Obama going down, down low, Obama closet homosexual, Reverand Manning video, Obama and Wright closet homosexuals

Obama cannot hide from his past. Another nail has been put in the coffin for the campaign of Barack Obama. Reverend James Manning is in a new video and he states that Obama and Wright are closet homosexuals. He also has a few words to say about Oprah Winfrey.


6 responses to “Obama going down, down low, Obama closet homosexual, Reverand Manning video, Obama and Wright closet homosexuals

  1. Very interesting.
    When Mr. Sinclair put up his offer to the media to disclose the name of the limo driver, (who could act as a witness to the accusations) I made several posts about it and contacted several internet news sites. The following is the response from one news editor: “We have not touched this story because it is unverified. If there is a witness, that helps, but still two people can make up anything. Best if there are photographs, tape, etc.
    A journalist who goes with something as thin as this loses credibility.”

    It would be great if one or two more people who have had sexual or drug incidents with Sen. Obama would be willing to come forward. I also believe that it would serve Mr. Sinclair’s interest if he did a second polygraph examination to support the first “computer analysis” of his account. (In his attorney’s office?) I have never trusted polygraph results, personally, but given that they have become a major part of this story- more nails need to be put in the coffin.

    Thank you for your work in trying to find the truth.

  2. Since the execution-style murders of three gay men who attended Mr. Obama’s church, I’d think that most who may have shared drugs and/or sexual intimacies with Mr. Obama would have taken those murders as a personal warning.

    If people close to someone I’d been intimate with in similar circumstances started turning up dead, I’d probably move to New Zealand and become a shepherd.

    But one point those murders might make: perhaps coming out with the truth is the safest way to go. Perhaps, if there really is a connection between these murders and the Obama campaign, the lesson to be learned is that the safety lies in telling publicly… then there are plenty of people to watch your back. This is possibly why Larry Sinclair is still standing.

  3. I wrote to a well known journalist who was supposed to be interested in the LS story and had pre-announced that he would be writing a piece.

    I asked him where it was.

    This is his reply:

    “Thanks for your comments. As I see the situation, Larry Sinclair is simply not a solid source. What he says may be true, but there is no extrinsic proof, unlike the Obama-Ayers connection where the documentation/proof is openly available. Sorry, but that is my conclusion.”

  4. Anyone that thinks the chicago police are working on the murders need to buy some land I own on the moon.
    They have no intention of investigating the murders of the homsexual men that attended Obama’s church…But when the real truth come out these same police will go to jail and deservedly so..

  5. citizenwells

    Ordinarily I would agree with you. The Sinclair and Manning allegations combined with the Rezko and other indictments and the national attention may force their hand.
    Who is going to be the fall guy? Their is big money behind Obama and some of it has origins in the Middle East.
    What would the mob do in a situation like this?

  6. My ISP just pulled the plug on me when I suggested that the reason for the BP disaster is because the President is not only iin bed with econ-redicals but that he is also probably gay. Lots of Frueudain symbolisms in leting oilt gush on the coecan floor as opposed to rise in a derrick. Obmama wants to cap it with a mouting “mouth” like device– curious!

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