Obama citizenship, Born in the U.S.A.?, Obama Indonesian, Obama Kenyan, Obama US citizen?, Philip J Berg, Federal lawsuit, Complaint, Served on Obama, aka, Barry Soetoro

Philip J Berg, attorney, filed a complaint in Federal Court in Philadelphia on August, 21, 2008. In the complaint against Obama, Mr. Berg states “Obama does not meet the qualifications to be President of the United States.” Philip Berg also states the following:

“Senator Obama:

1. Is not a natural-born citizen; and/or

2. Lost his citizenship when he was adopted in Indonesia; and/or

3. Has dual loyalties because of his citizenship with Kenya and Indonesia.

Berg stated: “I filed this action at this time to avoid the obvious problems that will occur when the Republican Party raises these issues after Obama is nominated.””

The Philadelphia TimesHerald has an article about Philip J Berg and the lawsuit. Here are some exerpts:

“Born in the U.S.A.?

23 responses to “Obama citizenship, Born in the U.S.A.?, Obama Indonesian, Obama Kenyan, Obama US citizen?, Philip J Berg, Federal lawsuit, Complaint, Served on Obama, aka, Barry Soetoro

  1. Thanks, Citizen Wells –


    BOMBSHELL: Barack Obama Is Not a US Citizen, Not Eligible to be US President.

  2. What is going on here! Is it true that Obama was born in Kenya Africa. Is it true that there are no records of his mother giving birth to him at any hospital in Hawaii.

    Is it true that his Grandmother, and half-sister have said he was in fact born in Kenya.

    Is it true that Republicans have records to prove Obama was born in Kenya.

    And is it true that he was registered as a citizen of Indonesia as a Muslim.

    Is there any truth to any of this. Where is the major media on this story. Have they investigated this. Has any of the above been proved untrue.

    If any of the above is true this is very serious.

    What’s up!

  3. citizenwells

    I had information from reliable sources several months that indicated Obama was born in Kenya. I believe that there is a strong possibility it is true. It is documented that Obama was an Indonesian Citizen. Unless he took the oath to become a US citizen he may be Indonesian. Note all the fake COLB the Obama campaign and supporters have presented.

  4. The claims made in the lawsuit are all sourced to bloggers on the internet, not to actual evidence, is this a joke?

  5. You are incorrect.
    The sources are witnesses to Obama’s birth, actual records, such as the school record from Indonesia reported in a AP photo, fake copies of COLB on Obama’s own site, etc.
    The bloggers are reporting this because the MSM is in love with Obama.

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  7. Although I’m an Indonesian and I loved to supported Barack Obama as the US President, but I prefer that all nation in the world is lead by their own people (having true nationality). I know by saying all of this things, I might called traitor by my own countryman but I think the truth shall set us free.
    I learned about his past in Indonesia, and guess what; in Indonesia especially back on that era during late 60’s up to late 70’s, Indonesia was on power struggle between Soekarno and Soeharto. as Zhou yue my relative said on texasdralin:
    You got it 100% right sir. He is an Indonesian. Why, For the law. Period. When he stay and went to school on the public school, the law also said that only Indonesian that had all the right to go to the public school. The other shall required SKBRI (Surat Keterangan Berkewarganegaraan Indonesia/ Letter for acknowledge of Indonesian citizenship) which practically applied the most on the Chinese and foreigner that mostly were non Muslim origins. However for his step father were native Indonesian, then his mother automatically could become Indonesian too. As well as he. Remember this, once you become Indonesian, then you must revoke your old nationality, period. As a Chinese man and former Indonesian citizen I dare to speak for this. As 3 richax said:

    This is where your logic falls apart:

    Now while Indonesia does not allow children over the age of five to be adopted, so far as I can tell, it does recognize that other countries do so. There is a provision covering that:

    “A foreign child aged below 21 and unmarried, who is adopted by an Indonesian, will be eligible for Indonesian citizenship if the process does not cause dual citizenship.”

    So it is possible to adopt a child abroad under the Laws of another country, for example the USA, and that child could be of any age. But, you say, if you adopt an American child that IS causing Dual Citizenship. In the real world the rest of us live in, yes, but in Indonesian Law:

    “his or her relationship to the birth parents is severed by adoption”

    From your endnote 3:
    Therefore he is Indonesian and truly must not has any right once so ever to even went to this race. Why, because our nation law forbid that unless that child is not revoke his nationality when he become Indonesian, while his parents is 100% certainly must revoke his old nationality in order to get him to school in Indonesia. Lolo Sutoro is not a stupid man after all. Only us the Americans is the biggest fools.
    And allowed me to write his base on Indonesian constitution translation:
    Pasal 31
    (1) Tiap-tiap warga negara berhak mendapat pengajaran.
    (2) Pemerintah mengusahakan dan menyelenggarakan satu sistem pengajaran nasional, yang diatur dengan undang-undang.
    Article 31:
    1. Every citizen (Indonesian citizen) have right to gain education.
    2. Government shall provide and create a national education system, which applied by law.
    By this original Indonesian constitution, has stated clear that only Indonesian that had access to studying on public school. And since Indonesia don’t apply dual nationality, means he must drop his US nationality first before he become Indonesian. After I seen the AP picture that contains his school
    cerfiticate, now I convinced that he is truly is Indonesian. I also read about the US constitution and I think this man, no matter how bright he is and how proud I’m had he become the US president must not become the US President at all.

  8. macguiredelaporte

    Look at UU no.62 Tahun 1958 especially on pasal 2 and 7 ( article 2 and 7), this shall get your head clear along with the picture of his school registration under name barry soetoro and his friend blogs that know him as barry soetoro. Then see if I’m right or am I right. He said him self that he is adopted by Lolo Soetoro due his marriage with his mom on his own book Dreams of my Father. Before you vote check first.

  9. zhoutay – Interesting, but, with all due respect, it doesn’t matter what Indonesian law says in regard to a US case of US citizenship. The 14th Amendment says that anyone born in the US is a US citizen and no law, US or foreign, can take that citizenship away. Under US law, the only way a an American loses their citizenship is to officially renounce it at a US Consulate or State Dept. Office.

    Obama is ours.

  10. macguiredelaporte – look above… unless he choose to renounce his citizenship, it wouldn’t matter.

  11. Proof of Place of Birth Please


    Thank you for your information. The truth must prevail. Do you have any information, regarding Obamas place of birth and the details and year in which he attended school in Indonesia. If so email me and I will call you.
    I would love to know.! I have not heard Obama camp deny this so I wonder why ?

    Thank you,

    Robert Colton

  12. Look at his friends blogs from the alumni of SDN 01 Menteng, during his time the name is SD Besuki 01 Menteng. And also look at the AP report on his school certificate that’s real one dude.

  13. Anchan, I think you’re not looking the fact truly, for US constitution it self deny any of naturalized citizen to be US President. If I not mistakenly is on 11 amendment. Rightly you said that Indonesian law is not applied to Americans, but when he stayed in Indonesian soil it had to applied toward him. Now tell me that he him self claimed that he never had former name, while all of his friends in Indonesia told me that his name is Barry Soetoro. I never state this if not for this fact friend.

  14. That’s the hardest thing Mr Robert Colton, for this man is so keen on hiding his past. But he make a mistake, big one when he mentioned by his own word that after the second marriage of his mother with Lolo Soetoro, he already become Indonesian. So the factor and key is not birth cerfiticate but his nationality records. For me this is too funny to had Indonesian citizenship during those era and that Indonesia had law that strongly forbid that at that same time. Look also his School registration by Tatan Sulfyana AP correspondent and this shall reveal the truth.

  15. Here’s a news flash, I see Hugo Chavez endorses Obama warmly when I watch Indonesian local news TV Metro TV news

  16. isn’t there such a thing as dual nationality (USA)?

  17. Not always.
    Indonesia did not allow then.
    Berg addresses this in his lawsuit.

  18. Look at UU No.62 Tahun 1958, if you can translate Indonesian then you shall understand that citizenwells is aright after all.

  19. Zhoutay,
    I heard that Obama travelled to Pakistan on an Indonesian passport in 1981 (at the age of 20).
    Does it mean that in order for Obama to obtain an Indonesian passport, Obama would have to be an Indonesian citizen at the time of application. ?
    Is it correct then that Obama would have to renounce his US citizenship first before being granted Indonesian citizenship and a passport.?
    When did Obama renounce his Us citizenship ?
    When did Obama gain a US passport and what what birth certificate did he use ?

    Very Interesting!….

    Robert Colton

  20. Yes, he is must be Indonesian according to our law. And he must revoke all of his past connection with the US before he is granted as Indonesian citizen and passport. And he did that exactly when Lolo Soetoro adopted him as his son after he wed his mother. About the last question, I don’t know. You got to make forensic your self in the US authority. Hack their computer if you must. God speed.

  21. I think this story is finally ready to move onto a more public view. I have made a bumper sticker and other items asking the question ” Obama Kenyan or Indonesian” check my web site

  22. Obama is an abomination to the USA. Any elected president that is not willing to prove his citizenship is obviously someone who has something to hide. Regardless what his status is the fact he is willing to go to great lengths to avoid the citizenship question is a definate red flag. That also raises the question, has he gone to great lengths to fabricate his so called Hawaiian birth? I am Canadian and to me, if we elected a prime minister and were concerned on his birthplace, as a country, it is our RIGHT to know the definate answer. I believe it is your right too.

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