Obama, Hitler, Reverend Manning, Hail Hitler, Hail Obama, Reverend Manning video, Obama supporters in trance, Hitler supporters in trance

The Reverend James Manning has a new video out. In this video, released today, Monday, June 9, 2008, Reverend Manning compares Obama to Adolf Hitler. I have posted several articles on this subject. God bless Reverend Manning for taking a stand. This is a must see video. Reverend Manning states that Obama supporters are in a trance just like Hitler supporters were in a trance. Here are the highlights of Reverend Manning’s video that was preached on June 7, 2008:

Obama is the ambassador from hell.

Obama supporters have likened Obama to JFK and Dr. Martin Luther King.

Kennedy never had the popularity and power.

Obama has a unity not even Dr. King had.

Obama is more popular than Jesus.

The world stood by and did nothing about Hitler.

The look on Hitler’s supporter’s faces was as if they were in a trance.

All Barack Hussein Obama needs is a mustache.

This man Hitler had such an influence over the world. The Catholic Church remained silent.

This ambassador from hell got y’all in a trance.

This is a must see must hear video:


God bless Reverend Manning.

12 responses to “Obama, Hitler, Reverend Manning, Hail Hitler, Hail Obama, Reverend Manning video, Obama supporters in trance, Hitler supporters in trance

  1. sisterrosetta

    P.U.M.A. Advocates Speak Out on Neil Cavuto’s Fox News Show:
    By SusanUnPC on June 9, 2008 at 6:18 PM


    PUMA = Party Unity My Ass
    (By the way, yesterday afternoon I was on the conference call that the two mention during the interview. Stay tuned for developments with this coalition.)


    Shortly before the call yesterday, William Bower — interviewed by Mr. Cavuto above — sent us all an e-mail with a link to “Clinton supporters vow to fight on,” an article in which he was featured and which appeared in The National (an Abu Dhabi newspaper written in English):

    Hillary Clinton’s official acknowledgment of defeat and call for party unity finally came yesterday, but William Bower wanted none of it.

    A Clinton supporter and contributor for whom voting Democratic comes as natural as breathing, Mr Bower very nearly refused to attend the announcement. He knew Mrs Clinton was going to ask him to do what he considered unthinkable: support Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee.

    “I don’t want to hear her say that, and I know she will,” he said before the event, which was held in the National Building Museum in Washington. “I don’t want to be told to vote for

    “I love her, and I would do 95 per cent of what she’d ask,” Mr Bower said. But not that. …

    Read all: “Clinton supporters vow to fight on.”

    STAY TUNED! We’ll have more on PUMA in the coming days.

    Clinton supporters vow to fight on
    Erika Niedowski, Washington Bureau Chief
    • Last Updated: June 07. 2008 11:34PM UAE / June 7. 2008 7:34PM GMT


  2. sisterrosetta

    (June 9, 2008) Latest from Larry Sinclair with new video

    Obama: What Will History Say? (excerpts from an interview)
    Posted by Larry Sinclair on Monday, June 9, 2008


    Foot Note in History?

    I extend an open invitation to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright to join me at the NPC on June 18, 2008 to answer questions as well. And we will even pick up the costs on reserving the room and video equipment.

    This is only one question posed in an interview. June 18, 2008 maybe a very telling day in history.

    What will history say about the DNC and US Politics in 2008?

    What will history say about the means in-which one will go to to hide the truth about ones acts and activities?

    You can support the June 18, 2008 NPC appearance through the BAKE OFF pay pal link.

  3. Citizen, I’ve read your blog since the beginning. How could I resist when you promised to act as a crusader for truth!Over the past month or so I’ve noticed an increasingly disturbing tone to your posts! You compare Mr. Obama to Adolph Hitler. I believe that is a great disservice to the millions killed under the Nazi regime. When you say, “God bless Reverend Manning,” for preaching such hate, the only one who appears to be in a trance is you! To truly be a crusader of truth, you must be willing to admit that perhaps Mr. Obama is not guilty of everything you’ve accused him of. Partisanship is like a disease in our country. Please, do your part to stop it, and not drive the people of our country further apart!

  4. I was hoping you had seen this! I’ve been slammed as I’m sure you have for pointing out the similarities between Hitler and Obama but it’s so clear what I see.

    Pastor Manning said much of what I’ve been feeling for months now about the propaganda and lack of action of many and the persecution of those who do speak out.

    The video indeed is a MUST see.

  5. http://www.atlah.org/broadcast/06-10-08_56kb.html

    This is a different version. Take a listen to if if you haven’t already.

  6. zachjonesishome

    I tried to post this on Mr. Sinclair’s blog but it went into space.


    I tried to post under zachjonesishome at Real Clear Politics, but my account has been deactivated.

    We are seeing the rise of the extreme left who operate as facists with regards to free speech and opposing views. Keep Up The Fight For Free Expression of Opposing Views. Everyone sign up at places with 2 or 3 user names. Obama supporters actions are un-American and disrespect our military by undermining what they are fighting for. Zach

  7. Gracie, with respect, before you judge Citizen Wells too harshly, have you read Gustave LeBon’s “The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind” or seen Leni Riefenstahl’s film “Triumph of the Will?” Le Bon theorizes that propaganda is an adequate rational technique to control the seemingly irrational behavior of crowds.
    Ms. Riefenstahl’s 114 minute film about the German Olympics speaks for itself.

    It was less than 100 years ago that most of my family perished in Treblinka. Cambodia and Bosnia, to name just two,have shown us that we CAN be fooled again.

    All I can do is emplore you to please do your research before casting your vote this November.

  8. goodtimepolitics

    Beware of the Obama warrors! I have already encounter a couple of these Obama hired bloggers today!

  9. citizenwells

    The Obamanites have a commonality that binds them to their messiah, Obama.
    Just like Obama, they do not respond with facts. They divert attention away from the subject at hand.
    I posted several articles about the analogies between the Obama Campaign and Nazi Germany. I have been clear about comparing apples and apples.
    I did not compare just Obama to Hitler. I compared the complete package, the Obama Campaign, which includes the “brown shirt” like thugs and saboteurs that Axelrod has employed.
    I have also mentioned the strong anti semitic component of the complete Obama package as well as the scrubbing of information from the internet which resembles the book burnings of the Nazis.

  10. sisterrosetta

    Gracie wrote:

    “You compare Mr. Obama to Adolph Hitler. I believe that is a great disservice to the millions killed under the Nazi regime. When you say, “God bless Reverend Manning,” for preaching such hate, the only one who appears to be in a trance is you! To truly be a crusader of truth, you must be willing to admit that perhaps Mr. Obama is not guilty of everything you’ve accused him of.”

    Gracie, I believe we all have to respect each other’s interpretations here. Yours, mine, Citizen Wells’, and, yes, even Pastor Manning’s.

    Each of us has our own special reasons for whatever conclusions we’ve reached regarding Senator Obama, including whether and how much we fear an Obama administration.

    I can only speak for myself, but I do fear the powers behind Obama, especially Soros. Many of us have gravitated to this site and others simply because we feel it our duty to do everything we can to prevent this from happening.

    Pointing out the similarities between Hitler’s rise to power and the inexplicable hypnotic power he seemed to hold over the German nation and Obama’s inexplicable rise does not make one a hater.

    We are worried, and rightly so.

    Perhaps Pastor Manning does go too far in the video to which you are referring, but that doesn’t totally negate his basic premise. He truly believes that many Americans have chosen to remain blind to Obama’s many inadequacies.

    But many of us are right to ask questions. Why is this happening? What’s going on here?

    Please take the time to read Citizen Wells’ previous post on this, and the comments of his readers, including mine.


  11. Super. It took almost a day to find this info. Thanks! Good job. 🙂

  12. Well, it’s time to elect another group of leaders and the choice is slim this year. But I have some concerns and I would like some answers.
    Barrack Obama, where did your money come from. Almost an unlimited supply, that’s a lot of money, thought of chipping in to help with the bail out situation?
    And what special interest groups do you intend to stop? Guns and hunters? Gays and Lesbians? Christians? Animal rights and rescue groups?
    And you said that for anyone making under $250,000 their taxes wouldn’t change. Then you changed it to $200,000. Which is it?
    You said you were Christian and admitted to being Muslim.
    You claim to help the middle class, what someone who makes $20,000 or less. They are having problems just making it to pay day.
    He even admitted to being socialist, or did I hear it wrong.
    Or, what about the person that makes only $500.00 a month and has to chose between medicine, food, rent, or utilities. What are you going to do to help them?
    I’ve been hearing a lot of promises to the middle class but don’t forget the ones that make less, they vote too and they will be your responsibility too.
    Another thing that concerns me is that Joe Bidden has said…”everyone will have to make sacrifices.” Meaning that taxes will be raised? The people of this country have sacrificed their money or are you going to start asking for guns, homes, children? I know it’s a little far, but it’s to prove a point.
    there’s also the issue of partial birth abortion, it’s legal to get rid of a life (according to the courts life begins at conception) out of convience, when will it be me and millions of others like me that are simply not convient anymore.
    simply the fact that this man is admitedly associated with a group that want’s to kill Americans is scary.
    the only people that say this is hate and racist are the haters and racist. since when is it wrong to tell others when you think there is a danger. We can not make someone else hate or dislike someone else, we can only tell them what’s going on. How many time have you forwarded a warning of the spider under the toilet, or the killer crying like a baby, or the cop stopping women to rape them. what’s the difference?
    the fact is while people try to defend his so-called honor he is working with people that want to take away their rights, take over their country and kill them or sell them as slaves. i’ve been called a racist by friends. that i am not. i go to a black church. i was pregnant with a black baby and lost it after 4 months, i wanted that baby more than anything. i still get emotional over my Angel as I call him/her. calling me racist will get you a punch in the mouth from me, that is personal and any woman that has a child or lost a child will understand. the only people making this about race are the people that are electing him based on the color of his skin. look a little deeper, it’s only a color.
    And I know I’m not the only one with these questions and as of yet no answers.
    I’m definitely going to add this to my blog
    Disabled, 36 years old
    paralegal, published author, dog trainer, artist, animal rescue owner

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