Obama, Donald Young murder, Update, Chicago Police, Larry Sinclair, detective contact, Drudge Report, Scott Covington, Obama campaign desperation

Larry Sinclair has an update on the Chicago Police investigation
into the death of TUCC gay choir director, Donald Young. Obama
supporters are getting desperate to discredit Larry Sinclair
and his allegations of drug use and gay sex with Obama in
November 1999 and alleged contact by Donald Young shortly before
he was murdered. It is a fact that Larry Sinclair has received
numerous personal attacks, including threats to his life and
harrassing calls to his mother. Scott Covington, several weeks
ago was identified as a party taking part in harrassing phone
calls. It appears that Scott Covington has contacted the CPD
alleging to be part of the Drudge Report. A CPD detective has
contacted Larry with this information. Here are some exerpts from
Sinclair’s new update:
“Scott Covington, owner of The Piano Store in Houston Texas, on Saturday May 17, 2008 called Chicago Police Homicide Detectives claiming to be a reporter for the DrudgeReport, attempting to obtain information on an on going CPD investigation.”

““I will tell you I received a phone call yesterday from a man in Texas claiming to b a reporter for the DrudgeReport, and after allowing him to say his piece, I stated NO COMMENT.”  I then informed the Detective of a man from Houston, Texas named Scott Covington, and as soon as I said Covington, Detective states “that’s him, that’s the person who called yesterday saying he worked for the DrudgeReport.””

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56 responses to “Obama, Donald Young murder, Update, Chicago Police, Larry Sinclair, detective contact, Drudge Report, Scott Covington, Obama campaign desperation

  1. Citizen, I just wanted to say thank you for having the courage to report Larry Sinclair’s story. We need more like you.

  2. Why does Mr. Sinclair insist on making people’s information public yet he is suing people for doing the same. What part of UNFAIR does he not understand?

    Have you any comment on the latest at The Mitch and Nan Show? Seems Obama was at a symposium for TWO days November 6th and 7th, 1999 when the supposed “affair” happened with Sinclair. Any comment?

  3. Hope's Audacity

    In their desperation, the Obamanites are trying to do whatever they think is possible to bait Mr. Sinclair into reacting to their posts and comments. In some states, some of their actions could be construed as obstruction of justice. On top of that, they are so naive, such mental midgets, as to think their posts and rants, even their “bombshell” would have any affect whatsoever on the litigation against the bloggers. Mr. Sinclair’s allegations against Obama are one issue, and then there is the issue of bloggers stating certain information as factual about Mr. Sinclair. While the latter happened as a result of the revelation of the former, even if the allegations were false (and I do not believe that they are), that would not negate the improprities that the bloggers allegedly commited. “Allegedly”– all of this PC stuff is why Obama is where he is today- the media is so afraid of vetting the candidate, as though such a thing would be racist or something.

  4. citizenwells

    You will not get the truth there.
    They are about personal attacks and
    trying to discredit anyone who questions Obama
    or his past.
    Forget Sinclair’s allegations for a moment and research the numerous Obama ties to crime and corruption.
    This blog is a good place to start.

  5. citizenwells

    Do you have any substantive records?

  6. CitizenwellsI love the way you lay out your posts. They so clearly state the facts as you know them. You are brilliant.
    Oh yes, and I LOVE THE POLLS !

  7. Hope's Audacity


    First, your comment about battle and wits is one I have to remember. I think I will put that at the top of my desk!!

    You are absolutely correct that Gemini should research the “misinformation” that has been spewn throughout the web regarding Sinclair. When one “connects the dots” from Obama, to Wright, to Michelle, to Ayers, to Rezko, to Iraqi billionaires, to Donald Young, to Larry Sinclair, the more that one finds out about Obama, the more credibility that is put forward for Sinclair’s allegations.

    One further comment about Gemini’s comment, Larry Sinclair has put out IP addresses and email addresses to show that the personal attacks on him are real. That, in my estimation, is completely different from the Obamanites posting Larry’s warrants, his personal records, his family information, and such. On top of that, the attorney’s for the bloggers put his SSN into the public record, a MAJOR violation. This has all been done to make Larry go away, and they didn’t think he’d resist this much.

    Of course, none of this would be necessary if the media had done their job by thoroughly vetting Sen. Obama.

    Gemini, trust me when I say that there is more truth in Larry Sinclair than you’ll find on his attackers site, or in our politicians. The Obama website allows NOTHING that is in any way negative about Obama, not in blogs, nor the comments. I know, Sam Graham-Felsen and Nick Colvin have had my account disabled 7 times.

  8. Citizen,

    I know you have seen my posts over at Larry’s site, and I have not stated that I support Larry or anything like that, I have just wished him well, and stated that his story is getting out.

    I have also been to “the other” site, and although I do not use the same screen name I am using here (mainly because I don’t want them to know who I am), I do not want to be associated with either side, I am trying to stay neutral in all of this. I asked a question of one of their “guest writers” on a blog and never got an answer. I honestly do not think that they are seriously out to find the truth. They just like dissing Larry. And what Gemini states above is not accurate. They have posted that Obama was at a Symposium on the 7th and 8th, not the 6th and 7th.

    I am interested in this story, but I will state that if Larry doesn’t have his press conference before the end of the month, I will have no choice but to discredit his story in my mind. I believe that those who are loyal to him deserve this.

    He has said a couple of times that he was going to have a press conference, and then for one reason or another, it hasn’t happened. He has also on a couple occasions stated that he was quitting his blog. I guess my point is, that these are all evidence that he is not genuine.

    With that said, I hope Larry is being truthful, and these incidents did happen. One of my biggest concerns though is the fact that Larry said on his original video that he was waiting for the credit card recipt. Do you know whether he has it? If he does have it why has he not made it public? This would be proof of a) that he stayed at the hotel in Gurnee b) that he used the limo service and c) that he was at the club where he claims to have met Obama. I could not see where this would jeopardize his case in court. I would think that this would bolster his story, and shut the “other side” up.

    You may be wondering why I am asking you these questions. My answer would be to you, that when you ask Larry pointed questions he seems to think you are “questioning” his sincerity, and that is not what I am trying to do. I am trying to take all of the information in, and then decide after complete evaluation. I can not just blindly follow someone that will not asnwer the legitimate questions of someone that wants to support him.

    I do, however hope that he is being truthful. He has brought a bunch of good people together over there, and if this does turn out to be a ruse, then these folks are going to be devastated.

    I will await your answers.

    Thank You

  9. Hope's Audacity

    Art, As much as I would like to see Mr Sinclair have a Press Conference YESTERDAY, I am sure that his legal counsel is handling things in due course.

    Each person must decide how they feel about the Obama Sinclair Wright Young Michelle Ayers Rezko saga for themselves. I have taken the position that if there was not some form of substance to this issue, the Obama camp would be having their legal team quash it quickly.

    I only hope that this comes out BEFORE the DNC officially annoints him.

  10. citizenwells

    I still refer to Larry’s stories as allegations.
    However, he has gained credibilty as Obama has lost credibility.
    I am in regular contact with Larry and he has been extremely forthright with me.
    Larry has been attacked so much that I am sure he is a little “shell shocked”.
    It has happened to me as well.
    Larry’s story is just part of Obama’s past and certainly did not happen in a vacuum. If you look at Obama’s past and his dubious associations, Larry’s story fits well.
    Remember these points.
    Obama has admitted to using cocaine in the past. I believe this was part of a preemptive strike to dismiss the subject. I know intellectually and through personal experience working to help others, that cocaine is a hard habit to break.
    The Chicago chef that heard persistent rumors of Obama being down low.
    The Reverend Manning’s allegations.
    That Larry filed an affidavit (a serious legal document) with the CPD.
    Look at all the associations Obama had. Do you think it is not plausible that he used drugs in the past 10 years?
    One more comment.
    Because of all the “good people” that have been brought together, Larry’s site has become a clearinghouse for Obama information and getting it before America.

  11. Hope's Audacity


    It is the entirety of the Obama situation, not any one of these things in a vacuum, that brings everything together.

    Like you have said, most of know of someone who has had their addiction issues. Obama does not admit to an addiction, but his drug of choice can certainly be highly addictive. Your most-reformed alcoholics will attest to the daily struggles of maintaining sobriety. So do want Obama, who may have used last month, or last year, answering that 3am call?

    As always Citizen, you offer the unbiased perspective.

  12. Citizen,

    I agree wholeheartedly, that I do not want Obama for President. I have posted over at Larry’s that I hope this doesn’t come out until early or mid October, because I fear that people “forget” too soon. Obama is dirty, believe me when I state that I have gotten all of the information I can on Obama, and I have to say alot from Larry’s blog.

    I just asked a simple question about the credit card recipt. I believe Larry stated that he would release it when he got it. Anyway, I am not trying to harp on the issue. I just thought this would be the simpliest way of putting Larry where he says he was on those dates. I accept his hotel recipt as being genuine. The credit card recipt would just be something that put it all together.

    I will not ask again, I will just try to be as positive as I can on Larry’s blog. It is not my intention to start anything.

  13. Tierrasanta

    I have been following Larry’s story closely since the beginning and more recently your blog. I do believe Mr. Sinclair is creditable. My intentions are to compliment you on your work. You are a brilliant writer. I always look forward to reading your posts. Keep up the good work!

  14. Will you retract your statement that Nate Spencer was murdered?

    Larry Bland, another gay member of Obama’s church was also murdered late in 2007.

    Obama had many ties to crime figures and corruption in Chicago and Illinois.

    Nate Spencer, another gay member with ties, also was murdered last year.


    I think you should or you might be hearing from Nate Spencer’s family.

  15. Nate Spencer died of natural causes. Check the church bulletins.

    Larry Bland did NOT attend Obama’s church. Do your fact checking before writing a lie that you got from some where else. Oh my, isn’t that what Tubesockted, et al did?? Oh my.

  16. Hope's Audacity

    Whitehouse.com Offers $100,000 for Copy of Video of Alleged Derogatory Michelle Obama Remarks
    5/18/2008 8:00 PM
    There have been rumors on the Internet and on the Radio of a video tape taken at Trinity Church where Michelle Obama is alleged to have made some derogatory remarks. We do not believe it is in the best interests of this country to have the tape, if it does in fact exist, come out after the Democratic Convention. These are very important times in our country and the last thing we need is an October Surprise. If the tape in question does in fact exist we would want to air the video tape as soon as possible and we will pay $100,000 for a copy of the tape to be able to be the first to air the tape.

  17. Hope's Audacity


    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  18. Sorry to hear about the passing of a family member. My prayers go out to you and your family. Peace!

  19. citizenwells

    Thank you so much.

  20. My condolances to you and yours on the passing of your family member.

  21. I remember when I first heard Larry Sinclair’s story, I was on a rather mainstream blog that posted his original You Tube video. The blogger went on ridicule Larry, made fun of how he looked, called him a nut and had alot of fun with it. I too thought it was ridiculous and dismissed the whole thing from my mind. I have since become a believer, mainly through Larry’s website and the quality and resourcefulness of the bloggers there. The point is, people need to hear this story and it is being repressed by the mainstream. We can all make up our minds for ourselves as to the validity of the story, but if it is not reported, we will never have that chance. Thanks to Citizen Wells for reporting this story.

  22. sisterrosetta


    I read what Ray wrote about the passing of a family member.

    My prayers and thoughts are with you and yours also.

    God be with you. In Jesus’ name, God be with you.

    Once a Catholic, always a Catholic.

    I’ll think of you when I light my daily candle.

  23. sisterrosetta

    Both Larry Bland and Donald Young are mentioned in this article:

    Dec 27, 2007

    African-American Gay Community Scared Over Deaths


    I have no knowledge of Nate Spencer connection, but that doesn’t mean no connection exists. The Mitch and Nan Show are putting this out there as a diversion.

    None of this detracts from Barack Obama’s alleged crack cocaine use in 1999. And I don’t believe it just a coincidence that Donald Young winds up brutally murdered. There are no coincidences at that church.

  24. agnesmoorhead

    Citizen Wells,

    First time poster (and second time “lurker”- I’m in the “over 55” demographic and slow to figure out all things computer).
    Please allow me to offer prayers to you and your loved ones on the passing of your family member.

    Your research and writings concerning Mr. Sinclair are extensive and you may very well be aware of this. But here in Chicago there is a reporter named Mike Parker who is with WBBM Channel 2 TV who was covering the deaths of the Trinity United Church of Christ members back in February, if I’m not mistaken. Mr. Parker has been with Channel 2 for many years and is highly regarded as an investigative reporter. I don’t recall exactly what he said in reference to the deaths, as I saw the television screen in passing at home, but it was apparent he was covering some angle of the story.

    Before writing this “post” I went to the WBBM website and could not find any further information, nor could I find any reference to the newscast that I saw back in February. Wish that I were better with dates, and it may be insignificant to even mention here, but perhaps Mr. Parker has additional information that might help you and Mr. Sinclair.

    Chicago is a town with a skeleton in every closet, and I commend you on your efforts.

  25. agnesmoorhead

    Citizen Wells:
    Forgive my clumsiness, this Internet is something my daughters usually help me with and alas, they are not available at the moment.
    After typring various permutations of Mr. Parker/WBBM, here is the Internet version what what I caught a bit of on TV. Again, my apologies if this is old news and I am being redundant.

  26. citizenwells

    Thank you all.
    God bless you.

  27. Citizen

    I believe the death of Nate Spencer was due to some type of chronic condition. His link if any to Donald Young’s murder was that it occcurred same week as Mr. Young’s death. I am not 100% regarding nate’s cause of death. Mr. Larry Bland’s murder was linked to Young’s murder by local gay orgaizations, possibility of a serial hate crime against Blacks. Their reasoning, Young’s death came almost 4 weeks after Bland’s, both were Blacks, and gay. I believe and I’m sure about this, Mr. Bland did at times attend Trinity church (not positive)?

    Both were murdered in the same manner, mulitple gunshots. I believe this is the manner in which the three are connected.

    I believe that Mr. Young’s murder was a delivered assasination. I base this upon LS’s allegations-that Mr. Young had instigated phone communnications with Larry prior to his death. These conversations pretained to LS’s allegations regarding his encounters with Obama, in 1999.

    What is interesting is that LS has released his phone records to CPD in order to substananciate his claims regarding his communications with Mr. Young. This would back his claims, that only Obama had these phone numbers. Therefore this would implicate some type of connection between the murder of Young with Obama’s campaign! Please note that Larry also claims he has not revealed all the the evidence he has to back-up his claim….Could it be, that after LS realized, that indeed, Young was serving as surrogate for Obama, that he started to record his conversations with Mr. Young?

    This is a matter for CPD to investigate and figure out. Yet as of this date there have not been any other killings of gay black males similar to Mr. Young’s or Mr. Bland’s. Ifeel that maybe blackmail could have been involved, plus the little info there is on Young’s death is very strange..multiple gunshot wounds, no struggle indicated, apartment was not ranksacked, door was not forced opeed, but was unlocked…

  28. Citizen,

    I also want to express to you that you are in my thoughts in this difficult time. May the Good Lord look after you and your family.

  29. citizenwells

    Thank you Art.
    Despite all the vitriol being bantered about
    I knew there were still good people out there.
    Good people concerned about this country.
    You all have been comforting.

  30. SweetBecca

    CW, am i overlooking your email address?

  31. Citizenwell……what is going on with Larry! ????

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  33. Jay McKinnon, a self-described Department of Homeland Security-trained document specialist, has implicated himself in the production of fake Hawaii birth certificate images similar to the one endorsed as genuine by the Barack Obama campaign, and appearing on the same Daily Kos blog entry where the supposedly authentic document appears.

    The evidence of forgery and manipulation of images of official documents, triggered by Israel Insider’s revelation of the collection of Hawaii birth certificate images on the Photobucket site and the diligent detective work of independent investigative journalists in the three weeks since the publication of the images, implicate The Daily Kos, a “progressive” blog site, and the Obama campaign’s “Fight the Smears” website, in misleading the public with official-looking but manipulated document images of doubtful provenance. Moreover, the blog and the campaign have been negligent in allowing the promotion of obviously forged and fake official documents together with the purported image of Obama’s birth certificate.

  34. Will the Chicago Police Department alert Mr. Obama or will they take him by surprise?


  35. Are you kidding? Obama being a ____sucker and crack smoker is just another reason for the youngsters (18-25 y/o) to vote for him. After all, isn’t it hip and cool to be a homosexual and party animal?

  36. Why is there not one mention of Donald Young at the church’s new web site. You mean their former choir director was murdered and the church posts nothing in memorium at
    Was Donald Young really a member and choir director? IF so, isn’t it odd that nothing is posted about him in memorium?

  37. I’m late in learning all this, but better late than never. Trinity’s new website exclaims they are teaching “men to be men.” If that is the case, they would be very silent about an openly gay male choir member that was murdered.

    It always seems that if you go against Obama, you get eliminated, discounted or destroyed. It’s just a pattern.

    He’s one scarey dude and I admire the courage of all who step up to the plate to expose him.

  38. Dear Fellow Americans,

    Obama is a very dangerous man. He has told the American people a myriad of lies. He is also called our first black president which isn’t true. He’s 50% white, 44% Arab and only 6% black. He has questionable ties with terrorists and will be privy to our most guarded military secrets and will be called, not only President of the United States, but Commander-in-Chief.

    He has an agenda to incorporate the United States into a one world government. He wants to get rid of the Constitution, our national treasure. We are the only country in the world that enjoys the freedom and voice that the Constitution gives us. Obama wants to get rid of that protection. He won’t even salute our American flag.

    He also wants to outlaw guns, and the black market would be the only ones who would be able to get guns. He doesn’t want us to have protection in our homes. He wants to systematically take away our rights and our protection.

    He says he wants to do all kinds of good things for this country and he’s being viewed as a savior by many people, but he has a hidden agenda that will sell this country down the river if we blindly allow it.

    Throughout the campaign the American public was not aware of many things about Obama’s background because the media protected Obama from any negative press. On the other hand, anything negative about McCain or Palin, whether trumped up or true, was splashed all over the media. Obama even had people scanning the internet for any negative publicity on him. Many websites were mysteriously eliminated during his campaign. The media was very careful to give him a rock star, savior image because they wanted him to win the election.

    By electing him, we are basically handing our Constitution, our national treasure, to him on a silver platter so that he can turn around and throw it in the trash.

    It’s not too late for us to do something about this. A Pennsylvania attorney, Phillip Berg, has brought a case against Obama to the Supreme Court demanding that the Constitution be honored and Obama be made to produce a legitimate birth certificate proving he is a natural born citizen of the United States. This is one of the three requirements in the Constitution in order to be qualified for United States President.

    Obama was born in Kenya, but says he was born in Hawaii. He even went as far as producing a falsified birth certificate which was his step-sister’s, and had his name put in place of her name. Document experts proved the lack of authenticity of this document and Supreme Court, due to Mr. Berg’s request, has given Obama until December 1, 2008 to come up a legitimate birth certificate. Mr. Berg attempted to halt the election until Obama produced this documentation, but the Pennsylvania District Court threw the case out for lack of standing so Mr. Berg took the case to the Supreme Court. You can sign the petition on line “Stop the Obama Constitutional Crisis” on the internet. This website also urges you to write to your senators, etc. about this issue.

    It is absolutely amazing how many of our judges don’t have any regard for the Constitution and will actually admit it. Those judges need to be ejected from their jobs.

    We are the people! We still hold the power according to the Constitution. These government ‘officials’ are our employees. If they are not upholding the Constitution they have no business being in those positions. They need to be fired!!!

  39. Clarence Thomas is next Supreme Court Justice to see this case. There will be a ‘hearing’ on December 5th. If you pray – pray! I agree with all of the aforementioned things that have not been told to the citizens of America. For one thing – we had no choice as to the previous decisions that got Obama into the Senate. Now we should pay for it?! The Secretaries of State have a lot more explaining to do – and YES they are responsible for putting him on the ballot. This is hypocricy at the highest levels. If the Supreme Court does not even hear this case – we know where our justice system has gone. Down the toilet. It means they don’t deign to answer to a citizen (whether an attorney or common person) because THEY ARE A CITIZEN. THAT, my friends, is backwards.

  40. Susan – – You are so right. Since when did ‘we the people’ lose our voice. Since when did our elected ‘officials’ which are our employees/public servants not honor the Constitution.

    People all over the world are very envious of the US because of our freedom. We have freedom because of these two documents. Obama seeks to destroy both of these documents.

    FYI – A woman who lives in Chicago wrote a comment on Obama:

    This is not funny at all. I own a home on the South side of Chicago. It is so sad. As a comunity organizer he did not do a thing. Many residents there can prove it. His elitist attitude made it worse. Obama let everything get our of control when he was there. Chicago is now the Murder capital of the country. This is reality, Obama should not be the president of the U.S.

  41. The two documents are the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    I want to make something clear. I welcome a black president, or a woman president, someone of latino, asian or any heritage, but they must meet the requirements of the constitution and they must have a good track record and be the kind of person we can entrust our national security to.

  42. agnesmoorhead // May 19, 2008 at 9:07 pm

    Citizen Wells:
    Forgive my clumsiness, this Internet is something my daughters usually help me with and alas, they are not available at the moment.
    After typring various permutations of Mr. Parker/WBBM, here is the Internet version what what I caught a bit of on TV. Again, my apologies if this is old news and I am being redundant.
    site is no longer there….another website about Obama gone…

  43. That doesn’t surprise me a bit. It’s been happening to lots of websites that dare to say anything negative about Obama. Already we’re seeing our freedom of speech being violated.

  44. Where’s any of the proof of any of these connections? You can’t just go around producing allegations without facts to prove their existence.

  45. For example….

  46. skepticaltothecore


    In reading your off the cuff accusatory diatribe claiming that NOW we are beginning to lose our inalienable rights because of President-Elect Obama, a question piqued my interest: Where have you been during the past 8 years? Are you aware of a man named Alberto Gonzales? How about the Patriot Act 1 & 2, or the department of homeland security?

    Also, I agree with Mr. Buck– If you are going to use hyperbole to accuse a person of treasonous crimes, is your goal not go garner support for your position? If so, by not citing ANY sources, you succeed brilliantly. I’d suggest doing SOME homework before putting your sophistry out there for people to judge you by.

  47. Well, it would be much simpler if the State of Hawaii would act first and answer a simple question. Where is the certificate of LIVE birth and what country does it state? We, as citizens, do not really know because nobody can vouch for it but Obama and his relatives. Two of his own grandmothers disagree on where he was born! What does that say? That he was born in Hawaii? How does half of Kenya believe they should create a memorial to his birthplace in Kenya? It’s a simple matter to clear up – and technically up to Obama now, and not us. The Supreme Court did not consider 50,000 + letters from Citizens enough! Although, Clarence Thomas spoke up well enough! I do think Clarence Thomas speaks for us – because he does not think the Constitution should be avoided in any of it’s ‘rules.’ ‘ Natural born citizen’ clause will be the first order of the Constitution to change under Obama. Why? Because otherwise he’d soon be implicated. You can’t lie forever. The truth sets you free, remember! And, we’re talking a small citizen with a brain that says 1 – 2 = -1 Two grandmothers mean two witnesses according to the bible!

  48. The birth certificate you see online is not a ‘Birth Certificate’ with official seal. Does not state the hospital nor doctor or nurses attending. And, it does not even have official edges from the time of the 60’s (because it was made later!). Some have suggested it was photoshopped.

    What most citizens would like to know is WHY no doctors or nurses have acknowledged delivering Obama in a hospital in Hawaii. It would be so easy to come up with a hospital name, a doctor name, a few nurses if he was only born in 1961. He’s young. I was born in 61.

    It all seems so ‘trite’ now – because coins have been minted. Minting a coin makes it official. This is a scam at the highest levels. And, what G-d has done has made sure that it has passed by the eyes of every high official. The Secretary of States, the Senate, the Supreme Court, the State of Hawaii – and they do not agree with Obama’s own flesh and blood as two witnesses that speak the opposite. The agenda here is twofold. Break the Constitution. Spread a Socialist government ASAP.

  49. bobbie kesling

    Susan Kossey,
    You are so right unfortunately!!!!

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  51. DixieConnieMae

    Well, they elected him anyway and here we are. What a fine mess we are in now, Ollie.

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  53. How did Obummer go to Occidental College in CALIFORNIA as a Foreign Exchange Student !!! Why are the articles relating to Obama/Young/Sinclair missing (being removed) from the internet?

  54. eatingdogfood

    Time for the ” Chickens To Come Home To Roost ” for Mr. Nobama !!! I’m voting early and often to cancel out the Deceased Democrats who will be Voting in Crook County, Illinois !!! Romney will win by a LANDSLIDE; All 57 States !!!

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