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Obama Rezko Blagojevich, Rezko sentencing, Blagojevich trial, US Justice Dept, Citizen Wells open thread, November 6, 2010

Obama Rezko Blagojevich, Rezko sentencing, Blagojevich trial, US Justice Dept

Reported on Citizen News November 5, 2010.

“Tony Rezko, longtime corruption crony of Rod Blagojevich and Barack Obama, who was convicted of multiple counts of corruption in 2008, will be sentenced on January 28, 2011, prior to the Blagojevich trial.”

“Rezko has agreed to cooperate against Blagojevich but wasn’t called to testify at the former governor’s trial last summer. With Blagojevich’s retrial set to begin in April, Rezko’s sentencing months before could signal he is unlikely to be called again. Defendants usually aren’t sentencing until after their cooperation has been completed.

A sentencing date was not set today for Rezko’s co-defendants, Stuart Levine, Joseph Cari and Steven Loren, who will next return to federal court for a status hearing in March.”

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This raises many questions.

Will Tony Rezko testify at the Blagojevich Trial?

If not, will Stuart Levine, the key witness in the Rezko Trial, testify?

Will the sentence of Rezko reveal his level of cooperation?

Will the spectre of Republican investigations influence the Justice Dept.?

Will the US Justice Department conduct a proper prosecution against Blagojevich in 2011?

Will more involvement by Barack Obama in Chicago and Illinois corruption be revealed?