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Philip J Berg lawsuit, Wednesday, September 24, 2008, Obama response due, DNC response due, Dismissal?, Continuance?, No response is a guilty plea

Will Obama or the DNC respond to the Philip J Berg lawsuit today, Wednesday, September 24, 2008 ? Today is the deadline for a response from Obama and the DNC. The FEC has until October 21, 2008 to respond.

I spoke to Philip J Berg last night on MommaE blog radio. I asked Mr. Berg if a ruling related to one of the defendants would affect the lawsuit against the other parties. He stated no. Mr. Berg is confidant that this matter will go forward even if it has to be taken to the Supreme Court of the US.

I believe I speak for all concerned and responsible Americans with the following statement:

If Obama does not prove his citizenship and qualifications to be president, he is guilty in the court of accountability and common sense.

John McCain provided a vault copy of his birth certificate to congress.

The timeline and associated details regarding the lawsuit can be found at the top of the Citizen Wells blog.

Philip J Berg’s website:


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