believe he is committing treason as I write this and already has. But this mayalso be stopped if he is constitutionally removed by disability as a result of mental defect and continued failure to prove his citizenship.

  106. c.n.d.e. ville II // November 9, 2009 at 1:09 pm

    Hey, c.n.d.e. ville II,

    Good to see you again!

    My union (sorry, but I had no choice but to join) is endorsing Mike Capuano (D) (MA) for Senate to fill the vacancy left by Ted Edward Kennedy’s demise (boo hoo).

    I checked Mike’s web site and sure enough, the bum voted ‘yea’ on the Death Bill.

    I plan on sending an e-mail to my union Prez. telling him to stuff it; they also endorsed Cadillac Deval Patrick for Governor (Barky’s loser pal) and Barky himself.

    Some union, huh?

  107. Linda from NY

    This is horrific…read at your own peril…

    Forgotten Proof of Islamic Evil on US Soil

  108. Linda from NY


    Labour Party’s Support for More Muslim Immigration May Have Bad End

  109. Linda from NY

    Will the health-care bill become law?

  110. Linda from NY-SueK
    I have seen many movies re: Hitler’s Germany, documentaries etc. The Islamafascits just remind me of the SS. It was the law of the land (Hitler’s Germany) to just murder people at will. Started with the Jews, pretty soon everybody was fair game. Remember these victims were German citizens. Just walked up to them and cold bloodedly shot them dead. No conscience, no remorse.

  111. c.n.d.e. ville II

    Sue K — I feel so sad about your fall. My empathy and prayers. You never cease to inspire.

    Just saw your post. Thanks. Good to see you, too! Good to tune back in to the patriot stream.

    Something way wrong about being coerced into political support of any kind through your job. (Hey, but what else is new?)

    Good for you! Tell him, on your behalf, I demand the union return to you the portion of your dues that they are (probably illegally) using for their political campaigns.

  112. Michelle // November 9, 2009 at 1:48 pm

    Yes, Michelle-they’re cut from the same cloth.

    Indoctrinated. No soul.

  113. Oh my gosh. My grandson’s school (which is behind my house) just called. They are on lockdown. Bank got robbed.

  114. c.n.d.e. ville II // November 9, 2009 at 1:52 pm

    Thanks, c.n.d.e. ville II, I’m OK. Appreciate the thoughts and prayers…always!

    Not real coercion regarding the union, per se, but to opt out of joining still costs me money, and I don’t get dental and vision through my insurance plan…it’s through the union! The way I’m losing my feet lately tells me I may need the dental :).

    BUT, I’m still gonna let the Prez. dude have it for backing political hacks and losers, and tell him to send me 10 bucks. Money talks, ya know!!

  115. Cops keep riding past my house. I wish they’d look in the wooded areas next to me.

  116. Nancy,
    I hope you are on lockdown. Stay safe, our prayers.

  117. SueK-good to keep your mind occupied too. Don’t forget about bee therapy. There is a ton of information on the web re: bee sting therapy. I saw it on TV years ago. The bee is in a petri dish, the person takes it out with tweezers and puts it on the person where they need to get stung. The person does not feel a thing, this continues for weeks, months etc. one day the person says ouch that hurts. That’s when they know therapy is successful. I don’t know if the person needs maintenance they didn’t go into that part. You have to make sure that you are not allergic. I know I’m not-got a good wasp sting, but I put straight ammonia on it-way ouch, but I like all my pain upfront, only lasted a couple of seconds (feels like hours) no swelling, but then you get the itch that goes straight to the bone.

  118. Oh yeah. All locked up here. But grandson walks home from school through the woods. Guess I will try to meet him, when I find out when they will be leaving.

  119. Nancy-we have a lot of canals here, that’s usually where they hide-in the bushes near the water. They will probably bringing in the dogs soon.

  120. Linda from NY

    Sue K: I know your body is failing, and I hope you did not think I was making light of it.

    My prognosis was not good, the nerve damage to my arm was extensive, and I was told I only had a “slight” chance of regaining the use of my arm or ever having any feeling in my arm or fingers again. I stubbornly refused to accept it and did everything I could to prove them wrong through, prayer, therapy, and sheer will. BTW…I type with two hands!

    My quality of my life changed for the better and while your quality of life may decrease over time, I just want you to tap into the power of the mind to control your body’s failure.

    Keep fighting it…our prayers will sustain you!

    My prayers are with you daily…Linda


  122. I was out earlier (about 2 hours ago) & cops were everywhere. It was probably the bank down the street. We have been having lots of bank robberies around here recently. Coincidentally, my town was named #1 safest town in America a couple of years ago. I think last year it was #3 or something (believe it or not, considering this is NJ).

  123. Linda from NY

    oldsalt77: This one’s for you!

    Seniors Should Send This to Young People

  124. I hear school buses running. They must be lettinmg the kids out. Gotta to meet him on his walk home, just to be safe.

  125. Obama has pledged support for the creation of a new Palastinian state.

  126. All clear, thank God. Kids are home & safe.

  127. c.n.d.e. ville II

    Sue K.

    Make it $100! lol
    None the less, I am steamed. You deserve the benefits of union membership, for which your dues help to pay, without having union leadership presume to use that organization for their own political purposes.
    Some types of coercion are very sublte, not to mention devious.
    At any rate, you are a brave soul to stand up for your convictions.
    btw, I would also say that for all members of any union, even if the union leadership were supporting a political agenda with which I agree.
    Job and politics are two different propositions. The political one should always be voluntatry. imo And I know I am not saying anything new. Probably every member of a union feels the same way. lol

    How are your pets? Thinking about them brings a smile to my face.

  128. Venice,

    funny all this time I thought you were in Italy 🙂

    It’s amazing to me how much Canadians know about the goings on in this country. They say, as you said…what happens here greatly affects Canada. Alex’s show always has a fair amount of callers from Canada.

    Okay, my head is about to explode, but finally I’m at a point to start the upload. I’ve broken it up into 5 posts. It’s a lot of info, much you probably know already having dealt with the healthcare system there. I hope it will help bring about a better understanding of where this is all heading and the profound lies we all spent hours listening to on Saturday.

  129. CONNECTING THE DOTS of healthcare to global warming & what’s really in the bill:
    Part 1 of 5

    Okay, Venice (and others)…here it is.

    A summary of an Internet broadcast of Dr. Winn Parker this past Sunday, the purpose of which is to show how medical planning, global warming and cap and trade all interconnect. As you might know, it is difficult to summarize 2 hours of audio of dense information while at the same time making sure the summary reveals the true interconnectedness.

    The flow may not be as good as I or you would like, but I’m working from my notes and they are L O N G!!!!! I’m learning much of this right along side the rest of you. So…I can’t and don’t wish to argue any point mentioned. I merely offer it for the sake of awareness, and hope it will spur you to do your own research and converse about it in this forum. I will break it up into readable segments, so bear with me, or you can copy and paste it into a document for reading later.

    The South…my sincere apologies to you if I haven’t made the appropriate breaks in the format. Just have to deal with it! …i smile… You will recognize that much of this is the same info that Alex has been trying desperately to communicate, just in greater detail.

    Dr. Parker emphasizes this is not about Democrat or Republican. It is about socialistic concepts.

    He starts off by saying the minute this bill was passed there were 28 billionaires created in 7 minutes in the China market. Bam! Just like that. He gave specific examples of the traded companies that will shift their focus to the area of female reproduction – more appropriately the control there of. He said this bill is about a huge shift in wealth and that it was NEVER ever a bill being passed as a healthcare bill. We all know that Al Gore profited handsomely from this.

  130. Part 2 of5

    First of all, it’s essential to know the fact that Holdren is the Science and Technology Czar is no accident and is a critical part of healthcare reform and cap and trade agenda. Remember he was approved by Congress. It is also no accident that Sotomayor was the “chosen one” selected for the Supreme Court. She will be a key player as these bills, laws, etc are challenged in the Supreme Court. She will also be a key player as we move into the arena of international/world law. As such, both Holdren & Sotomayor are very necessary players in the movement towards the ultimate goal of “global governance.”

    Holdren’s doctrines ARE the healthcare bill that just passed The House. His work is the template of what’s happening today in our world. The Stupak amendment was all about the government controlling women’s reproduction by a variety of means. (I think it would be safe to say the grandstanding of “no money going for abortions” was a ruse.)

    It’s important to note Holdren’s long held belief, as described in this quote from his book Eco Science, “people who contribute to social deterioration – undesirables – can be required by law to exercise reproduction responsibility, and should be compelled to have abortions or be sterilized.” THAT WORDING is what congress voted on Saturday night.

    What wasn’t told to the public is the concept of adding in “involuntary control”. He mentioned Pelosi’s 2 child limit, it’s in the bill, IS Holdren’s baby license idea (Eco Science pg 788). Dr. Parker also said the burden of involuntary control or reproduction would more than likely fall upon the women, instead of sterilizing the men. There are pilot studies of determination of involuntary fertility control happening right now!

    There is an article on Chloramine at which covers the fact the EPA, in 1989, adopted Holdren’s system and began to add sterilants to our drinking water. It is a dose related system necessary to achieve the ultimate goal of population control by this means. In fact, during his approval process by Congress, he was specifically asked about this and gave the standard socialist academic answer which, he said, is given by all professors that have tenure. His answer was, “there are other ways to answer that.” (for whatever that’s worth, I included it)

  131. Part 3 of 5

    There is the part of the Copenhagen Treaty that sounds like they’re talking about carbon emissions and gases. The other part of the treaty concerns the interchange of technology that will be GIVEN to certain countries – a green free trade deal – where India and China want deals with richer nations and free access to Western know how.

    The REAL issue is to get the technology and knowledge of Americans and at the same time they’re being suppressed through the healthcare bill – the concept of competitiveness where a small business may be fined 8% of their total gross if they can’t or don’t have healthcare. That money collected in the form of fines goes to the government who in turn hands it over to the Son of Kyoto, the successor to the Kyoto Protocols which is the Copenhagen Treaty.

    Copenhagen Treaty is based on the carbon foot print integrated into the human social credit system, electronic medical records, income records, affinity codes, adaption code, acclamation codes, and will determine whether one gets medical care or not. All of this is based on 2 degrees centigrade. (I have no clue what some of these codes are)

    Many elements regarding our access to care tie directly into the Copenhagen Treaty. They intend to use the Comparative Effectiveness System as a determinant for each and everyone of us who hope to receive care. Your carbon footprint numbers will also be used to determine if you qualify for health care or not. The domestication clause sent the signal to the world that we are no longer part of the system, except for population control. Placing an income surcharge on high income learners has a social implication and changes the social construct of society forever.

    The Comparative Effectiveness Council was implanted in the Defense Department bill and is already in place.

  132. c.n.d.e. ville II

    Anonymouse — btw I have been traveling hither and yon, but have yet to hie me thither to obtain a copy of the interlinear Scriptures that you suggested. Still on my agenda, though. Looks like truly nourishing fare at the link you gave me. Thanks, again. Hope you are still tuning in.

  133. Part 4 of 5

    The idea of separate nations in Copenhagen is based on the idea of the haves and have nots. The Son of Kyoto (Copenhagen) will be a slow progression of negotiations by developing nations and non-developing nations. What Obama wants for this country will cost us in terms of productivity and competitiveness no longer being a capitalist system. By 2050 the plan is to be a global world, no longer having nation boundaries. Needless to say the numbers he quoted for reduction in other countries is completely off balance.

    The nuts and bolts of this relies HEAVILY on the electronic medical records (EMS). The mandate for electronic records was part of the Recovery Reinvestment Act. It is THE KEY to your having access to medical care. Our identity will be completely changed in terms of the healthcare. It will be based upon points, adjustments codes, social credits (your contribution to society), credit rating scores, assessment of financial means AND your carbon foot print numbers.

    If you use energy, you will have a carbon footprint score assigned to you. (BTW, energy use will eventually be monitored and controlled via satellite, with the implementation of the smart grid.) All of these factors calculate your risk assessment, and ultimately will determine if you’re going to have access to healthcare and what the limitations of same are.

    Your RACE SPECIFIC genetic makeup will figure into the equation, as well. I won’t go into all the race specific things he spoke about, concerning everything from pharmaceutical drugs to other treatment therapies, but he did say we’d be ASTOUNDED at how, for example, they plan to treat renal cancer of an Islamic group compared to how they would treat American Indians or Pacific Islanders. He says the specifics are laid out in the bill.

    An example he gave of risk assessment: if you need a liver transplant and you are 7 points short of being able to have care…too bad.

    Gatekeepers will be put into place (much like the old HMO plans). If you are elderly, you will have to go to a different gatekeeper to get permission to get care BEFORE you can see a doctor. (I can’t help but wonder how all the constituents of the representatives that voted for this bill will feel when they find this out? They were totally sold out on this “historic” piece of legislation.)

    We won’t have a nation as we know it now. Regional lines will change and be redrawn. People will move into different areas. He discusses being in a region and requiring special care. If those special care physicians aren’t in that region, then you won’t get that care and you’re not going to make it.

  134. Linda from NY

    “The Grand Deception: Jihadis Among Us”

  135. Part 5 of 5

    He adamantly defends the concept & the right of having people’s genetics treated fairly, especially for diagnostic purposes, and decries the fact they should not be used to isolate various forms of ethnic groups so as to have special treatment under a health care bill of which you’re fining people excessive fines under the redistribution of wealth. (long sentence, I know). He mentioned how this health care bill will effect the FDA’s approval of race specific drugs.

    There will be territorial health departments that will target disparities and develop a disparity elimination for the development of various drugs and medical protocols. (yeah right)

    Also mentioned a report titled “Health People 2010.” He believes the cultural disparity studies are bogus because there are differences that you can’t avoid. Gave examples they don’t take into consideration such as the variants of what’s involved in a person’s genome. The issue of variance directly effects whether you get the right diagnostic test and whether or not your doctor is fined for not following the protocols set for by the government. It also affects your “rating.” (WTH?!)

    As he says, IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP PEOPLE!

    There are a number of articles on Comparative Effectiveness Systems – critical to understanding all of this. I believe they are on the previous thread. A quick google search produces several, too.

  136. This is clearly an attack by o. He now announces the appointment of a muslim as assistant secretary to the DHS.

  137. Off Topic, but I have to find out the details about this bank robbery. I can see letting the kids out to go home on the buses, but the “walkers”? unless the guy has been caught. He must have fled on foot, or they would not have been scouring the area like they have been. Our schools now have an automated phone thing, where the message gets sent to everyone via computer. I kind of freaked getting a call that said -This is the principal, we are in lockdown mode, as the police have advised us to do, due to a bank robbery in the area. No one has been allowed into or out of the school. Never mind, all’s well that ends well. Now back to the other issues.

  138. c.n.d.e. ville II

    Just wondering . . .

    Can Tea Party organizers get some kind of action going in the districts of the Reps who voted FOR the DOA Bill? What about a “vote of no confidence” petition signed by voters saying that the Rep does not speak for them, to be filed with officials like the Elections Board, the Governor, the SoS, the mayors of the cities in the district, etc. ???

    Can Tea Parties with the express purpose of demanding the Rep.’s immediate resignation be held in each district? I would sure cheer to see the citizen momentum taken a step further to remove the still deaf legislators from their seats.

    I believe the Declaration of Independence gives us the right to remove (non)Reps, even before an election, even without specific procedures in place, but I am not sure HOW that can be done. (Would not want to create chaos or an unwise precedent)

    Even if the Reps do not resign, a lot of footwork will have been done to ensure the election of a Constitutionalist candidate, as well as to forestall the same ol’ repetition of “politics as usual.”

  139. Speaking of pig and dog:
    The family never thought of having a dog untill time to get into the House. Have anybody seen him with the dog? walking? or playing? How long did it take him to get the dog for SHOW?
    Also, I remembered reading that the girls complained that they never get presents for X’mas and they never celebrated X’mas.

  140. Michelle // November 9, 2009 at 2:01 pm

    Thanks for the reminder, Michell.,

    I’ll be seeing my brain doc on Thursday and will ask if he knows of the bee therapy! Bet he does…he teaches Neurology at Haavaad.

  141. Part 5 of 5 Correction

    report title should be “Healthy People 2010”

  142. Linda from NY

    Republicans take aim at vulnerable Democrats in health war

  143. Linda from NY // November 9, 2009 at 2:12 pm

    Linda, no, did not take offense at all!

    This is all new to me and happened this January when I thought I was having a stroke. That set the whole quest for diagnosis in motion. Still not there, but hopefully, soon.

    I’m very glad to read that you beat your disabilities for the most part. Sometimes, we push on despite the odds.

    I need to know where I am in order to fight-many times a symptom will kick in and my response is “WTH was that?”

    I will keep Michelle’s bee therapy in mind, but I have to get a diagnosis first. I’ll fight!

    As always, thanks for your prayers…they mean a lot!

  144. Linda from NY

    Just Me: Wow! Thank you for that summary!

    Great information there…a lot to chew on!

    What amazes me is how they have slipped bits and pieces into already existing bills.

    The 2010 Election cannot come soon enough for me! We need to stop this!


  145. c.n.d.e. ville II // November 9, 2009 at 2:43 pm

    I may not be correct, but I think voters can RECALL their reps in some states.

    I remember that happened to Gray Davis, former Gov. of CA.

  146. c.n.d.e. ville II // November 9, 2009 at 2:25 pm

    c.n.d.e. ville II, let’s see how much I can hit him up for…I know he has the dough!

    I just really don’t appreciate being told to vote for a particular candidate-so far, this union’s chosen a bunch of losers. I plan to make my voice heard!

    Thanks for pulling it all together for me :).

    Pets. 5 left. Lost my tiny, precious hamster two weeks ago. Their lifespan is only about 2 years, and she exceeded that a bit. I take comfort in the fact that she has a total blast at my house! Treating everyone else’s issues accordingly when they pop up.

    Thank you for asking about them! They have been my little rocks with all this political garbage happening.

  147. JustMe.

    Thanks for sharing; good info there, that everyone should read.

    *********** NEW POST IS UP **************

  148. Linda from NY

    Nancy: Have you heard about this?

    Dems run out of town

  149. OT
    Does O celebrate X’mas? He does not give X’mas presents to his two children.

    Watch the second video (the first one was gone) where he said, “My Muslim faith” -Oops!

  150. Linda from NY

    Jacqlyn: This one’s for you!

    Sarah Palin Rallies Thousands Against Abortion at Wisconsin Pro-Life Event

  151. Linda from NY

    New York City Jihadist Muslims Say they Love Osama bin Laden; Say Attacks on Americans are Justified – Video 11/8/09

  152. USA PATRIOTS SHOUT: your post was AWESOME about getting rid of Islam which is like a cancer… I agree with everything you wrote.

  153. Jacqlyn Smith

    Prairie // November 9, 2009 at 12:06 pm

    Speaking of Tapper, he is taking questions from the public to ask o today.

    Below is my question for Tapper to ask!!!


    Why are you still in the White House when you are not a “natural born” citizen….please move out before you are evicted???????

  154. Thank you all for such good comments and suggestions.

    If the senate fails to pass the bill, they will just add bits and pieces to other bills and end up the the same health care product that they are trying to pass now.

  155. Al // November 9, 2009 at 12:01 pm

    Doctors and Nurses need to stage a
    ONE DAY STRIKE and walk out of
    their hospitals and clinics.

    Many health professionals are going
    to quit anyway once this Draconian
    legislation passes, so we might as well
    get a preview now of things to come.

    The time is now to network and stage
    this strike before the Senate votes!

    There’d been a different outcome in the House if they’d done it last week, but for a week, not a day.

  156. It is no accident that one Senator can be an obstructionist. He, and the filibuster for that matter, remind us that the governmental sovereignty allowed the state governments is what is really represented in the US Senate (unlike in the US House of Reps). As frustrating as it is, there is a trade off in wiping this out in favor of remaking the US Senate on the basis of the principles of the US House…trade offs given the scale of the US. and what the US is. For this argument, pls see

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