Barack Obama racist? Obama poll, Vote Obama racist or not racist

Barack Obama has attended Trinity United Church of Christ Church for many years. The pastor, Jeremiah Wright is a racist and one of the prominent members, Louis Farrakhan, is clearly a racist as well as being a traitor. You may have heard of the concept of nature versus nurture. We are all affected by our environment. Obama chose to attend this church over many years. So, the question is, is Barack Obama a racist? Place your vote in the poll to the right.

3 responses to “Barack Obama racist? Obama poll, Vote Obama racist or not racist

  1. Barack Obama is a Racist who is hiding ,,, who refuses to come out of the closet ,,,He want to come on but only want to come out when he is president,
    When he is in office, so if we trying to remove him he will cry Racism to everyone and the world,,,,
    Problem is Obama will never win ,,,, he need Hilary other half of the votes, to win,,, the presidency, ,,, but he will never get them, If Hilary is pushed out he is only going to pick up 1/3 of Hilary votes the other 1/3 are going to do what Obama supporter going to do,, not vote,,, and the last 1/3 are going to vote for McCain, because they don’t want to throw their vote away,,,,I can see my self for a black for President, but not Barack Obama,,, not after the Jeremiah wright, scandal, hiding who he is ,, also barack wife is not helping ,,, first time in her whole life she proud to be american,,, speech than back peddle ,,,, American gave black the OJ trial,, even thou he was guilty , but there not going to give a Racist Man a presidency,,,,

  2. citizenwells

    Is Obama a racist?
    Poll results after 1 day:

    Yes 61 %

    No 25 %

    Not sure 14 %

  3. Yes, he and his wife both are very racist.

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