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From Dean Haskins of Restore the Constitutional Republic:

“There once existed a “fringe movement” comprised of people who were publicly ridiculed for their specific and firmly held conviction—a conviction that ran counter to the generally held beliefs of their time.  As staunchly as they embraced what they knew to be truth, it seemed no less than futility trying to sway the vast majority to accept, or even consider, that knowledge.  The institutions that controlled the dissemination of public information condemned these “truth bearers” as unworthy of the slightest civility.  It even became dangerous to attempt to convince the masses that these contentions were, in fact, truth—so dangerous that one of the group’s leaders was eventually imprisoned for openly sharing his viewpoint, and then placed under house arrest for the remainder of his years.
Is this how history will recall us—the “birthers” of the early 21 century?  If it is, then it will likely be part of the account describing America’s demise.  This portrayal certainly looks accurate regarding what we’ve experienced, except for the leader’s imprisonment.  But, the “leader” to whom I am referring was Galileo Galilei, and the fringe movement of his day was the heliocentrists—those who believed the earth orbited the sun, and not the other way around.  Just because society considers beliefs that run counter to the understandings of the gullible masses to be “fringe” or “conspiracy theories,” doesn’t mean that those beliefs are not true.  The earth continues to orbit the sun.
There is a group of people, who rely on us to retain their jobs, who have still not provided truthful, informed answers to our questions about Mr. Obama’s eligibility to be president—the members of Congress.  While a very nasty bug has kept me pretty silent for more than a couple weeks, I feel I have now recovered enough to once again remember just how angry it makes me that these folks have arrogantly dismissed us as lunatics—and they are supposed to be working FOR us!
So, The WHY Initiative is now being implemented in full force.  Citizen Wells and I finalized it today, and we are ready to begin a new barrage of inquiries into the offices of our elected officials in Congress.
Here’s what we’re asking you to do: call, write, email, and/or visit the U.S. Representatives and Senators in YOUR state only.  Believe me, since they view getting re-elected as their most important job, they are really only concerned with keeping their constituents happy.  It does very little for someone in Ohio to contact an elected official in Kentucky—there’s no vote involved there, so the Ohioan means nothing to the Kentucky official.
We’re NOT asking for them to send you an answer to your request—we’ve already been sickened enough by their moronic lies.  No, all we’d like you to request of them is to enter into a dialogue with the representatives of our movement.  Citizen Wells and I will determine who will speak with any of them who appear willing.  In that dialogue, the question to which we’ll be trying to obtain an answer will be “Why didn’t you ask for proof that Barack Obama is a natural born citizen?”  We know they just HAD to have had a reason.  We’d now like to know what it was.
Here is a sample letter you can cut and paste, or you can take the specifics of it and write your own letter.
Dear [Elected Official],
As you undoubtedly know, there are many people across the country who are aware and disturbed that Barack Obama has refused to provide proper documentation to prove he is a natural born citizen as required by our Constitution.  After the general election, many of your constituents communicated with you asking that you request a proper investigation into the matter, but you chose not to.
I am not asking you to provide more of the same debunked misinformation and deception with which many representatives and senators chose to reply to those previous requests; they were lies then, so they’ll continue to be lies.  What I am asking is for you merely to have a brief dialogue with the representatives of our movement to answer a simple question: Why didn’t you ask for the proof that so many of your constituents expected to be provided?  Why did you think Barack Obama was constitutionally eligible to be president?  Did you rely on the media for your decision?  Did you just trust snopes.com and factcheck.org?  Did you just believe that nobody could have ever been elected president without being properly vetted at some point in the process?  Were you threatened?  Were you provided with some communication directing you to ignore the inquiries? 
Through this initiative, The WHY Initiative, those in our ever-growing movement are committed to two things regarding the elected officials who will not provide honest answers to their constituents: we will refuse to financially support any of their efforts, and we will work to see that those officials are removed from office through the election process.  That would seem a steep price for you to pay when the alternative would be such an easy thing to do.  And, we are not interested in speaking with any of your staffers.  These answers should be answered by only you.
I don’t know about any of the other members of Congress, but I have confidence that you will be able to provide a legitimate answer to that question.  In fact, I have such confidence in you that I am expecting you to do so.
To make arrangements to provide your answers, please make contact at either of these email addresses:
Citizen Wells: citizenwells@gmail.com
Dean Haskins: dhaskins@restoretheconstitutionalrepublic.com
Or call: 434.525.1479
Thanking you in advance for your timely and forthright response.
Here is an online resource with contact information for each state: http://www.visi.com/juan/congress/
Next, we’d like you to keep us posted about the contacts you are making, but rather than trying to keep up with, and categorize, countless emails, please keep us updated by posting your progress on our forum: http://www.restoretheconstitutionalrepublic.com/forum/index.php.  If you haven’t registered, please do so—it’s quick and painless.  There is a board on the forum labeled “Individual State Boards.”  Once there, you’ll see your state’s individual board.  Please post your updates there.  If you would be interested in being a coordinator for your state, please let us know.
I would just like to express my gratitude for the many kind sentiments I’ve received while I’ve been ill.  I cannot ever remember being so sick for so long.  I am profoundly encouraged by how many of you are choosing to remain steadfast in this battle, and it is your mettle that gives me the desire to step back into the ring and fight for all I’m worth.
We WILL be heard!!!
God bless each of you.
Dean Haskins
Chairman, Restore the Constitutional Republic”


41 responses to “Why Initiative, Congress, Congressmen, Birthers, Obama eligibility, US Constitution, US Representatives and Senators, Contact elected officials, Restore the Constitutional Republic, Dean Haskins, Citizen Wells, Obama not natural born citizen

  1. The Republican National Committee called me today asking for money & I said I will send money as soon as a Republican senator or congressman stands up & challenges Obama on this issue.

  2. CW, Do you have any idea what it will take to get Americans to March to the USSC and end this corruption? Although obviously they are corrupt as well. This is too depressing… I need to believe America will survive… but how?

  3. BerlinBerlin

    About Obama being the Antichrist:

    I just watched TBN and they had something about the AC and the false prophet.
    Both will be jewish.
    Think I heard that before that the AC has to be a jew.

    I had to think about a short clip I have seen earlier today.
    Obama and Emanuel were walking and talking together.
    In their body language it expressed clearly that Emanuel is the leader.
    They looked like father and son, teacher and student.

    Axelrod and Emanuel are running the show.
    Both are jews.

  4. Way to go Stephanie, that will be my response next time they call me. “You’ll get your donation right after we get a legal President!”

  5. WOW! Great response Stephanie! I’ll remember that should they call me. 🙂

  6. Great Response Stephanie!

    Berlin Berlin…I have often thought the same regarding Rahm and BLO. I mean BHO.

  7. I recently sent a request for a donation from the RNC back with a note that they would not receive another cent from us until they demanded proof of eligibility from the criminal punk in chief. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one, Stephanie. I hope that many more will do the same.

    I received a short survey from one of my liegislators (my spelling for the word) today with 3 questions:
    1. Do you support the stimulus bill? (NO)
    2. Do you think the Federal government should have a hand in adjusting mortgages and home values for those facing foreclosure? (NO)
    3. How should Congress best stimulate our economy? (Get rid of the usurper in the White House, you dimwits!!!)

    I have corresponded with all 3 of my state liegislators on this issue many times. They just ignore me now. I have told all 3 of them they would never receive another vote from my family.

    God bless America!

  8. Finally! Yippee! You are invited to use our talk radio program USAPatriots-shout to do special programs to launch this project. If need be we can add another night and do as many programs as necessary until they get our message.

    Time is of the essence. We need to be acknowledged.


    FEMA’s Plastic Coffins for the American People


  10. Obama on the side of ORGANIZED CRIME
    Published by Lee S. Gliddon, Jr.
    Mar 6th, 2009 in 08 Election, Crime, Liberals, Obama, Socialism, U S Constitution



  11. decentAmerican

    Larry Sinclair is on Barnes and noble again, with planned release of his book 4/1/09! this has been delayed so many times, mainly because crazy wacko obsessed obots attack the publishers. So much for the courage and freedom of the press.

    Larry, however, has bucked the system and published it himself! YOu have to give some credit for the courage of this man, all he had to go through, regardless of whether you believe him or not.

    What Obots? Don’t believe Larry? Call it slander? Well, goodness, why don’t you sue him? LOL…..keep in mind that if you do, there is something called “discovery”, and all the Usurper Beast’s secrets will come out!

    I think Larry has got the Usurper in a tough spot….the Usurper can’t criticize him, because that will just draw attention to his book (see what criticism did to Rush?), and he can’t sue him, because that would require evidence.

    I think this is one situation where the Usurper can’t win. Bravo larry, bravo!

  12. Pingback: Obama - Why Initiative - Quo Warranto Action - Eric Holder - Larry Sinclair - CitizenWells - Natural Born Citizen - Dr. Orly Taitz « "The BOPAC Report" & Larry Sinclair’s Allegations - ZachJonesIsHome

  13. This link is to IO that was posted a few days ago. It links to an interview with James Simpson. It has taken me a few days to listen to the interview and to absorb what it means. Then I thought of the blog I did a few weeks ago Is This Cause For Alarm?. It becomes pretty easy to connect the dots folks. http://investigatingobama.blogspot.com/2009/03/distribute-this-james-simpson-interview.html

  14. Andy Martin thinks BHO’s father is Franklin Marshall Davis.He knew Obama’s father and because of his own marriage etc he had him take his mother to Kenya.Anyone thought of this possibility?? Andy’s book The Man Behind The Mask.
    More news today on http://www.defendourfreedoms.us
    Hannity said they read his blog site.Does anyone have it??
    Need to find out and request he interview DR.
    Taitz who has 120 military who want to know.
    America needs to know NOW

  15. BerlinBerlin

    I heard about the Davis theory and find a strong resemblance in their faces.
    (He doesn’t look at all like Obama sr.)
    Davis has some kind of hamster cheeks and Obama is getting that too.

    The Simpson Interview makes sense.
    All his actions speak of a planned destruction, not of ‘being overwhelmed”

  16. sonofunclesam

    Let’s put are support behind a winner. Sinclair could have outted Obama last year. Instead he held back crucial information (like penis description) which would have getten his story some attention and maybe kept BO out of office. It’s all for his damned book which is already 2 months behind his promise date. I ued to believe him but hes a conman IMHO. Still no book! still no proof! You have to give Axelrod some points for not responding. If he did there would have been a story. Since he didn’t there was no story and Larry’s greed screwed us all.

    Berg and Orly are at least dedicated to the constitution and this country. I only wish had the money I gave Larry to give them. Point is, if somebody says they have something like proof (remember API?) and they need money, it’s a scam! We see that Taitz and Berg at least do what they promise. Support them. And the good citizen.

  17. Off topic. Does any one believe bernie madoff is tied to obama and his money laundering schemes? Is bernie madoff taking the fall for something much bigger??

  18. Hi, MB:

    You’re meaning Andy Martin’s website, I assume? http://contrariancommentary.blogspot.com/

    I personally can’t stand the guy, but then BO’s papa could be Frank Marshal. BO also looks like Malcolm X to me, somewhat. http://israelinsider.ning.com/profiles/blogs/is-obama-the-secret-son-of


  19. citizenwells

    I understand your frustration.
    I watched the Larry Sinclair story play out and witnessed many behind the scenes
    events. Sinclair had many more opportunities to make money during the past
    year and turned them down. This is not as simple as you portray it.
    Sinclair did more than probably any other person to heighten public awareness
    of Obama, his associations and his past. He did this long before others jumped on
    the bandwagon.
    I, in fact, urged Sinclair to capitalize off of his website traffic and he consistently
    said it was not about the money.
    Remember, Larry Sinclair has accomplished much with very little help
    and has put his life on the line.

  20. I believe Larry is very smart.I believe his story and I agress he has had to do much with little help.
    Those that have extra funds,be great if they could send a book,for instance to O’REILLY says he likes book.Don’t think he is on the internet much.I would enclose a few sites ,like Orly’s and citizenwells etc that are crediable
    Several news media need the book,so do some Congressmen any influencial people.
    Maybe this will open their eyes.More to BHO than the NBC issue
    When I blog citizenwells I ad Chicago Bad Boys
    connect the dots!!


  22. BerlinBerlin

    Thank You ms. helga,
    I found the National Press Club on YouTube.

  23. more problems for OBAMA

    see link, and more selling out of America


  24. Andy Martin is out in left field on this one

  25. People who credit anything coming from Andy Martin – his real name is Anthony R. Martin-Trigona – compromise their credibility.


  26. I agree with Ms. Helga on this. I watched
    Larry at the Nat’l Press Club and on
    one of the radio call ins got to ask a question.
    He seemed very credible to me.
    I wish him luck in getting his book out, and
    I plan to buy it. I believe he knows Obama
    and probably more.

  27. BerlinBerlin

    I didn’t know that.
    But I was very surprised that he had a pro Hamas article on his site during the conflict.
    So I ignored him fron then on.
    Still, I couldn’t really put it together with his Hawaiian activities. Very strange combination.

  28. CW,

    What do you make of this?


    Any connection to bringing down Obama?

  29. Berlin Berlin, I did not know Andy Martin’s background at first, either. In fact, I contacted him when I learned he was going into state court in HI to try to overcome HI state law protection for personal records, so as to obtain a copy of his long form birth certificate. Mr. Martin intended to argue BO was a public figure – at that time he was the D nominee – and so, his records were historical documents. I told him, this was a mistake. Rather, he should argue, BO had posted a HI Certification of Live Birth on his web site but labeled this, his “Official Birth Certificate.” I explained to Mr. Martin that in HI, a COLB meant nothing. I told him to argue in court that, having ‘unsealed’ his records to mislead the public in this way, in order to address what he characterized on his web site were “rumors” about his citizenship; and withheld the fact that under HI law, foreign births could be registered as occurring in HI, he should not now be protected by laws shielding those same records from exposure. (Sort of like an unjust enrichment claim.) He ignored me.

  30. goodtimepolitics

    Obama is having many problems with his appointees and we can understand why by looking back at his record!


  31. Does this guy know anyone that is not a criminal?

  32. This is only “some” of the crap that Mr. Sinclair was up against “early” on. Obot soldiers on BO’s own website! Try fighting this shit and stand by your convictions! Not many could, imao. http://tinyurl.com/aomeqz
    They even started a LWS debunking Wiki page which mysteriously disappeared after BO clinched the nomination. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larry_Sinclair

    I seriously doubt that a description of BO’s penis would have prevented him from taking office. lol
    Besides, the sexual contact between LWS and BO is only secondary to Mr. Sinclair’s chief complaint which is that he wants BO to be honest to the American public and admit to his drug usage after his teen years. Also, for those who haven’t followed LWS’s story from the beginning; it has never been about politics or taking sides.

    I have always believed Larry Sinclair, and will continue to support him.

  33. citizenwells

    The South.
    It certainly got my attention.
    Let’s hope to God that most of the FBI is intact and commited to
    stopping all criminals.

  34. Laurie // March 12, 2009 at 1:16 pm

    Does this guy know anyone that is not a criminal?

    The answer is that when you are a crook you need to surround yourself with crooks.

    That is the way of organized crime, no one blows the whistle because everyone is guilty of something.

  35. decentAmerican

    I am not sure what my conclusion is about Larry yet, but I am leaning toward believing him. The Usurper minions are quick to say he has “no evidence”…but come on, what evidence was he supposed to save from that night? Not like Monica’s blue dress, when Larry had no idea that this was a future presidential candidate…..it was just another anonymous crack junkie at the time.

    I mean, really…… say 10 years ago, you go to the park with your dog. But you have no proof of that. Does that mean you didn’t go? and does it mean that you automatically lie if you say you did?

    Larry is actually producing more proof than I woudl expect, including telephone numbers, the identity of the driver, as well as the Usurper being placed in the area at the same time.

    What leans me more toward believing him is the crap Larry has gone through with this. I have followed his story, and he has gone through hell, numerous death threats against him and his family, the Usurper minions will stop at nothing, they are so desperate.

    And, when you have people so desperate, you have to wonder….what are they scared of? Just like the BC issue….. methinks doth protest too much.

    The Donald Young case scares the beejeebees out of me, and I am suspicious that the Usurper is somehow involved in that.

    For all Larry has gone through, I can’t imagine any amount of money would be worth that, so the fact that he has been fighting the good fight all along, tells me that it is more than money he is after…..this is a man who is truly after justice and truth.

    and for that, I think history will look back at people like Larry, Berg, Taitz, Donofrio…..regardless of how you feel about their methods…..as true heroes, saving our country from the Beast.

  36. The Obama Deception “VIDEO”

    It’s 1 hour and 51 min.


  37. What do you make of this?


    Any connection to bringing down Obama
    Well, the more FBI raids in those “closely
    connected” to bobo’s administration the
    closer they’ll get to encircling their leader
    as well. Just takes time, IMO.

  38. DecentAmerican—I agree with your analysis
    of Larry’s actions and his continued struggle
    to get out the “truth” about B. Obama. After
    listening to his Nat’l Press Club address and
    his fielding questions on a radio station plus
    following his site from time to time I believe
    Larry Sinclair. I also believe it is very possible there is a Donald Young connection between
    his demise and Barack Obama’s involvement
    in it.

  39. Anyone who has followed Larry’s story would know that it is precisely his brutal honesty that has many times sabatoged his own efforts.

    As a cardinal requirement, a conman must know how and when to lie.

  40. I watched that video “The South” posted. I recommend grabbing a glass of wine watching it along with the James Simpson interview posted through IO’ website here http://investigatingobama.blogspot.com/2009/03/distribute-this-james-simpson-interview.html

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