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My disability how it affected me and how I was treated by the disability insurance company and social security disability, Delay and deny incompetence and evil, What I will eventually write will shock and infuriate you

My disability how it affected me and how I was treated by the disability insurance company and social security disability, Delay and deny incompetence and evil, What I will eventually write will shock and infuriate you

“Insurance Companies Practice Deny & Delay Tactics”…The Deutermann Law Group

“Some critics say being barred from court discourages complaints, and some of those barred from court say they don’t trust the arbitration system enough to pursue it. Joseph Belth, a retired professor of insurance at Indiana University and editor of a widely read industry newsletter, calls the ability of fraternals to unilaterally change dispute-resolution rules for policyholders “an outrage.””…WSJ May 30, 2006

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”…Ephesians 6:12



My disability, how it affected me and how I was treated by the Disability insurance company and Social Security Disability.

Prior to my disability, I had been active all of my life, had only been to the hospital for sports injuries and had worked hard mentally and physically.

My disability event happened on February 27, 2009.

After 2 initial filings for disability claims and a letter from an attorney, my claim was denied.

The claim has been ongoing since then and I have had legal representation for over a year.

I vowed that no matter how this played out, I would expose the mistreatment I received from the disability insurance company.

Since the claim process is ongoing, I will report what I am able to reveal.

Here is the general sequence of events:

I was upstairs and alone.

I felt a numbness beginning in my right foot which began to spread up my right side.

I walked a short distance to the bedroom and laid down.

I was thinking stroke but tried to remain calm.

I called my lady friend who called her physician father on the west coast.

She arrived home and immediately took me to the emergency room a short distance away.

They triaged me for stroke which thank God it wasn’t, ran some more tests and kept me overnight.

The numbness all along my right side began to go away overnight except for my right foot, which remains with me today.

It wasn’t just numbness but there was also pain. The closest analogy I can think of is when your hands get numb and painful from making snowballs too long.

From the time that I left the hospital I was forced to keep my right leg propped up and pretty soon my lower back beagn hurting.

I was in pain during the day and my sleep was difficult at night.

A few days later I had an appointment with the attending physician, who I had never met before the hospital visit. He began talking about taking vitamins and quite frankly did not impress me.

After the second visit and my insistence, he referred me to a podiatrist.

The podiatrist was competent and immediately referred me to a spine specialist.

The spine spcialists examined me and took xrays. They found compression and fusion in my lower back. They also gave me an injection for pain which did little to help.

On the next visit they ran point to point tests from my lower spine to my foot.
Their conclusion was atypical neuropathy.

I had contacted my disability insurance company earlier to inform them of what had happened and they sent claim forms.

I filed claims with them twice and on both occasions the spine specialists indicated “no work.”

After the second denial I had an attorney write an excellent letter to no avail (except for documentation).

I also filed an online claim with Social Security Disability. More on this later.

Knowing what I know now, I would have immediately contacted an attorney to handle this case.

There were multiple reasons why I did not.

First of all, this was a fraternal plan I had paid on for 25 years. I was in disbelief, shock as well as pain. I could not trust them.

Also in the contract you agree to go through a process of appeal, mediation and binding arbitration. I should have had an attorney handle that.

After months of diagnosis, filing claims and dealing with the pain I had to protect myself. Thank God I had assets. I got by on savings, disposal of assets and eventually early Social Security retirement at a reduced amount.

I was able to make payments on the house I moved back into after my lady (fair weather) friend broke things off and my car.

I am one of the fortunate ones.

The TV ads daily reveal those who were helped by an attorney or they would have gone under financially.

Once again, I am blessed. But I was devastated financially.

Medicare was a blessing. With the great supplement a friend recommended, I was able to get a knee replacement for my other knee.

Exercise became part of my therapy to reduce the pain. I was then able to resume it.

What the disability company did was wrong, evil.

I am not going to let them get away with this, for myself and others.

More on this when I am able.


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