Obama Press Office, Larry Sinclair, Citizen Wells, Anti Larry Sinclair, blogger, Journalists, Philip J Berg lawsuit, Thought Police, 1984, Sinclair YouTube video, Obama camp recruiting attackers

Pre Obama camp, Thought Police Journalist definition:

a person engaged in journalism;
a writer or editor for a news medium;
a writer who aims at a mass audience

Obama camp, “1984” definition of Journalist:

One who does not question Obama

Larry Sinclair has come full circle with the Obama camp. In 2007, Mr.
Sinclair made multiple attempts to contact the Obama Campaign regarding
his drug and sex encounter with Obama in November 1999. Larry Sinclair,
after no response from the Obama camp, produced a YouTube video in
January 2008. In the past several days Larry Sinclair has contacted
the Obama Press Office attempting to get answers to questions. He has
been shunned and received rude treatment, despite many attempts. Larry
Sinclair notified me yesterday that an audio of a phone conversation
between a blogger and a Obama Press Office person had surfaced. The
blogger, Pete, stated that he was a anti Sinclair blogger. The lady
wrote down his information for future reference. This is just the kind
of person the Obama camp has been using to attack anyone questioning
Obama, the messiah.

Another interesting aspect of the conversation was the lady asking Pete
about Citizen Wells. Should I be honored? Have I been tagged for the
next level or wave of blitzkriegs from the Obama camp? Pete responded
“they both pretend to be journalists.”

Here is a YouTube video with the telephone conversation:

Now back to Pete’s remark:
“they both pretend to be journalists”

Pete is a self proclaimed anti Larry Sinclair blogger and he is calling
me a pretend journalist?
Let’s take a recent highly relevant topic that the MSM has not covered.
The Philip J Berg lawsuit that states that Obama is not qualified to
be president. This is the same lawsuit that Obama just filed a motion
to dismiss.

I helped break the story.

I have researched the story before the lawsuit was initiated.

I have read the legal documents.

I have been in touch with Mr. Berg and his office via emails.

I have asked Mr. Berg questions during interviews.

I have kept my website up to date with breaking news.

I may have been the first source to reveal the Obama, DNC motion
to dismiss the lawsuit.

I have devoted a page on my blog to the timeline and facts regarding
the story.

I have the Obama Press Office asking about me.

I am not a rocket scientist, but it looks like Citizen Wells meets the standard definition of a journalist. Can the same thing be said for most in the MSM?

Now a message to the Obama camp and the Obama press office. My blog has covered the complete picture of Obama, his past and his associations.
At any time, you could have responded with facts to repudiate or clarify
anything written here. Have you?

I have attempted to cover the real Obama from A to Z. This includes the
long time close ties to Tony Rezko, Dan Shomon, Stuart Levine, William
Ayers, Jeremiah Wright and a host of others. Here are 2 that the public
needs answers to:

Where was Obama on November 6 and 7, 1999 and why was Obama missing from the Illinois Senate on November 4, 1999?

Why did Obama and the DNC file a motion to dismiss the Philip J Berg lawsuit instead of producing a vault COLB? John McCain produced a vault COLB.

Obama camp, Obama Press Office. Do you have any facts you would like to
respond with or are you too busy attacking those questioning Obama
and recruiting more attackers.
If you are disgusted by this chicanery, visit:


18 responses to “Obama Press Office, Larry Sinclair, Citizen Wells, Anti Larry Sinclair, blogger, Journalists, Philip J Berg lawsuit, Thought Police, 1984, Sinclair YouTube video, Obama camp recruiting attackers

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  2. Well said by a legitimate journalist of the highest caliber…not to mention great questions regarding Mr. Obama’s whereabouts on the dates in question that somehow continue to go unanswered…

    Bravo, Mr. Wells!


  3. Thanks Al and the rest of you for helping in this
    grassroots effort to save this country.
    We must all keep pushing for the American public to know the truth about the real Obama.

  4. Citizen Wells, you are one fine journalist and investigative reporter. You are also a great American. Your voice, and the voices of Mr. Sinclair and Mr. Berg are our Truth Seekers. May God Bless you all. It feels as if we’ve all lived a lifetime in the past week, given the rapid-fire list of events. I feel detatched, as if I do not recognize my own country anymore. Thank you for providing a place where I can find regain my equillibrium and sanity.

  5. Thank you for your kind words.
    I share many of your thoughts.
    Fundamentally, this boils down to a battle between good and evil and I believe it will determine the future of this country. If I did not believe this, I would not have spent so much time in this effort.
    This is a grassroots effort and I could have not accomplished what I have without the help and support of so many.
    We must keep up the fight, united as Americans for the common goal.
    God bless.

  6. Mr. Wells,

    I have too researched Obama although not as much as you. I found about his support of Odinga and that has truly terrified me. I have been posting this and other truths about Obama on sites such as IReport. The MSM will NOT post my post on their websites in relation to various stories because they do not want to hear the truth. I am emailing your website to everyone I know. Thank you so much…This has to get out…I am truly afraid for our country and what it stands for if he is elected.

  7. Oh and I forgot…I am from North Carolina about an hour east of Raleigh..I am attempting to contact WRAL-TV with this information as well as other media outlets and newspapers such as the News and Observer. I will let you know how that goes. If nothing else, I will try and get it into an editorial in my local newspaper.

  8. Citizens you are an amazing journalist!! Too bad msm doesn’t follow your example!!

  9. You all are too kind.
    The only thing I can say in my defense is that I care about this countryand I am sure you do too.
    Keep spreading the message.
    God bless.

  10. Citizen,
    Your and your Articles are Great!
    I am always forwarding many of your articles
    to family, friends and a local politcal news reporter here in Houston.
    Thanks for keeping us informed!

  11. Citizen Wells,
    Your blog is on my favourites.
    Heard You yesterday at Mommae.
    Don’t let this affect You, they are just trying to find Your sore spot.
    When people talk nonsense about me, or what they think is me.
    I always try to go with the rule:
    They don’t talk about me, they are just offering insight into their selfs. It is all projection.
    Obama trash bloggers are not Your level.
    Don’t even bother.

  12. Well, I am surprised not to see anything about this issue published in the most important newspapers. Has it been given some newspaper publication?

  13. A few small newspapers have covered this story.
    Stay tuned. Within a few days I am going to rip a new hole in the Charlotte Observer.

  14. Citizen Wells, I read your news before I do anything else in the morning. I have turned off news media because they are properganda. Thank you for all the work you do to keep us informed. I know what I read on your sight is truthful!!!
    Thank you!

  15. Thanks and God bless.

  16. Sorry, I’m a stickler for spelling. Just realized, the word is “elicited”, not “illicited”.

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