Delaware Attorney General Biden, Larry Sinclair, Political prisoner, Not plead guilty, Larry Sinclair new post, July 25, 2008, DELAWARE ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE DRAGS ITS FEET

Larry Sinclair has a new post regarding the warrant in Delaware and his treatment as a political prisoner by Delaware and Attorney General Biden of Delaware. Attorney General Biden is the son of Senator Joe Biden, a frontrunner for Obama’s Vice President. Larry Sinclair reveals the poor treatment he received and states that he will not plead guilty. Here is Larry Sinclair’s latest statement:


Posted by Larry Sinclair on July 25th, 2008

On June 18, 2008 you will recalled I was arrested in Washington, DC and jailed without ever being shown a single charging document or warrant.  Not by the arresting officials, the US Marshals and not even by the DC Superior Court.




After 6 days in custody and being taken to Wilmington, Delaware with no ID (when arrested in DC, DC Police instructed Mr. Sibley to take all of my ID with him), nothing other than the clothes on my back, more than a month has past and Delaware Prosecutors STILL HAVE NOT provide me or my Attorney a single document other than those which were posted on this Blog.  Not a single Police report showing what I am accused of or who has made the accusation.  Despite repeated reports by the News-Journal newspaper and multiple internet claims that the Delaware Attorney Generals office has provided them information they published, the State has not provided a single document or piece of discovery to me the defendant as of this date. 



Why?  Why has the Delaware Attorney Generals office provided information to anonymous internet bloggers and to reporters for The News-Journal newspaper and yet has to this date failed to provide that information to the Defense, which they are required by Law to do? 




Does the Delaware Attorney Generals office feel such publication’s will assist its office in obtaining a conviction on a case that itself has no merit?  Is the Delaware Attorney General’s Office assisting these blogger reports in an attempt to scare me into entering a plea to a crime I know and the Delaware AG knows,  I DID NOT commit?  If this is the intent of the Delaware Attorney Generals office, then allow me to make known here and now exactly what my position is.










NOTICE TO THE DELAWARE ATTORNEY GENERAL:  I Lawrence W Sinclair, will NOT under any circumstances plead guilty to any Felony or Misdemeanor Charge in this matter.  I have neither at any time nor in any way stolen anything from the Rodeway Inn of New Castle, Delaware and I will not admit to doing so out of fear or intimidation nor from the Delaware Attorney Generals office using the News-Journal or anonymous bloggers to try and convince people I have.”












































8 responses to “Delaware Attorney General Biden, Larry Sinclair, Political prisoner, Not plead guilty, Larry Sinclair new post, July 25, 2008, DELAWARE ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE DRAGS ITS FEET

  1. sisterrosetta

    “John Edwards can’t keep his pants zipped up, either.” From Cao’s Blog

    Cao brings up obvious analogy:

    Larry Sinclair is to Barack Obama as Rielle Hunter is to John Edwards

    “Are they all like Bill Clinton and the kennedys, or what?”

    Rielle Hunter Blackout – Moonbattery

    “Obama the crack cocaine smoking candidate who’s alleged to have homosexual relationships and have some connection to the Donald Young murder, and Silky Pony, who can’t keep it in his pants, either. It’s a match made in hell.”

  2. I read about that one about John Edwards earlier this morning. Kinda funny actually. Except for his poor wife that is.

    What would prevent a person from celebrating American Traditional Holidays with gifts for your children? Unless of course you just cannot afford financially to bless your children, but we know that isn’t the case for the Obama’s. Is it a decision you made because of your Christian Values?

    Wait a minute you are courting the Christian Evangelical vote.

    So I ask again Obama why you do not share Christ’s love with gifts for your daughters at Christmas. Would it have anything to do with your Islamic upbringing in Indonesia? Would it have to do with your atheist Mother? Or is it because he really is a muslim? Gifts from Santa are not the same as agift from a parent!
    Uncover the truth now at:


    After seeing so many beautiful false images about Obamas second coming to the world I am delighted to find it was a big JOKE!

    Obama held a free POP CONCERT in Germany featuring two of their most popular bands. He served FREE bratwurst and beer. He staged a crowd for his ENGLISH SPEAKING SPEECH. While the Germans waited for their free party

  5. Nancy Nancy Nancy what are you truly trying to accomplish?
    First you Kiss up and promote your Golden Boy for President
    instead of selecting the best person that could beat McCain thus allowing the people to elect Hillary Clinton which we did. I always assumed it was because you in fact are the only women in line for President……

    must read the rest of the story at:


    “There’s nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you.” Woody Hayes / Ohio State ——— It is my sincerest wish that all of us here in support of Larry, do all we can to cleanse the souls of those who continue to harrass, intimidate, threaten property damage and issue death threats to us. It is our duty to inform the American people of the truth about Barack Obama. We will continue on this quest to tell the truth, NO MATTER WHAT!

  7. sisterrosetta

    “EXCLUSIVE! OBAMA’S FAKE BIRTH CERTIFICATE: How the forgery was made.”

    Please see Polarik’s latest at above link. And also see Polarik’s comments at Free Republic in comments section.

  8. Thank you for caring enough to share the truth with the American people.

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