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Missouri voters reject Obamacare, Over 70 percent, Proposition C, Citizen Wells open thread, August 4, 2010

Missouri voters reject Obamacare, Over 70 percent, Proposition C

From Fox News Kansas City Missouri August 3, 2010.

“Missouri Voters Approve Measure to Ban Mandated Health Insurance”

“The nation is watching Missouri on Tuesday night, as voters approved a proposal that asks voters to ban federally-mandated health insurance.

Proposition C would also disallow punishments for not buying health insurance, and prohibit the government from forcing citizens and businesses to buy health insurance, which will be required under federal law beginning in 2014.

The measure won with over 70 percent of the vote with 65 percent of all precincts reporting.

It is unclear if the measure would be enforceable, as federal law typically supersedes state law under the U.S. Constitution. But supporters say that the measure would send a message to Democrats in Washington and across the nation.

“I think this is an exciting time for Missourians because we are really the first state to vote on the individual mandate, and I think what happens in Missouri tonight will command headlines around the country for the next few days if not months,” said Prop C supporter Patrick Tuohey of Missourians for Health Care Freedom.”

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