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Larry Sinclair has an update on the Chicago Police investigation
into the death of TUCC gay choir director, Donald Young. Obama
supporters are getting desperate to discredit Larry Sinclair
and his allegations of drug use and gay sex with Obama in
November 1999 and alleged contact by Donald Young shortly before
he was murdered. It is a fact that Larry Sinclair has received
numerous personal attacks, including threats to his life and
harrassing calls to his mother. Scott Covington, several weeks
ago was identified as a party taking part in harrassing phone
calls. It appears that Scott Covington has contacted the CPD
alleging to be part of the Drudge Report. A CPD detective has
contacted Larry with this information. Here are some exerpts from
Sinclair’s new update:
“Scott Covington, owner of The Piano Store in Houston Texas, on Saturday May 17, 2008 called Chicago Police Homicide Detectives claiming to be a reporter for the DrudgeReport, attempting to obtain information on an on going CPD investigation.”

““I will tell you I received a phone call yesterday from a man in Texas claiming to b a reporter for the DrudgeReport, and after allowing him to say his piece, I stated NO COMMENT.”  I then informed the Detective of a man from Houston, Texas named Scott Covington, and as soon as I said Covington, Detective states “that’s him, that’s the person who called yesterday saying he worked for the DrudgeReport.””

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Donald Young murder, Obama, Larry Sinclair allegations, Chicago Police, murder investigation, phone numbers, citizenwells poll, Does Obama have knowledge of Young’s murder?

Larry Sinclair has alleged that he and Obama did drugs and had gay sex in November 1999. Sinclair also alleges that Donald Young contacted him prior to his murder in 2007. Donald Young was the gay choir director at Obama’s church. Sinclair alleges that he has phone numbers from his Young contact and will be providing his knowledge to the Chicago Police in a few days.

A former Chicago restaurant owner heard persistent rumors from the gay community that Obama was down low. The restaurant owner has supplied information to Sinclair’s attorney and has been in regular contact with me.

Larry Bland, another gay member of Obama’s church was also murdered late in 2007.

Obama had many ties to crime figures and corruption in Chicago and Illinois. 

Nate Spencer, another gay member with ties, also was murdered last year.

Obama was absent from the Illinois Senate November 4, 1999. Sinclair alleges the time frame of his encounter was from November 3 to November 8, 1999.

I have a new poll on the right. If you are not sure, read more on this blog but definitely spend some time reading Larry Sinclair’s blog and follow the Tony Rezko trial.


Larry Sinclair, Chicago Police, meeting, Donald Young murder, 4 phone numbers, Donald Young contacted Sinclair, Sinclair’s response

Larry Sinclair just posted a comment on this blog to clarify his upcoming meeting with the Chicago Police regarding the Donald Young murder. Larry has alleged that Donald Young contacted him shortly before Young was murdered. It is believed that Young and Obama had sexual encounters and that Jeremiah Wright had knowledge of this as well as Obama’s drug issues. Here is Sinclair’s clarifying comment:

“I thought I would answer a question I saw here on the CPD issue. I have provided the CPD Detective with four phone numbers to obtain records for. I will in fact meet in person with the Detective on a date convenient to him. But yes, I will meet with CPD.”

Larry Sinclair, Donald Young, Chicago Police, Detective McVickers, meeting next week, Attorney controversy

Larry Sinclair has just provided an update on the Chicago Police investigation into the death of choir director Donald Young. Young was the choir director at TUCC, Obama’s church. Sinclair states:

“I have agreed to meet in person with Chicago Police Detective McVickers on a date convenient to him next week.  I am sure the CPD has received a number of emails, calls and complaints from the very people who have continued to attack, smear and misrepresent me.  So people, please, give the Police a little bit of credit for knowing what there is to know about me. “

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