Obama, please resign, Reverend Manning, Offering false hope, Obama resign

The Reverend James Manning was interviewed by Jeff Rense on his internet radio show last night. Reverend Manning states that he has proof that Obama and Jeremiah Wright are closet homosexuals. Reverend Manning also states that he has proof of Obama’s drug use. When asked what he would do if speaking face to face to Obama, Reverend Manning said that he would ask Obama to quit the presidential race. Reverend Manning stated that he would remind Obama of the black women raising children on their own and that Obama is offering false hope.

The Reverend James Manning is asking Obama to quit the presidential race for the good of blacks and the country.

Mr. Obama, I am asking you to resign for the good of the country.

6 responses to “Obama, please resign, Reverend Manning, Offering false hope, Obama resign

  1. sisterrosetta

    hello, citizen!

    I have another request.

    I couldn’t help peeking at the mitch and nan show regarding Victor.

    I have read what Victor wrote or at least some of it, his reasoning for becoming an acknowledged Agnostic.

    What I’d like to know is — has Larry commented on this or anyone for that matter besides Mitch and Nan and their gang?

    Just curious. I must say I’m a bit disappointed in Victor. He didn’t need to go to such lengths in his quest for certitude.

    Pure logic, too, has its limitations.

    Just ask Spock.

  2. citizenwells

    I heard about the controversy and quite frankly I am staying out of it. I am compelled to stay focused on the primary objective. I was a math major at one time and have a little Spock in me.

  3. The Manning interview is on Drudge!!!!!!

  4. Rev. Manning is going to be on Hannity in a few minutes!!!!!

  5. citizenwells

    Thanks for that heads up!
    Hannity needs to learn to shut his mouth and
    listen. If these MSM media people don’t start
    doing their job, they will be replaced.

  6. Sister Rossetta

    I invite you to comment on the substance of the points I made in Kangaroo Court Part 8.

    In his latest interview with Jeff Rense a couple of weeks ago, LS said that the man who called and sent text messages to him on his four mobile numbers between September and early December 2007 told him explicitly that he got his information about LS directly from BO. he also discussed with LS that BO intended to make a statement about his drug use to comply with LS request, and then that he changed his mind about it.

    Therefore, LS knew in that time period that the man was a confidant of Obama and was communicating with LS to discuss the allegations LS had made to Obama and his Campaign, as well as the additional matter of the alleged sexual conduct, which LS claims he had not mentioned to anyone.

    The problem with that – and it is much more than a logical problem – is that LS has said innumerable times – that the reason he went public with his allegations is that nobody from Obama or his Campaign had acknowledged or responded to his request that Obama make a statement about his drug use in 1999.

    He said that to journalists whom he approached privately in December 2007 and January 2008, he said it on his UTube videos, on his My Space page and many times on his blog, as well as in numerous radio and media interviews.

    I, for one took that as fundamental justification of his public campaign.

    Why did I and others not notice the clear contradiction? First of all because LS never mentioned until March 2008 that he had received calls or text messages from anyone.

    And when he did mention it was after several people on his blog had asked him if he knew about the murder of Donald Young. It was only then that he announced as a “bombshell”, which he had been saving for the Jeff Rense show, that he had been in contact with the murdered Donald Young between September 2007 and early December 2008 (and not up to one day before his death on 24th December, 2007 as some are now alleging).

    In order to explain why he had not mentioned it before, he said that a man had called him between September-December 2007 whose name was “Mr. Young” but he had not made the connection with Donald Young because he did not know who Donald Young was until he heard of his murder in March 2008.

    The problem with that explanation is he did not need to know about the murder to have explained to everyone that a man had called whose name was Mr. Young who claimed to be a confidant of Obama and who had discussed a settlement of LS claims. He said that nobody had called, let alone a Mr. Young who told him he was getting his information about LS from BO.

    In some later posts he said the reason he would not give more detail about his alleged contact with Donald Y9ung was that it was the subject of a homicide investigation. But until March 2008 he did not know that a Donald Young had been murdered. So this does not adequately explain why he had not previously mentioned his contact with the so-called Mr. Young.

    After he told us in March 2008 about his contact with Donald Young he continued to say that he had not received a response from Obama or the Campaign. But there was a difficulty for him with this.

    How could he claim to have been in contact with Donald Young or Mr. Young and at the same time say he had no response? How did this Mr. Young aka as Donald Young know about LS?

    Rather than answer that question, LS posted a rhetorical question of his own in a major post on his blog. He asked how Mr. Young aka Donald Young knew about his telephone numbers and the alleged sexual conduct. He implied he, LS, did not know for sure, and invited the public to speculate that it was because Mr. Young aka Donald Young got the information from the Campaign.

    But this is inconsistent with what he said in his latest Rense interview. Because he said that he knew from his conversations with Mr. Young in September-December 2007 that Mr. Young got his information from BO.

    So if he knew that why did he ask the question? Why did he not tell us at the time he asked the question?

    These are the main inconsistencies in his changing story. But there are others.

    Before I published my analysis as Part 8, I wrote privately to LS to seek his answers to my questions. He never provided any.

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