Jeff Rense Show, Reverend Manning, Obama closet homosexual, Wright closet homosexual, James Manning interview

The Reverend James Manning will be interviewed on the Jeff Rense show tonight. Reverend Manning has a new video and states that Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright are closet homosexuals. Manning also has a few things to say about Oprah. The Reverend Manning video can be viewed here:

The Jeff Rense show can be found here:

7 responses to “Jeff Rense Show, Reverend Manning, Obama closet homosexual, Wright closet homosexual, James Manning interview

  1. sisterrosetta

    Citizen Wells,

    I wonder if you might verify this.

    Is this where we can listen live this evening?

    May 12, 2008

    Pastor James Manning
    Says Obama And Wright Are Gay

    Monday-Friday 7-10pm Pacific

    I think you click on Network 3 – Real Player Free

    Sorry, I’ve never listened live before

  2. citizenwells

    That is the screen that came up when I clicked on I took the windows player option. Try until one works. Mine is working.

  3. Hope's Audacity


    I have followed your comments on the LarrySinclair blog, and you have always offered informative information, as well as support the truth that Larry is seeking from Obama.

    Rev. Manning’s comments on his video were one thing, but to hear him on seemed to validate the Sinclair story. Here is a man who has never met Larry, and only recently heard any parts of his story, and he agrees that Larry’s story has validity, and should be known to show that Obama is not being the type of candidate that he has said he would be.

    I firmly believe that, in his position in a visible church ministry in Harlem, the Rev. Manning would not have made his youtube video or his statements tonight on if he did not in deed have verifiable information to substantiate his allegations.

  4. Hope's Audacity

    I have the latin quote that you have posted packed away somewhere framed, that was given to me years ago… I cannot remember what it means, so perhaps you could refresh my memory!!

  5. citizenwells

    Illigitimi non carborundum.

    I am told that the carborundum part is questionable Latin.

    Don’t let the bastards wear you down.

  6. For the record, I telephoned Rev David Manning in Harlem in the morning of 1st May 2008. I had two lengthy conversations with his assistant. I then made a post on the LS blog to the effect that I had spoken with the assistant of someone who could bring the matter to the attention of the public and that the person would be back in his office the following Monday but I did not give Manning’s name in my post.

    I also sent an email to LS copied to his mother to inform him who it was I had contacted. His mother responded to that email.

    In another three way email about the security of email addresses to LS, his mother and “Mad” I also informed “Mad” that I had contacted Manning.

    In my two conversations with Manning’s assistant I gave links to LS blog and gave an explanation of his allegations pointing out that he said he would be offering various forms of proof.

    Manning’s assistant did not indicate to me that Manning or she had received any other information on this matter. It appeared to be new to her.

    I did not write the two-page letter he refers to. However I did write using the “contact us” form on his site perhaps two or three weeks before I called. Once again I simply suggested that he visit the LS blog.

    I suggested on the LS blog the day before I called that others use the “contact us” form and visit his site to research better ways of contacting him.

    David Manning’s assistant received from me a guarded statement about LS blog in which I was careful to refer to LS claims as allegations subject to proof.

    That same day – 1st May, 1982 – I telephoned Reverend Wright in Chicago. After some discussion I was given a coded email. But my letter was returned for security reasons. After more discussion I was put through to his personal executive assistant. I spoke for about 25 minutes. Once again I gave him a balanced account of LS allegations – their strengths and weaknesses as I saw them. I was assured he would speak to Rev Wright about it.

    He asked me to send a copy of my letter to his personal email which he supplied.

    I do not support the LS campaign and provide this information purely for the record and to demystify the David Manning involvement.

    I think it is clear form his comments that he is not very familiar with the LS allegations and not willing, yet, to detail other information he says he had obtained about BO’s bisexuality before he heard of LS.

  7. Manning is a WACK JOB! The AA community disowned him years ago! He’s just another black hater with the “crabs in a barrel” mentality.

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