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Deborah Sines deposition from March 20, 2020 testimony re FBI Seth Rich investigation, Contradicts affidavit testimony of Section Chief David M. Hardy

Deborah Sines deposition from March 20, 2020 testimony re FBI Seth Rich investigation, Contradicts affidavit testimony of Section Chief David M. Hardy

And I’ve now found a witness who says the original 302 did in fact say that Flynn was honest with the agents.”...Attorney Sidney Powell

“Instead of doing so, the government has continued to defy its
constitutional, ethical and legal obligations to this Court and to the defense, and to hide evidence that it knows exonerates Mr. Flynn. As is the essence of the problem here, instead of protecting its citizens, the “government” is protecting its own criminal conduct and operatives.”…Attorney Sidney Powell October 23, 2019

“The FBI clearly has records pertaining to Seth Rich, and it has withheld those
records in bad faith.”…Attorney Ty Clevenger October 11, 2019


From Attorney Ty Clevenger in Clevenger v US Justice Dept. filed March 29, 2020.

“NOW COMES the Plaintiff, Ty Clevenger, giving notice to the Court as follows:
The Plaintiff, acting in his capacity as counsel for Edward Butowsky in Butowsky v. Folkenflik, et al., Case No. 4:18-CV-00442 (E.D.Tex.), deposed former Asst. U.S. Attorney Deborah Sines on March 20, 2020. The Court may recall that Ms. Sines was the prosecutor assigned to the Seth Rich murder case, and she told journalist Michael Isikoff during an interview last year that the FBI investigated attempts to hack into Mr. Rich’s electronic accounts. See PLAINTIFF’S MOTION TO ACCEPT SUPPLEMENTAL EVIDENCE AND PLAINTIFF’S MOTION TO PERMIT DISCOVERY 2-3 (Doc. No. 44)(quoting excerpt of interview). During the same interview, Mr. Isikoff stated that the FBI had examined Seth Rich’s computer. Id. In her March 20, 2020 testimony, Ms. Sines confirmed that her statements about the FBI investigation were true.1
She further confirmed that the FBI had examined Mr. Rich’s computer, as Mr. Isikoff said. Finally, Ms. Sines testified that the FBI should have email communications regarding the foregoing activities.

Ms. Sines’s testimony flatly contradicts the FBI’s claims that (1) it did not investigate matters pertaining to Mr. Rich; (2) it did not examine his computer; and (3) it conducted a “reasonable” search but could not locate any records or communications about Mr. Rich. Specifically, Ms. Sines’s testimony flatly contradicts the affidavit testimony of FBI Section Chief David M. Hardy. See October 3, 2018 DECLARATION OF DAVID M. HARDY (Doc. No. 16-1)
and July 29, 2019 SECOND DECLARATION OF DAVID M. HARDY (attached in hard-copy form to the Defendants’ motion for summary judgment). As soon as the Plaintiff obtains a transcript of the Sines deposition, he intends to move the Court to accept that transcript as evidence. The Plaintiff may also seek permission to depose Mr. Hardy.”


From Attorney Ty Clevenger January 27, 2020.

“We now have unequivocal proof that the FBI is hiding records about Seth Rich

The FBI is hiding documents about murdered Democratic National Committee employee Seth Rich, according to emails released last week, so this morning I requested a criminal investigation into the cover-up.

As most people outside of solitary confinement know, the whole “Russian collusion” investigation began with the premise that Russia hacked the DNC, but considerable evidence suggests that the DNC emails were downloaded by someone inside the DNC — liike Mr. Rich — and then provided to Wikileaks.

Rather than re-invent the wheel, I’ve copied and pasted my letter to U.S. Attorney John Durham, U.S. Attorney Richard Donoghue, and Inspector General Michael Horowitz:”

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