Larry Sinclair site back up,, Lynne DeBoth,,, Obama camp, Pinnacle Properties, Evil Obama supporters

Larry Sinclair’s website is back up. Despite attempts from the Obama camp to silence and discredit Larry Sinclair, he still has a website and continues to tell his story of a drug encounter with Obama in November 1999. Of course the story has grown larger with the Obama attempts to stop him. Larry Sinclair has had personal attacks on himself and family as well as death threats. Larry Sinclair was arrested after his news conference and taken to Delaware on a warrrant from Attorney General Biden, the son of Senator Joe Biden. Sinclair has been treated like a political prisoner by the Bidens and the state of Delaware.

Apparently, Lynne DeBoth, a real estate agent for Pinnacle Properties in Arkansas and self proclaimed niece of Joe Biden, called Hostmonster to complain about Larry Sinclair’s site. DeBoth, a regular commenter on a disgusting pro Obama blog, frequented by the lowest form of humanity, had earlier posted the following:
“One question, isn’t there anything we can do to get totally rid of Larry Sinclair?? Perhaps put out a contract on him???”

Hostmonster shut down Larry Sinclair’s blog even though they agreed that Lynne Deboth’s photo is not copyrighted. Her photo is already displayed on her business site. hosts the disgusting blog site that she frequents. apparently gives carte blanche to disgusting and illegal blog posts and comments.

Larry Sinclair traced the commenter to Pinnacle Properties in Arkansas and identified the commenter as Lynne Deboth. Larry called Pinnacle Properties and recorded 3 phone calls. After we reported on this story, Lynne Deboth and the other bloggers on this evil site, once again tried to reveal the name behind Citizen Wells. Earlier this blog site had tried to associate Citizen Wells with a prominent Attorney in NC. We contacted the attorney and notified the blog of his response. The person they are revealing as Citizen Wells this time is a NC real estate broker. Lynne Deboth has threatened this broker on the blog and in an email. Here are comments she made last night on the blog as well as an email she sent:

” Lynne D.on 28 Jul 2008 at 6:47 pm

I just saw this new post as I was posting below and believe me I can find out most anything about quote “Citizen Wells” I will find out everything about him for I am a member of several special designation groups of the National Association of Realtors. I think Citizen Wells just stepped over the line. You know the song, One step over the line, sweet Jesus, ( I think that’s it, well its an old song and you great young folks probably never heard of it but I have danced many dances to it.)

Thank you to Pete and “Make Noise who helped me with the process of shutting down Sinclair’s “Snake Pit”

I hope he doesn’t resurface but we all know that snakes do that and down here in the south we shoot em. (the snakes) Oh I hope Larry doesn’t sue me for saying we shoot snakes, RECKON he will??????

Thanks to everyone here that supported me in light of all of the mess Lar Rye posted about me.

One thing that made me very mad is don’t ever call a lady ” an old hag” and he did that.

Gilligan, yes I will be taking a lot of shoes, well as many as I can, the others I will send UPS to my destination, you know we women, we DO LIKE SHOES.

Love you guys!!!”

” Lynne D.on 28 Jul 2008 at 7:54 pm

Larry has suffered the consequences of his actions and he will continue to do so.

You can be not an Obama supporter and do it earnestly and sincerely for what ever reason but not for what Sinclair says. That is just plain crap.

Those that associate with Larry Sinclair are to be considered to be just like him, habitual criminal and no moral values.

Mitch and Nan and all of the group, keep the heat on Larry and try to get his SSI taken away, he does not deserve it, he has violated all the rules that govern that program and we all need to keep trying to make sure the law does their job and puts Sinclair away for a very long time.”

“Pinnacle Properties <ldeboth@

I am an honorable Realtor and that is what I have done my entire life yet you have degraded me with no evidence and you are disgraceful and have no ethics or morals.

I will find out you information and post it too like you guys did to me.

I am disappointed that a fellow Realtor would do that.
Lynne Deboth, Broker, CRS,GRI,CPM”

Visit the Arkansas real estate commission and revisit Lynne Deboth’s comments as well as the type of blog she frequents. Note the “moral turpitude” comment in this conviction example:

“Respondent Foster’s prior conviction is a crime involving a felony conviction and a crime involving moral turpitude, which prohibits Respondent from holding a salesperson license.”

Here are exerpts from AR real estate law:

“(6) Evidence of good reputation for honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity sufficient to safeguard the
interests of the public; and
(7) Completion of a criminal history background check through the Department of Arkansas State
Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation as set out in § 17-42-315”


“17-42-402. Construction.
Nothing in this subchapter shall be construed to limit or restrict in any manner other civil or criminal
remedies which may be available to any person.”
“10.16 Criminal convictions and disciplinary actions.
(a) A licensee who is convicted of or pleads guilty or nolo contendere to any crime other than a traffic
violation shall make written report thereof to the Commission within thirty (30) days after the conviction
or plea. The report shall include the date of the offense and of the conviction or plea, the name and
address of the court, the specific crime for which convicted, or to which the plea is entered, the fine,
penalty and/or other sanctions imposed, and copies of the charging document and judgment of conviction
or other disposition, including probation or suspension of sentence. The report shall also include the
licensee’s explanation of the circumstances which led to the charge and conviction or plea, along with any
other information which the licensee wishes to submit.
(b) A licensee who after the initiation of an investigation, hearing or other administrative action
surrenders or who has a professional, vocational or occupational license, permit, certification or
registration denied, revoked, suspended or canceled or who is subjected to any sanctions, including
probation, involving such license, permit, certification or registration shall make written report thereof to
the Commission within thirty (30) days after such action. The report shall include the date of the action,
the name and address of the regulatory agency which has taken the action and copies of documents
pertaining thereto. The report shall also include the licensee’s explanation of the circumstances which led
to the action, along with any additional information the licensee wishes to submit.
(c) An applicant for a real estate license who has been convic ted of or pleaded guilty or nolo
contendere to any crime other than a traffic violation or who after the initiation of an investigation,
hearing or other administrative action has surrendered or has had a professional, vocational or
occupational license, permit, certification or registration denied, revoked, suspended or canceled or who
has been subjected to any sanctions, including probation, involving such a license, permit, certification or
registration shall furnish the written report referred to in Regulation 10.16 (a) and/or (b) to the
Commission at the time the application is submitted if such action has already occurred, otherwise such
report shall be made immediately after the action occurs.”

Visit the Arkansas Real Estate Commission site to learn more:

Multiple real estate agents in different parts of the US read this story and have responded. They are outraged. Many following this story believe Lynne DeBoth will be seeking new employment soon.

As for Lynne Deboth and fellow bloggers attacking Larry Sinclair, they will be held accountable for their actions. Attacking other people, such as NC real estate agents will not help their cause. And of course attacking this blog for reporting the news is self evident.

39 responses to “Larry Sinclair site back up,, Lynne DeBoth,,, Obama camp, Pinnacle Properties, Evil Obama supporters

  1. I’m unable to access his site.

  2. Thanx for the update CW. No doubt Ms. DeBoth will have to look for employment on the late shift soon. Larry’s new site looks good…he just keeps getting better.

  3. Most of the time I just read the stories and read the comments but this time I had to comment.
    This Lynne is a scum bag. I could say more but I am going calm down and post later, so I am not vulger and ruin this website with vulgarity.

    Thank you CW for just getting information out to the people so the people can decide what they want to do to it.

  4. Ms. DeBoth is in trouble. She looks like she went to one too many Botox parties! She is indeed an “Old Hag”.

    Question: Why do these people have to use foul language to make a statement. Is it a lack of vocabulary?

  5. Glad Larry is getting back up. I hope Ms. Deboth’s husband has a good job as she may have difficulty finding one after the State gets through with her.

    Excelllent post as always CW!


  6. Excellent job CW!
    You have been a great source, support and reporter of truth. Thank you for your dedication.
    I imagine the old hag will be spitting nails when she has to find new employment due to her own illegal actions, but, old hags reap what they sow.

  7. Oh yeah, and the song goes “one TOKE over the line, not one STEP over the line”. She SHOULD very well know what a “toke” is.

  8. Imabeliever

    IMO, the rush to get Larry’s site down was because he posted her comment that she believes Obama is somehow connected to the Donald Young murder. I’m sure she doesn’t want Uncle Joe to see that. I hope Larry will post the comments she made referring to Obama as the “N” word. Go Larry, go!

  9. Hello Citizen

    I have been following your site for a long time. I also reviewed Larry Sinclair’s site. Decided to comment. Ist, Birth Certificate for Mr. Obama. I agree that there are far too many questions regarding why Obama does not release his original BC. John McCain did. What is the problem with Obama? What is the difference between a COLB and original BC? I see that there are questions regarding whether this is a fake or original? It appears the evidence posted on various web-sites indicates this is a fake?

    Finally-what happened to Mr. Sinclair’s Blog? One day it was up and now its down. I checked it and the format is different-what happened. Appreciate your efforts on getting different viewpoint out on this matter-would appreciate a response. Thank-you

  10. Lynne Deboth

    I just could not resist responding to Citizen Wells article about me. I know he got my email for he posted so I do have his correct email address. I’ll find him too and file my own ethics complaint against him with NAR.
    First of all, I own my business and have a huge clientele in mutiple states and I resent the fact that my tax dollars go to pay for Larry Sinclairs living expenses. How can you people support a criminal? Sinclair swindled a poor person that did not understand english out of a ot of money.
    He is a habitual criminal and has many outstanding warrants, how do you support someone like that?
    You can post anything you want about me, anywhere anytime and it will not hurt me.
    LET ME BE CLEAR ABOUT THIS, I HAVE A LIVING MADE FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE NO MATTER WHAT . Have fun maggots defending a loser criminal and you can’t deny that nor can Larry Sinclair.

  11. By the way, CW. We need to pass along the vile racist comments Ms. Deboth has posted about African Americans to the Little Rock Realtors Board and the Arkansas Real Estate Commission. I think there are many folks in Arkansas and Obama himself who would not want to do business with a woman of DeBoth’s fine qualities.


    Senator Obama often says that his campaign is about the “politics of hope” and talks about how he isn’t running to tear anyone down. It would be nice if that were true but unfortunately, it’s not. For months, Senator Obama and his campaign have engaged in the very kind of political kneecapping and distortion that they now purport to detest. That’s not change you can believe in. That’s not change we want. That’s not change we will ever accept! And, now, his intellectually challenged minions have taken to the internet, inflitrating blogs like a deadly virus, threatening and bullying anyone who does not bow before “the chosen one.” Their attacks range from obscene language rantings on blogs, to posting e-mail addresses and personal information of bloggers, to threats of malicious property damage to vile death threats. If Obama and/or his groups of thugs think for one minute that courageous, proud Americans can or will be bullied and threatened into voting for him……………….then he will be getting a very big “November” surprise! P.U.M.A. And as an aside to the mitchandnanshow………….You’re on…slime!


    Click to access 02-06-08LinscottIndictment.pdf

    Ms. DeBoth, 71, of Little Rock, Arkansas, does not know that soliciting murder on the Internet is a crime. Maybe her attorney will apprise her of the legalities of threatening someone life, on the internet or elsewhere. How do you get to be the age of Ms. DeBoth and not know this?

  14. not buying it

    Brian, you are not new 🙂

    I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I know you’ve been following and commenting on Sinclair blogs for much longer than this.


  15. Good Job CW,
    As a broker I was doing some research on the Arkansas real estate commission for their rules, but you did a great job. Thanks for your support of Larry Sinclair and family.

  16. an observer

    I previously suggested that this woman was either very, very, stupid or part of an elaborate plan on Larry’s site before it was shut down. I said I’d have to wait and see. After the above, it is apparent that she is very, very stupid.

    Damn, she would fit right in with a Jacobin mob historically.

  17. Ok now that I have calmed down, people like Lynne are a dime a dozen when it comes to Obama supporters. The only truth they know is Obama is the 2nd coming and could never do wrong.
    To error is human, man is mortal. To think that Obama is somehow above error shows signs of a mental disorder.
    This mental disorder is not new though it started after the 2000 election where the insane said President Bush was selected and continuted to the impeach President Bush crowd. And now onto Obama.
    The people with this mental disorder are scary because they will do what ever they have to, to acchieve their goal.
    Scary to think what America has become and what it can become under liberal control.

  18. Keep strong CW.

    They only resort to these types of physical and personal attacks because they can’t articulate their point. This is what happens with the low brow type.

  19. Sue in Texas

    I haven’t been able to get Larry’s site to pull up. Is it different from before? It takes me to

  20. citizenwells

    He is using Adobe Flash player.
    See if you are blocking this.
    I will talk to him later about it.

  21. Mr. Sinclair’s new and improved website is up and running. Left a comment in his “Sign Our Guest Book” feature. What a great looking website!

  22. sisterrosetta

    “VOIGHT: My concerns for America” (Jon Voight is an Academy Award-winning actor)


    “jon voight on glenn beck”

  23. zachjonesishome

    I too can’t seem to visit Larry Site. I’ve done everything I know to do. Zach

  24. Wells is anyone else suddenly having trouble with larry’s site again. like just now?


  25. citizenwells

    Yes, me.
    He may be working on it.
    I will check.

  26. He’s back again!


  27. zachjonesishome

    Not for me.

  28. zachjonesishome

    I’m on Larry’s site now. Thanks




    Hillary Loyalist began a quiet journalistic investigation on a subject that is sure to ruffle a few feathers.

    It is an honest perspective from white America. You will discover that the primary was already predetermined, and that Obama will hand out trillions of dollars to the black community and much more. Read it at:

  30. What we will find the longer Obama seems to have power. A lot of his supporters don’t like my post about The Great Racial Divide They say I am done etc etc I am A dumb a@@. But they do not have a free pass to commit these crimes. It will get worse if he wins, we must elect McCain!

  31. sisterrosetta

    “Cambodian Genocide – What really happened”

    I wish you could have heard Jon Voight and Michael Medved on July 28, 2008 agreeing that this is what changed their minds.

    It certainly changed mine.

  32. This is Obama:
    “White folks’ greed runs a world in need…”

    [audio src="" /]

  33. Hope you can withstand the abuse you will receive… I can hardly recognize where we live these days. I will be a steady follower. You are a brave soul.

  34. caringnurse1

    I tried to log in Larrys new site with the new password he sent to me last week.. I just emailed him it wont work..Help!!!!

  35. i am unable to get on Larry’s site still!

  36. Lynne,
    Nobody believes your lies, you have already shown your true colors. You don’t have any kind of “own my business and have a huge clientele in mutiple states “, remember, we know who you are because you have a website and this is a blatant lie. You are nothing more than a poor performing real estate agent who will be looking for new employment very soon.
    You made your bed, you chose to act illegally, now you will get to enjoy the fruits of your labour and face the consequences for your actions.
    I guess after you spend time in jail for your illegal actions, you’ll be an “ex-con” just like you tease Larry for won’t you? Will you be all those names you call him since you will essentially have the same background? I guess Karma can really come back to bite you in the ass when you function on hatred and ignorance. Congratulations on ruining your own life by trying to harrass someone else who happens to be telling a truth that you don’t like.

  37. This is interesting! A radio host called the Obama campaign and asked if Obama had records of his schedules to put the Sinclair story to rest by showing where Obama was on the dates mentioned. The radio host was told by Obama’s campaign folks that Obama is an excellent record keeper and has records of all his schedules, but they will not be released for anyone including Larry Sinclair. Interesting to find out that Obama is an excellent record keeper after reading the transcript of Obama’s interview with Tim Russert from Nov.11,07. The exchange begins at about the middle of the page at


  39. William B. Hedden

    Just watched 2016 and it all makes sense. How can i help?

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