Obama racist? Pastor Jeremiah Wright is racist, anti semitic, Obama’s Christian claims, Jeremiah Wright Christian?

The more I examine Barack Obama and those he has associated with, the more concerned I am. Obama has stated he is a Christian and not a Muslim. However, look at the seeds he has sown. For the moment, let’s examine only the Church Obama has been attending and the pastor, Jeremiah Wright, who recently resigned. I will leave the subject of Louis Farrakhan, another racist, being a member of the same church till later.

There are several biblical verses that apply, such as “casting pearls among swine”, but we are all products of our environment. Barack Obama chose to attend Trinity United Church of Christ. The former pastor of this church, is not only a racist but also an anti semite. Check this out for yourself. Search on the internet and listen to the words coming out of the mouth of pastor Jeremiah Wright.

According to Rush Limbaugh, and I agree, we do not know who Barack Obama is. He appears to live a double life.



8 responses to “Obama racist? Pastor Jeremiah Wright is racist, anti semitic, Obama’s Christian claims, Jeremiah Wright Christian?

  1. Didn’t you know? The only people who are NOT racist are black.

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  3. Come on the people who not stuck in the Obama cult have been trying to tell everybody about the church Obama goes to. And Obamas kids listen to this preacher of HATE

  4. Wright is no more controversial than the religious radicals on the right that blamed 9/11 on gays and Hurricane Katrina on abortions. And Louis Farrakhan isn’t Muslim. The NOI is Islam in name only.

  5. Seriously People

    Farrakhan has nothing to do with this. The fact that all you can come up with are ad hominem attacks shows that you aren’t fit to be discussing politics.

    You are lazy hate mongers. If you are going to attack someones character stick to their actions.

  6. citizenwells

    Who are you refering to as “lazy hate mongers.” I am just reporting the facts. If the truth hurts, so be it.

  7. http://justoneminute.typepad.com/main/2008/03/when-does-the-r.html

    When Does The Racial Reconciliation Begin?
    Here is Barack Obama describing his Presidential credentials recently to the Houston Chronicle:
    In a conference call, Obama told the Chronicle editorial board that “more than any other candidate, I can bridge some of the partisan as well as racial and religious divides that have developed in this country that prevent us from getting things done.”

    Barack, healing the racial divides. It’s a pretty thought, and I suspect that many others share that hope. So, watch this video of Barack’s minister, Jeremiah Wright, delivering a sermon recently, and ask yourself a couple of questions:
    1. When does Barack work his reconciliation magic on his minister?
    2. Does Barack actually bring his two young daughters to that church to listen to that stuff?
    Obama has a huge opportunity for some racial reconciliation pretty close to home, and seems to have accomplished nothing (or, heaven help us, is this a newer, calmer Wright?)

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