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“Mieke and Therese hosts of USAPatriots-shout, a blog talk radio program, share information that is rarely broadcast on main stream media (MSM). We believe the truth supersedes labeling, party affiliations, and “political correctness”.  Join them Sunday night as the great “Opinionators” give you their take on what’s happening with our country! 
Mark your calender
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Sunday night (03-22-09)  8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Pacific Standard Time
We are proud and honored to welcome DR. ORLY TAITZ, ESQ
Topic is:
Discover the answers to these and more questions this Sunday evening on blogtalkradio.com/usapatriots-shout with Dr. Taitz
If you haven’t discovered Dr. Taitz, yet, you are in for a treat.  Those of you who have been following her heroic efforts will also have the opportunity to call and ask her questions.
“Dr. Orly Taitz, the principal attorney behind the Keyes lawsuit, was born in the Former Soviet Union. Dr. Taitz escaped from the FSU over 20 years ago to begin a life of freedom in the United States. Dr. Taitz has a successful dentistry practice in Orange County, California, and is a licensed attorney and real estate agent. Dr. Taitz speaks five languages. Dr. Taitz’ experiences under the totalitarian Communist regime convinced her that this is a path that she would rather not see the United States take. Therefore, Orly is committed to doing everything in her power to prevent such a disastrous mistake, and to defend the rights and freedoms that exist for all citizens in the United States under the Constitution. Dr. Taitz has filed a second lawsuit associated with the Obama Eligibility Crisis that is currently before the Supreme Court and is working on a third lawsuit featuring active duty and retired military as plaintiffs. With Dr. Taitz’ help, Orly’s Keyes lawsuit has been successfully cloned in Florida and in Washington State, where other complaints are active. Dr. Taitz has just filed application for a foundation to carry on this work entitled the “Defending Our Freedoms Foundation”. “
New site launch: http://defendourfreedoms.us/

Country: United States
www.blogtalkradio.com/usapatriots-shout this Sunday evening, March 22,  2009 between 8 and 10 pm Pacific Standard Time.  You may call 646-727-3865 to ask questions.
 What a great opportunity to call in or write and share and discuss these issues!
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  1. Two articles on Lame Cherry:


    Rush exposes the story where the money has gone. Forget the bonses, just a screen!!!!!

  2. Jacqlyn Smith

    This was a response to me from Mr. Didier on another story here!! Thought some of you might want to read it.

    Marty Didier // March 17, 2009 at 4:12 pm

    Jacqlyn Smith
    “Okay Marty—Since we are not insiders like you…then what do you suggest we should do to get this ball moving a little faster and really make some reforms at all levels of our government…..or is there anything that the ordinary citizen can do???? Maybe we are already under a dictatorship and don’t realize it!!”

    You know Jacqlyn, I almost feel as though we are dating. Do you like to dance? Hope you’re laughing?
    “Since we are not insiders like you”
    I won’t comment on this, but thanks for what could be a compliment.
    “what do you suggest we should do to get this ball moving a little faster and really make some reforms at all levels of our government”
    As I understand our Society within what should be a Republic/Democratic Government under a well defined Constitution and Bill Of Rights we have a voice to be reckoned with. This shows well with what’s currently taking place at the Federal level with Obama standing up for what’s right with AIG. If you haven’t noticed, there are many facets to this diamond, some are obvious and some aren’t. Some that aren’t play into what has happened to our Society after years of “shape shifting” us coming from the Media and Entertainment areas. Understanding what has happened to us helps define what needs to be done. It’s our responsibility to learn what needs to be learned.
    There’s something about life that some people can’t accept. They always want change and when the situation is well balanced, they come along and stir thing up to change things around. This is much like living with a dysfunctional Alcoholic, if you know what I mean. And again, this is all about relationships. This is also the mix of our world and not everyone is perfect or well balanced. And there are always power groups wanting to get what they want because they can.
    What I see today is that Obama is reacting to ever growing popular anger. He actually appears to be nervous and worried what people are feeling causing them to voice what they feel. He seems to be watching closely and when people show to be intensely angry he steps up to the plate and does what appears to be right. But this doesn’t mean, in my book, that he is a good guy. Nor does it say that he is doing everything he should do either. I also look at the people surrounding him and as that tells me bad things have yet to come. Remember, this is my opinion coming from my past experience.
    We as citizens have a right to voice our opinions good or bad. But if you’ve noticed, there have been efforts underway for decades to remove this freedom. This is in an attempt towards setting up a dictatorship. But Obama is showing that we can force changes if we want.
    By stepping up to the plate and voicing our opinions when we see something wrong, as more are doing, changes will happen. If and when one of us is called to help in special ways, that too needs to be apart of what we do. It’s an honor to serve when duty calls. Knowing when to act is important and it seems many of us don’t possess good discernment skills. Those that don’t tend to be followers for a variety of reasons and this will eventually show later of who’s involved. Remember, “Words are music and behavior says everything”.
    There’s another interesting part that isn’t well known. When you do what’s right and step up to the plate, the opposition immediately takes notice. They have a wide range of tools and skills to open you up to learn about who and what you are without you knowing. This is very dangerous. They go about their business with presenting many red flags but you have to take notice and take appropriate action. I will tall you from experience, that the opposition works in a very subtle deceitful way. They study you for weeks before advancing to their next level. Little by little with a goal to enter your space face to face if possible, they will eventually work to cause trouble. Again, if you can be aware of what your feelings are telling you regarding the fishiness surrounding you, you’ll be able to steer clear of most of the problems. The people I’m talking about work as an army in sometimes specialized groups wholly focused in getting their job done.
    What I just wrote may not be understood well and comforting by many of you. However, if you had any experience in what I’m talking about, you’ll know what I’m saying.
    However when you stand up for what you know is right expect what I talked about above to happen to you. You must be brave and have the necessary courage to go forward with what you want. Some don’t and this is why working in groups helps.
    In other words;
    – GET ACTIVE with learning what is happening in our Government,
    – join groups that serve your cause,
    – make sure your voice is out there often,
    – don’t be afraid to stand up for what you want,
    – develop good discernment to judge right from wrong
    – Use established processes to make your changes known. Expose their failures for not doing what they are supposed to do. Part of how these problems occur come from simple, whether by design or not, incompetence.
    – There’s more but this is it for now.
    “Maybe we are already under a dictatorship“
    It’s been said lately that under Bush we lived under a Dictatorship, so you’re correct with your statement. What needs to be understood is that the opposition who wants a dictatorship has been making small changes everywhere in our Government and Society in preparation for the change towards a Dictatorship. In the 90’s the family said that out of every 10 lawmakers in Congress who want a dictatorship or are linked with the Coup, 7 are Republicans and 3 are Democrats. Watching how they vote is a good indicator of who is who.
    “and don’t realize it!!”
    Believe it or not, this statement fragment is vitally important with understanding what has happened to us. It’s taken decades to get into this mess to where we can’t see the trees because the forest is in the way. The most interesting part to describe our present situation of awareness is that this was done per design (per family). As explained in brief by the family and having been a Guinea Pig for some of their experiments while married I can tell you that most of this is about “mind control” on a huge scale. Also, our daily input of information that allows us to judge our world and make decisions has been modified to service other purposes in their behalf. It never happened quickly and has taken a long time to get to where we are. And it will require a lot of personal time with study to learn what has happened to us. Currently if I were to explain what I know, you would be expected to be overwhelmed and suspicious of what I say. Even built within our current services are well placed flags to identify and label others who are “self thinkers” in preparation for having them removed. Dictatorship is about control and control wants follower’s not self thinkers. Our form of Government should be about negotiating for the proper good in an honorable way not controlling everyone for someone else’s needs.

    I could talk a lot about this area but feel what I wrote above is sufficient for now.

    Jacqlyn I hope this helps.

    Marty Didier
    Northbrook, IL

  3. Who is Marty Didier?

    Any relation to John Galt?

    Family Security Matters is putting out some very good articles on eligibility. Helping to get the word out.


  4. This is what economic collapse looks like – we’re next:

  5. woosh,

    Hope not. Also, hope there is a turn around now that people are onto the scheme!!

  6. Jacqlyn Smith

    David A // March 17, 2009 at 9:38 pm

    Who is Marty Didier?

    Any relation to John Galt?

    Family Security Matters is putting out some very good articles on eligibility. Helping to get the word out.


    David—He is someone who has been posting here for about a week and has family ties to a huge family of corruption in the Chicago area. He hasn’t given specifics….just some discussion about what may be happening. I have been asking him questions and he has been responding on a daily basis!

  7. Wow, again Wow… So much more info. coming out.. what is taking so long? I need to work with those that can actually do something with the info. , who would that be?

  8. Send New Convincing Evidence to State Officials, Elected House & AGs

    Please visit this website with inarguable evidence showing the stark and telltale difference in security lines on the seal between two real COLBs and Obama’s certification from Fight the Smears.


    I also refer you to this link which is a response back from Hawaii confirming the embossed seal is required for their state birth certifications.


    Congressmen need this evidence to give them reasonable doubt in Obama’s internet COLB. It needs to yell “forgery” before people will stand up and take notice. This is important especially if your statesman has indicated he or she believes the internet COLB is real and thus has been fooled by the Obama administration’s internet hoax.

    The new images presented is the kind of clear at a glance proof Congressmen and skeptics need.

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  10. http://www.americanthinker.com/2009/03/the_knock_on_the_door.html

    “Organizing for America” has been identified, but now it is being implemented full force.

  11. I think that if The Messiah dare goes on the Leno show this week with all that is going on, he will be committing political suicide. It will only bring more people to our side.

  12. cw,

    Please make correction to this link as noted in your post. I attempted to access Orly Taitz’s website but it would not connect.

    New site launch: http://defendingourfreedoms.org
    Country: United States

    Try this link.

  13. OT

    In a speech Nancy Pelosi calls a group that includes illegal immigrants patriotic, and says U.S. immigration policy is un-American


    This is one sick woman! She must be taking cues from miserable Michele. imao
    I can’t help to think that “her” un-American blather is more for the benefit of her puppet boy Barry USURPER!

  14. ms. helga // March 18, 2009 at 11:18 am

    I think that if The Messiah dare goes on the Leno show this week with all that is going on, he will be committing political suicide. It will only bring more people to our side.


    Hi Ms. Helga,

    Yes, what you mention certainly will help and I’m sorry to say that Leno is my state’s native son.

    I’m thinking that with the slap in the face Soetoro just gave to our military by suggesting that private insurers rather than the government pay for their health care, another very large and important block of Americans is starting to see him for what he is.

    This ‘proposal’ may be DOA (and one would hope that it would never even be considered), but the audacity of this ‘president’ to even suggest it is incomprehensible in my book.

  15. Zero wants to pursue every legal avenue to get money back from AIG. We need to pursue every legal avenue to get him the heck out of office!

  16. Pelosi Tells Illegal Immigrants That Work Site Raids are Un-American

    The speaker of the House told a group of both legal and illegal immigrants recently that enforcement of immigration laws in the United States is “un-American.”

    By William Lajeunesse
    Wednesday, March 18, 2009

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently told a group of both legal and illegal immigrants and their families that enforcement of existing immigration laws, as currently practiced, is “un-American.”

    The speaker, condemning raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, referred to the immigrants she was addressing as “very, very patriotic.”

    “Who in this country would not want to change a policy of kicking in doors in the middle of the night and sending a parent away from their families?” Pelosi told a mostly Hispanic gathering at St. Anthony’s Church in San Francisco.

    “It must be stopped….What value system is that? I think it’s un-American. I think it’s un-American.”

    Pelosi said she was invited to the church by Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., as part of his 17-city, cross-country tour called United Families, which he says is intended to put a human face on the immigration debate.

    “We think that families are the cornerstone of our society and our nation, and an immigration system should preserve those families, not destroy them,” Gutierrez told FOX News Capitol Hill Producer Chad Pergram on Tuesday.

    The congressman is collecting petitions that ask President Obama to “stop the immigration raids and deportations that are tearing our marriages, families and children apart.” He is expected to present those petitions when Hispanic members of Congress meet with the President Wednesday.


    On Saturday night, Pelosi joined Gutierrez before a cheering crowd at St. Anthony’s chanting, “Si se puede,” or “Yes we can.”

    Referring to work site enforcement actions by ICE agents, Pelosi said, “We have to have a change in policy and practice and again … I can’t say enough, the raids must end. The raids must end.

    “You are special people. You’re here on a Saturday night to take responsibility for our country’s future. That makes you very, very patriotic.”

    “I was embarrassed by what she said,” said Rick Oltman, with Californians for Population Stabilization, an anti-illegal immigrant group. “Exhorting illegal aliens for taking responsibility for our country’s future…. In fact, sitting there in the audience…. I really resented that comment.”

    “I think it was pandering to the crowd but also insulting to American citizens who consider themselves to be patriotic, who obey the rule of law,” said Oltman, who shot a video of the rally.

    POSTED – http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2009/03/18/pelosi-tells-illegal-immigrants-work-site-raids-american/

  17. BerlinBerlin

    Just heard on Limbaugh (Yeah, I started to listen after CPAC) that Obama was reading the wrong speech from the teleprompter.LOL!
    Thanking himself! ROFLMAO!

    Okay, I’m scared now!
    He is totally stupid, not mean or evil.
    Well, maybe that too.

  18. Francis Rice President of the Black Republican Party. Interviews MSM will never show.Part 3 the best

  19. I heard that on Rush too about the teleprompter mixup at the St. Patrick’s party. How incompetent zero is. I still say he has to go!

  20. BerlinBerlin

    TOTUS = Teleprompter of the United States

  21. citizenwells

    From MommaE Blog radio:


    I just want to tell you that this afternoon’s show is on. I will be giving an update on the Hollister case! Berg, Joyce and Hemenway has filed their answer to the dismissal by Roberts and his call for them to show cause as to why their should not be any Sanctions!

    All kinds of good things to talk about and it will be 90 minutes of hot topics, updates and fun. It should be a HOT rocking show, as well as interesting.

    Please post this on your web site, blogs or any blogs you are associated with or have access to and send to everyone in your address book.

    Link, schedule, call in number and times for the Show is below!


    Call In # 347-237-4870

    NOON PM Pacific Time

    1:00 PM Mountain Time

    2:00 PM Central Time

    3:00 PM Eastern Time

    I hope to see you all there. There are 3 ways to listen to the show, they are as follows:

    1. When you get to the Show page if the show doesn’t immediately start playing for you, you can click on the radio on the right, minimize the page and listen while doing something else.

    2. You can enter the chat as a Guest and read what is being said while listening.

    3. You can register/log-in and chat while listening.

    The choice is yours.

    I hope to see you all there.

    MommaE and Matt

  22. decentAmerican

    HOpe someone has a youtube link of the Usurper’s teleprompter snafu, that would be just priceless.

    Interesting how the US MSM is not mentioning it. Why do we have to hear these things on the foreign press? you know if Bush were to do that, it would be front page news, and Leno and Letterman wouldn’t stop bashing him. Instead, Leno has the Usurper on as a guest. Do you think Jay will even mention it ?

    Of course not, that woudl be racist.

  23. On Rush a NH rep said that AIG stands for arrogant, incompetent and greed (the bonus was part of the agreement of the “stimulus” package). That sounds like what describes zero. All zero’s fake anger is all on the teleprompter. He is in the wrong career. I think zero should be an actor rather than destroying our country with his teleprompter-dependent incompetence. These guys are a bunch of hypocrites.


    “I’ll debate the President and his Teleprompter”


    “Former AIG ceo Hank Greenberg has the company running like a top, with huge profits, but Hank was GOP, and the dems wanted him out. So democrat pit bull AG Spitzer was instructed to destroy the man. False claims by Spitzer on tv, but never charged in court, forced Greenberg out in order to keep stock value from falling. Then the democrat party put one of their own in the ceo slot, Ed Liddy, and his job was to share the wealth, run the company into the ground, so that the government would take control. The $170B bailout they received was sent to overseas banks, where a money trail would probably reveal whose offshore accounts benefited. The whole scheme, as like the fannie and freddie schemes, was totally orchestrated by the democrat party in their quest to get rich, and stay in power forever.”

  26. redneck sympathizer

    berlin berlin…I think you got a bumper sticker there…

  27. The South –

    Everything good except getting rid of the Electoral College. That is what keeps us from being run by mob rule (NY and California would run everything).

  28. Love the video.

    Is anyone in the spirit for a group buy? I think 5 pallets worth of tea bags dropped off at the Capitol Building would be more than sufficient to get our point across. Or perhaps a pallet a day for 20 days.

  29. redneck sympathizer

    Just called the govs offices in Tx. & SC to encourage them to litigate at the moment when their power as executives are overruled by their legislatures to accept the stimulus monies as written in the bill against their wishes. Its a violation of the 10 th amendment. They need to team up as governors and illustrate the totalitarian tactics of this administration.This is written about today at The Right Side of Life.

  30. BerlinBerlin

    redneck sympathizer // March 18, 2009 at 1:53 pm

    berlin berlin…I think you got a bumper sticker there…
    I heard it on Rush today and thought I pass it on 🙂

  31. DR Taitz will be on MANCOW
    updates http://www.defendourfreedoms.us

  32. decentAmerican

    LOL…..MB, when you said “MANCOW”, I thought you meant Barney Frank at first!

  33. decentAmerican

    on Leo’s site, he said he is giving up on this issue, I sense because of frustration. I hope he doesn’t, but I can see how he feels. Leo is thoughtful and intelligent, and I hope some legal scholar will follow in his footsteps. I get discouarged when the fight for justice is fraught with barriers, and the evil win. I love Orly, and I think she will prevail ultimately, but we need all the help we can get, and Leo was definitely a strong force. God bless Leo, please keep us in your thoughts and come back when we will need you more.

  34. Dr. Orly wants people to call and keep the pressure on Eric Holder and scotus to get to a quick resolve of zero’s ineligibility. See her web site.

    I also heard on Rush that zero decided that he wants to change St. Patrick’s Day to Shamrock Day. That’s a slap in the face to the Irish Catholics who honor this saint because he brought them to Christianity. Also a slap in the face to any Catholic in general.

  35. BerlinBerlin

    Leo did that already once.
    He had this “wussy” post up for quite some time.
    Think he went to Las Vegas and played poker or so.
    He popped up again all of a sudden.
    This is no surprise to me that he quits.

    Orly is beating the drum 24/7.
    She has active military plaintiffs and people like Keyes.
    All the critics of her have never shown this kind of energy.

  36. Air Force Brat

    Leo is too “cut-and-run”. It almost seems like every time anything happens or there’s any significant amount of stress, he quits. That’s not the way to win this type of case.

  37. Jacqlyn Smith

    decentAmerican // March 18, 2009 at 3:19 pm

    on Leo’s site, he said he is giving up on this issue, I sense because of frustration. I hope he doesn’t, but I can see how he feels. Leo is thoughtful and intelligent, and I hope some legal scholar will follow in his footsteps. I get discouarged when the fight for justice is fraught with barriers, and the evil win. I love Orly, and I think she will prevail ultimately, but we need all the help we can get, and Leo was definitely a strong force. God bless Leo, please keep us in your thoughts and come back when we will need you more.

    Leo can give up…..but we can’t…..we must boycott everything LIBERAL!! That means turn your TV’s off from Leno, Letterman….any Hollywood and DC elitist who wants to promote Obama’s agenda. That means not letting our children go to movies…etc….Please do not give up!!! The principals and values our founders based the Constitution on are being abused and trampled on daily….the American people are just now waking up and saying NO MORE!!! Orly is a true Patriot and not one that says try this….OH well I gave it my best shot now I’m done…..NO she is not giving up and we must not give up either!!! Talk to your neighbors, friends, family etc…..people WE CAN’T GIVE UP OR AMERICA IS DONE!!!

  38. Jacqlyn Smith

    Indeed…this is not the way a democracy is suppose to work….this is more like a step toward a “dictatorship”!!! Please circulate this information to everyone you know! I don’t want anyone knocking on my door to promote the USURPER and his Anti-American agenda!!! Jackie:)

    This can be found at http://www.americanthinker.com

    March 18, 2009
    The Knock on the Door
    By Lona Manning
    A sitting President of the United States is “organizing a political organization loyal to him, bound by a pledge, outside the government and existing party apparatus. The historical precedents are ominous.”

    What is so ominous about an organization? Americans, Alexis de Tocqueville famously observed, “constantly form associations…. If it is proposed to inculcate some truth or to foster some feeling by the encouragement of a great example, they form a society.”

    Certainly, thousands of organizations seek to influence the political debate. There’s Newt Gingrich’s American Solutions or the left-wing People for the American Way, for instance.

    Political parties are another example of an association, of course. Before, during and after political campaigns, the Democrats and Republicans promote their agendas. As legal entities, they have their own constitutions, their rules of business, their chairmen and officers. They have to be accountable to both the government and their members.

    But there is a new organization on the political scene — “Organizing for America,” announced by President Barack Obama in late January but officially unfurled last weekend.

    Obama describes OFA as a “grass-roots movement” but OFA is a “project” of the Democratic Natrional Committee.

    As Politico reported, OFA will take the 10 million person database built up by the Obama campaign “to mobilize support for the president’s legislative agenda.”

    A visit to the OFA website reveals that supporters are not simply asked to sign up; they are asked to take a pledge. A pledge to support — not the flag, not the constitution, not the country, not even the Democratic Party, but Obama and his “bold plan.” OFA does not use the Democratic Party logo but the “O”-shaped logo of the Obama campaign in which the red white and blue of the flag are abstracted to soft pastel colors.

    (Celebrities like Ashton Kuchner and Demi Moore did not wait until the official launch to “pledge to be of service” to Barack Obama, of course.)

    You will not find any mention of OFA`s governing structure, their budget, their bylaws, or their officers at the OFA website. Donations to the website go to the DNC, but OFA is managed out of the White House. If you click on the comments button, you are taken to a link to the White House email.

    Those who take the pledge are asked to “talk with people about the President’s plan” and to “ask them to sign their names to the pledge” in support of Obama’s policies.

    So we have a Movement — this is their term, not mine — organized by, and loyal to, a sitting President. Pledge canvassers, armed with your name, will ask you to pledge loyalty to the President too. A president whose term has already become a permanent campaign, is signing up ground forces in a mass organization pledged to personal loyalty to their Leader.

    Does anyone know of any historical precedents for this in the United States?

    Did Mitch Stewart, youthful director of OFA, who asks Obama’s acolytes to organize “neighborhood by neighborhood” study anything at school about Mao’s “Red Guards?

    How about Fidel Castro’s “widespread system of neighborhood informers”?

    Or Hugo Chavez’s use of “neighborhood committees”?

    Did Stewart learn anything about democracy at all?

    Do any of Obama’s pledged servants understand why a sitting president has no business creating and deploying his own supporters to help organize their neighbors?

    Keep in mind that these acolytes have renounced any thought of questioning the actual policies of the maximum leader. Whatever he says, they are for it. They have given their word.

    And they are coming to have a talk with you.

    As Thomas Lifson wrote, “This is not the way a democracy is supposed to operate.”

  39. Representatives Connie Mack (R-FL) and Darrell Issa (R-CA) are calling for Geithner to resign or be fired over the AIG issue. Republicans are going in deep in this issue. Maybe we can influence them to go deeper! Let’s support them! Write your reps!

  40. Alex Jones on FOX

    The word is getting out !!!!!!!

  41. Wow, those people in DC have gone absolutely completely mad…they’re totally crazy. Did y’all see Drudge?


    What the heck are they doing?

  42. Representatives Connie Mack (R-FL) and Darrell Issa (R-CA) are calling for Geithner to resign or be fired over the AIG issue. Republicans are going in deep in this issue. Maybe we can influence them to go deeper! Let’s support them! Write your reps!

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  45. BerlinBerlin

    I found this comment on YouTube,
    very cute!

    “my son told me a white girl in his class said she didnt like Obama and a black kid called her Racist
    my son is already hip to this shit
    he asked the black kid if he liked Ron Paul, the kid said no, so my son said your a Racist too
    these are 6th graders 11 yrs old”

  46. Jacqlyn Smith // March 18, 2009 at 6:18 pm:
    Jacqlyn, there’s one group rarely mentioned and it’s the one that has the potential to do the most damage: Bilderberg. If you’re unfamiliar with who they are, please take two hours and watch Alex Jones’ film ‘Endgame.’


    This is all going according to the plan with this administration. The ‘whys’ will make a lot more sense after you’ve viewed this film. OFA is just the beginning.

  47. BerlinBerlin

    And one thing about the new world order.
    Think about the USSR and Yugoslavia.
    Those were artificially being put together.
    Nations with different heritage and language and religion.
    After a while it blew up in their facees!
    Same thing is going to happen to the EU, only that the EU members are still souvereign nations
    Still, if they want to take that away it will also blow up.
    In this sense I wonder how anybody could expect a one world gouvernment could function.
    Under immense suppression it might take some time, but it will also blow in their faces!
    Those bankers are sick!

  48. Tea party coverage:

  49. This is totally unfair.

  50. Marty Didier reminds me of Sylvia Brown.

  51. decentAmerican

    Oh my, you just gotta rush. Now he is calling the Usurper TOTUS instead of POTUS…..

    “Teleprompter of the US”

    LOVE IT!!!

    God bless Orly and Rush and Beck and Hannity.


  52. Excerpts copied from Lame Cherry sent to the Kentucky Senators and my US Rep.:

    This needs to be investigated. Dont you think it’s time now to check Obama’s credentials for eligibility to be president. Dont tell me the facts are on the internet. The facts are on his birth certificate, which no one has seen!!

    AIG Bonsuses:

    These are not bonuses, but a cut of the action in order to keep people’s silence. Congressional Democrats now howling over these bonus bucks, knew exactly they were built into these companies when they voted for them in the fall of 2008.
    Those bonuses were important in 2008, because liberals like Pelosi needed to keep the “crisis” mode in place to con Americans into voting for B.H. Obama.

    The word for this is PAYOFF, because that is exactly what they are. The Rockefeller finance with European Rothschild finance sold all their debt to Fannie, Freddie, Lehman and AIG all took this debt from the financiers to launder it, knowing it was toxic and would implode.

    Rockefeller / JP Morgan then knew they would sweep in and buy up these toxic companies for a few million dollars and turn them around in a few months into trillion dollar companies again.
    The only people left holding the bag would be Americans in double debt and lost retirement income.

    These huge “bonuses” getting every one’s attention are payoffs to keep people’s mouths shut as they are all in this together from Pelosi to AIG. The bonuses keep people from following the money chain up to the financiers.
    One Americans payoff is another Americans diversion to keep people from realizing this is a Ponzie Scheme.

    AIG is not the problem. Sure they are crooks in dry cleaning money, but they are the penny billion dollar type laundering embezzlers.
    America has to go after the trillionaire crooks who instigated this and the very people in government now raiding the Treasury in Obama, Geithner and Pelosi.

    Nancy Pelosi knew exactly what she was doing. She knew exactly in the stimulus she was helping rip off a trillion dollars from America, because she wrote the bill for Obama.

    Geithner knows exactly why he is hiring no one as he does not want any witnesses to his stock manipulations and the plundering he is doing to the Treasury.

    This all comes back to Barack Obama who helped the European cartel set up this economic terrorist attack on America. His payoff was the White House

    That needs to be considered in all of this that America would have already rebounded out of this constriction if Obama, the Europeans in siphoning off Wall Street money and Pelosi has not been jigging this entire process with Geithner raiding the stock market.

    Bonuses were payoffs to keep people silent. It is time those silent people now being robbed by the Robama Hoods in power start speaking loudly in saving their reputations in pointing the finger where it absolutely belongs.

    Barack Hussein Obama

  53. Kim,

    Did it for you!

    Representatives Connie Mack (R-FL) and Darrell Issa (R-CA) are calling for Geithner to resign or be fired over the AIG issue. Republicans are going in deep in this issue. Maybe we can influence them to go deeper! Let’s support them! Write your reps!

  54. off topic: Just watched Laura Ingram really
    look awful. She needs to apologize to
    Meghan McCain after called her a plus-size
    model. Laura just undid all the good comments
    she has made in the past by not admitting
    her comment was out of line. Laura I. is
    a PINHEAD!

  55. Leo Donofrio is on this evening with Chalice and certainly knows constitutional law. Anyone who does not believe Leo knows the law, has obviously not done any research or read the information on Leo’s web site. Leo is certainly an excellent SC Justice in the making! One day I would love to see him on the SCOTUS!

  56. Jean,

    The law is not for the Constitutional. The law is for the corrupt. Always has been. Leo is a small fish in a big pond of barracuda. Don’t expect to last very long on legal morality.

    I give Leo about another 3 weeks before he hits another brick wall. He’s an upstanding guy, don’t get me wrong. It’s merely a fact that these cases aren’t going anywhere but in the file.

    There are other avenues for patriots to follow and they are within our power under the Constitution, regardless of what any “judge” says.

  57. BerlinBerlin

    Jean // March 18, 2009 at 9:26 pm

    I don’t think anybody here questioned that Leo knows a lot.
    He might actually know too much.
    In my opinion he is over-intellectualizing the issue, and stands himself in the way.
    I have read a lot on his page.
    Impressive, but didn’t go anywhere.
    Once I was at an information event in Berlin for law school.
    The professor said, if You want to learn about justice You have to study philosophy.
    We don’t do “justice”, we apply law.
    In that sense I think Leo’s problem is, he’s too idealistic.
    And then too disappointed.

  58. Jacqlyn Smith

    Kathy // March 19, 2009 at 12:26 am

    Leave a Comment
    Click here to cancel reply.




    Kathy—-I can’t stand the hags on the view….Debbie is right on……Elizabeth is the only non-hag!!

  59. Washington, DC: Obama “Birth Certificate” conference moves into high gear

    Andy Martin: The American People want answers. Why is Obama concealing his original birth certificate? Why won’t he make his college records available to researchers for scholarly review? The National Conference promises a “big surprise” on April 4th. The first national

    on Barack Obama’s missing college records and original birth certificate will convene in the nation’s capital April 3-4. The Conference releases a proposed agenda and registration forms.

    Committee of One Million to Defeat Barack Obama
    Headquarters mail:

    Andy Martin, J. D.
    Professor of Law (Adj.)
    Executive Director

    Post Office
    Box 1851
    New York, NY 10150-1851
    Tel. (866) 706-2639
    Fax (866) 707-2639

    National Conference on Barack Obama’s Missing Birth Certificate and College Records April 3-4

    March 18, 2009

    1. Location

    We have reserved a room at the Capital Hilton to serve as our headquarters. That will act as our initial point for meeting and information. The Capital Hilton is located a short walk from the White House at 1001 16th Street, NW, just in case we decide to march or demonstrate.

    2. Hawai’i freedom of information materials

    We received a very generous
    grant to cover the costs of paying the State of Hawai’i for freedom-of-information materials. We hope to have some or all of that material available for review at the conference.

    Continue Reading;


    pass on

  60. I hope someone might represent Citizen Wells at the Andy Martin Conference in Washington and report back to us how it was. I noticed on MSNBC’s Mornin’ Joe that they thought it was funny for Obama to be going to be on the Leno show with all the trouble going on.



  62. From Michael Savage’s website. It just gets more twisted:


  63. mrje // March 18, 2009 at 7:56 am
    This has got to be stopped.

    I agree that we must stop ACORN from participating in the 2010 census!
    Obama’s antics on television and Congress’ interest in the AIG bonuses is just a distraction from a very important issue that will affect elections for the next 12 years!!

    Our Constitution mandates a census be taken every ten years and compilation of all information should be CONDUCTED with UTMOST INTEGRITY. Accuracy and confidentiality should be paramount. As an Independent voter and amateur genealogist, I am appalled that ACORN may have an active role in enumerating the 2010 census!

    The Census Bureau should be nonpartisan and non-political agency and ACORN’s blatant support for Barrack Obama and other Democrats in the last election demonstrates its political bias. In addition, past allegations of fraud against ACORN raise serious concerns about the organization.

    Instead of abusing its legislative power by passing tax laws aimed only at AIG executives our Congress should be investigating ACORN’s questionable voter registration activities and Obama’s illegal multi-million online campaign contributions.

    I’m pleading with my legislators to pass legislation that would prevent ACORN or any organization that has been subject to multiple allegations of misconduct from participating in the 2010 U. S. Census.

    Here are only a few of the multitudes of internet videos that reveal evidence of ACORN’s political bias and fraudulent practices. New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, Connecticut, Indiana, Missouri, Indiana, and more Do we want an organization like this compiling confidential information on American citizens? I certainly don’t.

    Rep. Waters Speaks About Obama at ACORN :57

    CNN Exposes How ACORN Steals Votes For Democrats ***5:20

    Obama, Acorn, And Election Fraud 9;29



    Is anyone from Georgia?
    Rep. Lynn A. Westmoreland, R-Ga., is the vice ranking member of the subcommittee for the U.S. Census.

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