Barack Obama, passport, Kenya, anti Israel, pro arabism, Islamic socialist, Rezko, Auchi, Saddam Hussein, Odinga, Marxist, Black Panthers

I just received this comment and thought it worthy of highlighting. I agree with the person that provided this information, do research. Listen to the “feel good” speeches but do the honest research to check these candidates out. Remember the old saying, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” I did not know that much about Barack Obama until fairly recently. All I knew was what the media force fed me and an occasional comment from someone. Based upon my research and the factual data from others, I am convinced that Barack Obama must not become president. Here is the comment that was posted. Read it carefully, do some research and let me know what you think.

*There is no doubt that average people refuse to take the time to research very much, (you did), but people like to dismiss that which overwhelms and sounds different, but they ought to search. I certainly know, of course, that they are all connected to Obama, if not related, and so, since I see there is space, I will add a little bit more, forgive repetition, and absorb the BLUNT honesty:

Obama has a dual citizenship with Kenya. His passport was breached today by inquiring minds because Obama is an anti-Israel pro-pan-arabism Islamic-socialist who has ties to marxist Libyan president Muammar al Gadaffi, Syrian tycoon Antoin Rezko, Saudi Arabian sheikhs, and Rezko’s “close friend” 3.5 million money pal Auchi, the one who gave Obama fundraiser money: Iraqi billionaire global arms dealer Nadhmi Auchi, was Baathist best friends with Saddam Hussein, and the main financial backer for Saddam’s Iraqi-Saudi oil pipeline, and who stood trial with Saddam in 1959 for conspiring to assassinate Iraqi President Qasim, (Saddam even killed Auchi’s brother, but they remained best friends), also marxist Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega is on the frontline supporting Obama for the revolution of the change, and then there’s hardcore anti-Israel, pro-Palestine PLO enforcer Rashid Khalidi, (Obama was on Khalidi’s Woods Fund). Obama was a member of the Woods Fund with communist domestic terrorist Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground who bombed the Pentagon, the US Capital, among other things, and their organization raised money for anti-Israel programs, and also AAAN, for Arabs, and then there’s especially Kenya… where in August of 2007 Obama went to support his E. Germany communist educated cousin Raila Odinga for Kenyan presidential election who claims, coincidentally, to also be a Christian yet who signed NAMLEF and other pacts with radical Muslims who set churches filled with Christians on fire, and macheted them in the streets, causing a political and religious mini-civil war over the MuO.

Sorry folks, I studied all of Obama’s mentors, buddies, political affiliations, organizational memberships, and all of his *hard-core militant Muslim* family members, like his brother Abongo “Roy” Odinga who hates America, and their communist grandfather who ran with Russia and hated America, not to mention his socialist connection to his profound childhood mentor Frank Marshall Davis, a member of the Communist Party, CPUSA, and…well, we know Pastor Wright, Jesse Jackson, Jesse Jackson JR, Al Sharpton, and Nation of Islam minister Louis Farrakhan….and they have a *few* issues with america, white people, and jews—> so simply reverse it, and you’ll see they care about: Africa, Blacks, and Muslims, which can be corroborated by things they have said along with their affiliations.

*Don’t forget that Obama’s 2004 U.S. Senate political opponent, Republican Alan Keyes, accused Obama of being a “hard-core academic Marxist.”

-Marxist Nicaraguan President’s endorsement is for Obama, and he says: “It’s not to say that there is already a revolution under way in the U.S.; but yes, they [supporters of Barack Obama] are laying the foundations for a revolutionary change”

*Obama’s endorsement by Black Panthers. Check out their politics, ahem. Well, they are Marxist, of course.

__Militant Islam is the new Communism.__

**Socialism must be accompsihed through proletariat exchange, a revolution, and if you really see it, easily, you will see that the west, america, white people–rich white people–are the enemy. Obama titled his book “Audacity of Hope” after Pastor Wright’s sermon about the need to destroy capitalism and the middle-class at the hands of rich white america and the west. Race OVERRULES religion. POLITICS overrule race and religion: it’s about the change.

Pan-Arabism and Islamic-Socialism spans globally, it embraces not just governments as such but also individuals. All-black-brown people who are against the bourgeoise…rich-white, capitalist, american, western power:

Proletarian Revolution:


Islamic Socialism:


Break the BUBBLE.

20 responses to “Barack Obama, passport, Kenya, anti Israel, pro arabism, Islamic socialist, Rezko, Auchi, Saddam Hussein, Odinga, Marxist, Black Panthers

  1. very scary stuff…wake up america..dont be fooled by “excellent” speeches…

    bravo to those who got the pasport info. ..they must have known it would cost them their jobs…

    proud of them..they are the real americans…

    hey connect the dots…

    wont put hand over heart for flag ceremony…wife proud of america for the first time for supporting her husband…mentorship by an america hater….

    therefore..issues of his patriotism…issues of his judgement seriously compromised….

    what is richardson thinking with his endorsement…any one who supports Osama Obama is anti american…

  2. I don’t see any attribution or referneces for any of the information in the article. Not convincing.

  3. citizenwells

    Have you researched any of this?
    There is a lot of factual data about Barack Obama that is very scary. If you have any data to repudiate this, please present it.

  4. HAH! And I thought Kerry was bad. Kerry’s got nothing on O’Bomber.

    Also, @John

    What John meant to say was…

    “I don’t see any attribution or referneces for any of the information in the article…[and I’m too stupid to look the information up myself (and hope you are, too, otherwise you might find out all the accusations above are just the tip of the iceberg)].”

  5. So he does have the experience after all… too bad it’s overseas.
    I don’t think Obama has quite what it takes to be president. At the same time I don’t agree with all this demonizing as being very factual.
    I actually did an article on my blog today about the whole ex-minister deal.
    The fact is, that all the supposed negatives mentioned in his comment are only negatives depending where you stand.
    At the time he was involved, I’m sure he was doing the right thing for his side.
    The question is not what he did before, but whether or not he will still do the right thing for his side (now the US) if he is elected.

  6. John – “any one who supports Osama Obama is anti american…”

    That is simply ridiculous. Having such a narrow-minded view is anti-American. A patriot is not someone who supports what’s happening today, but rather questions it.
    If you really love this country, then you hate what it has become.

  7. citizenwells

    Racism and bigotry are horrible things. I can understand Jeremiah Wright having feelings and experiences from his past that he must deal with. However, he professes to be a Christian. There is no place in Christianity for hatred and bigotry. The Christian pulpet is no place for his hateful and bigoted comments. And yes, Obama is guilty by association.

  8. I don’t know just how “committed” Obama is to Christianity. After all, it’s not his original religion and I’m sure he is well aware that if he did not convert, he’d never have a shot in US politics.

    And I completely agree that there is no place for hatred and bigotry in religion, but it finds it’s way in more often than not. So many societies based on hatred and bigotry use religion as their justification (i.e. KKK, Hezbolah, etc.)

  9. citizenwells

    Accountability is a powerful word and sadly, lacking in modern day society. I also understand the word diversion and how it is manifested in our society. Some people reacting to information (facts) on this blog use diversionary tactics (which Obama is a master at). Some people are referring to white ministers who have made ridiculous comments. First of all, I do not hear hate comments about blacks being uttered by them, but most importantly, what other people do and say, they must be held accountable for. Pastor Jeremiah Wright and Obama are being held accountable for their actions.

  10. The article was very hard-hitting and direct. What’s interesting is that none of the facts are new as I’ve read them all from certified sources over the last few months. A simple search with any of the key words will confirm any of the details.

    It’s almost safe to say that the list of facts are now practically “common knowledge” to anyone keeping up with Obama’s controversial past. Every week brings up some new incredible background allegation, and within a week after that the issue fades away and bounces off him. Most of the time he doesn’t even bother to respond to them, obviously knowing that his groupies have a short-term memory for anything negative about them or their current idols.

    And regardless of the facts uncovered about Obama, starting from his “closet Muslim” accusations up to his church, the responses from his mesmerized electorate are always essentially of the same variety: “So What?” “Who cares?” “Smear!!” or “Who uncovered that? – let’s get ’em.” But rarely any kind of substantive reaction beyond comments like “… but he says he’s a Christian.”

    At first I was truly worried about Obama and who he was. Now I’m more worried about our population, especially the democrats. Look what happened to Kerry over a dumb swift-boat exageration; yet any of the allegations against Obama make Kerry’s, and even Clinton’s affairs, seem trivial.

  11. I do not engage myself in political blogs but this goes way too much as propaganda. Obama is not a cousin to that guy Raila. Obama was brought up by his mother and his Irish Nana yet you all want to deny his belonging. hhhhm! Obama is above the kind of ideology you and many have tried to tie him to, the Arab league. Yet you have not sold any evidence to convince the public on his associations. As far as the radical pastor has exhibited, he is free like any American to express his views. He did not say Obama delegated to him to present his views.
    Obama’s speech in PA explicitely showed a different person from what you would rather have us perceive. No. Poor marketing game never sells.
    I am yet to understand why there is no much dragging of Obama into the Middle East crisis which is cyclic and drags every other political candidate into it even if they have no genetic connection with Middle East. I am generally pro-Israel want it or not but I feel saddened when cheer lies are being used to abuse a political process in America: decency in campaigns. Could we rise above lies and documenting unfounded stories?
    I grew up with BBC propaganda and those cooked images of the third world poverty exhibited by fund raisers. I dare not trust unless I am on the ground.
    Dig facts big! Obama is above pettiness and above racial prejundice but people see what they want to see

  12. I suggest that you must think twice before writting about other nations. You wrote that Obama has dual citizenship with Kenya, mind you Kenya does not have Dual citizenship in its constitution so please leave Kenya out of US presidential Campaign!! If at all you are fedup with Senator Obama don’t vote for him, OK!. but i have to remind you Obama is for America not for Kenya.

  13. citizenwells

    First of all, I never stated that Obama had dual citizenship in Kenya. This was posted by someone else. This has never been a point of contention for me.
    Here is an article on the subject from 2007:

    Published 07/07/2007 – 6:17 p.m. GMT

    “WILMINGTON – Kenyans living abroad and holding citizenships of other countries will soon enjoy dual citizenship. The Kenyan Minister for planning and national development has revealed. Henry Obwocha was addressing the annual Kenya Community Abroad conference in Delaware. Honorable Obwocha was the keynote speaker at the group’s tenth anniversary celebrations being observed during this weekend’s conference. Kenyan citizens are currently required to relinquish their citizenship before taking up citizenship of another country and are not allowed to hold concurrent citizenship.”

    Read more from the article here:

  14. He can be elected to be American president with all what he stands for, but he is aware that he can’t go far in American politics if he goes against Jews and Israel.


    The global virus of racist Arabism has claimed/claims millions of victims, it includes:

    Kurds (under Saddam or Syria), Berbers, Jews (inside Israel – the genocide campaign since the massacre in 1929 by the Mufti Haj Amin Al Husseini until today, or in the Arab world or on ‘Arab street’ in Europe, etc.), Africans (genocide in Sudan, oppression in Egypt, Slavery in Mauritania, etc.)…

  16. honestly i think you all read into information to deeply. does it matter really who we associate with? what about bush? mabey he knocked down the towers !?>!>! i think all of you are just all to paranoid with the terrorist stuff. sit back relax and get your mind intact

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