Governor Rod Blagojevich, Obama, Chicago Tribune, January 2, 2009, John Kass, Continuing to unwrap the gift of the governor, Chicago politics, Daley machine, Obama’s senate seat, Roland Burris

The Chicago Tribune, in spite of endorsing Barack Obama, has allowed
fairly extensive coverage of Obama’s ties to corruption in Chicago
and Illinois. John Kass has written some frank articles about Obama’s
connections. Consider this article by Kass dated January 2, 2009.
“OK, Kass, what are you paying Gov. Rod Blagojevich to give you material
for your columns? Or is he the gift that keeps on giving? —Sue S.

Dear Sue: As our esteemed governor has famously said, this thing is
“bleeping golden.” But the Illinois political freak show is not a gift to
me. I offer it nobly and without charge, as a gift to America. Because,
finally, despite all the willful cheerleading of national media types who
prattled cherubically about the new Camelot, Americans are finally
realizing that Chicago politics is no fairy tale.
President-elect Barack Obama was not found as an infant, floating in a reed
basket along the banks of the Chicago River. He is not the gentle faun, the
Mr. Tumnus, of the Daley machine. Obama could have forcefully and publicly
demanded that Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan and fellow Illinois
Democrats support legislation for a special election to fill his vacated
Senate seat. Obama had a responsibility to the people of Illinois to do so.
But he kept his mouth shut. As always, he avoided conflict with machine
political bosses, a consistent character trait stubbornly ignored by his
media cheerleaders.

His top White House strategist and his chief of staff are creatures of the
Daley machine, and Democrats didn’t want to risk the Senate seat. What
happened to the promise of transcending the old politics?

So when the freak show comes to Washington next week and political hack
Roland “I’m a tool of the people” Burris is denied entry to the Senate, and
the national political class shrieks in fake outrage and Blagojevich
surrounds himself with African-American ministers and he sings “Let my
people go!” remember who could have stopped all this: Obama, Madigan, Daley
and the Illinois Democrats.”

Read more here:,0,3148099.column


56 responses to “Governor Rod Blagojevich, Obama, Chicago Tribune, January 2, 2009, John Kass, Continuing to unwrap the gift of the governor, Chicago politics, Daley machine, Obama’s senate seat, Roland Burris

  1. The “infant, floating in a reed
    basket along the banks of the Chicago River” was absolutely hysterical.


  2. zachjonesishome

    This is a post from Plains Radio to download a zip file. I’m scared to do it. It is supposed to be divorce doc for Obama. BE CAREFUL

    8 pages
    JPG’s of the document.
    pg4.jpg is just a blank white screen. not a photo. don’t know why.

  3. citizenwells

    Got it.

  4. Kathy M. Koledin

    What Zapem wrote!

  5. “pg4.jpg is just a blank white screen. not a photo. don’t know why.”

    It was done deliberately. Page 4 of the divorce decree is missing from the scans.

  6. Thanks, Zach! I couldn’t find any information of Obama’s birthplace. Vague on length of time Stanley had lived in Hawaii-2 years and more? Did Ed withhold page 4 or didn’t he receive it with the documents?

  7. Ed Hale, what I heard, is saying that he doesn’t want the vault Hawaiian copy of the BC. This is not what he wants at all. There is definitely something else going on like Stanley Ann and a pseudonym name. I’ll have to go and listen because this is what I read.

  8. Thanks for the link to the divorce papers. Please update with what you find out about it. Thanks.

  9. Ed Hale, Is stating that because of info on the Obama Divorce papers that he now knows how to get the original BC? He say’s it’s NOT in Hawaii???

    Could be interesting. Hope he’s right.

  10. zachjonesishome

    CitizenWells – Is there anything on the documents that would be substantial?

    I’ll look around a bit to see if I can find a copy posted. I’m not going to download.

    I may ask you to email me a copy tomorrow or so.

    Take care.


  11. CW —

    Everything that is here I wrote about a month ago, including that Barack Obama, Sr. signed his form in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and did not contest the divorce. — Nothing new here!

    There is only 1 significant word in this decree, and that is the word “issue.” By the use of this word, Barack Obama, Sr. is claiming that Barack Obama, Jr. is “issue from me born.”

    What this means is that he KNOWS that HE is the father of the child.

    With this document, the Frank Marshall Davis hypothesis can be put to rest forever.

    With this document, there is also no need to see the original birth certificate, because Barack Obama, Sr. acknowledges that Barack Obama, Jr. is his son, and that was his name from his date of birth.

    What that means the Barry Soetero name theory can be put to rest forever also.

    Unless there is something newsworthy concerning the actual place where Barack Obama, Jr. was born found on the missing page — Nothing new here!

  12. zachjonesishome

    Katie – thank you – I have them now. Zach

    Thank You Mr. Wells.

  13. The whole problem, who is going to tell Obama he is not eligible to be POTUS. Of course, he already knows this so whom in our government is going to keep him from being President? So far, everyone has been in his pocket. Time is getting short, and I am getting antsier every day.bkw

  14. George L.T. Kerr was mom’s divorce lawyer in Honolulu, Hawaii. If he is still alive, he should be contacted and asked the questions we have that he may know the answers to.

    Just as an aside, they were divorced because of Ann’s “grievous mental suffering”. And now we’re all experiencing that.

  15. The papers clarify quite a few things:

    1. We have 100% confirmation Obama was born to Obama Sr.

    2. We now know 100% Obama was conceived out of wedlock.

    3. We now know who represented Dunham during the divorce.

    4. We now know where Obama Sr. was living in 1964.

    5. We can now confirm 100% both parents were married in Hawaii.

    6. We now have another alias for Stanley Dunham.


    Did y’all know 0bama only got 170 electoral votes?

    The offical gov website for certified electoral votes from all states is here:

    For the first time ever in history, with the deadline already past for filing, only 24 states have sent in certified votes. If you add them up, 0bama only has 170. 100 short.

    Only 6 days left, even if the deadline wasn’t expired.

    The next 7 days should be pretty entertaining!

  17. Listening to the

    and they are saying that nothing, absolutely nothing is going to com out of these cases before the supreme court. Anybody heard this?



  18. Citizen Wells …

    Dr Orly Taitz contacted me …
    She would like you to contact her soon.
    She gave an E-Mail as: .

    She said that she was writing a letter to G Bush.
    Maybe you can work to help her …

    TIA, … Bob R

  19. zachjonesishome

    FYI – I will not attest to the truth of this. I don’t agree with this man’s views (my wife is Jewish) – but he making claims I plan on following.

    anuary 3, 2009
    Honolulu, HI — Irrefutable court proof has now surfaced confirming that Barack Hussein Obama, the president-elect of the United States, is Constitutionally ineligible to enter the office because, according to those official Court records, he was born in Kenya.

    Certified copies of official Divorce proceedings between Obama’s Father and mother, list the dates and places of birth for all their children. Those court records say Barack was born in Kenya.

    Scanned images of those official court records will be uploaded later today for all the world to see.

    Once the images are made available, along with official Docket numbers that each of you can personally verify with the court, I will issue a public demand that Barack Hussein Obama voluntarily withdraw himself as Presdient-Elect so he can resume being a US Senator.

    This is the best outcome for him and for the country. Totally peaceful. Completely law-abiding.

    If Barack Obama fails or refuses to voluntarily withdraw, I will issue a General Activation ORDER for the unorganized militias of the 50 states.

    I will call those militias into service to travel WITH ME, under arms, to a location where Barack Obama can be removed as Presdient Elect.

    More info as it becomes available. . . . . . . . . . Spread the word far and wide.

  20. zachjonesishome

    Looks like Hal Turner took the above Post down.

  21. zachjonesishome

    From Free Republic:
    Importance of the newly located Dunham/Obama Sr divorce decree in proving ineligibility
    Restore The Constitutional Republic ^

    Posted on Saturday, January 03, 2009 10:01:24 AM by dascallie

    Last night Ed Hale presented the (heretofore, unseen) divorce decree on Plains Radio between Obama’s mother and Obama Sr ( her FIRST marriage).

    The key bonus in this was the revelation of the specific version of her name in the decree, Stanley Ann D. Obama.

    Using this precise name variation ( the abbreviated, initial “D” –instead of ‘Dunham’, was the cipher that broke open the search), they are claiming to have now located a POE (Port of Entry ) document that Obama’s mother provided when she returned to the US with her son–soon after Obama’s birth, (allegedly in Kenya).

    The POE allegedly includes Obama’s birth information/certificate ( British Kenya) as required for entry. Stay tuned for events…see other comments below. ————————————————– DesertVet Newbie

    Posts: 11 Re: Obama-Dunham 1964 DIVORCE DECREE Forthcoming « Reply #53 on: January 02, 2009, 09:39:16 PM » ***********Stanley Ann D. Obama*************

    No secret I’ve been highly skeptical on this whole ordeal. I’m now beginning to think this could very well lead the way to the smoking gun. Until this document she has only been known as “Dunham”, no where in public records has Obama’s Mothers name read as it does on this divorce decree. I believe the “D” being abreviated has allowed them to locate her records. This has led them to a “port of entry” birth certificate for Barack Obama. She submitted this POE certificate when she came back to the US, and the fact that there is a POE Certificate…proves that he was indeed born out of the country.

    This would mean that Obama has never been through Immigration & Naturalization Services in his life, he became a citizen of Indonesia, and never applied for a U.S. passport. If this is the case, then he’s not even a citizen, let alone a natural born citizen.

    I’m not 100% certain on my assertion of above take on this document issue, but I think it is HIGHLY plausible. I’m still not ready to dance in the streets by any means yet (Yeah, I’m a tough sell). But I am quite intriguied at the moment. Couldn’t say that earlier today.

  22. citizenwells

    Bob R. Got your message.

  23. Zack,
    Phil Berg stated on his web site that he has had the Dunham/Obama divorce papers for several months. States there is NO reference to BHO II’s birth location in any of the papers. Where did you get your info that divorce records show he was born in Kenya?
    Also, I am skeptical about the port of entry information. Ann Dunham’s US travels, shortly after BHO’s birth, have been talked about for sometime. She, along with the baby in the reed basket, is said to have visited with a friend in a city of entry. If there was something there I think someone would have found it by now.


    So Barrack Obama only got 184 votes in the electoral college, not enough to be voted president.

    Count them yourself, He needed 270, and since it seems many states didnt seem to get there votes sent in on time.
    Im thinking that they just haven’t posted them yet, but who knows the states are not required to actually send in the votes. (December 24 –

  25. Lan Lamphere at Patriot Brigade Radio has stated that he believes Nothing on God’s Green Earth will prevent obama from taking office. That is his opinion. He is entitled to it, after all, it is his radio station! I listen to his station regularly, and enjoy his take on various items.

    But I happen to have a different opinion. Just watch what is coming………………………….

  26. Steve A

    That is exactly what I heard last night “Nothing on God’s Green Earth will prevent obama from taking office”. He also had Pam Geller as a guest and she agreed. Wish I knew what was coming……


  27. Philip Berg –

    Globe Magazine is doing a poll.

    If you’re convinced Obama is NOT a citizen, e-mail us at: by email

    They’ll publish the results in a future issue.

    pass onto families and friends too!

  28. Even with documented proof Obama is not “natural born” citizen, even with documented proof of Obama born in Kenya, even with documented proof of Obama being adopted by Sotero , and on and on . I’ll take the truth, I’ll accept the proof, those of us who have stated these beliefs and have been called names for it will be vindicated.

    But…I don’t think our government or justice system will do their jobs and oust or demand Obama step down.

    And more importantly I don’t think enough American citizen can come out of their apathy long enough to demand it.

    Which imho is exactly what the Dems and Repubs are counting on . Now the Repubs can run Arnie or someone like him themselves.

    Getting around the Constitutional requirements since they haven’t been able to through legislation works for both sides of the aisle.

    SO the only hope is 2 people in Congress who take the Constitutional requirements as seriously as we do.

    Or the SC which I’m not holding out hope for either. Not sure any of the SC Justices even care about the Constitution anymore either. At least that is what we have seen so far.

    Money and Power…to “hell” with the Constitution seems to be the driving force these days.

  29. Eric —

    Here’s the story concerning Obama’s mother in Seattle in 1961.

    She had young Barack with her.

    There’s no mystery (she was upset with her parents for making her attend the University of Hawaii), so she enrolled in the school she really wanted to attend, the University of Washington in Seattle, where she was an unique student for her time and place in history. She arrived in August 1961.

  30. As long as I live I will never forget Obama “tossing” the flowers at Ground Zero Ceremony. McCain and his wife gracefully placed the flowers, while Obama without wife present casually threw the flowers on. Imbed this in your mind.

  31. zachjonesishome

    Eric – I got it from Hal Turner’s site. I check in there just to see what’s there. I don’t like going there because there is a LOT of racism and anti-Semitic posts all the time.

    He does have a large audience. I would not post there. As you can imagine, the FBI is probably all over that site.

  32. FM

    My belief is that there is a storm coming the likes of which we have never seen. I imagine we are all feeling like the pre-American Revolution patriots right now: What do we do now? How do we survive? Who will lead our efforts?

    Take Heart. The true American Patriots will step forward and do what is necessary to preserve our Constitution and the American way of life. These will not be easy comfortable times, but I am confident that those with a vision for returning America to her greatness will not fail us.

    I am on board with them and together we will not fail. How many of you all are with us?

  33. zachjonesishome

    I’ll be back online tomorrow. Have a Great Evening! Zach

  34. To Steve A–canned food, packaged/boxed food, water, bleach(to purify water), matches, candles, generator, guns…………

  35. Pat Robertson: God says U.S. will accept socialism.

    Is this guy on drugs? who does he think he is specking for. Not We The People.

  36. Bob,
    Informative article, thanks much. I was refering to a story by Corsi??? in his book. It stated that Dunham visited a freind in Seattle with baby BHO after returning from abroad. If my memory serves me right, Corsi??? interviewed this freind. Maybe someone here has a better memory than I do. This maybe what Ed Hale is chasing. He all but said where the documentation is on his Friday broadcast. I hope BHO’s million dollar mahogany row lawyers don’t get there first and make the evidence “vanish”.
    Thanks for the link. Don’t worry about “good ole boy” Hal. He is talking about an income tax conspiracy scheme and the IRS will bury his butt in a hurry. See ya in the next life Hal.

  37. Zack,
    Hal Update – Just spent some time on Hal’s site, forget about the IRS burying his butt. New Warning: Don’t get to close to Hal, you may become collateral damage when the Feds take him out.

  38. Hi, Eric:

    Well, first off, I’m not for people like Hal who believe it’s okay to break the law, be racists, etc., stuff like that. They are idiots.

    About BO and Ann visiting in Washington when he was only a couple of weeks old or something, I read that and it seems that it was at Atlas Shrugs in some older articles somewhere. I’ll see if I saved it.

  39. Steve A

    I couldn’t agree more. Our country needs a hard reset back about 100 years to just before the Fed Reserve and income taxes. All that is bad has occured since then.

    To think it will come through peaceful means and the election process is pretty naive. The entire system is utterly corrupt.

    I for one am prepared to do whatever it takes. If we wait too long, all may be lost.

    Evil will triumph when good men do nothing.

  40. Eric

    Supposedly there were no direct international flights from Africa to Hawaii in 1961. Honalulu Intl Airport was not online yet. So she would have needed to come in somewhere else.

    Seattle would be a good guess, or anywhere on the west coast. All previous searches were conducted using some combination two or three of the names “Stanley”, “Ann”, Dunham” and “Obama”. Nobody ever thought to put in “Stanley Ann Dunham Obama” before. That is how they found it, as I understand it.

  41. The writeup that I thought it was in, it wasn’t in. Here is a quote from someone writing in response below the article:

    “The Puget Sound Business Journal, in January 2008, quotes Stanley Ann Dunham’s HS friend, Susan Blake of Mercer Island:

    Blake recalls keeping in touch by mail. “She said she was in love with an African exchange student from Kenya, and in spring wrote to say she was marrying him, (the senior) Barack Obama. … One day, after ‘Barry’ was born, she came for an afternoon, (on her way from Hawaii to join her husband at Harvard.)” Blake remembers “the infant. He was sweet and pink and very new.” The two talked and cuddled the baby. “And I changed Barack Obama’s diapers.”

    This is the link:

    The article that I was thinking about said her friend on Mercer Island changed BO’s diaper and Stanley Ann didn’t know how to change the diaper and that BO was a mess.

  42. Please look at this sight this is really something!Take the time to read all!

  43. Son of 1776,
    Hope you are right.

  44. Kittykat 77,
    I remember something more, not sure where it was. I still think it was Corsi, I will have to get his book and check it out.

  45. Yeah, Eric, I remember more too, but I can’t place where I read it at. I’ve read so much that sometimes it just all runs together.

  46. I can’t put my finger on the direct quote at the moment, but there was an article in the Seattle Times earlier this year (April, I think) by writer I think I recall his name being Jonathan Martin … where Ann’s friend mentioned that Ann was excited that her husband would be returning to Kenya.

    This was in 1961! She was pregnant before she was married, so she was referring to her husband returning to Kenya while she was pregnant!!!

    Really? He would go without her while she was pregnant? Doubtful. Methinks she went with him and had a little Obaby while she was there.

    I’ll try to find the link. We should contact the writer who might be able to contact that friend again and get more details.

  47. You know why?

    FBI is all over your site CW. You will be going down SOOOn!! Good riddance asshole

  48. You Know why?
    They should be. I called them several weeks ago to report the death threat.
    They also need to learn more about Obama.

  49. Hal or no Hal, the U.S. Constitution empowers us to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government, by force if necessary.

  50. zachjonesishome

    I hope the FBI is monitoring your site and mine too. They do need to learn about Obama. They should be doing their own investigations about him. Have a Great Day!

  51. Jacqlyn Smith

    You know why?—–

    You know why Obama got the popular vote??? It is because of ignorant people who voted for him like….You kow why?

  52. I hope the FBI noticed the Hall of Shame too. It’s quite educational.

  53. in re: Protecting ourselves from a tyrannical government.

    We need to let the process work. We need to be very careful to not discuss armed uprisings and all that. It is way premature, if necessary at all. There are many legal and peaceful avenues to persue. But on the other hand – we do indeed have a constitutional fallback position. As long as the constitution is not rendered moot.

    Very specifically – according to our oaths and to our constitution – we swear fealty to the constitution and the country, not a person or role (i.e. President or Commander in Chief). We also swear to protect against enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC.

    If it comes to that, we must do everything we can to figure out effective and nondisruptive ways to do purge such enemies. Patience, intelligence, and rightousness must always be employed in exercising the duties and rights of “we the people”.

  54. Dear FBI agent who is watching this site:

    I was deeply involved in the “military industrial complex” for more than 20 years. I held numerous different types and levels of clearances depending on the nature and sensitiviey of the projects I was doing.

    Has Mr. Obama been submitted to the same type of background investigation as I was? Did he pass? Is he getting daily intelligence briefings and sensitive “getting up to speed” briefings without passing such an investigation? How could he have possibly passed if he is not even a US citizen? Aren’t foreign nationals (especially illegal ones) always denied clearances? Isn’t the working assumption that they are ipso facto direct information conduits to their home country? We the People have the right to know the answers to these questions.

    Forget for a moment that we may be seeing the biggest fraud/con in the history of our country. We are seeing the biggest spy scandal???

    Please help us. God help us.

  55. twistedtranscripts

    where are these port of entry docs stating Obama born in kenya?

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