Obama Camp Nazi Tactics, Obama Brownshirts, Threats, Freedom of Speech, Puma attacks, Democrat Delegates threatened

I received an important comment this morning. It is more of the same. Threats and attempts to silence those questioning Obama from the Nazi like Obama Camp. I have written several articles about the similarities between the Obama Campaign and Nazi Germany. These analogies are beginning to resonate with and frighten many people.

The comment made on this blog today refers to a Democrat Party Delegate being threatened to not speak out about Obama and another anti Obama website being shut down. Anyone following the Larry Sinclair story is aware of the unrelenting efforts by the Obama Camp to discredit and silence Sinclair . Here is the comment we received:

“This is important. There have been too many personal attacks on delegates that are Hillary Clintons. The Obama democrats have really gone too far. They think by demanding your vote as a delegate or you are thrown out for supporting Clinton will ensure that Obama has no problems. What are they so afraid of? They have been attacking PUMA websites.. another one down today. It is really sick to think they must cheat and steal and make death threats in the name of Obama. This just makes us stronger. We will not vote for him. Please follow this link and see the latest Delegate Problem. Please air these attacks and make it public. We have never seen McCain Supporters or Bush or even Bill Clinton supporters use these tatics to try and win an election. I think maybe America should fear a President Obama based on these tatics being used to silence Hillary Clinton Supporters. It is not right. And someone needs to speak out about it publicly! This is begining to feel like a war in the party. http://www.pumaparty.com is the blog that was hit today.

An attempt to access the website yielded this:


“No WPMU site defined on this host. If you are the owner of this site, please check Debugging WPMU for further assistance.”

Here are some exerpts from call7 in Denver regarding the Democrat Delegate:

“An e-mail sent from the Political Director of the Colorado Democratic Party threatened the status of a national delegate, alleging she made “disparaging public remarks” about Sen. Barack Obama.”

“Millstone acknowledged she was frustrated over how the Obama campaign was treating delegates who supported Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and told a fellow delegate, in what she believed was a private e-mail exchange, that she was not sure she could vote for Obama at the Democratic National Convention later this month.

The other delegate apparently filed a complaint with the state Democratic Party suggesting Millstone lose her status as a delegate.”

Read more of this article here:


Read more about Obama and why he should be removed from office here:


8 responses to “Obama Camp Nazi Tactics, Obama Brownshirts, Threats, Freedom of Speech, Puma attacks, Democrat Delegates threatened

  1. Let’s help America! Let’s demand democracy and refuse to accept the blantant corruption of our political system. I refuse Obama!!!!
    He is inexperienced! He is dangerous! He is arrogant. He is corrupt! We can do better, America!!! Give me Hillary or give me McCain.
    No Obama….ever!!!

  2. Yes wells this is not the first delegate they stripped of their status for daring to speak against The One.

    They make threats to these people and their future political careers to. They have even suggested that if BO loses in Nov it will be all Hillary’s fault (couldn’t be because he sucks or anything) and she will pay with losing her senate seat. i have seen this on blogs and even in MSM articles. They say things like “she is a senator from New York for now..” that is a direct quote from one article. I’ll try to find it again and post.

    This is anything but democratic!


  3. The funny thing is when you tell people about this they shake their head and laugh, like it’s not really happening.

  4. zachjonesishome

    I’m posting this around in a few places. Your other article I put up at my blog. I have never seen such abusive politics in my life.

  5. sisterrosetta

    Thank you, Citizen!

  6. Thank You Citizen for making this announcement on your Blog. I really am ashamed to admit I was once a Democrat. I will never vote Democratic again unless HRC is running for President.

  7. citizenwells

    val sommerviile.
    Thank you for bringing it to our attention.
    I would have given you credit for it except for all the attacks that people get.
    I just saw Jon Voight being interviewed. His questioning Obama yielded attacks on he and his family.

  8. Sally Holmes

    Hi, citizenwells –

    I’ll be glad when Larry’s blog is up and running and ready for comments. I can’t log on there to read chat, and besides, the blog and its permanent comments is what’s really important.

    Not only is Obama intimidating their own, they are now turning to intimidating conservative donors.

    From link: “A new Democratic-leaning group that is looking to intimidate potential donors to conservative 527 groups and other independent efforts is offering a $100,000 reward for information that leads to the legal takedown of one of the groups.
    The newly formed group, Accountable America, is planning to send “warning” letters to nearly 10,000 major Republican donors next week listing the potential legal and publicity headaches they might face if they decide to finance one of these groups.
    The mailings will also include an announcement of a $100,000 reward for anyone who provides information that leads to the criminal conviction or fines of at least $10,000 for the violation of campaign finance laws or other statutes by a conservative outside group.

    The reward is emblematic of the strong-arm tactics envisioned by Tom Matzzie, a veteran liberal political operative who is running the new group.

    Accountable America is planning to disseminate through its Web site, media outlets and potentially on television information about major conservative donors, with the goal of intimidating others considering giving to such groups to stay on the sidelines.”


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