Kay Hagan, NC Senator, No town hall meetings, WBT radio interview, Keith Larson, Health care, Senator Hagan evasive answers, Hagan avoiding public?


I rarely listen to WBT radio in Charlotte, especially since Jeff Katz was let go. However, this morning, quite by chance, I caught the tail end of an interview of Kay Hagan by Keith Larson. Kay Hagan is a Democrat Senator from NC. Larsen did a really good job of forcing Hagan to answer questions about her support of the health care bill and about her not hosting town hall meetings. Senator Hagan provided very evasive and non commital answers. She claimed that she has an open door in her Charlotte office to answer questions from citizens, but when asked when she would be available she stated that she was going to Ted Kennedy’s funeral and had such a hectic schedule that she could not provide an answer as to when she will be available for her constituents.

This is unacceptable!

The Citizen Wells blog will get to the bottom of this and help the NC citizens hold Kay Hagen accountable.

The Charlotte Observer, today, Friday, August 28, 2009, has an article about Kay Hagen and her position on health care reform.

“Hagan held no town hall meetings over the August recess, but she noted that she held open office hours in Sanford this week in which she met in small groups with 50 to 60 residents.”

Sanford is a small city in the center of the state.

Keith Larson was trying to pin down Hagan as to when she would be available in Charlotte, the largest city in the state. He never got an answer.

Perhaps we should demand a town hall meeting from Senator Kay Hagan.

If you are a NC resident, let us know if you want a town hall meeting.
Listen live to WBT radio:


Listen to the interview:


Senator Kay Hagan’s official website:


*** More on the real Kay Hagan and her disrespect for her constituents ***

Senator Kay Hagan has time for a Health Care for America Now, a radical Obama controlled organization, town hall, but not time for her hard working constituents.

CW, Thank you for posting Larson interview. You are right, it is the best I have heard.
I am very active here in Wilmington. Kay Hagan will not answer our emails, phone calls, ect. We have tried for weeks to get a commitment from her to visit Wilmington. Finally, we had a mock Town Hall without her. A video was made, and of course, sent to her. No response so far.

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  1. Trying to get caught up here and do my job at the same time, folks….too much reading.


  2. http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=ZWQ2NWJkN2M3ZmJjYWQwMDZlMWQyM2FjNWI4ZWJkNGI=

    A repost. This article urges that we view the administration of the last 7 months from a different perspective. I think it is very valuable and may offer different venues for responding during this critical time.

  3. As regards to the above article,I should say that most of the info is not new, but restated in a more comprehensive and comprehensible way.

  4. Bill would give President emergency control of Internet:


  5. Patriot Dreamer

    twe // August 28, 2009 at 11:40 am

    …and now a flier from the Reston Town Hall:
    Looks like it’s right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook “Rules for Radicals”.

  6. ********************************************
    I have added a link to the interview.
    You have got to listen to it!!!!

  7. Nancy P.,

    Thanks for sharing your inspiring/touching post about Medal of Honor Recipient, Ed Freeman, talk about going above and beyond the call of duty. Rest In Peace, Mr. Freeman.

  8. Patriot Dreamer–yep!

  9. DAR mom // August 28, 2009 at 11:33 am

    Azgo and CNN – the expose by Guliani in serendipity is so enlightening and explains the why and how we arrived at this moment in time – it is up to us to reinstitute the constitution – fire off the real amo of our founders – its all here/ there for a our protection and with focus on the target we will correct the ills inflicted on our nation dating back to 1871 . We must educate – put the info out there for all to see and the truth will become our light . Isn’t it ironic these so called elected servants in name only have turned us into slaves of their foreign manipulated bloated government – we are where they come to feed their gluttonist bellys and I think , I know we have had enough !!! We are not slaves to a government – we are the sovereigns – we the people must reduce the overzealous government – this is why small government is so
    necessary to keep greed /temptation in check – to manipulate our money is to enslave us to the system and retracts our freedom to be free individuals – the Emmancipation Proclamation was as important to the slaves of the 17th 18th century as it can be to the 21st century – Greed in the hands of government and foreign intrusion invites the class system where someone becomes the slave – WE THE PEOPLE are serving the government ’s obese gut . It should make us vomit because we allowed this by not being informed and schooled in historical fact to prevent history from repeating itself .

  10. The project to fight left wing media (scroll down for interesting chart):


  11. The Town Halls are proving to be the megaphones to get our voices heard on “hey wait a minute you work for us ” not we work to pay you and everyone other ass kissing group that has figured out how to steal our hard earned sweat money !!!!
    God is the answer – we must return to the “Faith of our Fathers – and God has intentionally been taken out of as many places as possible – OUR COUNTRY IS BASED IN GOD WE TRUST …… one Nation under God , this is our strength as it has been the means of destroying us by taking Him out !!!!!!

  12. twe-It is amazing how WE THE PEOPLE, not so long ago believed many things our government told us. I think part of this revolution by the people is that most Americans no longer believe anything the government tells us, especially if they add the words “it’s good for you”. That’s everyone’s first clue is it must be really bad. A government with a usurper on top has no where to go but down, but thanks to all of their stupid lies, insults, trampling on the rights of any citizen who dared dissent or ask questions Obama is going to take many more down with him. Who needs these traitors anyway?

  13. This Keith Larson interview is one of the best ones I have ever heard.
    Real questions and answers demanded.
    Please make this go viral.

  14. On Rush, cyber-security emergency will allow Pres. to shut down our access to the internet…Cyber-security czar not yet appointed.

  15. I wrote about this last year on this blog…
    EVERY type of communication that we typically rely on is controlled by an agency of the govt.

    The Rockefeller Bill…Sec 201, no oversight, info from is from CNET.

  16. Patriot Dreamer

    According to ShadowStats, the “real” unemployment rate right now is 20.6%. Here’s a link to the article:


  17. Just think what will happen if they try to take away either our guns and/or our internet!!!

  18. *********** Alabama Town Hall Notice **********

    Parker Griffith Town Hall TODAY, Aug 28 — Congressman Griffith’s
    Town Hall will be held Friday, August 28th from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. at
    Athens State University’s Carter Physical Education Center, located
    at 300 North Beaty Street in Athens. Please be there! I know a lot of
    events have been going on, but please do not grow weary. Our freedoms,
    including the freedom to choose our own health care, are worth it! I
    did not think I would be able to take off of work again, but I am
    able. If carpooling is an issue, please contact me!

    MoveOn.org WILL BE at Griffith’s Town Hall today! — Another reason
    we need everyone to be there! We need to continue to show our
    opposition to government-run health care and the encroachment of our
    freedoms, and need to continue to call for the smart reform back to
    less government and more liberty that we want to see in our country!
    As always, it is very important, in light of recent town hall
    violence, that we remain civil and do not allow ourselves to be
    provoked. Be cautious, be wise. Be respectful, but be bold. See you
    out there!



  19. I wonder if Obama is planning on a living in another country once he is done with the United States?

  20. Keith did a great job on Hagen! She is in the wrong business. Should have been a dancer. She did a great job of tap dancing around questions she knew wouldn’t appeal to the people of North Carolina.
    Her vote is controlled by Obama/Reed etc. she already has her march orders from on high.
    Well it looks like Hagen will be a ONE-TERM Senator in North Carolina. She has lost my vote and anyone else who doesn’t want government running their health care.
    Been nice knowing you Hagen. Too bad you cared so little for the HEALTH of the people you represent.

  21. We need to send him somewhere where he gets gruel instead of Wagyu steaks and lobster…

  22. Patriot Dreamer

    Watch Glenn Beck’s show tonight, if at all possible. Tonight’s show is supposed to be a plan of action. I hope he has a good plan!

  23. Nancy Peacock

    Al, it saddened me to hear of Mr. Freeman’s passing. All of our heroes are going away, but they are an inspiration by their greatness. What is Teddy’s legacy? Mary Jo, drunkedness and arrogance, and the Teddy Bear Healthscare Reform. I, for one, will miss Mr. Freeman and the many unknown heroes like him. Teddy is little more than a blip on the radar . . .

  24. RMinNC.
    Hagan provides a classic glimpse into the mindset of modern day libs.
    Her interview is definitely representative.
    The difference here was that Larson did a great, a real journalistic job.
    He does not claim to be a journalist, but in the spirit of Edward R Murrow,
    he certainly did the job so lacking in the US today.

    Make sure everyone in NC hears this interview!!!

  25. CW, Thank you for posting Larson interview. You are right, it is the best I have heard.
    I am very active here in Wilmington. Kay Hagan will not answer our emails, phone calls, ect. We have tried for weeks to get a commitment from her to visit Wilmington. Finally, we had a mock Town Hall without her. A video was made, and of course, sent to her. No response so far.

  26. So let’s see. From Hagen’s interview this is what I discern:

    Americans are wasteful and therefore too high maintenance (too many resources, too much money). In this interview, health care is targeted as an example.

    The government has to trim the “fat” as it were so that “corporate structures” (there’s that word again) can make America more “competitive” in global markets. Did I get that right?


    Prayer & Protest on DC
    September 12.
    Load up family and make it a Patriotic in Honor of God, Family, Country, Constitution and the Founders that sacrificed much more.

    See you in DC so we can end this Insurgency Preisdency.
    Not the Buck Stops Here, but Trillions Non-Stop and Gush up Poverty.

    Minutemen (Modern) Organize Rise Up, Stand Up SEE YOU IN DC Sept 12, 2009

  28. LDacar.
    I will post this.
    I am serious about holding these “jackasses” accountable.
    Let’s make sure everyone in NC is aware and does not forget.

  29. Watch Obama’s numbers go even lower since he suckered his obots into buying his cash for clunkers and no new taxes so O has stuck it up and to his obots. This is too funny. What suckers!

  30. Patriot Dreamer

    Latest video from Gerald Celente (pt. 1/3):

  31. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    DAR Mom,

    I think one way to keep our congressmen accountable is if patriots nationwide esablished non profits whose sole purpose was to tail Congressmen night and day and report on any bribes or blackmail they are getting from domestic lobbyists or foreign powers. That keep them honest: they don’t fear God looking over their shoulders, but such an organization would put the fear of hell into them!

  32. Patriot Dreamer

    Gerald Celente (pt. 2/3):

  33. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    Hagan when to the power which bought her her seat in congress: it shows where their loyalties are and where the center of her world is: its not the voters…its the power elite…

  34. Patriot Dreamer

    Gerald Celente (pt. 3/3):

  35. TO:
    Magna Carta // August 28, 2009 at 10:36 am

    Uploading YouTube videos

    I have never doen it but it seems self explanatory and fairly easy to do. YouTube even has videos explaining it. If you have the video in proper format it and 10 minutes or less ir should be easy enough just click UPLOAD.

    Here is a page with Upload Info:

    Looking forward to the Videos.
    Thanks for all that you and everyone else does.

    Prayer & Protest in DC Sept 12, 2009

  36. Nancy Peacock // August 28, 2009 at 12:34 pm

    Al, it saddened me to hear of Mr. Freeman’s passing. All of our heroes are going away, but they are an inspiration by their greatness. What is Teddy’s legacy? Mary Jo, drunkedness and arrogance, and the Teddy Bear Healthscare Reform. I, for one, will miss Mr. Freeman and the many unknown heroes like him. Teddy is little more than a blip on the radar . . .


    Your sense of priorities seem to be in the right place, Nancy. Unfortunately, especially in Mr. Kennedy’s case or any of us for that matter, there are no rewind buttons in real life, but I admire your respect for promoting genuine heroes and for promoting a sense of justice for Mary Jo. Now if we can spread your values upon the MSM they may actually care to do what you, CW, Zachjonesishome and the other fine folks here are doing in the name of Freedom and Justice.

  37. TO:

    LDacar // August 28, 2009 at 12:42 pm

    CW, Thank you for posting Larson interview. You are right, it is the best I have heard.
    I am very active here in Wilmington. Kay Hagan will not answer our emails, phone calls, ect. We have tried for weeks to get a commitment from her to visit Wilmington. Finally, we had a mock Town Hall without her. A video was made, and of course, sent to her. No response so far.


    Attention all Across the Country.

    RECRUIT someone to Run and hold TownHalls as an opportunity to Promote them and help them run. Best Recruits are Conservative Constitutionalists that are Military especially Disabled…we know they Honor Oaths and maybe looking for something to do for the Country whiel disabled.

    Recruit, Promote and REPLACE the Criminals Political Pigs with Oath Keeping Constitutionalists.

  38. CW: listened to the whole thing…similar to what someone else posted I agree, ‘man; that lady can dance!’…put her on “Dancing With The Czars”; she’s got a good chance at winning…that is, unless Sheila Lee Jackson is also a contestant and gets a chance to twirl like…
    ‘Hurricane Shamiqua’…then all bets may be off…

  39. citizenwells

    As far as I am concerned, Kay Hagan is outa here.
    I have updated the post.
    You will be outraged even if you are not a NC citizen.

  40. PRWH

    Carolina is full of military vets with all the installations located there.

  41. Nancy Peacock

    Radar Ziva, you nailed it. They were suckered and the ones who made out like bandits were the Japanese and Korean car companies. The obots are finding out that the race shouldn’t have been about race, and they would’ve gotten a better deal from Keyes or McCain. “A fool and his money are easily parted.” They need to demand answers without the use of a teleprompter.

  42. Does anyone know of any alternative 9-12 events for those of us who want to go but cannot get to DC??

  43. citizenwells

    In recent years I have been more concerned about NC and attitudes I have
    watched change from the common sense based, Andy Griffith show exemplyfied ,
    to allowing Obama to win in NC last year.
    However, I must say, after watching the video of the mock town hall supplied by
    LDacar, my faith in the citizens of NC is somewhat restored.
    I am asking you all to spread it far and wide. I care for no recognition in this.
    This is what being a citizen of the US is all about.


  44. After a mid-August trip to America’s national parks and a weeklong vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, President Obama plans …

    … to take a little more time away from the office next week.

    Obama will head to Camp David on Wednesday, Sept. 2, and stay through the weekend, White House spokesman Bill Burton told reporters in a Thursday briefing.


  45. CNN -if only the catching of these thieves would matter – principles are the only weapon to fight the corruption and we have to have the wisdom to tell the difference when electing servants . At least it appears all is out in the open and the bold blatant thievery has become obvious to vast numbers of Americans .It matters not which party is represented – all that matters is defending and protecting the constitution and getting rid of the hogs eating and destroying our rights , our freedoms . Average Joes need to be at the helm – who understand the daily grind who care about the future of this country and their children’s future . Get rid of the bull shit .
    The good ol boys have done their dirty deeds – we have had it ! Enough .

  46. DAR Mom-I have always said God and video camera are watching you Who are you the most afraid of? All my working life I have worked with honest people-all felt they were part of a team. I don’t understand this disconnect when they arrive in Washington. I used to work for very wealthy bosses in Illinois and we would get these “official” calls “this is a United States Senators office” calling. I would say big deal which one, they thought I was going to drop everything to put the call through so they could put the touch on our bosses. They were busy working trying to keep their various businesses going. You would have to ask them 10 times who this unidentified senator was. Never once did I put those idiots through. We are all Americans-you don’t become better because you are a Senator or Representative-it is a job. Elite, in their dreams. Respectable is what they are looking for, failed that test.
    “We are almost reaching a revolution”.
    We are there and one group could end this before it becomes out of control and that is the Democratic party. They created this Frankenstein Monster and they could get rid of him on the NBC clause alone and should. I say this as a registered Democrat who did not vote for Obama. They are at the same point the Republican party was with Nixon. The political gamesmanship is up. If one person gets hurt in anyway due to their inaction it is all on them. They may have won an election by fair (very doubtful) and foul, but they have lost everything by way of any public respect (out of control government).

  47. By DefendUSx

    Word through Cyberspace has it that Orly Taitz is being shut down now … her site is blocked from search engines, and she has been removed from Facebook, Twitter etc.

    This site, Repubx.com, has also been blocked by all major bed-partner search engines (Yahoo, Google, and Live) privy to the Obama administration and their Globalist Puppet touting agenda.

    The word needs to get out to those that will attend the hearing for discovery with regard to Obama’s eligibility:

    Judge: David O. Carter

    Time/Date: 8:00 AM Pacific Tuesday, September 8th 2009

    Location: Federal Court building in Santa Ana, CA

    Hearing: Motion for Discovery of records showing relevance to eligibility





    SPENDING $$$$$$$$$$$$ ON SELF
    To think America is allowing this to continue

    Please come back America,land of the free and home of the Brave
    Pray military have NOT DIED IN VAIN!!

  50. Believe It!

    Mahatma Gandhi marched bare foot across India with thousands of citizens armed only with their bodies and their determination to take the salt mines. The righteous protesters never lifted a hand in offense as the British battered them to the ground bloody and helpless two at a time. In their non violent defiance, the next pair stepped to face the British battering until hundreds later the British were defeated.

    Now law suit after law suit, article after article, exposure after exposure, proof after proof about the hundreds of laws violated by MSM, judges, politicians, DOJ, FBI, CIA, Secret Service and every legal agency, department of government, AG, DA and other guardians of our American judicial system created to protect America from betrayal and treason has come forward only to be battered down as ruthlessly as Gandhi’s protestors at the salt mines .
    The honest angry protestors who wrote repeatedly to their representative, to TV news stations, attended town hall meetings and Tea Party rallies have been denigrated and demonized by belittling labels by the very government they elected! When –as it seems to be happening—all peaceful remedies have been denied to we the people, our only weapon of defense left will our own bodies and determination to allow ourselves to be battered down in a last gasp of non violent protest. WE have been betrayed and thrown to the lions! All we will have left is our voices and our lives. This is almost too surrealistic to be believed. Yet it is so.


  51. Unreal- Mary Jo would think it was “worth it” to die for Ted! from Huffpo of course.


  52. sandy // August 28, 2009 at 2:07 pm

    Does anyone know of any alternative 9-12 events for those of us who want to go but cannot get to DC??
    Sandy – here’s a site with lots of info. by state. Hope that helps! http://www.teapartypatriots.org/

  53. Czarevitch Obama is I think an appropriate title for the “one”. Since he is not NBC and cannot be construed as a legal potus it is fitting. Some may think the Constitution has gone out of vogue that along with the 10 Commandments will never change, except by amendment-Constitution not the 10 Commandments. He is creating czars at the direction of ???? pulling his strings.




  55. goodtimepolitics

    Glenn Beck is really getting the truth out to the people! The overreaching of the federal government is pushing the U.S. towards a revolution, Sen. Jim Inhofe


  56. TO:
    sandy // August 28, 2009 at 2:07 pm

    Does anyone know of any alternative 9-12 events for those of us who want to go but cannot get to DC??

    For those not able to make it to District if Criminals for the Prayer & Protest on Sept 12, 2009, there are some events being organized in State Capitals and City Halls we Strongly Encourage everyone to go to DC if at all possible.

  57. Best Teddy quip for the day –

    Attention- Out of respect will all the garbage trucks please drive with their headlights on today – thank you

  58. Teddy Bear Kennedy was The LION of LIAR of the Senate:

    The country may never heal from those Ferocious Lion Bites. He ripped thru The Great American Way of Life like a lion thru a carcass all that is left is bones and misery.

    RIP Teddy Bear and Good Riddance

  59. Fernley Girl

    found this at LogisticsMonster

    I have no words

  60. And it begins to unravel; Yes, it was an inside job!

    Independent Investigation into Pentagon Attack yields Alarming Information

  61. Micheletti, the interim president of Honduras made the most perfect offer to end the standoff in Honduras. Zelaya can return if both he and Micheletti resign from the presidency. The next in line will take over. Now how can the lieberal media keep calling it a “coup”? And I think it shames Obama even more for putting sanctions against Micheletti! I love it! It’s perfect!

  62. Patriot Dreamer

    President Hoover’s pro-labor stance helped cause Great Depression, economist says


  63. Patriot Dreamer

    Cardiologists Crying Foul Over Obama Medicare Cuts

  64. Patriot Dreamer

    Congresswoman Diane Watson (Dem.) from Los Angeles says the United States “elected someone from Kenya and Kenya”. She goes on to praise Fidel Castro and seemingly the Cuban revolution itself:

    part 1:

  65. Patriot Dreamer

    Sorry, that quote was supposed to say “Kenya and Kansas”. Oops!

  66. Regarding folks being shut down on the internet, have you seen this article, which will make your blood boil:

    Bill would give President emergency control of Internet


  67. Regarding Town Hall Meetings, Matsui is bowing out:

    Rep. Matsui steers clear of town-hall
    circuit in Sacramento

    She’s having a telephone meeting on Sept 3 – and you have to register to participate. Rather than provide a call-in number – She’s claims that she’s going to call you! Yeah Right!

  68. Ladyhawke-say you worked really hard on this bill. Wouldn’t you be proud of your work, and able to answer most of the questions that you are asked? Has anyone in America ever seen a bunch of legislators ducking their constituents like this? I think what they are saying is Please vote me out of office. I think their constitutions are ready to oblige them in spades, especially when the constituents remember the lovely way that they were treated by their congressperson.

  69. Michelle –
    Part of the ability to enact common sense is to understand the way and why of how we have been deceived – we can through understanding what has been perpetrated on us change this course and reclaim our republic – singing the truth Loud and through clear voices – a fight of the minds …………………… and a fight to stop the robbing of our hard earned money to pay for the whims of a congress and elected servants ( key word SERVANTS ) how ironic they turned the tables on us and we became the servants !!!!!!!! Notice how the town hall meetings are providing we the sovereigns , a forum to voice the truth and congress doesn’t like the questioning- or being reminded they work for us- which we all believe BUT did the Act of 1871 allow them to manipulate what was meant only for the District of Columbia to extend beyond and into our States –
    they feared States could secede again so ……………. 1871.
    Town Halls will be ended because they are proving effective as a means to voice the truth of what we know – the stealing of our hard work to benefit the whims of private groups and lazy leaches all motivated by greed & sloth – they do not represent the people – they represent themselves ( narcisists) _ turning all into slaves of the system – Emancipation Proclamation is appropriate rhetoric for all citizens of the United States – just as it applied to the slaves of the 17th/18th century it applies to us now as history is being repeated over and over and over – government has achieved power and control over the common man – Doesn’t it always end up this way – until we say ENOUGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is through the manipulation of money that the corruption gains its heart beat ! This is why small government is the only path to a truly free society – the less the government is involved the less power / temptation to steal and abuse its people .

  70. Ladyhawke,
    I lived in Matsui’s district until we moved out of CA.
    Can’t tell you how many times I contacted her office and NEVER got a straight answer.
    Now I have a rep. that has actually talked to me on the phone…..what a difference!!

  71. We need a Broadway show called Obama HealthScare and have a Congress as a highkicking chorus that tap dances, and have a Greek theater style with two groups, the Lleft and the Right, commies and patriots, speaking out their platforms in group chorus speech.

    Pelosi speaker could arrive from a suspended jet being lowered and then whisked off periodically between senate and beauty parlor. Saying one thing at senate and another at beauty parlor.

    She could meet the pope and he tries to talk about serious issues and she talks fluff and shows her family photos. Then she steps out to the press and pretends all is well in camelot.

    Lots of paparazzi, and congress stop their dance to pose then start dancing again.

    The ex presidents could come on solo, one at a time and talk in the spotlight about their dreams for America. Obama could give his great speech in a superman suit and then switch into black cloak and top hat and tap dance around singing what he is really plotting and planning.

    The Saudis could walk across periodically and toss money out to the crowds and the congress.

    Oh, then periodially people could wheel across the stage in a wheelchair or on crutches and try to get the attention of one of the congress, but be steadily ignored, and fall down on the stage, and by the end, the stage is strewn with bodies, while Congress tap dances and steps over them and laughs and passes champagne around. A long line of waiting patients could line the back of the stage, and the ambulance siren is heard and comes immediately to pick a congressan up who slightly stumbled.

    Just need a good songwriter!!

  72. Hey Pundit Mom, etc.
    Thank you from the bottom of my Conservative heart for all the good you do that may go un-noticed by yourself, but is certainly noticed and appreciated by the people on this blog. Yes! I would love to have a Town Hall Meeting. Please let me know. I am planning a “front yard meeting” later in the month for the folks around the Middlesex area.
    The cowards that represent this state should all be impeached. They have certainly shown their true respect for the people who put them in office. I want to continue fighting for the right of the people, for the state of NC and for my country. Anything I can do that will benefit you, please send me an email and tell me. I will give you my telephone number, and I will work with you to get things moving in our State.
    Thank you again, and keep the Spirit. God bless you and yours.

  73. Holly in Jacksonville

    I am mad as a hornet at this woman right now. The way she dismisses her constituents like this is simply unacceptable; who is working for who again? It’s sad that her Senate race was between her and E. Dole who also had a wonderful habit (at least in my experience) of not returning correspondence. This woman should NOT be re-elected. Absolutely disgusting…

    I sent her an e-mail roughly a month ago regarding health care (I’m in my twenties and am concerned about the cost). I sent her another expressing my disgust earlier this week. I already had a feeling that I would be ignored, but after reading this, I am convinced I will not receive an answer to either one.

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