Reverend Manning, Rense interview, Obama homosexual, Wright homosexual, Larry Sinclair, press conference, listen to interview

Jeff Rense is covering the stories that the MSM is ignoring. Last night Jeff Rense interviewed Reverend James Manning. Reverend Manning states with authority that he has proof that Obama and Jeremiah Wright are closet homosexuals and that Obama is a drug user. Reverend Manning found out about the homosexual aspects of Obama and Wright before he learned of Larry Sinclair’s allegations of drug use and gay sex with Obama in November 1999. Reverend Manning further states that the reason Obama stayed at TUCC for 20 years was because he was engaging in gay sex with Wright. If you missed the interview last night, you can listen to it here:

5 responses to “Reverend Manning, Rense interview, Obama homosexual, Wright homosexual, Larry Sinclair, press conference, listen to interview

  1. Hope's Audacity


    The Obama camp will try their utmost to minimalize Rev Manning, adding him to their list of distractions.

    How sad, though, that in this era, the tones of racism are again put forth, far above the true issues. Racism is wrong in any form, but unfortunately I think those calling certain comments as racist are not realizing that they are doing the same exact thing, in the reverse.

    I am not a supporter of any candidate yet, and I am angered that these three are the best that we can put up to represent us. I do believe that our country is ready to rally behind a candidate who is a woman, or one who is not caucasian, but at this time, at this point, Sen. Obama leaves too many unanswered questions to be that person, and our media, buoyed by the prospect of this historical event, has failed us miserably by treating him better than they did any other candidate.

  2. citizenwells

    The MSM, apparently, can be bought, but all of us cannot be. I can’t be bought.
    Even though I have knowledge of making money via views, I decided not to until after this matter with Obama is settled.
    The internet is now a powerful force for providing information and uniting people in a common cause. We must continue to educate the public about Obama.

  3. i bet even if the whole Obama Gay story comes out, the idiots in Oregon will still vote him in and perhaps more corruption by Soros and Axelrod

  4. goodtimepolitics

    Now Obama is endorsed by John Edwards and some has said that Edwards is gay! Is he think of Edwards as VP? Could be to pull in the White working class Americans! What you think?

  5. citizenwells

    Not sure about Edwards, but what I do know is that he did not get that many votes. He has never been a big draw and his big lawyer salary, net worth and impact on health care costs and malpractice insurance could hurt.

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