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“These two entities — Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — are not facing any kind of financial crisis, the more people exaggerate these problems, the more pressure there is on these companies, the less we will see in terms of affordable housing.

Barney Frank 2003 in response to Bush administration overhaul plan.
“I join as a cosponsor of the Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005, S. 190, to underscore my support for quick passage of GSE regulatory reform legislation. If Congress does not act, American taxpayers will continue to be exposed to the enormous risk that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac pose to the housing market, the overall financial system, and the economy as a whole.”

John McCain

 Obama and his democrat buddies never let the truth get in the way
of a good story. Never has this been more true than now in the face
of a financial crisis in this country. A financial crisis Obama and
his party created. What do Obama and Barney Frank have in common
besides being Democrats. They both were listed in the top 25
recipients of campaign contributions from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
and they both are hypocrites. Obama is number 3 on the the list
and Barney Frank is 16. Obama, the candidate of change, was in
bed with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac yet he criticizes John McCain,
who along with George Bush, tried to fix the problem.
From a Wall Street Journal Online article:
This is stunningly naive. Recent statements by Barney Frank (D., Mass.), the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, and Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.), a powerful member of the Senate Banking Committee, make clear that Congress will never let them be privatized, broken up, slimmed down, nationalized or any of the other options hopeful reformers are putting forth today. Fannie and Freddie in their current form are just what Congress wants: an inexhaustible source of campaign contributions and funds for favored groups.

Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005

Senate sponsors

Sen. Charles Hagel [R, NE]
Sen. Elizabeth Dole [R, NC]
Sen. John McCain [R, AZ]
Sen. John Sununu [R, NH]

House bill sponsors:

Rep. Richard Baker [R, LA-6]
Rep. Robert Aderholt [R, AL-4]
Rep. James Barrett [R, SC-3]
Rep. Roy Blunt [R, MO-7]
Rep. Geoff Davis [R, KY-4]
Rep. Tom Feeney [R, FL-24]
Michael Fitzpatrick
Rep. E. Scott Garrett [R, NJ-5]
Rep. Paul Gillmor [R, OH-5]
Rep. Jeb Hensarling [R, TX-5]
Rep. Walter Jones [R, NC-3]
Rep. Thaddeus McCotter [R, MI-11]
Rep. Patrick Mchenry [R, NC-10]
Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen [R, FL-18]
Rep. Paul Ryan [R, WI-1]
Rep. Christopher Shays [R, CT-4]
Rep. Frank Wolf [R, VA-10]

Notice that there were no Democrat sponsors.


16 responses to “Obama, Barney Frank, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Campaign contributions, Democrats, Lobbyists, Truth about Obama, More Obama lies, McCain reformer

  1. While BO is out on the campaign trail, mocking McCain’s idea of creating a Commission to reform the way our finances are managed, FOX & Friends was ready with a list of Commission’s that BO supported in the recent past.

    Further, they put “on the record” that McCain was screaming about the need to reform Fan/Fred, more than 3 years ago, on a regular basis. .. as indicated by CW list above.

    While Pelosi, Dingy Harry and the rest of the Democrat’s in Congress, fought HARD against any reform of Fan/Fred.

    There is no easy way to describe to the masses, the way these “buy-outs” work. (a misnomer to what is really going to happen).

    McCain/Palin need an instrument that will describe, in plain English, how these conservatorships/receiverships, work. Knowledge is power.

    PEOPLE WAKE UP. Can you imagine a world with this Democrat Congress and BO at the helm???

    The FEARFUL BO is running his campaign by promoting FEAR.

    So, hey, he was in Iraq cutting a deal to extend our stay there, so he could look like a hero, WHEN he is elected? Same old Chicago politics.

  2. Ah those Dems! Let’s all feel guilty and “patriotic” as Joe Biden so aptly stated, when when we pay the astronomically high taxes necessary to try and fix THEIR mess.

  3. O called for a conversation during the Primaries. It is time to call a spade a spade. The Democratic Party is shamefully accusing all white Americans as being racial if you refuse to vote for BO. You must read this:
    http://hillaryloyalistnowformccain.com/ … fails.aspx

  4. Are there people out there who could tell you with a straight face that they think Obama could correct the economy? Could you keep a straight face if they told you that?

  5. Alan Colmes wanted to IGNORE THE TRUTH, that 19 of McCain staff members are EX-lobbyists… EX EX EX…

    Karl Rove deserves a medal for fighting for the TRUTH. I think viewers got the message.

    This is worth watching again, again, again….

  6. Good Afternoon – Citizen Wells:



    “…..The informant did not accept the position and reported the incident to Dr. Miles Costick and Congressional authorities including a high level staffer for George Tenet, the then staff director for the Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman, David Boren.

    Unfortunately, David Boren turned out to be a long time socialist protégé of Brzezinksi and like Obama and Brzezinski, an advocate of world government rapprochement with the Communist Chinese and a strong supporter of Islamic terror groups and their aspirations of a world Islamic caliphate. Boren is now the Chancellor of the University of Oklahoma (OU) where he has presided over the deliberate cover-up of numerous Islamic terror attempts emanating out of OU (9/11, OU Bombing) and raised support and money from the Chinese and Muslims to back Obama for President…”

  7. Remember this is from 2005 —

    Explosive Video, Fannie Mae CEO calling Obama and the Dems the “Family” and “Conscience” of Fannie Mae

    Explosive CEO calling Obama and Dems the “Family” “Conscience” of Fannie Mae

    The Banking Failures are because of the Housing Crisis, which was caused by mortgage lenders handing out bad loans and the biggest offenders: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

    “The Democrats have been taking PAYOFFS from Fannie and Freddie to look the other way FOR DECADES!

    NOW VIDEO FOUND of the CEO of Fannie Mae in 2005 explaining the “FAMILY” connection with Democrats”

    And specifically Barack Obama and the Congressional Black Caucus

  8. people see Gateway Pundit the video of the CEO of FANNIE MAE speaking to the black caucus in 2005..the CEO is telling the group FANNIE MAE WAS ‘in trouble”BUT WILL CONTINUE TO HELP THE ‘FAMILY” (black caucus) Obama and Michelle are hearing this guy talk of ‘troubles’ but does Obama tell congress or seek help no he begins to accept $$$$ “to look the other way”remember 2005 and Obama is being sworn in to the black caucus and also keep in mind Obama gave $13,000 to caucus as charity according to his tax filings..this $$$$ stays in the same greedy people over and over and…..

  9. re:jeaniejo: yes you are correct abot Brzezenski and his and Rockefeller Trilateral commission has any one read “ruled by secrecy”you now while under Carter Brzezenski was acussed by sec.of state ED Muskie of making policies in Iran instead of
    corrdinating it…and see now how Carter and Obama and Brzezinsi are chummy with Syria and Iran…..

  10. I am under attack, let me explain. My ability to surf the net has been compromised. It seems to have been directly associated with Google at first but now I think it may be more complex than that. I am blocked at almost every turn and have to really work through back doors and alternative search engines just to navigate the internet. Oh! and there are the windows that pop up, which has nothing to do with what you are doing, or trying to go. You got to love these Obamanots they are incredibly clever in their computer manipulation.

    The only reason I’m still here now is a different search engine under a different user IP. Once I enter this comment I will undoubtedly have to search for a new identity and search engine to accomplish the simplest internet surfing. The pop up porn is a nice touch, all I can say is I have children and I really wouldn’t mind if I could get a couple of you political key board assassins to stand toe to toe with me in my back yard you bastards.

    Yeah than there’s the threat to dump all of my computers physical memory, maybe that’s a good thing, I may do that myself this week end and reboot it from start up with a new everything. Here’s the deal that I think got me noticed and consequently attacked, its a letter to the Department of Justice that I was putting on every anti-obama website I could think of:

    I am contacting the Department of Justice again to readdress the State of Delaware’s involvement in the illegal arrest of Mr. Larry Sinclair on September 18, 2008, his incarceration, his being charged with fictitious crimes, his being denied access to an attorney, and in his being denied prescribed medication for a medical condition.

    There were also libelous news releases given to Delaware newspapers that appear to have come from the Delaware Attorney General’s office eluding to a crime perpetrated by Mr. Sinclair, I believe this to be a violation of evidentiary law by a state prosecutors office, especially in that there was never a trail for a crime, nor a conviction for any stature of law violation on record with the State of Delaware to substantiate such a news release. The question arises as to the implication and misconduct of the Delaware Attorney General’s office, the Delaware Judiciary and whether or not it acted within in the legal context of the stature of law in the arrest and incarceration of Mr. Larry Sinclair.

    There is very strong innuendo as to the involvement of Delaware Senator Joseph Biden and Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, in utilizing their staffs and political influence to circumvent the law to facilitate what would appear to be a well orchestrated political agenda. The charges against Mr. Sinclair were dropped by the state of Delaware shortly before Senator Joseph Biden was nominated the Democratic nominee for vice president.

    It would therefore appear that there was collusion, in forethought and knowledge, in the proposal and implementation of the criminal use of the Delaware Attorney General’s office, the Delaware State Judiciary, to include the state of Delaware’s law enforcement agencies, and possibly the use of Federal Marshals in Mr. Sinclair’s unjustified and illegal arrest. It is especially troubling to learn that Mr. Sinclair was arrested in Washington D.C. and transported across a state line for prosecution; I believe this may be a violation of Federal Stature in and of itself; not to mention it could have been enacted during the commission of a felony.

    If this is true and I personally suspect it to be so, then all those who knowingly flouted the stature of State and Federal Law with such impunity must be brought to justice. I therefore am requesting a formal investigation by the Federal Prosecutors office into the allegations against all the agencies and parties involved in this miscarriage of justice and malfeasance. Thank you for addressing these concerns it is greatly appreciated.

    With Conviction,
    ( My Name Here).

    Citizen Wells, I would stand with you anywhere, anytime, in defense of this country, for the freedom of its people and the presrvation of its constitution. Keep up the good fight, it is well worth it.
    I’ll be back!


  11. Squibster

    Glad you documented these issues here. It is not only those in the public eye, who are experiencing this.

    Remember, if GOOGLE can create the 2nd largest search engine for communist China, they can do it for BO, here, in the USA.

    Unless you experience communist censorship first hand (as I have), sometimes, you cannot recognize it until it is too late.

    We don’t want to end up like Venezuela.

  12. The dems found a back door to their idea of “public financing” for their campaigns.

  13. In a speech delivered at the Constitutional Convention, September 17, 1787, Thomas Jefferson said,

    “…I agree with this Constitution with all it’s faults, if they are such, because I think a general government is necessary for us and there is no form of government but what may be a blessing to the people if well administered, and believe further that this is likely to be well administered for a good course of years, and can only end in despotism as other forms have done before it, when the people become so corrupted as to need despotic government, being incapable of any other.”

    Despotism absolute power or influence by government, master, or ruler. “We, the people”, can see this happening with the bailouts. “We, the people” can see this happening with the lack of progress on an energy plan that will actually accomplish something. “We, the people” can see this happening with more and more infringement on individual and family rights. “We, the people” can see this happening when we look at both candidates plans to add more government agencies, more government positions, and more government spending.

    What of “We, the people”? We have become “corrupted” just as Thomas Jefferson forewarned. We have been corrupted into thinking the government has the answers to all our problems. We have been corrupted into believing it is “patriotic” to give and give to others based on “need” and not ability. We have been corrupted into believing we cannot be a “Christian” nation and still allow freedom of religion, even though we have been doing exactly that for 232 years. We have been corrupted into believing that those with wealth are just greedy and are to blame for all our woes. We have been “corrupted” by the very people we have entrusted and I am not just talking about politicians.

    With the Elections looming, the financial mess on Wall Street (private industry by the way), and the lack of an energy plan that will work, by a Congress that has been in control of the economy for the last two years, let we forget, I decided it was worth my time to seriously research a lot of things. I began by actually reading all of both candidates proposals, then went back to the roots of this country.

    First, let me say, this American is appalled to see a candidate so warmly received by everyone on such a Socialist agenda. To be fair, I saw some of the same tendencies in both. For instance,no clarification on whether new job creation would be private or government sector for clean energy and that is just a very small section. I am not going to get into the debate on the candidates in this way.

    The reality on this day is both plans will be useless once they get into office. The bailouts assured us of that. Let us not forget the fact that law is enacted in the legislative branch, not executive entirely. In deciding a President this year, this American will have to weigh heavily which candidate believes in smaller government and less government controls, not more. By virtue, the same standard applies to all elected officials.

    We, the people need to wake up or we will cease to exist without individual rights, individual property and individual values. Everything will be decided based on the “common good” and the “need” of someone else. If that is what the majority of Americans want, then the “corruption” of Americans is complete. If it is not, then I urge all of you to gain back your personal responsibility and begin voting your way to a “Constitutional” government. They are no longer such. The beauty of this country is we do have choices. Choose who you want in office and who you want to do business with. Make a stand!

    Written by:
    An Ordinary Middle Class American Woman

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  16. Wamba son of Witless

    It’s amazing how easy it is for Democrats to deflect the truth of this scandal and all the others related to the financial melt down. Rep. Frank goes on O’Reilly and muddies the waters with his lies. In the end Frank, Dodd, and Schumer say, well the Republicans and Bush were in charge of everything, so it’s their fault. All of their brainless sheep believe it.

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