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Anything I would add would only detract from this. From a great commenter and American on this blog, Joyce,

“CW,…. I received this email from a very good friend of mine.  He is honest and I know that this is from him.
 Just more good things about Sarah Palin.  She is an amazing woman who I know loves this country. I hope you can read thru it with out tears.  I couldn’t!!!!!!
“This e-mail was sent to me today by my Step-sister xxxxxx xxxxxxx. She took her Dad  (my Step-Dad) to meet Sarah Palin yesterday when she was in Birmingham doing a book signing promoting her newly released book. The date was November 22, 2009. I was amazed to hear the story and called her to verify that it happened to her and not just a “forward” that I so often receive.
   I took my Dad to meet Sarah Palin tonight. He wore his Marine’s hat and his Purple Heart pin. Before we entered the signing place, we were stopped by Sarah’s aunt. She grabbed my dad’s hand  and told him thanks for his service to our country. He was so proud. Next, we waited our turn to meet Sarah. She shook my hand and we exchanged greetings. When I introduced her to my dad, she held (not shook) his hand and thanked him for her freedom – yes, her freedom. She thanked him for his service to our  country. My dad began to cry. She
 asked where he served, and she told him that her book was in honor of him and his dedication to America . My Dad thanked Sarah for her service and told her how proud he was of her. She then thanked me for bringing my Dad and said God Bless you.

As we were leaving we were stopped by a man who asked to meet my  Dad and it turned out  to be Sarah’s Dad. He hugged me and thanked me for bringing my Dad & then hugged him and told him it meant so much to him that we took the time to stand in line to meet his daughter. Trying to find his voice, with a face full of falling tears, my Dad said, no… Thank you…thank you for your daughter.
 As we left, tears filled  Sarah’s father’s eyes and everyone, incuding security and all told him goodbye. As we were leaving, we learned that Sarah stopped by Fort Hood unexpectedly and donated the money from her book signing today to the victim’s families. She is a Great lady!

xxxxxx xxxxxxx

Birmingham, AL”