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Windham NH Dominion Voting machines count off by 14 percent in one race, Governor Sununu downplays, Machines used in 85% of New Hampshire

Windham NH Dominion Voting machines count off by 14 percent in one race, Governor Sununu downplays, Machines used in 85% of New Hampshire

“We discovered that these systems are subject to different types of unauthorized manipulation and potential fraud,”  “There is a reason that Texas rejected it,”...Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

“Any system, financial, voting, or otherwise, that is not repeatable nor dependable should not be used,”..Coffee County Board of Elections

“Windham Incident:  Largest unexplained discrepancy in New Hampshire history.”…Granite Grok


From Granite Grok February 26, 2021.

“Many across America and as far away as Australia (go to 12:07), are aware of the “Windham Incident” – NH’s blatant disregard for election integrity.

The disturbing debacle was created by Gov. Sununu, his Attorney General and Secretary of State (SOS) due to their lack of a meaningful investigation into the disturbing and questionable results produced by Windham’s voting machines.”

“The Monitor dismissed the unexplained errors as insignificant and called the concerns “a conspiracy.”

The governor also emphasized that the discrepancy was small in size and tried to extinguish cries of a conspiracy.

It was the largest UNEXPLAINED ELECTION DISCREPANCY in the history of New Hampshire!

Not a conspiracy. An indisputable fact! We don’t know WHY there are voting count discrepancies nor WHERE they occurred. These concerns are shared by NH Senator Bob Giuda in these Op-Eds; “The Windham Incident – Election Results vs Recount Totals” and “The Windham Incident Deception“.

“The fact that we can get granular and focus on one or maybe two machines, or hand-counting 300 individual votes, I think that speaks to the immense integrity of our system,” Sununu said.

To be clear, it was not “300 individual votes” that are in question. The recount discovered errors totaling 1,363 votes from 10,006 ballots cast in the State Rep race. That does not reflect “immense integrity of our system.”  Those errors were for only one race.  We should recount the other races as well

“And the incredible accuracy. Through all of the different communities in the state, we’re talking about one or two machines in one community.”

No Governor. If it turns out the voting machines were the cause of defective election results in Windham – then we won’t be talking about “incredible accuracy” and just “one or two machines in one community.”


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Ignoring evidence of election fraud because the election is already over is like ignoring a murder because the victim is already dead.


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