Georgia Common Law Grand Jury, April 15, 2009, Interview, Carl Swensson, Sam Sewell, MommaE blog radio, Obama usurper, US Constitution

April 15, 2009

From MommaE blog radio:

I just want to tell you that this afternoon’s show is on!!    Our guest’s this afternoon are Carl Swensson and Sam Sewell and they will be discussing the Common Law Grand Jury’s with us and what we can do to help.  It is important that we do all we can and leave no stone unturned to get rid of the Usurper Soetoro/Obama that is occupying our Whitehouse and thumbing his nose at OUR Constitution!
All kinds of good things to talk about and it will be 60 minutes of hot topics updates and fun.   It should be a HOT rocking show as well as interesting.
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The choice is yours.
I hope to see you all there. 
MommaE and Matt


85 responses to “Georgia Common Law Grand Jury, April 15, 2009, Interview, Carl Swensson, Sam Sewell, MommaE blog radio, Obama usurper, US Constitution

  1. I just came back from the first of 2 Tea Parties for Naples, Fl. There was a very happy and friendly crowd of about 1000 people lining up on both sides of Route 41(Tamiami Trail) at the intersection of Pine Ridge. This was from 12-2:00 pm. There will be a 2nd event at 4-6:00 pm at the Naples Bath and Tennis Club. I wont be able to make that one, but will give a report. A lot of the people I talked to said they are interested in the 4th of July in Wash. DC.
    ALL in ALL very good vibes especially from the vehicles going by. No hecklers.


  3. Air Force Brat

    The tea party in OKC had thousands, by my estimation. Parking was almost impossible to find because there were so many people there. I myself had to park nearly a quarter-mile away …. and only found a place through pure luck. I’ve never seen such a mass of people gathered together in one place in my life.

    A side note: Oklahoma’s sovereignty resolution was set for final vote in the Senate today. If the vote took place as planned and the resolution passed, that should (if I understand the protocol correctly), make Oklahoma’s sovereignty “official”. HJR-1003 doesn’t require the governor’s signature to become law. Its twin Senate resolution, SJR-10, does, but not HJR-1003.

  4. Air Force Brat

    Well, damn. Although HJR-1003 passed the OK Senate today (see link), it looks like there may be one more step to go after all. I thought that when it passed the House by an overwhelming vote of 83-13 previously, that was IT. Still, today’s vote was a very good sign, as the Senate was known to be the “difficult” legislative chamber here.

  5. Check out for updates coming in fast and furious!

  6. Does anybody know if Larry’s book comes out today? I bought one just wondering when its coming out.

  7. Trudy // April 15, 2009 at 7:06 pm

    Does anybody know if Larry’s book comes out today? I bought one just wondering when its coming out.


    I’m wondering that, too, Trudy, I checked the Barnes and Noble web site and it’s not there. They say it’s ‘out of stock.’

    Larry’s blog says he’ll issue a statement on Thursday. Here’s his blog if you don’t have the URL:

    I wonder what’s going on?

  8. Official Tea Party (stats) will not be accurate until tomorrow.

  9. Thanks Sue K

  10. Please do not take your eyes off the economic ball. The Tea Parties across the USA were a beginning only. Please take time to excavate the real continuing lies perpatrated by BHO and his team of ECONOMIC TERRORISTS.

  11. not my president

    The Onion has a funny (but sick!!) article about Obama being a murderer…

  12. Tea Party report from Columbus, Ohio–
    Went to the Tea Party at the Columbus
    Statehouse today. There were what looked to
    be about 2,000 (don’t have the exact count
    yet). The Media was there: channel 10 (CBS)
    several newspapers “reporters.” The crowd
    was very disciplined and voiced their concerns
    on signs, flags—children/babies/dogs all
    dressed up with signs or carrying them.
    Lots of “Don’t Tread on Me” flags. Lots of
    tea bags. Tons of “security”—police cruisers
    around the city block, MOUNTED police
    that kept telling us to stand “one square” back
    from the curb (or their horses came up to
    step on us—or so it seemed). The cars
    and passersby cheered for us, honked, did
    thumbs up, and many waved their approval.
    On the “negative”: A woman walked up to my
    husband and asked him why he wasn’t protesting
    when George Bush spent money. Then she
    asked me who I was and wanted to take a
    picture of my poster. I told her I was
    “Jane HANCOCK” and let her take the picture
    while holding the poster up in front of my
    face. I asked her where she was from; she said
    The Huffington Post!! (I knew she was “the enemy” and I had ID’d her:) Then, a black guy came up out of the blue on the sidewalk and started menacing me —said, “Now you can spend 40 years at the back of the bus.” Other people around me came to my support—nothing else happened with that. I did not respond to that guy. Also, I was amazed at the number of people who STILL do not realize that
    the “Constitutional eligibility issue” with
    Obama has NOT been resolved. A guy
    getting off of work engaged me in a in-depth
    discussion—-the word NEEDS to get out.
    I also did not see other signs like mine–
    much to my dismay—- I know that
    one of our local Media personnel did take
    a picture of it.

    Sign said: Unseal Your Records
    Now Mr. Obama/Soetoro
    COLB: Birth Certificate

    Not NBC

    then all of those words EQUAL BHO–the
    UNConstitutional HOAX
    I recommend going to a Tea Party—it is
    very uplifting to realize we are not alone.

  13. Ohio Joins the State Sovereignty Movement

    Headlines in “The Liberty Voice” April 2009


    on a sign at the Atlanta Tea Party—
    just say it on Fox as they panned the crowd.

    Did I really hear 15-20,000 at the Atlanta Tea?

    WOW! Got to love it! God Bless America!!!!!

  15. correction on above post: just “saw” it (not say)

    I’m tea party excited so typos do happen:)

  16. Maddie – you are fast! I was just going to post the same sign about impeaching the Kenyan. LOL!

    If you participated in a Tea Party today, you can FEEL the shift. If you didn’t, you missed out on a uniquely American experience that will go in the history books.

    I hope we use what started today and really bring about change we can all believe in!!

  17. Sean Hannity is ripping barry soetoro a new one on Altanta Tea Party on FOX. Happening right now!!

  18. Rick Perry for president! Maybe we can form a new government, we can call it the United States of Texas.

  19. Rocknee……… Agree 100% I have been watching it too. I believe that the man we need for a leader of the movement might be Joe The Plumber! It is obvious that people like Nepolitano are willing to referr to our veterans as “POTENTIAL TERRORISTS” needs to be VOTED OUT OF OFFICE. I think the JOE could do all of it; including the usurper.

  20. yeah, 15 – 20 k in Atlanta. Mike Huck said 6 million across country. dont know where he got that?

  21. oldsalt76,

    Joe mentioned websites he has, I dont have them but be great if we can get some good stuff to him and get his response to see what exactly he know about barry, the surper.

  22. Atlanta Tea Party……..
    Lots of signs about taxes etc. Lots of enthusiasm, how much heart?………..
    Don’t see a single sign that says anything about the USURPER.

  23. On Fox Hannity had New York they were yelling WE DON”T BOW!!!!!YES!AMEN!!!!!!!
    Keep praying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. This tax day thing has been planned for a couple months. If the next one is July 4, time to organize different signs and see if the coverage is the same. Maybe infiltrate more anti barry signs or sompthing.


  26. NO>> YOU DID NOT!

  27. On Glen Beck they had alot of signs for gun rights!Audit the Fed and also they talked about
    the bill thats up from Ron Paul!Alot of Ron Paul

  28. Awesome movement!Also alot of signs IN GOD WE TRUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WWJD also!

  29. Greta has Texas on right now!Ted Nugent!
    GO OHIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Good coverage of tea parties across the nation.

  31. Attended two tea parties in western VA. My sign: We the people Abhor Arrogance Remove the Usurper. 300 people at Rocky Mount; thousands in Roanoke. No one else had a sign like mine. The media avoided it. Our SCFP(So Called Free Press). Figures. I will keep trying, and now I have the sign in my car’s back window area. Citizens must be informed. Hopefully I will use the sign again in D.C. Memorial Day weekend…

  32. Senator Coburn Outraged at Omnibus Spending

    Posted by Defend Our Freedoms at 4/15/2009 9:40 AM |

  33. WoW, not even 100 days and a revolution is set in motion with no assistance from the media. I don’t think anyone expected this turnout. I’ve read estimates at one M today and its probably much more.

  34. Katie—glad you saw that “Impeach the
    Kenyan” sign, too.
    I totally agree with you, today I felt really
    a big part of this struggle to retake America.
    It really helps to get physically involved with
    others of “like mind.”
    PS: I could do without the “equesterian units”
    trying to “herd” me back in line. (I like horses,
    but not when they are trying to push me

  35. Kathy // April 15, 2009 at 10:15 pm

    A good one for the next Tea Party

  36. truthbetold11

    Consider a small spark that can set a whole forest on fire!! This is only the beginning, Alot of law enforcement know whats going on but can’t do anything till this movement gets big enough to combat the obots

    voting on Tea partys!Go vote!!

  38. You’ll be waiting a long time for Larry’s book I think. Wasn’t it supposed to be released in January?

  39. venice, great paragraph in your post. I am an heir to “The Greatest Generation.”

    It won’t work — and it won’t work because the poor, overtaxed Americans who are coming out for tea parties on Wednesday represent the backbone of this great nation. They can be bent, but they cannot be broken. They are the heirs to what has become known as “The Greatest Generation” — but this time the country they are fighting to save is their own.

  40. Thanks Rocknee, that paragraph was precisely why I posted it.

  41. I went to my small town tea party today!

  42. We went to the St. Louis Tea Party and they said there were about 7,00 people. Looked more like 10,000 to me! Signs everywher but I was surprised that I did not see one sign about Obama’s birth certificate. I think most people aren’t aware because the media has ignored the story.

  43. Attended tea parties today in Atascadeo and Santa Maria CA.
    Both TPs were great,lots of fun. Enjoyed getting the message out. Yes, we have a plan. Get Obama out of office pronto! Obama “Where is your birth certificate”. Produce it or leave office.
    I thought of this approach for the TPs. Handouts on a card listing three Web/blog sites:

    World net Daily
    Citizen Wells

    Everyone said they appreciated these card handouts and would check out the Web sites.

  44. “IMPEACH THE KENYAN”—- on a sign at the Atlanta Tea Party—just say it on Fox as they panned the crowd

    I never saw or observed FOX news televise that.

  45. AGAIN! Fox news did NOT get to the bed rock that triggered the *Tea Parties* get a grip. Fox pandered to the Tea parties to generate ratings and money.

  46. 21st century version of a conservative peaceful WOODSTOCKS.

  47. People reported via GRETA V,to be enemies of the state. What a dramatic slur! Personally, I find Greta an embarrassment to the state of WI. After all, she attaches herself to her place of birth and her Alma matter when it suits her. Re: Bret Farve exclusive interviews. Another self absorbed media opportunist.

  48. Let me illustrate my bitter opinion towards Ms. Van Sustren. (Bitter) I am. I am not bitter about Great’s success,I am bitter about her intentional DIS of WI. Understand this, many northern WI people feel as I do. Gird your Loins Greta! People in this state and my RURAL community expected you to cover (personally) a Tea Party in this state,or at least Madison,Milwaukee or Green Bay. But NO! You chose to cover a less dedicated shitty state as in DC. What a phony you are Greta!

  49. I know! CW bloggers, I have been short and pissy today. How pathetic am I.

    I will be ecstatic to go back to work. 3 days off during the work week,humbled me. At least the MSM and CLEAR Wire (talk radio) can’t condition me. Yep! I refuse!

  50. I’m sure Mr. Wells my disappointment about Ms. Sustren will be in moderation for hours if not a day. FYI. I don’t give a rats Booty! (Pc) correctness is NOT a inconciense choice. My damn independent mind,is not a damn bureaucracy as the MSM and the internet stifling swine want it to be. Independent common sense TINKER I am.

  51. Lol! Tinker? I meant THINKER. I am not related to Peter Pan. Or Disney for that matter.

  52. I am 53. I lived through JIMMAH Carter. With 2 babies. The entire 14 years of Hillbilly Bill and President Bush,and now Obama,is a lot for a God fearing Federalist to digest.

    BTW! I am NOT a threat to society. I am a normal red blooded American.



  53. Progresives are a dangerous lot!

  54. Changing my *Beware of Dog* sign. It will read *Beware of lieng, outrageous,unexceptable Obama THUGS. ENTER AT YOUR OWN PARILE.

  55. Jacqlyn Smith

    Pass this around…it is NO wonder that Fox News has NO competition with idiots like this at CNN and other MSM outlets!!!


    CNN’s Anderson Cooper: ‘It’s Hard to Talk When You’re Tea-Bagging’
    Photo of Matthew Balan.
    By Matthew Balan (Bio | Archive)
    April 15, 2009 – 12:33 ET

    * [Email this to friend]
    * [Printer-friendly version]

    CNN anchor Anderson Cooper followed his colleague David Shuster into the gutter on his Anderson Cooper 360 program on Tuesday in making a vulgar “tea-bagging” joke about Republicans/conservatives. After CNN’s senior political analyst David Gergen remarked that Republicans were “searching for their voice” after two electoral losses, Cooper quipped, “It’s hard to talk when you’re tea-bagging.” [audio available here]

    Cooper had Gergen and chief business correspondent Ali Velshi on to comment on President Obama’s economic speech earlier that day at Georgetown University. Cooper had asked Gergen about the Republicans’ “positioning” in response to the speech. The analyst touted how the GOP was “in disarray” and that they “have not yet come up with a compelling alternative, one that has gained popular recognition.” Cooper replied, “Tea-bagging. They’ve got tea-bagging.”
    Story Continues Below Ad ↓

    Gergen continued by bringing up a recent survey by The Politico about the public’s apparent trust in President Obama concerning the economy:

    GERGEN: Well, they’ve got the tea-bagging. But there was an interesting Politico survey — it was out today that said that, you know, the president — the trust level in the president on economic issues is extremely high, and, you know, and everybody else in the administration is well below him. But the Republicans are a little below that. So, Republicans have got a way — they still haven’t found their voice, Anderson. They’re still — this happens to a minority party after it’s lost a couple of bad elections, but they’re searching for their voice.

    Cooper followed this by making his low-brow remark, which Gergen responded to with laughter. You would think the two were still in eighth grade, instead of being two employees of an international television network.
    Update [from Managing Editor Ken Shepherd]: Fox News Channel’s “Red Eye” host Greg Gutfeld skewers liberal journalists obsessed with making “tea bag” jokes about the Tea Party protests. You can read it here. It should serve as his monologue for tonight’s show which airs at 3 a.m. EDT.

  56. Jacqlyn Smith

    I watched the Red Eye Show tonight….they were great in skewering these Liberal Morons that were making fun of Americans attending the tea parties!!!

  57. Air Force Brat

    I thought ALL the tea parties were great. Larger than expected turnout, great unity among all those there, and great determination to see a REAL change.

    Of course, there are those for whom NOTHING will ever be good enough, and whose every comment is a complaint. They’d find something wrong with the Second Coming. Not much one can do for them.

  58. Looks as though Miss Otis is back. Anybody get her IP. I am betting it is the same as the two last week. Their IP is It tracks to Everett Wash. Real Democratic nuthouse area.


    Worth reading. You can tell because many commenters are rife with derision.

  60. Kathy // April 16, 2009 at 12:48 am

    “IMPEACH THE KENYAN”—- on a sign at the Atlanta Tea Party—just say it on Fox as they panned the crowd

    I never saw or observed FOX news televise that.
    And what did YOUR sign say? Or were you staying home to criticize those who made the effort to be seen and heard?

    College site from Ohio,UNBELIEVABLE!
    Look at what they got on tape!

  62. citizenwells

    Give me the location and/or a report and I will post it.

  63. “I am NOT AWARE” referring to Tea Parties
    and stated by one Barack Hussein Obama—
    He is NOT AWARE—-

    Well, gang, let’s MAKE HIM AWARE—this
    grassroots movement ISN”T going away–
    millions across the country PROTEST his
    spending Trillions and this J___A___is
    NOT aware. Maybe he just NEEDS to GO
    now–step down, get out, and let a REAL
    man OR woman run the show. We don’t
    need more LIARS in DC.

    Here’s a link for State capital of Columbus Ohio
    Tea Party!Awesome!

  65. On Hannity last night when the camera panned the crowd, there was this guy wearing a tee shirt that said:

    “Obama is Not my Momma”

    Sean saw it and laughed.

    GBA – I hope a lot more local news stations covered the Tea Parties as well as Ohio did.

  66. Maddie – one side of my sign said “Read My Lipstick – No New Taxes!”. I can’t tell you how many laughs, smiles, and gestures of thumbs-up it generated. One older gentleman said, “She’s just what this country needs”.

    I posted back in Feb. after our little 200 person spontaneous protest that it wasn’t the number of people that was the issue. It’s finding out YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I encouraged people to go yesterday, and promised they wouldn’t regret it. It’s hard to explain the feeling of walking into a crowd of patriotic Americans all with the same goal. Flags everywhere. More and more and more people joining you – they just keep coming. It’s really emotional.

    It was one of the most uplifting American experiences many people have had in their lifetime, and the momentum will continue today. I can promise you that the hundreds of thousands around the country that participated are talking about it today to others who didn’t.

    My hope is that this grows exponentially for the next go around – and that the MSM commits cable suicide once and for all. Who needs ’em?

    The truth is out!

  67. Looks to me that the obots have succeeded in turning a protest about Soetoro’s eligibility to be POTUS into a protest about taxes. Either the tapes were edited, to exclude signs about Barry’s ineligibility, or the people are not aware of the fraud. The tax issue will be resolved when the usurper is removed. Then we can say “WE WON”.

  68. In downtown Houston in a pavillion layered type forum it was BURSTIN-AT-THE SEAMS! Attendance hovering around 10,000.I staked a corner near the post office about three blocks from the event.About 4 of us had free-style bullhorn fun.I went after side issues and people were diggin it. Shut Down the Immigration candy-store,Stop financial terrorism,Bernacke,Geitner,Paulson were called out.Then lots of bitchin about the UN.140 billion to UN international pirate club without Congressional dabate.NBC was shouted out non-stop…President Hussein was born a dual national…etc.The cops afterward praised me on the show! They loved it!
    At the grand finale at the main event..a huge line formed of all the tea party folks..they marched with police escort (cops shut down the street for this!)THEY COMPLETELY SURROUNDED THE GLOBALIST-RUN HOUSTON CHRONICLE.It was a sight to see!

  69. citizenwells

    We must channel the energy, frustration and inertia of the tea parties into
    voting the jackasses out of office in the 2010 elections.

  70. That was in Everett, WA

  71. Find your city – spread this around. This site has over ONE HUNDRED video clips from events around the country. (And also a lot of good articles about Obamas corruption)

  72. GBAmerica // April 16, 2009 at 10:22 am
    Awesome site!!!!!!!!


    GBAmerica, I’m very proud of our state to the north…I guess you could say that New Hampshire-ites were ‘pissed off.’

    Thrilled to see news chopper coverage in the bastion of Obotland, Boston.

    Only the beginning..

  73. citizenwells

    Ever been to the Whidby Coffee Shop at the ferry landing in Mukilteo?

  74. citizenwells

    I know where Pacific Ave is.

  75. truthbetold11

    Worcester Mass was alive and well 1500 plus, tons of honking horns going by, this is the heart of liberalism! The unity among PATRIOTS was forged and we in new england love our patriots![football] But people came together because they see a inside job and a tryanical govt taking over. As for the white house stating mr obama had no idea about tea parties Are you kidding me he loves parties he never missed one in chicago!!! This is lying on full display. If this was Larry Sinclair with support he would have shut it down, the photo shot of the dog was more important. The most powerful court is the public court of opinion it must be fanned!!!

  76. Articles to help understand the American Grand Jury Convenes to Indict Obama Story

     Important Update! American Grand Jury Effort

     Straight Talk about Constitutional Grand Jury

     American Grand Jury Evidence Collecting Request

     Mark McGrew nails the Grand Jury Story

  77. Judges and Prosecutors Need to BUTT OUT!!
    UPDATE! Great program. Be sure to listen to the achieved program. If you have any problems please contact me because I have a downloaded MP3 version.
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    It’s none of their business who we want to indict.

    Mark McGrew does it again! When Mark McGrew writes an article it is guaranteed to go viral. Mark’s latest article published by Pravda yesterday and already it is available on over 40 web sites and blogs.

    Join Mark, Sam Sewell, National Spokesperson for American Grand Jury, Bob Campbell the founder of American Grand Jury, and Carl Swenson the Georgia citizen who formed a common law Grand Jury that has already indicted Obama, on the Mark McGrew Talk Radio Show.

    The US Constitution Says Judges and Prosecutors
    Need to BUTT OUT!! of Grand Jury Affairs

    Carl Swensson of explains how Citizen’s Grand Jury Indicted Obama in Ohio, Indiana, Georgia and Kentucky

    Sam Sewell of will explain the process.
    Bob Campbell of will explain the progress

    and what is needed

    US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia ruled:
    “In fact, the whole theory of its function is that it belongs to no branch of the institutional Government, serving as a kind of buffer or referee between the Government and the people.”

    Judges And Prosecutors Are Violating Our Constitution.

    Listen to the discussion at:

    Join the discussion by calling: (646) 727-2652
    Time 9pm EST 8pm CST 7pm MST 6pm PST

    Mark S.

    Articles to help understand the American Grand Jury Convenes to Indict Obama Story

     Important Update! American Grand Jury Effort

     Straight Talk about Constitutional Grand Jury

     American Grand Jury Evidence Collecting Request

     Mark McGrew nails the Grand Jury Story

    Sam Sewell, National Spokesperson for
    Fax (239) 591-1987Phone:
    Clinic Office – (239) 591-4565)-Ask for Dr. Sam

  78. Mr. Wells,

    I have attempted to post a well reasoned opinion of the citzen grand jury legal position a couple of times and found you have “moderated” them away. I was not insulting or abusive. I was not repeating something another poster already stated. Why are you censoring? What are you afraid of?

  79. citizenwells

    Try again.
    For starters, leave out the term birthers.

  80. Pingback: Somebody maybe threatened Orly | Obama Conspiracy Theories

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