WBT talk radio, Charlotte NC, Obama, Jeff Katz show, truth about Obama

Jeff Katz and Keith Larson, talk radio hosts on WBT radio in Charlotte, NC, have been discussing Obama and the danger he presents for weeks. I caught part of the Jeff Katz show today, Monday, May 12. 2008. Jeff just mentioned that if Obama wins the presidency, it may be the end of the country. I could not agree more. Jeff is bringing up aspects of Obama that the MSM is not covering. I commend Jeff Katz for the job he is doing. If you have any questions about Obama, read about his personality and past on this blog and do some research. Also listen to WBT talk radio in Charlotte NC which also presents the Rush Limbaugh Show.

14 responses to “WBT talk radio, Charlotte NC, Obama, Jeff Katz show, truth about Obama

  1. In my opinion BO is a hollow man susceptible to harmful influences. I don’t think he would be good for the USA or its allies. If McCain stays healthy and does not make any goofs, BO ought not to win the General Election even if he does get the nomination.

    I hope your blog will continue to explore his character, intellectual formation and associations.

  2. Have you considered a phone interview with Harry Jackson? Heard him on The Call, DC and he is an impressively bold fellow!! Check him out! Think he would be great!!!

  3. someone shut down Jeff Rense website been trying to get on it today 9/2/08/ I thought the Clinton’s were corrupt, I hope they don’t find Jeff committing suicide

  4. We better be care full, I read tonight if Caesar OBAMA doesn’t win there will a race war in Philly, I am from there I have seen it burn before. I really thought as humans we have passed all this.

  5. Jeff Rense is still down, we should all be concerned . What about free speech, I told you the media is afraid, whats next for America?

  6. I just accessed rense.com ok.

  7. I have been a long time listener to WBT radio in Charlotte. Kieth Larson is on from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and will is usually tries to be a little more moderate but often finds more subtle ways to inject race into the show. He will latch on to a black person to make fun of and stick with it for weeks of months. The latest person he is attacking is Police Chief Rodney Monroe. The whole banjo, southern pride thing isn’t fooling anyone.
    Jeff Katz doesn’t even try to his racism and hatred. He’s even been fired from other radio stations for it. Since Jeff Katz joined WBT they have gone from being the number one station to the number five station.

  8. Seeking truth and facts is not hate.
    Thank God Katz is questioning the “messiah”.
    What are you trying to hide?

  9. Hi Jeff,
    I have been living in N.C. for about three years. I moved here from Annapolis. There has not been one day when I have listened to you (everyday) that I have not agreed with you 100%. How can that be? You are so right on about every subject matter. Today, I wanted to be right there when you said Jessie Jackson was on que with tears, but better yet, no one has ever said that about Bill Clinton, and I have seen him do that tear crap for years. I have never been able to say that, because I knew people would think I had a screw loose. Did you see Bill Clinton, from a mile away from Hilary, say “I love you”, when the camera came on him. She was on stage, and he was but a spot, if that, from the stage to him high up in the audience. When the camera came on him he says “I love you”. Only us at home saw his lips. The next time your buddy comes on, or whoever said, change has came, why don’t you “axe” him to go back to school and learn English, or maybe just go to school. I love your show.

  10. I think Jeff Katz is the best thing to ever happen to talk radio in the Southeast…

    He tells you what the leftist mainstream media will not…

    I feel the future presidential elections will end up just like this past one did….

    Minorities banding together…mass voter fraud… leading to Democratic presidencies from here on. The USA will become the UOS. “Union of Obamanation Socialists” and the dimise of what was a great country…

    Spread the wealth from the businessmen that created jobs and made this a free country…

    What incentive is that to work for a living…???

    We will just have more of what we already have…people waiting for that check…

    We will all be standing in line for potatoes and toilet paper….

    The United States of America will become a chapter in my grandchildren’s World History book..

  11. I guess you’re all in tears that Jeff Katz has been fired from WBT? Poor old Anthony thought TODAY even that “Jeff Katz is the best thing to ever happen to talk radio in the Southeast…”. I guess you just don’t listen to much quality radio. At least you still have Rush, and TG for him AND you that Barry won the race so Rush will have another 4 years at least to fill up the atmosphere with his hot air.

    The only reason why the US might become a chapter in your grandparent’s history book will be due to the 2 disasterous terms served by the worst president in history, your hero W. The main reason there could potentially be Democratic presidencies from here on out is the fact that W abused his powers (limited fault of his own, he’s not a smart man, but was surrounded by plenty evil/smart people who made their agendas his). His abuse of power is the reason it may be a while before you see another Republican in the White House.

    And, Anthony, of course you know Obama is a Muslim, and you will be too, and SOON, if you know what’s good for you. That’s why he’s clearing out Guantanamo to send dissenters and loyal “Bushies” like you to rot in a cell in the equatorial heat, if you don’t get in line. Quit frettin and get with the program.

  12. Does anyone know why Jeff Katz is leaving his time slot at WBT?

  13. Pingback: jeff katz fired

  14. Dearest Larron….

    Did my first few lines upset you so much that you failed to notice I did not say a single word about my grandparents…???

    How dare you mention those who are deceased and not here to defend themsellves…

    No…I am not in tears about Jeff’s firing…

    Tara Servatius will do a fine job of keeping the largely conservative WBT listeners attuned to the happenenings in Charlotte that the local Liberal mainstream media newspaper…’The Charlotte Disturber”…so often fails to mention….

    There were many times while listening to Jeff….I told myself…it was time to change the station… which we as Americans currently have the right to do so….

    But once the Fairness Doctrine is implemented..there will be no conservative talk radio to change the channel…..

    Now Larron….I ask you…..

    What derogatory remark or remarks have I said about President Elect Obama….???

    I happened to see the whole Obama documentary on the History channel last week…

    And frankly….I was impressed by his accomplishments….

    However….that does not mean I must agree with his liberal policies…….

    Sureley everyone by now knows he is directing us towards Socialism…..

    And how did you know I voted for Ron Paul…

    Ooops..I mean what makes you think I admire Bush…????

    He has destroyed the Republican Party….

    He is an oil man…a business man….and I assume his wealth must be spread also…..

    And John McCain…..

    I look the other way when his face is in public…

    He may as well be a democrat…….

    And Obama a Muslim…???

    He says he is a Christian….

    My Christian friends will wear an American flag on their lapel and put their hand over their heart during The Pledge of Allegiance…

    Now let me tell you this Larron …..

    Right now….I don’t have to worry about saying anything potentially derogutaory about a president or a president elect….

    This is America…..

    I am protectected by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the still United States of America….

    So you think I will soon be a muslim….

    Well the Koran says it is permissable to kill the infidel…..

    I would find it hard to stand beside my coworker who is non muslim….and then kill him in the name of Allah…

    You call that a religion…..???

    I personally do not push my beliefs on anyone….

    Remember…that we as Americans….currently have the right to do whatever we want as long as we do not hurt or offend anyone….

    Oooops…I forgot again…..

    We can’t offend muslims…

    Larron….my partner,coworker and best friend is a non Muslim Black man….who can sleep in any bed in my house…

    We have enlightened each other much after working side by side for 10 years…

    He did tell me this several years ago….

    ” You do not have to respond to IGNORANCE”

    But after your comment to me….I found it hard to hold my tongue…..

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