Jeremiah Wright, Donald Young murder, Obama, Larry Sinclair, Rev. Wright: I ask you to do what Jesus would do!

Larry Sinclair is asking Jeremiah Wright this question:

Rev. Wright: I ask you to do what Jesus would do!

Here is Sinclair’s letter:
May 1, 2008

Open Letter to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright: The Ship is Sailing

Dear Rev. Wright:

I am posting this open letter to you, to appeal to you, please DO WHAT JESUS WOULD DO, Tell the truth about Barack Obama.

You and I both know that you did counsel Barack Obama in the fall of 2007 on how to best address my request to him to come clean about his 1999 crack cocaine use.

You and I both know, that even though I never once mentioned the sexual encounters between Barack Obama and myself to his campaign, he did acknowledge said sexual encounters to you and your former Choir Director Donald Young.

You and I both know that Barack Obama and Donald Young had an intimate relationship with each other.

You know that Barack Obama knows who murdered or had Donald Young murdered!  And you know why Donald Young was murdered.

Rev. Wright, you claim you are running for Jesus not for votes.  So I appeal to you now, DO WHAT JESUS WOULD DO, come forward, be honest, and tell the truth!  If you honestly had nothing to do with the planning, assisting, and executing of Mr. Young’s murder, then just come clean with what you know about Baracks involvement as his Pastor.  DO WHAT JESUS WOULD DO, and give this man’s family closure and a sense of peace again.

Rev. Wright please allow Barack Obama to be required to answer for his lies, betrayal, and selling of his soul for the sole purpose of winning an election.   Come forward about Barack’s confiding in you as to the truthfulness of my allegations against him.

I truly hope you will stop protecting this man; stop allowing this liar and his handlers to abuse, attack and slander those of us who speak the truth about him.  Rev. Wright, you have the power to put all of this to rest once and for all by being honest and telling the American People, that Barack Obama admitted to you I am telling the truth about his drug use and sexual encounters with me in 1999.


To read more about this letter, Larry Sinclair and the Donald Young murder investigation, click here:

25 responses to “Jeremiah Wright, Donald Young murder, Obama, Larry Sinclair, Rev. Wright: I ask you to do what Jesus would do!

  1. Obama Cultee

    Lol you guys are a hoot! are you still listening to that mad man larry sinclair ? He had all the chance to present his evidence and he still hasn’t. Support your candidate but this is just hateful sickness…but it’s your own loss.

  2. We will see how the lawsuit turns out.

    can not wait for the rest of the show.

    Sounds like Obama is a murdering, bisexual, money laudering, racist liar.

  3. citizenwells

    You must know this by now. Larry is presenting his evidence to the Chicago Police next week.
    That being said, without Larry’s allegations, Obama still scares the hell out of me.
    Without Jeremiah Wright Obama is scary.
    Oh, of course, there is Lawrence Lessig, William Ayers, Rezko, Levine, Rashid Khalidi, Nadhmi Auchi, Raila Odinga, Elie Maloof, Robert Blackwell, etc..
    Gay murders close to Obama: Young, Bland, Spencer.
    Persistent rumors heard by Chicago Restaurant owner.
    Who needs Sinclair. He just corroborates the other facts and allegations.

  4. Obama Cultee

    All these are just claims.

    Larry has an outstanding warrant in North Carolina for last year! I bet he didn’t tell you that…

    he was arrested for grand larceny in florida. I bet he didn’t tell you that either.

    You hate Obama, we get that. But you trying to mudsling is just stupid.

    Look at your so called evidence…gay murders close to Obama…
    The first question you need to ask yourself if u are honest is why Larry never mentioned that he had been contacted by somebody from the Obama campaign who had corroborated his story. Infact he said nobody had contacted him.

    Think about this, if you were Larry and someone called you and said I t had similar experience, don’t you think it would have been important information that would have been in his initial video. However, he 1st heard of DY’s murder from CAO and later in Rense he claimed to have been contacted by this person…thats a bit suspicious.

    Secondly, as supporters dont you think you are being a little too trusting. No one has ever asked Larry to show proof of how he spent that 20,000. You took his word for it. Isn’t that a bit strange that he had already promised the money out to people on youtube.

    Thirdly, larry has been saying the MSM is covering for Obama and he is trying to get this out to the MSM. Think about it, exclusivo is the MSM!!! Why didn;t he present his evidence to them ?? He has been saying he has the info and evidence yet when he finally got interviewed he didn’t present his evidence.

    You hate Obama. Fair enough. But before you fight Larry’s cause and send him your money, you as his true supporters should at least tell him to show his evidence to you in private.

    Let us make a deal.

    I bet you that if you ask Larry to present whatever evidence he has to you as his supporter he would turn on you. If he doesn’t and he presents this evidence to you in private and you verify it, I would personally donate a 1000 dollars to Larrys fund.

    You would see the way Larry would change on you and start claiming you are an Axelrod spy.

    Larrys only evidence is the Choice hotel point card. However did you notice the place larry blacked out with a pen ??

    Enlarge it and you will clearly see that it basically states that the information can not be vouchd for. Basically, they said we cannot gaurantee this info as accurate. Why do you think it came from their legal dept ??

    When I called them, they informed me that the info there is never a gaurantee. Anyone what a choice acount can view the time they stayed in the hotel, however since Larrys record had been erased, he had to call the hotel to tell them what day he was there so they generated a statement to back up the day he claimed. That is why it came from their legal department with a caveat.

    I can stay here all night but I know I will never convince you. The best way to test is to ask Larry to show only his supporters evidence. No one else, just to make sure he is for real. I bet you he will turn on you. Do you have the balls to do that or are you the real cultee scared to go after your master ?

  5. citizenwells

    The only ones spewing hate messages and personal attacks are Obama supporters.
    Did you read my prior comment!
    Sinclair’s allegations are just the tip of the iceberg.
    Jeremiah Wright is just the tip of the iceberg.
    There are plenty of facts about Obama that are scary.
    By the way, I have always referred to Sinclair’s charges as allegations.

  6. Obama Cultee

    I see your post on Sinclair’s site, you do not refer to them as allegations. In fact right now you say tip of the iceberg…

    anyhoo, to be honest, you have nothing in the blog. You take every story you have and twist it negatively. Even Lessig!! My god, what does that have to do with anything ?

    Your hate for Obama is blinding you and that is sad. Believe me reverend wright is the worst you have on him. I’ll advice you to keep spinning that.

  7. citizenwells

    You are a liar.
    You are part of the same group that has been trying to discredit Sinclair.
    I approved your comments so far to reveal the character of Obama supporters and those lying, attempting to discredit anyone that questions Obama.
    Your lies, and messages are no longer welcome.

  8. You go Citizen Wells. At least someone is trying to alert the world about the whole story, and not just the Obama twist of manipulations and lies.

  9. citizenwells

    Thanks ray.
    I want the truth.
    I care about this country.
    This is a group effort.
    Obama’s campaign has lots of money.
    We must all keep pushing for the truth.
    Keep fighting for the truth.

  10. larrysinclair0926

    I thought I would answer a question I saw here on the CPD issue. I have provided the CPD Detective with four phone numbers to obtain records for. I will in fact meet in person with the Detective on a date convenient to him. But yes, I will meet with CPD.

  11. Obamacultee, you are sooo right–you want to be part of a cult. I wonder how you will like New World Order?

  12. Maybe some of you would like to go to Savage Politics and see how Obama got part of his wealth. Rev. Wright, Farrakhan, Libya and Kadafi–just a few hints.LOL Nice Friends.

  13. RG Brutali

    Interesting , what exactly gives anyone the impression that Obama has done anything that would give him the qualifications to run this Country ? I am still wondering how and who got him this far . He is a Con , after the past 7 + years of Bush , anyone looks good but come on , someone with even less experience . he has George Solos , Auchi and several other creeps . So , can we change and get Hillary back ? She is looking mighty Good now . Obama scares the hell out of me now more then ever!

  14. Janis Nihart

    I won’t be satisfied until I see that arrogant smile wiped off his face and his wife’s face. They should both be executed for their support of abortion.

  15. You are a racist Citizen Wells; you probably have ties with neo-facist organizations such as the KKK or the Nazi skin-head groups of America. If it was anyone other than a black man would there be all this controversy? Would there be any question of his past? I think you, and many others like you are frightened by the color of this man’s skin and are looking for any way you can to get him out of the white house. I am in support of many conservative views, and many liberal; I am an independent! I feel I represent the majority of the non-racist common man when I say, give up! You are done. We are all created equal in the eyes of God. We need to support our leaders and hope for the best… Hell, I would’ve supported McCain had he won the presidency! You bring shame to our country and shame to the men who died for the protection of iot when you tear apart the words “United States”. And one more thing in Obama’s defense: he is biracial, and being such, in his youth he was trying to discover who he really was. Althought this lead him through some rough times with drugs and such, it does not change the fact that he has decided rather than letting life kick him down, to stand up and defend his beliefs in freedom and the American dream.
    And Janis Nihart, don’t you forget that although democrats support the abortion of fetuses, that the republican party supports the abortion of young American men (deploying them as soldiers in Iraq)

  16. American50.
    Another example of someone using the race card against those questioning the “messiah”. The person using the race card gives away their true beliefs and position by constantly referring to race and skin color.
    Racist remarks are not allowed on this blog.
    I approved this for obvious reasons.

  17. Here is a great site that brings everything together, sorta like a hub, and then highlights Donofrio’s case with SCOTUS.

  18. Good afternoon, CW —

    Thank goodness Obambi has archived the page on which Larry’s Sinclair remarked about Wright and the announcement of Donald Young’s death

    along with a copy of the video from the Chicago Television Station

    Choir conductor found murdered

    We have a nice copy and paste of the page

    Obama and Rev. Wright pronounced Donald Young dead before he died. Why?

    by Larry Sinclair

  19. “The person using the race card gives away their true beliefs and position by constantly referring to race and skin color.” (Citizen Wells)
    I respect your defense; you are probably offended because I accused you of being racist… however I found this statement to be untrue; my blog wasn’t all about racism— it was basically about the way you and your supportees are trying to split up our nation. Clearly you are accusing me of being racist by your remark (above). I don’t know iof this makes any difference but ask yourself this: what color am I? Now I cannot prove it, but I can tell you that I am Caucasian. I also would like to point out that your argument deffers (cleverly if I may applaud) from my real statement; —Here we go again another stupid liberal throwing up the sympathetic race card…— I ask you to talk about how this action against our future president is goiong to bring our country together, and bring peace to the world. Don’t head into your arguments using trivial terms such as “the race card,” i would’ve preffered you said, “This a raving vicious person withoiut any clear understanding of how my cause is going to help my nation. So tell me, not about how much money you’ve raised, not about how bad a president Obama will make; please tell me, how will this quest of yours really help the world? Will it bring peace and prosperity? Will it unite us? And if this is true please tell me how— not in theory but in fact, how do you know this is going to help us?!

  20. The US Constitution must be upheld, period.

  21. Which part of the costitution do you refer to, specifically? And how does your mission help the world? How does it further mankind? I would like to hear your answers; please don’t be afraid to write a little more… I would like to hear your thoughts. Explain please.

  22. The entire, every damned letter, sentence, paragraph, punctuation, amendments and spirit that provide the rule of law and glue of our society.
    The collective wisdom and subsequent amendments that have made this country the stable hope for mankind and beacon for generations of immigrants.

  23. Bravo, a little more elegance in your writing! That was what I was really hoping for. You have glorified the costitution in its protection of the American public. Tell me now how your mission is applicable to the Costitution. Tell me how your mission is as necessary as our constitution (not that you actually said it was); how does your mission promise stability? I cannot keep asking the same question again and again. I want a flat out answer, no dancing around the question. I think you owe it to me and to the other viewers of this site.

  24. “Never, Never, Never give up.”
    Winston Churchill.
    That says it all.
    That is my belief.

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