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Donald Young murder, Obama, Wright, Larry Sinclair, Obama and Wright feud

Everyone has been wondering why Jeremiah Wright and Obama have been attacking each other recently. I have been giving this a lot of thought. I certainly believe it is some sort of diversion. Obama is a master of diversions.

I have been reading the comments here, on my blog and elsewhere.
I have also been giving this a lot of thought.
Here is my thought process:
1. Donald Young may have been murdered by a professional hitman.
2. If this is the case, someone will have to talk to progress the case.
3. Let’s suppose Obama and Wright are aware of the murder details.
4. Neither of them will talk for fear of being an accessory.
5. The more Obama progresses, the more scrutiny will occur and the
more we will find out about his and Wright’s past.
6. Is the Obama and Wright controversy a plot to allow him to bow
out as the victim, save face and promote a smoother transition
to supporting Hillary?

I have heard similar thoughts from some of you. My thinking
yesterday was that it was a plot to salvage NC. Now I am more
inclined to believe the victim aspect.
What do you all think?

To learn more about Larry Sinclair’s allegations and the Donald Young murder investigation, click here: