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TV news has hit a new low. A news reporter that I once respected, Greta Van Susteren, and a former news show, Fox News, have become major disappointments. Just a few weeks ago my lady and I were watching Greta on Fox and we both remarked at how much she had changed. Greta used to be a hard hitting, no nonsense news seeker. Now she hosts an entertainment show. Well, I have had it!

Greta recently posted the following:

“June 18th, 2008 11:00 AM Eastern
Here is why…
by Greta Van Susteren
Many of you email me asking why I don’t interview Larry Sinclair….here is why (click on the link)

click here…

I assume you now know why I have not interviewed him and no one has…his 27 year criminal record and all sorts of other matters mentioned in the above link tell you short, no credibility.

I urge all of you to look to the issues…and not to the smears. While the internet is a great communication and educational tool, it is also viral when it comes to smearing people. There are good reasons to be skeptical of what politicians promise you.. challenge them about those promises…question their policies…but let’s skip unsubstantiated smears.”

The click here points to this site:

So, greta is basing her decision to not interview Sinclair based on rumors, smears and one biased blog?

So, what is the reason Greta?

Are you drooling over Obama?

Are you more interested in doing an entertainment show?

Are you afraid of being tagged racist?

Are you afraid to get your hands dirty and do some real work? Some real news reporting?

Greta, and most of the rest of MSM, I and other bloggers and truth seekers have been doing your job. I actually speak to Larry Sinclair. I ask questions without assuming. I do not drink the “kool aid”. In fact, I have researched and written about Dan Shomon, Obama’s former campaign manager and co schemer in getting state grants for Robert Blackwell companies. You see, Greta, the Sinclair story did not happen in a vacuum. If you had been doing your job, you would have been aware of all the crime, curruption and drug connections that make Sinclair’s story more believeable.

And guess what, one of the bloggers that has tried the hardest to discredit Larry Sinclair and anyone else seeking the truth about Obama, has been found out. This person has a recent criminal record. The is the same blogger that lied and took credit for Larry’s arrest. If you had bothered to check, the blogger’s information was incorrect. If you go to my blog, you will find the facts.

I have studied Barack Obama and Larry Sinclair and I can assure you that Mr. Sinclair has more credibility with me.

So Greta. I challenge you to do some real reporting.

I also challenge you to contact me. I have facts as the result of hard work that I can provide. That is, if you care.

Citizen Wells


53 responses to “To Greta Van Susteren from Citizen Wells, Fox News, I mean Fox Entertainment, Citizen Wells working, What is Greta Van Susteren doing?, Greta, You quoted a biased blog

  1. sisterrosetta

    Thank you, Citizen!

  2. I share your outrage. I too tried to challenge Greta to do her job. Only I went to post my challenge on her blog. It never posted and I was unable to post on her blog for nearly 3 weeks after that attempt.

    Either Greta’s bosses are preventing her from properly investigating and reporting this story – or she’s not as smart as you and I have given her credit for being.

    I predict within 2 years it’s journalists like you who people will be using as their main source of news. The networks have been bought by special interests and the people know it.

  3. Thank you, Citizen Wells, for your guts and your strong voice. Thank you also for your assistance when he hit a bump in the road with Larry Sinclair and his efforts to spread the truth. Thank you also for your alliance. It means a lot to this family member who has longstanding posture and who has traveled the pages of this endeavor since the beginning and started posting with Larry in early February at BigHeadDC. I want Larry to continue to make noise. I admire Larry’s courage and his tenacity to see this through. And for the record, I have no intentions of going away, either.

  4. sisterrosetta

    Jj you go Girl

  5. That’s been eating at me as well (Greta’s plagiarism of Larry’s site as “reason” for not reporting). Lazy and fearful of looking like a bamabasher. If nothing else, why not investigate Donald Young’s murder? See where it leads? Great article/plea to Greta.

  6. ReallyMadAtGreta

    I go on her blog almost daily to tell her she is nothing but a talk show host and to use bloggers as a source shows she is not a journalist…but a poser…WTH..who uses bloggers as a source to confirm a story…I thought about writing a blog and saying..HEY GRETA..DO YOUR is my blog to use as a source…SHAMEFUL!!

    BTW, CW…I hope you are feeling better and I missed you!

  7. This didn’t get through Greta’s moderation so I will repost it here.

    With all due respect to Greta,

    Mr. Sinclair has shown more credibility since he went public than all those who have been attacking him in this ongoing organized campaign of harassment, intimidation, and death threats directed against him. If you would get off your self righteous high horse and actually investigate this mans story, you would see that.

    Yes the man is an ex-con, however that does not mean he lacks credibility. He may have questionable credibility yes, but outright no credibility at all? That is nothing more than a bad judgment call that you can not in all honestly make. You being in the legal field for so many years would know better than most of us the truth, more often than not, lies squarely at the center of what a plaintiff claims and what a defendant claims. Can you honestly, on your good reputation, state unequivocally and beyond a shadow of reasonable doubt that Mr. Larry Sinclair has no credibility, and is therefore lying about everything he has claimed? Can you show irrefutable evidence that would explain why you have passed such a judgment upon this individual? I think not, considering you have absolutely refused to investigate the matter fully.

    I am truly in awe of your lack of rational discourse and reasoning as to why you will not investigate this man’s story. I have seen you investigate and interview people with far less credibility than this man. I have seen Fox, MSNBC, CNN and you personally do stories on matters that in the end, have turned out to be completely false. But for some knee jerk reactionary reason, based on nothing more than your own blinding emotional discomfiture’s; you will not give this man a fair chance to be heard or have his claims properly investigated. Why is that Greta?

    People have come to you with this man’s story because they believe you are normally a fair minded individual. They come to you with this story because of your long and successful legal background. They try to bring this man’s story to you, knowing darn good and well if anybody can get to the bottom of it you can and would. I must now ask you, where has that professionalism, love of finding truth, and sense of justice you once held gone to?


    Who will roll on Obama first? I have a clue. Will it be Rezko? I don’t think so.
    So what is to come? Will the indictments surface before the August Convention? Or perhaps the Republicans will use this tactic as the Big Oct surprise? Will we ever know the truth?

    I have a quote from a source that implies Obama is in deep with Rezko and maybe future indictments with other Chicago Politicians.

  9. caffinequeen

    Great letter Citizen Wells! I know many are trying to get the media to listen and investigate. I hope it works!

    We need them to hear Larry and us before it’s too late!

  10. zachjonesishome

    Amen. I hope a lot of folks post this on Greta’s Blog. Zach

  11. Could Greta’s being a Scientologist have anything to do with her actions?

    Who knows?

  12. SoldierofChrist

    There is an important lesson for all of us here, a lesson we dare never forget. When our country failed us, when our media looked the other way, all due to race baiting. Each of us is tempted from time to time to “prove” the validity of this story, and become in ultimate despair, when it is shoved away in some remote corner of the basement to bring it up after the election. We are members of the America’s family today not because we can “prove” our faith by preaching, but because we have a gracious Creator that has put a loving heart in each of us., and a loving mind to know what is right or wrong. Knowing this wisdom, we know that the people who are in charge of our airwaves have sold their souls to the best bidder, and not for the american people. We are living in a day of secret weapons, where by accident or by design, some enemy might launch a worldwide holocaust, and demand to be part of the decisers of our fate. We are the “owners’ of this Country, not the media! So, what makes this story different from Scott’s story. Did he kill his wives? You have managed to drag a man and practically accused some guy in a murder, but, yet you have desperately avoided this story of Mr. Sinclair. This is mostly blamed on the Republicans, who are cowards. They didn’t wasted a minute on Mr. Clinton and his iniquities, and are still discussing them, but, are afraid to ask a colored man, did you or didn’t you. What a shameful bunch in both parties! What a corrupted bunch of party leaders. Thank Yeshua, we can go independent.

  13. zachjonesishome

    How a Great Dream can change. I hope you consider:
    Obama’s “I Have a Dream” Speech Rough Draft Found In Caffe Latte Establishment!!!
    July 5, 2008 by zachjonesishome
    Found at:

  14. How many people have been convicted, on the word of hardened criminal convicts… for the sole purpose of getting lighter sentences for themselves…
    Also, Larry Sinclair was accused of being a mentally handicapped, or deranged person… Just view his NPC statements, to see evidence that he is well in controll of his mental capacities, and his judgments…

  15. Wayne:
    This is something I have tried to tell everyone.Greta is Scientologist and they are very anti Gay.
    But L Ron Hubbard was a closet Mary and a half…go figure?



  17. zachjonesishome

    I have a new post that defines “Down Low” from the NYT in 2003.
    Many thanks to Larry Sinclair’s supporters who are great at finding articles to cite and use.
    This material came from Doris T. Thank You Zach

  18. glennmcgahee

    I imagine that nobody id gonna touch this until after the official nomination. The hypocrasy is the Vanity Fair story on Bill Clinton having an affair as told from an unnamed source. Then we have Jennifer Flowers and Paula somebody that were splashed all over the media before Bill Clinton took office. There’s more, including lesbian stories about Hillary and her supposed affairs with associates. But this Sinclair story? crickets……..

  19. sisterrosetta


    Sinclair smear site’s source has one long rap sheet

    By: Cao, Filed under: Communist, Socialist & Nazi , General , Obama @ 3:28 pm


    “None of Sinclair’s history has anything to do with facts like the limo driver’s name or the phone numbers he provided at the press conference. Here’s to the hope that the Chicago PD is doing their jobs rather than claiming they’re doing an ‘investigation’ and merely coming up with a politically acceptable conclusion for the Obama campaign.

    If they were doing their jobs, they would be concentrating on verifying the facts presented, like the phone numbers – and trying to get Obama’s phone records from 1999 to verify who it was that Obama called on the night that Sinclair alleges Obama made a call to score some coke – in addition to those of Donald Young and the other gay members of the Trinity United Church of Christ who were murdered.

    It would seem to me that at least following those leads could either exonerate Obama, or land him in hot water. Either way, let’s get on with it and stop with the stalking and attempted extortion of money from little old ladies like Sinclair’s mother simply because she IS Sinclair’s mother, which is just another way to apply pressure to him to shut up.”

  20. post the link /I would like to put it up on my website as well. thanks!

  21. citizenwells

    You are always welcome to anything I write.
    I am honored you asked.

  22. zachjonesishome

    I’m trying not to blog today. But –

  23. My Bold Decision

    I am sick to my stomach to think there might be a true real connection between a murdered member of Obama’s church and Obama. It has not been covered but you can bet your last dollar that if this was about John McCain or Hillary Clinton it would be plastered across the airwaves. In an effort to solve this mystery and publish this story I sent a letter to Americas Most Wanted and John Walsh. I have posted it and suggest everyone who is concerned do the same. Thanks
    read my letter at

  24. val sommerviile

    “My Bold Decision” is a great one. I’ll visit AMW website, too.

  25. sisterrosetta

    I support Hillary, shouldnt I vote Obama?

    (Must become member to view)

    BWBF replies:

    2008/07/07 01:38

    Sisterrosetta, From what I hear about the Larry Sinclair and Donald Young and other gay members of the Trinity United Church of Christ who was murdered issues is that it will be going beyond the realm of the Chicago PD.

    There is talk about the feds taking an interest in Sinclair and Young and the gay members murders (the gay community of Chicago has been trying to get anyone to listen to them about the murders of their friends for a longtime!) Not a doubt in my mind that the feds will get to the bottom of all accusations!

    It is a known fact that the feds have been investigating Rezko,(he may be in prison but, that is not stopping the feds from making connections to those involved with the corruption that is running rampant in Chicago)!

  26. sisterrosetta

    Zach Jones makes Google News!

    by Zach Jones
    Obama’s “I Have a Dream” Speech Found
    July 06, 2008 03:00 PM EST

    by Zach Jones
    Will Our Children Be Able To Trust What ‘History’ Says About SenatorObama?
    July 07, 2008 10:00 AM EST

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  28. sisterrosetta

    Am I the only one who hadn’t seen these? I’m always the last one to know.

    From hollywood7 (aka

    Rense & Tarpley on Larry Sinclair – led away in handcuffs

    Larry Sinclair vs. Obama’s Nazis

    Larry Sinclair vs. Obama’s Stormtroopers

  29. sisterrosetta

    Mitch (Michel) on with Roger Fredinburg – Host of Neighborhood 21

    Tonight 8PM EST?

    Don’t know if he will be on, posting just in case.

  30. zachjonesishome

    I am asking Sen. Obama, The Media and Mr. Sinclair to say a little serenity prayer in my latest post. Hope you enjoy. Zach

  31. zachjonesishome

    Minn. gambling authority questions Obama Web offer

    This is good. Zach

  32. zachjonesishome

    CitizenWells – You will appreciate this. I got a response on the military site:
    “This is just plain non-sense. The truth will come out. Senator Obama is innocent of all these charges and lies. The guy is born to lead and anyone who tries to obstruct it, will be destroyed.”

    My reply:
    He says: This is just plain non-sense.

    I say: I wish that it was. When Sen. Obama first started his run I was somewhat hopeful, however the more I learned about him the more troubled I became.

    He says: The guy is born to lead and anyone who tries to obstruct it, will be destroyed.

    I say: Many Obama supporters are trying to do just that. Mr. Sinclair and his family have had all manor of threats, including death threats (serious ones). I have been threatened to be turned in to the police (accomplish to fraud or some such thing) for trying to get the media to investigate and either prove his claims false or true. I have not taken a position of the validity of Mr. Sinclair’s allegations. I have taken a clear position on his right to be heard.

    Take Care, Zach

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  34. sisterrosetta

    Whether Obama is innocent of Larry’s claims or not…

    At least this Obama supporter is honest, which is more than I can say for Pepe.

    Tuesday, July 8, 2008

    An Obama Supporter explains the silence on the Larry Sinclair Issue

    The following comment comes from an Obama supporter.

    “Do you understand what would happen if the Obama campaign gave ANY response to Larry? That would cause a media circus. Around 15% of Americans STILL believe Obama is a muslim when that claim defies all logic and has been debunked.

    Whether Obama is innocent of Larry’s claims or not…

    ignoring them at this stage is the most LOGICAL thing he can do. Any response even one that debunks it dignifies it.”

    I guess that explains why we haven’t seen Larry on the “Fight the Smears” website.

    Posted by Boston Beatnik at 2:05 AM

  35. sisterrosetta

    Lame Cherry Say Free Larry Sinclair!

    So what can Barack Obama do but throw in an invocation by Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and Louis Farakhan condemning America.

    He can have Oprah show up as high priestess giving away cars people can’t afford to pay the taxes on or fill up with fuel.

    He can give a speech to a bunch of communists about how good George Bush policy is and get booed as they want Islamocommunist Obama.

    It just is all bizarre. What does he have mangirls or girly men depending on his swinging both ways sexual choices as cheerleaders……..but what happens if “Free Larry Sinclair” buttons start showing up…………

    Wow Mr. Sinclair now there is a cool idea for raising funds for your defense, Free Larry Sinclair

    t shirts, bumper stickers, hats and campaign buttons.

    Perhaps that will be the best finale for the Barack Obama stadium Islamoconcert comardeball Obamafest.

    A simple pin…………….

    A simple handbag………….

    A simple shirt…………….

    Posted by Lame Cherry at 10:01 AM

    Sisterrosetta here: Click on link to see Lame Cherry’s fun fashion ideas!

  36. ((CW))….Where are you…Are you feeling better…I miss you!!! Email me that you are Ok!

    Your my favorite Citizen!!

  37. citizenwells

    Doing ok.
    Thanks for asking.

  38. citizenwells

    Someone asked if Greta had responded to my challenge.
    The answer is no.
    This reminds me a little of why Obama will not categorize Larry Sinclair’s allegations as smears on his Fight the Smears site.
    It would make the story more important.
    Well, the MSM, is being left behind and out scooped. This will add to their new classification
    as news dinosaurs.



  40. zachjonesishome

    I put up a new article today. I just heard that Iran test fired another missile. If anyone wants to post it elsewhere they can and I would appreciate it. I won’t be able to make effective posts until either late Thursday night or early Friday morning. Thank you all for your support. Zach

  41. This really confuses me. It seems like an incredibly tenuous connection between Young’s death and Barak Obama’s campaign. I know I get a phone bill with a list of the numbers I called and received. If there was a bill showing calls from Young’s cell phone to Sinclair, then the accusations would hold some water. Without something like that, isn’t he just one man making accusations without backing them up? Or is there a record like this?

  42. citizenwells

    John S.
    Do you genuinely want to know the truth?
    Respond and I will tell you.

  43. sisterrosetta

    Tuesday, July 08, 2008

    Larry Sinclair, Obama’s bad penny


    You might recall Larry Sinclair was the person who claimed to have smoked crack and had gay sex with Obama back in 1999. The allegation surfaced back in January 2008 via an infamous YouTube video. At the time it was blown off as a crank who was just out to smear “The Lightworker”, probably put up to it by the Clintons, who are not exactly squeamish about playing dirty. Remember Vince Foster’s little walk in the park? Well, that bad penny just won’t go away. The story refuses to die, and in fact keeps growing and expanding.

    According to a sworn affidavit signed by Larry Sinclair, Sinclair contacted Obama’s campaign back in September 2007 concerning Obama’s statement concerning when he had last used crack cocaine. Sinclair claimed that he felt that it was important that the voters know about Obama’s more recent cocaine use. Sinclair wanted Obama to publically admit that he had used cocaine as recently as 1999.

    Sinclair claimed that he had made a number of calls that were not returned, then in October 2007, A man identifying himself as Mr. Young called him back and interrogated Sinclair as to who he had told about the encounter and why he had not mentioned the sex angle. Since Sinclair claims to have not mentioned the sex and that Mr Young was the first to broach the subject, this would tend to indicate that Mr Young was well aware of what had happened in that Limo.

    A couple weeks later, Sinclair claims that Mr Young called back, and through his tone and content of the conversation, he claims it became clear to him that Mr. Young was not in fact a campaign staffer, but was in fact an intimate of Obama. Further, by this time, Sinclair had moved to Delaware and had not told the Obama Campaign where he had moved to, or how he could be reached, but yet they found him anyway, which indicates that he was the subject of some form of surveillence or investigation, which would seem reasonable given the circumstances.

    A week or so later he claims to have recieved a text message from Mr. Young stating that he was intimate with Obama and that he, Obama and Obama’s pastor (that would be the infamous Jeremiah Wright) were discussing how to disclose the drug use and that he wanted to ensure that no mention of the incident had been made or would be made to anyone.

    Again in November another text message to yet a different undisclosed cell number in yet another state (Minnesota this time) that Obama was going to disclose his drug use and that there was no reason for Sinclair to disclose anything to anyone. By December, it was clear that Obama was not going to disclose anything to anyone and that Mr Young was merely stringing him along to milk him for information, so Sinclair decided to go public. Hence the Youtube video.

    Mr Young turns out to be one Donald Young, an openly gay Chior director at Trinity United Church, and fourth grade math teacher. On December 23, Mr. Young was murdered in his home, and his killer has not been found. Mr. Young was not the only gay black victim of murder in Chicago, There were two other gay men that were murdered within days of each other, Kevin Clewer, and Larry Bland. All three died within a 40 day period.

    Now, this is starting to sound really fishy.

    Read the whole thing.


    Elite formal definition from

    source 1 Hillary loyalist Now For McCain
    A man running for President named OBAMA


  45. I believe the reason Obama refuses to release his phone records from the November 1999 dates in question is that they would reveal there were only two calls made the night Larry Sinclair met Barack Obama: One call from the limo driver to Obama, and one call from Obama to either Donald Young, Nate Spencer, or Larry Bland.

    The onus is on Obama to end the speculation.

  46. Paula Jones, Anita Hill, and Gary Hart; lets take a quick look at these.

    Paula Jones’ claims were investigated by the MSM without any evidence to back them up; settled out of court after lengthy court battle. Her claims are somewhat validated in retrospect by numerous claims of other sex scandals claimed against the same politician. Eventually that same politician was impeached by the House of Representatives for his actions regarding another sex scandal. However, the Politician stayed in office after the Senate had their say. All of this covered by the MSM.

    Anita Hill’s claims were investigated by the MSM without any evidence to back up her claims regarding a Supreme Court Nominee. Even with the investigation of her claims by the MSM, the Nominee was selected and sworn in.

    Rumors spread regarding Gary Hart and an affair. Following nothing more then just rumors several journalists trailed Hart and staked out his house. They saw a woman leave his house in the evening that was not his wife. Hart then confronted the rumors and dared the media to follow up on it, he had nothing to hide. Sometime later pictures surfaced of him with the woman on an overnight boating trip.

    In only one out of three of these scandals did an investigation by the MSM actually stop the person from getting the job they were seeking. The MSM sought the facts (starting only with rumors), presented them, debated them, and let the people decide what the truth is.

    Why aren’t they giving us this opportunity now? Is something different?

  47. zachjonesishome

    Serenity Prayer for Sen. Obama,The Media
    The Conservative Voice, NC – 5 hours ago
    … especially if the Media and Senator Obama can prove the allegations that Mr. Sinclair and the Senator engaged in the use of crack cocaine and gay sex in …

  48. great write up!!

    pls send msg to moma

  49. citizenwells

    I do not allow the race card to be played on this blog. This is about vetting a presidential candidate.

  50. Hi Citizenwells,

    Because of the holiday and family visiting I’ve been away from the computer. And in that time, I tried to banish this election and any news from my life or from my thoughts. I was successful at lowing my head and concentrating on only daily life and planning my 4th of July party. I didn’t think of Obama at all, purposefully.

    Maybe it was the nature of it being the Independence Day (the most patriotic of holidays) and the thoughts of what this country stands for and what our founding fathers envisioned, but I was slapped hard by a dream I had last Sunday.

    I dreamed that Obama was indeed elected. In the months following, the usual accepted Hispanic and illegal alien bashing on radio’s and else where continued and ultimately escalated into large groups of violent angry citizens. The fence along the southern border was completed and exceptionally tall, long and heavily guarded. Obama then, by influence or by self will, enacted a illegal alien ’round up’ where they were put into camps or stations to be deported. That’s how it started. It became a Nazi like scouring of anyone rumored or suspected to be illegal to be deported. Problem worsened when South America began to refuse any more deported people as it was causing a refugee situation. And that’s when the Obama government began secret exterminations to deal with “the problem”.

    I know this was only a dream and not likely to come remotely true but my fear of what an Obama presidency could mean for this country is very real. Either by his chosen affiliations or by his vulnerability to blackmail, Obama is a risk to the future and stability of our country. Either with behind the scenes moves like G.W. Bush or in your face moves he will “change” this country on behalf of his friends and secret backers and it may not be repairable. And what scares me most is that a free unbiased press is non-existent and his supporters are vehement unreasoning unquestioning soldiers willing to do anything for their perceived savior.

    I’m too worried about this country that I love to keep my head down. And I don’t know why more people aren’t as frightened about the ramifications of an Obama presidency. Or, why aren’t more people frightened by the state of our so called “free press”.

  51. Why are we surprised about Greta not wanting to interview Larry Sinclair? She is a Liberal. In 2004 she was hoping Kerry would win the election, and no doubt she hopes that Obama will win. She wont touch Larry Sinclair with a 10 foot pole. However, Greta is not the only one, nobody in the media wants to interview Larry Sinclair, not even O’Reilly. I don’t get it. If Obama was a Republican the media would line up to interview Larry Sinclair.

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