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Sean Hannity, Reverend Manning interview, Wednesday, May 14, 2008, Obama homosexual, Obama and Wright homosexuals, Manning has proof

Sean Hannity interviewed the Reverend James Manning on his radio show on Wednesday, May 14, 2008. Reverend Manning accused Obama and Wright of being closet homosexuals on a YouTube video last weekend. I am not sure what Hannity’s strategy is. He may fear racist comments. I do applaud Hannity for interviewing Reverend Manning even though Hannity barely stopped talking the entire time.

If you would like to hear a real interview of reverend Manning, listen to the Jeff Rense interview here:


Reverend Manning interview, Jeff Rense Show, Obama closet homosexual, Wright closet homosexual, Solid evidence, agrees to joint press conference

Reverend James Manning is being interviewed by Jeff Rense. He has reiterated his claim that Obama and Jeremiah Wright are closet homosexuals and that he has solid evidence. Due to the power of the Obama campaign and their control of the MSM he must time his announcement carefully.

He does not know Larry Sinclair but was contacted by email by someone that knows Larry. He said he is surprised that Sinclair is still alive.

Rense brought up the subject of political murder and the murder of Donald Young on December 25, 2007. Rense asked Manning if he thought the Young murder was connected to the drug use and gay sex of Obama and Wright. Manning stated that he believed that it was. Manning stated he was just becoming aware of Sinclair’s allegations regarding Donald Young.

Manning stated that Oprah is suspected of being a lesbian. 

Manning was aware of Obama’s drug and sex problems before he heard  of Larry Sinclair.

Manning continued to talk about the safety of Larry Sinclair and his concern that some Obama supporter, especially a black supporter, might be willing to give up their life for the Obama and black cause.

Manning: “He (Obama) is offering a false hope.”