Congressman John Sullivan, Obama enemies list, Obama birth certificate, August 8, 2009, miserable health care plan, guy that can’t even show a long form birth certificate

Folks, people are starting to wake up!

A Republican Congressman,  John Sullivan, is questioning Obama’s health care plan and Obama not presenting a long form birth certificate.

From RepubX:

“Lawmaker hits Obama, ‘a guy that can’t even show a long-form birth certificate.’”
“By RANDY KREHBIEL World Staff Writer
Published: 8/8/2009  2:22 AM”

“First District Congressman John Sullivan said Friday that the nation’s big problems can’t be solved without bipartisanship, but that didn’t prevent him from scorching President Barack Obama and the Democrats.

Sullivan opened his remarks to the Tulsa Republican Club by questioning Obama’s nationality and alluding to an “enemies list” being compiled from e-mails critical of the administration’s health care reform proposal. He spent most of the next 40 minutes attacking the president on matters ranging from energy to management.

“This is a scary time in Washington,” he said. “It’s a very frightening time. I see Barack Obama is creating an enemies list of people who oppose this miserable health care plan. I think that’s frightening. That’s from a guy that can’t even show a long-form birth certificate. I think we all ought to be prepared to fight that.”

Sullivan finished, though, by saying: “Everyone demonizes the other side. We need to all sit down and focus on these vital issues. That’s the only way we can address these very, very tough issues.”

The “enemies list” reference grew from a White House call to forward to it e-mails with “fishy” information on health care reform. Republicans said the administration is using the e-mails

to compile an enemies list.

The White House has denied the charge, saying it only wants to respond to “disinformation.” ”

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  1. Obama makes deal with drug industry in exchange for $150 million dollars in pro-Obamacare advertising

  2. Nancy Peacock

    That is so wrong on so many levels.

  3. Nancy Peacock

    Happy Birthday, Smokey the Bear.
    You’re old enough for Medicare.

  4. Good for John Sullivan. We need MORE
    John Sullivans to speak out just like this.

    I had hoped to hear big time from Sarah Palin
    on these issues—She would be the perfect
    person to bring out the NBC issue—WHERE is Sarah??? crickets…….. crickets…….
    Come on Sarah, you’re a NBC, demand the same of the Usurper!!! People would rally around
    her IF she did.


    A good example of the “Chicago Way”; they’ll eat their own.

  6. Spare me the phoney outrage over Rush rightly comparing these times to the Nazi era:

    Hypocrisy is nothing new to the left anyway

  7. The next “citizen” who gets arrested at these
    Town Halls meetings should file a suit against
    Obama—Prove your eligibility or GET OUT NOW!

  8. AARP members should all quit this group—it is not supporting the senior citizens who appear to be one of the “targets” in this proposed health plan.

  9. I’d like to hear the exchange between the “birther” and Sullivan.

  10. Nancy Peacock

    The ‘Saturday Night Massacre’, as it was referred to later by the media, was the result of Richard Nixon’s decision to fire Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox while Cox was still investigating the affairs of Watergate, the night of October 20, 1973.

    Nixon basically ordered the Attorney General Elliot Richardson to fire Cox. Richardson resigned on the spot.

    Nixon then went to the deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus, who also resigned immediately.

    Nixon then appointed Solicitor General Robert Bork as the new Attorney General. Bork fired Cox that night.

    Not only that, but Cox’s entire staff was fired. The FBI sealed off Cox’s offices and refused to let any of the staff remove their materials. The public went livid and started flooding the White House with phone calls and protests.

    Nixon resigned 35 years ago today.

    Yesterday I said this –


    ms. helga // August 8, 2009 at 11:26 am

    CW – These comments are some of the finest I have ever read. God Bless all those who write here

    I have just had my 2nd Epiphany. The first one was that “ABSOLUTELY” was code word for “We love Obama” Now here is the 2nd one:

    Modern American Politics is NOT-







    to be continued . .

    ms. helga // August 8, 2009 at 11:28 am



    OK – I have just had my 3rd Epiphany in 24 hours. After reading about the “enemies list” it came like a Bolt out of the Sky.


  12. Looks like Sullivan needs Larry’s book also
    Barack Obama and Larry Sinclair
    order here

    Great reviews. Congress and media need his book.
    Secret life ,kinda like John Edwards secrets
    But this is really out there

  13. What Now?? Grand Jurys delivered to CONGRESS

  14. Fernley Girl

    Regarding the NYT article. Does anyone have any idea why the drug industry would tie a noose around its own neck? When Hillary changed the rules on vaccines & implemented price fixing by the government, most of the vaccine manufacturers left the US. Are these companies really stupid enough to think they will get paid a profitable price by the government-run health care system?

  15. Ms. Helga –
    You’ve no idea how pinpoint accurate you are. After WWII, high-level members of our CIA and many of our globalist financial elite went into the tank with the remaining nazis, brought them over here, milked their ill-gotten wealth, scientific, and technologial advancements, and made more money than Everest. Factions in our CIA prevented these nazis from being held accountable at the Nuremberg Trials and hid them in our citizenry. The political left in this country represents the nazification of America, which explains a great deal why the republicans have been excoriated as ‘nazis’ for the past 40 years…they were taking the long view of brainwashing the public and projecting their own practices onto conservatives (kind of like thos ‘extremist right-wing nuts’ at town hall meetings). They had to rid America of the small government mentality, which takes time.
    The CIA is responsible – believe it or not – for the drug-crazed experimentation of the late-60’s, and we will more than likely find out that the globalists/nazis were at the center of the JFK assassination. The short story here, Ms. Helga, is absolutely correct….we are now witnessing two factions of our CIA basically going head-to-head with one another, and we are also witnessing the nazi ideology trying to pick up where it left off 65 years ago – world conquest. Too many pieces are coming together.

    God help us.

  16. TO Helga,

    OK – I have just had my 3rd Epiphany in 24 hours. After reading about the “enemies list” it came like a Bolt out of the Sky.



    You are rigth on and it has been mentioned before.
    It is the COMMUNIST WING of the CIA vs the American Wing of the CIA with a Communist as Commander in Chief the Communist Wing of the CIA is emboldened. There are rumours that teh Dunhams and others that they associated with were in the Communist Wing of the CIA and they were run out of the country that is why many ended up in Hawaii including the Dunhams and Frank Marshall Davis.

    This wing is said to have been started by:
    Zbigniew Brzezinski, a Harvard Graduate

    Born March 28, 1928 (1928-03-28) (age 81)
    Warsaw, Poland
    Political party Democratic
    Alma mater McGill University
    Harvard University

    Seems like Harvard puts up the Commies and Yale puts up the lesser Commies.

  17. TO: Fernley Girl // August 9, 2009 at 10:58 am

    When Phamacies sell directly in Bulk to the Gov’t it is much more lucrative and less expenses on advertizing, packaging, etc. That would be my opinion

  18. Brzezinski’s daughter Mika is on GOOD MORNING JOE MSNBC.RIGHT??
    Can not believe Joe would affiliate with her

  19. Fernley Girl,

    Most of those in D.C. sit on the boards of these pharmaceutical companies, including Obama & the Bush family. That’s why legislation was passed exempting these companies from litigation – especially in regards to vaccines. Vaccines have become their latest CASH COW. Hence the big push to mandate them.

    PRWH-Peter Francisco is right on target with who the largest purchaser of drugs would be….the government.

    These companies also fund the major universities, hence the research and overall curriculum.

    Their massive advertising dollars allow them to CONTROL the information printed in medical journals….you know the ones that our medical docs depend on for up to date information. They also fund the CME (continuing medical education) for the medical profession. They control the information delivered to the public via various publications and t.v. ads., as well.

    Are you beginning to see the big picture? The government can PUSH the drugs on us without having to depend on the docs to do it. Bush tried this with the psychotropic drugs for school children & the mandatory Gardisil vaccine (in Texas). Backfired on him. By the way, vaccines amount to nothing more than a bio-weapon.


  21. John Feeny // August 9, 2009 at 11:02 am

    Careful John, you used the word “Absolutely”

  22. BO and the bad people like Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Dodd and others they all have to go! BO is an awful person trying to compile enemies lists of people who don’t like his bogus policies. He is bogus to begin with. Someone has to start waking up to this distrastrous train wreck of a usurper and the evil he is doing to our people and people of other countries. I hope that secession begins and that we can dissolve this evil govt and build one that strictly adheres to the constitution.

    Poor Orly is getting death threats from some evil minion obots. I hope that these people get caught and prosecuted some day.

  23. A GREAT READ: “The Shadow Party”- how George Soros, Hillary Clinton and sixties radicals seized control of the Democratic Party” by David Horowitz.

    A real page turner FULL of critical information about what & who this country is really dealing with and how we got there. Can’t stop this train unless you know where it’s headed.

    THINK SOROS, not Obama. He’s behind every aspect of the demise of this great country – he loathes “American Supremacy.” He is the real “Wizard” behind the curtain. McCain, Hillary and Obama are just a few of his minons.

  24. Nancy Peacock

    It is the CIA versus the CIA. The Nazis are right wing and the Communists are left wing and its almost like our country has chosen the lesser of the two evils. As usual, we, the Patriots, seem to be caught in the middle. Not until are numbers are overwhelming will the media take notice.

  25. As we see America come apart at the seams, Obama giving Black Panthers status, Congressmen ignoring average Citizens, and our military troops are seemingly being ignored, not praised, everyone needs to be reminded, without our own force of ex-military, to protect our right to vote(if we have another election) we will see more of the same. It is important to get State Movements started to out-law present Voting Machines or we will lose the election before it’s held. The backbone of America(Our Military) are being sent into harms way, with their hands tied behind their backs, If we back them they will be the force that saves America from Obama and his thugs. Pray for our Military, don’t diss them. God Bless America and our Troops!!!

  26. Maddie,
    Palin did speak up.She called out the plan as “EVIL” and cited the death panels.She makes statements on FACEBOOK. She is gonna be a thorn in the Mafia’s side.

  27. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Personally, I think that our interest in the BC needs to be mitigated, lessened, and corrected.

    Its not everything.

    However, since Obama seems to be invoking the 5th Amendment in not disclosing it, we need to call him out on that, and get him asked if he is refusing on 5th Amendment grounds.

    This seems the only plausible motive.

    Once American sees that, then they can conclude for themselves that by this refusal he is admitting that he is not eligible.

    As a matter of law, I like all the dots and punctuation in order, that is, I’d want to see it before I arrested him for being a usurper.


    Because he could have authentic documents that show that his parents were other than his public story claims they are. And that his biological parents are American Citizens.

    Since there is this possibility, despite all his criminal associations, I would still want to see the original vital records before arresting him; or at least before the indictment is handed down.

    Other than that, there is NO importance to the question of where, when, or how he was born…

  28. Looks like Aug. 29, 2009 is going to be a BIG day for the State of Texas!

  29. Remember Spy v/s Spy from Mad Magazine
    The comic features two spies, Black and White, who are constantly warring against each other, and coming up with increasingly sophisticated ways of doing away with the other.
    They are made to look virtually identical: trilby hats, overcoats and long pointed noses (possibly plague doctor outfits). The only difference between them are the color of their clothes: one dresses in white, the other in black. They were similar to El Hombre Siniestro (the Sinister Man), a wordless cartoon which Prohias had drawn while still living in Cuba and who would also play nasty tricks on people.
    A typical plot would be one spy setting up a booby-trap for the other to fall into and be “killed”. Sometimes the trap works, but sometimes the other spy comes up with a brilliant counter plan of his own and will be the final winner. In other cases, the losing spy will use a plan B to counter the other spy’s counter. Frequently, the winning spy celebrates his victory with a V sign gesture toward the loser.
    Some of the early cartoons (including their very first), published in 1961, had both spies coming up with the same plan to trap the other, the result being a draw. But these were the exception rather than the rule and most of the time one antagonist would beat the other.

    In the early years, the title panel of the comic would feature a one-panel gag presenting one spy besting the other; the main comic then used the rest of the panels to tell a different short story with the other spy winning.
    During 1962–65 the comic was sometimes called Spy vs. Spy vs. Spy (“X & Y & Z” in some countries) and featured a female spy, Lady in Grey (or the Grey Spy), with whom both White and Black Spy were in love. She took advantage of this to set traps for which both male spies would fall for and “perish”. Because the Lady in Grey would always end up winning, Prohías felt that she was too limited and dropped her from the strip. She later returned under other artists and writers.

  30. This was on MSN home page this morning.

    Video on MSNBC on town hall meetings ,health care from Obama and Sarah Palin, Rush comments about Pelosi. Obama said no to govt control etx.

  31. Civis Naturaliter Natus // August 9, 2009 at 12:39 pm

    I have no problem with pursuing every angle of thsi issue. But if he is found to be NBC by other BIRTH, than he is a LIAR and a FRAUD and KNOWINGLY used FRAUD to steal the preisdency and fool the voters that is CRIMES of the SAME DEGREE.
    NO matter what he is a CRIMINAL and a CROOK worse than Richard Nixon. Nixon never sent public marching orders to FIGHT and SILENCE the opposition pitting American vs American. When Bush was protested at every level and all over the Media he NEVER TOLD THEM TO SHUT, even though I wished he had.

    MOBama Thugs have their marching orders….tell them to shut up and hit them back TWICE AS HARD. Is this a President? We can’t have a “president” acting this STUPIDLY.
    Even if he was legit he has Lost Respect and Confidence of most Americans and Needs to RESIGN.

  32. A few threads back I posted this statement

    “Congress has failed to vote on this plan prior to August recess. Obama will use the time between now and September when Congress reconvenes to pitch this travesty until he gets it passed. If he succeeds in getting this program through, America will have lost the last of any personal freedoms it had left. The last of the greatest health care in the world will die. This program must be stopped now and forever. We must use this Congressional time gap to get the facts to the public. It is our job to convince Congress they will not have a job if they pass. . .”

    My worst fears have come to pass. Obama’s thugs are putting pressure and making deals with every level of the health care world to get them to approve and sponsor this “Genocide Plan” Yesterday, I received the following letter sent out by It is filled–as usual–with lies and distortion.



    WE WANT THAT THE BILL IS READ —AND LET US KNOW WHAT IS IN THEBILL —We would all agree, a little peculiar given that there is no basis by which to determine its cost, its definition, its scope, its efficiency on any level.


    Subject: This is getting ugly

    Dear MoveOn member,
    It’s getting ugly out there.
    All across the country, right-wing extremists are disrupting congressional town-hall meetings with venomous attacks on President Obama’s plans for health care and clean energy.
    • Last night in Tampa, Florida, a town hall meeting erupted into violence, with the police being called to break up fist fights and shoving matches.1
    • A Texas Democrat was shouted down by right-wing hecklers, many of whom admitted they didn’t even live in his district.2
    • One North Carolina representative announced he wouldn’t be holding any town-hall meetings after his office began receiving death threats.3
    • And in Maryland, protesters hung a Democratic congressman in effigy to oppose health-care reform.4
    We’ve got a plan to fight back against these radical right-wingers. We’ve hired skilled grassroots organizers who are working with thousands of local volunteers to show Congress that ordinary Americans continue to support President Obama’s agenda for change. And we’re building new online tools to track events across the country and make sure MoveOn members turn out at each one.
    But we need to scale up our efforts quickly to make sure this plan works. To really swing into action during this month’s congressional recess, we need to raise at least $250,000 immediately. Can you chip in $60 to support our work?
    If the shouts of the right-wing mobs are the only voices our senators and representatives hear over the recess, we’ll have a hard time passing health care and clean energy legislation.
    T hat’s why we’re launching our Heat Up Congress campaign so quickly to fight back, using new technology to implement rapid response town hall turnout, organizing personal phone calls from small business leaders and donors to their representatives, running new ads, and activating an energized network of on-the-ground organizers and volunteers.
    This month could decide the future of health care and clean energy in America—and we’re already one week in. If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines, now’s the time to get involved. Talk to your neighbors, go to a town hall meeting—and today, please chip in $60 to support our work:
    Thanks for all you do.
    –Justin, Matt, Nita, Kat and the rest of the team
    1. “Tampa Town Hall On Health Care Reform Disrupted By Violence,” The Huffington Post, August 6, 2009
    2. “Local Fox Reporter Attends Town Hall And Finds ‘Some Attendees Admit They Don’t Live In The District,'” Think20Progress, August 4, 2009
    3. “Dem Congressman’s Office: His Life Has Been Threatened Over Health Care Bill,” Talking Points Memo, August 5, 2009
    4. “The Danger Over the Right’s Anger,” Politico, August 3, 2009.
    Want to support our work? We’re entirely funded by our 5 million members—no corporate contributions, no big checks from CEOs. And our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way. Chip in here.
    PAID FOR BY MOVEON.ORG POLITICAL ACTION, Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. This email was sent to Hal Landon on August 7, 2009. To change your email address or update your contact info, click here. To remove yourself from this list, click here.

    The group who visits and posts on Citizenwells is a select and ecclectic group of people who already know how wrong this bill is and how evil Obama and his thugs are. The problem is that message needs to reach a far wider group than this. You can be certain Obama is actively using this time to reach the igrnorant and uninformed people who are gullible enough to believe the lies written in the above letter.

    If this bill passes, America is finished. Obama and his thugs will pupt an end to elctions, the Constitution will be total history, and our children will have to slowly say goodbye to their grandparents. WE must focus on countering the lies in the above letter. Our very lives depend on it.

    In the interest of space. I will end this post and begin another that lists what is in this health care bill with the page numbers. I did not do the reserach (not smart enough).

  33. Also, Obama say no to euthanasia!!

  34. Tell All to buy Larry’s book eye opener!!

    Links to order

    Tell All , a must Read tell Congress to buy the book and media

  35. Especially when MObama and his Thugs can pass any law at any time because they have all votes needed.

  36. Posted on Jag Hunter. Also, info about Obama connection to CIA


    I went on the Internet and searched for everything I could find on the social and political climate in countries immediately before revolution.

    We appear to be there.

    Government debt and attempts to disarm citizens are the leading causes.

    As governments coffers go dry, taxes are raised.

    As taxes are raised, citizens make it known to those that govern that they are not happy.

    When government begins to fear the wrath of the people they begin to fear for their own lives.

    Government believes they have no choice but to disarm the people for their own protection and survival.

    History has proven that this situation always causes revolution.

    I don’t know of any remedy for this.

    We are writing and calling and faxing our leaders to tell them of our discontent. We are having Tea Parties all over the country. We are still being ignored. None of the issues of the people are being addressed by government.

    Their answer is to do a study on Americans and decide anyone who does not agree with government policies is a terrorist and a danger to government.

    Actually, it’s the other way around.

    Renegade government that treats citizens as if they were owned and can be compelled to do everything government mandates is an insult to people who have been educated to believe they live in a free country with government instituted by the people to serve them.

    The attempt to disarm the people will fail.

    It is the most irresponsible action government can attempt.

    If government is so ignorant as to avoid what history has taught, they are doomed to repeat it.

    Americans will never surrender the one mechanism they have to remain free.

    They will fight to the death to stay armed.

    It’s nothing short of folly for this government to think Americans will be willing to surrender their guns because a treaty with a foreign power was signed, or the majority of politicians are personally against firearm ownership and therefore Americans must be disarmed.

    Consider this as notice.

    We don’t care what Washington D.C. says.

    We don’t care what the courts say.

    We don’t care what the U.N. wants.

    We will replace government before we surrender our guns.

    Mr.and Mrs. Politician, read the Original Organic Constitution for the United States of America. The one that stood for the Republic, not the one you use that stands for your converted corrupt Democracy.

    The Republic belongs to the people.

    We will not lose freedom through edicts under your emergency rule.

    You can have your created democracy. You can function under your own fraud.

    Just don’t expect us to obey.

    We have been good and honorable citizens and continued to serve the Republic even as you were dismantling it.

    The Organic Constitution may be ignored by you, but to us, the people, it is alive and intact.

    We will not accept corruption of the Bill of Rights.

    If you attempt to make them null and void under color of law you do so at your own peril.

    The people have spoken and we are resolute.

    There is no compromise.

    The people have been lied to, abused, made bankrupt, all their property and labor taken for use by you, an irresponsible criminal government.

    We are no longer stupid.

    We now know the truth of what has been done.

    Knowing this we have not come for you.

    We are telling you now……

    End the corruption.

    Rescind Emergency Rule.

    Give the Republic back to the people.

    We are involved in an imperfect war declared by you against us.

    A declaration of war by government against its own citizens is TREASON!

    Any attempt to disarm us will signal us to make your imperfect war against us perfect.

    The people have drawn their line in the sand.

    You have been placed on notice.

    Ignore this at your own peril.

  37. Geithner Asks Congress to Increase Federal Debt Limit

    Why i sthe bebt going up and up? I thought they were there to fix things? NO I WON”T SHUT UP

  38. CW, I remember reading all of your posts about Obama, Rezko, and all the others,and your call to indict Obama as a co-conspirator.
    I had put faith in Patrick Fitzgerald, to eventually,” catch up”, with Obama, and do the right thing, and indict him, along with all of the others.
    The way things appear now, it looks like, Fitzgerald, is working for, Obama, to eliminate, the people who could do Obama harm, by testifying against him. Out of all the people, involved in the hospital scheme, Obama is the only one to “come out clean”,or, is there more to come?

  39. Please read all this, if only to ridicule me. Multiply it freely even using my name and information.
    Regardless of where he was born, he is not eligible because of dual citizenships. The multiple birth certificates could coincide with other accusations too numerous to deal with here; hopefully the eligibility will be cleared without getting into intentions of his mother. Perhaps having a child of a nation gave rights and privilege to the parents. She and her husband met as students in a class on Russia. Frank Marshall Davis was at least friends of the family, at most, some say B. Obama’s father or mentor in his book.
    The stated goal of Communism is peace; but their ways produce deception, oppression and death. There is a better way to achieve peace and redistribute the wealth that will not anger or take from the people. It is in the word of God and is the only way to escape our destruction at our own hands with pollution and war or at the hands of a politician using psychopolitics. You will see why Barack Obama is pressing for the health reform bill.
    Google Psychopolitics, Testimony of Kenneth Goff: Here we were trained in all phases of warfare, both psychological and physical, for the destruction of the Capitalistic society and Christian civilization. In one portion of our studies we went thoroughly into the matter of psychopolitics. This was the art of capturing the minds of a nation through brainwashing and fake mental health — the subjecting of whole nations of people to the rule of the Kremlin by capturing their minds. .. . (Drugs were to be used to affect mass population problems.) Also see: (link not allowed here) Google: “The Saviet Art of Brain Washing” for Kenneth Goff’s testimony and Editorial Note:
    An Address By Lavrent Pavlovich Beria
    (A famous address)
    Bill Maher dialogue: “Birthers Must Be Stopped.” Let the president stop them by releasing his school, health, passport and original Hawaii birth records.. Ridicule is a Communist tactic “when the sane are made to appear insane and the insane act as the world’s psychiatrists…” a quote from Mind-Washing in America by one of the leading American authorities on all aspects of the Communist conspiracy, former Senator Jack Tenney. He speaks of “the efforts of a small .. fraction of society to brainwash the overwhelming majority of its citizens…” Barack Obama is showing himself in his actions. Truth and justice win over lies and deception.
    Link: Video: Obama’s Communist Influences: Youtube

    I sent an email to President Obama & US Attorney in DC, CD Phillips on 7-30-09. The president is a 15 year citizen of Indonesia and should not be making decisions for America.
    Subject: Authority To investigate Barack Obama
    & Quo Warranto in Donofrio
    Same authority to investigate terrorists in America
    114 Char. Twitter:
    Sharing “Questions E-mailed to President Obama & US Attorney DC, CD Phillips 7-30-09”
    (Quo Warranto-Wikipedia: Quo warranto today
    In the United States today, quo warranto usually arises in a civil case as a plaintiff’s claim (and thus a “cause of action” instead of a writ) that some governmental or corporate official was not validly elected to that office or is wrongfully exercising powers beyond (or ultra vires) those authorized by statute or by the corporation’s charter.)
    There is more than enough information, even at

    to get access to his full birth certificate, college and passport records.
    While we still have freedom, be sure to see all sides of the argument before being used against those seeking only to see records that should not be hidden.
    Marie Devine

  40. Some of the protesters against the health bill are shouting for Congress to “READ THE BILL” It would be great if Congress did read and understand what they will voting for. Hower. in this case if Congress reads it and still votes–it will be the end of our life as we knew it. So the better chant is “KILL THE BILL”

    Below are excerpts from the actual bill. It this doesn’t send chills up your spine, than nothing will.

    : Shock: Inside the Healthcare Bill

    Shock: Inside the Healthcare Bill
    Economic Policy Journal ^ | 7/20/09 | Robert Wenzel

    Here’s the full Health Care bill that sits in the House.
    Following the mad recommendations of Peter Singer made in NYT’s Sunday magazine, it pays to take a look at what is actually in the healthcare bill.
    It’s worse than you can possibly imagine. Somehow, it manages to be Singer on steroids. Who wrote this bill. It has Singer’s footprints all over it.
    Peter Fleckstein (aka Fleckman) is reading it and has been posting on Twitter his findings. This is from his postings (Note: All comments are Fleckman’s)
    Pg 22 of the HC Bill MANDATES the Govt will audit books of ALL EMPLOYERS that self insure!!
    Pg 30 Sec 123 of HC bill – THERE WILL BE A GOVT COMMITTEE that decides what treatments/benes u get
    Pg 29 lines 4-16 in the HC bill – YOUR HEALTHCARE IS RATIONED!!!
    Pg 42 of HC Bill – The Health Choices Commissioner will choose UR HC Benefits 4 you. U have no choice!
    PG 50 Section 152 in HC bill – HC will be provided 2 ALL non US citizens, illegal or otherwise
    Pg 58HC Bill – Govt will have real-time access 2 individs finances & a National ID Healthcard will b issued!
    Pg 59 HC Bill lines 21-24 Govt will have direct access 2 ur banks accts 4 elect. funds transfer
    PG 65 Sec 164 is a payoff subsidized plan 4 retirees and their families in Unions & community orgs (ACORN).
    Pg 72 Lines 8-14 Govt is creating an HC Exchange 2 bring priv HC plans under Govt control.
    PG 84 Sec 203 HC bill – Govt mandates ALL benefit pkgs 4 priv. HC plans in the Exchange
    PG 85 Line 7 HC Bill – Specs for of Benefit Levels for Plans = The Govt will ration ur Healthcare!
    PG 91 Lines 4-7 HC Bill – Govt mandates linguistic approp svcs. Example – Translation 4 illegal aliens
    Pg 95 HC Bill Lines 8-18 The Govt will use groups i.e., ACORN & Americorps 2 sign up indiv. for Govt HC plan
    PG 85 Line 7 HC Bill – Specs of Ben Levels 4 Plans. #AARP members – U Health care WILL b rationed
    -PG 102 Lines 12-18 HC Bill – Medicaid Eligible Indiv. will b automat.enrolled in Medicaid. No choice
    pg 124 lines 24-25 HC No company can sue GOVT on price fixing. No “judicial review” against Govt Monop
    pg 127 Lines 1-16 HC Bill – Doctors/ #AMA – The Govt will tell YOU what u can make.
    Pg 145 Line 15-17 An Employer MUST auto enroll employees into pub opt plan. NO CHOICE
    Pg 126 Lines 22-25 Employers MUST pay 4 HC 4 part time employees AND their families.
    Pg 149 Lines 16-24 ANY Emplyr w payroll 400k & above who does not prov. pub opt. pays 8% tax on all payroll
    pg 150 Lines 9-13 Biz w payroll btw 251k & 400k who doesnt prov. pub. opt pays 2-6% tax on all payroll
    Pg 167 Lines 18-23 ANY individual who doesnt have acceptable HC accrdng 2 Govt will be taxed 2.5% of inc
    Pg 170 Lines 1-3 HC Bill Any NONRESIDENT Alien is exempt from indiv. taxes. (Americans will pay)
    Pg 195 HC Bill -officers & employees of HC Admin (GOVT) will have access 2 ALL Americans finan/pers recs
    PG 203 Line 14-15 HC – “The tax imposed under this section shall not be treated as tax” Yes, it says that
    Pg 239 Line 14-24 HC Bill Govt will reduce physician svcs 4 Medicaid. Seniors, low income, poor affected
    Pg 241 Line 6-8 HC Bill – Doctors, doesnt matter what specialty u have, you’ll all be paid the same
    PG 253 Line 10-18 Govt sets value of Dr’s time, prof judg, etc. Literally value of humans.
    PG 265 Sec 1131Govt mandates & controls productivity for private HC industries
    PG 268 Sec 1141 Fed Govt regulates rental & purchase of power driven wheelchairs
    PG 272 SEC. 1145. TREATMENT OF CERTAIN CANCER HOSPITALS – Cancer patients – welcome to rationing!
    Page 280 Sec 1151 The Govt will penalize hospitals 4 what Govt deems preventable readmissions.
    Pg 298 Lines 9-11 Drs, treat a patient during initial admiss that results in a readmiss-Govt will penalize u.
    Pg 317 L 13-20 OMG!! PROHIBITION on ownership/investment. Govt tells Drs. what/how much they can own.
    Pg 317-318 lines 21-25,1-3 PROHIBITION on expansion- Govt is mandating hospitals cannot expand
    pg 321 2-13 Hospitals have oppt to apply for exception BUT community input required. Can u say ACORN?!!
    Pg335 L 16-25 Pg 336-339 – Govt mandates estab. of outcome based measures. HC the way they want. Rationing
    Pg 341 Lines 3-9 Govt has authority 2 disqual Medicare Adv Plans, HMOs, etc. Forcing peeps in2 Govt plan
    Pg 354 Sec 1177 – Govt will RESTRICT enrollment of Special needs ppl! WTF. My sis has down syndrome!!
    Pg 379 Sec 1191 Govt creates more bureaucracy – Telehealth Advisory Cmtte. Can u say HC by phone?
    PG 425 Lines 4-12 Govt mandates Advance Care Planning Consult. Think Senior Citizens end of life
    Pg 425 Lines 17-19 Govt will instruct & consult regarding living wills, durable powers of atty. Mandatory!
    PG 425 Lines 22-25, 426 Lines 1-3 Govt provides apprvd list of end of life resources, guiding u in death
    PG 427 Lines 15-24 Govt mandates program 4 orders 4 end of life. The Govt has a say in how ur life ends
    Pg 429 Lines 1-9 An “adv. care planning consult” will b used frequently as patients health deteriorates
    PG 429 Lines 10-12 “adv. care consultation” may incl an ORDER 4 end of life plans. AN ORDER from GOV
    Pg 429 Lines 13-25 – The govt will specify which Doctors can write an end of life order.
    PG 430 Lines 11-15 The Govt will decide what level of treatment u will have at end of life
    Pg 469 – Community Based Home Medical Services=Non profit orgs. Hello, ACORN Medical Svcs here!!?
    Page 472 Lines 14-17 PAYMENT TO COMMUNITY-BASED ORG. 1 monthly payment 2 a community-based org. Like ACORN?
    PG 489 Sec 1308 The Govt will cover Marriage & Family therapy. Which means they will insert Govt in2 ur marriage
    Pg 494-498 Govt will cover Mental Health Svcs including defining, creating, rationing those svcs
    Here’s the full Health Care bill that sits in the House

    After seeing what is in this bill, it is easy to pick out the lies supporters of this bill are flounting. We need to answer them with the power of intellectual ammunition and facts from their own genocide bill.

  41. Fernley Girl, The video, showing Obama, telling people to shut up, shows Obama, appearing, very pale. From a woman’s perspective, do you think it is possible, Obama, was wearing makeup, to appear darker during the campaign?

  42. TheAlexJonesChannel
    August 09, 2009

    A video posted of Alex Jones announcing the ‘Obama JOKER $1000 Video Contest’ has been pulled by You Tube after ‘community guidelines’ complaints alleged the video was ‘racist.’

    The video in question had no mention of race whatsoever– instead, it is a case in point of Obama Brownshirts policing the Internet and turning in political dissenters on a trumped-up basis.

    Even more disturbing is You Tube’s “community standards” policy in action– which apparently allows for vocal critics to shut down free speech (which does not otherwise violate You Tube’s standards) under arbitrary and unsubstantiated claims of “racism” or etc.

    Listen all the way to the end; Alex Jones says they are starting a campaign to shut down the Presidents YouTube channel, and that he’s putting YouTube and Google on legal notice that a lawsuit is coming their way!

  43. cw, you know how all those legislators in your Hall of Shame explained they only validated BO based on (Annenberg Political)’s insistence he is for real? Well, what do you think they’ll do when they find out that FactCheck stole the image of BO’s ‘birth announcement’ from the Honolulu Adviser, from an anonymous blogger on td; posted it on their web site; and, with no further investigation, proclaimed, this proves BO is a NBC?

  44. bob strauss // August 9, 2009 at 1:04 pm

    At times I wonder if there are TWO or more Obama’s, like Saddam had amny stand ins.
    At times he looks very dark like the pics with his cigarette, other time he looks very arab, etc.

    Something else that makes you go Hmmmmmm

  45. TO:
    The South // August 9, 2009 at 1:12 pm

    August 09, 2009


    YouTube is a MANIPULATOR and a FRAUD.

    Obama’s channel is CENSORED, CONTROLLED, MANIPULATED, etc.

    The Searches are Manipulated and sabotaged.
    The Voting is manipulated and abotaged
    The Video Views are manipulated and sabotaged.

    YouTube is a SHAMEFUL BIASED TOOL for Democrats and Obama.

    It’s about time someone takes them on.

  46. Fernley Girl

    Bob Strauss,
    I think it’s more likely just suntan. Lots of outdoor speaking events & golfing last summer & fall during the campaign. I am certain he has makeup for press conferences, but I know my makeup doesn’t look as good after 8 hours as it does when it first goes on. I personally think he is ill…blue lips and sometimes you can see a yellow cast under his eyes.

    I know you are in my general vicinity…..are you seeing any changes in attitude where your are?

  47. The Reagan Obama Debate – KNOW THINE ENEMY

    Fellow Citizens
    …who is right?…you decide, now that you know what was meant by “Change”

    Ronald Reagan blows away Barack Hussein Obama on socialism, healthcare, the Consititution and Liberty.

    Let us continually be inspired in what may seem a battle against a brick wall–Obama’s thugacracy!

  48. Fernley Girl


    This wing is said to have been started by:
    Zbigniew Brzezinski, a Harvard Graduate

    He was also one of O’s professors and a campaign advisers.

  49. truthbetold11

    slowly are freedoms are being snuffed out. A little here and there. Till we say what just happend to us. The days of front porch sitting are over. Time to get in the battle or fall by the sword.

  50. Sorry haven’t had a chance to catch up yet. Had a question. Have any of you seen the symbol that was put up at rightsideoflife? Don’t know if it’s specifically a symbol for Universal Health care or just an Obama symbol. They did a comparison to the Hitler’s Nazi symbol. Can someone tell me if that’s for real? Is it a real Obama symbol???

  51. Daily Kos is calling for Rep. John Sullivan (R-OK) to be censured!

  52. Check Seiiu and Acorn in Action. If this Crime called Health Plan succeeds, it will get worse–

    Between Janet Napalitano’s Home Land Security Report and the Health Care program, they will wipe out the majority of American citizensin less than two years. Then they will confiscate what is left of their property.

    Check it out for your self! What do you think that “snitch list” is all about!

  53. citizenwells

    Daily Kos can go straight to hell!

  54. Looks like its time for carrying the concealed weapon. Bet the thugs had a knife or something on them.

  55. citizenwells

    I knew pretty quickly in 2008 what was all about.

  56. citizenwells

    bob strauss.
    Not through with BO, Fitzgerald, et al.
    Upcoming series will clarify much.

  57. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Wow these guys make me proud. And I’m not even a Texan!

    This is what we should be doing in every state.

    Its implacably inacapable of being called illegal or violent…

    Yet it draws a line in the sand, as it were, and will make folks wake up to the reality of the political climate we are in.

    We need to make this go viral, and get groups doing the same in all States…

    This is a good way to start the Revolution to retake American and restore the Constitution…

  58. TO:
    The South // August 9, 2009 at 1:55 pm

    Daily Kos is calling for Rep. John Sullivan (R-OK) to be censured!

    I am calling on all CWers and all Conservatives and Article II Constitutionalist to write and call their Congressional Representatives demanding that Congressman John Sullivan (R-OK) be COMMENDED for this action. I especially encourage you all to join me and encourage Rep Sullivan to Join forces with other like minded Patriots and DEMAND that Nancy Pelosi and the DNC show proof of how the Verified that Obama was ELIGIBLE and Constitutionally Qualified under Article II to be placed on the Ballot and call for a Full investigation if they are not presented with this Proof.

    Lets get to work. Especially in OK.

  59. Fernley Girl

    USAPatriots-Shout said;

    From email,
    But we need to scale up our efforts quickly to make sure this plan works. To really swing into action during this month’s congressional recess, we need to raise at least $250,000 immediately. Can you chip in $60 to support our work?
    We are not organized the way the Left-Wing groups are organized. We aren’t funded by Soros and government grants.

    Not the traditional 10% of one’s annual income to the church, but a fixed percentage of each paycheck to be applied toward trying to stop this administration’s destruction of the Constitution and our Rights?
    One percent of each $1000 is only $10. What percent can you commit to? Put the money aside for now, or donate to an organization or blog that will help advance our beliefs. Or, use that money to print flyers and hand them out. We all need to make a commitment to put our money where our mouths (or fingers!) are.

  60. Nancy Peacock

    The Patriot Party should start now and not wait until 2010. They need to put Democrats and Republicans in Washington on notice that next year, they will be replaced.

  61. Magna Carta, I agree, Palin did speak up. She doesn’t have to get involved in the BC issue to call it like it is…EVIL. Finally, a plain spoken person on the scene!! What a breath of fresh air!

  62. CW, I agree! They can go straight to hell!

    PRWH-PF, Sounds like a plan! Lets bombard the Oklahoma Elected Officials to “Commend” Sullivan, and begin an investigation to clear this up, once and for all!

  63. Great Caller on C-Span!


  65. sandy // August 9, 2009 at 2:58 pm

    Hey Sandy,

    Greg G. needs to find Leah and buy her a beer…she’s in his neck of the woods.

    I’d like to buy her a car….

  66. Greg’s new mission, find Leah…..

    I will find her and buy her whatever she wants to drink!

  67. I’ll bet she is well dressed too…this is going to backfire on the dems so load their ear drums will rupture…

  68. Observation

    Q Why is Barry so adamant on getting his ill-conceived dim-witted Health Care plan passed? Is Barry concerned about our welfare and lives? I think not! Barry’s reasons are much more devious than this. It centers on BHO’s quest for total control, power, and his ability to STAY in office.

    Let’s assume that the NBC issue gains momentum (which is now happening) and Barry is found to be a phony usurper. In the mean time Barry gets his Health Care plan passed and signed into law. I ask, can Barry be given the boot? The Health Care plan along with all the other bills including appointments would be null and void.

    Now, lets try and unwind the health care mess and all the other crap that has been signed into law. Were going to have one fine mess on our hands. I think the appropriate term would be a “Constitutional Crisis”… I ask, where do we stand, do we leave Barry in office or not! To me, this is a no brainier. The answer is no, but HELL NO!

    Barry has to go, no matter what. Barry aka “the destroyer” must be removed and arrested. Barry will never resign!

  69. um…..somebody help me……WTH is this?

  70. Does Obama Wear Make UP

    Regarding the question of Obama using make up. As an artist and knowledgable about make up, I assure you he uses pounds of make up. The best example of his make up use was at his public appearance regarding health care when he made the statement “The police acted stupidly.”

    The make up artist who painted his face for that program was a master. A careful study of his face showed perfection as to color, tone, and flawlessness. Not one flaw or tiny line showed on his face. He had no circles under eyes and no stress lines around his mouth.The only fault I could find with the artist’s work was Obama’s eyebrows were a little too dark and heavy.

    Looking at other interviews and photos where it is possible he didn’t use make up, I noticed the lines around his mouth deepening. The circles under his eye darkening. I see little flaws like possible small moles or pimples. Without make up Obama’s skin is slightly motley in color–meaning it isn’t uniform like the way he looked in the interview I described. His lips have a tendency to look purple. My husband says it is because of all the pot he smoked.

    Michele did the world a favor and hired a professional make up artist! She is still a dragon lady in my eyes!

  71. This lady nails it 100% in this video!

  72. I am so sick of the lies and the dumba$$ koolaiders that buy them.

    I am so angry and insulted….and it takes one helluva a lot to insult me

  73. Sandy, I really could have done without seeing naked O + Unicorn pictures. Ewwwwww

  74. Peter Schiff is now the Senate fund raising leader for the GOP!!!

  75. Kim….I think I need therapy

  76. sandy // August 9, 2009 at 3:13 pm


    This guy Lacey has his crap for sale on eBay. His junk popped up on my Susan Boyle search and his caption to her ‘painting’ was ‘better luck next time.’ I didn’t appreciate that, so I wrote to him and we duked it out. He’s a hostile Obot, so please ignore the garbage he puts out.

  77. Oh, I forgot to mention Peter Schiff is the leading Senate fund raiser for the GOP, and “He has not even announced his confirmation that he is going to run” !

    Does that tell ya that Americans are waking up and want some change?

  78. I love this song!

  79. Everyone I work with is aware of the fraud, and waiting, for justice, to be done.
    They all get a daily update from me.

    We also maintain, “the wall of shame”, of Obama, which contains, various info, about his lack of eligibility, including, images of his various “birth certificates”.

    The customers, I visit, while repairing their forklifts, are mostly aware, Obama is not NBC, and want to know what it is going to take to see that the Constitution is followed and justice is done, ASAP.

  80. Leah-in one short phone call nailed it for all of us.
    I’ll bet she is well dressed too…this is going to backfire on the dems so load their ear drums will rupture…
    I’m a Democrat and want nothing to do with with this Nazi/Democrat party. All Americans can think for themselves and arrive at their own conclusions, they hate what they see and making their objections known.
    When the DNC selected Obama, could they have found a worse candidate if they tried hard. Cook County, mobbed-up corrupt, scum-bag even by Cook County’s lowest of the low standards. The American people want to see all the records for a very good reasons, to check on all the DNC lies and Obama lies. During the campaign he mentioned his drug use-probably to head off questions, I think he did so much he caused himself some major brain damage, hence the total reliance on blackberry and teleprompter, then again he has difficulty remembering his own name. I think the Dems and Obama believed their own lies from the campaign and Obama’s phony popularity, one example out of many the Berlin speech followed a free rock concert, he didn’t attract those crowds. Today’s Rasmussen poll -8 . This guy is not popular at all, it is up to the DNC to correct the damage they have done if that is possible at this late date or go down with him. It would take them a hundred years of perfect behavior for WE THE PEOPLE to have any confidence in them. This is worse by 1,000 times than Watergate. The quicker they resolve it the better off everyone will be. I want all Americans to feel free to express themselves without fear of retaliation.
    All the DNC has to say is we screwed up, we did not check his qualifications we simply took him at his word. We will work very hard to correct our error. People won’t be happy but they can get over an error a lot quicker than a treason cover-up scandal.

  81. Fernley Girl, my last post was a response to your post, forgot to include your handle.

    Do you really think he is sick, or just pale, in fear, of what is about to drop, on him?

  82. Sue…you crack me up….

    Sic ’em Sue

    That’s your new nickname

  83. bob strauss // August 9, 2009 at 4:19

    Hi Bob and Fernley Girl,

    Just found this at a site called Here’s the URL:

    Commenter Adam C. Sieracki had this to say about the blue lips:

    “Ujjal Dosanjh (former Canadian Health Minister) has about the same melanin-level as BO and had the same-coloured lips…after his heart attack-prompted bypass, his lips ‘pinked-up’ again. My late (white) grandfather experienced the same phenomenon: blue lips PRIOR to a bypass, pink after.

    Obama is a smart man, yet has made some staggeringly stupid statements (”57 States”, &c.). He umms and uhhs his way through impromptu speeches. This makes me wonder if he’s having transient ischemic attacks, or something. (He WAS a cocaine user, years ago, and is apparently still a chain smoker–both risky behaviours for getting TIAs.)”

    Maybe we have a sick usurper on our hands? The nose candy WILL catch up to you..

  84. sandy // August 9, 2009 at 4:37 pm

    You got it, Sandy! Some of my best battles have been on eBay :).

    Call me anything you like…believe me, I’ve been called a LOT worse!

  85. And now for today’s…


    Make sure you are armed. And for heaven’s sake don’t tell anyone what you own or what your armory contains. Pay cash for ammunition whenever possible.

    When the tyrannical government comes to your door to take away your firearms, it may occur after your neighbor steals your armory from you. When times get rough, do not expect your neighbors to be the upstanding citizens you think they are.

    When you let your friends and neighbors know what you own, you are left at higher risk for theft. Guns are cheap. Ammunition is not. The government may know what firearms you own, but they will not know how many rounds of ammo you have. Stock up on 9MM and 45 ACP, even if you don’t own a gun as it will prove an invaluable trading currency.

  86. JeffM // August 9, 2009 at 4:53 pm

    Hi Jeff and anoyne with gun savvy,

    I do not own a gun, but am thinking of purchasing one and learning to shoot at my local sportsmen’s club.

    Do you suggest I register it? I’m thinking that ‘they’ will know I have a gun. Is it better to keep it on the QT?

    Sorry for my ignorance, but I never felt as though I needed to be armed. Until now.

  87. Jacqlyn Smith


    magna carta // August 9, 2009 at 12:34 pm

    Palin did speak up.She called out the plan as “EVIL” and cited the death panels.She makes statements on FACEBOOK. She is gonna be a thorn in the Mafia’s side.

    Thank you Magna for posting this….I was going to say the same thing but I saw you already did so…..great job Sarah….now there’s a gal you can put your trust in!!!

  88. Fernley Girl

    bob strauss said: August 9, 2009 at 4:19 pm

    “Do you really think he is sick, or just pale, in fear, of what is about to drop, on him?”

    I think he is ill, long-term, persistently ill, in accordance with SueK’s earlier post. McCain coughed up 1500 pages of his medical records, O’s doctor turned in a short note stating O was “fine”. No surprise….just one more set of documents concealed. And, as with the rest, with the intent to withhold the truth.

  89. SueK,

    Go ahead and register it. They’re going to know you have it. BUT, they won’t know what ammo you have in your armory, or how much of it you own.

    I know people who literally have 10’s of THOUSANDS of rounds of ammo just for trade. They pick it up for cash off the radar at their local gun shows.

  90. Just read this on Orly’s Blog:

    August 9th, 2009
    Saturday, August 8, 2009 11:15 PM
    “Bill News”
    Add sender to Contacts
    “Bill News”

    Mo l o n l a b e E m ai l N e w s Lis t

    In God, we h ave a great and invincible ally!
    His fait h ful will be raised on eagle’s wings!

    From Paul Andrew Mitc h ell

    Subject: Re: Fw: If you love & respect t h e law and dislike lawyers, t h en read t h is

    Date: Saturday, August 8, 2009, 6:34 PM

    [reformatted for American Standard Englis h by t h e Supreme Law Firm]



    by MindBender26

    Be h ind t h e scenes, at many military bases across t h e country and around t h e world, a not-too quiet c h allenge is developing against Barack Obama and h is questionable qualifications to be President of t h e United States .

    Most FReepers are familiar wit h t h e ongoing civil litigation against Obama.

    Plaintiffs claim h e is not constitutionally qualified to be president because h e does not meet t h e legal description of a “natural-born citizen.”

    Obama’s lawyers h ave never entered pleadings on t h e MERITS of t h e plaintiffs’ cases.

    T h ey oppose t h e plaintiffs’ suits on t h e issue of “standing.”

    T h ey claim t h e plaintiff’s do not h ave a rig h t to sue.

    Generally, t h at “standing” claim is well-founded.

    Giving every citizen t h e rig h t to sue t h e president would be a nig h tmare.

    Can you imagine George Bus h defending 10,000,000 individual suits by Dems over t h e war in Iraq ?

    But recently, one plaintiff h ad a strong c h ance of being given “standing to sue.”

    T h e plaintiff was an Army Reserve Major, Stefan Frederick Cook, from t h e Tampa area.

    His call-up to active duty positioned h im as a person w h o could demonstrate t h e likeli h ood of real damages if Obama was not a legally-elected president.

    Cook could be killed, wounded or even c h arged as a war criminal if Obama was not legally t h e president.

    He sued, claiming Obama was not legally qualified to be President, not legally qualified to order h im to do anyt h ing.

    T h e judge was set to begin preliminary h earings w h en t h e government lawyers dropped a legal bomb.

    T h ey canceled Major Cook’s orders for t h e obvious purpose of denying h im standing.

    Wit h Major Cook longer on activation orders, t h e case was moot and was dismissed by t h e judge.

    T h is h ugely significant legal surrender by t h e government was noticed by every lawyer in t h e country watc h ing t h is issue.

    It also immediately became an enormous topic of conversation in every barracks in America .

    If Obama was willing to cancel one soldier’s deployment orders because of a court c h allenge to h is rig h t to be president, w h at would h e do t h e next time someone raised t h e issue?

    As a result, service members and lawyers began action immediately.

    It is believed t h at as many as 100 lawyers are preparing to file litigation suc h as Major Cook’s.

    T h is litigation would be in many courts across t h e country and put a h uge strain on t h e Obama-DNC legal team.

    Do t h ey cancel 100 sets of orders t h is week, only to face 1000 suits next week?

    Even worse, sources close to some of t h e potential litigants tell me t h at at least four lawyers, including one very well known conservative Vietnam veteran-lawyer, are seeking enoug h clients so t h ey can petition t h e court for t h e establis h ment of a Class of Plaintiffs in a proposed class action case.

    If t h at h appens, t h en every military service member on orders for SWA would be covered.

    At t h at point, Obama h as no viable legal option.

    He h as proven h imself unwilling to try t h e case on its merits, and willing to cancel orders to avoid h aving to face discovery.

    How can h e be POTUS and CINC if h e cannot issue orders to t h e military h e claims to command?

    From t h ere, every time Obama tries to act under color of law in any matter, military of not, someone sues and Obama’s action ceases.

    T h is is an important turning point in a case of incredible constitutional and legal significance.

    Stay tuned!

    Also read stories below especially a Politician, Hawaii state Sen. Will Espero, a Democrat, in Hawaii introducing a bill to make Public records Public including BO’s info

  91. Maybe he will get Mercury Poisoning like allegedly he did to his mom/grandmom.

  92. JeffM // August 9, 2009 at 5:08 pm

    Thanks, Jeff. That’s what I’ll buy meeself for my b’day next month.

    Local gun show coming up…

  93. This has probably been posted here but for those who missed it……………………..

    The Ten Commandments According to Obama
    By: Patriot Update

    I. Thou shalt have no God in America, except for me. For we are no longer a Christian nation and, after all, I am the chosen One. (And like God, I do not have a birth certificate.)

    READ MORE…………….

  94. MObama Thugs are the Real Racists.

    I consider the president telling us to go away and shut up and his ordering his ACORN, SEIU and Organized Follower Brown Shirts to “fight back twice as hard” an ACT OF WAR ON HIS OWN CITIZENS, or better stated on the Citizens of America.

    It was bad enough when he was a candidate to say “get in their face if you have to” BUT now we have a Siting President Declaring War in his own Citizens.

    This is an ACT of WAR that needs to be investiated. Especially when he is investigating citizens for Criminals Acts when these Acts are PROTECTED BY THE CONSITUTION and according to his Secretary PATRITOTIC.

    This Declaration of War on the Citizens of America need to be Promoptly investiagted.

  95. Suek, Jeff, Greg and others near New England.

    There is a Huge Gun, Camping, BBQuing, etc in New Hampshire this month. I have seen it talked about on resistnet let me see if I can find any info.

    We all should attend. Seems like a good deal and free camping I think.

  96. OK FOUND IT.

    The All Free, Only TRUE First Amendment Rally in the U.S. AUGUST 21, 22, 23, 2009

    The Grand View Inn, a fabulous 300 acre facility on beautiful Mount Monadnock in southwestern New Hampshire

    ALL FREE: Admissions, Camping, Booth Spots, RV Spots, Concert, Parking, Revolutionary Battle, Fireworks, & more.

    Rooms, Cottages, Bar, Beer Tent, Banquet Hall, beverages and food concessions through out the weekend are not free and will be available to participants. Rooms are limited so book ASAP. Pets and Smoking not allowed inside buildings. Due to State Liquor licensing,all alcohol must be purchased on site and must be over 21. Rally will allow open carry, and pets & smoking outside.

    Sounds like a Return to America the Way it used to be and should be.
    Read all about it at the link above.
    Who is going?

  97. TRUTH NOW // August 9, 2009 at 10:54 am

    “Looks like Sullivan needs Larry’s book also
    Barack Obama and Larry Sinclair
    order here

    Great reviews. Congress and media need his book.
    Secret life ,kinda like John Edwards secrets
    But this is really out there”

    That would be quite the campaign. We could all volunteer to send a Congress critter a book!

  98. FOR THE LADIES especially wanting to learn about guns.
    NH Live Free or Die Freedom Rally.

    * Appleseed Project 3 Day Revolutionary Rifle Shoot. 3 course shoot with safety briefing,$5.Comprehensive,$25. Woman shoot free.
    For more info or pre-registration:

  99. At this point, I don’t think it would matter if there was an Article in the Constitution, that said directly that anyone named Barack Hussein Obama shall not be eligible to hold the office of President, that one single Congressman, Senator, Judge would uphold it.

    We’ve some serious house cleaning to do! May God be with us, we’re gonna need it!

  100. NOTE: Every one that comes here …. go to your search engine and enter Barry Soetoro
    PS: Pass this along

  101. Jacqlyn Smith


    The South // August 9, 2009 at 3:52 pm

    Oh, I forgot to mention Peter Schiff is the leading Senate fund raiser for the GOP, and “He has not even announced his confirmation that he is going to run” !

    Does that tell ya that Americans are waking up and want some change?


    South—I love Peter Schiff….I saw him on Beck once and really like what he has to say….even though he is a REpublican…..remember it is not party…it is what the candidate has to say and if he can be trusted!!! He continues to have the same platform and is for small government….I hope he emerges as a leader….we need him desperately!!

  102. PRWH Peter,

    Thanks for the link-sounds good. I could go for the day on Sunday.

  103. PRWH @ 5:38

    I think it may be time for me to visit my mother – she’s in Durham.

    Perhaps we could learn to shoot together – mother/daughter bonding! (Actually I recalled as I typed that, she was the only girl on the rifle shooting team in high school – and now I wonder if they have those competitions any more – I am guessing no.)

    Thanks for posting the info!

  104. Ken writes: NOTE: Every one that comes here …. go to your search engine and enter Barry Soetoro
    PS: Pass this along

    Ken, what’s your point? I’ve seen this a long time ago. Is there anything in particular that you wish to point out to us? A lot of us know that BO’s name is probably really Barry, or possibly.

  105. Peter Schiff’s winning a spot would be poetic justice for his father, Irwin Schiff’s having to serve out the remainder of his life in prison for having the courage to blaze a trail for all of us.

    If you aren’t familiar with the story of his father, it is worth taking the time to look it up. He, and others stood up to the government on the illegal taxing of our wages. That’s right, he took on the IRS.

    There is NO law on the books that anyone can point to that says taxing our wages is legal. Wages are a fair exchange for a service/labor and are not subject to taxation.

    Watch Freedom to Fascism, Aaron Russo film. Peter’s dad appears in the film. It should be available on the Internet.

  106. You don’t have to register a shotgun (at least not in Wisconsin)

  107. Here is an interesting find, at least to me.

    Go to one of the poeple search sites, like:

    Just search the “Obama” last name. Look at all the folks that come up!

    Now open another window and so the same with “Obana.”

    A few less folks living in America come up, but it is still a decent list.

    (I decided to check “Obana” only because it was misspelled on the “Obama” results.)

    In case you did not know, the associated names can be dead or alive.

    I have to continue this in my next post, because I think if I put in two links, I think this post will go to moderation.

  108. Now, go to the Social Security Death Index:

    As before, just search for the two last names.

    Wow! The Obanas actually have some deceased relatives – imagine that! The Obamas must be really hearty folk because all they have lost is that two month old baby we have all heard about!

    Are these the fake people with fake SS#s we have seen reported – fake people cannot die – or have they purged certain search results from appearing. To my mind, that latter seems less likely.

  109. A bit off topic…but important to hear:

  110. Jacqlyn Smith


    Fernley Girl // August 9, 2009 at 5:05 pm

    bob strauss said: August 9, 2009 at 4:19 pm

    “Do you really think he is sick, or just pale, in fear, of what is about to drop, on him?”

    I think he is ill, long-term, persistently ill, in accordance with SueK’s earlier post. McCain coughed up 1500 pages of his medical records, O’s doctor turned in a short note stating O was “fine”. No surprise….just one more set of documents concealed. And, as with the rest, with the intent to withhold the truth.

    I have said for awhile now that he could be HIV positive…not to mention have cancer from his continued use of those cancer sticks!!!

  111. Just so everyone knows when Dr. Orly was investigating she found many social security #’s for both Obama and Michelle Obama-many, many like almost 100 (approx) scattered all over the country. See Dr. Orly’s interview with Stephen Colbert where she discusses the ss # from Connecticut showing he’s 109 years old. She said that is the ss# he uses the most. Youtube or I found it on Hulu I think they entitled it Womb something, so it would be Dr. Orly Taitz, Stephen Colbert late July.

  112. Jacqlyn Smith // August 9, 2009 at 7:08 pm

    Hi Jackie,

    I know a new post is up, but I just wanted to add that on Larry’s blog, he went into some detail about Obama’s ‘toolbox.’ He described ‘three bumps’ in a strategic location. Herpes? HPV? Something more? Whatever this is, it’s NOT a normal part of being a guy.

    Sorry if this offends anyone, but it’s just an observation based on Larry’s info.

  113. I’m going to watch Hannity tonight and give him a chance. But if it’s the same old regurgitated pabulum for ratings…that’s IT.

  114. ************ NEW POST UP! ***************

  115. “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

    “The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good.” – George Washington

  116. This blog is getting more comments per day than Freep!

  117. citizenwells

    I hope that increased comments equates to increased awareness, concern
    and action from the public.

  118. The South

    Thanks for posting the Peter Schiff news, he’s a great guy, with whom I’ve had nothing but honest, moral business dealings with. He also kept me from losing it all in stocks this past fall due to his investment strategy (foreign stock)
    The predictions in his book Crash Proof DID come to fruition, he’s been vilified by the media because of it. He’s more than worthy of support.

  119. I’m back on for me to pass information on entering on search engens LIKE Google,Yahoo’ & others /// Kittycat you went to wrong place Again enter Barry Soetoro

  120. We all know that Palin called the proposed plan Evil—and that’s good. My point was that to my knowledge Sarah Palin has not said a WORD about Obama’s ineligibility NBC issue. Is that not correct?

    I say IF Palin would speak up (and why shouldn’t she–SHE’S A FREE CITIZEN NOW!) about the NBC issue she’d be a heroine and safe the day.
    Why not, she’s a patriot, and that sure would be the patriotic thing to do!

    It’s about the NBC issue guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Palin should speak up ABOUT THAT!!!!

  121. Ladyhawke, thank you so much for posting that link of Leah calling CSPAN. I hope it goes viral; I am posting it on other blogs and getting thanked, too.

  122. jbjd@10:23

    Thank You! I am glad that you are avidly posting and getting kudos for the video. You are the only one that has acknowledged me for posting it, and I am grateful. Cheers to you!

    All the best as this is most likely my last post here.

  123. magna, This radio show looks like a purely music station…do they have a talk segment or was a just like a request line and they took a few calls?

  124. magna, I found the “Listen Now” button….I like your taste in music…LOL Do you have an approximate time they took those calls? I would like to get some audio of that on the internet..

  125. Proud Birther

    United We Stand — Divided We Fall

    In the late summer of 2009 the United States population is divided into three groups as America teeters on the edge of falling into the abyss.

    The first division (the largest) totally believes the person currently occupying the White House is a natural born citizen despite the fact that the current White House occupant and his supporters have not produced the proper credentials to prove he is a natural born citizen. These persons also dismiss out-of-hand without consideration or investigation any potential legitimate foreign birth certificates related to the person occupying the White House such as the document presented in the courts by Orly Taitz

    The second division does not care where the current occupant of the White House was born and thinks he should remain President of the United States simply because he was “elected.” These persons also dismiss out-of-hand without consideration or investigation any potential legitimate foreign birth certificates related to the person occupying the White House such as the document presented in the courts by Orly Taitz.

    The third division (the smallest) demands that any person occupying the White House must prove they are a natural born citizen with the proper credentials. These persons also demand that if the current occupant of the White House cannot produce the proper credentials, the current occupant must resign immediately or be removed by the courts or legislature as soon as possible. These persons also demand a thorough investigation by a federal court (not public opinion) into any potential legitimate foreign birth certificates related to the person occupying the White House such as the document presented in the courts by Orly Taitz.

    In July of 2009, a mother displayed a copy of a long-form birth certificate for her twin daughters that were born in the same hospital of the current occupant of the White House. The twins were born the day before the alleged birth date of the current occupant of the White House. All he has to do is present an identical certified long-form birth document and every one of the constitutional issues will be resolved. Why is there no transparency and honesty regarding a simple document that is supposedly in the files of the Hawaiian government?

    Reality Check: The United States Constitution has specific requirements for a person to be a U.S. Congressional Representative, Senator and President. The words and phrases in the U.S. Constitution regarding the requirements of electing Congressional Representatives, Senators and Presidents are the realities America has followed since the late 1700s. The U.S. Constitution became a full reality in1789.

    What is the term used in psychiatry when a person or a group of individuals lose contact with a reality that has functioned and been followed for 220 years? The disconnected state is labeled psychosis. The specific definition of the word psychosis is:

    “any severe mental disorder in which contact with reality [such as the U.S. Constitution] is lost or highly distorted.”

    So how has America come to the point where two thirds of the citizenry and most of the corporate print and television news media have lost contact with the realities of the U.S. Constitution and live and function in a psychotic state? More bizarrely, why do the first and second division psychotics, label the third group as being racists, bigots or their favorite new buzz word “birthers” as if being a “birther” is a negative mental condition? Why do first and second division psychotics hurl their accusations as the current occupant of the White House cannot produce a real and certified U.S. birth document?

    We need look no further than the persons who nurtured, supported and promoted the previous and current occupants of the White House for the answers to these questions. The current occupant’s first job was provided by Henry Kissinger and then he became a protégée of Zbigneiw Brzezinski. Kissinger and Brzezinski are both Senior Fellows of the Center for Strategic Studies at Jesuit Georgetown University and belong to numerous other elite groups. These two individuals and their organizations are unabashed supporters of a One World Government and New World Order since the 1950s. These individuals and their organizations also inserted the previous occupant into the White House and they planned for and calculated there would be a back lash to the previous occupant’s power and policies.

    They control their created problem (previous White House occupant) and they provide their created solution (current White House occupant) but the base policies do not change. True power is when one group controls both the problem and the solution. The hideous torture still goes on at Guantanamo and other secret prisons while 50,000 additional troops with deadly remote controlled air drones pound Afghanistan and other countries. Since 2001, a flood of legislative bills have been presented and passed by both Democrats and Republicans that erode or outright cancel the liberties and freedoms of all humans on Earth.

    The previous occupant of the White House declared the U.S. Constitution was “just a god damn piece of paper.” However, divisions one and two as detailed above do not verbally berate the U.S. Constitution — they do one better (or worse) by condemning the U.S. Constitution with their disconnection from the realities set forth in that document related to the qualifications a person must have to be President of the United States. A citizen’s actions or passivity express their berating attitude and mental state far better than a politician’s words. Also a citizen’s actions or passivity are far more powerful and meaningful than a politician’s words.

    At this critical juncture in American History, persons like Kissinger and Brzezinski and groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Jesuit operated Center for Strategic Studies have placed a combination foreigner birthed, Manchurian Candidate and Pied Piper into the White House. And while Kissinger, Brzezinski and company promoted their current White House occupant as the solution to their previous White House occupant with the complicit corporate news media, millions of Americans lost contact with the realities of the U.S. Constitution and slipped into a whirlpool state of psychosis. When one provision of the U.S. Constitution is disregarded by the general public then the stage is set for an occupant of the White House to disregard and cancel other provisions related to the rights of free speech, religion, bear arms and self incrimination.

    The current occupant of the White House claims he was a Constitutional lawyer therefore he should be very familiar with the requirements to be President of the United States as specifically stated in the U.S. Constitution. However, a Constitutional lawyer spends little time in the courtroom but must publish papers or his reputation and function as a Constitutional lawyer perishes. The current occupant of the White House has yet to produce one paper he or his staff wrote regarding the U.S. Constitution. But the current occupant of the White House admitted in the summer of 2009 that he sucks nicotine into his body by inhaling smoke from blazing tobacco sticks at least four or five times a day. Usually a person who declares they have a four to five a day cigarette habit, have in reality, a one to three pack a day smoker addiction.

    If no authentic birth document is tendered or a genuine foreign birth document is presented in a federal court, then the current occupant of the White House knew he was not eligible to run for ANY federal public office. His actions rise to the highest level of fraud and he should be tried in a court of law for his alleged crime(s). But then before the 2008 election, most Americans knew as much about his foreign birth controversy as they did about his addiction to nicotine. In turn, the previous occupant of the White House should be tried for war crimes but the American public remains as passive and silent about that issue as they do about the current occupant of the White House being addicted to nicotine. Henry and Zbig are having a really good chuckle.

    As Americans deal with so many issues, the very small minority of persons implementing the One World Government and New World Order have spun the U.S. citizenry into a splintered and confused mob. But this dispersed mob is not armed with pitchforks and bats in a righteous freedom revolution but meekly sits in front of high definition entertainment while cowering in fear of the created and illusionary fiscal, “terrorism” and health crisis situations. Our captors know…United We Stand — Divided We Fall — as they bury our liberties and freedoms to implement their New World Order in an avalanche of fabricated fear.

    The reason why the names Bush and Obama have not be used in the first portion of this article is because they are only symptoms of the problem. Had both George and Barack not been born, Henry and Zbig would have tapped others with the personalities, dynamics and results being the same.

    Now is the time for all divisions of the U.S. populace to shed the fear and psychosis and boldly connect with the realities set forth by our forefathers in the documents titled the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    United We Stand as the aware citizenry removes the occupants (Henry and Zbig’s boys and girls) in Washington D.C, all the state capitals and the corporate news media by only electing, listening to and working with dedicated persons who will thoroughly engage our reality into the foundations set forth in America during the late 1700s.

    There is a difference between a person qualifying for citizenship and a person qualifying to be a candidate for President of the United States. The U.S. Constitution is very specific about the qualifications for being a candidate for President– read this eighteenth century document for the details because there are no ambiguities but regretfully there are only smokescreens and distractions by volunteer and paid disinformation agents that write on blogs, forums and websites.

    No Federal court has decided the legitimacy, citizenship and qualifications of a Presidential candidate so any and all previous court cases are meaningless. In all previous court cases regarding Barry’s qualifications and citizenship, the defense has not cited any previous court cases because there are no previous court cases.

    The specific task of the disinformation agents is to throw as much mud and crap into the clear waters stated U.S. Constitution so the average citizen throws their arms up in confusion and disgust. Don’t be victim…keep your awareness and state-of-mind and heart penetrating through the mucked waters and fouled air created by Barry’s mud and fog “machine.”

    Barry was supposedly a “Constitutional” lawyer (published no papers) so he knows very well the qualifications for one to be a Senatorial and Presidential Candidate. Does he not release any kind a genuine and long-form birth certificate from any location, his passport, his school records, his driver’s license and so many other documents that would determine his citizenship AND his qualifications to be a Senatorial and Presidential candidate because he very well knows he definitely does not meet the criteria as a Federal level politician AND/OR a citizen?

    The secrecy and cloaking of EVERY document to make the true and certified determination of his qualifications for BOTH citizenship and being a Senatorial and Presidential candidate and the millions of dollars that have gone into hiding the cornucopia of documents by Barry’s legal and writer hit squads are so sad and very telling that he has to be a fraud and liar.

    And that is one of the key issues — Barry and his mentors Henry and Zbig know he does not qualify as a Senatorial and Presidential Candidate so his “machine” and henchmen have committed the highest form of fraud and deception on the America people.

    Anyone living in Hawaii, including government officials or a private citizen SAYING anyone is a citizen because they either have SEEN a long-form birth certificate or they BELIEVE there is a long-term birth certificate is HEARSAY in any court of law. Their observations are worthless but again Barry’s subversive agents on this forum and others attempt to create smokescreens and confusion with their baseless observations about hearsay statements and COLB (certificate of live birth). Are Barry’s henchmen writers on the blogs, forums and websites ALL volunteers or are they paid mercenaries?

    A person using COLB to obtain a passport or birth certificate does not rise to the standards of and never will be the sole criteria a Federal Court will use or consider when qualifying a person as being a legitimate Senatorial or Presidential Candidate.

    Let there be no question that if indeed the document does exist, I want and desire a release of and a court of law to determine Barry’s long-form birth certificate issued by the state of Hawaii so Barry will exonerate himself from any potential criminal charges of fraud and obstruction of justice. I want this issue to be resolved as much as I want Barry to have been born in Hawaii. Regretfully what we want is sometimes not a reality and truth. And what anyone wants is not the qualifications for another person to be a candidate for Senator or President.

    So now that the smokescreens and diversions have been eliminated:

    Again just in case you missed the most important point, in July of 2009, a mother displayed a copy of a long-form birth certificate for her twin daughters that were born in the same hospital of the current occupant of the White House. The twins were born the day before the alleged birth date of the current occupant of the White House. All he has to do is present an identical certified long-form birth document and every one of the constitutional issues will be resolved. Why is there no transparency and honesty regarding a simple document that is supposedly in the files of the Hawaiian government?

    Because Barry is:

    1. a Kenyan Citizen
    2. an Indonesian Citizen
    3. a U.S. citizen but does not qualify as a candidate for ANY Federal political office.

    Sit down, take a deep breath and relax while you take the time to READ the U.S. Constitution and find your answers in the same document that also motivates Barry’s complete silence and concealing any revealing documents related to his true ancestry and birth.

    When you finish reading the U.S. Constitution, stay focused and determined and do not let Barry’s volunteer and paid disinformation agents muddle the clear waters and air stated in the U.S. Constitution.

    And hopefully the moderator of this blog, forum, websites or letter to the editor believes in and follows the first amendment and does not censor me for pointing out the disinformation agents and “machine” running interference for the unqualified and fraudulent Barry for the past two to three years.

    Brian David Andersen

    A Non-Party Affiliated,
    Free, Independent &
    Very Proud “Birther”

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