Obama thugs?, Thought police, Oklahoma City police officer, February 18, 2009, anti-President Barack Obama sign, Free speech threatened, Secret Service, FBI, First Amendment rights violated

Are Big Brother and the Thought Police tightening their grip?

From Enid Oklahoma News,Ffebruary 18, 2009:

“OKC officer pulls man over for anti-Obama sign on vehicle

By Bridget Nash, Staff Writer

An Oklahoma City police officer wrongly pulled over a man last week and confiscated an anti-President Barack Obama sign the man had on his vehicle.

The officer misinterpreted the sign as threatening, said Capt. Steve McCool, of the Oklahoma City Police Department, and took the sign, which read “Abort Obama, not the unborn.”

Chip Harrison said he was driving to work when a police car followed him for several miles and then signaled for him to pull over.

“I pulled over, knowing I hadn’t done anything wrong,” Harrison said in a recent phone interview.

When the officer asked Harrison if he knew why he had been pulled over, Harrison said he did not.

“They said, ‘It’s because of the sign in your window,’” Harrison said.

“It’s not meant to be a threat, it’s a statement about abortion,” Harrison said.

He said he disagrees with the president’s position on abortion.

“I asked the officer, ‘Do you know what abort means?’” Harrison said. “He said, ‘Yeah, it means to kill.’ I said, ‘No, it means to remove or terminate.’”

Harrison said his sign was to be interpreted as saying something like: Remove Obama from office, not unborn babies from the womb.

The officers confiscated Harrison’s sign and gave him a slip of paper that stated he was part of an investigation.”

““The Secret Service called and said they were at my house,” Harrison said.”

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  1. Well folks….what else should we expect…the massiah is with us now…we are only allowed to speak doubletalk…you know the same crap they used is “1984”….where right is wrong and up is down …that kind of chicago jive.


    “Political language — is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”


  3. CW Contact this person as he has been “injured” by the Obamination administration, he may just have “standing”!

  4. Wow, everyone go to drudge report now!

  5. kittycat77

    What do we look for?

  6. You can’t miss it!!!


  7. And it states:

    VIDEO: ‘The government is promoting bad behavior… do we really want to subsidize the losers’ mortgages… This is America! How many of you people want to pay for your neighbor’s mortgage? President Obama are you listening? How about we all stop paying our mortgage! It’s a moral hazard’… MORE…

  8. This is absolutely ridiculous! We have a right to say what we want in this country, or at least we should have that right. This usurper does need to be removed from office. He has not legal right to be there. They are protecting a usurper. The police never did anything about all those people with anti-Bush signs. What make Zero so special? He is a criminal and does not belong in the white house.

  9. Someone needs to produced bumper stickers that say Obama is not “Natural Born.” If we have any problems with any official to remove the stcker, we should have standing as well as help inform the public.

  10. Well, it might be the usual thing to do, but I really don’t think George Orwell is the person to quote on matters of freedom. He was a total collectivist.

  11. This is only the beghinning of life under a tyrannical government. It is going to get worse and people need to be very careful because there are a lot of very ignorant people with a little power who will not hesitate to intimidate others.

    The man should have never allowed the “Secret serevice” to walk through his house without a search warrant. He should have called to the secret service or police to verify them. This is one of the reasons for the revolution.


  12. Here’s a good bumper sticker idea —

    Obama – NO – US! Not One of US!

    another —

    GO Santelli!

  13. Just found this on Yahoo sport.
    How is it, they can find this out about a baseball player, but not about a politician?
    Well, the amount of money involved.

  14. Speaking about the bumper sticker.
    How about the Natural born citizen clause?
    Will police stop You, because You have a part of the constitution on Your car?
    You surely become a suspect. LOL!


    Please note how much Adolph Hitler looks like David Axelrod. I should know- I was born in Berlin.

  16. Pass this around
    Check out Drudge.

    The Chicago Floor is mocking O’s “stimulus” plan.


    Trader Buzz video

  17. Portuguese Revolutionary Patriot- Peter Francisco

    Mr Holder,

    We’re “cowards” because of events & unfair laws passed by a sold out corrupt gov’t we’ve been SILENCED & CENSORED. Under the threat of going to jail for hate crimes, racism, racial profiling, & not being Politically Correct.
    People get attacked & called bigots & racists for saying simple things as: “You people”, “They” or “Them”.

    There’s a double standard in our society, the race pimps get propped up, & “crackers” hushed up. Black racists get free reign & anyone with an opposing view gets destroyed. Black comedians, rappers & such can say the most vile & racists things & not be admonished. If anyone said anything they in turn would be called racists not the original racist. If a white person says anything off color even if it’s a joke they’re demonized & DESTROYED.
    This is EQUALITY? Is this what MLK dreamed about?

    You, Mr Holder are being racist just in what you say because your “courageous” statments aren’t meant to bring healing & the truth out on this issue but to further shame the whites into further cowardice & submission & give props to blacks. While the black culture continues unabashed with their racist rants, words & messages of hate. I’ll take you seriously when you & other blacks rile against racist blacks & when blacks aknowledge that there are many Blacks that have indeed done very well & are super rich while working in white industries.

    America just elected a half-breed that is AT LEAST HALF WHITE & definitly no more more black than white. Some say he’s not even Black but Arab. The Black Racists & their Guilty White supporters persist on calling this half-breed, Black. What’s more racist than ignoring the Contribution that his white half of the family contributed to the new “president”? He’s the product of a white womb & was raised by his white half of the family with little contribution from the black side that actually abondoned him.

    Mr. Holder show America that you are “Courageous” & fix this injustice by making sure everyone calls “obama” (may not be his LEGAL name) a half-breed or mixed “president” or at least just “president” with a color blinded no mention of race. That would go a long way to help heal race relations & show us that you’re serious & not just another race pimp.

    We didn’t elect the first black president we elected a president or the first mixed president. If he & you were respectable “blacks” you would NEVER allow anyone to Disrespect Your Momma even if she’s the “wrong” color. No self-respecting “black” man would sit in a so called church & allow his Momma to be disrespected for over 20 yrs.

    Show some action that doesn’t show your racist roots by correcting the record & giving credit to whites for the race of the “president” & his election win w/ overwhelming support from white voters.

    Are you too having difficfulty in knowing his racial make-up because you didn’t see his Birth Certificate either?
    Mr. Holder, even if you’re called “Uncle Tom” show us your “race” courage.

  18. great now they should arrest him, and he will have standing to get BC and other OBAMA documents

  19. Pretty soon should be lots of folk with STANDING. Where jbjd?

  20. Portuguese Revolutionary Patriot- Peter Francisco-


  21. Defend Our Freedom CONVENTION

  22. Pretty soon should be lots of folk with STANDING. Where jbjd?

    in knee deep you know what……..

  23. decentAmerican

    The reference to Orwell is both pertinent as well as scary. I am glad you mentioned it, as this came to my mind all through the Usurper’s sinister campaign. For those of you who have not read “1984”, it is truly chilling. The main character’s job was I believe in the “Ministry of Truth”, where his job was to erase people’s history. Citizens were essentially removed from the face of the earth if they didn’t follow the rules….they were not only executed, but all remnants of their history was deleted…..they became an “unperson”.

    No doubt the Usurper is, as we speak, removing all traces of his foreign birth. But, like any crime investigator knows…..even the best criminal will ALWAYS leave some evidence, so I have to hope that somewhere, some day, someone will come to light with the evidence that we need.

    It is our only hope. And we need to continue this fight, before all of us become “unpeople”…I have no doubt that is what the Usurper has in mind.

  24. So, we have to tolerate the Bush Derangement Syndrome clowns, understand the Sarah Palin haters including the slime that hung her in effigy in Hollywood, and agree to Spread The Wealth around for everyone’s good…………but we can’t display a sign that makes a simple clear statement about soetoro??

    A close friend recently commented that he was very sorry for casting his vote for barry. If he had only known………………

    OK folks, we are now past the point of asking nicely. Time to shift gears and start demanding. Get down to your elected reps offices and (as soetoro put it) “get in their faces”. The government works for us, not the other way around.

    This unfortunate incident in OK combined with AG spineless Holder’s comments have just escalated the crisis we are facing. As Biden put it, Time to Be Patriotic, Time to Be Part of the Deal…………….I could not agree more.

    It’s time for all American Patriots to ready themselves for the conflict of our lifetimes. You may say not ME. If not you, then who will do it? Your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers? And what if they are thinking the same as you?

    When injustice becomes law, revolution becomes duty.

  25. CA Patriot, loved your comments. Please, tell me exactly what you meant when you said, ‘if only he had known.’ I am ‘walking’ a few citizens ‘through’ how to engage their state government officials in getting to the bottom of the fraud the D’s, through Nancy Pelosi, Chair of the 2008 DNC Convention, perpetrated on voters in their states by Certifying BO is a NBC when circumstantial evidence overwhelmingly indicates, he is not. Check out my blog.

  26. I just watched the cnbc video.GO SANTELLI!

    But now I cannot replay it. Could it be that it has already been “scrubbed”

  27. AP, last time that I checked it’s on World Net Daily too.

    lots of info on her site.She was interviewed by the BBC yesterday
    Convention in May in TEXAS ON SITE

  29. kittycat77 Thanks. I did see that it was there but is basically a transcript of what he said and no video. Could it be that Obama is not to fond of the turn the media is taking?

  30. why wasn’t obama allowed to land in nevada air force base?

  31. AP, I could get into the video from WND if I hit this in the article itself:

    “CNBC posted on its website video of Santelli’s”

    I also checked at Atlas Shrugs and Pam has it on there. Earlier when I checked, it was like the 3rd article down or something. You’ll have to scroll down for it. Oh, America’s Right has it, or did have it.

  32. I love CW website, and the Comments section! Lots of wisdom, thank you.

  33. MB, I already know about the BBC/Russia. I posted this yesterday in response to another comment about this, on another blog.

    jbjd February 18, 2009

    blockquote>…someone posted this comment on Orly’s site, in response to the announcement of the BBC/Russia interview.

    “Leo Haffey wrote:
    I don’t speak Russian either but I was there when Orly did her interview with Matthew Hill on 2/10/09:


    The interview was Phenomenal.

    Orly’s command of the facts in all of the BO BC cases is Incredible.

    I can only imagine how Great the interview in Russian, Orly’s Natural Born Language, is.”

    So, I listened. Orly is interviewed at a convention of radio broadcasters. Some highlights are ‘we have affidavits proving BO was born in Kenya’; ‘documents experts have proven the COLB posted on “Fight the Smears” is a forgery’; and ‘BO lied on his IL state bar application and could be indicted today and arrested.’ She also alludes to this new lawsuit she intends to file, using ‘50 military Plaintiffs,’ to force the unsealing of BO’s records, specifically stating this will be (yet another) Mandamus case.

  34. http://www.eastvalleytribune.com/story/135656

    Don’t know what proportion of this “advanced placement” class represents the high school sector of the nation, but it’s a damn good start.

    The wall of resistance will very much rely on youth as they will be this government’s greatest victims. Some are clearly waking up to that reality.

  35. Man…just put my bumper stickers on today..hope I don’t get caught up in the sweep.
    Obama Citizen of the World NOT USA
    Obama: UN-“natural born citizen”presidency
    Think 10th Amendment
    Support the Declaration of Independence
    Impeach Dictator

  36. Just in case

    I’m a fan!
    “I don’t want to take a shower every hour”
    So much abou becoming a Senator, LOL!
    Santelli, You rock!

  37. http://www.obambi.wordpress.com

  38. Ahhh…

    Since when do local cops take primary action against individuals to be investigated in wrongly supposed federal offenses?

  39. This is the BEST news of all!

    Corsi @ WND gives this perspective —


    More $1 trillion deals in works for states?
    Billion-dollar budget deficits exploding across country

    THIS MEANS the States have shaken Congress to their boots, with 21 States making sovereignty moves, and only 2 States away from calling a Constitutional Convention.

    Congress is finally feeling the heat of this shake-down, and planning to pay the States for all the un-funded mandates they have made over the yeas in arrears, in an attempt to cool the States off for just a little while longer.

    It shows that all 50 States can play “Chicago-style” politics, too, if they want to

    Bottom-line. The States are saying to Congress! UR fired!

  40. Also on Drudge–important because kids in school often just parrot what their parents are saying at home:


  41. This is only the beghinning of life under a tyrannical government. It is going to get worse and people need to be very careful because there are a lot of very ignorant people with a little power who will not hesitate to intimidate others.

    The man should have never allowed the “Secret serevice” to walk through his house without a search warrant. He should have called to the secret service or police to verify them. This is one of the reasons for the revolution.


    Strange, but in the last two weeks, I’ve read two accounts that the county Sheriff has jurisdiction over any federal agency, IRS, FBI, CIA, any …….the sheriff not only has the right and duty to protect his jurisdiction, but can arrest the agents if not removed upon his request.

  42. Obama is purposely driving our country down, this is treasonous type accountability, the president is in the oval office for a reason we are in charge not him !!!! Get out and be ready for action, this is his well orchestrated plan!


    “Americans are being played for suckers alright, but it is their own fault. None are really interested in politics and go vote every four years, totally uniformed and unaware. The Founding Fathers only mistake that I can see, is they falsely believed average Americans would be a constant watchdog on THEIR government. If they had been, we’d never have losers like Pelosi, Harry Reid, Waxman, Specter, Maxine Waters and the rest, in lifetime positions of power. Because of Americans indifference and irresponsibility, we have gotten a socialist jerk in the guise of a savior whose lies pour out of his mouth like honey. ”

    by Viperdog


  44. AP—-I was just thinking the SAME thing—this
    guy may have “standing.”

    Also, let’s all place signs in our cars like
    “Obama—UNSEAL your documents NOW”
    and see if we are stopped by police and follow
    up from there—with lawsuit lst Amendment
    Rights and force O. to show his documents.
    What do y ou think—-the whole country
    could run around with a similar sign in
    their cars—-bound to get attention to the
    issue and someone will get through legally
    to challenge Mr. Usurper—- does that
    sound correct you “legals” out there?

  45. JBJD,

    sorry, he had so many mutterings and was shaking his head the whole time. I said don’t apologize to me, turn around and apologize to THE WHOLE COUNTRY. You let them down.

    To elaborate, he said that if only he had known what soetoro was all about, more than the speeches, more than the flowery words, more than the hype.

    And this guy is a fairly smart one too! I tell you folks, soetoro is more than mezmerizing, he is more than magnetic, he is evil…………………….

  46. Yeah, there’s a CRISIS alright, and it spelled:





  48. Truthbetold11:
    Do you have a link? I couldn’t find anything about o being denied access to Nellis.

  49. no link, but the truth was told

  50. helga

    send me some strudel!!!

    DETAILS http://www.defendourfreedoms.us

    pass this around

  52. da verg –

    Peel, Kern, Äpfel und fein hacken.

    Mix mit Zucker, Gewürze, Rosinen, Nüsse, und 2 Esslöffel Butter.

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    Entfernen Sie aus Backofen und Ergebnis oben in 1-1/2 Zoll-Scheiben mit einem scharfen Messer.

    Cool und in Scheiben schneiden.

  53. Helga,
    Do you have that strudel recipe in ENGLISH,
    too? Thanks.

  54. da verg –

    No wonder they lost the 2nd WW. In English that was only 2 sentences!!!

  55. Maddie –

    Peel, core and finely chop apples.

    Mix with sugar, spices, raisins, nuts, and 2 tablespoons butter.

    Unpack and keep phyllo dough between two dampened kitchen towel.

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    Bake at 400 ° C about 20-25 minutes until golden.

    Remove from oven and top results in 1-1/2 inch slices with a sharp knife.

    Cool and cut into slices.

    PS – I can give it in any language you desire.


  57. ms. helga,
    sprechen Sie deutsch?
    das rezept klang wie eine computeruebersetzung 🙂

  58. BerlinBerlin –





  61. TwistedMetalShardz

    Liberals once again exercising their right to be offended by the very behavior they exemplified for the previous administration.

    Gotta love the race card being played over the “cop shoots monkey” cartoon. It takes a paranoid schizophrenic to tag the line “better get someone else to {write } the stimulus bill” on “The Annointed One”.

    I thought congress “wrote” the stimulus bill. Therefore the monkey represents congress not him. Otherwise they would have said “sign the stimulus bill”.

    Al Sharpton is a disgrace to humanity. What a race baiting poverty pimp. How he has any credibility after the Tawana Brawley incident is amazing. Even O’Reilly is his buddy now.

    It doesn’t matter to them when it’s a movie fantasizing about President Bush being assasinated. Or hanging Sarah Palin in effegy.

    One cartoon about a dead monkey with absolutly no reference to “The Messiah” and now it’s time for censorship and “making an example” of one more white man.

    No more cartoon characters of Mo with the burning fuse turban? No more cute fuzzy teddy bears with their Mo tee shirts?

    The monkey in the cartoon did not have nappy hair.

  62. Hope and Change got him elected and Gloom and Doom is what he talks


    That “Ben Barnes” fellow who is Stanford’s top lobbyist is the former DEMOCRATic Lt. Governor of Texas and (according to Wikipedia) the #1 2004 fundraiser for a fellow named John Kerry.Funny how the MSM always misses these details when DemocRATS are involved . . .BTW, Stanford gave 75% of his contributions to Dems. Madoff gave 85% to Dems. Nobody needs to comment or see a pattern. Wait — I heard an echo of a Chicago politician (Rahmbo, bless him) saying “culture of corruption . . .”

  64. It just hit me! Our president is the Pied Piper! He blows is horn and the rats followed and died.

  65. http://gatewaypundit.blogspot.com/2009/02/oklahoma-police-pull-over-man-for-anti.html

    Oklahoma Police Pull Over Man for Anti-Obama Sign… Secret Service Searches His Home!

  66. Helga,

    Do you know what the difference between Heaven and hell is?

    In Heaven you have French cooks, German engineers and English police. In hell there are English cooks, French engineers and German police.

    Your story IS funny. The French had the largest standing army in Europe during the thirties. They had the Maginot Line…with all the guns only able to point frontward. The Germans simply went around them through the Lowlands and Voila. But… and you’re a German, so you can answer… did the French play a large part in the demise of their own peace and security by flooding the Ruhr mines after WWI and creating lasting bitterness between themselves and Germany? And how much do you feel the French demands for reparations would have embittered the French had Adolph not come on the scene?

    Ah, propitious timing about J Edgar. Hey, Yo! Don’t sell your GE stock over this. He really was one. In Daniel Hopsicker’s fascinating book: “Barry And The Boys”, Barry Seal, our nation’s most prolific drug smuggler, was let off the hook from a federal gun rap, by a CIA guy showing Hoover some photos secretly taken of Hoover with something in his mouth that shouldn’t have been there. Would the CIA blackmail Hoover? Do the Germans drink beer?

  67. From my Rep., Dean Heller, (R) NV on a local talk show today, “…we’re going to borrow $2 trillion this year…this spending is about social engineering…33 new government programs in this package…Congress has an IV into your wallet…the average American family will see a $2500-$3000 in taxes next year…Reid’s train spending wasn’t in the bill presented to the House.”

  68. First off, there is no such thing as “hell.” I’m surprised that people haven’t research this and figured it out. BTW, it’s time for truth, which should be in every form necessary.

  69. MB,

    Maybe it will rain, and O will have his nose so far up in the air, he will drown!!! LOLbkw

  70. Kittycat77, Jesus said there was one so is he a liar?

  71. Kittycat77, Jesus said there was one so is he a liar?

    Truthbetold, are you trying to say Yahushua (aka Jesus) said there was a hell? Please state where you’re saying because he NEVER HAS stated such. You must be reading English mistranslations.

  72. @ TurnRight
    “But… and you’re a German, so you can answer… ”

    As usual not everything may be as it may 1st seem to be !

  73. matthew 5.22, luke 16.23,

  74. Turn Right –

    Very Easy – One is up and the other is down.


    Firm with Murtha Ties Got Earmarks
    From Nearly One-Fourth of House
    Congressional Quarterly, by Jonathan Allen and Alex Knott Original Article
    Posted By: Poca Dot- 2/19/2009 9:08:39 AM Post Reply
    More than 100 House members secured earmarks in a major spending bill for clients of a single lobbying firm — The PMA Group — known for its close ties to John P. Murtha , the congressman in charge of Pentagon appropriations(snip)Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer , D-Md., got $11,000 in PMA-connected contributions during that time; House Speaker Nancy Pelosi received $4,500; and Majority Whip James E. Clyburn of South Carolina received $3,000.

  75. Holders comments sound like motivating words for the young inner city 18 year olds for the new security force being acted on, anything to divide and get the youth to join the movement he should stick to his job and not divide the country!!!

  76. About Holder,
    Obama has changed that much.
    Every Black racist now feels he/she can express themselves. And they do.
    Good time to find out what they’re are really thinking.
    Oh, I’m sorry. I think the word “they” is a racist remark, my mistake.

  77. Yes, they do feel a little cocky now.

    What percentage of the country is black, mixed (black/white) or 6% black?

    Probably less than 20%. Quite a large minority!!

  78. Sorr, small minority!!

  79. (LITV) But I say to you, Everyone who is angry with his brother without cause shall be liable to the Judgment. And whoever says to his brother, Raca, shall be liable to the sanhedrin; but whoever says, Fool! shall be liable to be thrown into the fire of Gehenna.

    Truthbetold, that is not talking about hell. Hell is a very bad mistranslation that has been carried over throughout time. Haven’t you studied about how the Greeks took in the concept of a Hell from Dante’s Inferno? It’s false. Gehenna is an actual place in Jerusalem and it a parable about the end-time baptism of fire that those who are saved will go through. Some will make it through that baptism, some won’t. I don’t know who will or who won’t.

    And the other in Luke, I think you’re talking about the parable, which isn’t about hell either. It’s a parable, BTW. It’s about a man who died and was resurrected and the rich man (here symbolic of a rich pharisee) didn’t make it.
    First off, what does it mean to be in Abraham’s bosom? Believe it or not, it’s about “love,” true scriptural love .

    Second, Yahushua (aka Jesus) always spoke in parabolic language to everyone, although at times he gave others understanding:

    Mat 13:34 Yahushua spoke all these things in parables to the crowds, and He did not speak to them without a parable,
    Mat 13:35 so that was fulfilled that spoken through the prophet, saying: “I will open My mouth in parables; I will speak out things hidden from the foundation of the world.” Psa. 78:2

    Truebetold, surely you must know and understand that Yahushua was speaking in a parabolic language when he taught about the parable, right? I’ll get back to you later on this when I get the time, but all the Scriptures must be put together line upon line and precept upon precept to build truth! And you should know and want it this way since your screen name is “truthbetold.” Which that’s a very good screen name.

  80. About Holder I found this great comment on oilforimmigration.

    Mr. Holder:

    Coward? You say that I am a coward? SCREW YOU.

    Years ago, while one day opening my business, I was robbed at gunpoint by four BLACK men of thousands of dollars, and I was shot in the chest. They were the cowards. It was easier to destroy the lives of hard working people than find a job and work hard for themselves. The four men were caught, but never accused, never arraigned, never tried, never forced to repay what they stole from me, never required to help with my medical bills, and they sure as hell didn‘t pay my mortgage.

    But I tried to keep my little business afloat, to pay the bills for my very young family. I ended up with thousands of dollars in medical bills, thousands more in bills from the business, I could not pay back. We lost our home, we lost automobiles, we lost everything but our family, and our dignity, because I eventually repaid everybody. Every cent, and my young family paid for it in things I was forced to deny them. But the cowards got off scot free.

    NO, HOLDER, THE COWARD IS YOU. You, and the Congress, and the Supreme Court, and the worthless sycophantic press in this country. All of you have been made aware that there is a huge issue with Soetoro’s legitimacy to hold the office of President. Cowards? You are the cowards that won’t deal with this issue; you would rather have a backyard picnic with Marc Rich and the rest of your neighbors than deal with the biggest deception ever, that will find Soetoro to be an illegal alien, ineligible to hold the office of President. He may have been in violation of the False Claims Act from the day he was sworn in as a U.S. Senator. He may have perjured himself in the federal arena and in all fifty states, he may have committed fraud, he is most certainly a liar. Soetoro is the fraud, and you are the coward. Fraud used to be the purview of the Attorney General’s office, but now you’re more concerned about ‘candid discussions’ with acquaintances?

    You despicable moron. Coward, indeed! You need to look inward to find the cowardice my friend. The cowardice that comes from the too many millions of people who do not have the intestinal fortitude to pay attention in school, work hard, do the right things in life, get a job, any job, stand up for themselves, and start their lives with heads held high; instead they blame drugs, alcohol, and a vile, contemptible, loathsome system which has been gone for over a hundred and forty years. Millions of Americans of all colors do the right thing every day, but there are far too many who use the cowardice of ‘injustice’ to write off all their lack of self esteem.

    Injustice? Sure, there are still injustices. Just remember, I received no ‘justice.’ None. Just thousands of dollars of debt, a felony record, and a bullet hole in my chest and the pain of knowing my family suffered as a result. But I went on with my almost-ruined life, held menial jobs to get back on my feet, and have seen my kids through college and graduate school.

    TAKE YOUR COWARDICE AND SHOVE IT. Forget the Bar-B-Que in the park, find some real courage and do something about Soetoro. You don’t have the balls, you coward.


  81. I sent out Rob Lambs open letter to all of my e-mail contacts. It was a great letter!

  82. The Usurper has been squatting in the WH less than 30 days and his thoughtthugs are already on the streets.

    Was the OK cop a black guy? Or is it racist to even ask?


  83. kittycat77 —

    Actually, this is what MOSES wrote in Deuteronomy 32 (KJV) —

    “Hell” is only ONE item in an entire list of destruction planned by YHWH. (I read Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic, if you want me to quote any of those versions as well . . .).

    It appears from the OT that “Hell” has an address where God can send you mail somewhere in His universe.


    19 And when the LORD [YHWH] saw it, he abhorred them, because of the provoking of his sons, and of his daughters.

    20 And he said, I will hide my face from them, I will see what their end shall be: for they are a very froward generation, children in whom is no faith.

    21 They have moved me to jealousy with that which is not God; they have provoked me to anger with their vanities: and I will move them to jealousy with those which are not a people; I will provoke them to anger with a foolish nation.

    22 For a fire is kindled in mine anger, and shall burn unto “the lowest hell” [Hades], and shall consume the earth with her increase, and set on fire the foundations of the mountains.

    23 I will heap mischiefs upon them; I will spend mine arrows upon them.

    24 They shall be burnt with hunger, and devoured with burning heat, and with bitter destruction: I will also send the teeth of beasts upon them, with the poison of serpents of the dust.

    25 The sword without, and terror within, shall destroy both the young man and the virgin, the suckling also with the man of gray hairs.


    And, it goes on and on, so read the whole chapter —

  84. Obama’s ineligibility will cause a Constitutional confrontation at some point. He has refused to produce numerous documents that would prove he is a natural born citizen, as we all know.

    Lawsuits have been filed nation-wide and still he refuses to end them by simply giving the American people his long form birth certificate along with other documents.

    We are preparing a March on Washington to get the truth to take place in the Spring – after we get enough people to sign up!

    Please Join Us!
    You can Register at:



  85. Someone just sent me this link about a provision in the ’stimulus’ bill that stifles the independent authority of Inspectors General. “This was snuck in,” [Senator] Grassley told me. “It wasn’t something that was debated.”

  86. Ms. Helga—-THANK you, so much for
    the Strudel recipe. I’m going to make it this
    weekend—yum. You are so talented:)

  87. Pat Buchanan lays out the the racial issue, SLAMS Eric Holder.


  88. off subject: I found this posting on defendourfreedoms.us. Please send e-mails to Raymond Arroyo, so she can be a guest on his TV show on EWTN. The truth needs to get out to more people immediately. See below.

    Dear Citizens,

    We need to get Orly on TV, one show at a time.

    Unfortunately only a very small minority of American citizens know that Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen, and we, you and me, need to change that PRONTO.

    The first TV show for Orly should be The World Over with Raymond Arroyo, in EWTN. Orly told me that she would love to appear in that show. Why that show? It is outside the networks, it has over 100 million viewers worldwide, tens of millions of viewers in the United States , and the host, Raymond Arroyo, is unapologetically critical of Obama.

    Mr. Arroyo has opened the doors for us, especially for us. At the end of his last show, he said that once a month he will interview one guest selected by the viewers via email. Thatʼs us.

    I need 3000, yes thatʼs three thousand, of you to send an email to raymond@raymondarroyo.com with only the word:


    in the subject line. Those are his specific instructions.

    In the email (please be very polite) tell Raymond that you want him to interview Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq., the lawyer who has a case pending in the United States Supreme Court challenging Obamaʼs Natural Born Citizenship.

    If we get her on TV, and tens of millions of Americans watch what she has to say, then the cat is out of the bag. This site has three hundred and fifty thousand (350,000) hits per week; I only need three thousand of you. I need three thousand Patriots to step forward.

    Please do your share. Help her! Step forward!


    Carlos Vazquez

  89. speedy, before you get Orly onto that show, please, when she discusses BO’s Constitutional eligibility for POTUS, persuade her to stop representing rumor, hearsay, and innuendo as fact, and to state only the facts as facts. For example, she states as fact that BO was born in Kenya; that the Certification of Live Birth document posted on “Fight the Smears” is a forgery; and that BO, Sr. is his father. Without documentation, like a birth certificate or, a marriage certificate (so that we can apply probate laws to assign paternity), we just don’t know. And, to borrow the words of our detractors, saying we know makes all of us who are trying to expose this fraud and get BO out of the WH, look like ‘tin foil hat wearing wingnuts. (You might advise her to use the FACTS in the military Complaint I wrote for her, in January.)

  90. speedy–

    Thanks. I saw it, too, and was just going to post that.

    He has a great show!

    My letter has been sent.

  91. jbjd,

    Here’s what we do know:

    1. There is an interview with Soetoro’s Paternal grandmother, with her stating she was in the delivery room at the time Obama Jr. was born.

    2. The Kenyan parliament claims sovereignty on their “son of the soil” along with the United States during the stay of this usurper in office.

    3. Any and all records for Soetoro regarding birth have been sealed in both Hawaii AND Kenya (no need to seal birth records in a country with no birth records, correct?).

    4. An interview with the Kenyan embassador by a radio station reveals the possible “birth place” of Soetoro.

    5. No one knows with 100% certainty where Soetoro went to school because all of the records are sealed. This makes it nearly impossible to verify his residency and citizenship. However, there is visible evidence of a Barry Soetoro going to school in Indonesia and the birthday and supposed birth location line up exactly with Obama’s.

    But it’s merely a distraction. What Orly should be doing is confirming the link between de Vattel and Article II, just like Wrotnowski and Denofrio have done.

    There is considerable evidence supporting the fact that the framers used de Vattel’s meaning. And this meaning ties directly into the military complaint because the framers placed the NBC clause into Article II FOR the military. There is no doubt today that the State Department has repeatedly admitted the issue of alliegiance with current naturalized U.S. citizens because 90% of them are dual citizens.

    A birth certificate or lack thereof just doesn’t cut it. And based on what I read in Orly’s Lightfoot v. Bowen case, she didn’t pile drive this important clause home enough and tried to throw the kitchen sink at Soetoro. She needs to focus on one argument and one argument alone.

  92. http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5j44ku9zUM9IEdkkoWbIYStDVE6SwD96EH4JO0

    jbjd…if Orly does get accepted to be interviewed by Mr Arroyo, please voice your concerns to her directly. Please look on this as an opening to get her on another communications medium. EWTN has a huge audience. Thanks.

  93. twe and everyone, Orly does not listen to me (or Leo Donofrio or any of the military who have objected to the content of her Release) anymore.

    JeffM, this ‘statement’ by BO’s paternal step-grandmother consists of multiple layers of hearsay, in different languages, over the wires; it was never subject to cross-examination. It would never stand up in court.

    These individual ‘facts’ are not nearly as critical to public support of our claims as this.

    1. BO maintains he is legitimate because FactCheck says he is, even submitting this argument to a court of law, in the Hollister case. But this is Annenberg Political Fact Check, his former employer.

    2. BO maintains he is legitimate because he has a HI Certification (or even Certificate) of Live Birth. But under HI law, a foreign born child could be registered as being born in HI.

    3. No provision of any state or federal law requires any government official to vet the candidate for POTUS from the major political Party as to Constitutional eligibility.

    There. Simple. Understandable to the lay person.


  94. Forget the fraudulent birth certificate. NBC means two US citizen parents at birth, as confirmed by Senate resolution 511, which Obama sponsored. Simple. Understandable to a fifth grader.

    Any agent sworn to the Constitution knowing of this fraud is personally liable for treason against the Constitution of the United States.

  95. Bill G, 511 is non-binding. And Congress cannot define the Constitution; only the SCOTUS can. Leo makes a great argument; but it is only an argument. (Note: stating FACTS in a legal Complaint is sometimes does as a strategic attempt to force the Defendant to refute.)

    Stop using the word “Treason.” Orly uses this in her military Release. No one “knows” whether BO is a NBC until a government official authorized to make this determination, has done so; or it has been so ruled by a court of law.

    You say, “Forget the fraudulent birth certificate.” But therein lies the point I was making. BO has not produced a “birth certificate” but claimed on his web site, the image of the Certification of Live Birth is his “Official Birth Certificate.” That he did this, is a fact. This is the fact that needs to be reported. Now, do you get it?

  96. “does” should be “done” (as a strategic…)

  97. Portuguese Revolutionary Patriot- Peter Francisco

    You forgot one ACORN and any such organizations need to be put out of business. The Grand Juries and Commissions need to investigate all such organizations. Taxpayers money shouldnt’ go to any such organization that Hires mostly Erosionists (Liberals, Socialists, Progressives, Etc) to Register People to Vote. If voting is important find a way to register like everyone else. If you are dead or a cartoon you shouldn’t have a vote to cancel my vote and all this done with my tax money.

    I just wrote this a couple of days ago:
    ACORN is lobbying the New “Racist” Aministration hard for a new Envrironmental Protection Act. They are pushing a new law that cuts the depth of graves from 6 feet to 3 feet. They claim this will be great to protect the environment. There will be less damage when they dig up the bodies to get them registered and voting.

    50 Grand Juries in 50 States in 50 Days.
    Don’t forget the 9/11 Type Commissions to look it the Financial Crisis & The PONZI PREZ’s FRAUDULENT ELECTION.

    If “obama” didn’t have something to hide he wouldn’t work so hard at Hiding Everything.



    FINANCIAL 9/11/08

  99. Jbjd: If she does get interviewed, the world over is on live on Fridays at 8:00 eastern time. People are allowed to call in 1-800-221-9460 during the live show. Maybe you can call in. Otherwise, you can try to e-mail Orly with your concerns. I think you have a lot of good ideas and in order to get this bozo out of the white house, I think that she should work together with you or anyone who can give her good advice. Also, you can e-mail your ideas to EWTN as they read e-mails during the show.

  100. jbjd…you seem to have a wealth of knowledge on this entire subject. Are you an attorney or someone that could become a plaintiff in a lawsuit. Could you be our saving grace?

    On another note…Dow is down 100 pts so far today. Seems like no one has faith in this administration! We have to stop this and soon before our entire country goes under. Why won’t the senators and reps step up, why won’t main stream speak up, are they shaking in their boots as I am?

    Why aren’t there more ppl questioning the fact that he is “hiding” everything about him! It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that he has A LOT to hide! It frightens me that so many ppl just don’t care.

    God Bless the USA

  101. speedy, she will not listen to me. But if she continues to rant about ‘multiple listings’ of BO’s name on search engines; or statements from people in Kenya ascertained through the impetus of Phil Berg; or internet ‘experts’ using nom de plumes, who have ‘proven’ the COLB is a forgery then, only those people who already doubt his eligibility to be POTUS will ‘hear’ her.

    Orly cannot stop herself from jumping over the cliff; and those of you who support her efforts need to pull her back.

    It is so frustrating to me that someone who has managed to attract such a huge following cannot take better advantage of this notoriety, to make her point.

    P.S. Orly posted the release signed by one of those legislators; this says he agrees to be a Plaintiff in a Mandamus case. Any of you who understand why Mandamus will not work here, please, see if you can explain this to Orly. Our cause is not advanced by another judicial failure.

    P.P.S. You might also ask her why she refuses to file the military Complaint I drafted, at her request, and which she promised to file, in January, before Congress certified the EC vote.

  102. Texas Sovereignty Resolution is being presented today in the TX House of Reps.

    the Alex Jones radio show will have one of the reps on his show today 11 – 3 CT

    Live streaming here: http://www.infowars.com/listen.html

  103. AP, no, you will be your saving grace! All of you; all of us! I only concentrated on the courts for redress of this problem in the first place because other practitioners had done so, unsuccessfully. I was only trying to find a judicial cure to this problem because no one else had found such a solution. The military Complaint was my solution; and Orly promised to file this. She changed her mind. I still stand by that Complaint.

    Now, I am drafting a fraud Complaint against NP; but this still means, solving the problem through the courts.

    My first choice to stop BO was always through our state elected officials. (I re-posted on my blog some earlier posts, from August, discussing how to keep BO off of the general election ballots.) Now, I am fine-tuning a script of sorts suitable to walk into the offices of state A’sG, to complain NP perpetrated a fraud on voters in that state, by Certifying BO is a NBC. (Some posters on my blog have worked very hard in their states to ferret out all of the information they can use to formulate a well-grounded presentation to their state officials, in support of their claims of fraud.)

    Democracy is not a spectator sport. Any one of our state officials, in all 50 states, could be the one to blow the lid off of this fraud. But first, we need to make them do the jobs for which we elected them; and are paying them. And to do this, we need to understand how our government is supposed to work; and why the laws we already passed in our states did not prevent this fraud; and how to use these laws to remedy the fraud, after the fact.

  104. jbjd

    Post it here in 3 or 4 short bullets, more if needed, and I will send it to her by email. Others can as well so we can get the facts and main points on the air. Hopefully, she will listen.

    Thanks for your help.

  105. jbjd

    Wasnt this tried by Steve Pidgeon in Wash State against the SOS. Course it was denied as well.

    I read some about your military complaint (active duty) being the way to go. What has to happened for someone to step up and file?

  106. jbjd
    I am not as well spoken in writing as you are and while I feel very educated regarding this election and the fraud that Obama has perpetrated on this country, I have a hard time understanding legal terms regarding the suits and exactly what steps to follow when speaking with my senators and reps. I have already sent my Republican Senator a letter focusing on the issues surrounding BO ineligibility and feel like sending it to my Dem Senator might be a waste of time since they are pretty much in bed with BO. In my letter to my Rep Senator, 2 wks ago, I also talked about the stimulus plan and its effects on our small business, and the msm not reporting factual information. I also was part of a telephone town hall mtg and left a msg with my questions for him and my contact information, I still have not received a response.

    I feel hopeless in dealing with my dem (loser) of a gov. and my dem (has been in there way too long) senator. Could you please give me some insight on what to write with correct wording so that I may send a letter to them and possibly call them too.

    I do wonder though…will anyone ever have correct “standing” in bringing forth these lawsuits or are we always going to be barking up the wrong tree? Is there anyone else out there that may have a better chance at bringing forth these facts surrounding BHO and BE HEARD!

  107. jbjd,

    Thank you for your clarification @11:40. Though I’m not a lawyer, I do understand the necessity of properly framing legal questions. Areas of expertise generally require this as a necessity for efficacy.

    I encourage you to continue with your efforts (though I have to admit you have enough initiative that that may not be necessary). You will find an entry point and your efforts will not be in vain.

  108. jdjp: I wish that Orly would listen to you. I paraphrased your comment to me for her. It hasn’t been posted yet. It would be nice and convincing to those who don’t know about this if she would listen to some good advice. I know that she is a good lawyer. I think if she listened to some good advice, then people will listen to her and realize that there is a problem. Not everyone really knows about this fraud. I agree that the ones who would believe her are those who have seen the web sites she talks about and who have been following this for a while. People should be able to perceive her as credible. It would be nice if she didn’t change her mind about the military complaint you set up for her. Also, I am not sure about mandumus, but I think it has to do with suing the government. Maybe it’s not the best for a govt person to sue under that, but maybe declatory relief? I am not sure. I am not a lawyer.

  109. Good Morning, Citizen Wells –


    Pro-Life Pastor Could Go to Jail

  110. speedy-

    I sent the e-mail to Raymond.

  111. Please don’t call me stupid but what does writ of mandamus mean? I do not understand all these different legal terms on these lawsuits. What is the difference with the lawsuit Orly is preparing with the state reps and what has already been presented in the other dismissed cases?

  112. Just by the way
    (in regard to Michelle Malkin – Obamacorn is breaking into foreclosed homes)
    If Your home is upside down, meaning You owe more than it is worth.
    Are You really the homeowner?
    Why are those people always talking about “my home’ when in reality they have already spent the money they got out of it.
    ARM – Adjustable rate mortgage, did they really think the rate is going to adjust down?
    Come on!
    If those “home owners” break into the houses, because they feel victimized and are encouraged by the O and ACORN.
    We will see USA (United Slums of America).

  113. About “Pro-Life Pastor Could Go to Jail”

    The treatment of Sarah Palin has shown what the thug politicians in this country do to a person with morals and intergrity.

    The thug won.

    If you get in trouble for holding up a sign “Jesus loves You”,
    Where are the churches?
    Heard the pope didn’t even realease a photo with Pelosi.

    American churches have to use their power .

  114. Berlin,

    That play on USA is funny. “Obamacorn” is too. You’re the German, right? I have to be right one of these times.

  115. Helga –

    You stepped right over my joke and didn’t seem to notice it.

    truthbetold11 –

    “matthew 5.22, luke 16.23″… great answer

    kittycat77 –

    What does “LITV” stand for?

    The concept of hell correlates very tightly with the idea of being thrown into Gehenna. Gehenna was a sulfurous, smoldering offal pit outside of Jerusalem in a ravine that the city’s people threw and poured their waste into.

    You said: “Gehenna is an actual place in Jerusalem and it[‘s] a parable about the end-time baptism of fire that those who are saved will go through. Some will make it through that baptism, some won’t.”

    Had the Nation believed her Savior when He was with them, the then future of the world would have been radically different. He may not have gone into Heaven to return at a later Second Advent. He may have stayed right there in Jerusalem. But what wouldn’t have been different is God’s word about end times. The fiery Gehennaic punishment awaits those souls God and Jesus have found guilty and condemned.

    Peter says that the Earth is stored with fire and that the elements will be exposed by that fire erupting upon the world. How closely this correlates to the Gehenna Jesus told of while here. The hell of today is not a mistranslation handed down through English language Bibles. It could be that “Gehenna” was being used as a generic term by Jesus to inform them and us of the type of punishment that awaits sinful man, but its reality, if expressed in generic form, is no less than if it were the one and only, exact place of punishment. Too, we know of the “lake of fire” told us by John in The Revelation. That also corresponds closely to Gehenna. These three… Gehenna, the fire-stored Earth and the lake of fire… represent the same and are not to be seen as a test, as though they are some right of passage. It is fate, not examination… final, not temporal.

    It’s popular to say that “Justice delayed is justice denied.” But the same doesn’t hold true with God. Punishment delayed is not punishment denied. When God withholds His punishment for a time, or attenuates it, or… as in the case of Sodom, listens to Abraham and allows a reduced number of people there to be a lower bound for entrance into His grace… He is changing His mind in the direction of mercy. God often does that. But He hasn’t changed His mind about ultimate ends. The mercy will not be there for the unrepentant.

    You said: ” “Yahushua (aka Jesus) always spoke in parabolic language to everyone, although at times he gave others understanding, (Mat 13:34) – Yahushua spoke all these things in parables to the crowds, and He did not speak to them without a parable, (Mat 13:35) – so that was fulfilled that spoken through the prophet, saying: “I will open My mouth in parables; I will speak out things hidden from the foundation of the world.” Psa. 78:2.” ” And further that: “… all the Scriptures must be put together line upon line and precept upon precept to build truth!”

    Reading beyond the 35th verse in Matt 13 we are told that Jesus is asked to “Elucidate to us the parable of the darnel of the field.” The speaking in terms of parable to the Nation is temporarily over at this point. Jesus is going to give it to His disciples straight. In verses 40 through 42 Jesus, absent any parable, says to them: “Even as the darnel, then, are being culled and burned up with fire, thus shall it be in the conclusion of the eon. The Son of Mankind shall be dispatching His messengers, and they shall be culling out of His kingdom all the snares and those doing lawlessness, and they shall be casting them into a furnace of fire. There shall be lamentation and gnashing of teeth.” (Concordant Literal New Testament)

    So then, how are we to understand this, since it isn’t in the form of a parable? When His disciples asked Him to “Elucidate to us the parable…”, they were asking for bread. Would he give them a stone?

  116. Citizen Wells,

    I heard David Shuster on MSNBC report Alan Keyes had an interview with another news outlet stating that Obama is a radical communist and this country will be ruined if he continues as President. He also said Obama is NOT a natural born citizen.

    This was on around noon today. It should be braodcast all over the country. It is finally now being mentioned in the media, and I almost fell out of my chair when I heard it on MSNBC!

  117. Berlin: That was the plan
    force bad loans, stop regulation, blame crisis on Reps, use crisis for more thieving (aka porkulus I), blame lenders for making bad loans, encourage via Obamacorn breakins and takeover of foreclosed properties

    So if you own a house you want to sell, do not EVER do a seller-financed situation. You will get screwed.

    If you own a house, might as well take out a huge home equity loan and never repay it and squat and say you were never read the fine print, etc. No, don’t do that, but makes you realize that if you paid your mortgage you’re one great big suck-ah!

  118. To JJ

    Could you tell me where I could find a written statement, points or authority on your comment about the Sherrif’s department supersiding the authority of other federal agencies?

    USA Patriots-shout

  119. From MommaE blog Radio:


    I wanted to let you know that I will be doing a show on Sentinel Radio today and possibly every Friday afternoon. It will be one hour of Politics and fun. There is a special chat room for this show and this is the link for the chat http://www.tsrn.us/

    Please post this on your blogs, any blogs you are connected with and allowed to post on and send to everyone in your address book. Link to the show, call in number and times are listed below.


    Call In No: 646-727-2652

    12:30 PM Pacific Time

    1:30 PM Mountain Time

    2:30 Noon Central Time

    3:30 PM Eastern Time

    I hope that you will join us for the show. You can just listen, or you can choose a Nickname and join in the Chat while listening. The choice is yours.


  120. @TurnRight
    “You’re the German, right?”

    Let’s say I am a German that actually lived there 40 years (til 3 years ago) and speaks the language.


    Yeah, my husband is involved in Real Estate here in CA.
    People were taking money out like there is no tomorrow, like the prices are going to rise forever and they can refinance again and again.
    Now they face reality, I’m not surprised.

  121. This co-called cop needs to be smacked down and hard. If he’s a rookie, he should be out on his ass, with his license to be a police officer revoked. If he’s not, he still should be out on his ass, but that’s not going to happen thanks to the police union. One year unpaid suspension and permanent transfer to desk duty and the rubber gun squad sounds about right.

    Just what we need: Obama brownshirts with badges.

  122. The reason congressmen try so hard to get re-elected is that they would hate to have to make a living under the laws they’ve passed

  123. Trish,
    I am also shocked to hear MSNBC has finally
    broadcast the information you posted. I wish
    I had heard it—so glad that you posted it here.
    Now, let’s make sure the other blogs get the
    news, too.

  124. Mandamus
    A writ issued by a superior court ordering a public official or body or a lower court to perform a specified duty.
    tr.v., -mused, -mus·ing, -mus·es.
    To serve or compel with such a writ.
    [Latin mandāmus, we order (used in such a writ), first person pl. present tense of mandāre, to order.]
    quo warranto
    (kwoh wahr-rahn-toe) n. the name for a writ (order) used to challenge another’s right to either public or corporate office or challenge the legality of a corporation to its charter (articles).

  125. Santelli, you go man, just heard him on MSNBC
    he is GREAT!!!!!!! TAKE THEM ON!!!!!!!
    You are the best thing I have heard against
    Usurper’s Idiot Plan on foreclosures!!!!!!!!

  126. To Theresa:
    Could you tell me where I could find a written statement, points or authority on your comment about the Sherrif’s department supersiding the authority of other federal agencies?

    USA Patriots-shout

    Of course you know I can’t find resources when I need them–Murphy’s Law??

    If I come across that, will gladly send–I did find it quite strange that the topic of sheriff’s and deputies’ patriotism is being questioned and analyzed in many articles lately–like someone is getting ready for Martial Law enforcement??
    In one thread on restoretheconstitutionalrepublic.com, someone posted a questionnaire for deputies that was circulating. Testing the jurisdictional knowledge or constitution vs. federal law?? I am not sure.

    Anyone else finding this topic showing up??

  127. AP, no one is stupid for asking legitimate questions.

    Mandamus is a legal cause of action that allows a citizen to ask the court – the judicial branch – to order a state official – the executive branch – to perform a ministerial function of her job.

    The reason all of these legal cases aimed at vetting BO, have failed, is that no provision of any state or federal law requires any government official to vet the candidate as to Constitutional eligibility for POTUS. There are only laws that state, the candidate must be eligible.

    The judicial branch of government will not order the executive branch of government to perform a specific function absent a law – legislative branch of government – spelling out that this function is part of her job.


    (I will write more later; I am on the road.)

  128. DEFENDOURFREEDOMS.US published a new entry entitled “George Soros” on 2/20/2009 6:15:10 AM, written by Defend Our Freedoms Foundation.
    George Soros

    I have done a lot of research on ‘Dr Evil’ aka George Soros. And what I learn scares the pants off of me. He is the one that bought the election for Soetoro/Obama. He has silenced the entire U.S. Government to not issue a peek concerning the non-citizenship of Soetoro, and I am afraid that he has Nancy Peloski, Harry Reid, Barney Frank and most of congress and the supreme court in his pocket.

    But then I got an email today implying that my ‘Dr. Evil’ may have attacked our economy on September 15th. The email implied that Rep. Kanjorski of PA implied that George Soros may have done one of his ECONOMY ATTACKS to bring down another national government…in this case the United States.

    As far back as January 23, 2008 Soros seemed to have his eye on the demise of the American economy. I believe he was enough of an insider in the banking industry to bring America to its knees. Read these two articles together and tell me if you think Soros could have single handed caused the collaspe of our banking industry.

    Permalink: defendourfreedoms.us/2009/02/20/george-soros.aspx

  129. Does anyone know if Obama’s ridiculous mortgage rescue plan has to be legislated?

    Or can he just implement it by executive order?

  130. Well hidden in the bill i just heard on the radio was that you cant investigate corruption among mayors who take this money!!!! Are you kidding me it has to go through the white house!!!! Mayor Daley he is the mob!!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. LM –

    George Soros’ son wants to get rid of the Electoral College.


  132. obama has a back up plan for everymove corrupt politicians are covered !!!!!!!!

  133. LM Can you blog the info on Soros on GRETAWIRE AND HANNITY


  134. This is an email recieved from State Representative, Sam Rohrer. **********************************************************

    Sorry Mr. President:
    It’s More Than a Healthy Difference of Opinion!

    Just the other day, our newly elected President Obama, made the bizarre statement that the anger he is hearing from individuals across America and the disapproving statements emanating from some in Congress against the recent “Economic Stimulus Bill” is not really an issue. According to our President, “It’s only a healthy difference of opinion.”

    To that I say, hogwash. Healthy (but unimportant) differences of opinion? These are serious questions: Economic Stimulus or a Bankrupting de-Stimulus? Wise investment or disastrous debt? New Deal or Raw Deal? Prudent planning or central planning? Nationalization or free-enterprise? Socialism or capitalism? Transparency or Chicago politics? Promises kept or promises broken? Inspiring leadership or blatant power-grabbing? Shall I go on?

    These contrasts are not just differences of opinion, but foundational distinctions between honesty and deception, between freedom and tyranny, between the rule of law and the law of raw power. Yes, between good and evil. I am embarrassed and angered at this naked expansion of government and the Obama promise that this “mammoth package is just the beginning”

    No, my friends. We are beyond simple differences of opinion. We’re into core values, to matters of conviction of principle and philosophy. We’re into those things that force grown men to the point where they are compelled to say “Enough is enough” and to draw the line, to stand up or risk being untrue to themselves and their families.

    I have longed and prayed that this President would indeed bring some good change, the kind that could bring us closer together as a nation. The kind that would produce leadership marked with reason, wisdom and prudence. The kind that would strengthen the candle of freedom and restore the moral strength that marks the America we all love. But, act after act, decision after decision, and arrogant comment after arrogant comment has erased all hope for any “good” change, and this in just a matter of weeks.

    And what convinced me beyond all doubt of the change intended by our Commander in Chief were his carefully chosen comments this past Thursday. It was Lincoln’s birthday – a day to celebrate the birth of a loved President. Obama used the occasion to appropriate the image of our 16th President to himself and to shamelessly compare his unconstitutional move into socialism to the ending of slavery and the uniting of a divided nation. As bad as this was, our President blatantly reached back to our Founding Fathers seeking to ascribe to himself the remembrance of those who were willing to sacrifice their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor for our Constitution and for our freedom. When the Constitution was ratified, a woman asked Benjamin Franklin what we now had. His comment: “you now have a republic, if you can keep it.” Franklin’s inspiring words of warning were surgically lifted by our President and fraudulently applied to himself in justification of the Stimulus Plan. As I heard him say, “my actions on this stimulus plan are necessary to preserve our republic!” I could just hear Franklin and Jefferson and the others scream out from the grave.

    When I heard this statement I became utterly convinced that we are not watching a man who is still seeking truth with whom we should give the benefit of the doubt. No, I am left with the firm conclusion that we are watching an intelligent, strategic, and miss-directed man. A man focused on himself. A man who is willing to re-define the most holy and sacred concepts of freedom and liberty to justify the most unholy and most enslaving actions that marked the very tyranny that our Founders opposed. This shouts out to me, and I hope to you, the reasons we must look for opportunities to “draw the line” and to “stand up”.

    More to you later on how. Feel free to get back to me with how you feel we can best “Stand Up.”

    For the Cause of Liberty,

    State Representative Sam Rohrer
    District 128 – Berks County

    (Someone I’d like on my team.)

  135. Canadian4Hillary

    Watch Glenn Beck, today War Room on civil unrest, (senarios of what could happen)

    Have you seen this!



  136. I am with Senator Rohrer. I sure hope that those in senate and congress get their act together to salvage what is left of our freedom and the American dream (rather than zero’s dream), by working on getting the usurper ousted. BO is only phoney hope and change. How dare he compare himself to Lincoln and the founding fathers when he (not a natural-born) is exactly what they were trying to avoid having in the white house. So, I say that BO is a real hypocrite. He is full of BS!

  137. From MommaE blog radio:


    I just want to tell you that Phil Berg will be the guest on tonight’s show is. He will be able to give us updates on what is going on with the 3 cases he has.

    All kinds of good things to talk about and it will be 90 minutes of hot topics, updates and fun. It should be a HOT, rocking show, as well as interesting.

    Please post this on your web site, blogs or any blogs you are associated with or have access to and send to everyone in your address book.

    Link, schedule, call in number and times for the Show is below!


    Call In # 347-237-4870

    5:30 PM Pacific Time

    6:30 PM Mountain Time

    7:30 PM Central Time

    8:30 PM Eastern Time

    I hope to see you all there. There are 3 ways to listen to the show, they are as follows:

    1. When you get to the Show page if the show doesn’t immediately start playing for you,
    you can click on the radio on the right, minimize the page and listen while doing something else.

    2. You can enter the chat as a Guest and read what is being said while listening, if you do this please
    do not click on the radio, or the chat button on the right. Scroll down the page and click on the
    play/chat button in the box describing the show underneath my picture/

    3. You can register/log-in and chat while listening, by following the same instructions in number 2.

    The choice is yours.

    I hope to see you all there.


  138. Obama said he loves this country Canada. I never heard him say i love the USA!! He said in his speech the people of the unitied states. What about saying Us in america!!

  139. United sorry

  140. This is just the beginning. This will be happening more and more. America as we knew it and want it to be is being threatened. I knew it would happen.

  141. JJ – Rep. Rohr’s letter is incredible! Almost makes me wanna move to PA 🙂

    He’s got an excellent video on his website explaining the 10th Amendment and what is happening there. For those of you who want to contact your state reps. and senators, this is an excellent, simple explanation to understand the 10th Amendment.


  142. Please someone email Rep. Rohr and ask him if he knows any other representatives who feel as he does about Obama. Ask if perhaps they can get together and quickly get that usurper out of office.

    The only problem I see here, folks, is that the closer the walls cave in, the faster Obama will make it impossible, ie: executive orders so that he cannot be removed from office.

    This is very scary. The problem is that we were not a strong enough group to make sure he wouldn’t be elected in the first place. The best time to act was January-Feb-March 2008. It seems to have avalanched after that.

    At today’s White House press conf Gibbs was asked why so many things are being done NOT in the public eye but behind closed doors. Where’s the transparency? Gibbs gave a glib answer, words, just words, that meant nothing at all. At least the press is beginning to speak up.

  143. I dont know if any of you had a chance to read by previous post . it is very informing it says that if a state did away with its boundries they will not be able to get thier soverenity . That is why some states have not filed they will not be able to . if you get a chance please read the web site i posted previously it is layi ng out what is happening and the police and milatary are aware of the danger to the american citizzens

  144. Can you tell what states are doing the 10th Amendment?I would like to know if my state is one of the 22.

  145. Mancow mentioned Obama’s birth certificate problem this morning!! Thought I was going to fall out of my chair. Finally it’s getting out!

    God bless and watch over the Texas National Guardsmen! It may very well be a manufactured crisis…

  146. MB // February 20, 2009 at 5:26 pm


  147. Trudy,

    Here’s the list. It was 24 yesterday, 25 today.


  148. Highest praise from this Canadian to State Representative Sam Rohrer!

  149. texasdude,

    As a Canadian, I join you.

  150. oilforimmigration reports:

    Tennessee Sovereignty Just Passed
    Posted on February 20th, 2009 by David-Crockett
    Thank you Tennessee we are proud of you.

    Defend Our Freedoms just published:


    A RESOLUTION to affirm Tennessee’s sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States and to demand the federal government halt its practice of assuming powers and of imposing mandates upon the states for purposes not enumerated by the Constitution of the United States.

    More: http://www.capitol.tn.gov/Bills/106/Bill/HJR0108.pdf

  151. Just watched the video of Alan Keyes on MSNBC and Keith Olbermann and whoever the other dude was are both ignorant a$$es! They made fun of Keyes and stated “since he never has won anything he has ran for…” and labeled us right wing crazies! The other guy (sorry can’t remember his name cuz I was too pissed!) even stated like this ‘ Obama even provided his birth certificate from a hospital in Hawaii on fact check ‘! Are they really that ignorant?

  152. To jbjd:
    The allegation of Treason is appropriate. The arbiters of the Constitution are We the People who have been endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights as asserted in the Declaration. We the People have the right to form a government to act on our behalf, and did so with the Constitution, which expressly reserved all rights and powers to the States or the People, if they were not expressly delegated by us to the Federal government. This was critical to the almost unsuccessful effort to obtain enough States to sign the Constitution; all State were rightly fearful of central government. We the people also have a solemn obligation to overthrow this government for usurpations, such as we are now experiencing, and reform the Union as we see fit. Allegations of treason against the constitution are appropriate for any person taking an oath to defend the constitution, who is not actively doing so…our entire executive, legislative and judicial branch. Any suggestion that NBC is unclear or needs to be adjudicated is absurd. The founder’s intentions are self-evident. Your pedantic arguments are unsubstantiated and unhelpful to our Patriot’s cause. Any fifth grader understands, as does Obama, that he is not NBC and never can be. These are each facts, not disputable and eternal.

  153. i just heard alan keyes is getting air time
    and called obama a usurper on MNBC

    is this true???

    he needs to go on FOX news next,
    they probably beat him up with lies on that far left wing job station cable he was on.

    send me link


  154. Venice , Thank You my state is not there. I’m going to write and see what I can do to get them going,or I’ll just move to Washington, the state.

  155. da verg…yes it is true but Keith Olbermann and some other idiot dismissed him as crazy! They even stated “obama provided his bc from a hawaii hospital on fact check”

    RIDICULOUS! Hopefully some other network will pick this up!

  156. I just watched the clip. I believe the point of having the story is to be on the offensive because the birth situation is really getting traction now. They are just doing damage control in advance!

  157. Hey all,

    Someone here needs to get a copy of Dave Chapell’s HBO show called :” Killing them softly”
    It was taped back before Bush’s first term. When I turned it on he was just starting a comment like this: “When you’re black and you get pulled over and the cop comes to the window and asks you: “Do you know why I pulled you over?” Chapell says ” yea, cus I’m black!” The audience does the standing and stomping laughing with their arms up in agreement ( kind of like TUCC when the Rev was on one of his rolls) anyway, he then goes on to talk about GWB. He says ” you know, I don’t vote for a politician based on his policies. I vote based on his character. ( Keep in mind this was back in 1999 ) So he then says ” you know, he (GWB) did some cocaine … and we don’t need no coke head in the white house” (again crowd does there thing) He continues with ” Uh ah, no ! No way! Cus you know, … once you do that coke, you gonna want to be doing it for years!” ( crowd again acting in agreement – stomping and laughing) Then he says … (drum roll please …) “no telling what he may do .. he might do some crazy shit trying to make deals and shit and next thing you know ..he be sucking some guys d*ck! Scratching and shit. Wantin more of that stuff'” !!!! I SWEAR !!! It played on HBO-OC starting somewhere between 9-10 EST. Again, this was taped in probably 1999, because he asked who they would vote for. It was called : ” Dave Chapell – Killing them softly”
    IT IS SO IRONIC ! I didn’t see the entire show, but what I did see was mind blowing. Someone could have a field day with that one!

    I still don’t get how it’s OK for some people to use the “N” word and everyone thinks that it’s so funny. Yet, let another person use those exact words and their career would be over. Example – Krammer from Seinfeld.

    Seriously, gotta see that HBO show.

  158. Can you see the “mo” turning our way?

  159. I just emaild Mr. Arroyo. I also emailed twenty friends to tell them to email him.
    We must spread the word!!

  160. Rush today talked about how we don’t know anything about Obama. Talked about missing college records, health records, etc. Didn’t mention the actual BC, but he’s dancing around it and circling closer and closer.

    By the way, my husband sent info. re: the state sovereignty resolutions and the 10th Amendment to our state rep. She’s already replied saying she was very grateful for the info. and hadn’t thought about it until now. She will be pursuing this further and get back to us.

    While I question how she isn’t aware of what is going on in other states, I’m grateful for a positive response and promise of action. So if you haven’t contacted your state rep., it’s definitely something to pursue.

    Here’s another resource tracking all the states activities.


  161. Saw this today, an Obama acronym
    One Big Ass Mistake…America
    I’m sorry to see that an OK police officer stopped a citizen for having an anti-OBAMA bumper sticker on his vehicle. The sticker in my opinion was not a threat, just a statement, that’s all. Further, since the media refuses to print anything negative about BO, I find it necessary to use any means at my disposal to make the public aware of this phony in the White House, including BUMPER STICKERS!
    Over the past month several ideas have come to mind, In fact, I’m going to have the following bumper stickers made and you can do the same. Some examples:
    OBAMA (flag upside down)

  162. AP and everyone, I just watched that MSNBC video in which Keith Olberman and Jonathan Alter (Newsweek, credited as a MSNBC news analyst) discussed Keyes’ comments about BO, ‘He needs to be stopped,’ in conjunction with his comments, ‘The military is questioning whether they have to follow orders of a CIC they believe is not a NBC.’ Both men said this is dangerous and that the SS should look into this! They were intimating that, Keyes was inciting violence against BO!

  163. Canadian4Hillary

    AP, thanks for the Keith O, MSNBC video, wow that was great, Obama a radical communist!! Atleast the BC issue is making news, things are heating up!!

    Val, found the utube of Dave Chappelle, Killing me softly (7 parts)

    Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEieZkPaPEo




  165. It’s reassuring to see this Alan Keyes’ statement on MSNBC because it means that, at last, the MSM is paying some attention to what is being said. OK, there may be a great deal of mocking going on, but it’s there for a great many folks to see and hear. A lot of those folks watching will know that Alan Keyes is a highly educated, intelligent and articulate man and that what he says cannot just be dismissed as the crazy ravings of a nutter.

  166. Could we all please bombard MSNBC with emails explaining to those ignorant BASTARDS Hawaiian statutes concerning foriegn born babies? Also, could we send information once again concerning document specialists analysis of the COLB?
    If anyone has a couple of paragraphs they can paste here on those matters, we can bombard MSNBC and remind those elitist TURDS what it may feel like when egg is dripping from their faces.
    Can you tell I’m miffed?

  167. Bill G,
    I’m in jbjd’s corner on this issue.

    You said of him “Your pedantic arguments are unsubstantiated and unhelpful to our Patriot’s cause”

    I don’t agree with your assessment, he is trying to help our cause.


  168. Sandy,

    If anyone needs info about the Hawaiian statutes as regards “foreign born babies,” there is plenty to be found at, “Restore the Constitutional Republic.” See link above right.

  169. I didn’t realizeI was not done…..lol
    Kieth O is a smug elitist. The things he said about Keyes may have been aimed to try to shame those of us who know the truth into believing ourselves to be loons. It wont work. Keyes has more intelect and class in the elbow Keith says he can’t find, than Keith will ever dream of having.
    Someone needs to photoshop his head onto Barney the dinosaur. He has chugged so much purple kool-aid that they could be twins!
    Okay……my rant is done….thanks for the therapy

  170. Anyone observing the adolescent antics of Olberman has to be concerned with the veracity of Keyes statements. Of course, there are many that won’t (about 40% of the population).

    As with the election profile, there are a significant number of people precariously favourably disposed to BO, and those will be the ones influenced by this story being broadcast. Exposure is critical right now.

  171. Those MSNBC people are so clueless that they make Mr Keyes look bad. This is what is really ridiculous. The media is so ignorant and stupid. Their interpretations are stupid. They think it’s a GOP thing when in reality it’s the truth. They are trying to make a respectable guy like Keyes look like he is crazy or bitter or something. Obama is definitely a radical communist usurper and he needs to go. Maybe they need to face facts and stop living in fantasy world thinking that anything against the one is right wing nut.

  172. The economic situation is at critical point right now and the powers that be know that.


    It is possible they are preparing for a national revolt, the scale of which is undetermined. On the one hand Obama is going around the country trying to endear himself, pushing the stimulus. On the other hand MSNBC is trying to quiet the dissenters. We will see IMHO more of this open manoeuvering (more than we’ve already seen).

  173. We could play the race card on him…..turn the tables a bit. He only said those things because Keyes is black.
    I thought Keyes did an excellent job and I am glad for the exposure……even if that audience is a lost cause

  174. goodtimepolitics

    Let keep up the good work that now
    the anti-stimulus, anti-entitlement protest ball is rolling — and now the movement, spurred further by CNBC host Rick Santelli’s call for a “Chicago Tea Party,” is really taking off.
    Come on Americans lets make our voice heard. We are just at the beginning of letting the Obama government know that WE THE PEOPLE HAVE A SAY!


  175. Sandy,
    I was just thinking the same thing. Keith Olbermann is a racist and so is that other guy for calling Keyes crazy and a right wing nut.

  176. Financial Terroist attack Sept /08
    550 Billion in 1 1/2 hours $$$$$ on money markets CRISIS NEEDED !

  177. Larry’s book out soon.Get Ready!!!
    Globe Magazine out next week FEB 24TH

  178. Dr Orly Taitz needs e-mails sent for t-T-V show
    info on site .Has lawsuit with Allen Keyes







  180. Edit out Olbermann’s, and Alter’s comments, and it becomes a powerful video. Alan Keyes would be great on Hannity’s show. Need to Email Sean and send him the link to the msnbc story. You know the ” heat is on” when MSNBC needs to run stories to protect their “chosen one”. GE is getting bail out money and MSNBC is owned by GE, why would anyone question their bias?

  181. helga ty for recipe!

    i think i am in love !!! YUM!

    yes bob and others KEYES needs to get on FOX and NOW!

    anyone who waatches toupe man knows if he says something, the opposite is TRUE !!!

    SEnd this to FOX and RUSH, everyone,

    the box is open !!

  182. Self-loathing is quite typical of liberal mental disorders; Keith Olberman, Ayers…these are white people who are racists against white people! They are no less racist. They use their own disdain for self as fake altruism and self-righteousness “if I can be so critical of my own race I am therefore Godlike in stature”. The woman who Ayers had his black roommate rape in college said he browbeat her into submitting after blockading her exit by calling her a racist bigot if she did not cooperate. Then he stood by and watched. SOUND FAMILIAR? And these are the sickos that Obama hung with; Ayers mentored him for 28 years! I think the psychosis of Ayers and Olberman and the ilk of white people that Obama tolerates is of the genre of self-loathing, self-flagellating liberalism with which we are so familiar. They hate THEMSELVES so much they cannot comprehend how others cannot hold the same level of self-contempt.
    In essence, this entire campaign has attempted to browbeat Americans down into admission that they are racist and bigots if they do not submit to being violated. As if the violation will render them purified.
    NO! The violation will render them violated, wounded. The anger at the whole betrayal of what was really good will on the part of a great many Americans in voting in the first black president, will boil over in ways that Ayers and Obama never could have possibly imagined.
    They’ve cheapened the term racist into practically a joke and it will have no more effect than shooting spitwads at a rampaging T-Rex.

    Obama, aka Mr. Cynical Bullshit who sued Citicorp to force them to make bad loans in his orchestrated economic crisis, said 2 days ago that lenders needed to stop their bad loan practices. The man is unfathomable evil.
    And how did they accomplish this economic damage? They browbeat lenders (and sued them) into allowing themselves to be violated or be called racist. The theme is clear, it is evil, and must be exposed.

  183. yes helga

    statement on soros and electoral college


    soras or soros is the one that has to go,
    he isn’t even an american citizen either, is he??

  184. Bob,
    Try this link.


  186. I sent the USSS US Secret Service an email yesterday concerning their little move (checking a bumber sticker) in OK.

    Also reminded them their lack of integrity was displayed last year when the effigy of VP Nominee Sarah Palin was left to hang for the world to see. Claimed it was for halloween!!

  187. Thanks for your excellent and informative blog post, CW.

    And, thanks to all of the commentors here who have provided dozens of wonderful additional links!

    How ironic is it that the cable station with “the thrill going up it’s anchor’s legs” over ObamaFRAUD – gave Alan Keyes a platform to inform the people about what is REALLY going on behind the scenes of the Lamestream media!

    Of course, both Olberdummy and the Newsweek freak Alder – mock Alan Keyes and his concerns. But at least the information got out there! Perhaps more people will be led to investigate the REAL story being shown via the blogs!

    The evil surrounding Obama is finally being exposed at a greater rate than ever before. I wrote about this fact last night:
    Talk Wisdom: America’s Complaisance With Evil

    My prayer is that millions more Americans will wake up and break their complaisance with such evil!

  188. The Death Of Welfare Reform


    Obama’s Plan All Along Was to Repealed Clinton’s 96 Welfare Reform (06:00)

    please watch and pass on

  189. From Katie……

    While I question how she isn’t aware of what is going on in other states

    Katie, they know, trust me, they all know.

    I email daily the list of states passed and those joining to the Ky. officials asking, ‘where’s Ky’s leadership?’.

  190. The Death Of Welfare Reform

    Obama’s Plan All Along Was to Repealed Clinton’s 96 Welfare Reform (06:00)

    please watch – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEhsjAcGayA

    and pass on to family and friends.

    posted – http://www.theobamafile.com/ObamaLatest.htm

    Concern Citizen

  191. AP // February 20, 2009 at 11:24 pm

    da verg…yes it is true but Keith Olbermann and some other idiot dismissed him as crazy! They even stated “obama provided his bc from a hawaii hospital on fact check”

    RIDICULOUS! Hopefully some other network will pick this up!
    AP—Somehow we need to all send letters or e-mails to this Keith Olberman and Jonathan Alter….truly both putting their own spin on the situtation and leading Americans to think if you question BO’s eligibility you are some right-wing nut! They need quick dose of reality that it is also Democrats now questioning BO and the military making it quite dangerous!!! I noticed that they are either not informed about the international media questioning his eligiblity too or they have chosen to ignore that aspect as well!!! What are we to do??? We need to get rid of these idiots such as Olberman and Alter1

  192. bob strauss –

    I don’t think we should edit out Olbermann and Alter. They should be “given credit” for releasing this news. Don’t forget -anyone mentioning the “eligibility” question would be labeled a nutcase.

  193. PS-


  194. Pingback: UPDATED 21 FEB @ 2PM - Reporter attack on President Barack Obama’s anti-foreclosure plan caught fire on the Internet on Thursday « Goodtimepolitics

  195. CW and fellow Patriots, a Big Thank You for fighting for America. I also plan to March in DC when the time comes. God Bless America !!!

  196. This is what I sent to MSNBC….I hope more of you will follow suit and send them your outrage in spinning a crisis into name calling and something to poke fun at!!! This is an outrage!!

    Why don’t you just report the facts and quit putting the spin on it. You guys are idiots when it comes to Soetoro…the following is what I sent out to all of my contacts. Get a life and demand that Soetoro show us his legal documents…not something they put on the internet…anyone can do that!!!! This is not a laughing matter and it is not just the right wing calling for this proof….WAKE UP you are drowning in your arrogance and ignorance! I don’t call this responsible reporting!!

    Jacqlyn K. Smith

    Henderson, Nevada

    Dorothy Thompson:

    There is nothing to fear except the persistent refusal to find out the truth, the persistent refusal to analyze the causes of happenings.


    This is an important YouTube video….make sure you watch it first with Alan Keyes and then below I am also sending the SPIN VIDEO by MSNBC idiots Keith Olbermann and Jonathan Alter. They seem to believe you only have to be a citizen of the US to be President….never do they mention you must be a natural born citizen and never do they mention the lack of information concerning who Soetoro really is like….college records, medical documentation, passport information only to mention a few!! Please send this on to everyone you know. The CRISIS is upon us without a legitimate person in charge and with the “evil one” wreaking havoc on our rights as Americans. The ignorance and arrogance of Capitol Hill and the MSM is a travesty….and one that our nation may never get over if something isn’t initiated soon!! Of course Soetoro doesn’t care because he is an Anti-American A$$ who wants nothing more than to destroy this country! This is not a laughing matter folks such as MSNBC would like to have you believe!!!! Please circulate this ASAP!


    Alan Keyes, Red Scare throwback

    Feb. 20: Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter talks about Alan Keyes negative comments toward President Barack Obama.


  197. Hey all,

    I posted a comment at 12:30 am this morning about the Dave Chappel HBO show. I was half a sleep when I posted the info, but wanted it out there.

    Thank you Canadian4Hillary for posting the youtube links.

    I’m telling you folks, you’ve got to see this! It is insane. Here you have Dave Chappel dogging George W back in 1999 for doing cocaine and how we should NOT let a “coke head in the WhiteHouse … No how, No way!” He goes on to say the Pres may get the craving and be all scratchy and shit ( his words) and may do something like have his d*ick sucked to get some coke!

    HELLO??? Now, move a head 10 years…. and what cha got?

    I’m not savy with linking and pasting, etc… but please check it out. It is SO ironic!

    And … Dave Chappel is SO racist. And as some people have been saying … racism is NOT a one way street!

    Also, Hannity has the new “I hate hannity” hotline and now he lets you post a video of you asking questions. Now they’re not all about hating Hannity. Yesterday it was some guy talking about the new stinkules plan.

    Maybe we should be calling Hannity saying ” I hate that the MSM won’t address this situation… COLB, etc..”

  198. Just checked the youtube of Alan Keyes – in the comment section he is now being referred to as …
    An Uncle Tom !!!

    Give me a break!

  199. In Mod jail at 4:35 … please let me out!

  200. I’ve always believed that the Media builds them up to bring them down …

    Is it that time?

  201. Val,

    I have often thought that when the media puts someone on a pedestal, the most obvious consequence is that the same media will try to knock them off that pedestal.

    Also, just thinking about the UK media with regard to a particular case: the Madeleine McCann case. Madeleine McCann’s parents have been so successful in suing certain news media that it seems that some newspapers, in reporting anything that could be critical, present it in such a way that it looks like they are rubbishing the rumour or the story being published by the European press. For example, in talking about a “shamed,” ex-police officer and the awful things he’s saying in his book about the case, the book is now eagerly anticipated in an English edition.

    I’m not saying that MSNBC is doing this, but it’s something to bear in mind.

  202. I’ld like one of them signs!

  203. I have an idea. How about mailing this HI law to Dan Abrams, legal editor at MSNBC, with copies to both Jonathan Alter and Keith Olbermann, along with a nice note pointing out that, relying on the “Certification of Live Birth” BO posted on his web site, “Fight the Smears,” to establish his status as a U.S. citizen, let alone a Natural Born Citizen, makes this major news organization appear incredible since by now, their audience knows that, virtually anyone born anywhere in the world could at one time legally obtain a HI Certification of Live Birth.

    Hawaiian Revise Statutes
    §338-17.8] Certificates for children born out of State. (a) Upon application of an adult or the legal parents of a minor child, the director of health shall issue a birth certificate for such adult or minor, provided that proof has been submitted to the director of health that the legal parents of such individual while living without the Territory or State of Hawaii had declared the Territory or State of Hawaii as their legal residence for at least one year immediately preceding the birth or adoption of such child.

    Can anyone post Mr. Abrams email?

  204. http://www.americanthinker.com/2009/02/obamas_unity_hustle.html

    Interesting article but the title is what call my eye. Obama the “hustler”. Somehow it strikes just the right pitch.

  205. “caught ” my eye

  206. I heard on radio some pdf’s downloads arent working till march 11 ,Wow!!! They are hijacking your computer if you download info.

  207. I found this on Dr. Orly’s site. I still can’t believe these mindless mummies still refer to that already debunked as a forgery certification of live birth as zero’s birth certificate.
    Saturday, February 21, 2009
    Los Angeles Times:
    CLICK here http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/washington/2009/02/obama-birth-cer.html

    Alan Keyes: Stop Obama or U.S. will cease to exist!!!!
    CLICK here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWdCNodGrA8
    NOTE: Dr. Keyes will be one of the plaintiffs in the next legal action on behalf of candidates on the ballot, State Representatives and nearly 60 members of the military

  208. The-only-good-Demon-crat-is-an-aborted-one.

  209. It’s no surprise O has not managed his transition, stimulus bill, press conferences well. He made a big mistake when he dissed and scolded some reporters at an early press conference. His approval ratings are low. People are waking up and it’s only the beginning. Many cracks in his false veneer are starting to show and the public is taking notice.

    Any star of film, stage or television will tell you that negative press is good press. That said, I don’t think this “discussion” about Keyes is necessarily a bad thing. The fact that they didn’t sound bite his talk to death is pretty significant. He said some well-parsed things. Viewers can see through the follow-on mocking. It’s just like the Santorelli thing on MSNBC. It didn’t go viral because people viewed his rant as that of a lunatic. It went viral because he had the guts to say what is on many people’s minds, he got others to join in and he did so in a live public forum…at the Chicago Exchange of all places.

    The Emperor has no clothes…and he’s beginning to sense a chill in the air!

  210. pdfs might have virus in it heard on radio today careful on your computer

  211. speedy, calling the “Certification of Live Birth” posted on “Fight the Smears,” a “forgery” not only lends credibility to claims from our detractors that we who question BO’s Constitutional eligibility for POTUS are crazy but also misdirects the eye from the main event. Why even delve into cross-claims as to whether this document is for real, when its reality has no bearing on the final determination as to whether BO is legit? From the beginning, I advised everyone who was spending countless hours ‘studying’ the issue to assume this document was for real. Then, ask yourself this question: assuming this is a real Certification of Live Birth from HI, does this establish BO is a NBC? Way back in September, I visited the State of HI web site to learn about the difference, if any, between a Certification of Live Birth; and a Birth Certificate. I learned that, at or around the time we assume BO was born, a foreign birth could be registered in HI. But even this “FACT” is not the most significant fact coming out of the posting of this Certification. Rather, it is that BO wrote on the site, this photocopy of the Certification – remember, assume it is real – is his “Official Birth Certificate.” In other words, knowing HI law allowed the registration of a foreign birth; and, that in HI, a Certification of Live Birth by itself fails to satisfy identification requirements even to establish HI Homeland status; BO nevertheless claimed this document proves he is a NBC for the purpose of establishing his Constitutional eligibility for POTUS.

    This is the real story.

  212. ALL — I HAVE A PLAN!!!!! CW PLEASE check this out and let me know if this can become a feature on your blog.

    I like jbjd’s way of thinking. I’ve been reading his posts here ,as well as some posts on his blog. I’ve read his criticisms and thoughts on the cases out there.

    I think what he brings up — constantly — can’t be overstated.

    We will be considered “nutcases” or the “fringe” so long as we refer to assumptions, rumor, or unprovable (in court) material.

    But, we do have several very valid, key points, that certainly cast REASONABLE DOUBT on BO’s eligibility.

    However, the courts haven’t heard this, and there are too many cases that are 90% there. We need one that is 100% to win, and that means 100% standing.

    Until that happens, we know we need a media firestorm to make this national. And, here’s how to do it. It is so simple!

    1.) BO’s popularity is sinking. For us, this helps in getting “open ears”, who previously would have been closed or NOT CARING about the notion that BO is ineligible.

    2.) BO keeps mentioning impending doom. This is causing uneasiness with a lot of people.

    3.) We can capitalize on this by having a massive demonstration. BUT NOT NOW!

    Here’s the Rigman Plan, tell me what you think:

    We use this blog, and others, to pick a date somewhere in the summer – say June. We then advertise the date and coordinate the action.

    Where will this be? Well, let’s face it. Trying to get 1 million, 100,000, or even 10,000 people organized to go to D.C. is difficult.

    BUT — what about a *distributed* demonstration? Here’s what I mean.

    We all use the time between now and the date to find where our local network TV stations and newspapers are physically located in our communities. We announce our locations on a web page (I can code this but need hosting). We come up with standard signage copy to be used, and all agree to act professionally and only discuss factual points, up to establishing reasonable doubt. Signs like “Did Pelosi vet BO?”, “B.O. promised transparency. What about Harvard and Occidental?” You get the idea.

    Most people won’t have a clue about individual issues, but hitting enough locations at one time with enough people WILL cause media coverage, especially if done right, which is where we will get brief snips of time on camera to say our peace.

    To ensure that, I propose we organize ourselves. We need a graphics design and web tech division, which I volunteer to be a part of. We need a webpage that appears professional.

    We need a “content” division. This division would come up with acceptable slogans, signage, and website content that proves points, raises questions, etc. This division must work very hard to ensure we aren’t saying things that may not be true, or make us look like the “lunatics” we’re called out to be. We need the best posters on this blog to be a part.

    We need a “mobilization” division, responsible for recording locations of demonstration sites nationally, so people can lookup where to go. This division would also perform due diligence in ensuring that the local authorities are notified ahead of time that we will be performing a peaceful, lawful, demonstration. We can put them on our side. Many of them are already, and would appreciate the heads up.

    Yes, we can do this just like the Obama campaign team can! Yes we can! We, too, can organize and take advantage of the many blogs, websites, and wikis out there.

    If we can pull off a 4 hour demonstration that is national in scope, at the very least we will get local coverage across the country, if not real mainstream coverage.

    Yes, I work in the media. The reason the left “wins” with the media is that they are vocal, and have the time / funding to be kissing their butt. But the media thirsts for news. We CAN get their attention, but only in massive numbers. People have lives, and we can’t expect massive numbers of people to take time off work, buy plane tickets. But to do something local is more feasible.

    That’s the Rigman Plan.

  213. speedy at 8:23 pm

    Spread the word – Linda Starr from Phil Berg’s ObamaCrimes.us has posted a comment at the LA Times in response to their inaccurate report about the Usurper’s birth certificate and eligibility. So far, they’re not releasing any of the comments people are posting, so perhaps we can help get Ms. Starr’s response out for her.

    Top of the Ticket
    Andrew Malcolm’s blog at LA Times

    My comments are long, but of vital importance to every American citizen throughout the world.

    The facts reported in this article are not exactly fully accurate. Some important information was left out, no offence meant to Andrew Malcolm, who had the courage to report this here. Few others in MSM have had that same degree of courage. I’ve been performing investigative oppositional research against Republicans for the past 11 years. I first discovered that Barry Soetoro/Obama’s COLB on his website had been forged as early as June 2008 so I began an earnest investigation. I took this information to the only lawyer in the country, Phil Berg, whom I knew would actually act on this information. He agreed I had some valid facts that we needed to research further. I started working with his personal assistant and we soon had some pretty serious facts that Soetoro/Obama’s COLB on his website was in fact ALTERED. We also uncovered some other damning evidence. Phil Berg filed suit on Aug 21, 2008.

    What our exhaustive research has further shown is that his true legal name is Barry Soetoro and there is no legal action showing his name was ever changed to Barack Obama – which a name change as an adult would show. His mother’s divorce records from Lolo Soetoro states there were TWO children of the parties, one under 18 and one over 18. She only had two children, Barry and Maya. The ONLY possible way there would be mention of two children is if Barry were either legally adopted or acknowledged by Soetoro. Since we KNOW Barry was born in Kenya from verbal confirmation by the clerk at the Registry of Birth in Kenya, ordered sealed by Barry’s cousin Odinga, as well as other documentation, including his own paternal grandmother, Sarah Obama, that means Barry WAS NEVER A CITIZEN OF THE US! At this point, when he became the legal child of Lolo Soetoro, he legally became a “natural born citizen of Indonesia”. We have other information that his mother relinquished her citizenship as well, making his sister’s foreign birth registry illegal. Hawaii allows registration of foreign births to Americans overseas. The ALTERED COLB Barry has displayed on his website bears the exact same language as his sister’s foreign birth registration in Hawaii and we KNOW she was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. Barry is a legal natural born citizen of Indonesia, not the US, and allowing him to remain in office is destroying our Constitution by altering it in a major way without any discussion or consideration by the American citizens who have been deceived into thinking Barry is legally eligible and qualified. He used his US government paid educational grants, as a foreign national like his father Obama, to study Constitutional law, which he then used to manipulate the system to get elected.

    And btw, did I mention I was a Democrat until this fiasco was forced on us? Pelosi, Reid, Feinstein and Dean all had a legal and ethical duty to force production of a certified and unaltered copy of Barry’s original birth certificate on file in Hawaii, and failed the American people utterly, and the public detrimentally relied upon assurances they had vetted Barry. What we now know in fact is that Barry was chosen by DNC leaders as early as April 2004, before even winning his US Senate Seat, to be the next Democratic candidate for president. Perhaps they accepted on face value his forged COLB, but they had a legal duty to force the issue when Phil Berg filed suit and served it on DNC BEFORE the DNC convention.

    I very strongly suggest people visit our website and blogs at http://www.ObamaCrimes.com to see the facts we have uncovered. And I also want to inform everyone that there are valid suits ongoing in PA, DC and other jurisdictions pursuing this matter. In one of Phil Berg’s suits that went before the SCOTUS, it was dismissed BEFORE JUDGMENT under Rule 11, not for the subject matter, the merits of the case, or standing. (Many Democrats have used court dismissals as verification Barry is eligible.) What it means is Phil Berg still had an appeal at the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. When those are all exhausted, then SCOTUS will hear it if the courts do not rule to allow the suits filed by Phil to move forward on the merits.

    And let me further explain the consequences to our citizens: if WE THE PEOPLE do not have standing to challenge the validity and eligibility of a Presidential candidate, or now an illegal sitting POTUS under the Constitution, which in fact is a contract of the government with the people, then our Constitution is null and void, technically murdered by the courts which have enjoyed their authority under the very document they use to deny us having an avenue to address our grievances and EVERY JUDGE WHO RULES AGAINST US ON STANDING NEEDS TO BE REMOVED FOR VIOLATING THEIR FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANT OATH – TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION!!! Phil Berg is fighting for every citizen to have standing to challenge politicians in power from abusing their powers.

    DNC leaders had a duty to all Americans to vet their candidate and they failed us all miserably. We MUST have a means to address this terrible injustice that alters our Constitution without debate or knowledge of the citizens who must have informed consent to alter it! Please come to OC and learn the truth for yourself. We want to save this nation and uphold the Constitution for all our progeny. This is a constitutional issue!!!

    Thank you, Linda Starr

  214. Linda Star is a true Democrat, not one of these socialist knock-offs like Pelosi, Reid, or a communist like Obama…I am a Republican and I have the world of respect for true Democrats.
    Further, like CW, Berg, she is a modern patriot.

  215. I would like for everyone to view the attached Questiannaire for Security Cearance and explain to me how Obama could get a Clearance with his background. The site is: http://usmilitary.about.com/library/pdf/sf86.pdf

  216. Nawanaga,
    The Pelosi,Reid,Obama-type Democrats you cite above are more like Jacobins.Not democrats.The Jacobins were the liberal fascists of the French Revolution that secularized everything and insisted on civic-speech.Today its PC-speak.Those who did not follow this line were murdered.Linda Starr may have a hard time honestly bonding with this so-called Democratic party.It is being dissolved on the alter of Obamaism.Individualism was kicked to the curb just like today.I would suggest all of us join the “SAVE AMERICA NOW” party,(Patriot movement).Republicans also have been infected by the GLOBALIST sell-outs.

  217. White House Press Secretary Gibbs is a National Disgrace!

  218. If you really want to know about “O” go to


    Really good authentic timeline, everone should read

  219. Great Rigman plan. I loved the Seattle porkulus demonstration, it was very civil and had little kids in strollers and clever signs. The one reporter I saw was scowling, but at least they must’ve covered some of it.
    But a central message that’s indisputable and speaks to common sense is really valuable to be repeated.
    “Why did Obama’s lawyers threaten financial ruination upon anyone seeking his Occidental records?”
    “Why does Obama’s Jakarta-born sister have a Hawaiian Certification of Live Birth too?”
    there’s many more ideas to get the ball rolling

  220. You know… Linda Starr really is.

    jbjd.. I disagree with you over the importance of issues. The gist of your post at 9:38 last night was this:

    “speedy, calling the “Certification of Live Birth” posted on “Fight the Smears,” a “forgery” not only lends credibility to claims from our detractors that we who question BO’s Constitutional eligibility for POTUS are crazy but also misdirects the eye from the main event…… ask yourself this question: assuming this is a real Certification of Live Birth from HI, does this establish BO is a NBC?…… BO wrote on the site, this photocopy of the Certification – remember, assume it is real – is his “Official Birth Certificate.”…… BO nevertheless claimed this document proves he is a NBC for the purpose of establishing his Constitutional eligibility for POTUS.”

    It’s an easy issue for everyone to understand that Obi’s COLB is a clumsy forgery. “Ron Polarik’s” marvelous forensic debunking on this, technical as it is, has completeness and authority to it and is fully available for any to see, including the press-political complex. To base our claim on Polarik’s work, which has been publicly substantiated by a non pseudonymic second forensic document specialist, is to be standing on sure ground. It’s this sure ground that allows us to go forward through all manner of obfuscation and roadblock that Obi’s tree dwellers come against us with.

    We know he forged it. It has become both a rallying cry for us and a pry bar. With it we have something substantive to use in enlisting the help of the msm. There are other things to be used, of course, but the faked COLB is easy to see as fake when using Polarik, and the msm will begin to use Polarik at some point soon. Once the media start turning against Obi the game is up. Your suggestion is useful inside court, along with the fake COLB also, I feel. It’s out here where the media will be influenced by Polarik and go after the Pulitzer in trying to knock Obama out of the box. He can not win. The media will soon start doing its job.

    We won every major engagement during Vietnam, but lost the war. We didn’t have the hearts of the Vietnamese people sufficiently and we lost the propaganda war here and around the world. These problems are happening to Obi in successively greater fashion. He isn’t having the victories that a new president always needs to carry through farther into an administration’s term. And the more that people get fed up… the more his ratings drop… the greater impact that issues like his fake COLB will have on the minds of the people and of the media. So I say we should storm the Bastille with shouts of “Remember the COLB!”

  221. I did not know BO’s sister had a HI Certification of Live Birth. Link?

    BO has been hit with over 20 lawsuits, all of which have failed, many of which resulted in comments from the judges hinting at their frivolity. Any other Defendant ight have asked for sanctions long ago; any minute now, a judge is bound to impose sanctions, especially if the same suits are brought which have been previously dismissed.

  222. TurnRight, that you would use the nom de plume of an anonymous stranger posting over the internet; or anyone else giving an opinion of an image posted over the internet, shows like an act of desperation at best. FactCheck posted on their site, an extensive pictorial justification for their contention that, having SEEN the original document (in BO’s campaign office in Chicago), it is for real.

    Instead of arguing with me, why don’t you figure out how you will contest the word of FactCheck, which posts the names and photographs of its staff, who have validated the document you reject? Figure out what you will say, what ‘proof’ you will offer to support your position, in rebuttal. Always keep in mind, they actually SAW the document. (This is why I recommended that a back-and-forth contest of proofs is counterproductive. The point is, FactCheck said it was real AND so what? Does this document establish BO is a NBC? No. And this is the best argument as to why its authenticity has no bearing on the point, which is, BO has produced no evidence that would indicate, he is a NBC.)

  223. jbjd:
    I have mentioned this before, but it needs repeating. You have some very good ideas, have done lots of research, have some kind of legal access. However, you are always suggesting what someone else should do. Why don’t you take the ball and run with it? I don’t understand why not. You seem very frustrated that no one will take your advice. Since I am not in the legal field, I cannot know which legal mind is following the correct path.

    If you feel your way is the right way, why not just do it yourself? I don’t get it. You could be a hero.

  224. ccc and everyone here, each of us needs to be a part of the solution to this problem. Trying to help others to shore up their arguments so that when they present their point of view, they will be heard, does not mean, I am abrogating anyone else’s responsibility as a citizen to take back your government from those who have employed chicanery and treachery to usurp this from you; or that there is only one way to solve this problem. Making a cogent argument will win the day. I only try to help people make that argument, in whatever forum they propose to make their stand.

    I posted an article on my blog about this problem of looking to someone else for our salvation: MESSIAH V. SAVIOR: A DISTINCTION WITHOUT A DIFFERENCE. Democracy is not a spectator sport.


  225. ccc

    I also made the same comment about jbjd doing more. I also recalled reading on his blog that he could not be seen on TV. It may be that he is some one signficant/important and can not be discovered. Or he might be just a smart law student. The latter, I doubt!!

  226. Rigman
    You have a good idea for a coordinated protest across USA.See if you can get a leader of a group or blog to help you with this.

  227. Rigman
    I say we wear diapers over our clothes and wave Kenyan and Indonesian flags with Obama’s face on them just like the American flag that carried his mug.
    That ought to get some attention

  228. Anyone know why the comments aren’t being posted at this article link?


    Do you have to register and/or post a comment to see the rest? Isn’t this VERY STRANGE?

    I think that those who previously thought this was a non-issue (like Olberdummy, News WEAK Alder, and the author at the LA Times blog), are realizing that they just broke open Pandora’s box – and it will probably seriously affect Obamafraud!

  229. JBJD,

    NO, not all of the lawsuits have failed!

    Many of them have been dismissed at a lower court, but several have been appealed to a higher court and are waiting for their day in the sun…….or is it their day with The Son?

    One here in my fair state, Keyes v. Bowen, is coming up on Mar 13, and I intend to make the drive up to Sacramento to sit in the courtroom to witness and report back on the movement to take down barry soetoro.

    Your comments, responses, and direction make perfect sense…………..PLEASE do something and get directly involved! If the others are doing something that you feel isn’t working, put on your mudboots and wade in!

    We need you. Your country needs you.

  230. Christinewjc // February 22, 2009 at 12:40 pm

    Anyone know why the comments aren’t being posted at this article link?
    Curious, huh? That’s why I copied Linda Starr’s comment and posted it above. Chances are you’ll never see it on the website.

  231. Senator Shelby of Alabama is now signing on to this birth certficate conspiracy theory



    Fantastic news! Attorney Stephen Pidgeon is spearheading a NATIONAL GRAND JURY. This is a major step towards establishing a legal foundation upon which to examine the conduct (or misconduct) of the existing government—Congress, Senate, Supreme Court and President.

    “Pursuant to First Amendment (The right of the people peaceably to assemble), the Ninth Amendment (The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people), and the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution for the United States of America (The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people), this National Grand Jury is convened by natural born citizens of the fifty several states and of the United States of America, seating 50 jurors pursuant to the duties, powers, responsibilities, qualifications as established hereunder for the following purposes:

     To examine all aspects of the federal government by initiating its own investigations.
     To serve as ombudsmen for the citizens of the country in respect to constitutional rights. and privileges established under the organic documents of the United States of America, as properly amended from time to time.
     To conduct criminal investigations of members of the federal government, and, if the evidence is sufficient, issue criminal indictments. . . .

    Detailed information about this endeavor is available at decalogosintl.org or go to StephenPidgeon.com.

    As many patriots have sadly come to realize, we are no longer under rule of the Republic of America. An imposter and a usurper is now sitting in the Whitehouse aided and abetted by a corrupt and criminal Congress and Senate. We are now under a tyrannical government. Everything they do is illegal and unenforceable. To date citizens have had no legal umbrella upon which it can declare this coup d’état. The declaration and formation of a NATIONAL GRAND JURY which derives its power directly from the 9th and 10th amendments of our Constitution will give American citizens the sanctity and legal power to officially challenge the legality of the current government under the rules of the Constitution.

    While this will not be the all powerful whip to strike down this illegal government it will give steel and motivation to other branches of government and patriots to eventually gain the power to remove this usurper from office and begin to restore America the Republic she is.

    Mr. Stephen Pidgeon will be the featured guest on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/usapatriots-shout this Sunday evening, February 22, 2009 between 8 and 10 pm Pacific Standard Time. You may call 646-727-3865 to ask questions.

  233. jbjd: In the United States, Rule 11 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and similar state rules require that an attorney perform a due diligence investigation concerning the factual basis for any claim or defense (Check, done). Jurisdictions differ on whether a claim or defense can be frivolous if the attorney acted in good faith. United States courts usually define “frivolous litigation” as a legal claim or defense presented even though the party and the party’s legal counsel had reason to know that the claim or defense had no merit (plaintiff has reason to know the claim HAS merit). A claim or defense may be frivolous because it had no underlying justification in fact (plenty of justification in facts), or because it was not presented with an argument for a reasonable extension or reinterpretation of the law (direct interpretation of the law would be fine enough, thank-you), or because laws are in place unequivocally prohibiting such a claim such as Good Samaritan law (there are no laws preventing citizens or plaintiffs with standing from seeking Constitutional justice).
    A motion such as “Motion To Kiss My Ass” or “Motion for Catered Food Services” is understandably frivolous.
    All of the claims brought up against Soetoro are data-wise meritorious, have every reason to succeed based on the law, are based in fact and logic with ample supporting data, and are brought by proper litigants without legal obstruction to do so.

  234. Please lets help Dr Orly get on TV

    She need 3000, YES thatʼs three thousand, of you to send an email to raymond@raymondarroyo.com
    with only the word: TOPICS in the subject line. Those are his specific instructions.

    In the email (please be very polite) tell Raymond that you want him to interview Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq., the lawyer who has a case pending in the United States Supreme Court challenging Obamaʼs Natural Born Citizenship.

    If we get her on TV, and tens of millions of Americans watch what she has to say, then the cat is out of the bag. This site has three hundred and fifty thousand (350,000) hits per week; she only need three thousand of you. I need three thousand Patriots to step forward.

    Please do your share. Help her! Step forward!

    Please pass on to familes and friends too!


    We The People of the United States of America.

  235. DEFENDOURFREEDOMS.US published a new entry entitled “Raising awareness and support for an ad to compel Obama to release his original birth records” on 2/22/2009 10:15:13 AM, written by Defend Our Freedoms Foundation.

    Raising awareness and support for an ad to compel Obama to release his original birth records

    Chicago Tribune Ad For Obama Records
    Raising awareness and support for an ad to compel Obama to release his original birth records

    Saturday, February 21, 2009

    Alan Keyes – “Obama is a Radical Communist Born in Kenya” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jDa8vDPaYI&feature=subscription

    posted – http://defendourfreedoms.us/2009/02/22/raising-awareness-and-support-for-an-ad-to-compel-obama-to-release-his-original-birth-records.aspx#AddComment

  236. ‘n,’ great legal research! Nothing makes me more hopeful for our eventual success in this endeavor than witnessing the self-empowerment of a fellow citizen. Yes; the rules of civil procedure state what constitutes a frivolous lawsuit, and the case books are replete with judicial interpretations of what these rules mean. Even assuming arguendo that a case brought to court is factually accurate, this has absolutely no bearing on whether the court will find the underlying legal cause of action asserted constitutes a non-frivolous filing.

    Mandamus does not properly lie where no state or federal law explicitly requires the governmental actor to perform a specific ministerial function. Leo Donofrio’s Mandamus case in federal court argued that the S of S of NJ had a duty to vet BO because she swore an oath to uphold the Constitution; Broe argued in state court that the S of S of WA had a duty to vet the candidate because only qualified candidates were allowed on the ballot. The courts in both cases agreed with Defendant S’s of S, represented by their respective state A’sG, that Plaintiffs had failed to present to the court any provision of law requiring the S of S to specifically vet the Party candidate for POTUS as to Constitutional eligibility.

    Leo argued he had standing to bring Mandamus as a citizen of the state, notwithstanding a federal judge had dismissed another such case against John McCain just months earlier, finding that any citizen who can only allege injury qua (in the role of) citizen has not met the threshold matter of standing. In Broe, Plaintiffs alleged standing to sue the S of S because the state constitution provided that citizens can challenge such state action. Regardless, they brought their suit under Mandamus and so, they had failed to state a claim for which relief can be granted.

    This comment was (allowed to be) posted on Orly’s blog.

    Real Attorney wrote:
    Who the plaintiffs are does not matter. These cases fail to get legal standing due to lack of showing ACTUAL, PARTICULAR and CONCRETE INJURY by the defendant. It is a theory of injury only.

    Actually, while most legal causes of action require actual injury, imminent injury will satisfy the requirements for standing, in a case for Declaratory Judgment, because the federal Declaratory Judgment Act specifically includes this class of Plaintiffs. This is my military Complaint. In other words, unless an actual injury can be alleged, using military Plaintiffs in any other kind of civil case will not fly, no matter how many Plaintiffs, or how ‘accurate’ the facts alleged.* And using a military Plaintiff who is retired, like Hollister, failed to withstand Defendant’s objections that, the Plaintiff lacked standing, notwithstanding a theoretical chance of recall.

    Now, you tell me why Orly filed a legal action seeking to vet BO, based on an Executive Order that contains an explicit caution, this is an internal personnel action and does not confer any right of action to enforce; to say nothing of arranging dozens of subpoenas for records to be served on federal agencies; and which explicitly has nothing to do with the office of POTUS, anyway; but refused to file the military Complaint I drafted for her. And why Berg will file a military Complaint using retired military, in an Interpleader, but not the military Complaint that evidently inspired him.

    *If military are prosecuted criminally under the Uniform Code of Military Justice for refusing to follow orders based on a claim, BO is not a NBC and, therefore, they cannot obey his orders under their oath of service; then, they can file a Civil Rights Complaint arguing they are being denied their Constitutional rights to life and liberty, without due process. I wrote about this in a memo I posted on my blog in November.

    And, of course, as Defendants in a criminal proceeding, they can ask the court to order the production of documents that would tend to establish, BO is not a NBC and, therefore, lacks the legal authority to order D into combat, anyway. Vieira wrote about this possibility months ago. Naturally, I prefer to protect our military before they are subject to such discipline.

  237. Are we sure Raymond hasn’t recieved 3000 e mails yet? It was asked a couple days ago. I sent one, and asked a few friends to as well. I don’t understand which tv program he is with. Anyone have that information?

  238. It is very encouraging to read all of your posts here. But I wonder are we still in the minority? I don’t know very many people myself, and in my neighborhood I think most people voted for BO. These days I truly feel like America is asleep or playing video games, and not paying attention to their freedoms being taken away. Perhaps they will notice when their homes are seized to be redistributed to people more deserving?? Isn’t that how it works? “To each according to their need, from each according to their ability.”
    PS. to the critics of JBJD, don’t judge too harshly. Perhaps he/she is a notable enough individual that to come out publicly would endanger their life. There may come a day where we all must lay down our lives, and I know I will. But each of us has to make that descision on our own.

  239. jbjd, why do YOU think that they keep repeating their mistakes by bringing these cases under Mandamus?
    I don’t understand why Dr. Taitz is trying to use an INTERNAL executive order or why she is she issuing subpeonas to unrelated federal agencies.

    Is she not using advice from others? All of the attorneys that have brought cases should be consulting with each other. And it appears that they should be listening to you as well.

  240. I sent my e-mail to Mr. Arroyo as well. He is on EWTN…a very well watched Catholic program. My entire family in Kansas watch this station on a daily basis and love Mr. Arroyo. I on the other hand watch TV very seldom so I am not a regular but I have seen him and know he is a big Pro-Life person!

  241. CW & Crew!
    Help ME,
    Please fix Google.

    “Obama was here” pops up every time my computer is turned on.


    Please………….. We The People; from this toxic abuse.

    Thank You

  242. Foxnews – Sean Hannity

    Film reveals frightening details of terrorist trainig in the U.S.

    Frightening film on 35 Terrorism camps on U.S. soil


    please pass on to families and friends.

    Concern Citizen

  243. thanks Eagle.


    Margie, I just wanted to make sure she gets the support she needs to do this TV interview…sorry if I’m over doing it.

  244. Latest from Obama camp.

    We need to keep up with what Obama is doing..Your Money at Work “American Recovery & Reinvestment Act”


  245. LM I understand I was hoping he recieved enough e mails. When it comes to protecting our Country, there can never be too much support. God Bless America, One nation under God.

  246. jbjd

    sounds like the attorneys are wasting their time and barking up the wrong tree

    i am not ready to say they are lumbering in the wrong forrest yet

    but it has been over 8 months, and still none of the legal filings are going anywhere

    are we done here?

  247. New article up on Alabama Senator Richard Shelby, Obama birth certificate, Dr. Fukino,
    Politico, Huffington Post, etc.

  248. Obama’s civilian security force on YouTube.

    You must see this, very scary

    This is a impropriate to say about our Military.

    So what does this mean? Black Panthers to be Obama’s civilian security force?

    pass on.

  249. jbjd:

    Your major post of 2:48 PM yesterday is interesting and should be the essence of a viable legal attack against Obie, one of several. The particular thought has been around a while, Vieira and others, and I’m glad you promote it. It seems to be a strong courtroom route at this point for any new actions, now that defendant Obie has actually usurped the power. And now the efficiency of our implementation will be enhanced by carefully planned for, or at least understood, situations in which Obie can be found culpable. By that I mean that a watch should be kept on all that Obie does as Prez that may lead to his entanglement in court. As example, suppose he is involved with a strike on Pakistan in which an airman is injured or killed. The surviving family members, or a discharged for medical reasons ex military person would have standing. So that, from day one, knowing all that the defendant Obie has done… either new law or executive order… should provide basis for discovering for the right case to bring.

    In your reply of 5:04 AM to my post of 4:51 AM you go sideways to what I was saying. From what I’ve seen you argue consistently over your time on this blog within the legal sphere. My post concerned the other court structure, public opinion… just as powerful a trigger to ignite the inevitable legal forest fire as lower court rulings may be, though perhaps taking longer. But public opinion may quicken fate and speed up the normal court process to provide rulings that are beneficial to us, here’s why.

    If Obie were to have a ruling go against him on any of the existing lawsuits, say at the federal district court level, it’s conceivable that he could tie up legal proceedings for years until finality in the U.S. Supreme Court, if left alone. Look what happened to the first of Berg’s at district. If it takes two to five years in U.S. Supreme Court, once a case comes out of Appellate, Obie could finish out his first term.

    But… if the media become attack dogs, turning on Obie on the issue of his fraudulent, net-posted COLB, then matters would almost certainly be expedited. Just as no organism can survive in its own waste, no politician can survive when the people know him to be poisonous. That was my point about Vietnam. We lost because the other side had faith that public opinion here would hand them the victory they sought, by way of changing the politics sufficiently. That faith kept them in the fight. They had lost approximately seven percent of their population to war in the South and at home in the North. Seven percent losses is a historic capitulation number. We were at the point of victory, but goodwill between the American people and our government had lapsed finally to the extent that the war could no longer be sustained politically.

    When public opinion turns sufficiently against Obama all sorts of things are bound to happen, none of them seen as good for him by others. He might see this as an acceptable gamble of course, if his major goal is to destroy the viability of the United States by among other things weakening our currency in conjunction with a hidden and unscrupulous international currency manipulator… or to give the islamics a path to employ in their goofy historic claim to the entire world. But he won’t succeed in either of these, because the American people will become apprised of his various shenanigans rather soon and the political end for him will follow.

    And though “Ron Polarik” is a pseudonym, Pam Geller at atlaasshrugs has vouched for his bona-fides and Berg used him as evidence before SCOTUS. And a second forensic document specialist HAS publicly identified herself and said she has reviewed all of Polarik’s evidence and concurs. He says of himself, part of his bona-fides, that he is a business owner in that profession and has listed his membership in many related professional organizations and maintains various certifications in the field.

    I wouldn’t know if you had read the work Polarik posted on the net, though I rather doubt you have since you don’t extoll its virtue, and it seems to me anyone would be impressed unless they possess superior information in the other direction… but to me as a non insider to Polarik’s profession, yet trained in science and having a critical eye… Polarik’s technical evidence seems of a very high level. He would be scary to a defendant is my estimation.

    An observation on pseudonymics leads to a greater one: “Deep Throat” remained anonymous until the end and Linda Tripp was anonymous to the public… as is Polarik now… until she was introduced by court proceedings, yet their witness was certainly true and useful. And this is the power and attractiveness for us. For us to be convinced beyond all reasonable doubt that Obama faked his COLB, based on the technical evidence found in Polarik, gives us staying power. We can’t have as much surety of the evidence within documents not yet presented… his passports, his affirmation to U.S. citizenship, his college entrance records… as we can in his highly visible fakery. Though we can have the strongest suspicions about what we haven’t seen, it’s not the same as proof of what we have seen, even if by someone who won’t identify him?self yet publicly.

    That comprises the propaganda advantage to us. We can storm the halls yelling “Remember the COLB” and none can defend against it. If they say the evidence is based on an unknown’s coming forward, we can say: “So what! Go check it out!” And thy will. And then the media will turn. We just have to keep on using our faith in the evidence and keep plugging away.

    You said: “FactCheck posted on their site, an extensive pictorial justification for their contention that, having SEEN the original document (in BO’s campaign office in Chicago), it is for real.”

    I say your reasoning here is circular. The Annenberg operation in Chicago was “owned and operated” by Bill “The Bomber” Ayers and missing person Barry Soetoro, B.S. for short. FactCheck is being asked to vouch for an Annenberg creation while it itself has strong ties to that same organization… never mind their photos being published.

    I read FactCheck’s defense of the “certificate”. Had they actually seen Obie’s ORIGINAL birth certificate, WE would have seen it, doctor’s signature, hospital name and all. What was on the net was an original alright… an original forgery. Again, Polarik and Second.

    You said near the first: “Instead of arguing with me, why don’t you figure out how you will contest the word of FactCheck, which posts the names and photographs of its staff, who have validated the document you reject? Figure out what you will say, what ‘proof’ you will offer to support your position, in rebuttal. Always keep in mind, they actually SAW the document. (This is why I recommended that a back-and-forth contest of proofs is counterproductive. The point is, FactCheck said it was real AND so what? Does this document establish BO is a NBC? No. And this is the best argument as to why its authenticity has no bearing on the point, which is, BO has produced no evidence that would indicate, he is a NBC.)”

    Your last two sentences are interesting coming from someone who uses the pseudonym “jbjd”. In the first you say that it is unimportant that Obama’s net document doesn’t prove he is an NBC. Then you say that the proof found lacking in the document is the “best argument as to why its authenticity has no bearing on the point, which is, BO has produced no evidence that would indicate, he is a NBC”.

    But it’s the very vacuousness of Obama’s net posting that can undo him. He offers it as proof that he is eligible. That document, vis-a-vis Polarik, can be sited as evidence for fraud. There must be many former Obamites who would love to become richer from a class action lawsuit based on the emptiness and fraud involved in that document. “Hey… I contributed to Obama’s campaign because I believed the birth certificate posted on the net was real.” They should be advertised for like with any other class action suit. And with 87% of state judges nationwide being elected rather than appointed (and ostensibly aware of re-election), and 39 States electing at least some of their judges, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a friendly jurisdiction somewhere.

    What happens at the first ruling against BO? He sweats. Now he has to appeal. And THAT is when the glue melts. The people, the press, the whole civilized world then says: “What the! Why don’t you just show ’em all the documents?”

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